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Exclusive Dating Meaning

Exclusive Dating Meaning

Exclusive Dating Meaning

Exclusive Dating Meaning. Exclusive dating means that partners are in a romantic relationship only with themselves. It means that both partners are not pursuing any other romantic or sexual friendship other than theirs.


Exclusive dating can be likened to a marriage, only this time it is not an official contract. When you are in an exclusive relationship, you are not dating anyone else besides your partner.


You can’t be active on a dating site when you are exclusive. It also means that you won’t be going out on coffee dates anymore. You are officially off the single charts when you are dating exclusively.


A lot of commitment is required in an exclusive relationship. Both partners agree not to have sexual or romantic relationships with others. A breach of this agreement is considered cheating.


Exclusive dating goes two ways. Both partners are normally expected to be committed to their decision to go exclusive. They observe all the rules for married couples.


Exclusive Dating Meaning. The world has evolved. Now everything needs to be conversed and spelled out. In the past, two people going into a romantic or sexual relationship was an automatic Exclusive relationship.


In the present day where we have open relationships, you must ascertain what exactly you have with your partner. Knowing this will help you understand where you stand and what is expected of you.


Never assume that you are exclusively dating your partner. Their actions may portray that they may be considering an exclusive relationship, but you need to know their intentions.


You cannot imply that you are exclusively dating someone. Both parties need to say it out loud. The words, intentions, and actions are to be defined. Both partners need to be on the same page.


Exclusive Dating Meaning  There’s no perfect time to have the conversation about whether you both want to date exclusively. But I’d suggest starting the conversation sooner rather than later. This will help partners avoid investing emotions in something that may eventually not work out.

Is Exclusive The Same As Dating?

Is Exclusive the same as dating

Is Exclusive the same as dating? Just like there are monogamous and polygamous marriages, someone can date two or more people concurrently? Exclusive isn’t necessarily the same as dating.


Dating may allow a person to be involved romantically with more than one partner, but being exclusive limits it to just one partner.


Exclusive Dating Meaning. You are both not seeing other people. To understand this further, we need to learn some of the different types of dating.


  • Open Dating

Here, both parties have expressly agreed to see other people. For this to be in force, there needs to be an understanding that they both want the same thing.


  • Casual Dating

When you’re dating casually, nothing is defined. There are no strings attached and you are just going along with the flow. Partners who are casually dating most often are yet to use words like “I love you.”


  • Swinging

This is where both parties are open to exploring sexual practices with other people.


  • Friends with benefits

Nothing is also defined here. Party guests here can be dating other people but choose to remain friends due to the sexual benefits they receive from each other.


Exclusive Dating Meaning. It is a big commitment that doesn’t give room to be engaged romantically or sexually with others. It is unlike the types of dating discussed.


You can’t compel someone to date you exclusively, nor can you assume that you are dating exclusively.  It happens when you have been together for a while, and have reasons to believe that there is an in-depth connection between the two of you.


Is Exclusive the same as dating? Exclusive dating can be regarded as an experiment to determine what both parties feel about each other. Like a trial to a formal relationship,


Ingredients for Exclusive Dating


  • Not pursuing other dates
  • What partners share is more than a casual fling.
  • The purpose is to focus on getting to know each other better.
  • It isn’t fully a committed relationship yet, but a step towards it.
  • Being in love might not necessarily be the reason for exclusive dating.


Is Exclusive the same as dating? The word exclusive which means “shutting out” is limited to one person? It is not inclusive of others.

What Is Exclusive Dating Partner?

What is Exclusive dating partner

What is Exclusive dating partner?  People may be exclusively dating but are yet to refer to themselves as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’. This is because they are still at the point where the future of what they share hasn’t been defined by them.


One of the reasons for Exclusively dating might just be to limit the number of sexual partners they are involved with. Either due to sexual safe practices or personal reasons.


Exclusive Dating Meaning. Exclusive dating is the time people choose to get to know about people’s family backgrounds and other information. It means you’re putting the same amount of time and energy into doing so, without distractions from any other potential suitors.


Expectations from an Exclusive Dating Partner.  Here are 4 Expectations from an Exclusive dating partner:


  1. Monogamy:

An Exclusive dating partner is expected not to indulge in sexual activities with other people other than the current Partner


  1. Ready to commit in the nearest future:

What is Exclusive Dating Partner? Exclusive Dating is an intro to a long-term relationship. Most partners move from here too long after committed relationships. People who are exclusively dating need to be open to pursuing something deeper with each other


  1. Going on Dates together:

Going on coffee dates, wedding dates, and Social functions together is another Expectation of an Exclusive date partner. When you are on the quest to get to know your partner, it may involve getting to meet their colleagues, friends, and even family members.


  1. Letting people know you’re Exclusively dating:

People around you must be aware that you are dating exclusively. It isn’t compulsory, but necessary. It helps to keep you “off-limits” to others who may be interested in you.


What is an Exclusive dating partner? Some of these expectations do not apply to all Exclusive Dating but form the basis of most of them. Someone you have chosen to have Exclusive sexual or romantic affiliations with.

How long after dating should you be exclusive?

How long after dating should you be exclusive

How long after dating should you be exclusive? There is no formula for the exact time frame. It solely depends on what partners want to achieve. Some may dive into it immediately, while it may take others a couple of months before agreeing.


Taking the bold step to begin an exclusive Dating is dependent on a lot of things. These are ty few obvious ones


  • Personal Values

Some people don’t believe in putting their eggs in one basket. They don’t see the need to be dating exclusively as they value their freedom.


  • Career/Work Schedule

People with busy work schedules will have difficulty dating exclusively. It is the ‘getting to know you’ phase. Career-driven persons may just not have the time for that.


  • Need for freedom

Some people still want the opportunity to have flings or go on dates with other people. They are just yet to make that promise to stick to one person. This happens if they still have eyes on other people and want to explore.


  • Past relationship Experience

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Anyone with a bad relationship experience naturally develops the fear of any kind of commitment. Such a person is usually not in the best psychological state to begin Dating Exclusively.


How long after dating should you be exclusive? For some people, it happened after 3 to 4 months, others for 5 to 6 months, and others for 3 to 4 weeks. So you see that there’s no definite time. The primary thing is that both you and your partner are on the same page about when to begin.


Being exclusive isn’t complicated as people make out to be. After the first date, a couple more dates, traveling together, and holiday trips, most people usually know if they would like to take things further.


How long after dating should you be exclusive? It depends on how often you see each other. And how intense what you have is. After conversing with each other, you know if you want to pursue something deeper.

Can you be Exclusive but not in a relationship?

Can you be exclusive but not in a relationship

Can you be exclusive but not in a relationship? Exclusive Dating is a stepping stone to a long-term relationship. But it isn’t equivalent to being in a relationship. It can be very tricky to assume that you are in a committed relationship when you’re Exclusively dating.


Exclusivity without a relationship can be a deal-breaker for some folks. Because it brings in so much ambiguity and uncertainty. It leaves a partner wanting more. And leaves a lot of questions in your partner’s mind.


Exclusive Dating Meaning. Exclusive means it is easier and less complicated for people to have just one sex partner to be bothered with instead of obligating themselves to more. It doesn’t guarantee that it will emanate into a serious relationship.


Some people just need more time to decide if they would like to further exclusive Dating into a relationship. So if you’re being offered Exclusive dating without a relationship, you may need to be patient enough to allow your partner to make up his or her mind.


Can you be exclusive but not in a relationship? What you need to pay attention to are their actions. Are they giving you the respect you deserve, or are they introducing you to their friends? How often do they come around? You can get these answers by closely paying attention to their actions.


If your feelings are a step further than your partner’s, waiting for them to decide on taking things further can be frustrating. And you definitely wouldn’t be satisfied with the present level of “dating”. It isn’t advisable to invest Emotions into uncertain relationship situations. But the heart wants what it wants and cannot be controlled.


Can you be exclusive but not in a relationship? People just want to be able to have fun and walk away without investing Emotions. So they may choose to be exclusive yet not willing to commit to a relationship.


These people want to be able to walk away when they are tired Without ‘hurting their partners. Commitment and obligations are what people try to avoid these days. They are just not ready to be bound by rules.


Exclusive Dating Meaning.  Some People want to have a partner all to themselves but refuse to commit to a long-term relationship. It just leaves a whole of uncertainties. It can restrict the possibility of developing trust with your partner. Because no one invests emotions into something that has no future.


Exclusive Dating vs Relationship

Exclusive Dating vs Relationship

Exclusive Dating vs Relationship. The differences between Exclusive dating and Relationships are :


  • Exclusive Dating means you aren’t in a committed relationship just yet, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t eventually become one while a relationship is a commitment, most times, with long-term goals.


  • When introducing someone you’re in a relationship with, you either use the words “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. You use words like “someone I’m dating” to introduce someone that you’re Exclusively dating.


Exclusive Dating vs Relationship

  • The expectations for Exclusive Dating and Relationships are different. In a relationship, a lot of expectations are implied. It often takes the marriage standards. For exclusive Dating, the expectations are mostly communicated by partners to each other.


  • When you are dating exclusively, you can prioritize other things along with your partner. What you have with them rarely forms part of your reasons to make a decision. In a relationship, the person that you are with forms the basis of your decisions. You prioritize them and consider how your life decisions will affect them.



Exclusive Dating Meaning. Simply put, dating exclusively means both people are only focused on one another. They’re not seeing other people.


What do Exclusive Dating and relationships have in common?


  • They can be both monogamous.


  • Both are usually made public to family and friends.


  • Exclusive Dating can be a stepping stone to long-term relationships.


Exclusive Relationship Dating

Exclusive Relationship Dating

Exclusive relationship dating. Exclusive relationships vary depending on the relationship and the people in that relationship. Couples may define their terms on issues bordering physical intimacy, Emotional intimacy, and other areas.


Another way to see exclusivity is how Ariana Grande puts it in her 2019 hit, “Boyfriend.” The lyrics in the song say:


“You ain’t my boyfriend

I ain’t your girlfriend

But you don’t want me to see anybody else

And I don’t want you to see nobody”


How to recognize if you’re ready for exclusive relationship dating


  • Seeing other people no longer interested you.


  • You start envisioning your partner in your future.


  • Your views and goals on life’s perspective align.


  • You have fallen in love with them.


  • You resolve conflicts healthily and amicably.


  • You let your guard down for them.


  • You can have deep conversations with them without fear of being judged.


Exclusive Relationship Dating. Being exclusive in your relationship is not a full confirmation that you are certain that they are right for you. It is an extension of the “get to know you phase”.


Communications on exclusive Relationship Dating should be direct and clear to prevent a party from getting hurt. Being in an exclusive relationship is both ways and intentions need to be communicated.


Partners who are ready to commit to an exclusive Relationship show identifiable signs like

-Inclusion of their partners in their plans.


-Create a path to encourage trust development

from their partners.


– Create Emotional security


– Introduce family and people they hold in high esteem.


-They consistently communicate their feelings to you.


How to tell your partner that you are ready to be exclusive.


  • You can start by telling them that you’d like to have a conversation about the status of your relationship.


  • Start the conversation off by telling them how you feel. Maybe you’ve developed intestine feelings for them or that you’ve fallen deeply.


  • You can now ask how they feel about you. Their answers to this can help detect if you’re both on the same page or not.


  • You must finally communicate to your partner that you would like to push things further to an exclusive Relationship. Accompanying it with a valued gift would spice things up much further.


What does Exclusive mean to a guy?

What does Exclusive mean to a guy

What does Exclusive mean to a guy? A woman would do anything just to hear the intentions of her man. Women are known to love passionately and are ready to commit.


A man takes a little more time to make decisions relating to his love life. Mostly because they are afraid of losing freedom.


What does Exclusive mean to a guy? Exclusive dating for men usually comes after they have weighed a whole bunch of things. Like Emotional compatibilities, the way they feel about the woman, and others.


Guys are known to do a lot of exploration. A typical guy indulges in a lot of ‘fun’ until he finds the woman he feels is right for him. If a guy chooses to be exclusive with you, it just means he’s ready to give up his old habits just to be with you.


What does Exclusive mean to a guy? It is believed that for a guy to offer exclusivity,  his feelings for a woman have particularly grown and he has intentions for a long-term relationship.

Exclusive but not official

Exclusive but not official

Exclusive but not official. When someone tells you they want to be Exclusive but not official, it is usually received with so many mixed feelings. It feels like a semi-rejection and can leave a partner feeling inadequate.


People that want exclusivity with the intention to avoid being official have no plans to invest Emotions in that scenario. They just want to have fun and leave anytime they are tired.


Exclusive but not official. Offering a woman a chance to be exclusive without it being official can give them a feeling of not being good enough. Or that you’re just trying to use them.


Some women eventually go along with it with the hope that their partners would gradually settle into the idea of making it official. That can be dangerous and can leave a woman hurt when that doesn’t turn out to be the case.


You may be dating exclusively but haven’t gone official. And you’re wondering if your partner will ever be open to going official.


These are the signs that your partner has no interest in making things official

  • They don’t talk about the future with you.


  • You don’t see them often.


  • They don’t Introduce you to friends, family, or colleagues.


  • They rarely communicate their feelings to you.


  • They Don’t share their itineraries with you.


  • They don’t make room for accountability


Exclusive but not official. This isn’t necessarily bad. If both parties in sincerity agree on this type of arrangement, it certainly works out for them. The important thing is that they have an understanding of what they both want and have agreed to it.


Being official requires a definite conversation. It signifies accountability and the intentions of Emotional investments. Being an official is having a discussion and agreeing you want to be in a relationship and make a longer-term commitment


Being exclusive but not official with a guy means he wants you all to himself romantically and  sexually but isn’t ready to commit himself to you emotionally.


When two people agree to be exclusive, they’re agreeing to only date and have sex with each other. This can be the stage right before he commits, but it often isn’t. It can be a trap.


Exclusive Dating Meaning. The difference between Men and Women when it comes to sexual and romantic connections is that women tend to date looking for commitment and relationships, while men often date for fun, companionship, and attention. Finding a life partner may not be the priority for men


Non Exclusive Dating Meaning

Non exclusive dating meaning

Non Exclusive dating meaning. Nonexclusive Dating means there are no commitments involved. It isn’t monogamous and you can date other people. Most men can relate to this one. It is not a serious relationship and there are little or no expectations.


In recent times, if someone tells you that they are single, it doesn’t entirely mean that they are unattached. They probably do have sex partners with nothing attached.


Nonexclusive Dating Meaning. Dating with no commitment does have its pro such as

  • You can test the waters as much as you can. Since it isn’t monogamous, it is an opportunity to explore. You can date whoever you want and it won’t be counted as cheating.


  • There’s usually no accountability so even if you lie, you can hardly be held responsible.


  • You can be open about anything without getting the other party offended. Here, you can be honest about anything without being judged.


  • You can hardly be heartbroken. There are no expectations and nothing is defined. So getting worried about your partner leaving you isn’t applicable here.


  • Conflicts hardly arise. There won’t be any need to disagree on issues as the parties aren’t bound by Emotions.


Below are the Cons of a nonexclusive Dating


  • You won’t be getting their attention as often as you would like.


  • You don’t get to see your partner as much as you.


  • Opening up to them can be difficult. As there’s a low level of trust.


  • It is easy to get jealous especially if you’re not getting much attention from your partner.


  • Nonexclusive Dating doesn’t last long. After the fun, people get bored and move on immediately.


People engage in non-exclusive Dating daily. It is pretty random in this present age. It ranges from one-night stands to friends with benefits. Dating sites make it easy to have multiple sex partners without any form of commitment.

Opposite of Exclusive Relationship

Opposite of Exclusive relationship

Opposite of Exclusive Relationship. The opposite of Exclusive is inclusive, public, open, or not limited. If you are not dating exclusively, it means that there are no limitations. Neither are there boundaries set in the relationship.


Opposite of Exclusive relationship. It is either you dating exclusively or what you have with your partner is open. Either way, there’s usually a level of understanding between partners about what they want.


Opposite of Exclusive relationship In exclusive Dating, things are defined. Faithfulness is expected and there’s no room for being open with other people.


Dating Exclusively but not in a relationship Reddit

Dating Exclusively but not in a relationship reddit

Dating Exclusively but not in a relationship Reddit. You will find one of the most genuine experiences shared on Reddit regarding different matters and exclusive dating isn’t any different. Here is a narration by one Reddit user.


Why is my “guy” [35 M] I’ve been dating on/off for 9 months exclusive with me [26 F] but not “in a relationship”?


back in Feb/March 2016, I started being the trusted close(ish) friend of an attractive male colleague. I didn’t perceive him as attractive at first but it developed during our long and intimate talks when it became clear that our heads must have heard the same interior decorator. The talks started though because he needed to talk about his attempts to get his ex back.


Backstory: He had gotten together with his ex shortly after a more involved emotional thing he doesn’t talk about. He wasn’t ready for a relationship but complied anyway and they had a 1-year long-distance relationship, which she ended because he wasn’t fully opening up and she could feel that.


He was in very bad shape mentally and physically at the time and felt he needed to get himself together first, anyways. 1.5 years after(!) the break-up (the two of them were still chatting), he finally moves away from the place he hated to live and work at for 3-4 years and decides now is the time to pursue that girl, that now he suddenly knows he wants THAT person.


Dating Exclusively but not in a relationship Reddit. Too bad she had moved on and was rather mad that he’d suddenly try so hard now when she had needed that 1.5 y earlier. He was non-plussed, scared, hung on for dear life, and got rejected ever more clearly.


When it became clear his ex didn’t want anything to do with him, I pointed that out to him. Also, I realized I had fallen for this intelligent, caring, sweet guy (yes, crazy and broken are other adjectives that come to mind) and told him that.


He was stunned, looked helpless, and said he wanted to keep it as is. I told him too late, for me you are already more than a friend. He said he definitely couldn’t develop feelings for anyone right now.


The same night, I took him home when he was drunk, he let me sleep over “if I was okay with no sexual activity, just sleepover” and – he immediately jumped me once I lay next to him. I got up and ran the next morning. Things had started getting complicated. Long story short, we’ve had a mostly undefined relationship with a strong friendship attribute since then, which developed and got closer and closer.


I got freaked out several times and tried to end it. The first time he started flirting after I had ended it and I was drawn back in. The second time, I had a depressive spell and he kept convincing me to spend time together to make us both feel better.


Not long and we were back in bed together. A third time, I ended it since he said he didn’t know what he felt for me. He liked me so much but he also found me pretty hot. (Complicated? Daf*q? :D) So I concluded, “then it’s probably not enough.”


I had to ask him though, and told him that and asked “do you want to try (a relationship) with me?” After stuttering and choking on “I… I… I’m scared” I prompted him again and he spits out “NO.” We were taking a walk with my dog then.


I shut up for about 2 sec and then tried to change the topic when he silenced me and I realized tears were running down his cheeks. He said to give him a few minutes.


That day was the first time he slept at my place despite my too-hard mattress and his sensitive back and he held me tightly. No sex. Just goodbye. That was at the end of July 2016.


I went home to my parent’s place for a weekend holiday, and my dad convinced me to ask the guy to still go on a long weekend trip to Italy we had talked about.


So we did, I flirted and cuddled with him in bed, it was nice, and afterward kept treating the guy like he already was my bf but not saying anything about it. He was a bit confused but gradually just seemed relieved and happy.


In November, we talked about “it” twice (I initiated). First, he told me I’m not just a friend to him, not friends with benefits, and asked if he’s not showing me enough how much he cares about me.


But stated that he still can’t open up completely to one person and it’s his problem and has nothing to do with me. We both don’t know what will be like in 10 years and he can’t fully open up now. Second time:


After I had asked what the difference is between what we have and a relationship, he said a relationship is committing, even more, it’s one step further from letting sb. in.


He came back to me “if this isn’t a relationship, what the hell am I being true to?” with a “well I’m not seeing other women and I’m not interested in doing that, that’s all I can say.” So we’re exclusive. Okay.


He again repeated the mysterious “none of us know what’s gonna be in 10 years, but the important thing is that this between us is still developing. I can feel that and that’s what’s important to me.


There’s still this protective wall inside of me that I’ve built up, which is why I can’t fully let you in or open up completely, but it’s very small now anyway, very little of it is left, and I feel like it’s gotten so much better over the last few weeks and months. Don’t you?”


I had some serious doubts over the holidays since about every 3rd day I get all in my head over the state of “the nation”, i.e. this non-relationship.


Dating Exclusively but not in a relationship Reddit. However, after almost no contact for 3-4 days, while I was at my parents’ place, I called on the way back to the city we both live in, because we had NYE plans together and he stated he’d had a mental and physical breakdown the 2-3 days before.


He came over that afternoon when I came home and slept at my place. Everything was super intimate and sweet again. I asked him in the morning if that night, at NYE, we could please stop pretending nothing was going on between us.


He: What does that entail? Me: Well I just hate the secrecy… everyone knows about us anyways and I just hate it. He: Don’t worry about that.


That night, I got a kiss at midnight in front of a colleague, and lots of hugs, affection, and attention (I was starting to get the flu and felt like shit). He was super sweet. Another colleague and friend of both of us commented the day after “well, you got him now.”


Still, we haven’t talked about it being “official” or him being my “boyfriend” after that. It probably doesn’t mean anything, it’s just labeled, right? Just whenever I get scared (and I’m an anxious person), I google, and there is not a SINGLE one story like mine that ends up well or gets a good prognosis by anyone.


Dating Exclusively but not in a relationship Reddit. Is that just a bias, since happy people don’t complain about the interwebs? Or are we doomed? It doesn’t feel that way.


To be clear: since August/September, I’ve felt like I have the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. He’s super caring, sweet, helpful, flirtatious, cute, stepping up to help and never using our non-status as an excuse to weasel out of something.


After NYE, when I had the flu, he came over to walk my dog and brought me a pot of chicken soup. (Granted, I had taken care of him in the fall when he was sick, as well. Still…)

Exclusive relationship example

Exclusive Relationship example

Exclusive relationship example. Below are some examples of exclusive relationships:


  • Exclusive monogamous
  • Marriage
  • Exclusive polyamorous


  • Exclusive monogamous

Exclusive Relationship example. Monogamy is the act of having sexual and romantic relations with just a single partner.

An exclusive monogamous relationship happens when both parties are exclusively sexual with one another.


  • Marriage

The definition of marriage varies from one culture to the other. Ultimately, it is the union of two parties. It is an institution that is exclusive of obligations.


  • Exclusive polyamorous

A polyamorous relationship is a relationship between two or more people. It is typically a romantic relationship.


An exclusive polyamorous relationship is being in a romantic relationship with specific people. It is limited to a specific number of people.

Exclusive Dating Meaning Conclusion

Exclusive Dating Meaning conclusion

Exclusive Dating Meaning conclusion. To the ladies, you shouldn’t accept an offer of an open relationship, when indeed what you desire is an exclusive relationship.


Truth is that most men know what they want from the onset. So if you’re putting your bet on them changing their minds about being open, you may be disappointed.


Exclusive dating meaning conclusion. Always ascertain your partner’s intentions so you can both be on the same page. Assumptions lead to disappointments.

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