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How to flirt with a guy?

How to flirt with a guy?

How to flirt with a guy

How to flirt with a guy? Are you afraid of being too awkward or embarrassing yourself when flirting with a man? Well, don’t worry. Learning how to flirt with a guy is in your biological make-up. That’s right!


Flirting is directly tied to having sex so it’s is a biological instinct. It’s something that your ancestors have been working on for a very long time. If you don’t trust yourself to just wing it and trust your instinct, have no fear. Here are my tips on how to flirt with a guy


Muster Confidence

First things first! Confidence is a very attractive trait to both sexes. This is because humans are social creatures. We love human connection. Since we love human connection so much, we hate the opposite of connection which is rejection. Rejection sucks. It feels shameful and miserable.


Sometimes our fear of being rejected can be so strong that we don’t want to put ourselves out there and engage with someone new. We want to play it safe to protect ourselves. If you feel this way, it’s going to be hard for you to flirt. Confidence is what you’ll need to get started.


Having confidence means that you don’t care if other people reject you, you don’t take it personally. Rejection is a normal part of life. It’s going to happen to you no matter what.

After all, there are 7 billion people and 7 billion personalities. You’re bound to clash with a few of them.


Showing confidence also makes it easier for the other person to open up.



Engage In Small Talk

Do you wish to learn how to flirt with a guy? Then getting good at small talk is going to help your flirting. Although flirting has a lot to do with body language, not knowing how to start a conversation is going to make it tough to whip out the flirty body language.


Remember that small talk is not about talking about the weather. It’s actually about creating an environment. When talking to someone you don’t know very well, you’re not going to reveal your deepest darkest secrets to them, and they won’t want to do that with you.


Instead, you have to chit-chat about smaller stuff so that you create an environment where they feel safe. A space where they feel they are welcome to share more personal stories or deeper conversations.


You create this space by having lighthearted and friendly conversations. This may sound difficult but the good news is that being a good small talker involves more listening than talking.

You can easily show your interest in them by asking questions. Things like:


“Hey, how’s the week treating you so far?”

“Good thing it’s almost Friday, do you have any plans for the weekend?”


Getting them to open up and engage is going to be the best way to make them feel at ease and it takes the pressure off of you having to do all the talking.


Eye Contact

The first two tips could be used if you just want to make new friends. So what makes flirting different? Well, flirting involves something else…. sexual chemistry.


Chemistry does not come from big gestures. Chemistry is in the little details. It’s picking up on tiny little hints and nuances from the other person. This uncertainty helps build chemistry because neither of you knows if the other person is romantically interested or just being nice.


It’s up to you to make sure you’re giving off the signals that say you’re romantically interested without being too obvious. Using eye contact is a great way to start. When you make eye contact with a man, you not only show you are confident, but you show him that he’s the only thing that you care about right now.


Keeping your eyes on him even though there are other people or distractions in the room means you’re saying “I am only interested in you.” What’s more attractive to a man than that?


Smile and Laugh

Smiling and laughing is how to flirt with a guy innocently. When men look for a woman to have a sexual or romantic relationship with, they want it to be fun. Men are much more physically motivated than women. Women will often go out with a man just because he has a good job or is very nice.


Men want to make sure the woman he is with is physically attractive to them. Now don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying all men are sleazy and want to get you into bed right away. I’m just saying that subconsciously he will want to make sure you are physically meeting his preferences.


One way to instantly make yourself more attractive is to smile. Smiling shows you are positive, fun, and light-hearted. The other thing smiling does is boost his confidence. Men want to impress women that they are attracted to.


One of the ways a man impresses a woman is by making her laugh. Every time he makes a joke, he is trying to make sure that you’re enjoying yourself.


Casual Touching

One of the best ways to flirt with a guy is to introduce some touch. Touch is a more upfront form of body language. Since this one is more obvious and forward, you’ll want to work your way up to this.


Start with the steps I outlined before this. Then if you feel he is interested and responding well to your actions, you can introduce some casual touching.


This means a friendly push of his shoulder, a friendly slap on the knee (if you’re sitting down), or a brush of the arm. Introduce touch in a friendly and not too sexual way.


This is going to get him thinking that you’re interested in him in a way that is more than platonic. On the topic of body language, I want to also remind you of the importance of having open and welcoming body language.


Sometimes women can give the impression that they’re not interested just by using closed body language. If you are interested in a man, be sure to open up your shoulders and point your body towards him so he knows.


Tease Him

Friendly teasing or making fun of him can be very sexy. The only thing you have to be careful of is taking it too far. Pushing him too hard can make you come across as mean instead of friendly.


You want to know how to flirt with a guy without making him upset! One way to keep yourself on the safe side of the line is to not push the same joke over and over.


For example, let’s say you joked that he was dumb by saying a sarcastic comment like “oh, I see, you’re a genius now.” That joke can be funny but then making another comment about his intelligence (or lack thereof) even if he’s a smart guy can come across as mean.


The same goes with anything else, like his fashion sense, taste in movies or music, etc.

What can I say to flirt with a guy?

What can I say to flirt with a guy

What can I say to flirt with a guy? To flirt with a guy over text or in person, tease him like he’s your bratty little brother. Flirting is teasing. Chat with confidence and without self-doubts. Keep your conversations short and sweet.


Do not drag it or think too much about what you should say or how he will react. If you make the conversation complex, it will not have the space to flow naturally. Here are things to say if you are flirting with a guy.


The “I Know Somebody Who Has A Crush On You”

The first thing that you could try telling him is that you know somebody who has a crush on him.

It is instrumental because any time you know somebody has a crush on you, you always want to know who it is.


If you’re noticing that the guy you like doesn’t respond much to you or your texts and you want to get an answer out of them, then try similar phrases that’ll catch them off guard.


You could then continue the conversation by either telling them directly that it is you who has a crush on them, or you can keep them guessing by dropping subtle hints and being indirect.


I suggest not to tell him directly as it kills all mystery and tension and creates a bottleneck for further communication. Once he’d want to find out who the person in question is, consider him hooked.


Tell Him You Love Something He Does

What can I say to flirt with a guy? This might not be one that will work for everybody. For this one to work, you have to go and watch him do some kind of sport or watch him play music somewhere or whatever he loves doing.


Go and watch him do something that he likes doing. This opens up the opportunity for you to give him a genuine compliment. Just tell him that you thought he was awesome doing whatever he was doing the night before.


Sometimes you might not be able to think of something conventionally flirty right away. If you are looking for a speedy way, then boosting his confidence and making him feel happy is the way to go.


Giving him little compliments that tell him he’s good at something is better than complimenting his physical appearance.


Comment On His Personality

The type of flirty phrases that guys love to hear are compliments about their personality or something that you find unique about them. Comments about appearance are great, which we will get into here later on.


Take the time to get to know a guy and compliment him on something which makes him different from other guys. It might be something about him that may not be understood unless you take the time to know him.


Do this, and he is going to feel like you’re interested and invested in him. It will make you a lot more attractive to him.


Tell Him That You’ve Been Thinking About Him

What can I say to flirt with a guy? Another flirty thing that you can say to a guy is to tell him that you were thinking about him all day. This will make them feel good every single time you say something like this.


If somebody doesn’t respond to you saying so, then even I don’t know what is going on in their head :D.


Jokes apart, when somebody hears that you’ve been thinking about them or if something happened and it made you think of them, it’s going to make them realize how much you care about them. It shows them that they are an active part of your life.


Physical Appearance Matters To A Person. Compliments about a guy’s appearance are essential too. Regardless if it’s right or wrong, we all do care about how we look, and we all want to be reassured that we look good.


Or at least you want to know something looks good on us in terms of appearance.

If you find something about a guy that you like, that you are attracted to, say that. Whether it is their height or their hair or their smile.

How do you flirt with a guy over text?

How do you flirt with a guy over text

How do you flirt with a guy over text? Every single girl would love men to go crazy about her but that is quite hard to accomplish. But since there is a solution to every problem, there is one for this kind of issue as well.


There are so many things that you can do to make men go crazy about you and you don’t even have to be the most beautiful woman in the room. You just need to be witty and know what to say in crucial moments.


One important rule before you start mass sending flirty text messages is that you need to crawl before you walk. Flirty text messages can be fun for both parties, and brighten up your day if done right, so follow these rules and you’ll find it simple!


Take it Slow

How do you flirt with a gut over text? Do not make the first thing you text be details about how you want it dirty and where. Instead, ease in flirts without giving it all away. Texting is not having phone sex. It takes finesse to flirt, yet not reveal too much at once.


Try something like: “I just smelled your cologne on my shirt from our kiss this morning… now I suddenly cannot wait to see you tonight.” This conveys physical attraction without putting it all out there in the text. Perfect for building sexual tension…speaking of which, you might like


Paint a Picture With Words

So you’re sitting home waiting for your guy to arrive, but he has to work late. Hurry his pace with a flirty text that shows more than it tells.


I am looking at three things: “A half-empty bottle of red wine, a pile of my clothes, and a marathon of our favorite show. The only thing missing is you… :)” Instead of complaining about him being late, you showed him what he was missing.



Sure you think your lover is sexy and you want him to know it. However, every flirty text message does not have to be sexy. Humor is a great way to bond, and cheer up your love while you are not together.


It can be a silly joke, or whatever works. Try this one to be both funny and provocative: “How fast can you guess these words?”


  • _ _ _ k
  • _ _ndom
  • d_ck

Then once he texts back, you can correct him…these are the answers:


  • book
  • random
  • duck

Did you get them right, I hope not because I did not!


Say it Another Way

How to flirt with a guy over text? Do you know how to say I love you in Spanish, French, or German? “Te amo. Je t’aime. Ich liebe dich.” Add variety by saying it another way.


This also works for phrases other than “I love you”, such as “you make me hot”. “Usted me hace caliente.” Flirty text messages can teach your guy a little culture.


Send him erotic texts

  • I just saw that hot waitress was checking you out! I’m guessing somebody’s a little jealous of the catch that I’m with. Too bad you’re all mine!


  • You are quite popular among women, they all like to spend time with you! I just feel bad for them for not knowing just how amazing your company is. You’re like my hot little secret!


  • I had a dirty dream last night and guess who the protagonist was? If you can’t guess, come over and give some more material to dream about later.

How do you touch a guy to flirt?

How do you touch a guy to flirt

How do you touch a guy to flirt? It’s not easy to flirt, especially when you can’t get to spend some time alone with that special someone. But, you can still get your message across with a flirting touch, and without overdoing it.


The first step is to learn how to flirt with a guy by touch without making the other person feel uncomfortable and without making it glaringly obvious what you’re trying to do.


You might wonder what the point of flirting is if you’re not being obvious, but that’s what flirting is – subtle but powerful!


Flirting is a way of telling someone you find attractive without actually coming out and saying it.


Body language is as simple as it gets. Keep a keen eye on the body language of your date. Body language is when your body speaks for you.


It doesn’t matter what your words are saying, if your body language is saying something else, the other person is going to doubt your words ten-fold. That’s how powerful it is.


Learning how to read body language is very useful in many situations, especially when learning how to flirt by touch.


How do you touch a guy to flirt?

  1. Be sure to read the person’s behavior – if they seem uncomfortable, back off


  1. Test the waters by gently touching their arm when you say something funny


  1. Start slowly and build up from there


  1. If you sense things are going well, move the touch to a very slight stroke and then move your palm away


  1. Team your flirty touches with eye contact and smiles


  1. Tell them you find them funny/pretty/handsome/sexy if you feel like the flirting is going well


How do you touch a guy to flirt? What you shouldn’t do

  1. Don’t allow your touches to linger too much – it’s just weird


  1. Touches should be sporadic and surprising, don’t touch them too often


  1. But, don’t move your hand away too fast either – you haven’t been burned!


  1. Don’t allow your touches to come over as sexual – it may scare the other person off when done too soon


  1. Make sure you don’t touch them in inappropriate places – arms, hands, and shoulders are fine


  1. Don’t make other people around you uncomfortable if your partner is reciprocating – too many touches and they’ll be thinking you need to get a room!

How do you flirt with a guy suddenly?

How do you flirt with a guy suddenly

How do you flirt with a guy suddenly? You just started talking to this awesome new guy and you’re both hitting off. It starts with so much possibility.


You have great conversations and he’s interested in what you did that day, he wants to know why you’re so interested in the 20th century, about your new internship and then suddenly you catch yourself checking your phone to find nothing for hours or even days.


Now, you’re posting on your Snapchat story (like a modern-day Gatsby holding parties to see if Daisy will attend), just to see if he will watch it.


You haven’t learned any new information on him recently since he hasn’t talked to you much so you look at his Instagram pics again and hope you don’t accidentally like one, but you don’t because you’re a pro at this by now, and know not to go too fast when scrolling. We’ve all been there.


Suggest fun dates

How do you flirt with a guy suddenly? (when the opportunity arises.) Don’t just go to dinner or the movies. (Movies are a really bad first date idea because you’re not talking and getting to know each other at all.)


Go to a museum, the zoo, ice skating, do a photoshoot, go thrift shopping, or even go to the beach. Show him that you are fun and do something that gets you both out of your comfort zone.


Change in life never happens through staying in your comfort zone, and change in a ”situationship” won’t happen if you are both staying in your comfort zone.


Take things slow

Go with the flow. Don’t try to push for commitment or a relationship or even too much of his time, too fast because then it won’t feel organic. Love and relationships develop best when they are allowed to form naturally and slowly.


Get to know him. Don’t give away too many details about yourself too fast and let there be mysteriousness about you.


Tell him your feelings

How do you flirt with a guy suddenly? Don’t go into details about all your feelings for him yet. Do not be the first one to mention being in a relationship. As soon as you mention the word “relationship”, he gets nervous.


No matter how interested he might be, at first, the word relationship can be scary. Relationship implies commitment and the fact that you are the one to mention it can put pressure on him and make him not want to be in one just because he did not come upon the idea organically and on his own.


Have your parents ever asked you to do something that you were already planning to do but as soon as they told you to do it, you suddenly didn’t want to do it anymore? It’s like that. Let him be the first one to mention a relationship first so you know it’s what he wants.


Add to his life

If you two have been on a few dates now, it’s the time to integrate into his life and show him that you are so much more than just a “passing girl” in his life. You are an amazing addition to his day.


Show interest in his hobbies and suggest that you two do one of them together and then try and make it something that you two do regularly.


When you show interest in his hobbies, you’re showing that you are interested in his hobbies or that you are willing to try new things even if it’s not something that you normally would be interested in.


He loves his hobbies and he will associate positive feelings with you doing them with him and therefore positive feelings towards you. However, do not show interest in his hobbies if you are not being genuine.


Don’t become obsessed with something he’s interested in just because he does it. Be honest with him and yourself about it, but also open-minded to learning new things.

How to flirt with a guy over text?

How to flirt with a guy over text

How to flirt with a guy over text? Whether you’re trying to win over someone you just matched with on a dating app or trying to take things to the next level with someone you’ve already gone out with a few times, here are some texting tips to get the digital sparks flying.


Keep it short and sweet.

As a general rule on how to flirt with a guy, the simpler the message, the better. So, avoid typing out a super long text if you’re going for a flirty tone. Think about it this way:


Which would be more effective for capturing your attention at a bar — if someone smiled, said “hey,” and walked away, or if someone approached you and rambled on for 5 straight minutes about their life?


A short text is not only smoother, but it also encourages some back and forth banter — the way you naturally talk in real life.



  • Missing that face RN. Send me a photo of it?
  • So, I had a crazy dream about you last night…
  • What are you doing this weekend? Besides hanging with me, of course.
  • Fun fact: this song just reminded me of you.


Stay positive.

How to flirt with a guy over text? Flirting, by nature, is meant to be cheerful and lighthearted — it should make you both feel like you’re in high school again.


So, when you’re going for a flirty tone, you’ll want to avoid talking about anything too heavy or intense. Keep it upbeat, because then the object of affection will start to associate you with positive vibes.



  • Just got some amazing news and guess what? You were the first person I wanted to tell.
  • Finally checked out that show you recommended and I’m officially #addicted… How do you know me so well?
  • Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about that hilarious story you told me. When do I get to hear more?


Be complimentary.

Being complimentary is one way on how to flirt with a guy over text. As they say, flattery will get you everywhere.


But remember: a compliment will only really have the desired effect if it’s sincere. Think about the things you genuinely like most about your crush, and use one of them as a jumping-off point for getting in touch.



  • Watching a movie and the main character looks a lot like you… except not nearly as cute.
  • Confession: every single time I get a text alert I hope it’s from you — because that never fails to make me smile.
  • Just FYI, I’m at 3% battery and I’m using the last of it to text you.


Ask a playful question.

  • Guess which emoji I put next to your name on my phone?
  • Is it just me, or did we kind of knock the whole first date thing out of the park? Feel like we deserve an award for that one, don’t you?
  • How am I supposed to be productive at work when my mind keeps wandering to our date the other night?


You can also feel free to add an emoji or two to your flirty texts for a little emotional flavor, but try to not go overboard. What you say with your words is what counts, and emojis are only meant to enhance the tone and personality of the message (since the recipient can’t see your facial expressions or hear your voice).

How to flirt with a guy without being obvious?

How to flirt with a guy without being obvious

How to flirt with a guy without being obvious? Guys may think twice before trying to flirt with girls, but if you follow these steps on how to flirt with a guy, you’ll have guys warming up and flirting with you all the time, even if they’re with their girlfriend!


And you do know this little secret, don’t you? Guys are drawn and attracted to a girl they can flirt with. So work your magic!


Remember, you don’t even have to make the first move if you know these tips on flirting with a guy subtly. Just follow these steps as simple as they may seem, and by the end of it all, you can make any guy you like to flirt with you without ever making the first move!


Smile, blush, and be coy

How to flirt with a guy without being obvious? Guys love a girl who’s happy and full of positivity. And guys especially love a girl who smiles and laughs when she’s having a conversation with them.


Don’t be arrogant or rude to the guy you’re talking with, or to people around you. Guys stay away from girls who behave this way, even if they’re attractive-looking.


Be warm and approachable when you’re talking to a guy. Smile a lot and blush when he compliments you, and we assure you his heart will skip a beat!


Compliment him and thank him

Guys love compliments, and compliments are one of the stepping stones of a happy flirty conversation. If you like something about a guy, make sure you compliment him for that.


He would love the fact that you noticed something nice about him, and he’d go out of his way to have a flirty conversation with you. And likewise, if he’s being rather courteous or chivalrous, thank him with a warm smile.


Stare into his eyes

One of the secrets to knowing how to flirt with a guy subtly is to feel, and believe you’re enjoying the conversation with him *you like him, so chances are, you ARE enjoying the conversation already!*.


Focus on the guy completely as you talk to him. And when you’re having a conversation with him, look into his eyes deeply and smile now and then as he’s talking to you.


It may confuse him or make him feel awkward, but deep eye contact and a happy smile will make him wanna lose himself in your eyes too. You didn’t think subtle flirting was this easy, did you?!


Bring the focus to your lips

Lick your lips, suck on a straw, look away and run a finger across your lower lip as you contemplate something he said, bite something, apply chapstick, do anything that brings the focus to your lips. Subtly, of course!


You may catch him staring at your lips, but don’t get too flattered just yet. Some girls feel so thrilled that their flirting moves are working, they start gloating about it either by laughing at the guy’s face or getting carried away.


Don’t be that girl, seriously! It’s a huge turn-off. Focus on subtlety, and just play along nonchalantly as he falls for you

How to flirt with a guy in person?

How to flirt with a guy in person

How to flirt with a guy in person? Flirting is one of those things that seems to be second nature to some, but is an entirely foreign language to others. Unfortunately, like with kissing, if you get too “in your head” about it, it only becomes harder.


Try to remember that flirting is supposed to be fun. Don’t take it too seriously. If you award it too much weight, it becomes downright scary – so relax. (I know, easier said than done.)


Playful, flirtatious banter is like a tennis match. It can feel exhilarating when you get into a good groove with someone. If you’re interested in a guy who is a little nervous, some mild flirting can be the push he needs to make his move.


Be Innocently Seductive

Being innocently seductive doesn’t mean sliding on your darkest lipstick and most revealing outfit. It’s more lighthearted and cheeky than that.


Flirting properly is all about the subtle cues. The guy will pick up on them, but it’s not inherently obvious to anyone walking by what is happening.


Playing with your hair, jewelry, and clothing will draw his attention to them. Repeatedly running your fingers through your hair. Bite your lip occasionally.


When he’s speaking, feel free to let your eyes wander from his eyes to his lips and back again. Lean in his direction when he’s speaking, like you’re being mindlessly drawn to him.


Playful Touches

How to flirt with a guy in person? If you’re interested in a guy who seems hesitant to take things to the next level, a few well-timed, “accidental” touches can make a big difference. This opens the door for him to do the same, and it will make him feel more comfortable around you.


Make the touches discrete. A light punch on the arm if he cracks a joke in your direction works well. Compassionately placing a hand on his shoulder when he’s being vulnerable is also an option.


When you compliment something he’s wearing, you can briefly touch it. A nudge in the arm or a hug goodbye is an idea as well.


Compliment him… and tease him

You may not know it, but men love compliments, and compliments aren’t as freely given to men as they are to women. Men don’t have a team of cheerleaders telling them how amazing they look before heading out for a night.


Search him for something unique to compliment. Try to avoid generic comments such as, “I like your shirt.” Go more specific. For example: “Wow, that shirt brings out the green in your eyes.”


Expert compliment-giving is all in the delivery. If you mumble it or look somewhere else while you’re talking or overdo it, it’s just not going to have the same effect.


Calm your nerves and look him directly in the eye when you speak. Throwing in a smile with a bite on your lower lip doesn’t hurt, either.


Don’t shy away from making a gentle joke at his expense. This shows you have a sense of humor. Don’t go for anything that he could be sensitive about.


If he has huge muscles, you can make a joke about him being scrawny … if he’s scrawny, definitely don’t mention it even as a joke! Your aim here is to come across as mischievous, not as one of the guys.

How to flirt with a guy face to face?

How to flirt with a guy face to face

How to flirt with a guy face to face? Apply the same energy you will use to chat with a guy in person in this case. Make it personal and appealing but leave him guessing. Here are a few tips.


Start with Small Talk

What do you do? How was your day? – No, I don’t mean that kind of small talk. That’s the kind of petty small talk you should skip. No one wants to deal with that boring chatter.


Instead, skip to the good stuff and aim to have meaningful small talk.


Don’t know what that means? Simple – it’s something that can help you connect with the other person in the most genuine way.


  • Look for stories, not answers. Avoid questions with one-word or one-line answers. It shouldn’t feel like an interview. Ask why (or how), not what. Ask open-ended questions and the kind of questions that invite him to tell stories or elaborate.


  • Compliment him. Men love that but go beyond their looks. “You have pretty eyes,” and “you have huge muscles” just sounds unoriginal and not interesting by this point.


Drop Subtle Hints

How to flirt with a guy face to face? The secret is not to ask him, but have him ask you, whether that’s for your number or a date. Because one of the most unfortunate things is this: while guys like to know if they have a chance or not, they don’t like it when girls are too forward.


Hence, the secret flirting tip – make it seem like the ball is in their park, even when you were the one to put it in there! How? By using embedded commands.


It’s hypnotic language to make them do something without actually saying it outright. For example: instead of saying, “take me out to dinner,” tell him, “I’ve always wanted to try this restaurant, but my friend bailed on me.”


Don’t Forget Eye Contact

That old phrase “the eyes are the windows to the soul” strongly applies when it comes to flirting. Giving strong eye contact lets him know that you’re attentive to him, which is a nonverbal cue of attraction!

How to flirt with a guy in chat?

How to flirt with a guy in chat

How to flirt with a guy in chat? With so many communications solutions, flirting with a guy can happen over text messages by using one of many available chat and messaging platforms or even social media.


The following tips can be used whether you are flirting with a guy you are already seeing or a guy you have just met through the internet.

Flirting over text with a guy has some obvious benefits that you should take advantage of:


By following these tips on how to flirt with a guy in chat, not only can you be sure that you have done it the right way but you can also avoid embarrassment during your flirting. In the end, flirting has two goals:


Don’t push it too much at the start.

Take it easy. Sending you a message doesn’t mean he wants to marry you! He just makes the first step and now it’s in your hand to make his curiosity and imagination explode!


Pushing it too much will bring the opposite results. Showing him that you are cool enough will excite his interest in you.


Be enigmatic.

An enigmatic attitude in your text can boost your charisma! Men are always like that. They are always interested in something mysterious.


The more mysterious something is, the more curious they are which will lead them to do more to reveal it. By being enigmatic, you are luring him to move forward step by step.


Wait a bit before your next response.

Don’t rush to answer. If you always respond in seconds after receiving his message, it means that you are desperate and needy. Men don’t like women who seem like this. They believe that they will not have a space to breathe.


Honestly, they have the right to believe it. Playing it a bit hard to get, will surely make this flirting more challenging for men. As men are born with the nature to tame, they will surely be more interested in taming the challenging you.


Do not get mad if he replies to you late.

Life is not only about texting. People have lots of things to do, so does the guy you are flirting with. Don’t get mad although he replies to you late. Let him do his routines and finish some of the important matters before replying to you.


Give him enough space. This way, he will be more interested in you. By doing this, you let him realize that you are an understanding and patient person. Who doesn’t like to be around a patient and understanding person? That is how to flirt with a guy!


Don’t always be the one who starts the chat.

You may wonder why you shouldn’t always be the one to chat with him first. It’s simply because you look needy and very aggressive. Remember, needy girls are BORING and aggressive girls are SCARY.


Text him first on the first 3 or 4 days. Then wait for him to text first the other days. Be patient. Doing this can also be a good measurement to know whether a guy has an interest in you or not. Why spend much time on a guy who has no interest in you?


Be a little “naughty”.

Being a little “naughty” doesn’t mean that you should talk about sex! It means that you can be freer and more expressive in voicing your opinion or in answering questions. Men sometimes find girls who text in a very polite and formal way boring.


Be a little naughty. Don’t hesitate and be too shy. Be brave yet respectable. A girl who can act properly will gain more respect from the guy she likes.

How to flirt with a guy online?

How to flirt with a guy online

How to flirt with a guy online? This shouldn’t be a big deal if done properly. And here is how to achieve it


Have a good vocabulary

When Bee Gees sang the song “It’s only words…. words are all I have to take your heart away” online flirting wasn’t didn’t even exist. But those awesome men were well aware that words play an important role if you are trying to woo someone.


I  suggest working on your vocab. Keep interesting but easily understandable words handy and garnish them with dollops of humor. Once you see how it works like a charm, there won’t be any reason for you to continue online flirting anonymously.


Make your intention clear

How to flirt with a guy online? You may be flirting because you want to get a taste of the hook-up culture, date casually, or find a serious, meaningful connection with someone. While flirting online with a guy or a girl, make your intention clear so that you both are on the same page in terms of expectations.


At the same time, understand theirs. After all, if you go full sentimental on someone who’s just looking for casual fun, being ghosted is almost a foregone conclusion. Likewise, texts loaded with sexual innuendos can ruin your chances of building a connection with someone you may genuinely like.


Pick up something interesting from the profile

If you want to have a fun conversation but at the same time don’t want to come across as too nosy or risk saying something offensive, pick up something they wrote in their profile and talk about it.


One of the online flirting examples of this could be sending cute doggo GIFs or memes

to someone who loves dogs or seems to be smitten by their pet. It could be anything like

their scuba diving hobby they have talked about or the goatee that looks good on them.


Make it fun and interesting when you talk about what’s there on their profile.

How to flirt with a guy at school?

How to flirt with a guy at school

How to flirt with a guy at school? High school is a fun period in one’s life. Guys and girls are trying to get to know the opposite sex, are willing to experiment with many different, and also date lots of people.


For dating, you first of all need to make a guy interested in you. And when it comes to getting a guy interested in you, flirting is an art that is used by many girls. However, not all girls are confident enough to approach a guy they like or flirt with him.


So, for girls like these, given below are some useful ways how to flirt with a guy


Be Available

To get a guy to notice you, you have to be available first. So, if you are the studious type who prefers to study and read all the time, or a shy girl who is an introvert, chances are that no one will ever know that you exist. So for starters, become a social person, make friends, and hang out with your classmates.


Dress Well

How to flirt with a guy at school? Although it is said that one’s inner beauty matters more than how one looks from the outside, in high school or even after that, the first thing a guy will ever notice about a girl is her looks.


Now, this does not mean that you have to look very stunning all the time. Being well-groomed, wearing clothes that flatter your body shape, and light makeup are all that is needed to make you look feminine and pretty.




Always appear positive and wear a smile on your face. A smiling person is more likely to have more friends than a gawky one or the one with a sad face. If you smile at a guy, nine out of ten times they will say hi, and from then on you can take the conversation forward.


Look Interested

Do you want to know how to flirt with a guy at school? Just look interested while they talk. It is human nature that we tend to speak more to people who we feel will listen to us, understand us, and are in some way interested in what we have to say.


One of the ways to show interest in a guy is by becoming a good listener. If you show the guy that you like listening to him or think of him as an intelligent person, he too is most likely to get interested in knowing you.


Give Compliments

To flirt with a guy over text or in person, one thing that always does the trick is to give them compliments. There is no better way to flirt with a guy than by flattering his ego.


So, tell him things like “nice shirt”, “I like your hairstyle”, or “you are so intelligent”. And most importantly, sound genuine when giving compliments.

How to flirt with a guy on WhatsApp?

How to flirt with a guy in WhatsApp

How to flirt with a guy on WhatsApp? For us, millennials, texting has become synonymous with messaging someone on WhatsApp.


Especially when it comes to a crush, it helps us sneakily be in the loop – if he has read the message, if he has come online but hasn’t bothered to acknowledge the text, our heart is in our mouth every time the window says ‘typing…’.


But the anticipation doesn’t need to be that arduous and you can take charge and find ways to impress your crush too. Here’s how to flirt with a guy on Whatsapp


Start With His Display Picture

Sometimes, something as simple and nonchalant as ‘Hey, you look cute in that pic’ helps him realize that you are aware and observant of him.


Take Hints From His WhatsApp Status

If you recognize it like the lines of a song you know, or a book/ film you have loved, that in itself is a conversation starter. It also helps him realize that you guys have things in common!


Use Emojis To Your Benefit

Emoticons are a fun and fabulous way to communicate without coming across too strongly to the other person. Be creative with the plethora of options and fire away!


Selfie Time

How to chat with a guy on WhatsApp? If you are having a great hair day, your eyeliner is on point and you are in a good mood overall, leverage that by clicking a flattering selfie and sending it to him. Is there anything more awesome than starting a conversation with compliments on how great you look?


Say It Like It Is

Give your profile an alluring vibe. Make your statuses slightly suggestive and open to interpretation. Also, change your profile picture often – maybe think about putting one where he is also in the frame? *Wink*


Send Him Voice Notes

Sometimes messages can’t articulate what you are trying to say. Send him a flirty voice note, or one of the songs you’re listening to, and urge him to respond with one!


Better Still, Video Chat!

Ask him if he’d be interested… If he is, set up a date and time because that way you can ease your fingers, and talk and interact with each other for hours on end.

How to flirt with a guy conclusion

How to flirt with a guy conclusion

How to flirt with a guy conclusion. In conclusion, everyone can flirt with the guy over text, but doing it properly is another thing. Follow the flirting tips above and your flirting process will bring you to a higher level in your relationship unless he isn’t interested in you.


So good luck with your flirting.


How to flirt with a guy conclusion. Finally, the use of too many emoticons will have similar results. The less you use emoticons, the more elegant and less childish you will look. Knowing when to ask and when to stop will be very good for your flirting.

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