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Hobosexual. You have probably met a person who swept you off your feet from the first encounter you both had, they eventually warmed their way into your heart and you allowed them to visit your house.


You loved their presence and having them around gave you butterflies at first, but slowly, they began to show signs that they probably don’t have plans of leaving.


The hobosexual takes mooching to a pathological level, taking advantage of your generosity under the guise of having feelings for you.


The result is a relationship that’s toxic, draining -emotionally and financially – and potentially dangerous for whoever chooses to host one of these down-and-out lotharios.


The word ‘HOBOSEXUAL’ was introduced to us by Rolling Out writer Nakita Nicci and its meaning refers to “a person who dates you with the sole interest of having a place to stay – not a genuine romantic interest.”


These home-hopping men will slide in your DMs on Monday, talk to you on the phone for hours on Tuesday, give you sex on Wednesday, tell you that they love you on Thursday, and want to move in by Friday


They are serial daters, usually people with no plans of being in your life for the long run. They only choose to date based on their selfish interests. The easiest way to know a hobosexual is that they usually do not have a job. They have stories of ‘expecting the next contract very soon.’


They are usually ‘in-between’ jobs but in reality, they do not have a verifiable source of income. They just don’t move into your house on the first day, it starts in a very subtle manner.


They could leave a shirt today, then their toothbrush the next day, and one day you realise they are living with you against your will.


Red flags to avoid hobosexuals


A red flag in spotting these characters is that they would be overly interested in how you live.


They make entitled statements like: ‘This wardrobe will be great for my clothes’ or ‘I see me taking a lot of dips in your pool,’ all while just meeting you for the first time. Hobosexuals date potential partners who have the resources to fund their ‘lifestyle.’ They will probably use your credit cards too and tell you it’s a loan (which they never payback).


Another thing about hobosexuals is that they can be very manipulative, you notice that you constantly have to change your lifestyle just to please them.


The best way to deal with a hobosexual is to kick them out of your life if you are currently dating one. Don’t think you can change them because they have one purpose and that is to continually use you as a means to an end.


There is always heartbreak looming at the end of this kind of relationship, so before it gets too late, break free.


This is the story of Chrissie Marie Massey, a 40 years old divorcée who fell in love with a Hobosexual.


The ink on my divorce was barely dry when I met this man Phillip. I believed at one time was everything I ever wanted. He was successful (or so he said), divorced, and a man of God.


What I didn’t know at the time was he was a drug addict and an alcoholic. He was very nice to my children, which is how he reeled me in. My ex-husband, my kids’ dad, was never good to them.


We had been seeing each other for two weeks when I asked if we could have dinner at his place. I had never been to his place — he always came to mine, or we’d go out. He came up with about 5,000 excuses why we couldn’t go to his place.


Several weeks later, I confronted him about his unwillingness to take me to his place. My best friend, Taylor, assumed he didn’t take me to his place because he had a wife or live-in girlfriend. The truth was something I wasn’t prepared to hear, and it took our relationship in a direction I never expected.


“Phillip, we need to talk. I love having you at my house. I am really enjoying getting to know you. But when are we going to your house? I would love to see how you live,” I said. “I can’t show you where I live. I am crashing at a friend’s house and they won’t allow me to bring any visitors. I don’t have a home,” he whispered.


I couldn’t believe my ears. This man was 46, and he didn’t have a home. What could have happened to him to not have such a bare necessity.?


He told me about his latest divorce, his second, and how his ex left him penniless and after a few months, they kicked him out of his house due to a lack of money to pay rent. He seemed sincere. I felt conflicted.


I didn’t want to set myself up to take care of another man, as I did that for 16 years with my ex-husband. But what if he was just a little down on his luck? Shouldn’t I give him a chance?

After a few months, he was spending most of his nights at my house. I gave him a key to my house. Now, he was my roommate and things were going pretty well.


My kids adored him, and he seemed to enjoy being part of our family. My house was busy. I had four teenagers — ages 19,17,15, and 13. In my mind, he was perfect for me because he could handle the role of stepdad to teens.


The day we celebrated our four-month move-in date anniversary, things quickly turned for the worse. He was anxious and seemed to be glued to his cell phone. I went downstairs to check on the dishes and he was sitting at the kitchen table.


He didn’t hear me coming into the room and he was laughing while he texted someone.


“What’s so funny?” I asked.


“Oh nothing, you wouldn’t get it. It’s an inside joke.”


“Well, who are you talking to so much today?” I asked.


“Just a work buddy, it’s nothing,” he said.


But I could tell there was more to the story. We decided to go back to the bedroom to watch a movie. I couldn’t help but fish for where his head was at. I felt like he was cheating, but I had no proof.


I asked him if he would take me to see the new Halloween movie (2018 version). He wasn’t interested, suggesting I go with a friend.


Then, I just point-blank asked him — “Do you really have feelings for me or am I wasting my time by giving you a place to stay?”

He admitted he wasn’t sure how he felt about me. He liked me and felt a connection to me, but he wasn’t sure he was in love. And he would move out.


I was heartbroken. How did this go so terribly wrong so quickly? What did I do wrong?


I spent a week feeling sorry for myself. I thought he was my last chance at love. I felt rejected. It wasn’t an enjoyable week for me.


Finally, he called me and said he’d like to see me. When he came over, he wanted to come back. I asked him about his feelings and if anything had changed. He said he missed me and he thought he loved me. Phillip said our relationship happened so fast, that it was hard to know exactly how he felt. He’d stop talking to other women, too.


I was happy with his response. I let him move in again. Things were going well, except we never had sex. I mean, in a year, we had sex maybe six times. It took a toll on my self-esteem. I thought there was something wrong with me.


He should want to have sex, especially considering we had only been together a couple of months at this point.


One day, he wasn’t feeling very well. He said he felt tired. I figured it was a hangover as we drank the night before. He had asthma, which seemed overall controlled. But not on this day.

He started having trouble breathing.


He did a breathing treatment which didn’t help it. I called 9–1–1 because I didn’t want him to die. They took 17 minutes to arrive, and he died the moment they walked in the door.


They worked on him for 45 minutes. They couldn’t get him back. He was dead, and I wasn’t sure how I should feel about it.


The first thing I did was call his ex-wife to let her know about his passing. His children had the right to know their dad had died. She was so nice to me and asked how I was handling everything.


At first, I missed him. I did. He was part of my life. For some reason, even when he was alive, I couldn’t picture myself with him for years. I cried and grieved. I experienced PTSD after I watched him draw his last breath. But I never felt like my big chance at love was over.


One day, I opened his laptop and phone. I wanted to grab some pictures and then I would mail his electronics to his children. What I saw just stunned me. I can still remember the feeling to this day.


Phillip was a hobosexual. He would chat with women often. According to his Facebook messages, he had sex with my best friend, too. The most revealing message was with his dad. He told him (three days before he died) that he was using me for a place to stay until he could get back on his feet.


After his toxicology report came back from the medical examiner, the coroner’s office called to tell me he was on methadone and fentanyl — not to mention his alcohol levels were pretty high.


What is hobosexual meaning?

What is hobosexual meaning

What is Hobosexual meaning?  A good definition of a hobosexual – is someone who has no home and decides to jump from one relationship to another. They seem to manipulate their relationship and when questioned/confronted jump ship and move on to the next.


These individuals are quick to want to move in with a partner and can pretend to be in sync with their partner but really are not. They just want to move in, at least for now.


What is hobosexual meaning? There are patterns common with hobosexuals because that is how they scout for relationships to live in. These are some of the habits peculiar to them.


  1. Identify the right target:


Hobosexuals do not just go for any woman – they go for specific women, those who exhibit certain vulnerabilities and who can give them what they are looking for. Single successful women are top on their list, though success is determined by the needs and ambitions of the hobosexual in question.


Some of these men operate at the bottom of the food chain where they consider a woman in a bedsitter successful. Others have middle-class ambitions, where they only settle for a flat in certain neighbourhoods, and others will only budget for a house and a garden in the leafy suburbs.


These men also go for ‘needy’ single women – those ones who seem too desperate and eager to be in a relationship. These women are easy to spot; they are likely to change their social media status to “in a relationship” by the second week of dating.


These women are also not shy about taking their new man out to their pals and introducing him as ‘boyfriend’ or ‘significant other ‘ even before the said man has done anything significant.


Hobosexuals also like to prey on single women who are super busy because they will not have the time to conduct thorough background checks or to cross-check stories – they are easy to fool.


  1. Testing the waters:


Once the target has been identified what follows is the test-the-waters plan. It usually is a seemingly harmless ‘crash at your place’ request that usually follows after a night out.


All the hobosexual needs to do is to gauge how agreeable the target woman is to not only his spending the night but also the morning after. If he notices that the woman wants him out of her house by sunrise, then he knows he will have to try his luck elsewhere.


If he notices that she does not seem to mind him spending the entire weekend in her house, then all he needs to do is work on moving in permanently.


  1. Creating the right sob story:


Choosing the life of a hobosexual means using the right sob story to gain admittance into the target woman’s house (or women’s houses). Successful hobosexuals have what is called the perfect ‘in between’ story.


They like to say that they are ‘in between’ relationships, jobs, or destinations. Some will say that they are in between relationships that did not work (usually through no fault of their own). Some will say that they are in between jobs or towns (and they will blame a bad boss or a tough economy).


Some are so creative that they will even create fictional family tragedies and drama so that their target takes mercy upon them and offers to provide them with ‘temporary’ accommodation.


Successful sob stories are those that are easy to believe but hard to verify, for example, diaspora returnees, raised in orphanage stories. The right story told to the right target will lead to success.


  1. Providing a unique benefit to the target woman:


For the hobosexual’s strategy to work, he must provide the woman with a benefit that she really needs, or cannot have enough of. Some women like to have shrunk for partners – the type that listens to all their woes and issues.


Other women like to have handymen – those who know how to fix all the broken taps and plumbing in the house. Others like carnal men – the ones who make them dizzy with bedroom pleasure.


The hobosexual must provide the woman with what she needs as long as he intends to be in her house. He must provide this need to the best of his ability and must meet the woman’s expectations, for the day he fails to do so, he will be kicked to the curb.


  1. Always keep an eye out for the limited shelf-life:


Hobosexuals must always know that their days are numbered, that is only a matter of time before they are seen for what they truly are – freeloaders. It is therefore up to them to fully enjoy the fruits of their labour while keeping their eyes wide open for the next opportunity.


This might mean using any funds from the target woman to move to their own residence in the near future. It might mean identifying their next victim and weaving their next sob story while never forgetting that they are one heartbeat away from homelessness.


Hobosexual meaning

Hobosexual meaning

Hobosexual meaning. Below are some urban dictionary definitions of hobosexual.


  • A person who jumps into relationships to have a place to live.


  • Someone who enters or fakes a relationship to avoid homelessness.


  • A Hobosexual is a person who gets into relationships to avoid being homeless.


Hobosexual meaning

  • A person of the opposite sex who come to visit you and wants to stay and live with you and start a relationship because they are homeless.


  • A person, usually a man, enters into a relationship just to have a place to stay.


Hobosexual meme

Hobosexual meme

Hobosexual meme. At this point, we know A hobosexual is a homeless person pretending to be in love for a place to stay, or a person who prefers hobos as their romantic partners. On the internet, there are loads of mean clowning hobosexuals.


Hobosexual meme 2

Hobosexual meme. Being referred to as a hobosexual is not exactly a good thing as whoever tags you a hobosexual means it in an offending term.


Hobosexual signs

Hobosexual signs

Hobosexual signs. We’ve all heard the cliché phrase “desperate times call for desperate measures,” and with the cold weather swiftly moving in, most of us are looking for a hot plate and a warm body to lay next to at night.


Fall/winter is the time of year to bring out our favourite sweaters, boots, socially-distanced family gatherings, gift buying, and pumpkin spice lattes. The joy of spreading holiday cheer can blind you sometimes from making reckless decisions. One of those decisions is welcoming a hobosexual into your home.


  • He Moves The Relationship Hella Fast


Those who are interested in you are willing to take their time getting to know you and anyone serious about getting to know you will be patient with learning the details of your life and understanding how you add to theirs.


They are anxious to spend time with you, enjoy your company, and ask more in-depth questions. They will make sure that their exes are indeed exes, that their career is steady, and that their finances are together before talking about a relationship or marriage.


If he’s already saying that he loves you by the second week, see that as a red flag. This is a marathon, not a race.


  • He Lives In The “In-Between” Spaces In Life


We’ve all met our fair share of “in-between” men before. The ones in-between cars, jobs, bank accounts, past (read: current) romantic relationships, and living conditions.


Those who are frequently “crashing” at a friend or relatives’ house (read: parents) until they can get back on their feet.


If he isn’t willing to say what he does for a living, or explain what he does for a living, say it with me one more time: it’s a red flag. He ain’t got no job, sis!


  • He Doesn’t Know When To Leave


Hobosexual signs. Space is needed in any relationship, and in the initial stages of dating, you shouldn’t just run past pacing in lieu of spending every waking minute together.


If the man you are seeing is continuously spending the night and not allowing you to enjoy the space you pay rent in your aloneness, consider that a red flag. A man with his own would be willing to give you your space because he also has his.


If you are having a hard time kicking him out, it’s probably because he has nowhere else to go, so see that as a red flag.


  • His Lifestyle Is Infringing Upon The Way You Live Yours


If you find yourself spending extra money on food, notice your water bill increasing or do extra laundry, this is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your surroundings. Is he overstaying his welcome?


Every time you ask to go to “his place”, does he convince you that your spot is more comfortable? Or does he create a million and one reason why it wouldn’t be a good idea to visit his place? I’m sorry to break this to you, but he doesn’t have a place to live, sis.


  • He Jumps Right Into Moving In With You


Speaking of not having a place to live, if you happen to overhear your winter bae mentioning a desk, music equipment, bikes, workout equipment, his million and one Jordan’s, high school yearbooks, and awards.


If you hear any of this associated with a storage unit (or his parents or homeboys), that is a sign that he has no other place to live and he feels comfortable enough to move it out and move it in with you. Your one-bedroom apartment is now doubling as a bachelor pad.


Hobosexual relationship meaning

Hobosexual relationship

Hobosexual relationship meaning. The term “hobosexual” is derived from “hobo,” which means “house or home,” and “sexual,” which means “related to sex,” hence, “hobo-sexual” literally means “romantic or sexual attraction towards someone in relation to a house or home.”


The term “hobosexual” or “hobosexuality” is used to describe someone who enters into a fake romantic or sexual relationship just so that they can have a place to live, the main reason for such relationships is to avoid homelessness, the person who has a home is attracted to homeless people, the person who is homeless is attracted to someone who does have a home.


Hobosexual relationship meaning. The biggest red flag that a relationship is not all it is made out to be is when things move too soon too quickly over a short space of time and you’re in way too deep professing your undying love, wanting to take the relationship to the next level such as moving in together, get married, etc.


Here are some of the common signs to look out for in relationships with hobosexuals:


  • Your behaviour has changed drastically as a result of your new relationship e.g. you stop going out, seeing your friends/family and you’re spending all your time with your new beau.
  • Your new partner has hopped from one relationship to the next and never really spent time on their own between relationships, they have little/no friends of their own and don’t keep in touch with their own family.
  • Your partner is still living at home with their parents or they are crashing at a friend/ex-girlfriend.
  • They may even be unemployed, in-between jobs or seem to have very little ambition or direction, in other words they seem to be floating without anything concrete going for them.
  • Our family and friends keep pointing out the obvious but we keep justifying or making excuses for our partner’s behaviour.


  • Is this becoming the norm in today’s world of dating?


Any relationship that is one sided stands the risk of falling apart over time as one partner begins to realise their needs or not being met.


This kind of behaviour is not normal when it comes to healthy relationships and would fall into similar patterns and trends as ghosting, bread-crumbing, cat phishing, and the likes.


The person behaving in this kind of way has very real issues they need to deal with in order to be able to have and sustain a healthy relationship.


No one likes to feel used or taken advantage of and it can have serious negative outcomes for all involved especially when the person realises they have been used for shelter rather than actually being in a committed relationship with them.


A person would very likely feel very used and abused, they may even feel resentment from being taken advantage of by the supposed love of their life. They can also feel let down and disappointed and this can have an impact on their self-esteem and self-confidence going forward into their next relationship.


There is also the possibility that this experience can create trust issues as to whether their new partner really wants to be with them or is also using them as their ‘Ex’ did.


  • Do we judge this as right or wrong behaviour?


As human beings, we naturally judge people even when we don’t mean to based on our perception of what is right and wrong, and where our values and morals stand.


The bigger challenge is getting the hobosexual person to own up to their behaviour and take responsibility for it as well as the impact it has on the other person involved. It can cause very real damage to a person both mentally and emotionally and can impact their future relationships, possibly even scarring them for life.


  • Trends show that more women have fallen victim to such behaviour than men.


This is because women are natural caretakers and nurturers so are more susceptible to this kind of behaviour as their nurturing instinct kicks in. They get caught up in the romantic notion of having a man that just wants to be with them 24/7 and who is quite happy to morph into their life. If it seems too good to be true it probably is.


Hobosexual narcissist

Hobosexual narcissist

Hobosexual narcissist. Codependency has been described as a dysfunctional relationship with the self. What that means is that the view that we have of ourselves is skewed, both internally and in our interpersonal relationships, because of our early childhood experiences.


It can manifest as hyper self-criticism, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, obsessive thinking, people-pleasing behaviours, a lack of boundaries, rescuing behaviours and it makes us hypersensitive to the needs of others. As we gain awareness of some of these issues, we realise that there is something off about the way we are interpreting our environment.


I wanted to point out the difficulties we, as codependents, experience in the way that we think and act to illustrate that perceptual deficiency exists in a variety of different disorders.


For instance, a Codependent can be hyper-sensitive to the needs of others and almost seem to have empathy on steroids. Conversely, a Narcissist is self-focused and has an impaired ability to experience empathy.


So a Codependent trying to decipher the behaviour and motives of a Narcissist is going to have a pretty tough struggle on their hands, mainly because your Narcissist does not think like you and vice versa.


Signs you are dating a Hobosexual narcissist


Offering to Cover Your Rent, Food, or Expenses


Never let a good crisis go to waste, right? During a crisis, you can guarantee one person will be there to exploit it by offering assistance supposedly with “no strings attached.”


If the narcissist knows you’re out of work, they’ll no doubt be right there to offer help paying for your rent, food, or other vital essentials. Expect them to tug at your heartstrings, especially if you have kids.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to come through with any form of financial assistance.


Just “Checking In” in the Name of Safety and Concern


No one shows concern more than a narcissist hoovering (false concern, of course.) They’ll send texts or phone calls asking questions about you or your family.


If your family has suffered a death loss or diagnosis, you can expect the narcissist to pour out their heart to you. Make no mistake: This is a ploy to exploit your vulnerable emotional situation in the worst way possible.


Using the Uncertainty to Exploit Your Emotions and Start Fresh


We’re all living in unprecedented times. No generation alive has experienced something like this. We’re all living life day-to-day, often frustrated, worried, or annoyed.


Narcissists know this. They’re experts at contriving situations exactly like this, such as moving you out of state away from your family.


A flood of texts could enter your inbox with apologies, the admittance of past transgressions, and promises to make it alright. Don’t fall for it.


Falsifying a health status case in themselves or family


Narcissists will justify any lie they manage to cook up. It absolutely wouldn’t be above a narcissist to falsely claim someone in their family has been diagnosed with COVID-19 – or even succumbed to the illness.


They may even claim they’ve been diagnosed with the illness themselves. Unsurprisingly, they might not pull through! The goal is to grab your attention and play the victim: the narcissist’s specialty.


Not only that, but narcissist manipulation also relies on controlling your emotions.


It’s entirely possible the narcissist could contract the virus due to their delayed acceptance of social distancing and lockdowns.  However, don’t believe them at the outset. The narcissist would love to fearmonger through a false diagnosis.

The “Oops Didn’t Mean to” Narcissistic Manipulation Text


In Italy, Facebook usage skyrocketed by 70% during the lockdown. Surely, you’ve seen your share of Facebook surveys and Tiger King memes by now. Narcissists are usually bored and stuck when by themselves


Narcissists will scroll through their phones looking for old targets subject to narcissistic manipulation. You might get a “hey hot stuff” followed by an “oops that wasn’t meant for you, sorry!” message.


They’re simply feeling out your response – and any response is good (to the narcissist.)


If you respond, that means they’ve got your attention and the ball rolling.


Flooding Your Phone with Text Messages


Instead of stooping to an “oops” text, a narcissist may simply flood your phone with texts:


  • How’s it going?
  • Haha, I’m so bored.
  • My family is so annoying.
  • I already did all the spring cleaning AND started a new project.
  • How’s your mom?
  • Are you following social distancing?!
  • Need any PPE?


Of course, this flood of texts will come in before you’ve responded, perhaps without even opening a single message.


Sending a Third-Party to See Who You’re With


It’s common for narcissists to send a third-party mutual friend to see what you’re doing if you’ve moved on, and who you’re spending time with.


You might get a random text message from a mutual friend asking for random personal details. They may ask who you’re stuck in quarantine with, your relationship with them, your financial status, or other details.


Of course, the questions may seem more casual than obviously intrusive. Make no mistake, however, the narcissist has sent them to check up on you.


  • Creeping into Your Social Media Posts for Narcissistic Manipulation


Have you opened your Facebook or Instagram and seen a flood of notifications? Oh look, they’re all from the same person: The narcissist.


Unless you’ve blocked them, they know you’ll see the notifications.


The narcissist is praying you’ll reach out before they have to send a direct message. If you ignore their flood of likes and comments, expect a DM in your inbox soon.


It’s also possible that by the time you respond, they will have blocked you already.


  • Randomly Dropping Off Groceries and Essentials at Your Door


This is the pandemic equivalent of dropping off random flowers or chocolates.


The narcissist isn’t being creepy – they’re just following social distancing protocol!


You open your door one day and see a pack of toilet paper and (your favourite) groceries on the porch. There may or may not be a note but you know exactly who it’s from.


Don’t feel obligated to reciprocate or allow the narcissist to call you.  After all, you didn’t request that they reinsert themselves back into your life.  Let’s not forget why they are out of your life, to begin with.


  • Educating You About “What’s Really Happening”


Narcissists are very smart. Smarter than anyone else in the world. (Or so they think.)


The narcissist may start sending you random links about “what’s really happening” with coronavirus.


Their goal here is to demonstrate how intelligent and woke they are while making you feel stupid for believing anything different – a classic narcissistic manipulation tactic.


Don’t fall prey to believing you can have an intelligent conversation with the narcissist.  They don’t converse with people to swap news updates or offer helpful advice.  They converse with people so they can try to one-up them and make the other person feel foolish.


If you’re involved with someone and they are compulsive liars – that’s enough for you to end the relationship. You don’t owe someone your undying support and commitment because they have problems.


If someone cheats on you one time, that’s enough to walk away. If someone belittles you, shames you, puts you down, blames you, yells at you, that’s enough to end it.


If someone blows hot and cold, that’s enough for you to blow on out of the relationship. If someone treats you in a demeaning or disrespectful manner, that’s enough for you to end the relationship.


If someone has moved into your house, they don’t work, or contribute and they suck away all your resources – give your head a shake, no genitalia is worth all that, and get them the eff out.


If they are giving you mixed messages it’s enough to say, “This is BS. I deserve better,” and you walk away.


Know the ploys of a hobosexual narcissist and how to handle them


Emotional manipulators exploit.


That’s what they do. The reasons they do what they don’t really matter. The bottom line is that they need you, so they are going to say and do what they have to elicit your cooperation, and if that means lying, stealing, cheating, so be it. They’ve got to get their needs met.


That in and of itself is the epitome of their existence. It’s pretty simple really and then they have you trying to come up with excuses for them and reason away their behaviour – how lucky can you get. When you understand the way they think it should make your decisions a lot easier.


Don’t try to reason with them.


Don’t try to get them to see your point of view (which is impossible for a person with no/little empathy). Don’t try to guilt them, or even think that they should know better.


Stop trying to figure them out.


They can’t figure themselves out, so you aren’t going to fare any better. It’s enough to know that there is something wrong with the way they interpret their environment and the way they act on that interpretation.


Once you know what you’re dealing with, the onus is on you to get yourself out. I get how hard it is to get away from these types. I’ve written extensively on just why it’s so hard. I get it. I really do, but you really only have two options, get the hell away from them, or let them keep kicking you.


Hobosexual synonym

Hobosexual synonym

Hobosexual synonym. There are not many words with close meaning to describe a hobosexual but here are a few for your perusal.


Hobosexual synonym



Hobo camp






Hobosexual quotes

Hobosexual quotes

Hobosexual quotes. Here are some hobosexual related quotes


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Nope. Shame on you and ONLY you. You took advantage of my giving nature and what you thought were unlimited second chances, and even worse tried to make me feel bad about it. But I won’t feel bad about it, and I will not change who lam. But I will change where you fit in my life. What a shame for you.

  • Unknown


In the end, hurting a good person will only hurt you more when you realise not many genuine people exist. You just took a major loss.

  • Luis Garcia


Fake people are only nice when it’s convenient for them or they usually have a hidden agenda.

Genuinely nice people go out of their way to help others and they have an honest heart. Stick with the ones who never let you down and keep their promises. You can’t fake that.

  • unknown

Hobosexual quotes


Hobosexual quotes 2

God will sometimes end a relationship for your protection. Don’t chase after the person he’s trying to save you from.

  • Unknown


Selfish people don’t consider how their decisions affect others. Their own convenience is all that matters

  • Unknown



My love is unconditional, but your presence in my life is not. The moment that you prove that your value of me does not measure up to my sense of self-worth, I’ll have no problem unconditionally loving the MEMORY OF YOU and moving on.

  • unknown


Hobosexual conclusion

Hobosexual conclusion

Hobosexual conclusion. There was a time, not too long ago, when moving into a woman’s house was considered taboo. Men were advised to avoid this state of affairs at all costs – they were even forgiven if they chose to beg, borrow or steal – as long as they owned the house they lived in.


How things have changed! Some say that changes in the value systems and economic times have led men to drop their sense of pride and shame. To make matters worse, there are men who have turned the art of moving in with women into a career. They are not content to become squatters in one woman’s residence – they prefer to move from house to house as the spirit and needs move them.


Hobosexual conclusion. This phenomenon has become so commonplace that some smart lady came up with a name for such men; Hobosexuals. For those who are hearing this word for the first time, a hobosexual is a man who dates a woman (and in many cases women) with the sole intention of finding a place to live.


This man uses romance to have a roof over his head.  There are some doubting Thomases who might like to say that such men do not exist, but I am here to tell you that they do and they are increasing by the day.

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