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Dating In London Miss Date Doctor

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 1

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. London is a dynamic city, filled with fascinating people. Yet finding them (and the time to meet them) is a familiar difficulty for many London singles. With long hours and juggling a hectic work-life balance, finding a partner who ticks all your boxes can become a very real problem for many Londoners.


For some, meeting new people often means exploring London’s nightlife at the weekend, hoping to find that ‘special someone in a pub or nightclub. Yet a noisy bar is often not the place to get to know someone properly.


And for others, living within a tight-knit spiritual community can narrow your horizons when trying to meet singles outside your immediate social circles. Given the mix of London singles out there, finding exactly what you look for in a partner can prove challenging.


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Generally speaking, British people have a laid-back approach when it comes to dating. Unlike in some European countries, dates in the UK often center around drinking and heading to the local bar or pub.


This is particularly true in the initial stages of getting to know someone. That said, British people tend to be more reserved than some other cultures; therefore, they don’t display their emotions in public.


As with other activities of life we engage in, dating comes with its hassles which is one of the reasons Miss Date Doctor is functional today. We have helped a lot of singles within the UK find love and settle down.


What most people fail to understand is that a lot can contribute to your singleness asides from the dating norm of wherever you find yourself. Yes, dating in London poses its challenges and other factors within you pose theirs. Our duty as expert dating coaches and counsellors is to ensure that the reason you find it difficult to start a relationship is not your fault but due to societal factors.


When you purchase packages like:




£ 540.00


  • Dating advice for singles
  • Online dating tips
  • Confidence-building and reflection exercises
  • How to be a better dater tips
  • Understanding your core values
  • Dating education
  • D.D Contemporary CBT exercises




£ 720.00


  • Eliminating negative dating behaviour
  • Addressing stress and fear of dating
  • Online dating assistance
  • Help with past relationship emotional trauma
  • Dating advice for singles
  • Help with dating direction
  • Relationship guidance
  • Dating education and positive mindset training


You will, by the time it has run its course, understand that even when everyone is finding it difficult dating in London, you look forward to overcoming these difficulties. Miss Date Doctor ensures that you are well equipped to face the dating world head-on and not cower at the first sight of rejection.


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 2

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. We will help you build your confidence because we cannot promise you that you won’t have challenges after using these special packages but just like taking preventive medications, it will help you see dating in London in a different light.


Like many other surveys we carry out with regards to different aspects of human relationships, we have done our due search on how to make dating in London way easier for you. We have some way ways you can meet people you can date in London.


Like in many other European countries, there are various traditional ways to meet people in London. This might be through friends or work colleagues, in bars or clubs, or via online dating platforms.


  • Meeting through friends


Despite the big nightlife culture in the UK and the growing popularity of online dating platforms, many people meet their partners through their circles of friends and social gatherings. A survey of 2,000 adults, featured in The Independent, found that one in four married couples met on a night or day out with friends.


This is particularly common among older adults who might not be swayed by online dating or who don’t go to bars and clubs as much as they used to.


  • Online dating in London


Online dating is very popular in the UK, especially in larger cities. Location-based dating apps such as Tinder, Happn, and Bumble are among the most popular ones. However, when SurveyMonkey polled 4,000 people, they found that more than half of 18 to 24-year-olds view apps like Tinder and Bumble as platforms for casual hookups.


Older adults (25 to 34 years old), meanwhile, see profile-based dating websites as a way of developing relationships. This is because they provide a greater opportunity to get to know other users in more detail. For example, 58% of older adults (45 to 54 years old) use; more than double the percent who use Tinder.


There are several online dating platforms available in the UK. This includes:


  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • com


  • Meetup groups for singles


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 3

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Another popular way to meet people is by joining local Meetup groups and attending events. Numerous groups throughout the UK cater to those interested in dating and relationships. This is a fun and safe way to meet new friends and potential partners.


Groups usually specify the age range and sexual preference of members too; therefore, you are likely to meet like-minded individuals.


  • Volunteering for a local cause you’re passionate about.


There are so many benefits to volunteering that it should be part of everyone’s life and every single woman’s dating strategy.


By sharing your gifts and time with a cause that tugs at your heart, you will make a difference with far-reaching benefits, and a bunch of those benefits will belong to you. Volunteering connects you to others and comes with emotional and physical perks for you as well as for those you help.


And let’s face it, altruism is an attractive trait in a potential mate. It’s an automatic signal that this person isn’t all about themselves.


Because volunteering gets you outside of yourself, it also gives you the chance to meet quality people without pretense.


  • Alumni events.


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Even if you don’t know the fellow alum you’re about to bump into, you already have a built-in commonality.


Spending years in the same educational and residential environment is a powerful connection. You have quick access to conversation starters, and chances are good that you share at least some core values and interests.


After all, you chose and cheered for the same school, participated in the same rituals, and may even know some of the same people and professors. Your shared college experience — even if you graduated in different years — will always be a grounding commonality.


Alumni events can have social and professional benefits as well, and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing education is a shared value.


  • Sporting groups and leagues.


If physical activity is important to you, do you want to make sure you don’t waste your time with a couch potato?


Your climbing club, bicycling club, or tennis league can be one of the best ways to meet quality men. Exercise makes you healthy, reduces stress, and gives you a fun outlet for being both playful and competitive.


And those endorphins you stir up will make it easy to laugh and enjoy one another’s a company, even though all the sweat. I met my husband through a professional singles sports group that focused on bicycling.


  • Social groups.


Groups like those you can find on Meetup make it possible to tailor your social life according to your values, interests, and fellow participants. There is a group for everyone who wants to meet about any given interest.


You can tailor your search to a specific age group, a certain activity, or both.


For women who are motivated to marry and want to meet quality, age-appropriate men who share similar values, social groups are a great place to start.


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 4

Dating Etiquette In London


While the dating etiquette in the UK is arguably more relaxed than in other countries, there are still some traditions that are useful to know.


Being quite a traditional country, the burden of asking someone on a date in the UK usually falls to the man. And if the man has initiated the date, he will usually suggest a place to go too.


Generally speaking, a couple is likely to go for a drink or two on a first date. However, in larger cities such as London and Manchester, there is also a growing trend toward going on quirky dates at unusual places;


This might mean hitting a mini-golf course and heading to a silent disco at the Natural History Museum, or having drinks at a themed cocktail bar. After all, the British are a varied bunch and are just as likely to enjoy dancing and drinking at a nightclub as staying at home and binge-watching Netflix.


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. One important thing to be aware of, however, is the concept of exclusivity in dating. While some cultures view dating numerous people at the same time as the norm, this isn’t the case in the UK.


Generally speaking, people prefer to have the undivided attention of their potential partners. Seeing multiple people would be taken as a sign that you don’t consider the person enough for you. In this sense, you might say that dating in the UK is perhaps more meaningful than in some other countries.


Dating Behaviour In The UK


Every country, state, or city has its dating norm, and this is not any different for British people. They are known to do certain things in certain ways like:


  • British politeness


British people are widely renowned for being unfailingly polite. Indeed, if two people bump into each other in the street, you can expect them both to quickly apologize; and in some cases, apologize several times.


More often than not, this politeness translates to dating. Initially, when going on a date, people greet with a handshake. However, once you know someone, this could extend to a kiss on the cheek.


  • Splitting the bill and chivalry


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Chivalry is certainly not dead in the UK. On the contrary, it is quite common for men to act like gentlemen on dates. This might mean holding the door open for his date, lending her his jacket when she gets cold, or insisting on paying the bill.


That said, gender equality is fairly strong in the UK and many couples like to split the bill after the first few dates. When dining out, however, sharing meals is generally less of a cultural trait than in other countries. But British people usually tip well, and some restaurants add service charges to bills automatically; this varies between 10% and 20%.


  • General conversation


When it comes to conversation, you can expect your partner to want to learn about your life. They will take a genuine interest in your goals and dreams. This is because British people tend to be quite ambitious in terms of their careers. That said, they remain very traditional in what they frame as being ‘successful’.


And don’t feel embarrassed if you don’t catch every word they say or stumble upon miscommunication now and then. The UK has a wide range of regional accents and dialects, so this can be difficult to understand at first. Just remember, it’s still considerably easier to get to grips with than if you are dating someone who speaks a different language.


  • What to wear on a date


You needn’t get too hung up on what to wear on a date in the UK, either. British people usually choose smart-casual clothing and in some cases go on a date straight from work. That said, professionals in the UK present themselves smartly; even those who don’t wear suits to work are likely to wear casual blazers, smart jumpers, button-up shirts, and formal shoes.


  • Body language


It is worth noting that British people are generally more reserved than some other Western cultures. This means that public displays of affection aren’t as common as you may be accustomed to in your home country. So while you might feel like your date is giving you the cold shoulder, this isn’t necessarily the case.


  • Moving into a relationship in the UK


How a relationship might typically progress in the UK is down to the individuals involved. There is no rule book about when to get intimate, meet the family, and so on. That said, attitudes towards sex are fairly liberal in the UK.


For instance, if the first date goes well, some people have no qualms about sleeping together. Whereas some cultures might perceive this as being ‘easy’, the Brits see it as totally acceptable.


  • Meeting friends and family


In relationships, you might find that British people are in less of a rush for you to meet their friends and family. However, this isn’t necessarily something to worry about. It is likely just because parental approval is less important in the UK than in some other countries; therefore, meeting the parents early on in a relationship is not considered a priority.


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 5

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. It is also quite common for individuals to maintain their friendship groups separately from their romantic relationships. This might be a good thing if you value your independence.


  • Moving in together


Couples in the UK might date for months or even years before they decide to move in together. Given that rents in large cities can be substantial, living together is a cost-effective solution for many people.


Furthermore, couples looking to buy a property in the UK may need to rent for a longer period before they have enough money for a deposit on a house. This is reflected in statistics that show that the average age of a first-time buyer in the UK in 2019 was 32 years old; two years older than in 2018.


  • The role of the family in dating


The family remains a key part of life for many adults in the UK. Most British people are very proud of their heritage and relatives are a fundamental part of this. Therefore, as the partner of a British man or woman, you can expect to spend a fair amount of time with your in-laws.


And if a man decides to pop the question, he is generally expected to ask the bride’s father beforehand. In this respect, the UK remains fairly traditional when it comes to attitudes towards marriage.


So, while the UK is fairly progressive in terms of attitudes towards dating, sex, and marriage, there is still some way to go before it reaches a level of gender equality in the family home that is seen in neighboring countries.

Is Dating in London Difficult?

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 6

Is Dating In London Difficult? It’s been said that dating in London can be quite different compared to anywhere else. Some say that dating can be hard, and it can be harder in London. So what makes the London dating scene different compared to everywhere else? Is it that difficult to date in London? Are you doomed to be single for life?


With a population of 9.5 Million as of 2022, you would think that dating in London and finding a partner would be an easy feat. What makes it difficult is that London is such a busy area, and with it is a fast-paced lifestyle, and busy people hustling and bustling.


This is one of the reasons why dating can be quite difficult. Finding the time, making the time, and setting the time with someone to date is difficult. Schedules can be conflicting, so much so that they say dating can be like booking a meeting.


In addition to the busy lifestyle, London is a huge area. It is 1.527 km2 big and for some, living in different areas can be a deal-breaker, much like a long-distance relationship that seems to be avoided at all costs. In addition, getting from one area to the next, not only can consume time but can also cost you.


Is Dating In London Difficult? So how do people date in London, you ask? The norm seems to be through dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, and Happn, among others. There are so many dating apps to choose from, and they continue to pop up everywhere.


Know what the numerous dating apps around a cause? A lot of options. Different dating apps, different girls and boys, some may find it hard to choose which one to go for. There is also the fear of missing out. So many options, so little time, which is worth the time and the effort? Some find themselves at a standstill and just choose a relationship with their careers instead.


London has the best bars in the world, which means most dates will revolve around drinking, which can be fine and a lot of fun, too. This sets the tone, most of the time and Londoners do like to have a lot of fun.


Is your date interested or is he or she just being polite? Most Londoners were raised in a very polite environment, not causing a fuss, and avoiding conflicts. This can lead to confusion on whether your date is genuinely interested in you or is just being polite. How do you decide?


So you finally get the guts to ask your date directly if he or she is interested and what do you get? Silence. Ghosting seems to be a common occurrence nowadays, and London is no different. The sudden cease of communication as opposed to simply telling the truth that they are not interested seems to be becoming a norm. Everyone in their dating life has been ghosted or done the ghosting themselves. Harsh? Yes. Normal? Yes.


Is Dating In London Difficult? Dating in general can be difficult. Dating in London, adds an extra layer to it. All we can say is enjoy the experience. Meet people, get to know them, and have fun. Doesn’t work out? Go to the next. You are bound to find someone that fits you. Some end up with someone from work, a friend, or even a flatmate. Then again, is that such a bad thing?

How Do I Meet Singles In London?

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 8

How Do I Meet Singles In London? With an apparent 3.9 million singles in London, you should be able to find someone single and ready to mingle around every corner, in every restaurant, and within every bar.


Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as that. We’re all looking for that spark and that moment of mutual attraction. We can’t always explain it, it can’t be forced but we know when it hits us. That mutual lingering eye contact is very powerful.


It’s like a Happy Train on its way to Dopamine Station. Here are some possible ways to meet singles in London;


  • Speed Dating


Speed dating is a great way to find singles in London. Everyone with the same goal, most of the time, all in the same room with a single purpose of looking for that spark of mutual attraction to take further.


Speed dating isn’t for everyone though. Going on a date with one person can be nerve-wracking enough but going on a date with 20 people in the space of around 90mins can be nothing short of daunting.


That said, if you can get past the nerves, it really can be a good way to see if there’s a face-to-face spark, or at least a mutual click, without spending two to three weeks messaging someone online only to find there’s simply nothing there when meeting them.


  • Singles Events in London


How Do I Meet Singles In London? With London so huge, and the number of single people so high, there are several pubs, bars, clubs, and entertainment venues that arrange regular singles nights.


Again, like speed dating, a room full of singletons looking for that special someone in their lives but without the interview-like atmosphere. People are free to chat and mingle with whomever they choose.


If you are particularly shy although this can be good because you’re not forced into the whole speed dating event.


You may need to take a deep breath and just go for it. You could always take a friend. A wing-woman or wingman can be great in these types of situations.


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 7

Dating people is about meeting someone new, so you’ll need to brush off the shyness – just for a little while.


  • Courses


Don’t go and take a course in something you have no interest in just to try and find a date, but realistically the best way of being able to find someone is to strike up a conversation with them.


You can’t do this on the London Underground, in a park, or in a supermarket as you may come across as slightly strange. So, you need to find environments and settings where speaking to people is naturally done.


You may not know that the famous Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates, although an absolute genius in the tech world, never considered himself very successful with the opposite sex. Just some fun facts.


So, he decided to book himself on to college campus courses, wherein the main women usually attended, or there was a considerably higher turnout of women than men. His logical mindset paid off.


He knew that in this type of setting it would be natural for people to converse, speak and in part get to know each other. If there is something you have always wanted to learn about, a course may just be the ticket.


It may not necessarily lead to meeting someone, but at the very least it will get you used to the social aspect if it’s something you’re not already part of in London.


  • Social Events


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Are you the type of person who usually avoids all social events you’re invited to? Whether from family, friends, work for colleagues, or organisations you’re involved in?


If you do usually try and avoid these at all costs, and would rather watch paint dry, you’re not alone. These can though be really good places to meet someone. Attraction is often by sight, but nothing usually can happen until some kind of conversation is initiated.


This is why people turn straight to dating apps. Social events breed just that. Conversation.


The art of talking to people and making small talk can be painful for many, especially those who are introverts. I would also consider myself to be an introvert, so I completely understand the viewpoint.


Social events although can take you out of your comfort they can be rewarding. You may just strike up a conversation with another singleton, and sparks may fly all over the place. Worst case scenario is you further increase your social skills, which can be useful when you do start dating.


  • Bars


How Do I Meet Singles In London? The old classic. Bars are considered the BEST place to find and meet someone in London.


As Ed Sheeran sang in the shape of you ‘The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I’ll go’.


You can’t turn down many streets in London without finding a bar or three. Bars in the city and financial districts such as Liverpool Street, Bank, and St Pauls are generally full of office workers during the week but are empty at weekends.


Bars with more weekend nightlife include areas such as Piccadilly, Shoreditch, and Soho. There are a few dotted in and around Oxford Circus, particularly along side streets, but the main nightlife is going to be in the three areas mentioned above.


Different parts of London cater though towards different age groups and different types of people to meet. Office workers tend to head out into the City during the week. Shoreditch is a great chill-out area, with lots of pubs and restaurants catering to all ages.


Piccadilly and Soho tend to attract a younger crowd at weekends between the ages of 20-35. Look out for single nights in local London bars. Many of them hold these, although often they are mid-week during less busy times.


  • Jazz Club


There’s something very alluring about a jazz club. The soulful tones, the ambiance, and the people in the venue. Together it creates a vibe unequaled in other venues.


It’s surprising how many people also go on their own to a jazz club and considering that 44% of people in London consider themselves to be single, there may be lots of opportunities to meet someone.


It’s easy to strike up conversations in intimate venues, noise levels make it manageable and the passion for jazz immediately gives both people something in common, and to talk about.


If jazz is something you’re into, you may want to try out a jazz club in London one evening. You never know who you may meet!


  • Nightclubs


In a nightclub in London is difficult to meet someone, but not impossible. The music is so loud it’s near impossible to strike up a meaningful conversation and get to know someone. It’s generally down to physical attraction.


This isn’t a place people usually go to find a date and some can look at nightclubs as good places to find a casual fling.


That being said it’s surprising how many couples met at a nightclub or have at least been on dates as a result of meeting someone at a nightclub.


  • At Work


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 11

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Behind meeting at a bar, meeting someone at work is considered to be the second-highest way couples originally met.


Often you spend more time at work than you do at home, and usually with the same people every day. With this type of setting, it’s no wonder work and office romances spring up all over the place.


As the weeks go by, you’ll find who you have most in common with, who you enjoy being around and if sparks fly, it’s mutual and both people are single – then why not!


They may be frowned upon by company bosses wanting to keep the workplace professional, but if you can manage this in the workplace you may just find your soulmate.


Be open to the possibilities, and also go to work social events if they are being held. There may be that special someone working in a different department that usually you don’t get a chance to speak to.


  • Volunteering


If there is a cause close to your heart, or you have a deep-rooted passion for it, it may be time to get away from Netflix and spend your spare time helping others.


Volunteering in London is a great way to do just that, and many organisations usually welcome extra help for their cause.


As well as the prime reason for adding value, it’s also a great place to meet like-minded people who share the same passion as you do.


This may very well lead to a date.


It’s not the reason to go and volunteer, you should do so to want to help, but the more you put yourself out there for the opportunity of meeting someone, you increase your chances of finding someone.


  • London Dating Apps


We couldn’t feature the best ways to find a date in London without talking about dating apps.


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Dating apps have become the most popular go-to way of meeting up, finding dates, and looking for love.


It’s easy, can be done at your leisure, and have access to a huge number of like-minded people also looking to date.


Sometimes the problem with volume is that it can lead to ‘shiny object syndrome, meaning you become attracted to the next person liking or messaging you, and then the next person – forgets and ignores those you have already started messaging.


Women, in particular, can find dating apps overwhelming. Many competing messages from would-be companions, some not as friendly as they should be and, in the end, it can be stressful to manage.


There is nothing wrong with dating apps at all. So many people find each other online.


Just be clear in your profile about what you’re looking for, and what you’re not looking for, and arrange a voice call as soon as you can.


Messages can be fun but if you, and the person you are speaking to, really want to get to know each other then it’s best to arrange a voice – or better – a video call as soon as possible.


It can be scary, and not often done, but this way you can confirm who you are speaking to and that things are mutual.


It’s always wise to meet for the first time at a busy public place in the middle of the day, such as a coffee shop, and always tell someone where you are going and check in with them after the date.


  • London Dating Websites


Although dating websites are phasing out, in favour of dating apps, there is still a large enough number of people that are not so comfortable with apps and prefer to join and log in using a PC, Mac, or laptop.


Many top dating companies use a combination of both apps and websites, but some simply focus on one platform or another.


There is an argument to be had that suggests dating websites are better at helping you find a date online.


Dating apps have an urgency about them and often focus purely on the physical. The ‘swipe left or swipe right’ culture starts to become a numbers game.


Furiously swiping, in hope that someone you match with may message you back. Not having an idea about the person, what they like, what they dislike, what they are into – and importantly what they are looking for.


Dating websites tend to focus on the profile as much as the photo. At a slower pace, you get to find out about the person before deciding whether you’re ready to like and message or move on.


If you are finding the fast-paced world of dating apps isn’t for you, and doesn’t work, then before you give up altogether on online dating, try a slower-paced dating website.


You may be pleasantly surprised!


  • Outdoor Events


dating in London Miss Date Doctor 14

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor. Although London is incredibly packed together, there are some large open spaces to be found – like Hyde Park for example.


Having walked around Hyde Park several times, I can confirm it’s huge!


The wide-open spaces of London attract outdoor festivals and event organisers. And there are lots every year.


Festivals are often a great place to meet new people. Everyone is excited about the event, and a feeling of happiness and excitement is a perfect recipe.


It’s surprising that even if you don’t know many people in the area and you decide to go on your own, you can end up meeting and talk to lots of different people.


Just meeting new people, making new friends, and arranging to meet up for next year’s event can be a great way to build up a network of friends. It can be the biggest reason to go.


There are lots of single people at events and festivals and you never know who you may meet on your travels.


  • Book Clubs


If you love to read, and also love to talk about the books you read, a book club may be a great place to join.


As for some of these options, I am not suggesting joining a book club to start dating, but dating starts from talking.


The more groups you join, clubs you attend and places you go to all seek to widen your social reach.


Many suggestions here are to encourage you to look further than just a bar or just a dating app. You are limiting yourself considerably on the chances of meeting someone.


Dating is two people who share an attraction, an interest, a philosophy in life, or similar goals wanting to get to know each other further which may result in a wonderful relationship developing.


Meeting someone is the very first step. It all starts with ‘Hello’.


What’s it like Dating in London?

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 12

What’s It Like Dating In London. It’s not just London, but dating is a general challenge. These days we don’t live in a world where marriage is the only thing we should be doing after meeting a partner. People want to know one another and spend some time before they commit to the same.


Marriage is a big step, and dating can be a small ladder toward that big step.


And if you are wondering what makes dating in London so different than anywhere else, then surely you are in the right place. As long as you understand your partner and have better compatibility, dating anywhere should not be a problem. But scenes of London dating are quite different.


  1. Dating in London is of practicing expiration dating


This place is called a transient city. At the same time, there are so many theories that stress the fact that love is eternal, but when it comes to jobs based on visas or students who have come through some program, well, it comes with certain expiration.



This means, that if you are dating someone who is expected to go back to their location or have a job for which they may have to keep switching from one location to another, then you cannot expect the dating to last long unless both of you prefer long distance.


Besides, there is also an accent that becomes like a ticking clock. If you want to follow their timing, be it in Paris, Sydney, or New York, then it should be a problem, but you will have to prepare yourself for the same.


  1. Living In different zones is a deal-breaker


What’s It Like Dating In London. London is not just a small town. This is a huge city, and people from all across the world often come here for a job or trading. There are also some well-known universities for which students across the world struggle hard to apply the same.


This place within is huge. It means if you plan to go from Dulwich to Clapton Pond, it is going to take 90 minutes for you to reach. For so many people, it is quite difficult as they cannot even spare time to even travel that far.


Rather it is much better to look at the RachaelsLondonEscorts rather than give time to your partner. Imagine your partner being in such a location can be an issue which is why expecting dating here to last for a long time could be a challenge.


  1. People have their relation with a career first


People in London are career-oriented. This is one of the most highly competitive cities in the whole world. Besides, they have to pay huge rent for their house which of course is not possible on their own.


They would have to work hard and make sure they grow in their career every time so they can have stability in their monetary income as well. They don’t have free time so much to even go and enjoy a couple of beers with friends unless there is a weekend.


Besides, if you wake up at 6.30 am to go to work, you have to make up your mind about getting squeezed into the overcrowded tube and then keep working till 8 PM. Hitting the gym for a bit is possible only after that.


After all of it, if the time is spare, then you might consider the option of meeting your friends for a good dinner or seeing your loved ones. In such a hectic schedule, getting time for dating itself should not be less than a miracle.


  1. The syndrome that we all know as ‘What If’


What’s It Like Dating In London. Despite all the efforts that you do and somehow manage to find the person who shares the right computability as yours, then there comes a syndrome called ‘what if’. The time of commitment and seriousness in today’s era is very less.


The chance to make a relationship work for even a 6months has become a struggle. If we consider London’s condition, well more than 8.3 million people live here. If you come across that one person from those millions of people, there is still a chance of rest other 7.3 people who more or less would be like them or even better.


Dating there is more like trading up mentality, which makes it quite challenging to let you enjoy the moment that you are living in the present. If that is killing you inside, then probably you have realized that dating in London is a tough call, and you have to be ready for all the challenges that may come in the future.


  1. Is the last Tube missing, well it can break or make the take?


Imagine everything is going so great, and then you realize that it’s time to act like a Cinderella, and the last tube will approach soon. You, of course, don’t want to miss out on that last tube; otherwise, the next day’s situation is going to be worse. In that case, you are left with just three options.


The first one would be to tell the office that you are going to be late and then have a memorable night with your partners. The other one would be to cut your night short and then catch the train, so you don’t miss out the next day. And lastly, just get an Uber which is going to be quite pricey for you.

Is It Hard To Find A Boyfriend In London?

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 15

Is It Hard To Find a Boyfriend In London. Yes, it is. Finding a boyfriend, in general, can be difficult, but finding a boyfriend in London can be frustrating not to say the least. Whilst there is possibly the largest dating pool, with such a wide variety of people, London simply isn’t the city if your main goal is to settle into a relationship.


There is a lot of fish in the sea, but finding someone still proves very difficult there are probably too many fish.


Is It Hard To Find a Boyfriend In London. This is frustrating because London guys are generally so independent and career-driven, that generally the “seeing someone” stage is a lot longer than anywhere else.


This is one of the most ambitious cities in the world, and your ridiculously high rent doesn’t pay itself… When you’re waking up at 6.45 am to squash yourself into an overcrowded train, working until 7 pm, maybe going to the gym for a bit, and then somehow eating and seeing your friends… who have time for dating?


Is It Hard To Find a Boyfriend In London. The good news is that everyone’s on Tinder and Bumble or another dating app. The awful news is that everyone’s on Tinder and Bumble. You have to wade through several hundred left swipes to match with a guy, but the app is useful for arranging a date. And, if that date is a nonstarter, you can just go back to where you were and start again.

How To Talk To Girls In London

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 20

How To Talk To Girls In London. Chatting to a woman can be a daunting experience, especially one from London who’s busy rushing around or thinking about where she might be rushing to next.


So here’s a quick guide to getting from the small talk to the date, to both of you rushing around together.


  1. Find a good place to start a chat


How To Talk To Girls In London. On the Tube, for example, is where we’ll be still the longest. You’ve got us for at least one station ride. Longer if we have a seat, because everyone knows in London once you have a seat you don’t give it up unless someone is dying or in full-term labour.


  1. Make a little eye contact but that’s all


Maybe not on the Tube because that’s illegal. Staring at our eyes or elbows won’t make us notice you and staring at anywhere near the chest will make us give you a cold shoulder, an icy glare, or something that resembles Frozen’s Elsa in a bad mood.


On dating sites, it often tells you to ‘touch her arm to show her you’re interested. NO. In this very cramped city, we get enough personal space-invading in our day. We’d make a drinking game out of ‘have a shot every time someone accidentally brushes up against us’ but by midday, we’d be paralytic. Or dead.


  1. Small talk is a necessity


You can’t go in with the personal questions straight away, like what our childhood dreams were or what nicknames we give our hamsters. Try not to be too British about the whole affair, like talking about the weather, although that’s better than nothing, especially if you can be funny.


  1. Don’t make it a big deal


How To Talk To Girls In London. There is no need to ask with flowers, a singing telegram, or swans. Dinner is probably a bit too much and takes up a lot of our time. Instead, use words like ‘get a drink’ because that is what British people like to do a lot.


When we’ve finally got in from the day it’s going to take us a lot to go back outside again. And Emmerdale and Marmite on toast are never going to stand us up. But we’ll consider making the sacrifice for alcohol.


  1. Compliments are nice


Londoners go through a lot in the morning time pulling, plucking, pasting, and powdering and they probably had a near-death experience just opening the wardrobe in an attempt to get something out.


  1. If we say no, don’t barter


A no is a no. Proposing a more expensive date, better food, or offering to give us your gold Blue Peter badge will not work.


  1. But be cool if we say yes


Strictly no dancing, jumping, over-smiling, telling us your grand date involving doves, and no (ugh) self-high fives. It will make us dive back down the escalator and continue on our rushed day.


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor Conclusion

dating in London Miss Date Doctor 17

Dating In London Miss Date Doctor Conclusion. London is an amazing city. This is one of the most historic and beautiful cities on earth and there are many fun things to do here at any time of the year.


When you live in London, the pace of life might make dating hard, but if you are connected with people that you can take on a date, you can go to the theater, enjoy fine dining, or head to a museum. You might also want to enjoy sitting down at your favorite pub or you could take a little trip on the tube to a new part of town to eat out at a new location.


Dating In London Miss Date Doctor Conclusion. In as much as London can be a beautiful place, it has its downsides just like every other city in the world, and Miss Date Doctor, your no 1. A dating coach and consultant are always available to help you deal with each stage of dating like a pro.


We offer services beyond the dating scene but for the sake of this article, we focused on dating to help our singles struggling out there.

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