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Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching

Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching

Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 1

Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. The importance of relationships whether with our spouse, immediate and extended family, colleagues or friends can not be over-emphasized. Relationships are integral parts of our life that gives so much balance to it especially those with our partners.


Imagine having to leave for work every day and your partner isn’t communicating with you. They are just into themselves and what they feel concerns them. You’d definitely be worried.


Relationship counselling is often viewed as only a “couples thing.” But this is a service suited to handle different relationships such as friendships, work relationships, and family relationships, not limited to romantic relationships.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Relationship counselling benefits touch on three key areas of any relationship; these are: –


  • Improve communication
  • Revitalise emotional connection
  • Re-negotiate commitments


In most cases, people consider counselling when they realize there are some notable troubles in their relationship.


It may be that the issues may be significant or not so much so; however, things tend to worsen when the issues are left unaddressed or unattended, culminating in a severe crisis that may break the bonds between two or more people in the relationship.


The decision to go for counselling can arise early if one of either party in the relationship is aware of the problems affecting their relationship at an early stage.


The decision is often after trying to resolve the issues on their own and failing. Thus a counsellor becomes the most relevant solution to prevent a dissolution of the relationship.


Psychotherapy is all-encompassing and directed to the overall wellness and happiness of a person. Miss Date Doctor’s platform has helped a lot of people improve as a person in order to improve their relationships with people around them.


Our brand is committed to giving you the best help in order to feel fulfilled as a person and also have a successful relationship.


No relationship is without sad or difficult moments, and it may be that some of the problems were overtly present right from the start. However, the problems only seem to be surfacing after a long time of being together.


Regardless of the severity of the issues, their relationship faces it is helpful to address differences early and aim for a compromise.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 2

About Relationship Counselling at Miss Date Doctor?


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Some of the issues causing a rift in the relationship may be minor, and others may be of a chronic nature. The problems may range from financial matters and constant disagreements (fighting) to differences in sexual desire and infidelity.


However, some couples may consider counselling to help them understand each other better so as to make better decisions that foster a long-term commitment.


More often than not, conflicts and misunderstandings in a relationship often occur during the development phase when their relationship is experiencing contraction and expansion. It is during this phase that they try to understand and relate to each other while trying to conform to the shifts and changes.


At this point booking a relationship counsellor at M.D.D shouldn’t be an option but a requirement. Our booking process both offline and online is just as easy as placing your order for something.


Our offices all over the UK are there for your easy access to easily book your sessions with our relationship counsellors. We know the hassles of traveling long distances to get something so important that is why our offices are in each area of London and Uk in general.


First locate any of our offices in your area of the UK and speak with our consultant about what the challenge may be. Then you will be given a free consultation with our qualified consultant for about 30-40 minutes.


During the free consultation, you would be asked


  • Challenges you are facing
  • What your expectations are
  • How often your sessions would be
  • And choosing a counsellor or coach compatible with you


If you are booking online you would also have a free consultation for the same duration. All you have to do is go onto our M.D.D website and a notification to speak with our online consultant instantly pops up.


In situations where you can’t come to any of our offices and also don’t want an online session, our counsellors are willing to make the trip to your house for a home session. Our clients well-being and satisfaction is paramount and of course our services are top notch.


But you should get the tea of all you would be benefiting from starting Counselling/therapy today so read on.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. To understand relationship counselling benefits, all parties in the relationship should first understand what counselling is and why each person should attend. The counselling is done in the presence of and under the guidance of a professional counsellor, therapist, or psychologist.


The primary focus is to help each person with the issues they face and how to find suitable solutions thus eliminating the distress in the relationship and promoting a fulfilling future.


Relationship counselling is often the best option for couples, families, colleagues, or friends who are facing difficulties. If your partner is not willing to attend it can still be worthwhile that one person attends individually to try and move things in a better direction.


The counsellor is trained to offer professional help and advice to people seeking to save their relationship.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 3

Relationship Counselling Benefits


  1. Improve Communication:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. While relationships are often formed and solidified by trust and openness, these two can be challenged as couples or involved parties in the relationship gradually understand each other better.


This can create a disconnect and therein distance between the couples paving the way for bigger issues. The counselling sessions will help restore the communication and improve intimacy again.


All parties are allowed to speak their mind, express thoughts and feelings whilst the counsellor facilitates the process of effective communication.


The setting advocates for open and honest communication and this helps each person to understand better their role in the issues pegging the relationship.


It helps to break the ice by fostering communication to enable all involved persons to understand each other and have a positive approach when resolving conflicts.


  1. Enhance Relations And Strengthen Bonds:


Conflict is inevitable in relationships and is often anxiety-provoking. In a family setting, the relationship can be soured by jealousy and different personal interests. The same traits may be evident in a romantic relationship.


These issues tend to culminate with ugly feuds and fights. It may be easy for misunderstanding to take center stage invalidating the significance of each individual in the relationship. As such, much is left unsaid and this births unresolved feelings that soil relations.


Seeing a counsellor helps all parties to have a better understanding of self and the others in the relationship. Through the aid of the counsellor, they learn how to express their feelings while bringing everyone together thus strengthening their bonds.


  1. Build Self-Esteem:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. In a major relationship, counselling benefits are building self-esteem. If a person does not have a better understanding and appreciation of self, they are less likely to understand and appreciate others.


They also will not know how to cope with major challenges in life thus having a poor footing in their relationships. Often, they are vulnerable to peer pressure and have interpersonal issues. The counsellor will often start by promoting self-understanding and understanding of the relationship problems.


Our counselling will help all in the troubled relationship by better understanding their role and value in the relationship and thus will also value others and the relationship. As the relationship improves so does the self-esteem of the individuals involved.


Good self-esteem will make couples have a more positive outlook on life, and this increases the chances of the relationship lasting and succeeding.


  1. Make You Happier:


In this age of technology, it is easy to find acceptance and happiness in other places. More and more people are being drowned in the digital ocean of smartphones, TV, and other gadgets. The devices are where they turn to when stressed or facing problems.


They just opt to run away from their troubles are opposed to facing them head-on all in a bid to find or remain happy.


Happiness can be just a façade that masks the truth that the relationship is facing some kind of trouble. Counselling will help all involved persons to cope with their problems better while also finding it okay to consider seeking help from their spouses, colleagues, or friends.


In short, a chronically unhappy individual will most likely have unhappy relations and difficulty in confronting the issues which lead to an accumulation of distress and unresolved relationship issues.


  1. When Dealing With A Divorce:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. In family relationships as well as romantic relationships, a disconnect and discord will often be what tears them apart. Divorce is a sad outcome that most counsellors do their best to help couples and families avoid.


However, some couples are often too quick to go the divorce route seeing it as a faster and simpler solution to avoid the problems they face in their relationship. What they often fail to understand is that their actions that are fueling the disconnect led to the divorce.


The relationship counselling benefits include trying to prevent families and couples from such heartbreaking outcomes. The counsellor helps them to resolve their issues and promote healing thus strengthening the relations between the couples and the family unit.


Sometimes, divorce may also be a suitable solution to the issues at hand, but only if the counsellor deems this a safe route for the couple and usually will be when partners are not wanting to address the issues anymore.


In this instance, the counsellor will help there be a mutual understanding between the two even as they part ways to ensure there is peace and harmony especially if there are children involved.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 4

  1. Negotiate And Reestablish Commitments:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Commitment can be one of the most problematic aspects of having a strong relationship. Commitments can be in different forms that include having kids, financial support, emotional support, and a general commitment to the relationship.


Personal interests, concerns, and fears tend to influence an individual’s commitment to the relationship. Attending the counselling sessions can help both members to have a voice for their concerns and to express their caution or disagreement in some areas.


The counsellor helps each understand what being committed actually means to them and their spouse and how vague commitment affects their relationship. During the session, each person is allowed to air their fears and concerns as well as wishes.


They are helping to negotiate responsibilities that arise due to making commitments for the good of the relationship. Doing this helps couples to have a better approach to reaching clear and workable agreements on all issues they face, together.


  1. Mental And Physical Health:


A happy person is often in good health, physically and mentally. That is one of the issues that the relationship therapist and counsellor strive to achieve in each individual; to have a person of good mental and physical health through addressing the relationship issues.


Such an individual will often be at peace, and this stems from having a good understanding of the other person in the relationship and through addressing issues as they arise. It starts there, at a personal level, and then transcends to others around you.


The counsellor will offer professional facilitation that helps both members in the relationship to understand each other thus being in a better position to identify particular problems, personal and in the other, and how to practically handle them.


  1. Build A Successful Family And Marriage:


In the family setting, children pick up the traits of who they become later in life from what they see and hear around them. How their parents and siblings behave, sometimes even how their friends behave, will influence who they may become.


A family setting where the parents are always in conflict is never the ideal place for children to grow up in, and the curtains close on such a setting with a divorce. However, the relationship counselling benefits also extend to a family setting.


The counselling sessions can help every family member to improve at a personal level and to reconnect together as a family unit ultimately helping children feel more safe and secure.


Families are different and thus deal with varied problems differently. Some can turn out messy if not addressed early and adequately. Relationship counselling is the most professional help that a family and marriage in turmoil should get.


The counsellor will help the parents to identify the root of the problems they face and how to solve them without causing any distress to the small children.


Importance Of Relationship Counselling For Singles


Are you tired of your single life and wish you could improve on it?


Have you been searching for means to make your relationship life better and yet can’t find it? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. We will mention several principles and steps to follow in order to enjoy your singleness.


Probably, you are single by intention or you have been finding it difficult to get one lucky guy or girl. It may be that you are divorced; this is another chance for you to find true love once again.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. There are many reasons why singles apply for singles relationship counselling, probably to learn how to be intimate with their partners or to correct some effect of their family misappropriations on them that are now causing them problems coping well in a relationship.


Once you begin to understand the emotional factors that affect your relationship and determine what satisfies you about your current life situation will decide how you want to improve your relationship experience.


There are many reasons why singles choose to go for relationship counselling .


Some of the reasons could be that they are not experienced in a relationship and may like to acquire some skills before they enter into any, and some of them may like to understand the relationship better after a breakup in order to avoid future conflict.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 14

Whichever reason that pushes you to search for a relationship counsellor really matters to you and we are ready to treat the topic well for you.


  1. After Breakup Consultation:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Singles may be confused after a breakup, therefore, will need the attention of a therapist to figure out what exactly may have caused it and then find a lasting solution against a future recurrence.


During this period, possibly one of the partners suffers it the most, therefore, will need serious attention from a comforter the counsellors.


A counsellor is an expert who is well endowed in communication skills and has powerful motivational and therapy words and exercises to calm his client at the time of difficulties and agony.


We enlist breakup therapy in our services because if you don’t heal, moving on will be difficult and chances of falling for what hurt you in previous relationships can surface again.


This is the reason why relationship counselling in this aspect is very important and can go a long way in making things better for the singles.  This kind of therapy will restore the victim’s self-esteem whether the breakup is new or has been a while.


  1. To Identify Wrong Lovers:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. The pattern of your relationship with previous people in the past could have been the reason why it is not working.


If you enroll in relationship counselling, there are 100 percent tendencies that a counsellor will guide you on things to do and things to avoid so that the same trend in your relationship will not repeat itself.


Sometimes, the problem of your relationship could be rooted in your family history and how it influences your way of life. It is now the right time for you to live your own life. You need to control your life rather than depending on what your family wants you to do.


  1. You need to know yourself:


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Most singles don’t even know themselves, how will they be able to cope successfully in a relationship? If you are finding it difficult to know yourself, a therapist is an expert that can help you from that angle.


A counsellor will help you to begin to develop a good relationship with yourself—self-love and confidence. Through this counselling, you will learn how to be honest with yourself. Once you begin to be aware of yourself, you will find it easy to be kind to someone else.


Ask yourself, what you are in peace with and what you are in conflict about. This will guide you on how to make decisions and choices without returning to the previous state of mind. There must be maturity in all your decisions since it will be assumed that you know what you are doing.


Marriage counselling at Miss Date Doctor


Marriage Counselling is an essential part of relationship counselling and should be treated as such.


There are a number of reasons a couple might seek professional help for their relationship. Marriage counselling and couples therapy can be very effective, especially when started sooner rather than later.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Once you’ve decided to give therapy a try, the next step is finding a counsellor who specializes in marriage or couples therapy.


You may have to meet with more than one therapist to find the right fit. It’s important that both partners feel comfortable, so keep trying until you find the right person.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 5

Do You Need Marriage Counselling?


There are many reasons why a couple might seek marriage counselling . While some people are at a higher risk for divorce due to factors such as marrying at an early age, having divorced parents, or being in a lower income bracket, none of these alone are signs you need counselling .


Instead, you should consider aspects of your relationship that might be contributing to distress, dissatisfaction, or conflict. Consider the following questions about yourself, your partner, and your marriage:


  1. Do you and your partner have conflicts over religious faith or values?
  2. Do you often criticize one another?
  3. Is there a lot of defensiveness in your marriage?
  4. Do you tend to withdraw from one another?
  5. Do you feel contempt, anger, or resentment for one another?
  6. Do you believe your communication is poor?
  7. Do you feel indifferent to your partner?
  8. Do you feel like you and your partner have nothing in common?
  9. Do you feel like you are growing apart from your partner?
  10. Is there infidelity, addiction, or abuse in your marriage?


If you answered “yes” to several of these questions, then you may have a higher risk for relationship dissatisfaction and divorce. It doesn’t mean that divorce is inevitable, but it may mean that you have to work much harder to keep your relationship healthy and happy.


A marriage counsellor at M.DD can help you with that work.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. There are many reasons why a marriage might reach a point where counselling is needed. The stress of daily life combined with the demands of work and family can make it more difficult for couples to feel close and connected.


Spouses who have realistic expectations of one another and their marriage, communicate well, use conflict resolution skills, and are compatible with one another are less at risk for divorce.


And even these couples can benefit from counselling at times of transition or simply to reinforce their communication skills and strong connection.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 6

Does Marriage Counselling Work?


The most studied and effective form of couples therapy is emotionally-focused couples therapy (EFT), developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Research shows that this treatment is long-lasting and helpful with those of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well.


One 2017 study, for example, looked at the effectiveness of couples therapy in a group of veterans, with variation in age and race, and found it to be generally effective, with relationships still improved 18 months after treatment. Another study from 2017 also found improvements lasting 24 months after treatment. Research published in 2015 found EFT helpful in couples experiencing infertility.


Is Marriage Counselling Worth It?


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Marriage counselling can be worthwhile for any couple who wants to find ways to make their partnership better. It can be helpful at various points in a relationship and can address a wide variety of issues that might exist in a marriage.


Younger couples may benefit from counselling that helps them establish healthy communication and habits early on in a marriage. One study found that counselling prior to marriage could also help empower couples to take action to maintain their relationship over the long term.


Couples who want to work on changing themselves can also benefit. Counselling can be more effective when both partners are open and willing to look at their own flaws and are willing to make changes.


Couples that seek help earlier may achieve better outcomes than those who wait. Couples that get counselling before problems become severe may benefit a great deal from counselling.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. People may seek therapy to help them decide if they should leave a marriage. Others may seek counselling for help changing from married to single life. One-on-one or couples therapy can help you work toward either of these goals.


Therapy can teach coping skills that may help people work toward a new life. It could help someone have a healthier outlook on their divorce. Therapy for divorce can make people feel encouraged and empowered. It can be a safe place to share feelings and thoughts. This can be helpful during what is often a difficult time.


Why Choose Therapy For Divorce


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. When a marriage ends, it can be traumatic for both partners. Divorce can be mentally, physically, and financially demanding. To cope with this, a couple who is divorcing may choose to begin therapy.


Divorce therapy is often done on a one-on-one basis. A person going through a divorce may feel guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, and grief.


Working with a therapist can provide a goal and rational perspective. It can arm a person with the skills to work through the difficulties of the divorce. Those who use therapy to help them get over a divorce can often benefit.


They may come to learn more about themselves. The change divorce brings can be a chance for personal growth and development.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 8

Types Of Therapy For Divorce


Individual therapy.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Divorce may contribute to certain mental health conditions. These can include depression, anxiety, or other conditions. Some perceive divorce as a personal failure.


Therapy can help people work through those feelings and make sense of the divorce. It may help people gain a new perspective. People who have divorced may learn about their needs and dislikes in partnerships. They may gain a deeper knowledge of themselves.


Couples therapy.


Therapy is also available for couples going through a divorce. This type of therapy may facilitate a healthy and constructive divorce. A divorce therapist can act as a sort of mediator. They can set guidelines to ensure the divorce happens with less negative impact.


Therapists can also help address pertinent issues. These can include living arrangements, financial obligations, and parenting.


Family therapy.


Therapy can be important for children whose parents are divorcing. Parents may often be consumed with their own feelings during a divorce. They might overlook the emotional state of their children.


Divorce can cause children to feel confusion, guilt, loss, pain, or abandonment. Children may not be sure which parent they should “choose,” or be loyal to. They might also worry they are the cause of the divorce.


When parents are aggressive with each other, a child may feel even more fearful. A child who hears parents argue about custody might start to feel unwanted. They may worry they are to blame for the separation.


Family therapy lets all family members share their feelings about the divorce. This can help everyone process their emotions and adjust to the changes.


You Should Also Seek Self-Improvement Coaching


Before getting too ahead of ourselves, we should define self-improvement coaching. For the uninitiated, a life coach is like a one-on-one tutor.


Self-improvement coaching is a part of life coaching that a lot of people overlook. You have to work on yourself so that you can be certain whatever is happening in your life is not as a result of something you do wrongly. This will also improve your overall relationship in life


We have packages that cater to this aspect of life coaching and more. Including packages that will help you improve your work relationship and your career personality. We can also do packages peculiar to our clients if they request it.


It’s a surprise to no one that life can be a challenge. Just when you think you get ahead, life can throw a new obstacle in your way such as job loss, problems with debt, or a damaging relationship that creeps into your life.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. A life coach helps you overcome each life obstacle you face by increasing your self-awareness, setting personal goals, and putting things into perspective. Each of these benefits can help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life.


Since your personal life and internal ambitions are delicate subjects, rest assured that a personal development coach is a trained professional who knows sensitive techniques to help you grow in a way that maintains your confidence, privacy, and mindset.


Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 10

Common Problems That Life Coaches Help With


  1. Mental and emotional state


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching. Your personal growth starts with your own mindset and mental state. Your emotions play a huge role in your readiness to recover from life challenges or to motivate yourself to grow as a person.


A coach can help you separate your emotional reactions from your decision-making process and give you helpful insight from an outside-looking-in perspective to help you steer your life in the right direction.


  1. Social life


Creativity and self-growth don’t happen in a vacuum. Loneliness is a major obstacle that prevents many clients from reaching their full potential. That’s why clients often go to personal development coaches with problems in their social life – whether it’s a struggle to meet new people or to hold on to close friendships.


The issue is especially problematic for introverts. Some studies suggest that around 45 percent of introverts have trouble meeting new people.


A coach can help you, introvert or not, to gain the confidence to meet new people and improve your social connections.


  1. Work/life balance


Sometimes a problem you face can fall into two areas of your life: work and home.


Most of these types of problems arise from an unsustainable balance between the hours you spend at work versus at home. Lack of work-life balance can cause you to feel unfulfilled, stressed, and undervalued and can negatively affect your routines, relationships, productivity, and happiness.


  1. Relationships and happiness


Whether it’s a dispute with a romantic partner or maybe a harmful relationship that re-enters your life after having been severed for many years, a coach can help you handle all sorts of personal relationship issues.


“Dating advice” is too crude a term here. A self-improvement coach is more concerned about building your confidence and helping you find satisfaction and build trust with your partners and friends. Rather than offering generic tips to help you do so, they empower you to make your own smart and powerful decisions.


  1. Money management


It’ll probably come as no surprise that money is a common obstacle that coaches help their clients overcome.


Most people, in the UK and everywhere, find that managing their finances is a huge cause of stress. Unfortunately, there’s evidence that the problem isn’t getting any better. From 2016-to 2018, the household debt in the UK rose by 11 percent compared to the previous two-year period.


A life coach can help you manage your spending, develop good budgeting habits and control your financial freedom to live a healthy lifestyle while also meeting all your commitments.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching Conclusion.

Book a relationship counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching 12

Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching Conclusion. In the past few years, the number of people seeking counselling has increased thanks to the help of technology. They don’t have to do the traditional face-to-face counselling if they are uncomfortable.


Online or virtual counselling can give you instant access to our different counsellors and coaches to choose from. They are accessible and result oriented .


If you want to work with our counsellor or coach, then, the logistics shouldn’t be a challenge. However, you still have to decide whether you’re ready on a personal level.


Book a Relationship Counsellor Singles Couples Breakup Psychotherapy Life Coaching Conclusion. Our counsellors and coaches will work with you on a range of sensitive issues so you have to be sure that you’re in the right mindset to have a deep engagement with someone.


We will make available to you a counsellor or coach that matches your personality and one that you can see the potential to build a trusting relationship with.

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