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Fall in Love with Reading: Deepening Young People’s Relationships via Literature

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Literature is part of our life from an early age. We learn how to read when we are little and we are encouraged to read children’s stories. As we grow up and start education, reading becomes mandatory. It becomes a part of our lives and we are given books to read. But somehow, not all people develop this love for reading. Most students see it as a chore, as something their teacher told them to do but they do not want to do it.

It may be due to the nature of the books, as some of them might be considered boring by some students. It might be due to the fact that they have not found their favorite book genre, the one that would instill a love for reading. However, literature has incredible benefits not only on your brain, skills, and knowledge but on your relationships with other people too. So, what are the reasons that should convince you to fall in love with reading?

Mutual Understanding

Falling in love with reading might seem complicated, especially when you have had only negative experiences with it. Some of these might be being forced to read or having to read books that do not pique your interest. However, reading can help people connect and it leads to mutual understanding. Even though you might feel you do not have so much in common with some of them, reading the same book can actually help you understand each other. Many people choose to extract or promote some quotes from a book, and when it is the same one you are reading, it really shows what they liked or what piqued their interest.

This might happen during your college years too. Often, teachers recommend a lot of books to students, and sometimes, they might need to study them for exams. As a student, you have committed to learning and expanding your knowledge. You might need to write essays too, on a lot of distinct topics. Studying and writing might feel challenging, especially in moments when you have lots of assignments to complete. You can choose the best “1984” essays from our database to get acquainted with the writing style, tone of voice, and way of exposing information and expressing your thoughts. This also will lead to mutual understanding, as you will see what other people think about the same book.

Understanding Emotions and Personalities

Another way people’s relationships can be deepened via literature is that they can help you understand emotions and personalities. The authors convey the characters in the book how they want, but some of their characteristics for sure can be noticed in people in your life. These books, which portray characters that resemble your friends, family members, and your partner, can help you understand their reasoning better. You understand their way of thinking, of behaving, which will deepen your relationships with them.

Getting to Know Yourself More

Reading faces you with distinct ideas and perspectives. You read and grasp new ways of thinking and behaving, and maybe ideas you don’t even think about. Some of which will surely challenge your way of being and thinking. Whenever you read, you get to know yourself more. You get to know what you like and dislike, how you would act in a specific situation, and what your perspective is on topics such as love, traveling, friendship, and many more. And as you get to know yourself more, you get to improve and deepen your relationships with people too. You understand yourself more, but others too.

Final Thoughts

You might think that reading can only improve your skills and expand your knowledge. But it goes beyond this. You can actually improve your relationships with other people and with yourself too. You will get a deeper understanding of human psychology and distinct types of personalities. You learn more about emotions, feelings, and behaviors. And this will help you get an understanding of why people react in the way they do or why they say some things. It helps you get closer to people you might feel you have nothing in common with. But as you read the same books, this helps you connect.

Bio lines: Percy J. Bunnell is a content writer and blogger. He loves writing about books and literature, as he thinks each of us can learn a lot from them. Percy’s favorite author is Haruki Murakami.

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