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Life Coaching In Los Angeles, Miss Date Doctor

Life Coaching In Los Angeles, Miss Date Doctor

Life Coaching In Los Angeles 1


Suite 1800,

5670 Wilshire Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States



Life Coaching In Los Angeles. Life coaching often called personal coaching or simply “coaching,” is a one-on-one, collaborative process in which a trained professional (the coach) helps you (the client)achieve your personal life goals.


These goals may include just about anything: more self-confidence, weight loss, career change, better relationships, and many more.


People from every possible age, background, and occupation get coaching, but they all have one thing in common: a desire to achieve something more in their personal or professional life.


Whatever your goals, a professional coach gives you motivation, accountability, and support, keeping you focused and taking action from week to week.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. The role of a life coach is to help people like you develop a solution-orientated perspective toward life’s problems. These problems could be in any area of life, including:


  • Romantic Relationships
  • Family Relationships
  • Career Goals
  • Fitness Goals
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Overcoming Psychological Barriers



Life Coaching Los Angeles

Life Coaching Los Angeles. Life coaching is a solution-focused one-on-one, collaborative process in which a professionally trained coach helps the client achieve personal, relationship, or professional goals.


Life coaching helps with a variety of life issues that are not necessarily relationship-related and here are a few of them


  1. Procrastination


Life Coaching Los Angeles. Procrastination is one of the most common problems people face. According to most Psychologists, procrastination is a coping mechanism we use to avoid the pain of an unpleasurable task.


Many people who procrastinate feel there is something innately wrong with them, and that it isn’t something they can control.


  1. Fear of Failure


Life Coaching Los Angeles. Another common problem a life coach can solve is the fear of failure. So many people never leave their comfort zone because of their fear of failure.


It is the number-one obstacle people face when trying something new. This is where the coach behaves like a teacher motivating a student.


Life coaches help their clients adopt a rational perspective toward their irrational fear of failure. Research shows we learn early on in school to tie our ability to our self-worth. Those who fear failure think to try something out of their comfort zone and failing would damage their self-worth, so they avoid trying the activity at all.


  1. Lack of Confidence


Life Coaching Los Angeles. Lack of confidence is a problem that keeps some of the most talented people from reaching their full potential. It can prevent people from seeking a promotion, starting a romantic relationship, or embarking on a self-improvement initiative.


According to research conducted by the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills, learning a new skill has a more positive impact on one’s self-confidence than earning a pay raise.


Life Coaching Los Angeles. This is where a life coach is similar to a motivational speaker. They serve as a source of external motivation for their clients until they can internally motivate themselves.


Remember when you learned to ride a bike by first using training wheels? Using a life coach to improve your confidence is the same concept.


How Life Coaching Miss Date Doctor Works

Life Coaching In Los Angeles 2

Our life coaches use several tools, techniques, and processes designed to help the client find what drives them, where they want to go, and the best way to get there. The relationship builds on the foundation of trust and grows through various stages. They are:


  • Establishing rapport
  • Assessing priority areas
  • Identifying stuck/ problem areas
  • Establishing and defining goals
  • Defining the steps needed
  • Making the commitment to achieve set goals
  • Measuring progress
  • Holding accountability for success
  • Celebrating success


Life Coaching In Los Angeles Process Involves


  • Answering some very focused analytical questions, which challenge the clients thinking and the perceived limitations.


  • Weekly sessions focused on different challenge areas or a series of sessions focused on a deeper analysis of a long term unresolved problem


  • Finding the root cause, the pains, and the gain associated with the stuck-up situations /goals


A life coach keeps the client-focused and challenged for action from week to week, in several ways:


  • By enabling clients to learn to identify their defense mechanisms (the stories they tell to defend themselves)
  • By empowering them to disassociate from the “can’t” mind-set
  • By motivating them to work towards and look forward to achieving new goals;
  • By helping them create empowering visions and beliefs
  • Both the coach and the client work towards breakthrough solutions and achieving the set goal. New paradigms evolve leading to new solutions and life goal successes, maintaining ecological check and resulting in long-term harmonious coexistence.





Benefits Of Life Coaching Miss Date Doctor


  1. Provides Clarity and Direction


The first thing a life coach is going to want to do is to understand who you are and what you want. Sometimes you may know exactly what you want in your life, and other times you may have no idea.


If you are feeling a sense of unhappiness or dissatisfaction and can’t quite put a name to it, a life coach can help.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. Clarity involves being clear about who you are and living a life that is meaningful and purposeful to you. It means knowing what you want, why you want it, and how you can go about it getting it.


Coaching is a process that can help you uncover your gifts and talents, and discover what gives your life meaning. There may be blind spots or hidden gems below the surface that you are unable to uncover yourself.


With a help of a coach, clarity and direction can unfold, leading you to a fulfilling, intentionally satisfying life.


  1. Helps with Goal Setting


Setting personal goals is not always easy, and long-term goals can be particularly difficult to visualize.


You may be used to setting goals in the near term, but setting up goals and understanding where you want to be in the future is extremely valuable. For some people, this can be a daunting and anxiety-inducing task.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. A life coach can guide you through the process of setting goals by helping you understand your immediate and future wants and needs.


They can provide you with leading questions that can help you to discover something profound about yourself and what you want out of life.


They can also help you stay organized and make a plan to get results. Sometimes the hardest part of achieving goals is to make a realistic plan. If your plan is overly ambitious, you might get discouraged and sideswiped from your journey.


A good life coach will make sure each step in your plan is attainable and specific enough so that you are crystal clear on what you need to do and by when you need to do it.


  1. Gives Unbiased Feedback and Support


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. Unlike a friend or family member, a life coach is there to help you in your growth journey by giving you true and honest feedback, free of any bias.


A life coach will focus on providing input that will lead to your overall goals rather than simply trying to make you feel better. Their advice will also be backed by relevant professional life experience gained from helping others with similar goals.


They will be one of your biggest cheerleaders, celebrating every milestone on your journey and firmly putting you back on track when you’ve swerved astray.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. In the process of working with your life coach, you’ll most likely be pushed to learn more about yourself than you would have normally.


They’ll ask you questions you may not have thought of and provide you with deeper insight into your life and your aspirations. Here are just a few personal areas they can help you improve:


  • Work performance
  • Relationships
  • Work-life balance
  • Time management
  • Communication skills


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. Additionally, by helping you become more successful at meeting your goals and sticking to your plan, you’ll inherently become more confident in yourself and your journey.


You may not become a life coach yourself, but you can learn the techniques that they use and apply them to your daily routine even after you’ve finished working with your coach.


  1. Holds You Accountable


Let’s be honest, you might not reach your goals as quickly as you would like—whether it be because you lose motivation, have trouble prioritizing, have limiting beliefs, or simply get distracted by the ins and out’s of life.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. Hiring a life coach will help to ensure you get back on track if and when you falter or feel a lack of confidence.


Accountability is important to achieving dreams and goals. It means you are being held responsible for your success. Rather than seeing it as a burden or added stress, see accountability as a sense of ownership and pride over your life.


When you share your goals out loud with your life coach, you will be held accountable for your goals and are more likely to make them a priority.


Having a coach to check in with regularly will help keep you from straying too far from your goals at any given moment.


They will know your roadmap as well as you do (if not even better), so you can rest assured that someone is there to help you stick to it.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles. The process of understanding yourself and what you want out of life and setting goals to achieve that reality can be done without a life coach for many people; however, a coach can help you attain those results faster.


It’s time to go after what you want in life. If you are struggling to achieve your goals, try hiring a life coach. Having a life coach will help you clarify your goals, create a solid plan to achieve them, support you along the way, and perform at your highest potential.


Life Coaching In Los Angeles Conclusion

Life Coaching In Los Angeles 3

Life Coaching In Los Angeles Conclusion. A life coach first helps you identify your problems and their causes. While a life coach functions similar to a therapist at this stage, It is important to note a life coach is not a Psychotherapist.


In some cases, supplemental therapy sessions with a licensed mental health professional are necessary to overcome deep-rooted psychological blocks.


Life coaching in Los Angeles conclusion. Once our life coach identifies your problems, they suggest personally-tailored solutions for you to implement.

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