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I wish I was married

I wish I was married

I wish I was married

I wish I was married. A lot of times, when we see our close friends tie the knot, we suddenly wish we’d have the same fate. There are a good number of single people out there wishing they were married. Why not? Marriage is a beautiful thing especially if you go into it with certain knowledge I’ll be sharing with you in this article.


But I have to let you know that marriage is not for everyone. Today, plenty of people choose to have long-term partnerships and never tie the knot or they live happily single with a strong group of friends and family members around them.


So if you are wondering if marriage is right for you, and thinking “I wish I was married” then you are not alone.


Marriage is a deeply personal decision, and it will vary based on personality and lifestyle aspirations. Besides, what really makes someone want to get married? The most popular reasons for marriage are the following


Reasons why people want to get married


There is something to be said about a true union. Marriage is the ultimate commitment. Even if you are in the most committed, long-term relationship, there are legal, emotional, and financial benefits to making it official. Here are a few:


  • A Heightened Sense of Security


There are couples who have lived together for a decade who still feel different once they are married. Even after they’ve known each other for so long, they say they feel more at ease once they said their vows. For many, marriage brings a sense of security, a grounding they can’t get any other way.


  • Companionship


Today we have so many successful single people. They have successful professions, a solid group of family and friends, hobbies, and a life full of travel and joy. But the one thing they are missing, something marriage gives, is constant companionship.


They know who they are, what they want, and are ready to share their life with someone special. They want someone who will be their best friend and their partner in crime not just now, but as they grow old as well.


  • Affirmation of Mutual Love


Do you know how powerful it can be for couples to stand up in front of their family and friends and declare their love for one another? It’s a way to bring your partner into your family officially and tie your two worlds together.


  • To Start a Family


I wish I was married. Sure, in some religions and communities it is frowned upon to have a child without being married. But even if you come from a more progressive world, a lot of people want to be married before having a child. There is stability that comes with having a legally-defined family.


  • Financial Benefits


It may seem unromantic to discuss money when looking at the reasons to get married, but marriage is as much of a business transaction as it is a spiritual and emotional one. In the past, families would marry their children to solidify financial and political arrangements.


Today, getting married allows you to share your income, your property, and your assets, and in many situations, it also means tax benefits. The state literally rewards couples who chose marriage.


How to know if your partner wants to marry you


Do you think you want to get married, but you aren’t sure if your partner feels the same way? Here are some indicators to look for:


  • There is open communication in your relationship.


The primary indicator of a relationship that is ready for marriage is healthy, open communication. You want your communication to be transparent as opposed to opaque. Have you openly talked about your life goals? Does it feel safe to bring up these conversations? Has he or she brought it up as well?


  • You are included in big decisions.


Another gauge is being included and valued when it comes to making big decisions. Did your partner consult you when buying a new car, taking a new job offer, or moving into a new apartment?


  • You’ve met their family.


Your partner might be ready for marriage if he or she has proactively introduced you to the keystone people in their life, including family members, close friends, and mentors. It’s a step forward in the merging of two worlds, which is what happens when you are married.


  • They have emotional intelligence.


Take stock of your partner’s emotional intelligence or EQ. Questions to ask yourself include: Are they invested in your overall happiness? Are they vulnerable with you? Do they share their failures as well as successes? Are they willing to put in the work when conflict bubbles up?


I wish I was married Reddit

I wish I was married reddit

I wish I was married Reddit. When I say I want to get married and have a family before 30, 99% of my friends (22-25 yrs old) would disagree with me and try to convince me, believing family and marriage are traps.


I don’t wish for a perfect future husband. I don’t wish to be a millionaire and successful. I grew up in an ordinary middle-class family, my family isn’t super loving to each other and that is probably the reason why I want to have a family of my own.


I wish I was married Reddit. I just want to be with someone who’s understanding, helping me with chores, laughing at my jokes, playing video games, eating the food I made, and simply enjoying life together. I don’t hate kids, I don’t mind when children at the mall scream.


I want a family and children in my future only because I feel like I want to raise human beings to be well and help them have a good life.


I wish I was married Reddit. As for my career, I’m 23 and just graduated from University 3 months ago. I started the dream career that I have dreamed of doing since I was a child and I feel good about it. I’m sure I will be working in this career for quite a while, so I feel like my career goal is already halfway completed.


The idea seems to be unpopular now for millennials. I’m tired of feeling strange for wanting to have a family and get married. I’m tired of fighting the opinions over and over again too. What should I say instead of lying when anyone asks?

I wish I was married to someone else

I wish I was married to someone else

I wish I was married to someone else. We live in a world that is anything but perfect, and this includes the chance that you might fall out of love with your spouse or fall in love with someone other than your spouse, constantly thinking of someone else.


You’ll inevitably be attracted to people outside your marriage, constantly or just occasionally — that’s just human nature. But unfortunately, sometimes that fleeting attraction turns into something more.


So, you’re married, but constantly thinking about someone else. What should you do?


You’re Thinking About Them, But Are You Really In Love with Someone Else?


Attraction can be confusing and inscrutable, especially when you’re feeling caught between having an interest in somebody and your spouse — it can be hard to determine if you’re madly in love with someone else, or if you’re simply experiencing impermanent feelings of longing for that someone else.


Here are several signs that indicate that you might be in love but thinking about someone other than your spouse:


  • You share every last detail about your life with them
  • You feel protective over them
  • You find ways to spend more time around them
  • You miss them when they’re gone
  • You open up to them about yourself
  • You compare them to your spouse or partner
  • You’re becoming interested in their favourite things
  • You constantly check your phone for new messages from them
  • You can’t stop thinking about them
  • You feel guilty hanging out with them
  • You start to lie or keep secrets from your spouse
  • Your mood changes for the better around them
  • You dress up when you know you’re going to see them
  • The chemistry between you is almost tangible


Another thing that may come up during your marriage is the indecisive game. The “what if” game encompasses questions like


  • What if I had never gotten married?
  • What if I had married someone else?
  • What if I had married her/him?
  • What if my spouse died? Would I remarry? Who would I marry next?


Now, the fleeting thought of these questions isn’t an issue. After all, they’re questions that could easily pop into your mind, especially during a difficult period, or a conflict.


What matters is what your reaction is to this.  The reaction can be positive, or negative.


  1. Negative responses to the “what if” game


I wish I was married to someone else. A negative response is anything that entertains the idea that you might be happier with someone else.  It is any sort of continued thought or attention given to negatively comparing your spouse with other potential options, real or imagined.


So, while it’s not a problem to have the question “I wonder what it would be like if I married someone else”, it is a problem when you take the next step of “I bet they wouldn’t yell at me as much” or “I wonder if they’d be more emotionally available” or “They can’t possibly be as sexually repressed as my spouse”.


It’s this second step that starts you down the road of comparing your spouse to other options, whether it’s another person, a fantasy, a friend, or friend’s spouse, or even “freedom” from marriage.


I wish I was married. This continued attention to these proposed possibilities starts teaching your mind that there are better options out there.  Your brain starts looking for reasons to support this theory.  You start cataloguing your spouse’s negative behaviours, or lack of positive behaviours, and you grow less and less content with your spouse as the current reality.


This is where affairs are born.  Not when you sleep with someone, not when you kiss them.  Not when you start having secret meetings, or inappropriate conversations.  It’s not even when you start thinking about them more than your spouse.


It’s when you decide to entertain the idea that there’s a better potential option for you.  At that point, you’re already taken your first steps to cheat, divorce, or just check out.  Either way, that’s a dangerous place to be.


There are people who have affairs who said they never would and believed it, who don’t believe in divorce who end up getting one, who want to be involved that eventually just talk themselves out of being interactive with their family.  It happens all the time.  So, how do you prevent this?


  1. Positive responses to the “what if” game


If the question of “what it” might pop into your head, how do you deal with it?  What if you’ve already been entertaining it for a while?


The answer is to change the response.


Now, that’s progressively harder to do the longer you’ve been entertaining negative responses, but it’s always possible, even if difficult.


I wish I was married. I know people who constantly deride their spouses.  They don’t believe in divorce or affairs, but they can barely open their mouth without saying something negative about their spouse.  If you bring up marriage, you can guarantee their response will be something about how they wish they weren’t married.


If you mention their spouse, they will let you know just how awful a person they are.  Those are the worst cases. When they can’t even filter what they’re saying any more in public.


But there are more spouses who just think about it instead of verbalising it.


So, how do you stop?  Find one positive thing about your spouse per day.  Every day try to find something good about them.  The next day, try to find another.  Try to build a habit of looking for the positive.


When you think “I wonder what it would be like to be married to them”, think of something positive in your relationship.  Dig into the past if you need to.  Think of your children, if you have them.


Whatever the case, you can always find something positive that happened.  Then build on that tomorrow.  Find another item of positive response.


Keep up the habit and make that your default response.  You’ll be amazed at how your brain changes.  Because it will start to look for the positive in your spouse.  Your outlook on your marriage will gradually shift to be more positive, and in most cases, your spouse will respond.


Even if they don’t, well, at least you’ll be more content


You’re Married But In Love With Someone Else. What Should You Do?


There’s a fine line between being in love with another person, or having an emotional affair, and taking it to the next step and having a physical affair. Nevertheless, the steps to take are the same.


Regardless of whether an affair is physical or merely emotional, stepping outside the bounds of your marriage can do immense damage to your relationship, so it’s crucial to proceed with constant caution.


I wish I was married. If you’re married but thinking about someone else, it can be important to decipher why you may have constant thoughts of that person. First, let’s look at why couples have affairs. Here are some of the main reasons:


Why do couples cheat?


  • Lack of sexual satisfaction (desiring sexual encounters)
  • Lack of emotional satisfaction (wanting emotional validation from someone else)
  • Falling out of love (falling in love with someone else)
  • Lack of spark and excitement in the marriage (wanting new and thrilling experiences)
  • Married, But Constantly Thinking About Someone Else


There are four options if you find yourself thinking of someone else and are debating about or have already had an affair:


  • End the affair with that someone and work on your marriage
  • Stay in your marriage while continuing a relationship with that someone
  • Leave your marriage for your lover
  • Wait until your lover ends your extramarital relationship


We’ll assume you’re interested in the first option, given the fact that the other three can cause additional and lasting damage to your marriage and may more than likely lead to a divorce.


But, you should examine your relationship with this person and your relationship with your spouse honestly, and ruminate on the effects of any of these decisions.


Ok, You’ve Had an Affair. Thinking About What To Do Now


  • Stop All Constant Communication with the Other Person


I wish I was married to someone else. The immediate first step in the question of “how can I save my relationship?” must be removing the other person from your life. As long as they are still in the picture, no matter how minuscule it may appear, then you can’t move forward with healing your marriage.


The bottom line is that your marriage is in dire straits, and there’s no better time to stop all forms of communication, including social media communication, with the other person than now. The focus, energy, and attention on working to heal your marriage and you must be the priority.


  • Remove That Someone Else & Be All About Spouse.


I wish I was married. When you begin to think, “how can I rebuild my marriage?”, “How can I fix my marriage?” or think “how can I save my married life?”, one of your first steps should be to put time and effort into the relationship you have at home.


Redirect the time and energy that you gave to the other person to your spouse. Now that you’ve removed the other person from your day-to-day activities, you now can move forward and constantly give your attention and effort to your spouse.


While we may have at one point had blind faith in our married life that would keep us in love with our spouses, the truth is that any successful relationship requires maintenance and proper care.


  • Rekindle the Lost Love Flame


One primary reason why someone can be married but think about someone else is that relationship loses its honeymoon luster and falls victim to the temptation is that we put all the emphasis on what a relationship is in categories such as happiness, joy, love, ecstasy, and lots of sex.


Anyone who has been together a long time will attest to the fact that those things eventually fade away. Marriage is ultimately sharing the journey of life and walking through the thick and thin and never giving up.


I wish I was still married

I wish I was still married

I wish I was still married. The divorce rate in our society keeps going up. Most couples don’t even seek alternatives like marriage counselling before ending it. Some may not admit it but they do regret that one decision.


In those days, you’ll look back at your former marriage with a brand new perspective. You’ve grown a lot since your divorce.


You’ve learned a lot about love, and relationships, and now you can see how so many mistakes from your past could have been avoided, how so many of your insecurities could have been calmed, and how so many of your fears were unnecessary.


Some days, you’ll wish you had tried harder. You’ll wish you hadn’t been so headstrong, that you had compromised more and not been so proud.


I wish I was still married. The thing is, now you have the tools to potentially fix your broken marriage, back then, you didn’t. That’s why it broke in the first place because both you and your former partner were doing the best you could with what you had. You just didn’t have enough to work with by a long shot.


Don’t blame yourself for thinking about the past and wondering how it could have been different, we all do it from time to time, but the less you dwell on it, the better.

Have you learned your lessons? Good.


Put them into practice in your next relationship. You can’t bring a corpse back from the dead by treating the disease you discovered in the autopsy, but you can learn to stop the spread of the disease once the symptoms begin to manifest.


I wish I was still married. Don’t blame yourself for not having tried hard enough: you did. Remember how tired you felt back then? How alone and desperate and utterly exhausted? Go back and tell that woman she’s not trying hard enough, I dare you.


Regardless, some days, you’ll wish you had stayed. Some days, in a moment of weakness, when your current life doesn’t seem so bright, and you feel especially alone, you’ll wish you were still married. Those feelings are ok. Sit with them for a moment, and try to understand what they’re telling you.


They might be telling you how tired you are. The more exhausted you are, the easier it is to feel as if things are not ok and say “ I wish I was married”.


They might be telling you your marriage was not all bad, and that’s an idea that’s often hard to make peace with. There was well mixed in with the bad, and it’s ok to miss the good sometimes.

They might be telling you there’s stuff you still need to process, there are parts of your past you still need to work on.


But that doesn’t mean you made a mistake. It doesn’t mean you’re not exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. Because whatever happened after your divorce, I guarantee you grew a lot. You’ve learned many lessons you otherwise wouldn’t have, and you became a better person because of that.


So, on the days when you think “I wish I was married”, I want you to hold on to the knowledge that you made a tough, but extremely important decision. I want you to hold on to the knowledge that you wouldn’t be who you are if it weren’t for that divorce, and all the good and bad things that came with it.


The days when you wish you had stayed are hard, but they’ll happen less and less as time goes by. And just like everything else divorce-related, you’ll come out on the other side a lot stronger because of it.


I wish I married a rich man

I wish I married a rich man

I wish I married a rich man. Although for some, life is all about a continuous hustle for survival, few of them escape that line of destiny – NOT by working hard but by using their good luck charms and looking into a wealthy marriage.


Let’s be honest, it’s every girl’s dream to live the life of a Queen. Even local parents emphasise reading Horoscopes just to understand marriage. As kids, we’ve watched fairy tales like Cinderella, where a poor servant girl falls in love with a charming prince and goes on to live in a magical palace.


Then as you reach young adulthood, you focus on romantic novels where you find rich tycoons falling in love with their maids. You are programmed to believe that being a rich man’s wife is the epitome of life’s success.


I wish I married a rich man. Even when Prince Harry went on to marry Meghan, a tiny part of us felt we deserved it too. But what we aren’t aware of is that life has far more to offer than simply being a rich wife. Even rich wives have to work hard.


If you are currently dating a rich man or have an aim of marrying one, you might want to look at all the peaks and valleys it has to offer before jumping right in.


Pros of being a rich man’s wife


Of course, the good things come first. Let’s keep all those true love relationship myths aside. Being a rich wife has its own advantages.


  • A Comfortable Life


I wish I was married. There’s no denying saying your life would be comfortable if you marry a wealthy man. Unless he’s a fraud who made up stories to get you into the fishing net. If your husband is a rich man he’ll make sure your living standards rise up to his level too. With survival, your least of worries, say hello to a new comfortable life.


  • A Push for your Ambition


If you’re an ambitious person with goals or a smart introvert following updates for nerds, with massive dreams, a rich man can help you with it. Not only does money make life smooth, it also helps you climb that one step higher before a regular person does. If you dream of starting your own business, you need not have to go behind investors, your husband would be your investor.


If he has self-made wealth, he’d definitely have influential contacts around the world which would be of great use to you.


  • All the gifts in the world


This is the part that every girl would completely drool over. You don’t necessarily have to be a gold-digger here to love gifts.


If your husband treasures you, he would load you with surprise holidays, buy pearls, your favourite jewellery, the latest iPhone, and all the little things you love as well. Of course, they wouldn’t come for free, in return, he would expect a great deal from you as well.


  • A good life for your child


At some point when the biological clock ticks in, every woman thinks about children. And what could be more secure for you than your child’s security?!


Raising a child is not an easy task. Starting from purchasing diapers to saving up on college fees, it can be a rollercoaster. But if your husband is wealthy, your child will most probably live a luxurious and secure life.


  • You might be a trophy


I wish I was married. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Some girls love being trophies while feminists clearly wouldn’t. If you look at the bright side, your husband will treasure you. And treat you like a real princess just to keep you looking good in front of his folks.


The dark side is, well you have to look exactly like how your husband wants you to look. If you love Tattoos and he doesn’t, it might be a problem.


Cons of being a rich man’s wife


Just as much as there are many cherries on top of the cream, there’s also a downside. Being a Rich Man’s Wife is not always easy.


  • People think you’re a Gold-digger


Sometimes you might be just an innocent girl who fell helplessly in love with a rich man, but chances are that your friends and relatives will think you’re a Gold-digger. People will continue to judge you.


Some people are just jealous, but if your most trusted friend says you’re a Gold-Digger, you might want to re-look at your intentions.


  • You feel useless


I wish I married a rich man. One of the most difficult things for a 21st-century girl to deal with is being dependent on a man. We are encouraged every day to be Independent. If all your luxuries rely on another human – more rather, your spouse, you may feel useless.


Especially if you’re a housewife, you may not know what’s happening around in the real girl world.


  • Everyone has high expectations from you


If you’ve been acquired only for your good looks and mingling qualities, everyone would start expecting you to show off your talents. Being a Rich Wife means living up to other people’s expectations. This would be fun at first but would stir up anxiety later on if you’re prone to emotional instability.


  • You may not be his only one


This may differ from one person to another, but many who are extremely wealthy tend to drift away from Monogamy. It might not be the fault of the person itself, but rather the mindset that grows with wealth being surrounded.


It’s partially the fault of women too. When women give more credit to rich men, they automatically think money can buy love. Once this registers in a man’s mind, he believes any girl he likes is his.


I wish I married a rich man Reddit

I wish I married a rich man reddit

I wish I married a rich man Reddit. I am 40, my husband is 42. We’ve been married for 12 years, known each other for 16. He is a kind, generous man, and an attentive husband. He is also a great father to our two kids (6F, 8M).


When we met, he was doing his Ph.D. and I was studying to become a graphic designer. We started dating two months after we met. He was smart, articulate, and funny but it soon became apparent that his chosen academic and career path wouldn’t be an easy one.


We were living off his $28k a year stipend ( most of which had to be diverted to further support his research costs) and I learned very quickly how saturated the market is for new PhDs. I ended up right from the start of our relationship, having to be the main earner, turning down prestigious unpaid internships because I needed a paying job to make ends meet.


I wish I married a rich man Reddit. My parents saw the strain supporting two people while going to school took on me. By that time I was 26 and a lot of my friends were marrying, buying homes, and staying home to care for newborns because their husbands’ incomes allowed that.


What also made that possible was them marrying men around 10 or more years older. But I convinced myself that I was having “ grass is greener” syndrome and that I wasn’t going to marry someone I had nothing in common with.


Finally, fast forward another two years my husband graduates from his Ph.D. program. We marry even though he hasn’t found any form of employment post-dissertation.


I was by then working full-time as a graphic designer at a startup. So it didn’t matter much that my husband was earning minimum wage working as a cashier at a bookstore.


Finally, he gets a job paying 40k a year. I didn’t care that he was making less than me because yay- for the first time we were financially prosperous!


Then soon after I got pregnant. Work is nice about it but when I get back, I feel like subtly I’m being put into the mommy track box. Soon after, the place my husband was working started “ cutting the fat” and he was let go.


I make it work while he picks up menial freelance jobs and even thinks it’s good that he’s not in a demanding job when my maternity leave for my second child was up and I needed to get back to work and could be there and do most of the childcare.


I wish I married a rich man Reddit. For the past 6 years since my daughter was born, I was exhausted and felt that the financial weight of the family was mostly on me.


Then COVID happened and the company I work for is on the verge of folding and I got laid off. I’ve taken a job in a nursing home during the weekends while also scrambling to get freelancing jobs but that online market is also saturated.


My husband is currently working and making around $25k a year at his job. His hours still make him the one more able to take care of the kids so he does so, and I am grateful that my kids have a great relationship with their dad.


However, sometimes I resent the fact that the entire family’s financial situation is on my shoulders. That even at the end of this, my husband’s income potential seems so low and I will be expected to be the breadwinner and he gets to spend more time with my kids.


I would give anything to be able to spend a consecutive 8 hours a day with my kids but I have to be the breadwinner. I would give anything to be able to become a stay-at-home mom if I wanted to and pick up freelancing because the projects are something I’m passionate about.


But that will never be possible if my husband continues to have the same luck in the job market as he does now.


Seeing my friends be able to be there and be full-time moms to their kids fills me with resentment towards my husband. Our sex life is pretty much nonexistent now and while he continues to be sensitive and sweet I just don’t feel that spark anymore. I don’t want to go as far as to say I don’t love him anymore, but I’ve begun fantasising about being married to other people.


I try not to let it show because I know he’s a good man and we have two great kids together who are happy but sometimes I’m just seething in jealousy at seeing my friends live out the life path and marriage choices that my parents had suggested I take all those years ago.


I used to think it was gross to be a housewife or marry someone 10 or more years older than me, but I think about the fact that I could have grown to love that person, and I would have been able to be a devoted mother.


When I’m working sometimes I go google the houses were a lot of my college friends live and the records nearly all show when you look up the residents a man around 11 to 15 years older than the woman and I think about how that in the scheme of me now being 40, if I had found someone 10 to 15 years older and established it wouldn’t exactly be the worst thing in the world.


I feel like I should have waited longer for marriage until I figured out what I really wanted, and where I could have found someone who was established and at least showed greater ambition.


I fell in love with how sweet and dedicated my husband was as a person but now I feel like those things just turn me off and I wish he would be more of an aggressive go-getter. I feel like I alone am like the mama bear or lion or whatever that’s protecting my family.


I don’t want to break up our family but sometimes my resentment is high enough that I think about divorce.


I wish I was married conclusion

I wish I was married conclusion

I wish I was married conclusion. Getting married and sustaining a marriage are two different things. The high rate of divorce is a testament to that. If you desire to get married soon, it is only fair that you know and stay ready for what you are venturing into.


As we all know that the first 2-3 years of marriage are usually blissful, but it doesn’t remain that way as challenges will come up in the marriage. And of course, some of these challenges might require the intervention of a marriage counsellor. But before you get to that point, you should know these few things before marriage.



  1. Love Comes in Two Stages


The first stage of love is almost effortless. During this stage, we are so in love that we will do almost anything for each other and it will not feel like a chore or sacrifice to go the extra mile for our other half. We could queue up for hours just to buy that popular new gadget for our partners or travel thousands of miles just to spend some time together.


I wish I was married conclusion. At this stage, couples can also get so absorbed in the relationship that they can become oblivious to the world or to the obvious issues or flaws in the relationship (remember the times when our friends or family warn us about our gf/bf and we angrily brush them off?).


The second stage of love needs a lot more effort—it requires us to have a much deeper understanding of the needs of our other halves in order to sustain the relationship. The second stage usually takes place about two years into the relationship.


In order to stay happy when we are at our second stage of love, we need to understand our love language, as well as our other halves, and act on it. So what exactly is a love language?


Love language is our own individual interpretation of how love is expressed and how we can feel loved. The five languages of love as described includes:


Words of Affirmation – this refers to the act of using words to admire or appreciate a person. Examples – ” You look really great in that dress.” or “You are really sweet for helping your friend with that chore.”


Acts of Service – this simply means that love is expressed through actions rather than words. To perform acts of service, we need to understand what our other half values and want us to do for them.


Receiving Gifts – this basically means love is expressed and felt by the giving of gifts.


Quality Time – spending time together and enjoying each other’s company is also another way of expressing love and making the other half feel special.


Physical Touch – touch such as hugs, and holding hands can also help individuals feel loved and connected to their loved ones.


  1. Resolving Conflicts Without Arguments


I wish I was married conclusion. Arguments occur in every marriage and sometimes it can get so bad that we may question ourselves if we have married the right person or say things that we may regret—”Let’s get a divorce!”


The first important rule to remember is that having conflicts does not mean you are married to the wrong person. Conflicts are a part and parcel of life.


I wish I was married. To sustain a good relationship, every couple must find an effective way to resolve conflicts and one of the first steps to addressing conflicts is to practice listening to one another.


Allowing each other to express their opinions (without interruption) and acknowledging what was shared helps both parties to feel that their feelings and needs are valued.


After having a clear understanding of the problem, the couple should then discuss the solution openly and be willing to compromise. Being able to compromise with one another is extremely important in a relationship and it may occasionally involve sacrifices on our part—this is a necessary step if we want to peacefully come up with the best possible solution.

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