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How To Choose The Right Partner

How To Choose The Right Partner

How to choose the right partner

How to choose the right partner. If you are at the stage where you are wondering how to make the right partner choice this article will come in handy.


The type of partner you end up with might just determine how successful you can be. This isn’t limited to marriage partners, it cuts across friendship, office partners, or business partners. Just like choosing the right partner in life requires insight and understanding, the same applies to business; the process of understanding how to form an llc will help you choose the right business partner and structure for your shared venture.

Choosing a partner is a huge deal and one has to thoroughly analyze the situation before getting into any form of partnership.


When you choose a life partner, you are choosing, someone who will deeply influence your children, your eating companion, your travel companion, your bed and roommate, or sometimes,  your adviser.


As much as you want to follow your heart when choosing a partner, you can’t thoroughly leave that decision only with your heart. Thinking of how to choose the right partner requires strategy. So one would need to make a decision both with the heart and head.


Being in love or admiring someone is not enough reason to choose them as partners. You have to figure out if the partnership will contribute positively to your self-existence. You also need to consider what will be expected of you in such a partnership.


Before going into any type of partnership, practical things need to be considered. Of course, It is not selfish to project what you stand to gain in a partnership. Neither is it selfish to find out what your intended partner is bringing to the table.


How to choose the right partner: The definition of the right partner is relative. It depends on your expectations from the intended partnership. And what you need to achieve through this partnership.


An ideal partner is respectful of and sensitive to the other, even when his ideologies and priorities are different. They value the other’s interests separate from their own. They are supportive of one another’s overall goals in life.


When embarking on finding the right partner, one of the first questions that come to mind is the reason why you need a partnership. Ask yourself, are you going into the partnership because it’s a trend? or because the intended partner requested a partnership? It is important to note that one should neither be cajoled nor coerced into a partnership.



For a partnership to succeed, a high level of maturity should be on display. Because in partnerships, conflicts are bound to spring up. A high level of maturity helps with conflict resolution in any type of partnership.


Love As A Reason For The Partnership


Most people rely on love as the basis of their partnership. To get love, we need to be filled with love as you can’t give what you don’t have.  A partnership formed only by love and feelings for one another is mostly tested by time.


The longevity of such a partnership will depend on how the partners feel about each other with each passing time.


When two people come together to get love rather than to learn, heal and share love, there is a strong possibility that their relationship won’t last.


How To Choose The Right Partner For Marriage

How to choose the right partner for marriage

How to choose the right partner for marriage. Our feelings towards a person don’t necessarily mean that they are right for us.  It doesn’t also prove compatibility. As humans, we fall in love even when our love is wrong.


We may fall in love with someone who continuously causes us pain. Or fall in love with someone who doesn’t love us back. Falling in love with someone doesn’t mean they are the right partner.


When we’re under love’s spell, we lose our rationality. Over-empathizing, making Sacrifices that makes us lose focus on our goals.


It’s better to use the logical part of our brain to determine whether the other person is right for sustainability purposes. One of the major keys to the o partnership should be longevity.


Do you see the partnership still in existence in a few years to come? Can you picture having this person within your space for such a long time?


Of course, our feelings are valid. They even form part of the basis of how to choose the right partner for marriage. Only we cannot leave that decision only for the feelings to decide. The way we feel towards a person needs to be accompanied by practical intentions and reasons.


Lately, there have been a lot of divorce cases recorded.  No one marries to get divorced. Marriage isn’t some sort of experiment.


Marriage is a big deal because it is practically your life. Marriage determines to a very great extent, the turnout of your future. It plays a great role in determining if you will be successful.



‘Testing the waters does not apply in marriage. It’s a long-term affair and should be entered into with all awareness. One of the obvious reasons for divorce is that you married the wrong partner, or that you are the wrong partner for your spouse.


People should date people they can marry. You never can tell when you’ll develop feelings for that person. And end up marrying someone that isn’t right for you. Not that the person is bad and is condemned, but that both of you may not just a compatible.


Finding the right partner to marry is serious business. You need to be attracted to each other (beauty is in the eye of the beholder), but who you choose to marry goes far beyond looks. It has to do with character, who they are on the inside, and qualities they will still have long after beauty has faded.


How to choose the right partner for marriage. Studies have shown people to be generally bad, when single, at predicting what later turns out to be their actual relationship preferences.


One study found that speed daters questioned about their relationship preferences usually prove themselves wrong just minutes later with what they show to prefer in the actual event.


This shouldn’t be a surprise—in life, you usually don’t get good at something until you’ve done it a bunch of times. Unfortunately, not many people have a chance to be in more than a few, if any, serious relationships before they make their big decision.


There’s just not enough time. Given that a person’s partnership persona and relationship needs are often quite different from the way they are as a single person, it’s hard for a single person to know what you want or need from a relationship.


The concept of arranged marriages has changed. And, not just for men. As a woman, your life partner should be a person with whom you can exchange interests and who will motivate your independence.



Friends or parents suggest or set up the pair and let them talk via email or phone, let them meet a few times, and then consult for a conclusion. If the duo announces No, it’s a No. Nonetheless, when parents are referred to this, there will certainly be some difficulty as they can’t help but give their advice and conclusion, opinion

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner

Factors to consider when choosing a life partner

Factors to consider when choosing a life partner include:


  1. Family History


Here we’re concerned with how connected a potential partner is to their family members and the quality of these relationships. I look for two red flags when I’m talking with a client about their family history.


One is when they indicate that everything is or was terrible; the other is when they say that everything is or was perfect. Try to determine how much they can accept, forgive, and have family members’ backs.


  1. Past Relationships


It is important to discover what kinds of friendships someone has had or currently has. The best sign is that they still keep a few of their oldest friends. See if they’ve been able to take some responsibility for their failed relationships.




Do they speak of past lovers in derogatory terms, such as “She’s a total narcissist” or “What a borderline he is”?


Occasionally, it might be true, but most of us look pretty unappealing to the other at the end of a relationship, and it’s not usually the whole truth. Ask whether your potential partner tries to be fair-minded.


Other factors to consider when choosing a life partner are


  1. Handling Anger


This involves your observing rather than asking. Watch how they behave when they don’t get their way, are disappointed, or feel angry. In life, we have to manage not getting our way as well as hurt and disappointment.


How people act with others under these circumstances says a lot about how they will one day act with you.


  1. Generosity


Since this is considered the No. 1 key to a good relationship (according to a long-term study), watching how generous your potential partner is in their treatment and discussion of others is extremely important.


When we are love-struck, we are all generous and loving, but you need to look for indications of how generous someone will be when the love potion wears off.


Factors to consider when choosing a life partner


  1. Focus


Determine whether they have meaning in their life that doesn’t relate to you — interests, passions, a history of expanding themselves. Do they have big dreams or a history of making those dreams come true?


Paradoxically, the key to intimacy is the ability to be separate. Until you know yourself and feel whole and clear in what you want for your life, you’ll never be able to be the best partner you can be.


It’s counterintuitive, but we only get the most intimacy out of a relationship when we have done the most work on ourselves.

7 Factors To Consider In Choosing A Life Partner

7 factors to consider in choosing a life partner

7 Factors to consider when choosing a life partner.  Marriage which we all consider a relationship for life should be taken seriously and therefore, who we choose to commit to for the longest period has a huge role to play in our lives. Here are some things to consider before choosing a life partner.


  1. Know if they have any health issues


background of the person to know the health issues the person might have. You need to know the person’s genotype, blood group, and other health-related issues. This would help you decide whether to continue or let go.


  1. Being Ambitious


Nobody wants a lazy partner. We all want someone hardworking in all aspects; females should be able to take care of the house and also the children, while the men should be strong enough to be able to fend for the family needs. Therefore, it is important to know if the person is lazy or hardworking



  1. Choose Someone you can rely on


7 Factors to consider when choosing a life partner. You need to choose someone who you can rely on at all times. Someone you can trust to catch you when you fall.


  1. They should be able to forgive


Another factor to consider when choosing a life partner is their ability to forgive. Everyone makes mistakes and the ability to look past the mistakes makes your relationship strong.


No relationship is without quarrels, because we were not all brought up the same way, which makes us have different opinions. Choosing a partner who knows how to say “I forgive you” and meaning it is very important.


  1. They should be of good character


In choosing a partner, their character is one of the most important factors to look into. This is because their character is what defines a person. It is the replica of the mirror that reflects the person’s worth. You automatically know how a person would turn out in the next 10 years, by the character they portray.


  1. Sense of humor


7 Factors to consider when choosing a life partner. You need to choose a partner who knows how to make you laugh after a very annoying day at work, someone who knows how to change your sour mood, by bringing up funny conversations.


  1. Sexual attraction


In my own opinion, choosing a partner who doesn’t believe that sex in a marriage is important, means that there would be an unfulfilled desire in the marriage. You must choose a partner you are sexually attracted to and also someone who is sexually attracted to you.


Trust me, there must be an absolute desire to satisfy each others’ sexual needs in order not to feel cheated.


5 Qualities To Look For In A Life Partner

5 qualities to look for in a life partner

5 Qualities to look for in a life partner. We all have certain things we want our life partners to possess, that’s cool. But I will give you important qualities to look out for while choosing a life partner.


  1. Should respect your beliefs and values


The person you marry doesn’t have to agree with you on every issue, but even so, you must have mutual respect’s core beliefs and values. How could it be possible to keep on loving a person you don’t respect? Spoiler Alert: It’s not.


  1. Someone that brings out a better version of you


5 qualities to look for in a life partner. The person you marry should help you evolve into a better version of yourself. That doesn’t mean they should belittle you with insults or tell you that you’re not “good enough,” because positive transformation cannot happen without total acceptance of who you are; but your partner should challenge you to step up your game in every aspect of your life.


  1. Someone you can trust


The person you marry shouldn’t be snooping through your phone, private messages, or browsing history. If they are concerned about a specific issue, they should confront you about it without mincing words or sneaking behind your back.


  1. Someone who loves every bit of you


Taking cognizance of the 5 qualities to look for in a life partner, you need to know if they love you in your fullest form.


The person you marry should be in love with you—not their idea of who they think you should be. If they can’t accept you without attempting to mold you into another person, you would be wise to look for love elsewhere.


  1. Someone who is empathetic


Empathy is the ability and willingness to put yourself in the skin of another person and imagine how they feel. Without a capacity for empathy, treating you with compassion, kindness, and consideration will likely not be a priority for your partner.


Choosing Your Life Partner Is Also Choosing Your Future

choosing your life partner is also choosing your future

Choosing your life partner is also choosing your future. Choosing your life partner is a decision that affects your future. The type of partner you decide to spend your life with determines your level of productivity and relevance in society.


It is important that your partner has similar long-term goals with you. Because working together is extremely vital in partnership.


The quality your partner possesses will surely rub off on you. It is true that when couples stay together for some time, they begin to look alike and even manifest each other’s qualities.


Choosing your life partner is also choosing your future. What you envision in your future is what you should look out for when choosing your life partner.


Your career can also be a factor that determines the kind of life partner you look for. Some career persons may prefer a partner who wouldn’t mind staying home full time. Just so they can be with the children while the other is less available.


If having peace of mind in your home is your priority, you certainly won’t be looking for someone who is aggressive and has short tempers. Your focus will be on finding a partner that is meek.


Mismanagement of Finances can be a valid ground for divorce. Everyone plans for a bright future where their careers or businesses will blossom. Humans plan to have some level of achievement at a targeted date.


The kind of person you choose as a life partner will determine how sooner or how further along, you will reach your goals. There have been cases where people were elevated just by marrying someone.


When looking for a partner for marriage, the key is to remember that ‘happily-ever-after’ isn’t arrived upon in one day. And it definitely won’t be met if you’re basing your relationship on a bunch of similarities like music taste and junk food preferences.


While all of those are well and good, you need to keep in mind that choosing your partner is also choosing your future. Utmost compatibility should be aimed for, and the factors to consider while choosing a life partner.


Everyone has their own criteria for choosing a girl and a boy. Wherever you go for choosing your life partner, talk to them for 3-4 months and try to understand. Everyone tries to show they are the best in your first meeting and protect themself.


Let’s just say you are with someone talking, ask them questions

  • About their previous relationship, why the break up happens,
  • Any type of addiction?

Do they want to live with a joint family or a nuclear family?

  • About their ideologies


The Answers you receive will form your basis for continuing the relationship with them or withdrawing.


Don’t be in a hurry to tie the knot, it’s your future we are talking about here.  Take your time to understand what you are getting into. Make sure that whatever you are, what you expect from your intended life partner. That person will have his or her expectations as well.


The purpose of dating and courting is meant to get to know yourselves. Any person you date is a potential life partner. This applies to all ages. There are instances where life partners were once high school sweethearts.


What do I do when my partner changes?


It is in the nature of humans to change with age or with situations. With time, some people’s priorities change. We can prepare well now for the future, but the future might turn out to be something else.


Your intended life partner can portray all the signs that attract you now. But what do you do in the future when he or she changes. Change is inevitable, sometimes it’s good, other times, bad.


Go into a partnership with the understanding that at every given time, you need to adjust. A life partner may decide to change his or her ambitions that got you interested in the first place. It could be a change in the choice of food, movie type, body change, and others.


You too will change after some years. You may drop some former habits and pick up new ones. Getting an understanding that the future isn’t static is a guide to entering a partnership.


Changes can be hard on both people in a relationship. Even if you’re struggling, reach out and support your partner. Let your partner know that he or she is important to you and that you care about the relationship. Give affection, care, and respect, and express yourself through thoughtful words and gestures.


Where the change is for the worse, causing you physical or mental stress, taking some time out is not a bad idea. Divorce is not to be encouraged but when it gets unbearable, especially when you are at the risk of getting physically hurt, it is a must.


How Do We Choose A Partner?


How do we choose the people we fall in love with? The Romantic answer is that our instincts naturally guide us to individuals who are kind and good to us. Love is a sort of ecstasy that descends when we feel ourselves in the presence of a benign and nourishing soul, who will answer our emotional needs, understand our sadness and strengthen us for the hard tasks of our lives.


Choosing your life partner is also choosing your future. To locate our lover, we must let our instincts carry us along, taking care never to impede them through pedantic psychological analysis and introspection or else considerations of status, wealth, or lineage. Our feelings will tell us enough when we have reached our destiny.


To ask someone with any degree of rigour why exactly they have chosen a particular partner is – in the Romantic world-view – simply an unnecessary and offensive misunderstanding of love: true love is an instinct that accurately and naturally settles on those with a capacity to make us happy.


Romanticism would not at this point, however, give up the argument quite so easily. It would simply ascribe the difficulties we often have in love to not having looked hard enough for that central fixture of Romantic reverie: the right person.



This being is inevitably still out there (every soul must have its soulmate, Romanticism assures us), it is just that we haven’t managed to track them down – yet.


So we must continue the search, with all the technology and tenacity necessary, and maybe, once the divorce has come through and the house has been sold, we’ll get it right.


But there’s another school of thought, this one influenced by psychoanalysis, which challenges the notion that instinct invariably draws us to those who will make us happy. The theory insists that we don’t fall in love first and foremost with those who care for us in ideal ways, we fall in love with those who care for us in familiar ways.


Adult love emerges from a template of how we should be loved that was created in childhood and is likely to be entwined with a range of problematic compulsions that militate in key ways against our chances of growth.


Questions To Ask When Choosing A Life Partner

questions to ask when choosing a life partner

Questions to ask when choosing a life partner. People who ask questions do not usually get lost and this applies to choosing the right one for you. Here are some important questions to ask


  • What is your purpose in life and how is this marriage going to help you fulfill it?


  • Tell me about your family.


  • What is your expectation of a wife regarding her relationship with your family?


  • What are a few things that you would expect her to do?


  • How do you save money? How will being married impact your finances?


  • What do you perceive as the ideal husband-wife dynamics?


  • What is your ideal timeline for marriage and children?


  • How do you react when you get angry?


  • What is your biggest fear?


  • What are your pet peeves?


  • What was the biggest obstacle you faced in life and how has it affected you?


  • What is the one thing you cannot stand in life?


  • What are the most important values to you?


  • What is your biggest fear about marriage?


Some other questions to ask when choosing a life partner are



  • If you fall out with me or are annoyed with something I did, how would you address it?


  • If I’m unhappy about something you did, how would you want me to approach you?


  • To what extent do you expect your wife to consult with you on decisions? If you disagree with something your wife was doing or planning to do, how would you address this?


  • Are you willing to commit time, patience, enthusiasm, and loyalty to the relationship?


  • Does your partner like to read?


  • What kind of music does your partner listen to?


Questions to ask when choosing a life partner.


  • How does your partner feel about social media?


  • Is your partner a dog person or a cat person?


  • What kind of TV shows does your partner like to watch?


  • What’s the best present your partner ever gave you?


  • What kind of food does your partner like to eat?


  • What kind of hobbies does your partner have?


  • Do you have fun with your partner’s closest friends?


  • What kind of clothing style does your partner have?


How To Choose The Right Woman To Marry

how to choose the right woman to marry

How to choose the right woman to marry. This section answers the question of choosing the right female partner to commit to. So knowing some things as a man would help you do this.


Men marry down and women marry up. Embrace a lady who is younger than you. If you are 33 years, you marry a girl around 23 years. Additionally, ladies age fast due to child-bearing and you would want someone beautiful for the company as you grow older. The majority of career women are hesitant to settle and are reluctant to have a family.


They have a firm disagreement on motherly roles in the family and compete for superiority both at work and at home. A career woman is against cooking her family meals, and handling her kids and has no time to take care of her husband.



No wonder men fall for house girls. If you have to marry a career woman, you have to be certain that you earn more than her.


How to choose the right woman to marry You should consider the following



  • She should be a virtuous woman


Forget the party girl who cannot wait for the weekend to gulp booze all night. She must have respect, a non-alcoholic and not a stoner. Yes. She must not smoke weed. It is almost unattainable to change a hooker into a housewife. The lesser sexual partners she has and the sober she is the better.



  • She honours you


This is the main reason you should marry a lady younger than you. It is the only way to be adorable and admirable to her. You want to be the man she deeply loves and respects.



  • Pick a ‘warm’ woman


Find a woman who lights up whenever she sees you. When the world seems to be crumbling down, a glimpse of her smile can lighten you up and make you feel invincible.



  • No divorce should be in her speech


If she keeps on referring to divorce as a way to tackle marriage conflict, throw her away and dig somewhere else.



  • She must have a family background


Make sure she has something that she calls family. So that even your kids can have the idea of having a family.


The kind of woman you choose for a wife is critical to you and your kids. Take time and do not rush to tie the knot.

The Looks vs. Personality Dilemma

Back to the self-esteem issue.



Most men who are NOT dating or having sex with the woman or women they desire tend to fall back on the same tired excuse: “I have to choose between looks and personality.”



When you meet a man who claims he wants more from a woman than her looks, then couples it with the “fact” that attractive women only have their looks to lean on, you have met a bullshitter.


Typical examples of  “standards” given by men to rationalize they’re not having attractive women in their lives are:


How to choose the right woman to marry. When you meet a man who claims he wants more from a woman than her looks, then couples it with the “fact” that attractive women only have their looks to lean on, run!


Typical examples of “standards” given by men to rationalize they’re not having attractive women in their lives are:


“I want a woman with intelligence”

“I want a woman with personality”

“I want a caring woman.”

“I want a talented woman.”


These are all admirable traits and everyone should aspire to date woman who possesses some or all of these qualities. There is only one caveat to getting a woman like this: SHE MUST BE PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE AS WELL.


How To Choose The Right Man To Marry

how to choose the right man to marry

How to choose the right man to marry. A lot of times, women inquire about what to look for while making their choice in a man. Here are some relative guidelines women may need to follow.


  • Don’t try to settle down with a guy who is in between work.


  • Be wary of men who are without work, even if you are very interested in them. It’s often better to keep him in the friend zone while he finds himself.


  • Be wary of men who are without work, even if you are very interested in them. It’s often better to keep him in the friend zone while he finds himself.


  • Be wary of men who are without work, even if you are very interested in them. It’s often better to keep him in the friend zone while he finds himself.


How to choose the right man to marry. He’s lost and wouldn’t value you for what you are and any amount of financial or emotional help from you will not soothe or awaken the “man” in him or get him onto his path. His life is a big mess and you will become another part of that chaos.


But before we meet that so-called “perfect man” we have to go through a few rejects, or we could mistakenly end up with the guy we initially thought was Mr. Right, but turned out to be completely wrong.



Sometimes we think we love a guy, but that’s only because we see straight through his many flaws. Not to say that flaws are necessarily always a bad thing.


I mean, we all have them. But some flaws are damaging to not only themselves but to others as well. Things like having no motivation, being constantly rude, and being manipulative.



When we are head over heels in love, we don’t see these things. We see Mr. Right, or at least who we think is Mr. Right. But here’s a suggestion for when you do happen to wake up from that dream: run and don’t look back.



Whether you are looking for a new boyfriend or Mr. Right, you might want to follow these guidelines for how to pick a good guy.


How to choose the right man to marry; consider the following



  • Don’t ignore signs of manipulation.


Little promises kept, tell you a lot about a man’s character. When he says, he’ll call, he calls; when he promises to be there at a certain time, he is — these seemingly unimportant actions unveil his true self.


A true man doesn’t manipulate his actions and words to get your approval or avoid a conflict. Sticking to his words reveals his value system and how much he honors himself and you.


But being with a man who doesn’t honor his words and keeps justifying his actions by lying is to be with someone who is not true to himself. You will be on tenterhooks all the time wondering whether to trust him or not.



You will begin to question his intentions and motives and eventually become insecure. He is very likely to cause extreme anxiety and drive you nuts.


The argument you are likely to give yourself might be, “I can see through him, and even if he thinks he can fool me, he can’t. I can handle this,” but that’s only gonna complicate matters. Beware!



  • Recognize if he’s a weak


A conversationalist, Passion, and attractive man can turn women blind temporarily, but what makes a relationship last are the real things. Never be with a man with whom you can’t have a real conversation and can’t share yourself honestly and truly.


Stay away from a man who takes life too seriously and laughs rarely. A man who doesn’t laugh often is very unlikely to make you laugh too.


A man with a naughty streak will look at life’s problems with a more positive attitude and is more likely to handle them better and more maturely than the cynical ones who take every obstacle too seriously and refuse to look at the brighter side life.


How To Choose The Right Partner Conclusion

How to choose the right partner conclusion

How to choose the right partner conclusion. Whether you agree with me or not, the approach to choosing the right partner is more practical than our feelings.


You may develop feelings for a person Without getting it back. Sometimes the person we have feelings for, might not want to be with us.


Admit the in-depth qualities we look out for, physical appearance is moderately considered in choosing the right partner. Everyone has his or her taste and should stick to it.


Sexual attraction should not be undermined when choosing a life partner. You want to be with someone to whom you are attracted. A person may have all the inbuilt qualities listed out, yet there is no existence of sexual attraction.


Life partners need to be sexually attracted to each other. This will reduce the possibility of one cheating on the other. Hopefully, when added with other qualities, it eliminates it.


Choosing a partner whose ideology aligns with yours is important. You still do not need to focus on that without considering if you are attracted to them. If life partners are not sexually attracted to each other, that will be a huge problem.


If we are, to be honest, what draws us first to a person romantically, is the physical appearance. Appearance sometimes gives insight into the qualities a person possesses.


How to choose the right partner conclusion. There are some people that choose a life partner only because of the way they look. Of course, that kind of union isn’t sustainable. But some men marry trophy wives just because they are physically attracted.


There are no thorough guidelines on how to choose a life partner. People get married for the craziest reasons. Or for reasons that are specifically understood by them.


Moreover, people may pretend to be a certain kind of way just to get your interest. By the time the partnership begins, their real selves begin to manifest. Consider the guidelines, trust your guts and always ask questions.


Love is certainly not enough in choosing a life partner. Do not be carried away by your emotions. Marrying the wrong person can leave a permanent scar in your life.  It can lead to a path of Destruction.


Think of the children that will come as a result of this Union. How will your current decision affect them? Will the person you choose be a good fit to raise them? Is he or she a good example to be emulated?


Do not totally rule out opinions from friends and family. Your attachment to the person may not let you notice their observations.

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