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Everything I Know About Love

Everything I Know About Love

Everything I know about love

Everything I know about love. This riotous show based on Dolly Alderton’s memoir about her 20s is full of great nights out, dire men, and depleted bank accounts. It’s no Sex and the City, but it’s still a laugh to spend time with these millennials.


Everything I Know About Love screenplay gets those mid-twenties years right. The show provides a chance to look back fondly at a more feral stage of life.


There’s so much that is familiar the landlord who resists bringing in a dehumidifier for the damp, the situationships with men whose sexual desires seem to be founded entirely on pornography.


The sheer, chaotic energy of the protagonist popping MDMA in Camden while wearing a sequined dress is particularly nostalgia-inducing in an era of clean-eating, beige-wearing Gen Z.


The TV series is, though, quite different from the book. Alderton separates the two by calling the central character Maggie (Emma Appleton), rather than Dolly.


The show also follows Maggie’s best friend Birdy (Bel Powney) who, like Kristin Davis’s Charlotte in Sex and the City, has an adorable quality that offsets the protagonist’s narcissism.


And their two other housemates, none of whom map neatly onto the book’s main characters.


Nevertheless, Alderton’s signature touches the parodies of hen-party invitations and the like that were interspersed with the chapters of her book have been translated into sharp, real-feeling dialogue.


Alderton’s conclusions about love are peppered throughout, most notably in a monologue by Maggie’s mother that feels worthy of When Harry Met Sally.


It seems very possible that Alderton will write as she aspires for the next great romcom.

Of course, Alderton’s book invited criticism of privileged-girl problems.


Not everyone can relate to taking a £200 taxi to Leamington Spa when drunk. A clear attempt has been made to address this in the screenplay, informed by society’s growing self-awareness in the years since the book was published.


One of Maggie’s best friends is black, and there is a pointed scene that makes clear that Maggie cannot possibly “get it” when it comes to race.


But the show is measured and reflective rather than superficially “woke”  and, crucially, it never hides Maggie’s privilege.


There is less sexual or racial trauma here than in hard-hitting dramas such as “I May Destroy You” but that gives the show levity, and allows the lens to widen on broader themes of womanhood.


Is Everything I Know About Love A True Story?

Is everything I know about love a true story

Is everything I know about love a true story? Not exactly. Described by Alderton as a “semi-autobiographical adaptation” of her memoir.


Everything I Know About Love” follows childhood best mates Maggie (Appleton) and Birdy (Powley) as they move into their first London house share in 2012.


Like the book, the seven-part series will see Maggie, Birdy, and their friends navigate the highs and lows of young adulthood, learning everything they need to know about dates, friends, parties, jobs, life, and love.


“It’s a messy, boisterous joyful romantic comedy,” Alderton tells the BBC, going on to warn her former flames not to panic.


Before every boy I dated a decade ago messages me today to breezily ask how I am,” she wrote on Instagram, “It’s semi-fictionalised, so don’t panic fellas.”


Is everything I know about love a true story? Morning Show’s Bel Powley, the BBC adaptation of Everything I Know About Love is the ultimate exploration of young adult life.


Everything I Know About Love Differs From The Book For A Very Good Reason

The BBC drama is a very creative adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s memoir.


Starring Pistol’s Emma Appleton and The Morning Show’s Bel Powley, the BBC adaptation of Everything I Know About Love is the ultimate exploration of young adult life.


Is everything I know about love a true story? Written and adapted for the screen by journalist Dolly Alderton, the seven-part series is directly inspired by her 2018 memoir of the same name. But is it true to events?


What Is Everything I Know About Love By Dolly Alderton?

What is everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton about

What is everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton? The wildly funny, occasionally heartbreaking internationally bestselling memoir is about growing up, growing older, and learning to navigate friendships, jobs, loss, and love along the ride


When it comes to the trials and triumphs of becoming an adult, journalist and former Sunday Times columnist Dolly Alderton has seen and tried it all.


What is everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton about?  In her memoir, she vividly recounts falling in love, finding a job, getting drunk, getting dumped, and realizing that Ivan from the corner shop might just be the only reliable man in her life.


Also, absolutely no one can ever compare to her best girlfriends. Everything I Know About Love is about bad dates, good friends, and above all else realizing that you are enough.


Glittering with wit and insight, heart and humor, Dolly Alderton’s unforgettable debut weave together personal stories, and satirical observations.


What is everything I know about love by Dolly Alderton about? Also a series of lists, recipes, and other vignettes that will strike a chord of recognition with women of every age making you want to pick up the phone and tell your best friends all about it.


Like Bridget Jones’ Diary but all true, Everything I Know About Love is about the struggles of early adulthood in all its terrifying and hopeful uncertainty.


How Many Episodes Of Everything I Know About Love Set?

How many episodes of everything I know about love set

How many episodes of everything I know about love set? Everything I Know About Love is a BBC mini-series made up of seven episodes in total.


The TV show is now airing on BBC One with all episodes also available to stream on BBC iPlayer if you want to binge the entire series.


How many episodes of everything I know about love set? The trailer hints at all the drama to unfold as the four main characters, including best friends Birdy (Bel Powley) and Maggie (Emma Appleton), move into their first London house share. Queue raucous nights out, first dates, and awkward sexual encounters.


The trailer release came a couple of months after the first photos of the upcoming adaptation were shared by the BBC in March 2022.


At the time, Alderton also shared a snap from the show on her personal Instagram account, adding in the caption: “It’s got my whole heart in it and I cannot wait for you to meet these four girls.”


How many episodes of everything I know about love set? The seven-part drama will offer an unflinching account of surviving your 20s, inspired by award-winning writer and journalist Alderton’s wildly funny, and occasionally heartbreaking memoir of the same title.


In a new interview ahead of the series’ release, Dolly revealed just how much of the main character Maggie is based on her.


“Maggie is different from me, she’s a very heightened version of me,” Dolly told Time Out. “But there is a scene where she does drunk, naked dancing on her own after a night out.


She looks so strange that my friends joked that I must have done a dancing masterclass for her. My stage directions were what I’ve always thought when I catch myself dancing in the mirror: ‘She dances like a drunken jellyfish.’ Alderton said.


Everything I Know About Love Movie

Everything I know about love movie

Everything I Know About Love Movie. Everything I Know About Love isn’t a full movie but a 7 episode series about four friends living in a Camden house share in 2012.


Their friendship is threatened for the first time when one of them gets a new boyfriend, and the series asks if platonic love can ever truly survive romantic love.


Everything I know about love movie, The cast:


Emma Appleton plays Maggie, the vibrant and chaotic lead of the series. You might’ve seen Appleton recently in Danny Boyle’s Pistol, where she played Nancy Spungen. She also starred in BBC Three’s Clique, which I enjoyed.


Bel Powley plays Birdy, the more careful and organised of the group. Powley is well known for film and television roles in Diary of a Teenage Girl.


Bel’s other appearances are at The Morning Show, and A Royal Night Out, but will probably be most recognisable to the audience watching Everything I Know About Love from the CBBC series MI High.


Marli Siu plays Nell, a newly qualified teacher starting to get bored of her long-term relationship. Siu has appeared in the films Anna and the Apocalypse, Run, and Our Ladies, as well as the television series The Irregulars. She’s also fantastic in Alex Rider, the recent adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s spy novels.


Aliyah Odoffin plays Amara, a real estate agent regretting leaving her dancing career. Oddofin is making her screen debut in Everything I Know About Love, but given her winning turn here it surely won’t be long until she’s in everything.


The series also stars Jill Halfpenny (The Holiday) and Craig Parkinson (Line of Duty) as Maggie’s boss and landlord.


When Dolly Alderton released her memoir in 2018, readers were hooked. Her debut title served up an unflinching account of surviving her 20s, which won multiple awards and struck a chord with audiences the world over.


So it’s little wonder news of Alderton’s self-penned TV adaptation Everything I Know About Love also caused quite a stir. The seven-part series is billed as “a semi-fictionalised adaptation”.


Everything I know about love movies. Set in 2012, with flashbacks to suburban adolescence in the early noughties, the drama dives into the bad dates, heartaches, and humiliations of two house-sharing friends and yet asks if platonic love can survive romantic love as we grow up.


At the center of the story are childhood best friends Maggie, played by The Witcher’s Emma Appleton, and Birdy, played by The Morning Show’s Bel Powley; plus university friends Marli Siu as Nell and Aliyah Odoffin as Amara.


“When we first meet Maggie, she’s just finished her university gap year and she’s moved to London,” says Appleton, 30.


“She’s embracing adult life in a big city; she’s with her friends and figuring out what that looks like and what direction she wants to go – she’s excited by it.”


In contrast, Birdy is quite anxious and nervous, according to Powley, also 30. She adds: “She’s Maggie’s childhood best friend.


They’ve known each other since they were 11 years old, so they’re embarking on this journey together, along with their other friends Nell and Amara.


“I’d read the book because my best friend gave it to me – so my Maggie, which I thought was a beautiful thing. I was completely obsessed with it. I read it and remember thinking, if this gets turned into a TV show then I want to play Farley, who ended up being Birdy.”


With its funny, honest musings on love, friendship and relationships, and growing up as a millennial, the series will feature the raucous nights out, first dates, and awkward sexual encounters detailed by Alderton.


The most heart-warming scenes come with the dancing as the foursome learn a choreographed routine at home before being let loose on the dancefloor.


“The dancing is something that brings all four girls together,” says Odoffin, 22, who makes her on-screen TV debut.


“That’s the theme that runs through it till the end, if there’s music and there’s communion, that’s when all four girls are right there together.


It’s quite cool that it’s something most female friendships can relate to, that freedom on the dancefloor.”

Everything I Know About Love Episodes

Everything I know about love episodes

Everything I know about love Episodes. Everything I know about love episodes and release dates:


Episode 1: Destiny

Tuesday 7th June 2022


Childhood friends Maggie and Birdy move into their first London house-share, along with Nell and Amara. When Maggie meets a hot musician Street events take an unexpected turn.


Episode 2: Love at First Sight

Tuesday 14th June 2022


The girls settle into their new lives in London. Birdy continues to date, Nathan. As things between them start to get serious, Maggie realises that Birdy is starting to slip away.


Everything I know about love Episodes.

Episode 3:  I Love You

Tuesday 21st June 2022


Struggling to come to terms with Birdy’s blossoming relationship, Maggie heads to her hometown for a messy and humiliating weekend that leads her to reevaluate her relationships.


Episode 4:  Other Half

Tuesday 28th June 2022


Maggie decides to ‘grow up’ by focusing on work and swearing off sex and booze. Driving everyone mad with her new ‘grown-up’ behaviour, events come to a head at the Heirs & Graces.


Everything I know about love Episodes.

Episode 5: Unknown Jungles

Tuesday 5th July 2022


The girls throw a queen-themed house party. Its clear Birdy would rather be with Nathan and despite Maggie’s protestations she finally bails, leaving them to party without her.


Episode 6: Makeovers Next

Tuesday 12th July 2022 at 10:40 pm on BBC One New


Maggie and Birdy seek to rekindle their closeness with makeovers, baking cookies, and trips down memory lane, only for tensions to finally explode in a big way.


Episode 7: Romance

Tuesday 19th July 2022 at 10:40 pm on BBC One New


When a work trip to New York extends into a lonely solo holiday, Maggie unexpectedly finds herself entering into a whirlwind romance.


Everything I Know About Love Review

Everything I know about love review

Everything I know about love review. Reviews on both the book and the series

Adara Evans


“This book was not what I expected. While I had pictured it to be more of a book of advice and ‘words of wisdom, it was as though I was watching someone’s life unfold.


I found the story to show such a beautiful side of femininity. The ways one woman found love in all sorts of different places.


It represented what being a woman truly is. I read the entire book in one day and loved it. It was funny, sad, and exciting.”


Ruby Lay

“My favourite book this year! Dolly writes in a way that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years, even though I live on the opposite side of the world.


This should be a pass-around-your-friend-group-book, and I’ve already told all my girlfriends to read it.

I have never read a book that encompasses that.”


Everything I know about love review.

Mary Taylor

“I binge-watched this as I loved it. The first episode wasn’t that good but l am so glad l continued to watch.


I adored Maggie as l had the same hair and panda eyes as her when l was 24 years old back in the 70s.


Amy Clarke

“Feel it’s hard to leave a review without seeming unkind.  Sections felt repetitive and at times tedious to read.


So tedious I skipped over whole paragraphs in the closing chapter. Weird, random parts, e.g. an invitation or something from Andrea.


Who?  I will refer to Dolly as a character (despite knowing that these are the author’s memoirs) as I assume that the self-centered, me me me, the whining tone throughout this book is an exaggerated version of the truth.


It’s a regurgitation of the likes of Sex and the City.  Suffocating friendships. Wealthy kids complaining of being broke whilst living in London and paying for weekly therapy sessions.


Come on! I didn’t realise how irritating this book is until I started typing this review. I can’t deny though – I found the text exchanges about bin collections laugh-out-loud funny.


And  I will probably try out the marzipan and apple tart recipe sometime. This helped pass the time whilst I spent two days ill in bed. I won’t be recommending this to anyone.”


Everything I know about love review.

Emmylou spruce

“I enjoyed this mini-series. An interesting look at millennials if nothing else..! Well observed and funny in places and very poignant in other parts.


Self-obsessed Maggie had her moments but was not the most likable protagonist.  I binged this series so I must have had something going for it. Definitely for over 18s only though, not family viewing!”


Andrew Simon

“Way better than Sex Education. Funny, warm, and quite poignant.  Very engaging characters  with smart dialog and witty observations of youth culture.


Great casting and they had loads of fun making this one of the coolest shows currently on tv.”


Everything I Know About Love Season 2

Everything I know about love season

Everything I know about love season 2:  Is there likely going to be a season of the series? These are the responses of the author and a few cast members on their thoughts on a second season of the show.


Everything I know about love Season 2. Alderton said: “I would love there to be a season 2. The book is about your 20s, we were honing in on a very specific bit, but the difference between a 24-year-old and a 27-year-old is enormous, it’s like dog years.”


She continued: “So I feel like there are so many things that I want to know about the girls.


I want to know more about Nell’s family, I want to know more about Amara’s love life. There are just so many things that I’m desperate to get into with all four of them. So I would love another series.”


Meanwhile, speaking with and other press, Bel Powley who plays Birdy said that the Everything I Know About Love cast “all want there to be a second series” and that “the first series is an introduction to these characters.


There are so many places the show could go. I don’t know what necessarily I want my character to be doing [in a second season]. I don’t know… break up with Nathan.”


Everything I know about love season 2. There’s likely going to be a second season. The storyline is too fast to be contained in one single season.


Everything I know about love Wikipedia

Everything I know about love wikipedia

Everything I know about love Wikipedia. About the Author:

Dolly Alderton (born 31 August 1988) is a half-Canadian British journalist, author, and podcaster.


Everything I know about love Wikipedia. She is a columnist for The Sunday Times. Her memoir Everything I Know About Love won a 2018 National Book Award for autobiography.


Everything I know about love Wikipedia. She was shortlisted for the 2019 Nonfiction Narrative Book of the Year in the British Book Awards. The memoir was adapted into a BBC/Peacock television drama series of the same name.


Everything I Know About Love Maggie

Everything I know about love Maggie

Everything I know about love Maggie. Maggie (Emma Appleton) is constantly chasing the highs of life. Like so many viewers and fans of Dolly Alderton, I see a lot of myself in her.


I too chase highs, both in life and in relationships, but fail to recognise that it’s those who support me and quietly love me that endure beyond the loud moments in life.


Maggie’s mum tells her daughter that as you age, life becomes so wrought with chaos and devastation that you want someone who brings you peace by your side.


I felt this so deeply at 32, I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that all those intense experiences just become stories you tell at dinner parties. The real heart of life is in the moments I (and Maggie, in the series) perceive as mundane.


It’s a refreshing look at love and one we just don’t see championed that often. Instead of romanticising ‘big love’ like Sex and the City and even the more down-to-earth Girls, it’s valuing the constant love, even if it’s not as exciting or screen-worthy.


Millennials more than any other generation were fed a diet of romanticised, movie-star love growing up, influencing our dating life through our 20s and into our 30s.


We searched for a tv soap love in an age where you really can meet anyone and everyone thanks to the internet, dating apps, and global travel.


Meaning we always felt like that all-consuming romance was out there, it was just found in the next person, or the next, or the next.


While Everything I Know About Love is predominantly about the way platonic love colours our lives, it’s also about how our ideas of romantic love tend to be, well, over-romanticised.


Maggie judges her best friend Birdy’s relationship with Nathan because it’s stable, ‘normal’ compared to her wild love affair with Nathan’s housemate, Street.


But where Nathan is consistent, loving, and supportive, Street is distant, critical, and dismissive of an intoxicating drug of a relationship that ultimately burns out.


Dolly Alderton’s memoir Everything I Know About Love, written when she was in her late 20s, became a runaway bestseller.


Her fellow twentysomethings clutched its tales of brilliant friends, great nights out, depleted bank accounts, bad first dates, worse one-night stands, hopes raised and dashed to their hungover bosoms.


They took it as their bible rather than a previous generation did with Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’s Diary.


That Alderton’s book also deals with a loss of the kind you would expect to experience only in later years seemed to imbue it with some hard-won genuine wisdom, too.


Alderton has now adapted her account of those black-edged golden years into a BBC One drama series of the same name.


It fictionalises the memoir, using it more as a springboard than directly as material, but it is still quintessential Alderton speaking to quintessential millennials.


Everything I know about love Maggie. It is 2012. Maggie (the author’s avatar, played by Emma Appleton) is 24 and has just arrived in London.


She is one of four friends sharing an unfeasibly spacious and squalid house, which feels like an odd choice for a series so keen to perpetuate the relatability that made the book such a hit.


They are all eager to embrace everything the throbbing metropolis has to offer, none more so than Maggie.


She parties hard and often. As her much more nervy and earnest best friend Birdy (Bel Powley) says,  Maggie, is genuinely fun: “Someone who likes skinny dipping and wearing bandanas and playing snooker in pubs!”


‘The sex montage is just so freeing!’ The stars of Everything I Know About Love reveal all

In Alderton and Appleton’s hands.


Maggie is just charming and unaffected enough to make you give her the benefit of the doubt.


It’s possible to consider her self-centredness and determination to make the worst possible choices (especially when attached to Street, played with perfect slippery toxicity by Connor Finch) a function of youth rather than enduring characteristics.


As Street (Oh God, Maggie! Run fast and run far) puts it – “You’ve got about two years left of getting away with it.”


It is Birdy and Maggie, whose blossoming friendship we see in flashbacks to their school days, who are each other’s ride-or-die.


Everything I know about love Maggie. The emotional heart of the series lies in Maggie learning to navigate life more independently when the perpetually-single Birdy finally gets a boyfriend and is not constantly available to her anymore.


Like a mole emerging, blinking painfully into the sunlight, Maggie flinches from this first experience of adulthood. Nobody told her, fellow ancient crones.


There is no advantage to be had in knowing how much worse this grownup gig gets. Let them gather their rosebuds and chop their lines of coke on club toilets while they may.


For anyone much older than Maggie/Alderton, this riotous seven-part white-knuckle trip through the 20s of the Tinder generation will have you feeling like an anthropologist on Mars.


(Doubly so, if like me you were too old and boring for your 20s even when you were 20.)


But questions will surely be asked in the houses of even the viewers who recognise the febrile excitement of those years and embraced it as much as Maggie.


Has the flood of personal writing unleashed by the internet not inoculated them against age-old problems, such as the lure of the bad boy?


Did people affirm each other and their friendships as loudly and as often as this lot do? When Maggie tells Birdy “You are the sweetest, funniest person in any room.


You in bad form is a level of charm most people don’t get to in their entire life” are we meant to take this as an indicator of the depth of love they have for each other, or as performative guff that signifies the opposite?


Is the fact that we have seen none of these supposed characteristics in Birdy hitherto a sign in favour of the latter, or a simple failure of writing so far?


Everything I Know About Love has been billed as a Sex and the City for our times, but the characterisation isn’t strong enough and it doesn’t have that touchstone’s wit, subtlety, or wisdom.


Or at least distance from the turbulent time depicted that would pass for the latter. But it’s fun to spend time with Maggie and her gang. Exhausting, but fun.


More so than skinny-dipping, wearing a bandana, or playing snooker at least. But then I would say that, at any age.


The seven-part finale began with Maggie deciding to extend her work trip to New York for a few days (all very meta, given that she was in New York to film the season finale of the hit TV show she works on).


Maggie was already struggling with Birdy’s decision to move out and live with her boyfriend Nathan (“I feel like you’re breaking up with me,” Maggie told her over the phone).


And the isolation of the big city coupled with a series of mishaps – she lost her passport and broke her phone – meant that she was lonelier than ever.


She joined a dating app and hooked up with a French guy only for him to try to force her to have sex with his housemate instead while he watched.


Just when it seemed there was no salvaging her week in New York, Maggie met Patrick (played by Cameron Cuffe), an American with whom she shared an amazing 48 hours.


Patrick had recently suffered a break-up and he ended up asking Maggie about her own “break-up” with Birdy, allowing her to share her hurt feelings and talk about all the things she loves most about her best friend.


However, the seven-part series ended in a surprisingly somber moment, after a trip to New York taught Maggie (Emma Appleton) about the importance of being vulnerable.


And that, far from a grand epic romance, what she needed was a quiet, uncomplicated love, just like the one she shared with Birdy (Bel Powley).


In a saturated media filled with hyper-romance, it’s refreshing to see a series dedicated to the quiet loves in our lives.

The adaptation of Dolly Alderton’s best-selling memoir, Everything I Know About Love, was always going to be good.


With Alderton behind-the-scenes writing the script, and the producers of Love Actually and Bridget Jones on deck, it’s no surprise to see the tv series capture hearts within a week of release.


Everyone is talking about the glorious, pitch-perfect way Everything I Know About Love captures messy 20-something life for Millennials and the beauty of female friendships that endure well beyond the inevitable hookups and breakups.


Emma Appleton and Bel Powley are in many ways to thank for this they shine as the best friends Maggie and Birdy, taking on the roles of Dolly and her best friend Farley from the book and bringing their chemistry to life on screen.


But for me, the moment that has stayed with me after watching the series is a small scene in the finale.


Maggie’s mum turns to her daughter after collecting her from a wild week in New York City, to tell her that while she’s an extraordinary person always seeking big, dramatic experiences, what she’s searching for is someone who will “love her quietly”.


Everything I know about love Imdb

Everything I know about love Imdb

Everything I know about Love Imdb. Follow two childhood best friends as they dive deep into bad dates, heartaches, and humiliations.


Some of the reviews from IMDb



” Feel good Romcom that’s very easy to like – a winner.

It’s 2012 and four bright young things end up in a house share in Camden and discover themselves and the city.”


Production values were good, well-directed, written, and shot with an intelligent understated score. The cast was strong in-depth and for me, the lead Maggie played by Emma Appleton stood out, she bossed it.”


Everything I know about love Imdb.


This was great

“I enjoyed this series. There should be another one. The cast was good. The cinematography was good. The music was good.


The final 15 minutes of episode 7 were really, really great, Maggie’s mum’s speech at the end was great. That’s it. That’s the review.”



I want to move in!

“I loved this series, just having the last episode to watch.


Emma Appleton as Maggie is outstanding, but the other three main cast members hold their own.


And the soundtrack is phenomenal, had me rocking on my sofa.


Highly recommend it.”


“I started to watch Dolly Alderton’s BBC Drama ‘Everything I know about love’ with my teenage daughter. She lasted 2 mins 46 seconds precisely.


It was Larkin that did it. Fresh that day from an A-level English Literature exam, quotations from the self-deprecating poet were to be fair, the last thing she wanted to hear. ‘And they’re on a train, she mused before leaving the room, ‘how very Whitsun weddings’.


I continued watching, a fifty-something woman perhaps not quite the target demographic, but I was hooked.


Rather than something to watch to take the mind off the boredom of the household chores, I soon found myself dancing around my ironing board to “Rizzle Kicks, Down with the trumpets.”


Everything I know about love Imdb.


“Although set in 2012, the drama resonated with me and I was transported back to the eighties, my era of a misspent youth.


Except for the drug-taking that is, but still with plenty of alcohol to cloud one’s judgment. Or it may have just been Street’s hat.


Whatever it was, I look forward to sharing the chaotic lives of Maggie, Birdy, Nell, and Amara over the next few weeks who act as a timely reminder of another Larkin quote ‘You can’t put off being young until you retire’


Everything I know about love Conclusion

Everything I know about love Conclusion

Everything I know about love ConclusionEverything I know about love ( book and series) is very relatable to women who have shared similar experiences with maggie.


Everything I know about love Conclusion. That’s probably why the majority of its audience are middle-aged females. The reviews are excellently great and if you haven’t seen the show yet, I recommend you do.

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