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Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu

Lisa Bilyeu is the cofounder of Quest Nutrition, a multibillion-dollar corporation, as well as the cofounder and President of Impact Theory. She is the host of “Women of Impact,” a show that celebrates women who have triumphed against adversity to achieve enormous achievement. Her goal is to inspire all women to be heroes in their own lives.

Lisa Bilyeu, together with her husband, Tom Bilyeu, recounts the lessons she’s learnt along the way from stay-at-home housewife to wealthy business co-founder. Learn how Lisa turned a chronic and debilitating health problem into a thriving healthy lifestyle. Lisa Bilyeu explains the lessons she’s learned along the way from stay-at-home mom to millionaire business co-founder with her husband, Tom Bilyeu.

Learn how Lisa Bilyeu used a chronic and debilitating health issue to lay the groundwork for taking complete control of her life and why she believes the mentality she discovered at her lowest point was the key to her success.

Lisa was born and raised in London, although she has Greek ancestors and would spend every summer in the hamlet where she grew up.

Working hard and putting in the effort is how you achieve something, as Lisa learned from her father. Coming from a place of obscurity does not determine who you can become; it only means that you must believe in yourself and work hard.

Many of us inherit our parents’ religious beliefs as we grow older, which is exactly what happened to Lisa Bilyeu. Before launching Quest Nutrition, she found herself drifting into the stay-at-home wife lifestyle, despite her enormous hopes of shooting movies in America.

Lisa was bullied as a child and battled an agonizing internal sense that she wasn’t good enough, along with all the insecurities that entailed. Lisa’s mother served as her first and most important teacher. After divorcing Lisa’s father, she decided to go out on her own, and seeing her become self-sufficient while parenting Lisa and her siblings inspired her.

Looking back on her mother’s experience, Lisa recognized she struggled with body image and eventually lost her path.

Lisa Bilyeu rapidly found that pulling herself up was her superpower in the early days of starting the business with her husband, and she had the confidence that if she didn’t know anything, she could learn it.

The founding story of the content that they would begin to generate, and where Impact Theory was created, is Lisa’s experience with helping her mother get healthy again.

You might as well give up now if you don’t believe something is achievable. You will conquer the difficulties that stand in your way and stop making excuses if you truly believe it is feasible. The key to a successful recovery is a positive mindset.

The most trying period in Lisa’s life happened during the early days of Quest Nutrition, when she worked 24 hour days and experienced both suffering and achievement. Lisa couldn’t eat much of anything without feeling terrible right as things started to pick up. Lisa was more miserable than she’d ever been, despite having more money than she’d ever dreamed of having.

She realized that she was to blame for her illness, and she needed to accept responsibility and take charge of her own health. Instead of taking a prescription to alleviate her problems, she began recording everything she ate. This carried over into the rest of her life, and Lisa Bilyeu now lives in perfect control.

There was no such thing as rock bottom for Lisa. Despite the fact that it wasn’t an awful existence, it was only 8 years of a life she didn’t desire. Despite her protests, her psyche became enmeshed in the story of her childhood.

Lisa Bilyeu used to declare she couldn’t do something, but now she says she can if she works hard enough, but she doesn’t want to. Nothing is out of your reach, and that thinking is extremely liberating. Instead of avoiding your flaws, you should shine a light on them and work to strengthen them.

When we practice mindfulness, we can make better decisions and make fewer mistakes.

It doesn’t matter when we fall; what matters is how we get back up. Society tends to focus on the fall and uses it to define individuals, but we need to look beyond that and focus on who we are each day and who we hope to be in the future.

Everything else in Lisa Bilyeu‘s life could be taken away if she didn’t have her spouse. They concentrated on doing what they needed to do to develop a happy, successful marriage, not just being married, from the beginning of their marriage.

If you and your partner share a common purpose, you can communicate with each other and believe that any criticism, feedback, or complaints are directed toward that goal. Each member has a job and obligations, much like in a business partnership, and they execute them as a team.

They become the foundations of a connection as long as we maintain nurturing, caring, and growth at the forefront.

Relationships are similar to sports in that they require a lot of practice and effort to master.

If Lisa Bilyeu had the ability to communicate with her younger self, she would have sent her a funny emoji. Lisa feels that her adversity and struggle shaped who she is now, and that embracing that adversity empowers her.

Start by asking alternative questions if you’re not feeling secure right now. Break down the thing you want from your point of view rather than from someone else’s.

Don’t get caught up in the “shoulds” and eliminate them from your language. If you don’t ask yourself the tough questions, you’ll find yourself stuck where you are, whether you like it or not.

Lisa Bilyeu gives herself a shout-out for her comeback. Your comeback tale begins with you, at the end of the day.

Lisa Bilyeu age.

Lisa Bilyeu age

Lisa Bilyeu age. Lisa Bilyeu is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur from around the world. When she went from being a housewife to co-founder of a billion-dollar corporation, she became an inspiration to many. Bilyeu and her husband, Tom Bilyeu, manage their company, Quest Nutrition.

Bilyeu recently launched her own podcast, “Women of Impact,” which encourages women via interviews and discussions on how to make a difference in the health and wellness industry.

Lisa Bilyeu age.

Lisa Bilyeu, who was born on October 17, 1977, shares the same birthday as her mother, Lisa Bilyeu. In the year 2022, she will be 44 years old. Isn’t it incredible?

According to her astrological sign, Bilyeu is a Libra. Lisa, as a Libra, is ambitious, daring, and full of life.

What nationality is Lisa Bilyeu?

What nationality is Lisa Bilyeu

What nationality is Lisa Bilyeu? Lisa Bilyeu was born in London, England, and is a British native. She grew up in a traditional Greek Orthodox family, because her family was quite strict.

When it comes to her family, Lisa has made no mention of her parents. She did have four siblings as a child: an elder sister and brother, as well as two younger brothers.

Lisa has had a strong interest in art and creativity since she was a child. She aspired to study film and become the first female director to win an Academy Award. Her parents, on the other hand, urged her to pursue a career in academia.

What nationality is Lisa Bilyeu? Lisa then went to London to pursue a filmmaking degree. After much effort and persuasion, she persuaded her father to lend her $10,000 for her education at the New York Film Academy.

How did Tom Bilyeu meet Lisa?

How did Tom Bilyeu meet Lisa

How did Tom Bilyeu meet Lisa? Lisa Bilyeu discusses her life story, including how she met her husband, Tom Bilyeu, in a podcast conversation with Amy Potterfield.

“I arrived in America. I was twenty-one years old and had recently graduated from film school when I came across a leaflet that said, “Filmmaking, Universal Studios, back lot, you get to film.”

It’s like a four-week or eight-week adventure where you get to produce real movies, write, and do other stuff. So I thought, “Wow, that sounds fantastic.” As a result, I traveled to America. On my first day, I come into class, and my teacher turns out to be my husband.

So we’re having a big Greek wedding. There are around two hundred people there—ten of them are his family, and the other 189 are mine. I grew up in a large Greek family from Cyprus. We threw the big bash. The enormous BBQ was done by us.

How did Tom Bilyeu meet Lisa? It was hilarious how much the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” reflected our lives once we saw it. It’s amusing, but what I really like about that movie, as well as mine and Tom’s journeys, is that you may truly come from different worlds.

And while everyone else doesn’t think it’s conceivable because there are so many things that are new to you—like deciding whether or not to eat, deciding culture, the way that you—do you go to church on Sunday? Things like that—feasible.

It’s It’s much more challenging when you meet someone who is the polar opposite. But, at the end of the day, whether someone thinks it’s difficult doesn’t really matter.

You can do it if you truly believe in it, your spouse believes in it, and you both want it. That’s one of the things I liked about the film. Even though a lot of people say things like “they don’t know your culture,” “they don’t know you,” or “you come from different worlds,” all of this is true, but it doesn’t mean it has to determine your outcome.

Yeah, There’s a vital aspect to each person, at least for me and Tom, that your core values must be the same.

Personally, I feel that in order for a relationship to work, both partners’ essential principles must be aligned. Do you, for example, show respect for others? What is your approach to dealing with people? What is your code of ethics? Things like that, I believe I must be identical—maybe not identical, but you must be on the same page.

But in every other way, we’re a good match. So I’m the one who talks a lot. If you go to Instagram, you’ll notice that I enjoy doing IG stories. I’m a high-energy, engaged person who stays that way all the time.

On the other hand, Tom is a full introvert, which no one would imagine because, when he’s on stage, he can easily stand up and speak to ten thousand people, and no one would assume he’s an introvert. He, on the other hand, enjoys being alone or simply hanging out with me. He isn’t a particularly social person.

And even with the wedding, he was like, “Okay, so what?” when he proposed—God bless that man—when he proposed. In three months, we’ll tie the knot. ” And I fixed my gaze on him. “Are you kidding?” I ask. I’m going to have to invite my entire family from Cyprus. We know a few people in Singapore.

We must make preparations. I need the gown. I’m in need of: “Yeah, whatever,” he says flatly. It makes no difference. ” Now, in our line of work, he’s nothing like that. He’s the polar opposite of me.

So I came from a filmmaking background. As a result, I went to film school, and subsequently to the New York Film Academy, where I met Tom. And then, literally, we got married, and our intention was to work on a couple of movies, and I didn’t care for it. It was my first foray into the world of Hollywood.

I obtained a job as a photographer, and I despised the way that people were prepared to walk all over you. The DP shouted at me for doing my job, which was to take shots. And people were simply unpleasant and unfriendly. And that’s when I realized I’d always wanted to work in cinema.

As you may expect, this was a dream job. Oh, my god, I’m going to be in Hollywood. I’ll be working on a film. At the time, the director was semi-famous.

And I was devastated. And I sat down with Tom and told him that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to realize my dream if this is what it would take. Because, when I looked at the situation more closely, I realized that I either had to be willing to be stepped on or willing to step on people. That was the ordeal I had gone through.

And I said, it’s not me, and no matter how much I desire the dream—I always play the game of No B.S., What Would it Take?—it’s not me. And the no B.S. of what it would take to work your way up the ladder at the time was to put up with being treated badly and treating other people badly. So I said, “OK, I’m not going to do that.” That goes against my moral code.

The same thing happened to Tom. He penned a film script. They simply butchered it. So he just looked at me casually and said, “Well, baby, I guess we’ll have to make the money ourselves so that we can control the content.”

“All right, sure,” I said. Babe, it seems like a fantastic plan. “What are we going to do?” This is not a seventeen-year-old picture. As a result, he says, “Okay, so one of us needs to go out, and it can’t just be nine to five.” It has to be something where we have to really hustle so that we can expand and maybe get enough money in a year to go create movies. ” That sounds like a good plan.

So we looked at all of the world’s successful people and asked, “How do they function on a daily basis?” What exactly do they do, for example? Because, at the end of the day, you want to look at people who are already doing what you want to do and copy them, then tweak it to make it your own. However, they’ve already followed the tried-and-true model.

So we turned our attention to Steve Jobs, and the first thing we observed was that he never changed his attire. He wears black T-shirts or polo necks all the time. And when we dug more, we discovered that he did it because people have a certain number of powerful decision-making abilities—I’m not sure what the exact phrase is or how many there are.

In fact, I believe it’s around ten or so—in a single day, with complete clarity. As a result, Steve Jobs was notorious for never making a clothing decision in order to save his decision-making for his business.

“Wow, that’s actually incredibly brilliant,” we thought. That’s all right, babe. Everything else in the house is taken care of if you go to work and never have to make a decision outside of work, “so we got to the point where he would wake up; his clothes were waiting for him next to him.

“Look, I’ll be a housewife for a year,” I said. I’m a Greek woman. In some ways, that was a belief system that was instilled in me. So I said, “I’d like to create movies, but I’m not opposed to being a housewife for a year.” As a result, I would lay out his clothes for him. He’d get out of bed, put on his gym clothes, go to the gym, and then come home. When he arrived, I had a towel, his lunch, his breakfast, and his work attire ready for him. Outside of business, he didn’t have to make a single decision.

And we had agreed as a partnership—because we truly think that when you’re married, you’re married for life—that life decisions must be made jointly. As a result, we came to the conclusion that this is a goal for which we are all working together.

We’d want to make films. As a result, we’ve agreed on a common goal. And this is the path and manner in which it will be carried out. As a result, we shook hands metaphorically.

He then began. He met these folks, these businessmen. Hey, we can teach you how to get rich, they said. It appeared to be fantastic. I was in my own home. “Babe, I’ve got you,” I said. This is something I can do for a year. ” Then another year passed, and another, and another.

So there I was, all alone. I had huge goals, but I grew up in a culture that valued staying at home, supporting your husband, and starting a family. Tom and I were both really motivated; we had a specific aim in mind. But that one year turned into eight, and I had no idea how quickly that time passed without my realizing it.

And when I consider what had happened emotionally over the course of those eight years, it was as if I had a purpose for the first year, right? Okay, please stand by your husband; we’re in this together.

And then, I think, over time, the fear of doing anything else came in, but I don’t think I could articulate it at the time. I believe it was more along the lines of, “It’s safe what I’m doing,” “I’m supporting my spouse,” and “I was taught this was what I was supposed to do.”

Lisa, you’re a terrific wife, even if your plans didn’t work out. I sincerely desire to be a decent wife. Encourage him. Encourage him. “Okay, another eighteen months, sweetie,” he kept saying. “I simply need another eighteen months,” says the narrator.

So I didn’t actually deceive myself, but I believe that as human beings, we self-soothe in order to get through difficult situations. And I was calming myself. So, even though I despised it, I believe I looked for things to be proud of every day.

So, even though I despised cooking, I would take great delight in making him supper so that I could feel proud of myself—it was like my self-soothing mechanism or medicine was to take pride in it, even though I didn’t enjoy it.

And after eight years, it became unbearable when my husband—like, I’d lost track of who I’d married. I felt like I’d lost my spouse because he was now in the zone of making money, making money, making money, and he was miserable. And, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how successful I am or how much money I have; my husband is the most important thing in my life.

So, on paper, he’d gotten nearly $2 million in shares in the company he’d helped grow over those eight years. That was a shitload of money at the time, and it still is a shitload of money. That’s all there was to it on paper. But I simply turned to him and said, “Babe, money isn’t important to me.” “I require the return of my husband.”

As a result, he says, “If I quit, I don’t feel comfortable asking for my earned equity.” I responded, “I agree.” You don’t deserve to win if you don’t cross the finish line. ” So I was like, “Yeah, I understand.” It’s not about the money for me; it’s about my hubby. So return your symbolic shares to me and walk away, because I want you back. ”

And he succeeded. And then he went inside the office and quit.

And then there’s the famous story of his business partners’ calling him after he quit to say, “Look, we can do this without you, but we just don’t want to.” So, what do we need to do to get everyone to work together and do something they enjoy every day, because we’re all miserable? ” And that’s how Quest came to be.

The important thing about this portion is that when he gets home and says, “All right,” he says, “I just need you to help get this off the ground,” because we’re launching a company that we all really believe in in the health sector.

His mother was terribly overweight, and my mother was severely overweight, so it’s something we all get emotionally behind and have a reason for. “Of course, babe,” I said.

At that moment, my perspective had shifted to that of a helpful wife, but I had lost my drive and passion as the person he’d married. I had practically conditioned myself to think of myself as the supporting wife and nothing else throughout that period of time.

And I’m crazy about my husband. So I’m not claiming that one is better than the other. It wasn’t that I didn’t want it; it was just that I didn’t want it. That was the problem.

It’s so great if someone is listening right now and is on fire for taking care of their relationship and their children, or their home, or anything. I simply wasn’t on fire. Instead of lighting my fire, I dampened it with a wet cloth every day.

I had no idea I was extinguishing that fire. So when Quest showed up, I was like, “Babe, I’m here to support you.” “Can you tell me what you want me to do?” It was just another way of attempting to make enough money to produce films.

However, you’re eight years down the road at this point. Okay, are we really ever going to produce movies? “you wonder. Let’s face it, if my husband really wants to make protein bars, then let’s do it.

As a result, I went into it with the idea that I was here to help my spouse. And it was our home that was on the line. So when he got home—sorry, this is just a piece of information—he was like, “We want to start this new business.” But if we do, the house will have to be put on the line because if it fails, we won’t be able to pay our mortgage, and the house will be lost. ”

And I thought about it at the time, and I was like, “OK, what’s the worst that could happen?” Nobody wants to lose their home. I understand. But what’s the worst-case scenario—what’s one item I can’t live without? I couldn’t bear the thought of living on the streets. I’m not willing to take such a huge risk and wind up living on the street.

Now, the truth is that something like that would never happen to me since I have friends and family. So at that point, I thought to myself, “I don’t care if I lose my house.” I have faith in my hubby. This, I suppose, is something he needs to prove to himself. And when you don’t let people be who they genuinely are, things start to fall apart.

As a result, I turned around. “Absolutely, darling,” I replied. Place your home on the line. Yes, I’ll transport bars from the floor of my living room. ” So I just started sending bars from my living room floor, and every day I walked to the post office and mailed one order. And before you knew it, we’d increased by 57,000%.

What does Lisa Bilyeu do?

What does Lisa Bilyeu do? Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory were both co-founded by her. “It doesn’t matter because you’ll be a stay-at-home wife anyway,” she says. When Lisa Bilyeu’s father learned she was serious about pursuing filmmaking, he said these words to her. Bilyeu,

Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory Media Studios, grew up in a “very traditional Greek” environment and took no objection to the conclusion. “He didn’t say it to be cruel,” Bilyeu explains fondly. However, when it came to women, that was clearly the Greek mentality.

Despite her family’s views on what a woman’s position should be, Bilyeu sought to tear down barriers for women in the film industry, but she and her husband, Tom, required equity to build the studio and films they wanted.

Taking a page from Steve Jobs’ book on simplifying daily decision-making, the couple decided to spend a year in traditional marital roles, with Tom working outside the home and Lisa remaining the stay-at-home wife she had been groomed to be, supporting her husband as he brought in the funds they needed to fuel their dream.

Bilyeu realized the pair had lapsed into the kind of boredom she had been striving to avoid her entire life after 8 years of pursuing money with no film business to show for it and were both genuinely unhappy.

She agreed with Tom that he should stop. Tom’s partners, who were similarly depleted by the company they’d developed, decided to launch Quest Nutrition, a company with a cause they believed in and could stand behind. Tom asked Lisa if she might help by completing orders for the company’s protein bars from their living room floor because she wasn’t working at the time.

“I wasn’t very involved in it at first.” “I was like, well, I’ll help my spouse since I’d been training myself for 8 years and eventually believed it was my destiny,” Bilyeu says. Bilyeu worked carefully to learn everything she could about the practicalities of scaling, using the fear of losing her house and marriage as an incentive to succeed.

Unafraid of the low expectations placed on her as a child, Bilyeu said she helped Quest Nutrition grow by 57,000 percent in three years, reaching a billion-dollar valuation and being named the #2 fastest-growing businesses in North America by Inc. Magazine in 2014.

Bilyeu was convinced that she could achieve anything she set her mind to. Despite all of the praise and pride she had received, it was clear that she was still unhappy. After delving deep into a process of self-examination, Bilyeu was able to make a valuable shift in perspective from the dread of losing everything to the joy of striving to expand her business.

What does Lisa Bilyeu do? With this shift in mindset, Bilyeu was able to launch her first cooking show with fitness influencer Cassey Ho, build the state-of-the-art set for Inside Quest, co-found Impact Theory Media Studios with husband Tom, become host and founder of Impact Theory’s Women Of Impact talk show, and help all of her shows reach over 300 million views.

Bilyeu discusses how she was able to obtain the perspective she needed to finally feel like a powerful woman.

Make Your Purpose And Passion Clearly Visible.

“Passion is something I feel so deeply inside that I can’t turn it off.” When I wake up in the morning, I’m so excited to do something that I’ll go out of my way to do it, even if it’s to the detriment of my health.

I can’t stop myself because I’m so passionate about it. It’s as if there’s a fire going on. Bilyeu exclaims, “A burning fire!” “I believe I harness that scorching fire to focus on purpose.” So my purpose is to have an impact on people, but I need to have the passion and the fire first, because if I don’t have those, I don’t think I’ll be able to fulfill my mission.”

Bilyeu began to see the work she had done with Quest as a stepping-stone toward fulfilling the aspirations she had before being a stay-at-home-wife after remembering her childhood enthusiasm for filmmaking. It became easier for her to achieve her purpose once her passion became evident.

Consider whether the worst-case scenario is worthwhile.

Looking at the best and worst possibilities and balancing them is what has motivated Bilyeu to push above her anxieties and make a lasting effect. “What could possibly go wrong if I tell this story?” People may despise me or try to humiliate me; that’s just human nature. But what are the worst-case scenarios?

The best case scenario is if my tale has an influence on at least one person. Is the fear of embarrassing myself, or putting myself down, or exposing anything that might humiliate me, going to exceed the influence I’m going to have?”

Forget about what you’re supposed to be doing.

Bilyeu wishes that we all recognize the necessity of determining what is best for us and following it solely. When confronted with excessive self-care advice urging work/life balance, Bilyeu reveals how she battled with the practice at first and became stressed, but eventually came to the conclusion that balance is BS for her.

“I discovered that, you know what, I don’t really desire balance.” I’m not looking for equilibrium. “I am looking for harmony,” as Lisa Nichols puts it. I want to be at ease in my own skin. And for me, it isn’t a balance in that regard.”

Bilyeu wants all women to feel that it is possible to forget what they should do and do what they want, from her decision to be the only woman in her Greek family married without children to pouring herself into her profession instead of customary wifely obligations.

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. Lisa and Tom Bilyeu, entrepreneurs from California, discussed the life lessons they acquired during their marriage, including the importance of having “sex regularly” and “forgiving mistakes quickly.”

The co-founders of Quest Nutrition, a billion-dollar health company known for its protein bars, tweeted a photo of themselves holding a whiteboard with their nine bits of relationship advice.

Among the other principles were “communicate compulsively,” “raise each other up,” “be honest,” “be a good leader and follower,” “hold each other to a high-a** standard,” and “make your marriage the most important.”

In our 17 years of marriage, we’ve learned a lot of lessons. And one Instagram post isn’t going to cover everything, so I decided to focus on number four, “Lisa explained.

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. All you want to do when you love someone so much is see them happy. ” Seeing Tom smile and laugh is one of my most favorite things on the planet.So, knowing that what you’re about to say will have the exact opposite effect, My natural impulse is to keep things to myself. But not mentioning it is as horrible as lying to Tom and me. ‘

She told a tale about how, on one of their date evenings, she realized how crucial honesty is in their relationship.

Lisa claimed she expected Tom to compliment her on the new top she bought to surprise him at dinner, but he stated he didn’t say anything.

“Babe, what do you think of my new top?” I eventually asked him halfway through supper. He looks me in the eyes… then shrugs and says, “Eh, it’s OK.” –EH? My heartbroken self became quiet and irritated. And, of course, he was aware of it. He went on to say that he would never lie to me, even if it made me feel better at the time.

Because we intend to be married for the rest of our lives, it must be constructed on the foundation of complete honesty and transparency. So when I’m 90 years old and covered in wrinkles, and I wake up without make-up and he looks at me and says, “I’m lovely,” he needs those moments to be meaningful. ” Don’t be a liar.

He wanted to make sure I knew he was telling the truth. Isn’t it true that the man understands how to phrase things? But the more I considered it, the more I understood how correct he was. ‘

Lisa stated that she “never wanted to doubt or question his words” after that day.

From large things to small things like this! We vowed to always be honest with each other as long as we are always polite, nice, and doing it in service of the other person, “she said.

“No. Matters. What? And, to be honest, I’m delighted he informed me because you can guarantee I won’t be wearing that shirt next time I want to impress him. ‘

My marriage to Lisa is my highest priority, “her husband said in a gushing Instagram post accompanying their nine rules, adding, “My marriage to Lisa is my highest priority.”

Why? Because nothing has ever brought me more joy. All the money in the world won’t be able to compensate for having someone who encourages you to improve. “My wife is my favorite human of all time,” he remarked.

It’s either ride or die for her. ‘ And we’ve come up with a number of rules, teachings, suggestions, and methods to help you make your marriage the best thing you’ve ever had. ‘

Thousands of people have praised the couple for giving them hope for their own relationships after seeing their post.

Lisa Bilyeu net worth

Lisa Bilyeu net worth

Lisa Bilyeu net worth. Lisa Bilyeu and her spouse have a net worth of $400 million as of 2022. The couple amassed the fortune through their multibillion-dollar corporation. They live a lavish lifestyle and recently purchased a $40 million property.

Lisa was a stay-at-home mom before co-founding the multibillion-dollar company Quest Nutrition eight years ago. Lisa Bilyeu and her husband, Tom Bilyeu, oversee the company.

Bilyeu has also established a podcast called “Women of Impact,” which features guest interviews and presentations aimed at empowering women in many industries. She also has a similar-named YouTube account.

Lisa is also the host of the show Relationship Theory, in which she and her husband discuss business, relationships, and a variety of other topics.

Lisa Bilyeu net worth, salary and earnings:

$4,000 per year.

$30,000 per month.

8,000 dollars per week

Lisa Bilyeu height

Lisa Bilyeu height

Lisa Bilyeu height. Lisa has maintained her amazing physique, which belies her age, through a good diet and regular exercise. Lisa is of medium stature, standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her weight is approximately 55 kilograms.

Lisa Bilyeu height. She likes to dress in tank tops and shorts since she prefers comfort over fashion.

Lisa Bilyeu Birthday

Lisa Bilyeu Birthday

Lisa Bilyeu Birthday. Lisa Bilyeu, who was born on October 17, 1977, is a model and actress.

Through the use of stories and connection, Lisa Bilyeu is noted for her ability to put listeners at ease and make them feel heard. Hers has been an unusual path to the top, but she has not squandered a single moment.

Bilyeu is the co-founder and president of Impact Theory, a digital media production firm, as well as Quest Nutrition, a multibillion-dollar brand.

Lisa Bilyeu Birthday. Despite being unorthodox, her career path has been “an extraordinary art form that is continually changing,” as she puts it. She’s stepping into the spotlight as the host of Women of Impact, a show that focuses on female empowerment.

Lisa Bilyeu accent

Lisa Bilyeu accent

Lisa Bilyeu accent. Impact Theory, a digital media production firm focused on empowering material, is co-founded and led by Lisa Bilyeu. She co-founded the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition 9 years ago, in addition to Impact Theory. Her journey from housewife to entrepreneur has been remarkable, with her company’s focus shifting from nutrition to entertainment media.

Lisa is now in front of the camera, hosting the show “Women of Impact,”, which focuses on female empowerment.

Lisa Bilyeu accent. Lisa Bilyeu is Greek, but she was born and raised in the United Kingdom.

Lisa Bilyeu Father

Lisa Bilyeu Father

Lisa Bilyeu Father. Lisa reflects on a recent Instagram post. “I experienced firsthand what success entailed when my father went from digging ditches in a mountain town to becoming an extraordinarily successful businessman!” He was constantly on the move.

He never showed up at any of my school’s art shows. He forgot about my 18th birthday since he was preoccupied with a business transaction. However, anytime I was with him, I felt like the most adored person on the planet! He cooked for us when he was at home. He’d help me with my Greek homework. He always expressed his affection for me. And I was always aware of it!

Lisa Bilyeu Father. When Tom asked for my father’s permission to marry me, he replied “no!” He asked me anyhow, but the fact that my father didn’t want me to marry him crushed my heart!

It crushed my heart when he refused to put down a deposit for the reception when we were planning the wedding! I sobbed and urged Tom that we should just elope! I just wanted to marry the man of my dreams!! Why couldn’t he be ecstatic about it?

Well, many years and a growing mentality later, I consider this to be one of the most valuable teachings I’ve ever received! “ 

Lisa Bilyeu book

Lisa Bilyeu book

Lisa Bilyeu book. From Impact Theory creator and growth mindset teacher Lisa Bilyeu comes an uplifting and hilarious guide to gaining the kind of confidence needed to live the life of your dreams.

Lisa Bilyeu grew up in London, where she was constantly advised that her Hollywood ambitions were a little too large for a girl. After all, who cared about major honors when you could be a housewife in her traditional Greek culture? That would be Lisa. Lisa was concerned.

Except that after graduating from college, meeting the guy of her dreams, and relocating to Los Angeles, Lisa became a housewife—for eight years! What the hell happened there?

The tale of how Lisa unpaused her life to cofound a company that went from $0 to a billion dollars in five years and became a leader in the personal development industry is told in Radical Confidence.

Lisa learnt to face her doubts and shortcomings, accept new challenges, solve her own problems, tell her negative voice to shut up, and become the hero of her own life by life-hacking her way to feeling confident after adopting a growth mindset.

Lisa Bilyeu book. Radical Confidence is a highly intimate narrative that offers insight and practical techniques for self-awareness, emotional mastery, and motivation. This book shows you how to be pushed by your insecurities to build the life of your dreams, with comedy, honesty, and Lisa’s beloved humorous voice.

Lisa Bilyeu house

Lisa Bilyeu house

Lisa Bilyeu house. The Hollywood Hills area, which has been trapped in a widely known sales downturn for years, may finally be regaining popularity.

A brand-new home perched high above the legendary Sunset Strip sold for $35.5 million last week, making it the area’s biggest deal since 2012, and it’s rumored that an even bigger deal is in the works in the nearby Bird Streets, where a billionaire buyer is currently in escrow on two side-by-side mansions.

Tom and Lisa Bilyeu, the married co-founders of the City of Industry, Calif.-based Quest Nutrition, were the $35.5 million house buyers who claimed title through an LLC. Quest is best recognized for its signature protein bars, which are fixtures in a variety of supermarkets, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Quest Nutrition was purchased by the creator of Atkins bars, one of its main competitors, for $1 billion four months ago. While the Bilyeus left Quest in 2016, they are said to have kept a significant portion of the company’s equity until it was recently acquired.

The Bilyeus have dedicated the last three years to Impact Theory, their inspiring and entertaining podcast and interview show. They’ve produced hundreds of episodes and established a strong brand; Tom Bilyeu has over 1.2 million Instagram followers, for example.

Lisa Bilyeu house. The Hollywood Hills manor, on the other hand, is one of the area’s largest structures, dwarfing most of its neighbors and clinging to a perilously steep mountainside.

The 20,000+ sq. ft. mega-mansion was created by renowned South African architecture company Saotafor property developer Jeff Thomas, who then filled it with every domestic bell and whistle imaginable.

The fortified mansion rises high above the street, and the steep driveway leads past heavy gates to a spacious motor court at the top. An almost unearthly large entrance door swings open into a foyer evocative of a boutique resort hotel lobby, complete with water features and an indoor courtyard filled with tropical vegetation.

A 12-foot indoor waterfall, an all-glass elevator, an auto gallery with space for 10+ exotic cars, and a wellness center with hot and cold plunge baths, as well as a massage room, an indoor/outdoor gym, sauna, and steam shower, are just a few of the custom-made finishes and facilities.

A curated walk-in wine closet, a movie theater, a rooftop deck with a campfire, and a 163-foot wraparound swimming pool are featured on the premises. The rockstar-worthy 270-degree view sweeps from the San Gabriel mountains to the Downtown L.A. skyline, to the Pacific Ocean, and Catalina Island, all from the master suite, which features its own private balcony.

The Bilyeus stayed in a magnificent estate set on an iconic, world-famous street in the highlands above Beverly Hills before moving to the Hollywood Hills.

While stylistically opposed to their new home, that Tuscan villa-style construction is likewise massive, spanning roughly 11,000 square feet of living space and including a motor court for 25 automobiles, a sports court, a pool with cabana, and enormous hillside gardens. In 2015, the couple paid $8.25 million for the home.

The Hollywood Hills listing was jointly owned by Jason Oppenheim of The Oppenheim Group, James Harris, and David Parnes of The Agency, and Sandra Miller of Engel & Völkers.

Lisa Bilyeu husband

Lisa Bilyeu husband

Lisa Bilyeu husband. In the year 2020, Lisa Bilyeu will have been married for seventeen years. At the New York Film Academy, she met her husband, Tom Bilyeu, for the first time. At the time, she had Tom Bilyeu as a film school instructor.

Lisa was just 21 when they first met. They fell in love quickly and married in England after two years of dating. As of now, they are genuinely in love and incredibly supportive of one another.

They even talk about their relationship on the show, and in their Instagram postings, they offer the secrets to a good marriage. As a result of their decision not to have children, they do not have any.

Тоm Віlуеu was born on March 30th, 1976 in Akoma, Washington, United States. is a well-known name around the globe. One of America’s most successful and well-known entrepreneurs.

He started Quest Nutrition, which was named one of the most successful and rapidly growing businesses in 2014. Тоm Віlуеu is an exceptional mоtvаtоnаl реасhеr, too, and his words have a profound effect on many people’s emotions.

Lisa Bilyeu husband. Imрасt Theory is Тоm Віlуеu’s company, which is well-known. In 2017, he founded the company with his wife. People’s ability to do any particular thing is fundamentally enhanced by Imрасt Theory. It brings the best out of you in a short period of time.

He has achieved tremendous success in his life as a result of his own hard work and perseverance.His childhood, on the other hand, was quite unique.

Тоm Віlуеu is 45 years old as of today’s date, the 9th of March 2022, having been born on the 30th of March 1976. He is 5 ’11 “ tall and 180 cm long, weighing approximately 165 pounds on the pound scale and 75 kilograms on the kilogram scale.


Тоm Віlуеu hasn’t revealed much about his early life, and he hasn’t spoken about his schooling. We have no information about his high school.

We do know, however, that he went to the University of Southern California to make a major motion picture. He started doing a marketing job after finishing his studies at the University of Southern California. For a period of time, he also worked as a nurse broker.

Cаrееr rеfеrеnсе

Tom Bilyeu never imagined that one day he would be the co-founder of a billion-dollar corporation. It’s been a long journey on which he’s accomplished a great deal. He has worked at a marketing agency and an insurance brokerage firm. According to him, He was somewhat lazy in those days. I was very fat and obese as well. His success stemmed from his obesity, though.

When he lost most of his weight and transformed into a slim and trim man, he had a plan to create something that would allow others to do the same. He was supported by his friend and wife. In 2010, he came up with the idea of Qusеt Nutrition.

He has never looked back since that time, and his company is now worth billions of dollars. The company manufactures chips, protein bars, and protein powders, and they are sold by huge companies like Walmart.

Тоm Віlуеu Nеt Wоrth

Тоm Віlуеu is a well-known and successful entrepreneur. Through his company, he had amassed a substantial fortune. He is a co-founder of Quest Nutrition and also manages another company with his wife called Imрасt Thеоrу.

Both businesses have assisted him in accumulating a substantial amount of wealth. The year 2022 will be remembered as a watershed moment in the history of the United States. He has a net worth of $530 million, which is a significant accomplishment.

Lisa Bilyeu illness

Lisa Bilyeu illness

Lisa Bilyeu illness. Lisa has battled catastrophic dysbiosis for years, and her condition was the catalyst for the creation of Health Theory. She has shared the most crucial lessons she’s learned now that her health is under control.

Lisa Bilyeu illness. In interviews, she describes why she needed to take full responsibility for her health, how she battled with guilt and fear, how she learned to conduct controlled tests, and why it’s critical to question commonly held health assumptions.

Lisa Bilyeu child

Lisa Bilyeu child

Lisa Bilyeu child. “When Tom and I were married, I believed we’d have babies within a year,” Lisa says. Because I am Greek, that was very much the expectation, which I didn’t question.

On the other hand, Tom looked at me as if I were insane! He claimed he was married so he could be completely selfish for a spell and enjoy my company. As a result, we agreed to wait a few years.

Lisa Bilyeu child. When you’re married to a man who is highly ambitious and vows to always support him, kids take a back seat. Then came Quest, and everything changed! I went from being a housewife who boxed up a few bars a day on her rug at home to learning, building, and supervising a 40-person shipping department. ”

Lisa Bilyeu conclusion

Lisa Bilyeu conclusion

Lisa Bilyeu conclusion. Lisa Bilyeu and her husband, Tom Bilyeu, had always wanted to make movies, but they needed money to do it. Lisa promised to stay at home and take care of everything else so Tom could work long hours.

What was supposed to be a year of Bilyeu doing everything at home—laundry, cooking, cleaning, laying up his clothes, precisely organizing food—turned into eight.

Despite the fact that she did not despise her husband at this point in her life, it became a challenge.

She told Jay Shetty, “I kept telling myself, you’re doing this for this purpose.” “It’s for your husband’s sake that you’re doing it.” You’re carrying out your mission. You’re doing it because you and your partner agreed to do it. I didn’t stop and go at any point, but I’m no longer enjoying it. ‘ And it was the most difficult part, since I would fill my days with banal activities, but only just enough to make me happy. ”

Lisa Bilyeu conclusion. When she was honest with herself, she realized that the temporary pleasures of a clean house and a fat bank account weren’t enough.

“It turned into an eight-year journey where I was at my most wretched because I didn’t face how I felt,” she told Jay Shetty. She was lacking not only contentment in her own life, but she also missed her husband. Tom, who was extremely motivated, had become obsessed with work and making money. Something had to be done.

“‘I don’t care about money,’ I answered. “All I want is my hubby,” she explained to Jay Shetty. And if it means giving up everything we’ve worked so hard to establish over the previous eight years, then so be it. But I’m not going to let my spouse and I fight about money or a job.

The Bilyeus sat down together and decided to take a different path. Leaving his job meant starting from scratch, but they had a vision and decided to go for it.

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