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I Can’t Get Someone Out Of My Head

I Can’t Get Someone Out Of My Head

I cant get someone out of my head

I can’t get someone out of my head… this can be for two different reasons, you are in love or you have taken a liking to this person or you hate this person because this person has hurt you, brought you pain.


When we fall in love, we think we have found the one. Our mind, and our body craves this person constantly to the point that when we are away from them, we draw close to madness.


I can’t get someone out of my head, someone so very dear to me but he hurt me beyond what my words could say.


My heart burns when I think of him, and my eyes water. Growing up I watched cartoons that highlighted love as this beautiful thing, that exaggerated love. That fairytale I grew up believing, thinking… the first person I fall in love with would be my happily ever after!


It is like that for some, very lucky people, I’m envious. I walk around putting on a happy face when in my head, I am kneeling on the ground, toppled over, bawling my eyes out because I can’t get someone out of my head.


The horror that that person, is no longer my person, I can no longer reach for my phone on impulse to share my news, from irrelevant to relevant, from unhappy to happy, from upsetting to funny. It’s beyond heartbreaking, it’s a moment in life crashing before your very eyes.


However, I always find a way to put myself back together, and once again, I can’t get someone out of my head. I am thinking about a particular person again, this time, my heart races, my eyes light up, my words fail me, and I’m in awe.


I’m thinking up a fantasy, catapulted back to the fairytales with the happily ever after love stories, I so much enjoyed watching. It’s possible, it has to be because I can’t get someone out of my head. How this person walks, how this person talks, how this person laughs.


I raised my camera and I captured the smile of this person without putting much thought into it, it was the best image I took that day. It was how he was around people, chatting away,


living his life and I captured him at that moment and he stood out of the crowd, like my mind itself captured it. I showed him and he loved it and he told me, he loved it.


I hear him calling my name, that sweet tone laced with nervousness, I stare into his eyes and they are lit up like he is excited to see me. Does he like me? Does he not?!

It’s all I can think about.



What does it mean when I can’t get someone out of my head

What do I do if I cant get someone out of my head

What does it mean when I can’t get someone out of my head? Well, it means I’m infatuated. I’m interested in this person, I want to know this person some more, I want to be with this person.


It means this person matters to me. If I’m already involved with this person and we’re on a rough patch, having a bad time, yet he’s all I’m thinking about,


‘Is he still mad at me?’, ‘is he also thinking about me right now?’,  ‘has he eaten tonight?’, ‘is he home safe tonight?’, ‘I wonder how his day went?’, ‘did he have a safe day at work?’


Fogging my mind like a plague, I become uncomfortable, I can’t stay still anymore, I must hear from him, see him or touch him! What does it mean when I can’t get someone out of my head?

It means that I’m capable of loving someone other than myself, I’m capable of caring for another other than myself.


What does it mean when I can’t get someone out of my head? Well… not necessarily is everyone we fall in love with a soulmate, when you can’t get him out of your head, it might just mean that you find him appealing. It could also mean that the guy likes you, your subconscious is mirroring his emotions even though you haven’t consciously picked up on it yet.


Perhaps you like the way he made you feel when you were with him.  He excites you, helps you see things differently, a new point of view. You like his aura, it dances rhythmically with your aura. Maybe, it’s just that he looks really good and nothing else.


You haven’t voiced out what you want to say to him that is eating you up, so you constantly think of him.


Maybe, just maybe he is thinking of you too and the universe is just doing it’s thing, entangling both of your minds.


It can get pretty frustrating when we can’t get our minds off someone. It could begin to eat into your other thoughts making you less functional. I hate when this happens to me, when I’m consumed by the thought of another, I’m messing up my tasks or losing focus, missing moments as I go about my day.


I sometimes find myself asking, what do I do when I can’t get someone out of my head?’

Well, here’s what I do…


  • Take him off your socials. I stop looking out for his posts on social media. I mute, unfriend, unfollow or even block him. Out of sight out of mind. No need to torment myself, right?


  • Cut him out of your real life. I limit communication with him or stop it all together. I avoid going to the places that I know that he might be. We have mutual friends and this is harder, so I make myself scarce at events. I haven’t bumped into him yet, but if I do, I’ll steer clear. The four feet rule perhaps…


  • Have fun. I socialize. I pick up my phone, and text my friends, ‘let’s hang out.’ I’m out wining and dining with my friends, chatting or playing games, I get him off my mind. Allowing myself to be in the moment with the people in that room. I go out to new places, meet new people, have fun and just enjoy life because at that moment I feel lighter and everything becomes more beautiful. I wouldn’t want that feeling to end. At the end of the day, when I return home, my day is all I can think about with a smile on my face.


  • Be a couch potato. I binge-watch comedy series on Netflix with my snacks at hand. This one really helped, laughter truly is the best medicine. I take breaks to watch scary movies, which are also very effective except you’re the type that cannot stomach the genre. What do I do when I can’t get someone off my mind? I watch scary movies, finish them, then spend a lot of time thinking about the plot, jumping in fright at the slightest out-of-pocket sound or movement. It sounds hectic but it’s really not. I’m in the kitchen cutting vegetables and instead of thinking, ‘is he with someone else already?’ ‘Is he missing me?’, I’m thinking, ‘did she have to go into that house?’ ‘They never explained how her mum escaped…’


  • Self Reflection. I think about what I want in a relationship. Who I want to be with. What do I want? I want someone who understands me when I can’t mold the words to express myself properly. I want someone who respects the way I think, I want someone who doesn’t think little of me, I want someone who has the same sense of humor as me, I want someone who loves everything that makes me, ME… from my quirkiness to my smart mouth to my timidness to my tardiness. I want someone who is fluid with my personality and can always meet me halfway without me stressing. I want to feel loved and seen, I want to feel like one person with whoever it is that I am in love with.


  • Self-Love and Self-Respect. I had to build up my self-respect. I always went back to him no matter what he did and because I did that, I fed his ego, gave him the upper hand and he would keep doing things he knew hurt me, he would keep saying things he knew that hurt me because he knew I loved him and no matter what, I would come back without a squeak of an apology from him. I was calm about it and I would assume I was over it, it was no big deal, because it was cleared from my mind, up until the next fight and the more it happened, the more I began to realize, I was disrespecting myself. I was letting myself be disrespected and if I cannot love myself enough to stay away then how can he even love me? I had to tell myself every day, remind myself every day that I deserved better, that someone else can love me better, that I could love and treat myself better. I had to let think about myself for a change, not think about him and what makes him happy.


  • Acceptance of your new reality. I allowed myself to grieve, to feel the loss. He was gone for good in my life, I wasn’t going back and if he came back, I wasn’t taking him back. I cried and cried, I refused to eat, I found it hard to sleep and when I slept, I dreamt of him. I thought about all the good times with him, I cried from how lonely I was not talking to him or seeing him, then I reminded myself of the bad times. Eventually, the thought became less painful, I was finally letting go. I was going about my daily activities without him popping in my head, it was a gradual process but I got to that stage.


  • Feel every motion, there are no shortcuts. At first, I took alcohol or popped pills to numb the pain or forget about him. Those methods never really worked, instead, they made me make a fool of myself, either by going back to text him, ‘I miss you’ or I start talking about him to whoever cared to listen, if I was alone, I took it to my social media. So it’s best to stay away from substances. I talked to other men and got to know other men. Met men even better than him, and I began to wonder, why even did I like that guy in the first place?


What do I do when I can’t get someone out of my head? I place more value on myself. I value my time more and use it well. Take the negative feelings, the feelings of doubt, and feelings of unworthiness, take all of these negative feelings recharge my mind and channel them into productivity.


What do I do when I can’t someone out of my head? I read, I watch my favorite shows, I go shopping, I cook, I text or call my friends, I visit my friends, I play with my pets and feed them. I can’t get someone out of my head, I go manual and kick them out


What does it mean when someone is constantly on your mind

What does it mean when someone is constantly on your mind

What does it mean when someone is constantly on your mind?  As an over thinker, I can put myself in this box. I know first hand how overpowering… how absorbing it is to think about something or someone and not be able to stop.


It’s so bad that, I randomly think, I should do this for this person just to see his face light up or just to get him to reach out to me back. I’ve played out the whole scenario in my head and I impulsively do it without thinking further about it.


My mind just warps around the fact that I want to see his smile or I want to have a chance to talk to him.


What do I mean? I mean, I notice how he enjoys eating chicken, so I buy him a bucket of chicken. I notice he loves messenger bags, so I buy him a messenger bag. I notice he loves music, so I make him a playlist.


Selfless acts just to see his face light up, because who doesn’t love gifts? Perhaps it’s not selflessness but a form of seduction to get him to want me like I want him. So, what does it mean when someone is constantly on your mind?


It means you feel a strong emotion for this person. An emotional connection is when the feelings of two people are in sync, it’s when it’s beyond physical attraction, small talk, intellectual talk, hanging out.


Emotional connection is deeply rooted, it means you both care about the needs and desires of one another. There’s nothing you can keep in the dark from this person. You don’t just talk to each other, you listen to each other, you understand each other, you learn from each other.


It’s to a point that you know his touch even when your eyes are closed, you feel sick when he sick, you feel sad when he his sad, you feel happy when he is happy, you feel angry when he is angry.


You want to fight his battles, you’re ready to be by his side no matter what. You’re no longer two separate individuals with two separate minds but two individuals with one mind. He knows what you’re thinking before you speak and you know what he is thinking before he speaks.


What does it mean when someone is constantly on your mind? You’re conflicted. You’re trying to solve a problem without voicing out your thoughts. You noticed him stare at a woman with a bigger posterior than you and you’re thinking, does he like big butts now?


Does he not like me anymore? When he went to the bathroom, did he go and get her number while I wasn’t looking? Why has he not texted me today? Am I not attractive to him anymore?


Just like that… your stuck in a loop, your mind goes round and round and round on that moment then all you can think about is him and what he is doing, who he is with, where he might be going, suddenly you want to be with him, so you can have a sense of security.


You’re distracting yourself from reality, you’re upset… having a bad day, you want to get your mind off it, you want to escape from your reality,


you start to daydream about the person that makes you happy or makes you feel calm… comforted… you romanticize the person. In this case, the person is on your mind for your pleasure.  I can’t get someone out of my head, because the thought my of this person brings me relief.


Can you feel if someone is thinking about you

Can you feel if someone is thinking about you

Can you feel if someone is thinking about you? Lots of people believe this is possible. I also think this is possible. For instance, I could randomly think, ‘oh, I’ve not heard from him in a while.’


Then a few minutes later, he sends a text or calls saying he was thinking about me and decided to buzz me.


I believe you can feel when someone is thinking about you.


  1. Hiccups are considered to be telepathic signals when they appear out of the blue.


  1. Your cheeks are flushed. Why are you blushing? You don’t know? Then someone is probably thinking about you.


  1. If you sneeze repeatedly or your nose twitches or itches, it’s also believed that someone may in fact be thinking of you.


Sometimes, you might feel different, a look fixates on your face, a look of confusion or surprise probably for no reason while you’re hanging out with your friends.


You might even think you heard someone calling your name while you’re alone in your room.


Can you feel if someone is thinking about you?  This urge, to be closer to a certain person starts to wash over you.


Someone could come to talk to you for no reason or just stand beside you without saying a word to you. This is because the person the person’s subconsciously wants to be with you.


Can you feel if someone is thinking about you? Yes, the answer is yes, you can. It’s going to be in the way they interact with you.

The vibe around him would be different, he would be very attentive to you, to the things you do, to the things you say, because he is interested.


You begin to feel closer to him, his attraction to you is now pulling you towards him like a magnet.

You’re smiling more when he’s around.

I can’t get someone out of my head, well… that could be because he can’t get you out of his head either!


If you cant get someone off your mind are you on theirs

If you cant get someone off your mind are you on theirs

if you can’t get your mind off someone, are you on theirs? You probably just met someone and you cannot get them off your mind and you’re wondering now. Our thoughts are linked to the people around us.


Think of it this way, when we dream we see different faces, some of these faces we don’t recognise sometimes but the fact is, we have seen these strange face we now see in our dream, possibly in a crowd, on the road, on a pass by, our brain registers a lot of things we are not fully aware of.


So, if you can’t get your mind off someone, are you on theirs? If he comes to you for your opinion about something then yes. He probably knows what to do, or what he would prefer to do but he wants to know what you would do, because he wants to know how in sync you both are on that kind of thing.


A person who is attached to you would often think about you. They would seek your validation, they would seek security with you, they would always find a reason to talk to you or be around you.


If you can’t get your mind off someone, are you on theirs? If you and this person had a traumatic experience together then the chances are, they are most likely still thinking of you. You have played a big part in their life, you’re a strong memory to them as they are to you.

I can’t get someone out if my head, that is because they matter to you one way or in more ways than one.


How to stop thinking about someone you cant have

How to stop thinking about someone I cant have

How to stop thinking about someone you can’t have?Oh, we all love the hard things don’t we? Sometimes we obsess over the people we shouldn’t obsess over. But you love them and you want them to love you back, in fact you demand it!


Why can’t they love you back? You think the most of yourself, you think you’re worthy of them.


But, they’re out of your reach or they tell you they don’t love you back, so you’re crestfallen, you start to think negatively of yourself.


You start to feel like you’re not enough, like you have to do more, like the oxygen is leaving your lungs and you cannot breathe in anymore.


You begin to feel worthless, useless, because you had placed that person on a high pedestal, romanticized that person, you had not given yourself the chance to think of anyone else or look at anyone else.


Sit up darling, chin up, you’re worthy and you’re enough. He’s just not the man for you. So you have to learn to stop thinking about him.


How to stop thinking about someone you can’t have.

  • Come to a decision about what kind of relationship you now want with him since you cannot have him as a lover. Do you want to act like you do not know him anymore or do you just want to stop having him in your every thought?


  • Stop fantasizing about the man.


  • Accept that he rejected you, instead of trying to pretend that it didn’t happen. Get your closure, you don’t need to talk to him to get your closure. It can be gotten through the actions he has directed at you.


  • Accept the heart break and avoid speaking with him for a while.


  • Heard of rebound? Well, think about someone new or at least open your mind to the chances of meeting someone new.


  • Avoid being idle, always keep yourself occupied. There’s a great saying, an idle man is the devil’s workshop.


How to stop thinking about someone you can’t have? Get on your feet, work on yourself, become a better version of you. Be driven by the rejection, to work harder at your career, at your life choices.


Seize your power back and become the woman he wish he had. Be the woman every man would want to have. Wear the rejection like a crown, allow it shape you to be who you really want to be but fear to be.


When you can’t stop thinking about someone psychology

When you cant stop thinking about someone psychology

When you can’t stop thinking about someone psychology, in this life… we’ve been groomed by different things, especially while growing up. We have grown in different environments with different treatments so we approach things in different ways or similarly.


When you can’t stop thinking about someone psychology, you can’t stop thinking about him because you’re attracted to him. Attraction is when someone appeals to you, in a way that evokes your interest and desire.



When you can’t stop thinking about someone psychology, you can’t stop thinking about him because you’re attached to him. You already have a relationship with him… a kind of bond with him that cannot be easily broken. You are emotionally dependent on him.


It could also be that you have a low self-esteem and you need him around you for your ego.

Being lovesick is actually a thing, not all the time but in some cases, it is an illness.


When we are in love, chemicals are triggered in the brain. Love could lower your stress level and anxiety and sometimes it could increase them. It’s an overpowering emotion.


This is why sometimes when we’ve gotten our heartbroken, we develop a fever or we can’t find the strength to move around and do things.


When you can’t stop thinking about someone psychology, it is sometimes good to go back to your root. Why? Because sometimes our environment affects our mental health.


Environment is the combination of those around you and the place you stay or grew up in, sometimes, we need to change our focus, re-groom ourselves and unlearn somethings.


You could have obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, which could lead to dangerous thoughts to always have your ways.


I can’t get someone out of my head because I believe that they belong to me. If I can’t have him, no one else can.

Sometimes, we have to stop thinking about someone no matter how much we burn for them.


What does it mean when you can’t get someone off your mind spiritually

What does it mean when you cant get someone off your mind spiritually

What does it mean when you can’t get someone off your mind spiritually?, this is more than love, this is deeper than romance. This is attachment beyond the understanding of the human mind.

We all get to experience this at a point in our lives.


What does it mean when you can’t get someone off your mind spiritually? It could be that this person is your soul twin… a twin flame, your soulmate, someone that complements you.


A person that feels destined for you. It’s an intense soul connection with this person, it’s known as a mirror soul. To lose this person, is one of the most difficult things a person can ever experience. It’s not like a regular break up, in fact it feels worse than a regular breakup.


Your twin flame helps you mature soulfully, they could help you become psychologically and spiritually mature, they could help you love yourself more, respect yourself more, they could help you learn life lessons that you need to learn.


What does it mean when you can’t get someone off your mind spiritually? I’ll tell you, it means that your paths were intended to cross.  It could be that the person is in danger or the person is from your past.


There was a time, I kept dreaming about a certain person, i had no close relationship with this person but I just knew something horrible was about to happen to him, so I informed him to be careful, he didn’t lose his life like I kept seeing in my dream but he got hurt.


Love… it is the universe telling you, you and him are meant to be. He also would gravitate towards you.


Love can be confusing and extremely difficult but sometimes it can be very clear, sometimes you can feel like that person is the one destined for you and they actually might be.


Why can’t I get him out of my head

Why cant I get him out of my head

Why can’t I get him out of my head? I know… because I’m still in love with him. No matter how I try to deny it, I am hopelessly in love with him. No matter what he does, I can’t seem to stop loving loving him. I can’t get him out of my head because I keep lying to myself.


Why can’t I get him out of my head? I can’t get him out of my head because of my hormones. I can’t help but wonder the naughty things that he could do to me. I’m lusting over him, I want to feel his touch, his lips on mine, I want him to make me feel like a woman.


Why can’t I get him out of my head? You can’t get him off your mind because you’re eager for a relationship. Recently, I’ve been thinking about this guy I just started talking to, not because I’m crazy about him.


I mostly think about how we would be if we were actually in a relationship, if he really loves me or if I’m just a pawn in his revenge plot for a guy he hates who is a close friend of mine.


He has paid attention to everything I tell him. He has shown interest yet I can’t help but wonder if it is genuine.


I like the attention he gives to me and I think about him because I am considering being in a relationship. I want to fall in love again so I’m making up scenarios in my head.


When you can’t get someone out of your head psychology

When you cant get someone out of your head psychology

When you can’t get someone out of your head psychology, the reason is because this person keeps you grounded. You feel like you need this person to be able to survive. This could mean you suffer from depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem.


It could also be because this actually your soulmate. Some people don’t believe soulmates are a thing but they very much are. I’m yet to find my soulmate but it doesn’t belittle my mind from existence of this kind of love. I have seen love true and pure to know that this is real.


When you can’t get someone out of your head psychology, they remind you of yourself in many ways. It’s hard to forget someone like this. You cannot help but to feel a connection, a sort of bond with this person. You don’t want them to make the same mistakes you have made, you are genuinely concerned about them, so you think about this person often.


When someone is everything you look for in a man, you can’t help but think about the person. Wonder if he is available or if he might also take a liking to you.


If he knows you already, you start to wonder if he likes you. This isn’t fixated on the physical attributes, you could love the way hé reasons or his work ethic or his hygiene, perhaps how well he cooks.


He is perfect to you, perfect for you. No doubt, we are all humans and we are all flawed but something about him makes it seem like he was designed for you.  When you can’t get someone out of your head psychology, you probably want his validation.


When you stop thinking about them they come back

When you stop thinking about them they come back

When you stop thinking about someone they come back You know what’s annoying? When you finally stop thinking about a man, you’re going about your life happily and he just pops back up like a jack in the box. It’s so annoying right?


When you stop thinking about someone they come back, I don’t know why but they always do.

It could be that he genuinely misses you and he wants you back in his life. It could be as lovers or he just wants a platonic friendship now.


It all depends on you if you are willing to go back to him if you still want him in your life, then you can take him back.


I ended things with my ex, so many times but he would always text me in the morning or two days after. He would ask if I was now calm, or he would start a conversation, acting like the break up never happened.


Then I used to always take him back because I was emotionally dependent on him and I thought he really loved me and he could not do without me.


I felt on top of the world because he always came back and he always acted better. The change in his behavior was always short termed though.


When you stop thinking about someone they come back, maybe because he is sorry for the things he did. He wants to make things right.

When the big break up with my ex happened, we stopped talking, cut all ties from social media and even in real life.


On my birthday, he sent me a sweet text with a different account, he let me know that he still loved me regardless of all the things that transpired and he apologized for not being good enough for me. We came to an agreement that we would be just friends.


He has probably gotten bored of the whoever he left your for. He is probably bored of flirting around or he just thinks you’re a cheap shot who would come running back to him.


He probably  doesn’t love you, he just misses your company. He doesn’t want to be alone.

A man can also come back to you if there were things that he was benefiting from you.



I can’t get him out of my head conclusion

I cant get someone out of my head conclusion

I can’t get him out of my head conclusion. As human beings we have emotions and our emotions can be overwhelming. We could be obsessively thinking about someone because we love them or because we hate them.


I can’t get him out of my head conclusion, Sometimes we can love someone in an unhealthy way, so we need to keep ourselves in check before we do something psychotic, same way we can hate someone in an unhealthy way.


These kind of overbearing emotions drain us,  we need to be accountable for our thoughts.

It’s much better for us to tell the person we like how we are feeling rather than keep it bottled inside till it becomes a full blown problem.


It can be scary, to think about telling them, because you don’t want to be rejected. It’s inevitable, you either tell them and know how they feel, or suffer in silence forever.


If your partner does something displeasing or says something you do not like, it’s better to tell him immediately, correct him immediately rather than keep mute and take the disrespect. How would he know to stop if you do not let him know you do not like it?


Hating someone can be draining, it could also lead to vile thoughts. You don’t want to harbor rage as an emotion. When you can’t get someone out of your head because you hate them, seek out someone to talk to about how you’re feeling.


Allow yourself to be vulnerable, free yourself from the shackle of that person, because believe it or now, he has you in shackles if he’s all you can think about even when you’re not with him.


When you find love, when you’re in love, when you can’t get the person out of your head, let him know, don’t be shy, don’t be scared, be true to yourself. Be confident in love, be happy in love.


If your ex comes back, don’t entertain him, especially if he was no good for you before. It is your choice to take him back if you think he treated you right or if you had walked away for no good reason. Sometimes, we step away from our soulmates but always find our way back to them.

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