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Marriage relationship counselling services


Marriage relationship counselling services

Marriage relationship counselling services 1

Marriage relationship counselling services. Every couple has disagreements. For some, it’s a lack of sex life or a pattern of continual bickering; for others, it’s a lack of sex life or a habit of constant arguing. The coronavirus pandemic has added yet another possible stressor: more time spent together at home, which can heighten tensions or reveal hidden flaws in a relationship.

Marriage relationship counselling services can be beneficial. It’s not about pointing fingers — who did what or who is to blame, contrary to popular belief. Rather, couples counselling teaches strategies for talking and asking for what you need.”

Take note, eye-rollers: According to the American Psychological Association, around 75% of couples who seek treatment report that it improves their relationship. “A lot of couples tell me that it’s the one hour during the week when they can be completely focused on each other.

According to Gail Saltz, M.D., a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College and a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, “it’s usually better to go early in the process.” The longer unhealthy behaviour and bitter feelings persist, the more difficult it becomes to change them.

Is there a significant impediment to receiving help? When only one partner in a relationship wants to improve things, “Occasionally, someone will come in who is quite willing to do the work, whereas the other person is not,” Saltz explains. “At the end of the day, both people must participate.”

These are the top seven reasons couples seek marriage relationship counselling services.

  1. You’ve become estranged.

Some couples no longer engage with one another after years of marriage and simply coexist as roommates. According to David Woodsfellow, a clinical psychologist who founded and directs the Woodsfellow Institute for Couples in Atlanta, divorce rates peak at different times.

“The first wave’s peak is around seven years away,” he says. “The second wave’s peak is 21 years old. A growing-apart divorce is the most common type of second divorce. It’s about avoiding conflict rather than fighting.

“‘We run a household together, but there’s no connection or intimacy,’ couples often remark. “But it doesn’t matter since we’re both so busy.” “Distance like that can last a long time as people busy their lives with other activities and push aside whatever loneliness or wants they may have.”

When they retire or become empty nesters, they look at each other and wonder, “Who are we as a pair now?”

Saltz observed that couples frequently forget what brought them together in the first place, why they fell in love. “If you’ve been with someone for a long time, you’ve established a life narrative, memories, and history with them that you won’t be able to recreate with someone else.” Marriage relationship counselling services might help you rekindle that passion. ”

  1. You and your partner have a financial disagreement.

Couples have always had disagreements about money, but when you add in the additional late-life concerns that baby boomers have—probable health issues, fewer (and fewer) years of earning capacity, not to mention low interest rates—you’ve got a recipe for financial strife.

According to Harris Interactive research, money issues generate disagreements between spouses for 36% of married 55-to 64-year-olds.

Differing spending patterns or arguments over how to save for and spend retirement might lead to squabbles. There could be anxiety about not having enough money or disparities in how your retirement savings are managed.

Marriage relationship counselling services. Money can generate powerful feelings of wrath, fear, and envy.

It has such a strong associational value with power that it might create an imbalance in the relationship unless the partner who earns less has another source of psychological influence.

Marriage relationship counselling services helps people understand their relationship with money and how it impacts their beliefs about themselves and other people. The way we think about and handle money is frequently influenced by our past experiences.

  1. There has been a betrayal.

One of the most common reasons for couples therapy is to try to heal a trust breach — or, to put it another way, adultery. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15% of married women and 25% of married men have experienced an extramarital affair.

To be clear, cheating does not always imply physical infidelity. Keeping things hidden and clandestine is an emotional betrayal. You might reconnect with an old flame on Facebook and think to yourself, ‘We’re just keeping up; it’s harmless.’ Then, all of a sudden, it becomes more. ”

How do you know when you’ve gone too far? That’s a hard situation. Infidelity implies different things to different individuals. “What matters is that partners within their individual relationship have a clear, agreed-upon understanding of fidelity.”

If you’re on the verge of straying, it’s preferable to seek marriage relationship counselling services now than to deal with the consequences afterwards. Even if one of the partners has already had an affair, there is a way back.

According to Saltz, around a third of married couples survive an affair, but they’re usually the ones who seek treatment and make every attempt to restore their marriage. In fact, as Ross points out, “an affair is frequently the catalyst for dealing with matters that have been evaded for years.”

Marriage relationship counselling services 2

  1. You have a lot of pointless and unpleasant disputes.

We all deal with disagreement in different ways. When things get heated, some of us thrive on confrontation, while others retreat.

Then there are those who are passive-aggressive. Big fights can leave tears and damaged feelings in their wake, but frequent arguing can be just as damaging. “Couples get stuck in a cycle,” Ross explains. “It’s the same debate every time.”

According to Woodsfellow, an argument isn’t terrible in and of itself; it’s how people handle the issue that makes it harmful. To put it another way, it’s not so much what you say as how you say it. He describes verbal abuse as “criticism or complaints, barbs or nasty comments, or verbal abuse, such as name-calling or yelling.”

Marriage relationship counselling services teaches you how to resolve conflicts in a healthy, reasonable, and courteous manner. According to Woodsfellow, the beginning of the conversation is critical.

So, instead of saying something incendiary like, “Why did you do this?” “Help me understand why you feel this way,” you say, in a more encouraging tone. Swap pronouns, exchanging “you” (as in, you always do this) for “I feel like you’re not hearing what I’m saying,” which puts the other person on the defensive.

Always and never should be avoided. And, as Saltz cautions, don’t go back in time. Recent occurrences are what you’d like to discuss.

  1. You’re going through a major change.

Even if you and your partner are getting along OK, A major upheaval can disrupt the nature of your relationship. Also, differing coping strategies will cause conflict.

It could be due to an illness, retirement, or the final child moving away. Saltz explains that “your children may have taken up a lot of your time and energy in the past.” Then they depart, and if you haven’t been nourishing your marriage to the same extent, you may look at your partner and think, “I have no idea who you are.” I’m not sure I like you as a person.”

Suddenly finding oneself responsible for an ailing parent, which might take up a significant amount of your time and attention, poses a new set of obstacles.

It might be frustrating and resentful if your spouse doesn’t understand or isn’t supportive of your stress. Marriage relationship counselling services can help you cope with the new normal by rekindling the bond you once had with your partner.

  1. You enjoy life’s voids.

In a study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 2,371 recently divorced people were asked to choose reasons for their breakup. The most common reaction (given by 47 percent of those polled) was a lack of affection or closeness.

Marriage relationship counselling services. Some people have a dreadful sex life. Years of doing the same thing in the sack might make sex less satisfying. Sometimes one spouse is simply too exhausted to have sex, and it feels like just another item on the to-do list.

Medical problems, drug side effects, and physical changes like menopause can all make sex difficult for some couples.

However, tiny gestures of affection, such as a kiss on the cheek now and then, listening to your partner’s stories, and small acts of kindness, can be just as significant in making you and your partner feel connected.

There are lots of couples that are affectionate and emotionally close but not sexually intimate. There isn’t really a problem as long as you’re both happy with whatever scenario you’re in. When one or both of you are unhappy with your degree of closeness, marriage relationship counselling services can help. ”

It can be tough for people to talk about something so personal, but a skilled therapist can help steer the conversation and should know how to make you and your partner feel more at ease discussing such sensitive topics.

  1. You wish to prevent or have a peaceful divorce.

When [a married couple] comes in for treatment, they’ve usually considered divorce but want to explore if the marriage can be saved, says the therapist. According to Saltz.


Marriage relationship counselling services conclusion

Marriage relationship counselling services 3

Marriage relationship counselling services conclusion. Couples sometimes have opposing agendas. One person wants to divorce or break up, while the other wants to keep the relationship together. “Discernment counselling,” according to McManus, can help partners decide if they want a divorce or what needs to change if they want to stay together.

If it becomes clear that this isn’t a marriage that can work, marriage relationship counselling services may be an option for a less acrimonious breakup. “Not being able to let go has a lot to do with protracted, messy divorces,” Ross observes.

If a couple can understand “How did we get here?” and move past blaming each other, they can go forward in a more mature manner that is less damaging to everyone involved. ”

Miss Date Doctor provides marriage relationship counselling services conclusion. They have well trained counsellors equipped to handle any issue that can arise in a  marriage. They also have packages that are tailored to people having marital issues who either wish to go their separate ways or wish to fight to keep their marriage.


Either way M.D.D is there for you.

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