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Couples Therapy London

Couples Therapy London

Couples Therapy London


Couples therapy London. Relationships can be hard to navigate when there are challenges confronting it and the resolution seems farfetched this is one of the major reasons why couples therapy is highly necessary because where issues are not quickly addressed and resolved, it can pose a threat to the success of the relationship.

Couples therapy London is a form of psychotherapy in London that focuses on helping couples improve their relationship. When a couple feels that the issues in their relationship cannot be resolved by their own knowledge, they may seek help from a relationship counsellor who can help them navigate the issues and reach a resolution.

Couples therapy London focuses on improving satisfaction in a relationship and helping couples in resolving conflicts they may have so that they can have a happier healthier relationship.

Couples therapy London is a talking therapy that allows a couple to see negative patterns which need to be changed or worked on in order for the relationship to improve as the failure to resolve and address these negative patterns can be harmful to the relationship and the longevity, satisfaction and success of it.

Couples therapy London is a form of psychotherapy which focuses on helping couples in London work through their challenges, understand their relationship better and develop healthier ways of communicating their needs and resolving conflicts that may arise from past failures in meeting those needs.

Usually, therapeutic counselling, couples therapy London involves having sessions of therapy with the aim to help couples understand and resolve their problems, issues and conflicts in their relationship so they can have a much more satisfying and happy relationship.

If there are issues that seem to pull you and your partner apart, couples therapy London may be helpful to your relationship as it helps couples deal with and address the problems affecting their relationship.

Couples therapy London is a type of therapy in which both parties in a relationship are treated simultaneously by the same therapist with the aim to help them identify and understand each person’s needs within the relationship. It can be helpful to couples in a relationship whether married or not.

When a couple makes the decision to talk to a therapist, they may want to know which therapy style will be best suited for them. So let us look at some of the types of therapy used in couples therapy London, which your therapist may recommend based on the needs of your relationship;

Emotion Focused Therapy(EFT)

This type of therapy focuses more on improving the emotional bond between the parties in the relationship and may be used by therapists during couples therapy London to fix bonding problems within a relationship.

Gottam Method

This type of therapy is used during couples therapy London to address areas of conflict and equip the parties in the relationship with needed skills for problem-solving and improvement of the friendship and intimacy in the relationship.

Ellen Watchel’s Approach

During couples therapy London, a therapist may use this type of therapy as it focuses on self-reflection rather than blame. It is an approach that focuses on improving the positive aspects of a relationship.

Psychodynamic Couples Therapy

This type of couples therapy London helps you understand your partner better as it explores the underlying hopes and fears that motivate you both in the relationship.

Behavioural Therapy

During couples therapy London, your therapist may use this method which involves working on and reshaping behavioural patterns by promoting behaviour that fosters stability and satisfaction in the relationship.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This type of therapy is used in addressing and identifying thought patterns that trigger or influence negative behaviour and patterns in the relationship.

Benefits of Couples Therapy London

  1. It improves the communication skills of the parties in the relationship
  2. It helps the couple with identifying and addressing the root causes of conflicts
  3. Couples can get a deeper understanding of their relationship dynamics
  4. It helps to create a safe haven for you and your partner
  5. It can help prevent issues that may arise in the future
  6. It can help to heal old wounds that prevent intimacy in your relationship
  7. It helps couples understand each other needs
  8. It helps couples learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way

Couples Therapy, London

Couples Therapy, London

Couples Therapy, London. London has lots of therapists that help couples resolve their conflicts in their relationships in order for them to be happier and have a healthier and mutually satisfying relationship.

For couples therapy, London, we recommend Miss Date Doctor, London’s most trusted and professional team of private counsellors who offer professional help on Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London. You get your first 30mins of counselling with any of our established counsellors for free.

Getting expert, therapeutic support when facing any kind of issue can really go a long way to alleviate the stress that comes with them. Miss Date Doctor couples therapy, London provides 24-hour support for couples and their relationships.

Miss Date Doctor couples therapy, London can help relationships which are meant to be saved as we aim to provide support to couples whose relationships are facing difficulties, from dealing with communication issues to managing the shifting dynamics of their relationship.

The Miss Date Doctor couples therapy, London sessions bring couples together despite their issues and tight schedules and create a time specially dedicated to helping them save their relationship. There are a number of current services offered to provide support for all aspects of your relationships.



Relationship. Everyone wants one that is mutually beneficial, loving, long-lasting and satisfying. However, there are many challenges that can stand in the way of people getting this desire as there are many issues that may arise that can lead to conflicts that if not managed properly, can crash it.

Being in a loving relationship is an amazing feeling, but it requires not just having a great partner, but having a great partner that equally wants the best for the relationship and is willing to join you in putting in the work required to achieve the goals and aspirations you have both set.

When issues arise in a relationship, it is necessary to work with your partner to resolve them, because the failure to resolve them can cause further problems and put a strain on your love. Partners in relationships often find that they cannot solve all their issues and while some give up due to these issues, others may be willing to get help in form of therapy.

Relationship therapy is a form of therapy in which couples who share an intimate and romantic bond receive help with working through and navigating the issues and resolving conflicts that may be threatening the success and longevity of the beautiful bond you share.

Relationship therapy aims to help couples address and work through the issues in their relationship as a team rather than as opponents fighting for different causes and allowing blame to fly around which makes the resolution of conflicts farfetched. It is also very helpful in solving issues regarding communication which is one of the most issues in relationships.



Communication. This is a crucial aspect of relationships that has the power to make it or break it. Many of the issues that arise in relationships have to do with problems in communicating, which could be needs, goals, desires and more and if this is not addressed, it can put a strain on the relationship.

Communication is one of the most common issues addressed in couples therapy as the lack of it can leave one or both parties in the relationship feeling neglected and unheard. Couples who are able to effectively communicate their issues without it resulting in conflicts may have happier relationships because they will feel understood with a higher chance of their needs being met.

Couples therapy helps to improve the communication skills of couples by teaching them how to listen and speak to each other which is essential to communicating effectively. Communicating effectively has to do with a couple expressing their needs, fears, desires and goals for their relationship without fear of being misunderstood or judged.

To improve communication in the relationship couples have to unearth each other’s needs. There are several ways Miss Date Doctor helps couples communicate more effectively and this includes several contemporary communication exercises aimed at helping couples communicate better with other. Some of these exercises include;

  • Listening without interrupting involves one partner listening to the other person’s needs without interrupting in order to fully hear them and understand their needs.
  • Express gratitude for even the tiniest effort. This is very important as partners in relationships sometimes undermine the little things which many times may evolve into bigger problems.
  • Use the sandwich method when communicating. This involves starting your request by appreciating your partner’s efforts, then adding your request politely and then ending it with gratitude for the effort they will put into fulfilling your request.
  • Use the 40-20-40 process which involves dedicating 40% to each person to talk about their day and the remaining 20% to discuss the relationship and how to keep improving it.
  • Stress-reducing conversations involve allowing your partner to vent about whatever is troubling them without attempting to offer advice.

Tips to Improve Communication

  1. Create a safe space where you can both calmly talk about issues and feelings.
  2. Try to understand and see the world through your partner’s eyes.
  3. Be mindful of your language and tone while communicating with your partner.
  4. Find the right time to talk about issues.
  5. Be willing to compromise.

Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling. Marriages often go through ups and downs and these times can be really difficult especially when there are serious issues such as infidelity which can hurt the other partner and make it hard for them to deal with it. There is no perfect marriage and it is ok to admit that you and your spouse may be unable to fix all your issues by yourself.

When the spouses in a marriage cannot work out ways to deal with their issues, they may be advised to go for marriage counselling as in recent years, it has proven to have a 98% success rate in helping couples resolve their issues and finding their way back from hurtful experiences and become happy again.

Marriage counselling is a form of psychotherapy which is used to help married couples resolve their problems. Contrary to the belief that it is a waste of time or it is allowing a third party to have a say in your relationship, it can go a long way in helping you and your partner work through issues better as your counsellor will have an objective point-of-view about the issue.

Marriage counselling creates a safe space for couples to come together to work on their issues as it is helpful when couples want to improve their relationship and do not know where to start. Working with a counsellor to help get your relationship back on track can help you and your spouse resolve the issues in your relationship more effectively.

It can be worthwhile for couples who want to improve their relationship because it provides an opportunity to strengthen the aspects of your relationship that may be weak and the root cause of issues troubling your relationship.

Going for counselling as a married couple can help to raise the awareness of you and your spouse regarding issues or patterns that may be causing conflicts in their relationship and identifying ways to effectively resolve the conflicts and prevent them from resurfacing in the event that they do, how to resolve them in a healthy way.

Benefits of Marriage Counselling

  1. It provides an unbiased and objective perspective of your relationship which is necessary for you to understand your partner’s perspective and aid in the healthy resolution of conflicts.
  2. It helps you and your partner learn how to communicate with and understand each other and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner.
  3. It improves emotional and physical intimacy in the relationship by making you feel much closer to each other.
  4. It helps to provide clarity about your feelings and needs in the marriage relationship.
  5. It helps you and your partner identify and resolve relationship roadblocks.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution. As beautiful as relationships can be they are not void of issues and many relationships that go through this period may sink under if they are unable to find a common ground to resolve the issues causing a strain on their relationship, the ability to resolve conflicts as they arise is called conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution is the process of the parties in a relationship reaching a peaceful resolution of disputes in their relationship so that they can have a healthier and happier relationship as conflicts in a relationship can put a strain on it and threaten to pull the parties in the relationship apart. It is the way two or more parties find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them.

So many couples have many unresolved conflicts because they are both more focused on trying to be heard and they keep arguing about different issues which makes the resolution far-fetched. Conflict resolution is highly essential if a couple wants to move forward from the issues that trouble their relationship.

It is highly important to tackle problems as quickly as they surface and this means that couples need to be proactive and intentional about conflict resolution. There are so many things that can cause conflicts in a relationship because you are both different people with different backgrounds, beliefs and values and conflicts are inevitable when trying to marry the differences.

Steps to Conflict Resolution

  1. Find a good time to talk.

This is very important in resolving conflicts because bringing up issues at the wrong time like when tempers are still high may just worsen the conflict. However, knowing the right time to bring up issues will help you both resolve them more easily.

  1. Identify the root cause of the problem

This is very important if you and your partner do not want to continue having the same issues repeatedly. You should identify the root cause of the issues in your relationship as this will not only help you navigate them, but you will be able to prevent them from resurfacing.

  1. Keep your cool while discussing the problem

It is advisable to talk about issues when you are calm. You should try as much as possible to keep your cool in the face of conflicts as this will play a big role in whether or not the conflicts will be resolved.

  1. Actively listen to your partner

It is also important that when trying to resolve a conflict, you give your partner the opportunity to speak while you listen, not just listen to respond which a lot of people do, but listen to understand them as this will help in the quicker and more effective resolution of your issues.

  1. Communicate your feelings

After your partner has aired their grievances, you should also communicate your feelings and why you believe the conflict happened and how you feel about it so that your partner can have a better understanding of your feelings with regard to the issue.



Trust. This is a very essential ingredient in any relationship whether marriage, friendship or platonic relationships as it goes a long way in determining whether or not such a relationship will be able to stand the test of time. Being in a relationship when you cannot rely on the other person without fear may not be able to stand the test of time.

Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth and ability of another person. It takes time to build and when built can make a relationship scale through difficulties, however, it can be easily broken and when this happens, it may take a while to be rebuilt, mostly longer than it took to build it initially and there are people who never give the chance to rebuild it again.

Trust means being able to rely on another person because you feel safe and have a strong belief or confidence that they will not hurt you. It is like wearing a blindfold to cross a road with this person holding your hand because you have the strong belief that they will not let anything happen to you as they have your back.

Trust is the rock-solid foundation that any relationship should be built because it allows people to be vulnerable and open up without feeling the need to protect themselves. It is very essential to the success of any relationship because where it does not exist, there will be persistent conflicts that may lead to the end of the relationship.

When it is lacking in a relationship, it can create many problems. For instance, when your partner’s words don’t match their actions, it can erode the trust in your relationship and may ultimately lead to its end.

People argue that trust is more important than love because they believe that a relationship may be able to survive without love, but one without trust will not be able to stand the test of time as it will breed many more issues that will swallow up the relationship.

Importance of Trust

  • It promotes openness and love in a relationship
  • It reduces the occurrence of conflicts and encourages the couple to navigate them when they do arise
  • It creates a strong bond and closeness in the relationship
  • It creates reassurance and a sense of safety and security in the relationship
  • It boosts your confidence in your partner and your relationship

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

  • Ensure that your words match your actions, and avoid making promises you can’t keep
  • Make decisions carefully, and only make commitments you are sure you can honour
  • Acknowledge that trust takes time to build and so be patient
  • Be consistent and honest with your actions and your partner
  • Build your emotional intelligence as it plays a role in building trust
  • Admit and acknowledge your mistakes, don’t try to hide them



Intimacy. This is also quite important in the success of a relationship as it says much about the connection or bond between the people in the relationship it is very important that the two people in a relationship share some form of intimacy for the relationship to be strong enough to stand the tests that it may be faced with.

It is the feeling of being close and emotionally connected to and supported by someone you love or are in a relationship with. It has to do with the feeling of closeness and connection between the parties in a relationship.

It is built over time as people in a relationship connect with each other, grow to care about each other and feel more and more comfortable during their time spent together in a relationship. There are various ways that a couple in a relationship can connect intimately and we will look at some of the ways below;

Emotional Intimacy

Sanam Hafeez defined “it as allowing yourself to connect more deeply with your partner through actions that express feelings, vulnerabilities and trust”. When this form of intimate connection exists in a relationship, a person can feel as though they can see into the soul of their partner and understand them on a deeper level.

Physical Intimacy

This involves the closeness between the bodies of people in the relationship. Contrary to the belief that being intimate only has to do with sex, being physically intimate can also involve things like a tight hug from behind, holding your partner’s hands randomly and planting a kiss, kissing and cuddling your partner and getting involved in sexual activities. It isn’t just about sex.

Intellectual Intimacy

It is a type of connection that goes beyond being physically and emotionally intimate. It involves two people who stimulate and enrich each other’s minds. The two people come together to share their thoughts and ideas and are very comfortable doing so despite the differences in their opinions and beliefs.

Spiritual Intimacy

Unlike being intimate physically, emotionally and intellectually, being intimate spiritually occurs when a soul touches another soul. It is when a couple together, surrender their lives and relationship to God.

How to Build Intimacy in a Relationship

  • Take things one step at a time, you do not need to rush
  • Create a safe haven for healthy communication
  • Explore together, be open to adventures
  • Spend more quality time together
  • Be spontaneous

Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection

Emotional connection. This has to do with the bond or emotional attachment of the parties in a relationship. Having a strong emotional bond with your partner is also essential for a successful relationship as it makes you feel and brings you closer to your partner whether they are present or not.

Emotional connection is the feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attractions. It cuts across many areas of a relationship and all aspects of intimacy. A strong emotional bond is necessary for physical, intellectual and spiritual intimacy. It can be said to be a driving force that pulls you and your partner towards each other.

A couple that shares an emotional connection will find that they share a common emotional language with their partner and this creates a feeling and a deep sense of attachment, care and respect for their partner.

It is a solid foundation for healthy relationships as it fosters closeness which makes you feel comfortable enough to share your deepest feelings with your partner. Being connected with your partner emotionally can create a deep and intense feeling of love that makes you want to spend time with them.

When you are emotionally connected to your partner, it allows you to connect more deeply with them. You will find that you understand even the words they have not spoken and you will both gravitate towards a quicker resolution of conflicts when they arise and may hardly require external help to fix your issues.

Having an emotional attachment in a relationship is equal to having a set of strong feelings that come together to create an emotional bond so strong that it binds you both together. There are several ways to know if you have an emotional connection with your partner or someone whom you may like but do not know about it. Let us look at them below;

  • You care deeply about each other’s needs and want to fulfil them
  • You want to hear and listen to them
  • You develop a good rapport and routines that can make you spend time together
  • You understand each other
  • You want to be a part of their life

So how do you build the emotional connection in your relationship? You can do that by;

  • Don’t rush things, understand that it takes a process
  • Create a safe haven for emotional connection
  • Understand your partner’s needs
  • Build trust as it is the building block for emotional connection, where the person can feel safe enough to be vulnerable with you
  • Be affectionate with your partner
  • See the world through your partner’s eyes



Self-improvement. It takes a great person to make a great partner and this can only be achieved by constantly working to be the best version of oneself. Improving yourself not only benefits the people around you, it also benefits you because it makes you form meaningful relationships as people of like minds will be attracted to you.

Self-improvement means improving your knowledge, status and character through your own effort. It is the desire to make yourself a better person by learning new skills or improving existing ones so that you can stay relevant wherever you may find yourself and then the people around you can also benefit from your pool of knowledge and experience.

Self-improvement in relationships means taking time to focus on improving yourself because you value your partner and relationship so much that you want to give them only the best version of yourself. It can also help when entering the dating scene to eliminate desperation as you will be going in not because you need to feel complete, but because you want to date.

How to go about Self-improvement

  • Enjoy your own company
  • Take time to get to know yourself
  • Know that you are responsible for your own happiness
  • Take the reins of your life
  • Make it more about what you can offer rather than what you can get

Self-improvement is important in relationships as it makes  you feel more confident in yourself and your relationship. It makes you independent thereby reducing the pressure of expecting your partner to fulfill all your needs in the relationship.

Couples Therapy London Conclusion

Couples Therapy London Conclusion

Couples therapy London conclusion. If you are currently experiencing a bumpy ride in your relationship, you should talk with your partner about going for couples therapy as it can help you both navigate those bumps and make your relationship happier and healthier with fewer conflicts.

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