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How To Stop Ruining My Own Life

How To Stop Ruining My Own Life

How to stop ruining my own life

How to stop ruining my own life. Enacting the change that will move our life from good to better is not as easily done as it is said. We are often advised to try new methods if the one we use isn’t producing results.


Now let’s say you are someone who feels responsible for whatever happens to people around you, whether it is your fault or not you always seem to take the brunt of their own mistakes. This is the time to quit that thing you’ve made a job.


It might not be easy to stop right away but you will eventually. What you have to do is anytime someone around you isn’t having all things cosy and rosy, if you know you can not help them in any way do not interfere at all.


It may sound mean but always taking the heat for things you shouldn’t, backfire on your mental health and you don’t want that. There are countless ways you could be harming yourself and you wouldn’t know. These “how to stop ruining my own life”  tips are for you.


  1. Stop thinking you have to follow a plan that isn’t yours


Parents and society sometimes make you feel like you have to do things in a certain way or act in a certain way. You don’t. If you’re going to drop out of college because you don’t think that path is for you, do it.


I know someone who failed out of university and has now paved her way to making a hell of a lot more than I do. Don’t want to go to grad school after you graduate college? Don’t.


Follow your dreams of being an artist, a doctor, a food blogger, or whatever it is you passionate about. Do what YOU want to do because it’s your life-not anyone else’s.


  1. Stop letting fear dictate your choices.


How to stop ruining my own life. Don’t let fear dictate your choices because when you look back on your life you don’t want to be left with this lingering question of “what if”. Stop doubting yourself and just go after what you want. Failure isn’t a bad thing and we need to stop associating it as such.


  1. Stop doing things out of obligation.


I can’t think of a worse reason to continue doing things you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to go out on the weekend, say no.


If you don’t want to hang out with someone who keeps asking, say no. No is a complete sentence. Use it. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. It’s time to start putting yourself first.


  1. Stop being so concerned with what’s next you forget to focus on what’s right in front of you.


How to stop ruining my own life. As cliche as it is, you are only this young once. Stop waiting until you’re married, or have a family, or a house, or your dream car.


Stop thinking things will be okay once you hit a particular milestone and start focusing on how you can improve your life right now, at this moment. Make now a priority and everything else in the future will work out.


  1. Stop holding onto people who have let you go.


Moving on is never easy but it’s necessary, just like letting go. You can’t cling to someone or something that has already left you behind. It sucks. It’s hard but it’s part of life.


  1. Stop wasting money.


Yes, I know no one likes to talk about money but seriously, stop wasting your money. Stop recklessly spending it on things you don’t need and start investing it into your future.


  1. Stop spending all your time in your comfort zone.


You do NOT grow in your comfort zone, you don’t better yourself or challenge yourself. The way things are now is the way things will always be if you never push yourself.


You will remain stagnant and no one wants to be stagnant. It’s important to push yourself to do the things you want. Stop doubting yourself and start making those strides to where you want to be.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others.


How to stop ruining my own life. Where your college roommate is in life does not reflect where you should be. The person who is 4 years younger but has a million Instagram followers does not reflect where you should be, and it also doesn’t make you a failure.


Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on being better than you were last month. Make continuous strides to be better than where you used to be. And if you must compare yourself to others, at least use that as motivation to better yourself.


  1. Stop doubting yourself.


Stop thinking you don’t deserve good things because you do. Stop thinking you’re not smart enough or important enough or that your opinion doesn’t matter. You are strong, smart, capable, and resilient, stop doubting yourself and go after what you want.


  1. Stop settling because you’re scared to be alone.


How to stop ruining my own life. I’ve seen more people than I want to admit settle in relationships because they’d rather have someone there, even if that person sucks than being alone.


I’ve seen people who have been in relationships for years who are unhappy but won’t break up because the thought of having to date again and figure life out without their partner seems too daunting, so they stay.


Don’t do this. If the bad outweighs the good it’s not worth it. Being alone is not a bad thing and ending a relationship because you’re not happy or being fulfilled the way you need is also not a bad thing.


Things won’t get better when you get engaged or married or have kids, or whatever it is you think will make things better won’t.


  1. Stop over-committing yourself.


How to stop ruining my own life. Being busy is great but don’t over-commit yourself because you feel guilty saying no. There is only so much you can accomplish in 24 hours as a person. If you become overwhelmed your work is going to become worse.


Find your healthy balance of work and know when too much is too much. People would rather you say no than have you half-ass something for them.


How do you tell if you ruined your life?

How do you tell if you ruined your life

How do you tell if you ruined your life? Life is like a house that needs to be built and maintained. People try to avoid many realities and continue to ruin what’s good in their life without even noticing.


Such poor choices don’t have to be made by you. Being happy and successful starts with acknowledging what damage you are doing to yourself right now and doing well to fix it.


  1. You ruin your life when you don’t forgive


You can’t take life too seriously. People will hurt you and you will hurt others. Holding on to grudges or anger will only blind you from focusing on what is truly important.


  1. You ruin your life when you keep a job you don’t like


How do you tell if you ruined your life? Sometimes you keep a job because you want a steady paycheck. But why jeopardize your happiness and focus on the present rather than on the future where you are free and happy?


  1. You ruin your life when you care about what others think


You can’t please anyone. Caring about what others think will only make you empty as people will end up hurting and disappointing you.


  1. You ruin your life when you are always procrastinating


How do you tell if you ruined your life?  Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you take action. Go out there and do what needs to be done to make your life perfect.


  1. You ruin your life when you don’t take care of yourself


Your body is your vehicle to success. Treating your body right by eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only secure a healthy future but boost your self-esteem now.


  1. You ruin your life when you complain about everything


How do you tell if you ruined your life? Living a life of complaints doesn’t take you anywhere but will leave you disappointed, frustrated and angry. You need to channel that energy you use to complain into something worthwhile.


  1. You ruin your life when you live in regrets


Your past cannot be changed. Learn from it and move on. Living in regrets only saps your positive energy and distracts you from possibilities.


  1. You ruin your life when you compare yourself to others


There is nothing as awful or as degrading as trying to compare yourself with others. We are all unique so why try to compare yourself with someone who is not you.


  1. You ruin your life when you are in the wrong relationships


It is a bad thing to have an awful partner, but it will also tear you down if you are in relationships with friends who bruise and batter your self-worth.


  1. You ruin your life when you are pessimistic


You should always be optimistic that things will be better. You cannot be negative and continue to condemn everything good that will come your way.


Why do I feel like I ruin everything?

Why do I feel like I ruin everything

Why do I feel like I ruin everything? If you have low self-esteem, you probably have been down this rabbit hole way too many times—sabotaging your way to happiness, good relationships, promotions, recognition, or a well-deserved moment in the limelight.


We all generally want the best for ourselves, so why do we try to sabotage our chances of getting what we want, have worked so hard for, and rightfully deserve?


How to stop ruining my own life. Self-sabotage is the action we take to thwart our own best intentions and goals. We do it because we want something, and then we fear that we may get it, that we won’t be able to handle it, and so we ruin everything, be it getting a promotion, finding the perfect relationship, or starting a business.


So why not save ourselves from the pain, the embarrassment, the disappointment if we mess up and kill all the chances in their infancy before we can get hurt.


  1. Self-sabotage


Why do I feel like I ruin everything? As strange as it may seem, people often intentionally undermine their own goals. This is called self-sabotage. Usually, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. Here are a few reasons why people self-sabotage:


  • We feel unworthy: if I think I don’t deserve happiness, I might feel like I’m doing the world a favor by making myself unhappy.


  • Repressed emotions: I may be bottling up my negative emotions because they’re uncomfortable, or because I’m in an environment where I’m not “allowed” to express them.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t make them go away. Instead, they build up until they’re too intense to keep inside, and then we explode, usually in a destructive way.


  • We take it out on our loved ones: A lot of the time those bottled-up emotions come out when we feel most comfortable—and that’s usually around the people we care about the most.


  • We’re reliving trauma: people who have lived through a very frightening or stressful experience often get stuck thinking about it. They might even try to recreate the situation to feel in control.


  • Fear of success: You might feel like once you’ve succeeded once, people will have higher expectations for you. If you don’t succeed in the first place, you can avoid that pressure… but at a high cost.


  • Caring can be stressful: A little stress can be a good thing—it keeps us focused on our goals, and reminds us of what we have to lose. But too much stress makes us lose focus.


  1. Listening to your self-talk


Why do I feel like I ruin everything? Take a second and think about that sentence: “I destroy everything.” I bet if you think about it, you can come up with some examples of things you’ve done well. Maybe your loved ones can help you think of times you made other people happy. Thinking about this logically might help a bit—or, it could be missing the point.


Ultimately, “I destroy everything” doesn’t come from the logical part of our brain. It comes from the emotional part. We say things like this about ourselves when we’re feeling a lot of emotions but don’t know how to describe them. Try to put a label on exactly what you’re feeling. Here are some ideas:


  • Frustration: I’m having a hard time achieving my goals.
  • Confusion: How can the results of my actions be so far from my intentions?
  • Helplessness: I can see how I’m self-sabotaging, but I can’t seem to stop—I feel out of control.
  • Despair: Will it ever end, or is this just how I am?
  • Shame: It feels like everyone else has their life in order—what’s wrong with me?


Learning to understand and communicate your emotions is the first step to learning to manage them. Once you can do that, you can start to change the way you talk to yourself, and think about where to go from here.

What is the meaning of ruin your life?

What is the meaning of ruin your life

What is the meaning of ruin your life? According to the Cambridge, dictionary to ruin means to spoil or destroy something completely: for example


I think settling for Collins ruined my life

I don’t want to make decisions that will ruin my life


What is the meaning of ruin your life? When you ruin your life, you put yourself in danger. You do things that could hurt you.


Ruining your life doesn’t mean it will happen immediately, it is something that grows over time if you don’t deal with whatever it is.


What is the meaning of ruin my life? When you don’t put yourself first due to one condition or another especially when you know it’s the right thing to do or when you engage constantly in habits that bring you down then you ruin yourself.


Can one person ruin your life?

Can one person ruin your life

Can one person ruin your life? In your everyday life, you get to deal with many people, and you just can’t trust the person you just met. Be careful in associating with people for your peace and well-being as bad company ruins good morals.


A personality disorder is a class of mental disorders, behavioural traits, cognition, and dealing with different people and situations that differ from social and cultural norms.


How to stop ruining my own life. Personality disorders intensify as long as you surround yourself with toxic and venomous interactions. And dealing with a person with a personality disorder also gonna affect your mental health, self-esteem reputation, confidence, and peace.


Here are five types of people who can ruin your life.


  1. Narcissists


Can one person ruin your life? Narcissists are self-obsessed people demanding constant attention and admiration. They harbor a sense of superiority and feel empathy for others.


A person with narcissistic behavior always keeps taking while you on the other side, keep giving and giving. A narcissist does not adopt “an attitude of gratitude”; rather, he prefers to say “I deserve.”


Do not confuse it with self-esteem or self-confidence, as Peggy Drexler had observed that people with self-esteem forge relationships while narcissists need an entourage.


They have a whole set of rules for others, and they believe in their lies.


They appear charming but can destroy your mental peace by making you feel less of yourself, by insulting and humiliating you in front of others, and it will impact your life’s positivity.


They are master manipulators that don’t believe you are smart enough to discover the depth of their disloyalty




How to stop ruining my own life. Sociopaths also known as ‘antisocial people’ tend to dominate others. If you hang out with such people, you’re going to lose your self-esteem and confidence as they humiliate people in public.


They always needed someone to put the blame on and put all of their energy into deceiving others. They are also called con artists because their behavioral trails also include pathological lying, stealing, and in extreme cases, murder.


Such people figure out weak spots and vulnerabilities. They may play with words to boost your ego and switch back and forth between charm and threat to achieve their purpose.


They wear a mask of sanity. It’s easier for them to make you crazy than it is for you to expose them, who they are.


Sociopaths are charming and tend to dominate. They are remorseless with no conscience. They slip masks at times, and you will catch them in lies. If such a sociopath came across you, then you might need an exit plan.




Can one person ruin your life? People with histrionic high personality conflict are prone to drama and are attention seekers. They need drama or some tragedy in their daily life. If they can’t find any drama, they sometimes create it or show a pattern of excessive emotions.


They create problems for themselves and expect empathic behavior from others. You should recognize such people and avoid them for your own sake.




It lies in between neurotic and psychotic disorders with common issues of love, fear of abandonment, engulfment, and emotional dysregulation.


A relationship with a person with borderline personality disorder possesses some challenges like you will need to deal with their wild mood swings, angry outburst, and hopelessness. The mental health of the people around you affects your mental health.


People with BPD are like people with third-degree burns over 90% of their bodies. Lacking emotional skin, they feel agony at the slightest touch or movement.


The person with BPD may display intense anger, repeated suicide attempts, and physical violation. Such people are good with their words and intense in their emotions. Such intensity seems positive at the beginning.


Keep in mind that extreme charm, attention, and love are signs of potential trouble.




People with paranoid personality disorder mostly show distrust and suspicion. They feel insecure and may try to behave aggressively or will preemptively attack whom they fear.


They remember old grudges and past offenses. They doubt commitment, and loyalty and constantly feel like they are being betrayed or deceived by their loved ones. They feel like people are trying to harm and threaten them.


Even a normal person sometimes gets paranoid, thinking that nobody values him or having difficulty relaxing.


Paranoid personalities worry that their partner is unfaithful without their partner having done anything to make them suspicious.


One may ask, is there a treatment? Complete prevention from PDD may not be possible but you can learn productive ways to deal with the different situations.

I made a mistake that ruined my life

I made a mistake that ruined my life

I made a mistake that ruined my life. So you’ve hit a hard point in life and you’re probably wondering what to do.


Just about all of us have been through this at some point, and you ARE going to get through this too.


Things are probably looking pretty bleak right now, and you might be in the middle of a downward spiral, feeling that you’ve ruined your life irreparably.


Sure, you may be in a pretty dire situation at the moment, but considering that you’re still breathing, and reading this article, things are salvageable.


To repair and rebuild your life after you ‘ruined’ it, take some of our advice.


  1. Write a gratitude list.


Once, when I was riding a train cross country, a very wise stranger I met told me: “Be grateful for what you still have because everything could always get worse.”


I was going through a pretty horrible time just then, and his words helped me to re-center myself.


You probably don’t want to think about all the other things that could go wrong right now, so let’s shift perspective and focus on the good for a moment.


Write down all the things that you have to be grateful for right now. This could include anything from a working pen and a box of tea in the cupboard to an affectionate pet, or a plant that hasn’t keeled over on you just yet.


Be sure to write down every single thing that might help you shift your attention to the positive.


Are you wearing warm socks? Doesn’t matter if they match, so long as your feet are warm. Is your pen working? Good, write that down too.


All these tiny little fragments of positivity will help you to build the new foundational framework for how you’re going to rebuild your life.


  1. Stop catastrophizing the situation.


It’s hard to think rationally when you’re mind is focused on all the ways you think you have ruined your life. But you have to ask yourself this: are things that bad?


And be honest with yourself. Try to imagine that this same thing has happened to a friend and consider whether you’d be so negative about their life.


Often, the most important step is to accept that your life isn’t nearly as messed up as you think. Once you stop believing that you are helpless and start believing that you can assert a level of positive control over your life, you will be able to take action.


  1. Realise that no ties mean freedom to change.


I made a mistake that ruined my life. One of the things that people panic about the most when they feel that they’ve ‘ruined’ their life is all the changes they’re about to face.


For example, someone who’s been caught cheating might suddenly be faced with the prospect of a divorce, losing their house, and dealing with a drastic change to their relationship with their kids.


But those changes don’t necessarily need to be a bad thing.


  1. Let go of prior expectations you had for the future.


If you’ve made more than your fair share of poor decisions in life and this has led to some rather unwelcome circumstances, you might feel a sense of loss over the expectations you used to have for your future.


If those expectations have been shattered, you might be angry at yourself for your mistakes, and sad that your future may not now look how you had hoped it would look.


But the truth is, you can never accurately predict your future. And you may not have enjoyed what you once saw as your ideal future should it have come to pass. The only thing you can do is to make peace with the reality of your situation and keep working to improve it.


  1. Address any regret, guilt, and shame you are feeling.


I made a mistake that ruined my life. If your actions or choices have led to the less-than-inspiring situation you find yourself in, you are likely to experience some regret, possibly some guilt, and quite likely some shame too.


These are all emotions that will weigh you down and make everything seem far more desperate than it is. So you must get a handle on them and work to overcome them.


Dealing with regret is a multi-stage process that involves taking responsibility for your actions, NOT taking responsibility for things that you had no say over, focusing on the silver linings that came from your actions, and more.


In terms of feeling guilty about past mistakes that may have hurt others, you have to accept that what’s done is done, forgive yourself for your flawed decisions, seek to make amends to whoever you might have wronged, and reflect on the lessons learned, among other things.


Working to overcome all three will put you in a far brighter mindset regarding your future. If the effects of your regret, guilt, and shame are impacting your life in a big way, you should seek the help of a certified mental health counsellor.


If they are just background feelings that are holding you back, a life coach might be a better fit.


What to do when your life is ruined beyond repair?

what to do when your life is ruined beyond repair

What to do when your life is ruined beyond repair? Some people lose everything and everyone that has ever mattered to them. Life brings such hardship, despair, and alienation that they feel ‘broken beyond repair.’


Others, like a friend of mine, seemingly have it all – good looks, intelligence, humor, success, money, friends, and opportunities. Yet internally she feels ‘broken,’ unworthy in some fundamental way.


Unable to bear even the smallest compliment, she says that nothing anyone can say will change how she feels inside. And she is right – no one on the outside can. But she can. And if you feel broken, you can too.


What to do when your life is ruined beyond repair? To be broken implies that something that was once whole is now in pieces, shattered, damaged, or ruined. When life delivers its relentless and unexpected blows, we feel this way for sure. But there is a spiritual law that can instantaneously change our experience of feeling broken.


This radical shift in identity changes everything. To know ourselves only as our personal story of work, family, relationships, life circumstances, health issues, and physical looks will forever keep us trapped in the experience of fragmentation.


This is a choice, and it is based on a belief. We all choose our beliefs and they in turn determine our experiences. We can choose a new belief at any time and thereby begin to create new experiences based on the new belief.


You can choose to form a new belief about yourself right now. If you feel broken, you can choose to dis-identify from the story that is causing you pain, and re-identify with the limitless spiritual being that you are. Or not.


What to do when your life is ruined beyond repair? You can also choose to stick with the beliefs that are causing you suffering. The choice is yours and yours alone. No one can make it for you. We all have free will.


If you choose to liberate yourself, trust that you are supported by the endless love of the Universe and others who have moved in this positive direction before you. Follow your choice with consistent watchfulness of the thought patterns that try to throw you back into pain.


Be uncompromising in your commitment to eradicating all thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are associated with the old ‘broken’ identity.


If anything, internally or externally, tries to derail you from the mission of reclaiming your whole Self, replace it immediately and totally with the truth that the real you is intact, filled with light and infinite potential.


Practice moment by moment mindfulness. And never give up. With time and dedication to this realignment with your spiritual Self, nothing and no one can ever make you feel broken again.


I ruined my own life

I ruined my own life

I ruined my own life. We all have things that we care passionately about, sometimes to an unreasonable and unhealthy extent. While our situations and circumstances are vastly different, feelings are what connect us and are universal. The feeling of devastating loss is the same.


When those things that you care about most dearly are taken from you for reasons beyond your control, you don’t need to go to the extreme as I did.


Through discussions with hundreds of people in travels around the world, extensive research, and my transformation over the last seven years from someone literally on the brink of suicide,


I’ve discovered proven tips and insights you can apply to get through your night of the soul, that moment when you feel like your life is over.


  • Take it one breath at a time—literally.


Put down the million and one things from your past that you are upset about and the billion and one things in your future that you are anxious about and simplify life down to one moment, this moment.


Just before I was about to hang myself, I used individual breaths to take me out of my downward spiral of self-hatred.


  • Keep it in perspective.


The human mind tends to zoom in on situations and lose perspective, especially when your heart and soul are involved in the outcome.


We live in a huge world with a vast array of possibilities, and even though it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, your best days are ahead of you and your life is not ruined.


  • Instead of trying to think positively, shift back to neutral.


When you are that depressed—at rock bottom, with no hope like I was—the last thing you want is to be overly positive.


Imagine driving your car and instead of putting it into drive, you are slowly shifting from reverse back to neutral; instead of fighting your “I ruined my own life” thoughts, choose to be the observer of your thoughts.


  • Recognising what’s happened is not a reflection of your worth.


Your self-worth is infinite, and it’s not dependent upon external circumstances such as making or not making a team or getting a job, nor does it depend on what others think of you.


  • Remember that there is a hidden opportunity in every setback.


When one door closes, another one opens. You can use setbacks to your advantage and a crisis is an opportunity for a breakthrough.


  • Realise this situation serves a purpose.


This unexpected and unfair situation you are going through (or have already been through) is the very situation life wants you to experience to get you to your next level.


The truth is you can handle any challenge life hands you no matter how you think ‘I ruined my own life.


The temporary feeling of rock bottom will go away when you realize just how connected and important you are. You have a purpose and you will help others


Signs your life is ruined

signs your life is ruined

Signs your life is ruined. It’s easy to blame others and circumstances for why you aren’t successful or happy in life, but the truth is it’s your actions that determine these things. Here are six ways you might be sabotaging your own life.


  1. You neglect your health


Good health is vital to your life. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re risking numerous consequences. If you are neglecting your health, you may find that you’re tired often and carrying more weight than you’d like. It’s time to begin eating well and exercising. If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle for a while, it will be hard to break that habit and get active, but it’s not impossible.


  1. You stay in a job that makes you unhappy


You have to work, but you don’t have to stay at a job that doesn’t fulfill you forever. If you’re unhappy at your job, use your free time to look for a new job. It’s unlikely the perfect job will fall into your lap.


If you want to further your education, look into night or weekend courses that fit into your schedule.


Never quit a job until you have another one to take its place, but don’t let your current job make you so complacent that you stop looking for something better. You can be grateful to have a job without feeling obligated to stay in it forever.




  1. You keep toxic people in your life


Signs your life is ruined. If you surround yourself with people who whine, complain, gossip and try to crush your dreams, you won’t have a happy and successful life.


You will be drained of energy and your good mood will be ruined. You’ve probably experienced this before. Someone will text you or call you and you immediately feel anxious or in a bad mood. This is a clear sign that the person is toxic in your life.


  1. You don’t experience anything new


Life can become busy and routine, but that’s exactly why you should make sure you take time to get out and explore the world around you. When was the last time you tried something new? You don’t have to travel to do and see new things.


You’d be surprised how many things there are close to home you haven’t yet seen. You can take day trips or weekend trips if you can’t afford to travel far from home.


  1. You try to make everyone else happy


Signs your life is ruined. If you spend your life trying to make other people happy, this is a form of self-sabotage. You must make yourself happy before you worry about if someone else is happy.


If you are dating someone new and they don’t like your running schedule because it takes you away from texting them or seeing them when it suits them, you should not change your schedule or stop running completely.


It is possible to sabotage your own life. It is easier to blame others at times, but unless you admit to what you’re doing to hold yourself back, you won’t be able to make the necessary changes.


I can’t stop ruining my life

I cant stop ruining my life

I can’t stop ruining my life. This may surprise you, but the more you engage in numerous, well-intended, and popular methods to reduce your anxiety, the more your issue grows over time.


The reason being, imagine fear as your child. Like with anyone, whenever you try to control, get rid of, or conquer an individual (this last one suggests a war), you may win a battle here and there.


But who likes to be controlled or fought with like that? Certainly not fear. It leaves your child no choice but to retaliate and fight back.


Keep it up, you now have a persistent and escalating issue with that child (fear), causing it to be more aggressive over time. We see this statistically, as 40% of anxiety sufferers report greater anxiety this year than last.


Adding to the problem, it becomes cyclical. As fear of I can’t stop ruining my life becomes more aggressive, you may ramp up your efforts, seeing these popular methods as your only salvation to feeling better.


It may never occur to you that the very methods that seem to help, only aggravate fear further, making it also ramp up its efforts in return.


Here are some of the methods I see regarding how we deal with fear “ I can’t stop ruining my life” (aka anxiety) that cause worse problems, and brief explanations of why:


Distract yourself from it:


doing something you love, exercising, going out with friends, etc. It’s a temporary ‘running-away’ solution, which leaves fear no choice but to either chase you or tsunami you later when you’re less distracted.


Ignore it:


you go numb or stoic or use food, alcohol or prescription / recreational drugs, etc. to accomplish this. Does not make it go away, only makes it yell louder to get your attention. These efforts also cause other problems in your life.


Avoid it:


quit your job, simplify your life, not take risks, etc. Alas, fear is with you regardless. You cannot avoid that inevitable part of life. Do this, and it only shows up in different places, in different ways.


Replace it with positivity:


breathing exercises, goal-oriented meditation, ‘choosing’ calm, laughter, gratitude, etc. Makes you feel great at the moment, yet It’s like putting a band-aid over a wound. Alas, under that facade, it just starts to fester.


Let it go:


Breathing exercises, guided meditation, visualization, etc. Turns out fear is not like CO2. It can’t or shouldn’t be let go of. It’s more like food that’s supposed to digest. Anything else is controlling (see below).


Control or regulate it:


Who likes to be controlled? Certainly not the amygdala, and certainly not fear. They are more sophisticated than you and if you try this, they only control you right back.


Fight it:


conquer, overcome, etc. Such language puts you at war with fear and thus at war with yourself. When all fails, leads to the use of prescription or recreational drug use as it’s the only way to “win” that war.


Why do I ruin everything good in my life?

Why do I ruin everything good in my life

Why do I ruin everything good in my life? Self-sabotage is also known as behavioural dysregulation, can be conscious or unconscious depending on the level of awareness.


An example of conscious self-sabotage is deciding to eat cake, despite a goal to eat healthily. Unconscious self-sabotage happens when a personal goal or value has been undermined but not initially recognised.


Someone with a fear of failure might wait until the last minute to work on an important project, unconsciously avoiding the prospect of advancement.


Why do I ruin everything good in my life? It seems unlikely that anyone would intentionally sabotage themselves, yet they do, and the consequences can be caustic. Chronic self-sabotage depletes drive and motivation and leaves us sad, anxious, and with damaged self-esteem.


Self-sabotage is rooted in counterproductive mindsets including negativity, disorganization, indecisiveness, and negative self-talk. Perfectionism and imposter syndrome are also forms of self-sabotage.


An insidious and ubiquitous form of self-sabotage is mindless distractions that prohibit goal attainment.


Some mindless distractions include binge-watching TV, surfing the internet, scrolling through social media, video game obsession, and internet shopping.


Besides counterproductive mindsets, we engage in counterproductive or destructive behaviours. Some common behaviours include overeating, excessive drinking or drug abuse, pornography, smoking, gambling, self-injury, and overspending.


Why do I ruin everything good in my life?


  1. Approach to situations
  2. Rejection or Neglect
  3. Modeling
  4. Adaptive to maladaptive behaviours
  5. Trauma


I ruined my life and it’s too late

I ruined my life and its too late

I ruined my life and it’s too late. Is it ever late to change or attempt change? No, it’s not. That is why the first thing you should identify is –


  1. The Fear Of Thoughts


Every day, we have a large number of thoughts. Many of which might be unpleasant.


And that’s the problem.


We’re afraid of confronting unpleasant thoughts.


We’re afraid of the darkness inside.


We don’t want to look, so we keep ourselves blind. We run and hide — behind distractions.


As it turns out, a lot of people do this.


A study from 2014 showed that some people would rather electrify themselves than be alone with their thoughts. Which is crazy.


Participants had to sit in a room for 15 minutes, and about 40 percent chose to distract themselves with electric shocks. It sounds crazy, but it’s kind of understandable if you think about it.


Being alone may require you to face your fears and anxieties. And that’s no fun. That’s painful. Take away the distractions — the mind-numbing stimuli — and you’ll be left naked to the darkness of the mind.


However, there‘s a solution. An end to the habit of distraction.


Ending The Habit


In my experience, ending the habit comes down to a couple of simple steps.


  1. The first step is to notice when you’re doing the habit.


I ruined my life and it’s too late. Monitor yourself; watch your thoughts and behaviours.


  • Every time you check your social media, take a second to ask why. Is it because you genuinely want to use it, or is it because you’re avoiding something else?
  • Every time you feel anxious or lost, take a moment to reflect. Why are you feeling this way? Is there something that needs to be dealt with?
  • Every time you feel the urge to distract yourself, notice it.
  • Your ability to self-monitor can be increased through meditation.


  1. The second step is to replace the habit.


If you’re able to generate your pleasant thoughts, you might rely less on constant stimulation.


Often when we have a few free minutes, we reach for our cell phones to entertain ourselves. But with a little planning ahead of time, we might be able to use our minds instead.


Here are some suggestions:


Instead of distracting yourself, think of how good you’ll feel once you sit down and figure out what is going on. Then take the time and do it.


Have a go-to replacement habit. Is there any habit that could benefit you? E.g., Instead of distracting yourself with Facebook, you could pull out your journal and write.


I ruined my life and it’s too late. Make a list of the things you enjoy. This could be of loved ones, vacations, hobbies, etc. Every time you notice any unpleasantness coming forth, take a look at the list. This will create pleasant feelings within you, and you’ll be likely to continue with the things you were doing.


Name 3 things that you are grateful for. This is similar to making a list. You can’t be anxious and grateful at the same time.


Learn to enjoy your mind. Realize there’s beauty inside, and that it’s yours to find.


Moving ruined my life

moving ruined my life

Moving ruined my life. As a child, my parents told me that we had to move away from the lush city of Sacramento, CA to the beach town of Wilmington, NC. I was quite devastated only because Sacramento, CA was the only home I knew.


I was freaking out that my 13-year-old self would not make friends because I had to stop being shy to make them. This was the beginning of my awkward teenage years. When I turned 14, I had to move from Wilmington, NC to Louisville, KY and I had to acclimate to that lifestyle as well.


I felt so unwanted and like I didn’t belong at all. At the age of 16, I moved to Monroe, WA and this was the last place I ever had to move to, besides having to move to Bellingham, WA to attend college.


All this moving has left me mentally, physically, and emotionally stressed and I don’t think I can move again without falling completely apart. The Huffington Post explains how moving is one of the top stressors next to death, illness, or job loss. Let’s see why moving has ruined my life:


Reason One


Moving has left me emotionally detached from people. The very first time I moved, I was so scared because I knew I was going to lose a ton of friends. Although my friends and I talked about visiting each other and staying in contact throughout the years we, as 13-year-old girls, didn’t consider how much it would cost to travel and text each other every day.


Going to 3 different high schools, I had to learn how to make friends and get by. I never made friends because I truly enjoyed their presence, I made friends so I wouldn’t feel alone in high school.


Reason Two


Moving ruined my life. Moving disrupted my education in high school which has affected my education in college. Moving to different schools, the number of credits you needed to have to graduate varied because all of my schools were in different states which had different government requirements.


For a while, I had more credits than I needed, but when I moved to Washington, I was missing 7 credits my last semester of senior year. That screwed me over in the worst way possible because


I was already stressing out about not getting into my college, but now I had to worry about graduating at the very last second.


Not having enough credits to graduate + Trying to get into your choice of college = Major Stress levels.


Reason Three


Romance in my life was ruined. Love was always a factor as to why I hated moving. Every time my parents would drop the news to me about moving, I felt like I lost a part of me each time I moved.


The boy that I would have a huge crush on wouldn’t profess his feelings towards me until I moved away. The only relationships I’ve ever been in were long distance. None of them were actual relationships.


We never got to hold hands, we never got to hug each other, never showed physical affection of any kind. I never got to experience the idea of being in love in high school. Now that I am in college, I feel awkward around those of the opposite sex.


Reason Four


Moving ruined my life. I have acquired mental health disorders from moving so many times. According to the Huffington Post, people often feel like they have lost a sense of control over their lives by moving.


Transitional trauma can cause physical and mental harm. In my case, it has taken a toll on my mental health. I have had bipolar depression and anxiety from moving from state to state every year for the past 4 years.


I had to force myself to be extroverted to make connections so I now have social anxiety. Stress easily triggers me now because of not having a support system like having friends and family there to catch me when depression has gotten the best of me.


Why you must never give up on your life no matter what has happened to you

Why you must never give up on your life no matter what has happened to you

Why you must never give up on your life no matter what has happened to you. life: the one thing in the universe that holds intrinsic value. It perplexes me when someone is willing to give up on it. People commit suicide every day – not only the type of suicide that stops the beating heart. People choose to stop living more regularly than you’d expect.


Why you must never give up on your life no matter what has happened to you. Losing the will to live is, unfortunately, common: It not only afflicts those who find themselves in difficult situations, but also those who seem to have everything they could ask for. Living life happily isn’t as easy as it should be, but I’m sorry to say that is our very own fault and no one else’s.


These are Why you must never give up on your life no matter what has happened to you.


  1. There is always – and I mean always – a solution to any problem.


  1. Success is inevitable for those who are smart and don’t give up.


  1. A helping hand can always be found if needed.


  1. What gives life meaning is the struggle that we live through.


  1. You are capable of having full control over your reality.


  1. There is a purpose for each of us waiting to be found.


How To Stop Ruining My Life Conclusion

How to stop ruining my own life conclusion

How to stop ruining my life conclusion. As soon as you start filling your mind with toxic thoughts everything around you becomes infected. Negativity is like a drug, it takes over every cell and thought in your body until you no longer give a crap about life. Tomorrow when you wake up, choose happiness.


How to stop ruining my life conclusion. It’s easy to want to curl up into a little ball and just get away from life, especially when we’re feeling down, but don’t underestimate the value of golden friendships. Taking time out to talk about the way you feel is a real therapy for body and soul.

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