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How to Catch My Wife Cheating Using Phone Technology?

How to Catch Your Wife Cheating: 3 Effective Methods

How to Catch My Wife Cheating Using Phone Technology

If you’re worried about infidelity, there are things you can do. Thanks to advancements in technology, more and more people are learning how to catch a cheating wife. In this guide, we’ll tell you about a range of options to find out the truth one way or another.

Who Cheats More Often: Men or Women?

Wife caught cheating? What about a cheating husband? Cheating hurts no matter who you are. Men and women are often pitted against one another with people blaming one sex more than the other. The truth is that men are slightly more likely to cheat than women, according to the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) that is. This conclusion was taken from a General Social Survey in which 20% of men said they had sexual intercourse with someone other than their wife while married. The figure for women was considerably lower at 13%. However, it’s often men that are the ones asking how do I catch my wife cheating on her phone.

How to Catch Wife Cheating on Cell Phone

If you’re one of the men asking this question, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this, which we’ll detail below.

Install the mSpy App for Phone Monitoring

mSpy is the ultimate wife cheating app because it can do many things, for example, track text messages on iPhone and Android, see messages on all social media and even monitor Tinder. Using this app will either provide you with much-needed peace of mind or concrete evidence that there is cheating happening. mSpy allows you to monitor your wife’s phone straight from your own and it can tell you lots of things, including:

  • where she is and where she’s been and when
  • what she’s been looking up on the internet
  • who she’s been talking to on the phone, via texts, emails or social media channels
  • everything she’s typed into her phone

This is arguably the best ‘catch my wife cheating’ app out there because it is as discreet as you need it to be.

Use Her Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

An alternative to a monitoring app is the password hack. Most people these days choose to save their passwords to Google Chrome for easy browsing and logging in. If your wife is such a person, you can find out a lot this way. By using her computer for a completely valid reason, you can then gain access to other sites she’s saved passwords for. Simply go to the Chrome browser, click settings, then password, and select ‘Autofill’. This will then show you which sites they’ve accessed and what the saved passwords are.

The downside of this method is that if your wife is cheating, she will likely be very careful about storing passwords so this is not definitely going to give you the answers you need.

Check Her Location History

Another way to catch a cheating wife is to see where she’s been by looking at her location history. If your partner uses Google and has their location enabled, you can explore their Google timeline to see where they’ve been and when. Like the previous method, however, this won’t necessarily give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but it might give you peace of mind.

If you want something more concrete, the mSpy app also has a GPS location tracking feature!

Final Thoughts

Cheating destroys relationships and sometimes you need concrete evidence to know for sure. There’s nothing worse than ending a relationship on a hunch and being wrong. Thankfully, mobile technology allows you to find out for sure – and the mSpy app covers all bases.


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