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I wish I was more attractive

I wish I was more attractive

i wish i was more attractive

I wish I was more attractive. I wish I had more appealing features. I wish I was like her, I wish I was like him. If these are thoughts that flood your mind whenever you think about yourself then this article is for you.


How often have you wished you were more appealing?

How many times have you convinced yourself that if you were more attractive, you would have been able to attract the person you want?


Do you understand how people form self-perceptions? They absorb ideas from the outside world and compare them to their internal vision of themselves, but there’s a significant problem when the database they use to compare information becomes clogged with erroneous entries!


If you believe you are unattractive, there’s a good

probability you misunderstood attractiveness and so see yourself in this light.


I wish I was more attractive. What is attractiveness? It is the quality of being pleasing, charming, or alluring, especially in appearance or manner. It can be defined as the capacity to arouse interest or engage one’s thought, and consideration.


Why do people have thoughts like I wish I was more attractive? This thought stems from a lot of factors. You might have started comparing your appearance with another person’s, or it can be as a result of something someone said.


It’s a good idea to start by considering what we mean by ‘beautiful.’ Is it true that being ‘beautiful’ entails fitting into some objective mold of how you should appear? Is it, however, more complicated?


While certain physical characteristics or traits are more celebrated and valued in modern society (and unhelpfully reinforced in the media), there are no universally accepted standards for attractiveness. The cliche “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” may be overused, but it’s true: what appeals to one person may not appeal to another, and vice versa.


It can be demoralizing and alienating to believe you aren’t attractive enough to be with your lover.


It’s possible to feel unattractive for a multitude of reasons. Your self-esteem – and, with it, your perception of how desirable you are as a person may have taken a hit recently. Perhaps it’s something you’ve started to notice after going through physical changes, such as an injury, pregnancy, or menopause. Perhaps you’ve had this feeling for a long time — you may have grown up thinking you’re unattractive or been told this in previous relationships.


I wish I was more attractive. When we have a solid sense of self-worth, we tend to feel more beautiful. People who have a high sense of self-worth find it easy to be attractive because they like who they are.


They believe they are attractive and see themselves as such. Less optimistic people tend to exaggerate what they perceive to be their flaws, and hence consider themselves less attractive when they look in the mirror.


The hard part is that this link can be cyclical; for example, if we start to feel unattractive, our self-esteem may plummet, leading us to believe it more.


When several factors affect our self-esteem, it can lead to more serious mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Poor mental health, on the other hand, can lead to low self-esteem.


I wish I was more attractive. This refers to how dissatisfaction in other areas of our lives, such as family or work, can influence how attractive we are. Because of the influence it has on their self-esteem, someone who is unsuccessful in their career may not feel attractive. They may believe that they aren’t desirable because they aren’t accomplishing as much as they would like.


Someone who is striving to gain control over their finances or who is emotionally exhausted by their extended family may have similar feelings.


Taking care of your looks and remaining healthy are important factors in how attractive you feel, but it’s tempting to put too much attention on the physical, which can lead to an unhealthy and self-fulfilling mindset.


Someone who is striving to gain control over their finances or who is emotionally exhausted by their extended family may have similar feelings.


Taking care of your looks and remaining healthy are important factors in how attractive you feel, but it’s tempting to put too much attention on the physical, which can lead to an unhealthy and self-fulfilling mindset.


I wish I was more attractive. How does this thought process affect relationships? If one person in a relationship is always wishing they looked better it would create fear and suspicion that their partner would leave them for someone better looking.


The implications on your relationship can be tough to navigate and often emotionally distressing. This way of thinking can cause a great deal of separation between partners.


When one person is unattractive, their companion may find themselves in a reassuring situation. They may try to reassure their lover by telling them that they are attractive and that they need not be concerned. However, if the first person is not easily reassured, they are more likely to reject this support, telling their partner they are incorrect or simply dismissing what is being said.


I wish I was more attractive. Not feeling attractive can create chain reactions. For instance you wake up and you feel you don’t look good. It affects how you think of yourself throughout the day. It can make you less productive at work or in school.


You begin to project your emotions on your partner and everyone around you. If someone decides to take a picture of you, or your partner wants to take you on an impromptu date you would most likely refuse. This is because you feel you don’t look appealing enough.


At some point you begin to think things would have been much better if you were more attractive. “I would have gotten the job if i was prettier, she wouldn’t have refused my advances if I was more attractive, no one asks for my number because I’m not as  beautiful as the other ladies. All these thoughts are pretty damaging to your self esteem and perspective of life.


I wish I was more attractive. Being attractive is about a lot more than how we look. Much of it takes place in our heads, where we debate whether or not we’re happy with how we appear and whether or not we want to believe others when they tell us we’re beautiful.


Taking a compliment is more difficult for many of us than lifting a monster truck with our bare hands. Let’s jointly put an end to our habit of constantly critiquing ourselves and instead focus on methods to improve ourselves.


There are simple things that we can all do daily to boost our sense of attractiveness. These things can also make us more attractive to others, which makes them even more appealing to try out.


  • Make Sure You’re Not Your Own Worst Enemy: The ability to tear yourself down is the number one thing preventing you from feeling as lovely as you are. Instead of focusing on the flaws that you see in the mirror, concentrate on the beauty that is right in front of you. Instead of hating those minor bumps and scars, remember them affectionately.


  • Wear the Correct Fragrance: According to a study, your sense of smell has an impact on your level of confidence. Certain scents have been shown to positively affect our emotions, causing our brains to shift to a more pleasant, less tense state when we inhale them. The good emotions that are elicited are linked to self-assurance.


  • Accept compliments: If you’re one of the many women who constantly criticize themselves, attempt to take in a compliment about your physical appearance without turning it around in your head, and then commit it to memory. It will increase your self-esteem and make you feel more attractive than you are.


  • Be real: Many people conceal their genuine selves by adopting a false character. You not only obstruct your true self when you do this, but you also create false relationships. There’s no reason to hide or pretend that your flaws don’t exist. No one expects you to be flawless, so embrace your true qualities.


I wish I was more attractive Reddit

i wish i was more attractive reddit

I wish I was more attractive Reddit: The feeling of not being attractive enough haunts us from time to time .There are days we don’t feel very attractive and this can happen to anyone,be it an adult or a teenager.


Sometimes we feel we’re not attractive enough to attract partners,other times we just don’t like what we see when we look in the mirror. Even the top models can feel this way sometimes. It’s completely human.


Here are some experiences from Reddit users who had the sentiment “I wish I was more attractive

4 yr. ago

Posted by indigo-phantom

I wish I was more attractive, maybe things would be easier.


I get so jealous of girls who get a free pass or can get ahead of everyone else all because of their looks. For someone like me who’s below average- average looking it’s frustrating. I’m an artist and a lot of the time I feel like if I was pretty I could use that to my advantage.


I’ve seen other girls use their looks to help get them ahead when it comes to their art. I wish I was pretty enough for people to want to throw their money at me. It’s shallow and selfish, but it’s just one of those stupid things that I want.


You can tell me it’s not all about looks and lots of people who aren’t attractive can make it if they have talent and put the effort in. I know that. But I’m upset at how it seemingly speeds things up for more attractive people and I want that.


I wish I was more attractive Reddit Posted by nematoadie [replied]

4 yr. ago

I️ think there is pain on both sides of the spectrum, and in the end, we can only do best with what we have. I️ have been both the ugly girl and the pretty girl and there are downsides to both. You just gotta be and not think in such binary ways.


When people see me as beautiful I ️ am generally an object to them. And when you’re valued by your beauty you have to do all this stuff to keep up with it, it’s exhausting and it’s all a ticking time bomb until you’re not beautiful anymore.


When I’ve had times that I ️ just gave up on being beautiful it has been pretty freeing and the people that cherish you when you’ve let yourself go end up being the best. Anyone who values you based on looks has placed you to be a beautiful object in their world and will be gone when you’re no longer of use


Basically, beauty is fleeting and not all it’s cracked up to be.


5 yr. ago

Posted by jsyurax


I wish I was attractive.

Attractive people’s lives just seem so much better and they’re just blessed with good genetics. I can’t even imagine how it feels to be wanted by people just because of my appearance.


2 yr. ago

Posted by VelvetKream

Wish I Was Attractive

I feel like if I was hot I’d love myself and other people would be attracted to me and care more then maybe I’d be in a relationship with someone that would love me and life would just be happier.


2 yr. ago

Posted by BivthStfuh

I wish I was more desirable…

I wish I was more desirable. I wish I was more attractive. I wish I constantly had people trying to get with me. It makes me jealous hearing my friends constantly talk about the different guys that ask for their numbers or flirt with them.


I’ve never had that. That never happens to me. Ever. I don’t think I’m THAT ugly, but I’m not the prettiest puppy in the litter lol. I just wish I had options, you know? I wish guys wanted me as much as they wanted my friends. Hell, I don’t even get attention on tinder. I try to be confident, there’s nothing I can do about the way my face is built, but it’s just starting to get to me. It sucks being ugly.


Posted by RedditManGuy69

2 yr. ago

I understand entirely, wanting to be desired for something that people don’t see in you. Beauty, personality, whatever else. It does hurt to not be wanted, but try to think of it a different way. The people who don’t desire to have you don’t deserve you. If you want someone to notice you, use your personality!


I don’t know you or how you are, so I don’t know how well that’d work for you, but instead of hoping that somebody chooses you because of your looks, hope for there to be that one person that chooses you for who you are. It’s the personality that matters, and I believe you’ll find the right person for you one day. Do you value yourself?


I wish he was more attractive

i wish he was more attractive

I wish he was more attractive. Imagine being in a relationship and you feel that he’s not attractive enough. In general, we are drawn to those who are equally or more attractive than ourselves.


It is human nature to attempt to choose the finest lover possible. While a symmetrical face is the most universal criterion of attractiveness, there are many more characteristics at play. “A lot of attractiveness is contextual and not set in stone,” says one expert, “from your attitude at the time to the color someone is wearing.”


You always think I wish he was more attractive because you have magnified his flaws in a particular area. Several characteristics make a man attractive. Some of these include:


  • Approachability: A promising start; it pays not to be overly attractive. Of course, men with symmetrical features, chiseled jawline, and beautiful hair will always score better in the attractiveness criteria, but multiple studies have found that when seeking a long-term companion, women prefer approachable ordinary looks.


According to a Florida State University study, women are still more prone to seek out stereotypically handsome guys for short-term flings. Ordinary-looking gentlemen, on the other hand, have an advantage if they’re seeking a long-term partnership. Researchers in 2017 explained the findings by suggesting that attractive men in peak physical condition can make women inferior, and push them to diet or exercise to ‘keep up.


  • Selflessness: Another good discovery is that most women will still prefer gentle and attentive men to ‘bad boys.’ Over 200 women were asked to rate a dozen online dating profiles in a 2016 study led by the universities of Worcester and Sunderland, and the majority favored the altruistic options over the usually handsome but less giving males.


It’s logical. Who wants to be with a man who is attractive on the surface but lacks decency or gallantry? Women searching for a one-night stand, on the other hand, would still prioritize looks above compassion, which is excellent news for monogamists but bad news for aspiring playboys.


Though the bad boy may appear enticing, they are not suitable for a long-term relationship. Instead, women look for altruistic men who are interested in helping others and doing good things when they want to settle down.



  • Sensitive side: A man showing off his sensitive side makes him appear more attractive. A guy who walks and takes care of his dog or a guy who is super friendly with kids is an attractive trait. Women love men who would treat them so tenderly.


  • A man who is capable of fixing things: It’s not that women don’t want to be self-sufficient; most women respect independence; it’s just that having a man who can fix things is quite sexy, not to mention cost-effective.


  • A man who has ambitions and pursues them: Life goals are essential if one wishes to achieve success and make a difference. Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows exactly what he wants and seeks it with zeal.
  • A man with a great sense of humor: It has been proved that laughing makes people live longer and happier lives. It’s a win-win situation if a man can make a lady laugh and laugh with her.


  • An intelligent man: A Ph.D. isn’t required, but a man who can hold his own in any field he is passionate about is extremely appealing. In addition, books are always attractive.


  • A neat man: So, yes, appearance matters, but not to the level you may assume. To appear attractive, men don’t need to wear the latest designer labels or wear an expensive timepiece. However, we are searching for well-groomed and hygienic men. No one wants to date a man who stinks.


No man has it all and no man can. Instead of looking for someone more attractive or wishing your man was more attractive, you can appreciate all his attractive traits some more!


I wish she was more attractive

i wish she was more attractive

I wish she was more attractive. Many of us care about our appearance. We all wish we could look different or more appealing from time to time. We wish we were taller, leaner, fairer, and stronger. Alternatively, we may want nicer skin, hair, or teeth. While conversing with others, we are often aware of our one ‘flaw.’


It’s difficult to feel that our appearance falls short of the ‘ideal.’ This may lead to low self-esteem and a failure to look after ourselves physically and emotionally.

The culture we live in communicates ideas of beauty or attractiveness to us through individuals around us and the media, and we base our efforts to appear good on these.


Of course, the norms of what is more appealing differ from culture to culture, but they are rarely questioned within a society.

According to research, we behave more favorably toward persons in our culture who are deemed more ‘beautiful’ than those who are deemed less ‘attractive.’


As a man, you might have thoughts like “ I wish she was more attractive” because your partner doesn’t fit into your idea of beauty.

The media’s portrayal of women and girls in unrealistic poses perpetuates the concept of a beautiful figure.


Models that are underweight or have had their faces photo-shopped are everywhere, and they serve as role models for what all women should presumably look like.


Women must conform to these unrealistic criteria, which include a slim waist, an hourglass body, big lips, a thigh gap, and a flat stomach, to be considered as beautiful.

Aside from these beauty standards, other things make women attractive. They include:


  • Calmness: Women are the majority of the time drama queens. And dating a drama queen implies there will be plenty of gossip, rash decisions, passionate conversations, and drama in both her and your lives. A lady who can maintain her composure and relax is considered attractive.


  • Creativity: The ability of a woman to build crafts and recreate Pinterest ideas isn’t considered creativity in this circumstance. Rather, the type of creativity men find attractive is her ability to approach life in novel and intriguing ways. A man seeks a woman who can assist him in developing original solutions to life’s issues.


  • Genuineness: In today’s environment, it’s simple to post pictures of our flawless lives on social media, but a genuine guy seeks a genuine lady. It’s a difficult trait to come by, but once found, it’s highly appealing.


  • Kindness: In most situations, women are born with the ability to be kind, which is a feature that men like. Kindness is a generally sought attribute for both males and females, according to a research of over 10,000 people.


Men are hunting for females with similar characteristics, just as women are looking for kindhearted marriage partners. Kindness should not be restricted to or directed towards the man you want to impress. A woman’s kindness was also associated with pleasant interactions, a desire in maintaining long-term relationships, empathy in child-rearing, and the ability to build great social ties, according to the study.


With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why compassion is such an important feminine trait. Fortunately or unfortunately, feminine benevolence is noticeable right away, especially on the first date. Simple things like being respectful of others, appearing on time for the date, and treating your attendants with respect are significant clues.


  • Self-Confidence: Nothing appeals to a man more than a lady who has a great sense of self-worth. A self-assured lady is self-sufficient and capable of dealing with any scenario. Even in the long run, the man may rely on and feel safe with his partner. Women with self-confidence are considered attractive generally


  • Good sense of humor: A person with no sense of humor is dull and uninteresting. Being witty and humorous is essential for both men and women. Many guys find it highly attractive when a lady can tell a good joke and make a crowd laugh.


  • Intelligence: It is one of the few alpha female characteristics that men find attractive. This does not, however, imply that males favor women who received good scores in school. The most crucial element is that the woman can have a pleasant and fascinating discussion while remaining practical.


As a result, don’t be frightened into thinking that to locate a nice man, you need to be a rocket scientist or a neurosurgeon with outwardly bright qualities. Having a pretty face is nice but a woman with her smarts is also considered very appealing.


The first thing that everybody notices about another person is their physical appearance. When it comes to love, the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is her appearance. However, that isn’t the only thing that should catch your attention as a man.


Because relationships are not solely dependent on appearances, other factors such as personality, wit, and self-esteem should also be factors that attract you to your partner. Instead of wishing she was more attractive, appreciate all the beautiful things you love about her externally and internally.


I wish my girlfriend was more attractive

i wish my girlfriend was more attractive

I wish my girlfriend was more attractive.  Do you find yourself wishing your girlfriend was more attractive? Do you often compare her to other women out there? It’s very normal for people to get attracted to things that look nice. Everyone loves a beautiful house, captivating artwork, and beautiful women too.



Something attracted you to your girlfriend. It might be solely physical or something about her mannerisms. You shouldn’t think that it ends once you get a girlfriend. The truth is you will still find other people attractive even if your girlfriend is extremely beautiful.


This is because it’s a natural human instinct to be attracted to the most beautiful mate. Also because humans are insatiable.


One of the most difficult problems in a monogamous relationship is feeling attracted to someone other than your romantic partner. It is, nonetheless, one of the most prevalent.


If you have thoughts like I wish my girlfriend was more attractive, here are some things you can do.

  • Decide on how you feel about the relationship you’re in right now: Consider why you’re attracted to someone other than your partner, do they provide anything your partner doesn’t? If this is the case, experts advise devoting time to pondering what is lacking in your current relationship.


Consider what’s missing and talk to your partner about it first. At this point, there’s no need to bring up your outside attraction in the dialogue. It’s possible that your partner responds positively to this chat and begins to supply you with whatever assistance you believe this other person can provide. If that’s the case, the issue is resolved.


  • Identify boundaries: Managing attraction to other people and establishing a boundary that stops it from intruding on you and your relationship is an inevitable part of being in a relationship. It’s critical to understand why that boundary causes anxiety or conflict, or if you fear acting on the desire.


  • Tread carefully: If you always wish your girlfriend was more attractive, you might begin to have feelings for people you find more attractive than her. Don’t think you can flirt and become overly friendly with the new person with hopes that both will happen.


Spending a lot of time with the person would make those feelings grow. You can avoid them as much as possible and spend more time with your girlfriend. That way, there will be no opportunity for you to act on your attraction.


I wish my wife was more attractive

i wish my wife was more attractive

I wish my wife was more attractive. When you just start dating someone or you just get married, the person is the most attractive in your life at that point. Why is this so? Love!

Love has a way of magnifying a person’s good sides and reducing all their flaws to the minimum.


Over time, when the honeymoon phase has ended, we begin to see our lovers in a more human light. We see all their shortcomings and weird features.


You start thinking “I wish my wife was more attractive” because you have become too familiar with her. Some reasons why you don’t feel attracted to her as much as you did is because of certain factors. They include distance, mid-life crisis, changes in her body because of childbirth or menopause, and changes in your own body as testosterone declines.


Here are some tips to get attracted to your wife again

  • Try new activities together: especially activities that you both did when the love was still ecstatic. This will reignite the fire.


  • Show her more affection: If you haven’t been physically affectionate in a long time, gradually reintroduce it into your relationship.


  • Be positive with her: If you’re stuck in a rut with your partner and worried that you’re drifting apart, consider all the things they do for you. It might help you realize how much you truly value them.


  • Tell her what you like: Buy her nice dresses, tell her you like it when she uses her red lipstick or a certain perfume.


  • Experiment with your expectations: We all change over time. You’re not with the same person you were when you initially started dating. You shouldn’t expect yourself or your partner to appear or act the same way they did years ago.


You may not have the butterflies and excitement that you did when you first met, but you have a deeper understanding of each other and shared experiences that are even more meaningful.


  • Don’t criticize her : If you have a genuine issue with your spouse’s emotional or physical attraction, but you still want to attempt to make things work, talking to them about your feelings is the proper thing to do. Even in a great marriage, having an open dialogue about how you’re feeling in your relationship is something to be encouraged as time goes on, to make sure you’re both happy and discuss anything you believe needs attention. When dealing with an issue as sensitive as your spouse’s loss of attraction, you must go with caution. Egos are readily bruised, and feelings are often injured, so consider how you feel, what you want, and how you would feel if you were in your partner’s place. Rather than putting all of the burden on them to change, try to avoid being critical of them and come up with some practical suggestions that you can attempt together to rekindle the spark.


I wish my husband was more attractive

i wish my husband was more attractive

I wish my husband was more attractive. If you want to go and be with people you consider more attractive than your husband, you will have to appreciate your husband’s amazing features as well as his looks.

You will need to love your husband entirely for the man he is and not wish he was someone else.


I wish my husband was more attractive. To be attracted to your husband all over again, here are some things you can do:

  • Redefine attractiveness: How do you rate the attractiveness of your husband? In this process, take a look at yourself as well. Companionship, emotional, and intellectual compatibility are all important aspects of attraction. Look at your spouse as a whole and analyze all the positive aspects that contribute to the quality of your relationship to feel more attracted to them.


  • Switch up his looks: Select a new haircut for your husband, suggest new styles for him to dress up, buy him a new timepiece, etc. Those little things can give him a fresh look that will rekindle the spark.


  • You Should Love Yourself: We tend to project what we don’t like about ourselves onto our partners when we don’t like ourselves. We become more accepting of others around us as we accept ourselves. If there’s something about yourself that you don’t like, own up to it and work on improving it.


Self-development is essential because it offers you meaning and motivates you to be more pleased with yourself and others. Self-love promotes favorable regard for oneself and can help you feel more attracted to your husband.


  • Spend alone time: Spending time with your husband alone ie. no kids, no family, no work will help you reconnect on a different level. This activity will help you fall in love with him all over again.


I wish I was more attractive conclusion

i wish i was more attractive conclusion

I wish I was more attractive conclusion. Do you ever wish you could alter something about your physical appearance? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Many people are dissatisfied with some aspects of their appearance. However, if you become fixated on what you don’t like, it can seriously damage your self-esteem.


Instead of drowning in the thought of “I wish I was more attractive you can learn to love yourself thoroughly. When you do that, your self-love would reflect and others would have no choice but to love how you look too.


I wish I was more attractive conclusion. When I get in better shape, I’ll like my appearance,” some people believe. However, it is preferable to begin in the opposite direction. First and foremost, accept your body. Discover what you enjoy about it. Take excellent care of your body. It’s easy to take care of your body when you like it.


Someone who will fall in love with you will see beyond your physical appearance. There’s so much more about you to love aside from how you look.

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