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I Want To Be Friends With My Ex

I Want To Be Friends With My Ex

I want to be friends with my ex

I want to be friends with my ex. So you may be wondering if it’s possible to maintain a friendship with your ex.


While it can take some work, there are ways to make sure this relationship stays healthy for both of you.


Staying friends with an ex can feel like a requirement in 2022, the ultimate sign of l



I want to be friends with my ex. The intention to stay friends is usually included in most celebrity breakup announcements these days.


After deciding to call off their engagement, J.Lo and A-Rod shared in their joint statement that they realized they are “better as friends and look forward to remaining so.


But not every couple is destined to be Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (or Justin Theroux for that matter!) or Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.


I want to be friends with my ex. Unless there are shared children in the picture, I generally will not advise you to remain friends with your ex.


That’s not to say it can never work. But if you do want to give it a shot, I recommend first examining your true motives.


A study that examined why people maintain friendships with exes found four reasons: security (emotional support, advice, trust), practicality (shared possessions or finances), civility, and unresolved romantic desires.


I want to be friends with my ex. Needless to say, deciding to stay friends with an ex because you aren’t over them romantically and want to leave the door open in case they change their mind about the breakup is not advised and will only hold you back from being able to move on.


I want to be friends with my ex.No one gets into a relationship thinking it will end. However, sometimes relationships just aren’t built to last.


People break up for various neutral reasons where there isn’t always a victim and villain.

They naturally grow apart and discover they want different things.


They are no longer attracted to one another, and any semblance of romance disintegrates.

They realize that they no longer want to be in a committed relationship and would prefer to be single.


They discover they may be better off as friends and cannot wrap their heads around how to pursue this relationship.


I want to be friends with my ex. These are a few things to consider before diving into a platonic relationship with a former lover:


  • Is maintaining a friendship detrimental to your mental health?


  • Will it hinder your ability to move forward with your life?


  • Are you holding onto your ex because you are afraid of change and the unknown?


  • Is maintaining a relationship going to create problems with a new partner, friends, or family?


The answers to the above questions will determine or influence your decisions to remain friends with your ex.


Is Being Friends With Your Ex A Good Idea?

Is being friends with your ex a good idea

Is being friends with your ex a good idea? Relationships can be tricky, especially when considering an ex, being friends with your ex depends on the endnote of the relationship.


Perhaps it ended on good terms, but there are concerns about how the relationship will be after that because the relationship was built on a foundation that gave rise to genuine friendship.


And for relationships that ended badly, not much thought would be given to what the relationship would look like because the future is bleak on that side.


Is being friends with your ex a good idea? For some people, being friends with an ex might seem harmless to stay friends with an ex and for others, there are concerns about why exes shouldn’t stay friends.


Both perspectives are valid because it’s not all the time that staying friends with an ex goes well.


Thus those involved and the situations forming them guides the relationship that is phasing into the friend zone.


Some individuals can maintain a cordial and healthy relationship outside of being involved and they are happy with it because their intentions are clear in who they are in each other’s lives.


However, not everyone is disciplined enough and certain enough and so some couples attempt to be friends and end up having issues that complicate things further.


Probably romantic feelings still fester for one and don’t for the other.


Consider cases of exes having children or a child together, such scenarios highlight the benefits of being able to parent together as it gives a healthier space to do so.


I want to be friends with my ex. When is it considered safe to be friends with your ex? This thought would have gone through a series of critical analyses and at this point certain that the relationship has ended.


Both parties involved are certain that the emotional entanglement has been detangled and everyone is ready to move on.


The relationship feels gawky with little or no fire burning and no one feels dependent on each other thus a growing sense of independence takes root in each person.


Is being friends with your ex a good idea? When friendship births a positive approach in each person’s life in any form.


When the once lovers see that they can be together cordially without intimacy or some unhealthy elements coming in ultimately that they know their boundaries.


Cons of being friends with an ex


  • Being friends with your ex will only make it more difficult for both parties to get over the relationship, especially if you two continue talking and hanging out regularly.


  • It will be only a matter of time before you feel convinced about giving the relationship another shot, even though the past has repeatedly proven that theory wrong.


  • Knowing that your ex is talking to other people, and is considering dating again, will turn you into an extremely jealous and irrational person.


  • You won’t be able to stop comparing yourself to every other person he or she dates.


  • You will become a full-time stalker and will spend a lot of time keeping tabs on what he is up to in real life as well as on social media.


If he was emotionally or physically abusive during the relationship, you can’t expect them to change their behaviour towards you as a friend just because you broke up with them.


Being friends with your ex can make your new partner uncomfortable and feel insecure.

You will confuse and tire out your friends about whether or not you and your ex are still together.


Your presence on social media will only confuse and even scare away potential dates if there are still countless pictures and posts on your wall in which your ex is tagged in.


Why Do I Want To Be Friends With My Ex?

Why do I want to be friends with my ex

Why do I want to be friends with my ex? Being friends with your ex is not always a complete disaster. Sometimes, believe it or not, it can turn into a meaningful friendship.


After all, that person spent a great amount of time with you and you shared a lot of moments.


You’ve been through good and bad; that is something you don’t forget that easily. You may break up, but you can’t erase the existence of that person.


Although it ended the way it did, you still have some fond memories of your time together.


I want to be friends with my ex. There were times he made you happy when you were together when he surprised you by doing something beautiful. It wasn’t awful all the time, especially not in the beginning.


If the two of you could focus on those great times you had together instead of how you messed each other up, you could have a beautiful and long-lasting friendship. All it takes is understanding and respecting each other.


By keeping your heart open, you’ll be able to find love again. If you live your life forgiving people who did you wrong and opening your heart to the ones who are around you, you will attract positive things happening to you, too.


Some call it karma, some call it good luck, but the way you treat others will come back to you later on.


By maintaining a good relationship with your ex, you’re forgiving yourself. You’re going to be a better person with much more confidence, which will pay off when you finally meet someone new.


  • You have kids together and you want to keep things cordial

Why do I want to be friends with my ex? For the sake of your child/ children, you want things to be cordial between the both of you. So you suck up how you truly feel to remain friends with your ex.


  • It was a happy break-up

OK, no break-up is happy, but let’s say that yours wasn’t ugly.


You kind of expected it and maybe it was a mutual agreement between two people who just realized that they had nothing in common so they decided to break it off before someone got seriously hurt.


This kind of situation is perfect for the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


  • He already knows everything about you

It’s easy to talk to him because you don’t have to explain yourself and the things you do or don’t do or eat or don’t eat. He already knows all of that.


It feels natural talking to him and despite the fact you’re no longer together, it would be nice to act nice and keep him in your life as a friend.


  • You have a lot of mutual friends

If you have a lot of mutual friends and you don’t want to create any awkward situations for them, you’re better off staying friends.


Imagine if one of your friends is having a birthday party and you are both invited.


  • You’ve moved on

You’ve had your share of tears and you’ve passed the healing process. Now that you hold nothing against him, it’s normal to be friends.


Now that you are over him, his new girlfriend won’t bother you and you won’t be staring in his direction the whole time, fearing someone will hit on him.


  • There is no more sexual tension

Maybe you got out of a long-term relationship where sex had turned from a source of pleasure to a habit.


And now that you’ve broken up, if someone else attracts you more than your ex-partner, it’s safe to say that you can be lifelong friends.


  • You are both emotionally mature

Your maturity allowed you to look at things from a different perspective.


Why do I want to be friends with my ex? You realized that he means a lot to you and that you don’t want to lose him, so if you had to break up, that doesn’t mean you mustn’t see each other ever again. You are reasonable enough to let him into your life as a friend.


What To Say To An Ex You Want To Be Friends With

What to say to an ex you want to be friends with

What to say to an ex you want to be friends with These are a few ways you can hint that you would like to be friends with your ex:


  • Remind him or her of the good memories

Even though your last interaction was likely not great, there were probably plenty of good times in your relationship.


When considering what to text your ex, think of a memory of something nice, funny, or sweet you think they may get a kick out of remembering.


Nothing romantic, or you may risk sending mixed signals, but something that might put a smile on their face.


Hopefully, that will soften them up enough to consider your offer of friendship.


Try reaching out

If you’ve spent the time since you ended things incommunicado, you probably have no idea how to text your ex or where they are emotionally over the breakup.


You may just want to dip a toe in the water and take their temperature, which might be a little scary since you’re going in blind, but it’s the only real way to know where they stand.


Just keep it light and don’t take it personally if they’re not ready. If you’re determined to turn your ex into your BFF, check in periodically but not too regularly.


You need to respect their boundaries, and if they don’t want to be your friend, there’s not much you can legitimately do about that.


  • Send Them Something Funny

What to say to an ex you want to be friends with. Are you always seeing memes, pics, or stories you know they’d find hilarious? Well, if you’re thinking about trying to be friends again, send something funny their way.


If you can open with a laugh, you might increase the chances they’ll be open to having you back in their life. It’s a reminder that you two did have fun together, and who couldn’t use a few more laughs?


  • Don’t be a weirdo

What to say to an ex you want to be friends with. Just want to cut to the chase? That’s OK, too; just don’t be weird about it. Keep the tone light and friendly, like you would with anyone you don’t want to see naked any time soon.


If you feel like there may be lingering hard feelings, apologize but don’t make it a big deal. Take it super easy-breezy.

Can You Be Friends With An Ex You Love?

Can you be friends with an ex you love

Can you be friends with an ex you love? Breakups are messy things, but is it possible to go from lovers to being friends with an ex you still love? It’s certainly tricky but can it be possible


Can you be friends with an ex you love? Some say yes, and some say no. I think it depends on whether you’ve come to terms with the end of the relationship, and it’s cemented in your mind that it truly is over.


If you harbour feelings, you’ll always secretly hope that things change. If your ex meets someone new, it’s going to devastate you once more. In that case, perhaps friendship isn’t the best option for your heart and soul.


I want to be friends with my ex. You can only be friends with an ex if you have already resolved your issues with him or her and your feelings for them are gone.


Without the hatred feelings, then the only thing left is friendship. This is possible and this is true. But this is also applicable in different situations.


I want to be friends with my ex. Those people who can’t be friends with their ex are probably still dealing with hurts from the past or the breaking up process.


They may still have unresolved issues with one another. Remember that you must get over the romantic relationship first before you step up to friendship.


Being friends with your ex-boyfriend is not so bad after all. You can still hang out with him without the frustrations, revenge, or clinging feelings.


If you have both moved on, why bother to keep a hateful heart towards him, especially if the decision to break up is mutual.


Even if he cheated on you and you have already resolved this with him, you don’t have to hold grudges and just let it go. This is positive and

healthy, especially for you.


Whatever other people may say about this, ex-boyfriends can also be friends. He may even be your best friend because you have spent some time in your life with him.


You know him and he knows you. You both have something in common. Being friends with your ex-boyfriend can have many benefits too.


You will not feel awkward when you met him on the street. You can ask him to accompany you to places without being embarrassed or something.


You can show him your worst self and never worry about him breaking up with you. He can be your shoulder to cry on whenever you have problems without making your problems his.


Decide Carefully


However, different exes have different levels of worth. So, you must make sure that your ex-boyfriend is worthy of your friendship.


If your ex-boyfriend abused you and could not respect you then they are not worth your precious friendship.


Do not be friends with your ex-boyfriend just because you think and hope that he may change his mind and would want you back in his life.


If you are the one who broke up with him, do not offer him your friendship as his consolation prize if you don’t mean it and will not follow through because that is cruel.


Can you be friends with an ex you love? Not a good idea. If you aren’t over your ex, stay away from being friends.


Being friends with them when you are still emotionally attached to them will only make things worse for you. So for the sake of your mental well-being, stay away until you have completely moved on.


Because if you see them in another relationship, you will likely get jealous and this will affect your self-esteem. Always remember why the relationship didn’t work out in the first place.

I Want To Be Friends With My Ex Reddit

I want to be friends with my ex reddit

I want to be friends with my ex Reddit. Comments on a post on Reddit about being Friends with an ex:


“You can’t be friends with your ex.  That much is clear.  He’s not over you, and he’s not letting go of you.


You should just go officially no contact with him.  Stop letting him hang around the fringes.


And then stop hiding your relationship.  You don’t need to announce it to him – it’s not any of his business.  Stop caring if your dating is going to hurt his feelings.


You’re allowing this ex *way* too much power over your life, feelings, and relationships – and you’re not even talking to him right now!


Bluntly:  stop being kind.  This isn’t kindness, it’s just spineless refusing to end shit.


You think you’re being nice, but you’re just being a doormat.  Just start being open about dating someone else and stop hiding shit.  Tell your friends and family, and post it on social media.


If by now he can’t handle that you’ve moved on, it’s his problem to deal with.  Stop making it yours.”



“Hm. Part of my problem with just cutting him off super bluntly is that his parents adopted me into their family, and his sisters and I are super close.


I want to be friends with my ex Reddit. I helped the older one navigate coming out. I helped nurse his grandma when she was seriously ill. I fielded calls from his mom about her fears when his dad was diagnosed with cancer.


And they’ve all done just as much for me as well. They still want to be in my life and I still want them in my life. They consider me family and vice versa.


You’re right that he’s not ready to be friends now. I know that but I guess I was hoping to get better ideas of how to tell when a friendship might be reasonable, and how to communicate that boundary in a hard line. I don’t want to just burn the bridge entirely.


I want to be friends with my ex Reddit. You’re also right that it’s probably time to just be open about my new relationship. I still respect my ex, and my current bf has also been friends with him for as long as we were together, so I think both of us have been struggling to get some perspective on how to treat him.


Thanks for your advice and perspective on this!”


Why Do Guys Want To Be Friends With Their Ex?

Why do guys want to be friends with their ex

Why do guys want to be friends with their ex? Many girls scratch their heads and wonder why guys stay in touch with ex-girlfriends.


They can’t figure out if guys want to be their friends, friends with benefits, or if they just want to be on talking terms with them.


Some guys like to stay in touch because they have fond memories of the relationship, some because they’re attached to their exes, some because they want a friend to talk to, and others because they want to have sex with their exes and act like they’re in a relationship.


It’d be wrong for me to say that all guys talk to ex-girlfriends just to use them and string them along because most guys have no idea what staying in touch with their ex does to their ex emotionally.


They seem to think that they’re being friendly and/or that they’re doing their ex a favour when in reality, they’re giving their ex false hope and hindering their ex from making a full recovery.


Why do guys want to be friends with their ex? If you can’t figure out why guys stay in touch with ex-girlfriends, try to read the guys’ intentions by analyzing their approach.


How they reach out, words they use (the things they say or don’t say), emojis they use, emotions they express (sadness, nostalgia, pain, depression, excitement, boredom), and the things they like, request, and long for.


Behind every action and inaction, there is a rational or emotional incentive. If you learn your ex’s incentive, you should be able to determine if the guy in question is reaching out for you (assuming you’re his ex) or for himself.


Why do guys want to be friends with their ex? If you’re trying to understand why guys stay in touch with ex-girlfriends, you need to know that guys usually reach out and stay in touch with exes to breadcrumb them.


Breadcrumbing means that they send random (often selfish and meaningless) texts or calls that do more harm than good.


Most guys stay in touch with ex-girlfriends not because they love them and want them back, but because they want to keep their exes in their lives.


They want to be their friends (or even best friends) so they can talk to them whenever they feel alone or unhappy.


When do ex-boyfriends get in touch?

It’s no secret that guys and women (exes in general) tend to reach out the most when they encounter personal challenges.


This is because challenges affect their emotional states and force them to reach out to obtain something or conversely, to get rid of something.


When they reach out to obtain something, they seek:


  • validation
  • support
  • information
  • closure


And when they reach out to get rid of something, they seek to get rid of:


  • guilt
  • feelings of nostalgia
  • unprocessed feelings (anger, resentment, pain, attachment)
  • sadness and depression


Ex Wants To Be Friends After No Contact

Ex wants to be friends after no contact

Ex wants to be friends after no contact. There could be reasons,  ranging from regrets to a desire for intimacy. Let us explore why your ex wants to be your buddy after such a long time.


  • Regrets breaking up

Your ex regrets breaking up with you. In the heat of the moment, we all say things that we don’t mean or regret later.


Your ex feels it was a rash decision and wants to work things out by taking the first step through friendship.


  • They realize the pros

Ex wants to be friends after no contact. It suddenly dawned upon your ex that they enjoyed various advantages while in a relationship with you.


It might be something emotional and romantic or it could be something as practical as sharing the fuel expenses or using that club membership card that you had; in any case, your ex misses the perks of being a part of your life.


  • Misses the friendship

If you were good friends before you took things forward, chances are your ex is reaching out because they miss your company.


Perhaps the relationship did not work out, or they did not want it to culminate in a marriage with no chemistry, but they still yearn for your friendship.


  • Keeping the peace

Your ex is not interested in rekindling the relationship, but they don’t want to live with a lingering sourness.


Therefore, they try sweetening up things by stating that “we can at least be friends.”


  • Wants you as a stopgap

Perhaps they thought they would be with someone soon after the breakup. However, that did not happen, and now they are left stranded.


Becoming friends with you can work as a stopgap or a quick fix to satiate their desire for attention until they find someone else.


  • Scared of change

Ex wants to be friends after no contact. It could be hard to suddenly terminate contact with someone who has been a regular feature in your daily life.


Your ex did not realize it earlier, but now they seem to see it. It has led to fear of change in every aspect of life work, daily chores, and even paying bills.


A great way to still have you in their life without romance is through friendship.


  • Wants to have control

Some individuals enjoy being the dominating ones. They gloat over the unfair control they have on people’s lives.


Your ex may want to be friends with you only to experience the thrill of seeing you concede to their requests for friendship.


  • Sharing common friends

If you both have common friends, it may seem a worthwhile proposition for your ex to remain friends to decrease the awkwardness.


This reason is most likely when you, your ex, and common friends meet often.


  • Wants to be ‘friends-with-benefits’

If not anything else, the reason why your ex wants to be friends with you is that they seek sex with no strings attached.


A relationship with no commitments and the freedom to look elsewhere is a convenient prospect; it provides them with the best of both worlds.


Can Being Friends With An Ex Lead Back Into A Relationship?

Can being friends with an ex lead back into a relationship

Can being friends with an ex lead back into a relationship? Being friends with your ex can lead back into a relationship as your ex can fall back into an old routine of talking to you and start acting like your boyfriend or girlfriend again.


But before you get your hopes up, know that this doesn’t happen very often. Exes tend to have a difficult time falling back in love with a friend because they lack the emotional capacity to make that transition.


Not only do they lack the ability to overcome limiting beliefs, but they also lack the motivation and the incentive to reflect and improve.


This is because their relationship mentality and emotional exhaustion hold them back from improving their thoughts, mistakes, and emotional issues


Taking some time to relax with their friends and family sounds a lot more reasonable to them.


Can being friends with an ex lead back into a relationship? If you’re wondering if being friends with an ex can lead back into a relationship, know that crawling out of the friend zone doesn’t depend on you and your ability to lead your ex back into a relationship with you.


Can being friends with an ex lead back into a relationship? Sure, your attitude and behaviour matter a lot because your ex probably won’t get back to you if you’re angry, controlling, and abusive. Most people don’t.


But what matters, even more, is your ex’s ability to process pent-up emotions and the willpower to resist a life that feels better than the life before.


The things that your ex lacked or failed at when he or she was with you are what your ex needs to improve or succeed at to go from being friends to being in a relationship.


And that’s what makes breakups so difficult. If 90% of the reconciliation was in your control, you’d be able to guide your ex back into a relationship with you at ease. You’d be able to hit your ex in his or her soft spot and reel him or her in.


But because exes have a mind of their own and can’t be persuaded gently or with manipulation techniques, you can only hope that your ex discerns your worth, gathers his/her willpower, and tries to make it work of his or her own accord.


Either that or your ex has to get out of a bad relationship and/or get hurt and see your worth that way.


Do Guys Really Want To Be Friends After A Breakup?

Do guys really want to be friends after a breakup

Do guys want to be friends after a breakup? However, despite how much guys proclaim that they want to stay pals, do you think that ever happens?


Do they ever try? Of course not! In my experience, they never actually want to be friends after a breakup, so why do they bother saying they do?


Do guys want to be friends after a breakup? Guys want to be friends with their exes, but it isn’t easy.


Guys need a little more time to process, and not every guy wants to be friends. Relationship experts say that it takes six months to get over a relationship. Once you have been able to process, you can start being friends.


Whether or not your ex-boyfriend will ice you out after a breakup has a lot to do with how the relationship ended.


If it was contentious, chances of being able to connect on a friendship level would be a lot more difficult.


Do guys want to be friends after a breakup? Most men do cut off contact with their ex after a breakup.


This means that you may find yourself blocked on everything from social media to even your phone number is blocked.


Don’t let this discourage you from taking steps toward creating a great friendship in the future!


Why Does My Ex Want To Be Friends After She Broke Up With Me?

Why does my ex want to be friends after she broke up with me

Why does my ex want to be friends after she broke up with me? She Wants Security / Emotional Support

Security is a basic human need, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most frequently reported reasons for friendship.


Our primary attachment (often our romantic relationships) is one of the main sources of security for us as adults.


It’s hard to let go of that, even if the romantic relationship failed, or one of both of you started dating a new partner. A friendship can fill many of the same needs as a romantic relationship including safety.


If you were together for a long time, you probably share a lot of great memories and experienced a lot of things together. Maybe she still trusts you, and she still wants your emotional support.


  • She Has A Practical Reason

Why does my ex want to be friends after she broke up with me? If you work together with her, share friends, or run in the same circles, staying friends can make her life easier.


The same is true if you share custody of a child, live together, or something similar. Being friends is better than being enemies after the relationship ends in this case.


If you understand the Social Exchange Theory, this makes sense. The social exchange theory suggests that your ex-girlfriend was motivated to get together with you based on the perceived benefit she’d receive from your relationship.


Whether that’s through your connections, your status, your money, shared children, or shared pets.


  • Staying Friends Is A Good Way To Keep Things Civil

Keeping things civil is a good way to slowly withdraw from the relationship over time, which can help ease any hurt or guilt associated with the breakup.


It’s also an effective strategy for avoiding conflict, which many women fear, particularly with men considering that men are stronger and more aggressive than women.


  • She Wants To Remain, Friends, Because She Still Has Feelings For You

Why does my ex want to be friends after she broke up with me? I don’t want to get your hopes up here but a major reason to stay friends is if she still has romantic feelings for you.


While this is the least common of the other reasons above, it can happen if your ex-girlfriend hasn’t had time to prepare for the breakup.


For example, if you broke up with her, or if she broke up with you because of an external factor (moving, work, family issues, depression, religion, etc).


My Ex Wants To Be Friends But I Still Love Him

My ex wants to be friends but I still love him

My ex wants to be friends but I still love him. First, I want to say that you are being put in a very painful situation, especially if you still love your ex.


When your ex offers a friendship, you can choose to turn it down and cut off contact if moving on is what you want.


But then if you cut contact with your ex, you might wonder whether you will ever hear from your ex again.


If you want to get your ex back, then this could be the only door of opportunity for you.


That’s because when your ex just wants to stay as friends, it might not necessarily be a bad thing.


My ex wants to be friends but I still love him. If you find yourself in this position,


  • Don’t Be Desperate

It is important to remember that you are just friends now. Therefore, it is important to respect the boundaries of your ex.


Don’t expect your ex to meet up with you or contact you as often as when you were still together.


Also, don’t cross the line by contacting your ex too often as well. A rule of thumb is to go for the ratio of one-to-one.


That means…


If your ex contacts you, you reply.

If your ex contacts you again, you reply.

You can also be the one to initiate contact with your ex from time to time.


The key here is to do it in moderation. This is especially important if the main reason for breaking up is because you were too clingy when you were still together.


If that is the case, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show your ex that you have changed.


  • Actions speak louder than words.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go too long without having any contact with your ex.


After all, how are you going to get your ex back if you are only going to meet your ex just once a year?


I would say that for most situations, it should be okay if your ex is fine with meeting up once every month or so.


But, be prepared that things might go a little more slowly than you would have wanted them to go at the start. So, it is important to be patient.


  • Keep Your Emotions In Check

My ex wants to be friends but I still love him. How well you manage your emotions during this period is going to determine your chances of getting your ex back.


I know this may sound a little bit counter-intuitive to you but it is the truth.


The more you can treat your ex like a friend, the more likely you are going to get your ex back. In other words, you need to place your ex’s needs above yours.


  • Respect your ex’s wish to be friends and put your desire to get him/her back on hold.

In a way, you can consider this a form of true love. If you truly love and care about a person, you will not place your needs above them.


On the other hand, if every time you contact your ex, your main focus is on how to get your ex back, then you may have to ask yourself whether you truly love your ex.


Now, I am not going to lie to you and tell you that it is easy. Not everyone can do it. You need to have a certain level of emotional maturity.


More importantly, you need to truly care about the well-being of your ex. When you can do so, your ex will appreciate it.


Your friendship with your ex will deepen and there is a good chance that your ex will fall in love with you again.


  • Don’t Be Friend With Benefits

Yes, I mentioned above that the more you treat your ex like a friend, the more likely you can win your ex back.


However, that doesn’t mean you should let yourself fall into being Friends With Benefits.


Why does my ex want to be friends?

Why does my ex still want to be friends

Why does my ex want to be friends? Some possible reasons why an ex wants to be friends with you:


  • They still love you

There are chances that even after the breakup, he still has feelings for you and wants to win you over.


However, he might feel that you won’t give him a second chance easily, so he should make a place in your life again by starting with friendship.


  • You had a messy breakup

Why does my ex want to be friends? If you guys had a messy breakup, there are chances that your ex-boyfriend wants to stay friends so he can apologize and leave without any hard feelings.


There are chances that he might be regretting the hurt that he caused you and might be wanting to have a clean break to help him move on.


  • Remaining friends means they won’t have to lose you

Sometimes it isn’t easy to see the difference between love and habit. When we are in a relationship and spend a lot of time with someone, it is natural to form an emotional attachment.


  • You are in the same friend group

If you two have many mutual friends, a breakup can make things extremely odd.


Being in the same circles means that you will occasionally keep bumping into each other, and your ex wants to stay friends so that things don’t become uncomfortable for you two.


  • You are a backup plan

Why does my ex want to be friends? If a guy breaks your heart but is interested in still being good friends, it might mean that he likes you as a person and might get back to you if he does not find the right match for himself.


He wants to explore a new life without you but still wants to keep the door open for you if he changes his mind and wants you back.

I want to be friends with my Ex Conclusion

I want to be friends with my ex Conclusion

I want to be friends with my ex Conclusion Remaining friends with your ex can be detrimental. It hinders you from healing from a breakup and possibly from moving on.


While trying to remain friends with your ex, you should always remember why it didn’t work out in the first place.


I want to be friends with my ex Conclusion. Some narcissistic ex may only want Friendship for sustaining their control over you.

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