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Alpha Widow

Alpha Widow

Alpha widow

Alpha Widow. The dating world is a whole new way of meeting and understanding people and their mindsets that you would never know otherwise. One such unique type of dating personality that has been around for a little while is the Alpha Widows.


Alpha widows are not supernatural or surreal humans. Sometimes men end up in relationships with an alpha widow without even knowing the fact. But if you are on this page, I  am quite sure that it is high time you need to learn about them.


So, now if you ask me what are the signs of alpha Widows and how can you deal with them, I will say, Women who never get satisfied with anything that their current boyfriend gives them, stay in relationships with the least emotional engagements and always keeps their comparing their partner with their ex as she has not been able to move on are considered as Alpha window.


You have to be gentle and patient to deal with her and must come up with a mentality of healing, and putting in enough effort.


First things first, an alpha widow isn’t an actual widow. It’s a term used to describe a woman who’s had a relationship with an alpha man at some point in her life.


This relationship rocked her world to such an extent that she’s no longer able to commit emotionally or physically to anyone else.


So, what makes an alpha man so special? An alpha man is the embodiment of everything a woman needs. Insanely good looks, an impressive bank account, just the right amount of confidence and charm – he’s got it all.


Most importantly, he knows how to get any woman to fall head over heels for him. He knows how to treat her, push the right buttons, and shower her with emotional, mental, and physical pleasure. He’s the type of man even your male friends can’t stop talking about.


Any woman who has had an alpha male in her life walks around with higher standards, unable to find anyone else who can fulfill her needs the same way he did. An alpha widow is bound to spend her life alone, aimlessly searching for another glimpse of true happiness.


Why It Is Important


The typical relationship strategy of an alpha widow is to monkey-branch from one relationship to another looking for that spark and intensity that she yearns for.


It might take her months and years to find that kind of man she’s accustomed to, and that’s if she does find one.


You could likely come across an alpha widow and perhaps even date one while navigating the dating scene.


If you’re an average man who’s not aware enough to spot an alpha widow or know how to deal with one, you could easily end up in a miserable relationship where you spend most of your time and effort trying to prove yourself to no end.


How Alpha Widows Act In Relationships


The alpha widow is the woman that is widowed due to her past relationship. She was with an Alpha male or what she views as an Alpha male and will judge every man before and after by this standard.


The instant you approach this alpha widow you will be judged. She will instantly compare any man to the standard that was the alpha man in her life.


Women like this are hard to please and have an over-inflated sense of self. How she views the world is not realistic. She wants to date the top 5% of men and feels the latter 95% are beneath her.


The Alpha that was in her life has given her a skewed view of the world. He was the type of man that knew how to interact well with a woman. He knows what to say and how to say it. He knew when to say it and where to say it. He even knew why he was saying it.


This man knew that women want to feel like they have to do work and overcome obstacles to truly win a man. A man with options is a man without need and women crave a challenge to capture the interest of a man from another woman’s competition.


He knew that a man that is too tunnel-visioned about a woman and gives his emotions to a woman too easily will be replaced with haste since a woman will find satisfaction in earning affection rather than getting it so easily.


Let her earn and yearn for your fulfillment.

Women want men who other women want to be with and procreate with – social proof. It is essential to understand that no woman wants a man that no other woman wants.


Women don’t care about your struggle(s), they will metaphorically wait at the finish line for all the successful men in life to show up and choose from the winners. Furthermore, resources, protection, and attention keep women engaged and this alpha man knew this.


He knew to flirt with other women in front of her as this shows his social proof and is his social validation of value. He knew that jealousy, when played well, can excite and entice any woman.


He knew how to be on his purpose and be a man of abundance that is set on a mission in life. One of the worst things any man can do is abandon and forget his life goals in the quest and thrall of a woman.


He knew that any man that is set on proclaiming his undying love for a woman is a man whose relationship lifespan is dwindling. Most women will never tell you this but they do not want to be that one woman in your life unless they are the arbiter of that decision.


Women will want to work for a man’s desire and subordinate themselves to his goals and purpose in life but seemingly only by their choice and decision. Furthermore, catching one-itis in a relationship is a death sentence.


He knows not to get tunnel vision and he has options that will make him cool, calm, collected, and a man with an abundance mindset.


This was why this man was viewed as alpha and this is what she still yearns for as the alpha widow.


Alpha widow definition

Alpha widow definition

Alpha widow definition. According to urban dictionary, A woman, usually with average sexual market value (SMV), who sleeps with a high sexual market value male , a/k/a the alpha male, who does not wish to have a long-term relationship with the woman.


Alpha widow definition. The woman views the alpha male as superior to most, if not all, of the other men pursuing her, and so the woman continues to lust after the alpha male she cannot have, sacrificing future long-term relationships with lower-SMV men, making her a “widow”, in a sense, to the original alpha male.


Alpha widow definition. The Alpha Widow is a woman who has had her best sexual, emotional, and situational connection and experience with a man. By virtue, Every single woman who isn’t a virgin has the potential to be an Alpha Widow whether she has 1 partner or 100


Her partners are ranked from the best all to the worst & the more partners she has the less she remembers. However, it is the best man she’s ever experienced that she longs to be with. If she isn’t with her best experience, this man… she’s an Alpha Widow.


Same way virgins never forget their first. Because modern women’s lifetime sexual partners have exponentially increased… She gets less attached to each experience and more likely to become an Alpha Widow the more men she has, only remembering that ONE man she never got.


Alpha Widow Reddit

Alpha widow Reddit

Alpha Widow Reddit. Dear ladies, I’ve been following this sub for quite some time now and I wish I stumbled into it earlier. I decided to post because I think this is the only right place I could get an honest answer about this issue.


I am a stereotypical alpha widow. There is no way around it. Even though I’ve had more than 5 sexual encounters (I’m in my early 20s), I must admit 2 of them left such an impression on me I still find myself thinking about these men to this day.


The first one was (looking back) a fun and (to me) good-looking guy who basically just used me for sex and kept me on a string for a year on and off. I was only 16 when we started.


Alpha widow Reddit. The relationship with him took a severe toll on me, quite frankly I’ve never felt this kind of pain in my entire life, but as well as joy. It was very extreme and turbulent.


Because of his controlling nature, it had to come to an end (people started noticing he was “ruining me”). After the end, he would still contact me sporadically, but mostly to “insert negativity into my mind” (his words). He was a big ass, in other words.


Truth be told this whole scenario hit me pretty hard. I wanted to prove to myself I could do better, so I sought out “better” men. Theoretically all of the men I’ve dated after were top-notch, on paper.


Alpha widow Reddit. One of them was a good person, too. He was the first (and for now, the only) guy who truly treated me with respect and kindness. I fell for him very hard. I suppose it’s understandable. He ended up leaving saying I’m damaged and he doesn’t want another damaged girl (his ex was like this).


I mean honestly, I couldn’t blame him, but it hurt a lot. The rest are not that relevant, I barely think about them. I am now 23 and one of them pops into my head at least once a day. Sure, I date other people but given how high the bar is set given my previous experiences in terms of intensity and the caliber of the guy hence I am starting to feel hopeless.


I’ve had guys approach me over the years, but you can probably sense how it felt. Of course, these men were not of the same caliber nor could they evoke the same emotional responses in me.


I don’t know what to do. I worked so hard to improve myself in life in all ways to improve my chances, but the aforementioned men remain in my head no matter what I do, probably because I shot high before. I don’t want to stay single but I’m afraid “settling” will not be good for me nor fair to the person I might “settle for”.


It seems they just made an impression that will be hard to get rid of unless I step up and get something better. The past cannot be erased, but how do I ensure I don’t suffer the consequences forever?


Alpha Widow Rational Male

Alpha widow rational male

Alpha widow rational male. A man who exceeds a woman’s SMV( sexual market value), and creates a benchmark of her ‘personal best’ ideal male to breed with and parentally invest with, makes a significant impact on her psyche; sometimes in the long term.


When a woman has had this man – one for whom she has genuine, organic desire – but she cannot consolidate on him (i.e. lockdown in monogamy), this represents a critical loss of the ideal


Hypergamous/Reproductive/Life strategy option. Mentally this is what a woman will strive in some way to recreate with subsequent men in her life – a return to that ideal state.


This then is the basis of the Alpha Widow:

A mental fixation on the man who made the most significant impact upon a woman as her Hypergamous ideal.


The Fantasy Ideal


Usually, this male ideal is an actual man from her past with whom she had some sort of relationship, but not always. Sometimes the fantasy of that ideal will make a mental impression and sometimes a brief, seemingly insignificant, encounter with an ideal man may be enough to imprint on her psyche.


Five Minutes of Alpha Trumps Five Years of Beta.


Sometimes the smallest brush with an ‘alpha’ male is enough to trigger the ‘what if?’ possibilities of consolidating on a guy like that.


This might be one-night sex, the one guy in the foam cannon party on spring break in her wilder college years, or even just a missed opportunity to fully develop a hoped-for connection at a social gathering.


The ‘Missed Connections’ forum on Craig’s Lists are filled with these regrets. All that matters is that the guy, knowingly or not, instilled a sense of Hypergamous urgency that she just knew represented a prospect for consolidating on that ideal.


Alpha widow rational male. An Alpha Widow can also be ‘widowed’ from the fantasy of her ideal male. This is fairly common among women who marry early in their Party Years.


Most feel like they missed out on having made a good Hypergamous choice (or had it made for them by circumstance or social pressures). That missed opportunity leads some women to be widowed from the fantasy of an Alpha who would have been a better choice.


Alpha widow rational male. Thus, an ideal Alpha mental model is what she pines for. An interest in romance literature is usually exaggerated in this type of widow.


The formulaic stories are a form of vicarious fulfillment of an unrealized Hypergamous ideal. I should also add that this widow, when married, is a prime demographic audience for divorce porn fantasies.


In any of these instances what’s at issue is the fact that women’s mating strategy always moves them towards a “better-than-merited” SMV exchange and a psychological fixation on the man, or the type of man who best embodies it.


It’s as if a woman’s Id is imprinted with the model of the optimal Hypergamous pairing (evolution-wise a life or death proposition) and believes that only in recreating it will that male again save her life. This is the source of that unconscious pining.



Signs Of Alpha Widow

Signs of alpha widow

Signs of an alpha widow. Alpha widows are usually average in terms of attractiveness, which is why they get stuck in the dating world for not being able to readjust their expectations; hoping they once again find that high-value alpha male who can rock their world.


That’s why they’re called widows — they’re unable to move on from that one person who took their soul completely and finds it difficult to replicate their previous passionate experiences and emotions that naturally come with being with that quality man.


Below are signs of an alpha widow


  1. She Compares You to Her Ex Repeatedly


If she consistently compares you to her ex, then it’s not you that she wants to be with; she just wants you to be a carbon copy of her ex.


Most likely, it’s not intentional on her part, but understand that the never-ending comparisons indicate that she’s emotionally still attached to her ex to the point where she’d rather restart the same relationship than start a new one, regardless of who she’s actually with.


In short, you’re there to fill in for someone else.


The common mistake men make in this case is trying to talk to her out of her alpha widow state — to reason with her into looking ahead with you instead of rehashing past experiences.


Genuine desire cannot be negotiated. You can never fix an alpha widow using logic and reason, you can only give her the intense experiences and emotions to go through that would make you her new alpha figure to desire.


Whether or not you should try and can do that, however, is another story.


  1. She’s Never Satisfied with You


An alpha widow has a certain set of standards she’ll never want to compromise.


If you don’t measure up, she’ll grow dissatisfied and you will always know about it.


She’ll consistently tell you that she’s bored.


She’ll frequently criticize and berate you even for the simplest things.


She’ll continue to disrespect and shit-test you regularly.


And she won’t necessarily know why she’s behaving this way.


But if you’re red-pill aware enough and understand how women work, you can see things for what they are when you explore her past relationships.


Look at how she talks about her ex(es) and note how she used to treat him.


If she was this completely different person who was eager to please her ex and was genuinely a nicer person overall, then there’s a high chance you’re dealing with an alpha widow.


Women, as much as possible, keep their emotions in check when they’re dealing with men they’re in love with and afraid to lose.


A woman will also think twice before challenging or disrespecting her alpha partner because of the scarce value he is and offers. In the back of her mind, she knows the high-value alpha man she’s with can easily discard her and find someone else for replacement.


So if your girl doesn’t keep her negative behavior in check, then you’re doing something wrong, and if you find out that she’s a completely different person around you, then she was never really your girl.


  1. She Still Keeps Pics And Belongings of Her Ex


This might be pretty obvious, but the bullshit excuses men believe when it’s time for their partners to put all their exes’ old belongings away are baffling.


He’s a good friend of mine now so I don’t have to remove anything.”


“I keep his stuff to remember who I was back then..”


“If you love me, you wouldn’t want me to change anything.”


“Why do you want me to throw things away? You sound so insecure..”


“He’s in the past and you’re the love of my life now”


And what do guys do when they hear that BS?


They accept the situation for what it is even though they know deep inside that it’s not quite right.


These men just don’t want to deal with the fact that their partners still cling to their exes and would have no problems going back to their previous relationships given the chance.


Imagine that: you buy a house that’s yours…


You get a girlfriend that’s supposedly yours…


But inside your own house, your own girlfriend/wife keeps another man’s shirt for her to occasionally sniff and gaze at for a quick trip down the memory lane.


A lane where you don’t exist.


It’s pretty simple; she still keeps his belongings because she still wants to keep a part of him with her. She wants her history with him to still be alive.


Because she’s an alpha widow.


  1. She Goes to Her Ex When Problems Come Up


Another sign that should be obvious, but gets excused with “good” intentions.


Unless there’s a business involved, your girl shouldn’t be talking to her ex.


If she willingly decides to engage with him for whatever reason, then this should be a clear sign that there’s something wrong; she might not be as loyal to you as you’d like to think.


Signs of an alpha widow. Alpha widows come up with the strangest excuses to get a chance to talk to their exes.


“He knows how the car works and I can’t fix it.”


“He helped me with work before and I wanted some help.”


“He bought X from Y before and I wanted to do the same.”


To the average blue-pilled beta, these examples could be perfectly reasonable justifications to allow his girlfriend or wife to contact her ex for help.


Accept her excuses and it will be the beginning of the end for you, so don’t take her nonchalant reasoning lightly — she knows what she’s doing.


A woman who’s completely over her ex will be independent and distance herself completely so she doesn’t ruin her chance with her present partner that’s you.


  1. She’s Always Sexually Avoidant/Frustrated with You


Sometimes, if you’re underperforming in bed, you’ll just know. Her look of disappointment will be obvious.


And other times, you’re just not matching her intense previous experiences that have involved other men before you.


This isn’t a very obvious sign that she’s an alpha widow because she most likely isn’t going to tell you that you don’t drive her crazy as her ex did, yet you can still connect the dots.


Maybe she has told you before that she has a very high drive but then found out she’s a dead fish in bed.


Maybe she used to be engaging as she said but then that fizzled out quickly and now she’s always avoiding sleeping with you.


Maybe she has indirectly or unintentionally expressed to you that she had an active sex life in her previous years.


Women who steer clear from sex regularly tend to get very agitated and restless, and while this sign alone might not identify her as an alpha widow, being sexless and frustrated will often give you hints that will help you get the bigger picture.


This might be a surprise to you, but a woman who can’t get her hands off you and initiates intercourse with you frequently isn’t going to think much of her exes.


  1. She Subtly Makes Herself Available to Others


If she’s unhappy with who she has settled with and can’t get back to her ex for whatever reason, then it’s only a matter of time before she becomes promiscuous to find the new alpha.


Women usually find another option before they let go of the one they have at that moment to continue receiving the security or resources that they need.


Very rarely will they tell you directly to piss off and stay single until they find someone else who happens to be at least on the same level as her alpha ex?


So if she believes you’re not the one for her, she’s going to make herself available and you’re not going to notice it; unless you just know the game and how women think.


It will usually start first with her not being present with you for understandable reasons and then end with her cheating on you for also, in her mind, understandable reasons.


She won’t flirt with other men, but she’ll secretly enjoy their attention at first.


She’s not going to text other guys, but she’ll respond if she finds an excuse to.


She will go to a nightclub and tell you that she’s there only because she’s celebrating her friend’s birthday, and then subtly work her way to an alpha stranger’s bed from there.


But all that could be avoided if you were that high-value alpha man.


If you were, she wouldn’t dare look away or even want to, again, because she knows that a prize like you would replace her within hours.


Is alpha widow real?

Is alpha widow real

Is alpha widow real? Generally speaking, the term “Alpha Widow” is a woman who has had intense experiences with Alpha Males in her past.


As a result, she refuses to compromise for a “lesser” male or does so grudgingly, and she gets more and more flexible the older she gets for marriage. This in turn destabilizes the relationship and makes it prone to breakup/divorce.


Is alpha widows real? Some studies imply that a woman’s capacity to bond monogamously is inversely proportionate to the number of sexual partners she’s experienced before monogamy.


Alpha Widow Signs Reddit

Alpha widow signs Reddit

Alpha Widow signs Reddit. I just wanted to have a brief discussion about being an alpha widow. First, we should define it: An Alpha Widow is a woman (with low SMV) who has a relationship with a high SMV man.


After the relationship ends she never gets over the Alpha guy, never finds meaningful relationships with anyone else, and goes through life dissatisfied in love.


Being in a relationship in the past does not make you an alpha widow. Being in a painful breakup does not make you an alpha widow. Thinking about your previous relationships or occasionally missing someone does not make you an alpha widow.


Alpha widow signs Reddit. An Alpha Widow has Low Value, and for most of us, being in this sub and trying to self-improve already puts you a step above the rest.


If you truly are Low Value, your continuous journey to be a better woman will remove your Low-Value status, and help you achieve a high-value guy, even if it takes time and energy.


An Alpha Widow has an unhealthy preoccupation with the past. This is not a badge of honor. It’s something that needs to be fixed, hopefully with therapy.


A woman who is so consumed with judging present potential romantic partners and comparing them to the distorted reality of her selective memories is critical, judgmental, unattractive, and cold.


The Thoughts and Labels that we apply to ourselves MATTER. Even ruminating on thoughts, “I wonder if I’m an alpha widow…” is planting seeds into your subconscious about how much power or control you have over a situation.


We are social creatures, and it’s okay to grieve a previous relationship without self-diagnosing yourself with a mental disorder.


I don’t mean for this post to be mean-spirited, or bully anyone. I just keep reading so many posts that start with, “Blah blah blah, and that’s when I got Alpha Widowed” I just don’t think it’s healthy.


Alpha Widow Asktrp

Alpha widow asktrp

Alpha widow asktrp. Am I dating an Alpha Widow?

Tl;dr: I’m a high-value guy dating a gorgeous girl who has hooked up with several VERY high value guys, but seems genuine in her desire to commit. Am I necessarily dating an alpha widow just because she rode the CC?


Long time lurker, a first-time poster. This is a bit long and my writing style isn’t the most narrative, so big ups and a bigger “thank you” to anyone who takes the time to read this. I think it could end up being a good AWALT lesson for anyone who reads it, but I kind of hope not:


Alpha widow asktrp. Am I dating an alpha widow? I’m a 23-year-old guy at a selective university in the northeast. Kate is a 20-year-old girl who attends the same school. I met Kate last year when we matched on Tinder and had sex the first time we hung out. Didn’t see her as a serious prospect, but time made cock noses of us all and we started growing attached.


I was wary of her at first because she had been riding the CC for long enough to rack up a prodigious number of partners at our relatively small school during her 1st and 2nd years. Kate was beginning to experience some of the consequences (sneers from women, casual disrespect from men).


This is where it gets tricky for me. Standard RP knowledge seems to suggest that I should avoid Kate since her days on the CC make her poor LTR material.


But when I read through blog posts and gilded TRP posts about alpha widows, there are huge inconsistencies between Kate and the archetypal alpha widow, and between me and the archetypal beta saviour.


Kate is very attractive. She’s tall, with a VS model body. Her facial features are somewhat polarizing, but she’s 90th percentile by any standard with an amazing personality. That being said, she’s still been sleeping with dudes who are easily 90th and 95th percentile. This school is full of them.


Massively tall, athletic, rich, upwardly mobile in a frightening way. She claims that they were fun, of course, but that they were painfully basic and that she would never want to date any of them.


Then there’s me. I won’t act like I can rate myself objectively, but I’m certainly not a typical 40th percentile beta scrub. I’m 6’3”, cut, and attractive enough in the face but certainly no model.


Alpha widow asktrp. I’m a huge nerd, but I carry it well and I’m not socially awkward. The athletic geek thing is kind of my schtick and Kate seems to like it. Whatever. I’m probably no lower than the 80th percentile.


Ever since we started hooking up, we have had a wild sex life, with many firsts for both of us. Truly ridiculous stuff. She’s never held back and initiates regularly. This makes me think that I may be good enough for her (superficially speaking), despite not necessarily being the best of the best she’s ever had.


Does AWALT apply here? Is Kate destined to be an alpha widow just because she rode the CC with 95th percentile dudes her freshman year? If I’m “alpha” enough (frame control, solid LTR game, etc.), could we have a relatively stable LTR without any shitty AF/BB interactions?


Left out some details because this is already a wall of text. Ask and I’ll elaborate. If anyone cares, Kate is super cool, and I kind of love her.


Alpha Widow Quora

Alpha widow quora

Alpha widow quora. Alpha widow concept means: Is a woman, typically but not necessarily post wall, who has been abandoned by an Alpha male, i.e. a chad, a hot-looking guy, a man that many women are very attracted to. He’s at the top of the 20% of men.


No matter how great, amazing, loving, and supportive her current man is, whether boyfriend or husband, she will perceive him as failing to meet the standards of the Alpha she was previously associated with.


Alpha widow quora. Due to hypergamy, a woman cannot date backward. As an example, if she dates a man who is an 8 in the sexual market value, she cannot date below 8 and be happy with him. If she does, she is only using the man who is below the sexual market she desires for resources (beta bucks) and she doesn’t love him.


Alpha widow quora. In other words, she is a damaged woman who is accustomed to high-tier men that she can no longer access and no longer attract.


This is the definition of the Alpha widow concept.


Beta Widow

Beta widow

Beta widow. All women exhibit a particular personality; it could be alpha, beta, gamma, omega, or sigma. The beta female is a caring, mellow, introverted, and modest individual who is loved by all and is usually the type of woman men want to be with and everyone would like to be friends with.


She is amicable, loyal, creative, and artistic by nature, and although not too outgoing, she does not restrain from speaking up when needed.


Every beta widow exhibits a few typical traits that determine their beta personality. If your personality depicts most of the traits mentioned below, you might be a beta female.


  1. Go-to person


A beta female is the backbone of every alpha female. She is reliable and smart and the one people approach for solutions, help, and support.


She is good at helping others, and her supportive nature often imparts strength to everyone who needs it. The naturally nurturing behavior of a beta female allows everyone to be comfortable around her and seek her advice or help when needed.


  1. Career-oriented


A beta widow is focused and clear about her career goals. She is hard-working and strives toward accomplishing what she sets out for. She is not drawn by the limelight and fame, and her undivided attention to every task allows her to excel at everything.


Her unabashed intelligence and smartness help her go a long way. She rarely competes to win and does not seek admiration and approval for her achievements.


  1. Introverted


A beta woman is shy, calm, and less talkative. She is passive and speaks only when spoken to. However, do not mistake this as a sign of under-confidence. She chooses to be so and is secure about her choice.


A beta female thinks deeply, and hence is quiet most of the time. Comfortable in her skin, she is not outgoing, and although she talks less, she puts her point across at the right time.


  1. Diplomatic and passive


She does not prefer picking definitive stands and instead likes putting her points forth gently by sugar-coating words to avoid hurting the sentiments of others.


Whenever a concern arises, she refrains from being blunt and straightforward and takes a gentle approach to communicating her views and ideas.


She constantly adjusts and does not impose her thoughts on others. She convinces herself to do something she might not be interested in, and her peacekeeping attitude makes her quite popular in her group.


Her passiveness makes her approachable, and she usually solves disputes as a mindful mediator.


  1. Pragmatic


A beta female is practical and has a rational thought process, which allows her to put things into perspective. Her deep-thinking ability enables her to see things in plain light, which often turns out to be integral in relationships and teamwork.


She knows what she is talking about while putting across her pragmatic views and her logic is undeniable.


  1. Empathetic


A beta female is compassionate and empathetic towards everyone. She tends to be understanding and senses other people’s emotions immediately and would always step up to offer empathy to her loved ones and is truly considerate about others and their feelings.


The ability to share others’ burdens, happiness, or excitement, is one of the key characteristics of a beta female.


  1. Caregiver


A beta woman is naturally nurturing and caring. She loves raising a family, being the nurturer, and taking care of her husband and children. Taking care of the little things that her loved ones would revere is a signature trait of a beta female.


  1. Creative


She is creative and artistic and is usually adept at fashion, art, and décor. She loves designing her home and being creative with clothes and embracing different forms of art.


It will not be a surprise if a beta female chooses a creative field to pursue her career. Fashion, interior designing, visual arts, and such creative careers could be popular pursuits for beta women.


  1. Comfortable in taking orders


While alpha females lead their way and take the spotlight, beta females are comfortable being led. A team of an alpha and a beta female goes well as a beta woman naturally makes a great team member.


She lets others take charge while she contributes meaningfully to the team and offers support and strength. She is not insecure about being the backbone of alpha females and understands her vital role as a team member.


  1. High moral


A beta female prefers to follow her set of rules and thrives on abiding by her principles at any cost. She is virtuous, spiritual, and down-to-earth, but nothing can come in the way of her morals.


She has high standards and principles, and she stands up for herself and others when required. She loves to keep her conscience clean and is difficult to be swayed or influenced.


Alpha Widow Conclusion

Alpha widow conclusion

Alpha widow conclusion. In truth, most men right now are married or committed to Alpha widows. Being such is a function of Hypergamy. Active Hypergamy always has a woman looking forward and wondering if she can do better, whereas being widowed is her wondering if she can ever do that well again.


Since most modern-day women have experienced multiple partners by the age of 21, it’s quite safe to say that most men are dealing with this issue. You’ll be pouring your heart out to her and doing grand gestures while she still runs back to her cheating ex.


Alpha widow conclusion. You’ll try your hardest to be good to her but never get the sex, respect, or fulfillment from her you desire. You will text and text yet never get any meaningful replies.You are dealing with an Alpha widow. While she’s cold with you while she throws herself at the one who she lost.


Although it may seem impossible, having a healthy, loving, and committed relationship with an alpha widow is something you can achieve with a little work (inner and outer), effort, and lots of love and patience.

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