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My Relationship is not Working

My Relationship is not Working

My Relationship is not Working

My Relationship is not Working. In the dating world today, one thing that singles are more concerned about more than most things is having a healthy and happy romantic relationship. It is safe to believe that no one wants to have to go through to have a chance in the dating world all of that time going out on dates, meeting new people, working hard to put yourself out there, and even working on yourself  all to try and find the perfect match for you. Then at the end of the day,  all of it all turns out to be just a waste of time.

Dating is in fact a very risky business because feelings come into play and if the right approach is not adopted, then no doubt that heart break would follow. It can be agreed that to be able to have a healthy relationship, there are some areas of your life that would have to go through some modifications to be able to accommodate the different personality of the other person. This is why getting it right in the single phase is very important as not to end up in a romantic relationship with someone that is not your ideal match.

Another thing that should always remain at the back of your mind is that no matter what, you should never be so desperate to get into a romantic relationship. In this case, it could even be at the expense of your happiness or it could be that you even plan to lower your standards just because you wish to get rid of that single title. Being single is not a fatal disease and it does not in any way define who you are.

Allowing the standards that society has set to influence your decisions is perhaps not the best path that you should take. Deciding who your romantic partner should be is very serious business as that particular person would have the potential to give you an  either positive or equally negative experience. If you rush into the relationship without being sure of what it is that you want and what you expect from a romantic relationship, then the chances that such a relationship might have issues in the long run are very high.

Being in a relationship has to do with the entwining of intricate emotions and one thing that you should always make a habit to ask yourself before you make such a decision is can i really get vulnerable with this person? What is the point of having a romantic relationship where you cannot even get vulnerable with your partner? These are some important things that you must consider before actually getting into a relationship.

Dating coaches often hear the phrase, my relationship is not working from their clients during counseling sessions because of this one crucial step that was overlooked when they were still single. However, choosing to look at things from an entirely different perspective is considering the situation where at one point, the person was very sure and had settled with themself that their partner was everything that they were looking for in a romantic partner, but somewhere along the line, things just started to change and now you constantly think to yourself, that indeed my relationship is not working.

If this is you, then be assured that there are times where things like these do happen. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Alos, it is very early to decide that you want to give up and throw in the towel. Do not worry as we will be covering more about this in the course of this article.

However, here are some of the things that you must take into consideration when still single and about to make the important life decision of who your romantic partner would be so as to prevent statements such as my relationship is not working.

  • Verify if you both are compatible: This has to be the most important thing that a person must first have to take note of before getting into a romantic relationship. You have to make sure that your views, values and even aspirations align fully or if not, to some sort of extent. This would allow you to have a very solid foundation before you get into the relationship in question. Being able to have and sustain a healthy and committed romantic relationship stems from both partners being compatible in the first place.
  • Communication: You have to evaluate the manner and perspective in which your potential partner and you interact. Is it something that you are comfortable with? Do they make you feel a type of way when the both of you have a conversation? Or is it that it is near impossible for the both of you to even have a healthy conversation? Ask yourself these questions before getting involved with the person in question. For disagreements to be resolved and emotional intimacy to mature and be sustained, good and healthy communication is very necessary.
  • Emotional maturity: As much as you wish to get rid of your single status, one thing that you should be very concerned with is trying to find a romantic partner that can handle difficult situations, express their emotions clearly and even control their emotions in a very healthy manner. Getting this fact checked would definitely prevent you from having thoughts such as my relationship is not working in the long run.
  • Are they willing to commit?: Have a talk! To prevent disappointment and heartbreak as time goes on. Clarify your commitment expectations and ensure your potential partner is on the same page as you when it comes to the seriousness of a relationship. If you get into a relationship without having this checked out, then you might just find out that you were the only one that was actually committed to the relationship in the first place and that it has all been a waste of time.
  • Self-reflection: It is important that before you even start to seek a romantic partner, establish within yourself what it is that you want and the things that yo9u expect to gain from having a romantic relationship.

So, make sure that you have these things checked out before you make the decision on who your romantic partner should be. However, remember there is nothing like a person being perfect and for a relationship to work, then not one but both partners. However, if you also need help and guidance to make a more informed decision regarding this, and also to increase the chances of building a fulfilling and successful romantic relationship, then it may be a good decision to get the services of a professional dating coach.

We at Miss Date Doctor (M.D.D) offer this service and with our competent and well experienced coaches and counseling, one thing that we can assure is that choosing to use our services would mean that you would be in the best of hands and would prevent you from having thoughts such as my relationship is not working.

Signs of a failing relationship

Signs of a failing relationship

If you feel like you are in a relationship that is not working the way you want to, then no doubt that the next thought that may be running through your mind is how you would be able to tell if truly, your relationship was either failing or on the verge of failing.

The signs of a failing relationship may actually not be very evident all of the time and this is why it is very important for you to know what it is that you want from a relationship before you get into the said romantic relationship so that you may not be forced to settle for less without even being aware.

However, if you do have the thoughts that  my relationship is not working, then also, choosing to employ the services of a dating coach or a relationship coach may be the best thing for you to do. We at Miss Date Doctor do in fact offer these services and we do not recommend for you to constantly sweep what is that you feel under the rug.

Not only is doing such not good for your relationship, it is also not healthy when it comes down to your mental health and your general wellbeing.

Here are some of the signs of a failing relationship:

  • No proper and healthy conversations: To be very sincere, a relationship is as good as done if proper communication between partners is no longer taking place. It can be that both partners no longer even know the important things about one another because of lack of pepper communication. This allows for the partners to slowly grow apart before they finally become strangers like they were never in a romantic relationship in the first place. Deep conversations regarding each other’s emotions, experiences, and daily activities are essential to effective communication. You should offer your partner your complete attention and convey your ideas and thoughts clearly and openly. Communications dispel all ambiguities and eliminate all space for presumption. One indication that your relationship is in trouble is if you don’t talk to your partner too often. One thing that you can try is to start by being more expressive, and then inspire your partner to follow suit. Make eye contact to demonstrate that you are listening to the discourse and resist the impulse to pass judgment.
  • You have constant fights: believe it or not, having fights in a romantic relationship is indeed a sign of a healthy relationship. But at what point does having fights and arguments become one of the various signs of a failing relationship? Well, the problem arises when the altercation devolves into animosity, protracted breaks, and nasty language. One of the indications that your relationship is deteriorating is if your disputes involve saying cruel things to one another and showing disrespect for even the smallest issues. As a result, maintaining a relationship will be challenging. If this is the case for your relationship, then one way of going about this is to pose some inquiries to yourself. What triggers these altercations? How can you resolve your issues without getting into a major argument? Reaching out to us at Miss Date Doctor for relationship counseling is yet another angle that you can come from.
  • Lack of trust: For a relationship to be considered as successful and healthy, then trust must be an integral part of such a relationship in the first place. If there is a lack of trust between partners, then  no doubt that the phrase, ” my relationship is not working would be frequently heard and said in that said relationship. A successful and fulfilling relationship depends on trust. It aids in the development and harmony of a relationship. One indication that your relationship is in trouble is when there is a lack of trust. Because you don’t trust your partner, you may withhold information from them. Relationship breakdowns are caused by a lack of trust, which has several contributing causes, including inadequate emotional support, poor compatibility, dependability, etc.
  • You don’t make time for one another: Spending quality time together is the only way to get to know your partner better. The relationship is strengthened and there are more opportunities for development when you spend time together. One of the telltale symptoms that your relationship is in trouble is if you don’t do this frequently or if your partner avoids all opportunities for getting together. As a result, it will be difficult for you to maintain the relationship. If this is the case for your relationship, then one thing that can be done in this retrospect is to first of all, take your time in figuring out what caused this. It’s possible that your partner is overworked or suffering from work-related stress. Recognize this and intentionally make time, no matter how little.
  • Contempt: If left unchecked, it might also return in relationships down the road because it’s frequently a manner of turning one’s own disliked and unwanted feelings outward.
  • Keeping distance from your partner: It’s possible that your relationship has already broken down if one or both of you are constantly shutting out, looking for distractions, or trying to avoid connecting. There are numerous reasons why people leave, some of which are temporary and others permanent.
  • Being defensive all the time: Being questioned often results in a defensive response. Over time, defensiveness develops into the “whatever” stage, which creates a wall of isolation and protection. Regardless of where the urge for this defensive posture arises, it limits honest dialogue and a deep connection.

Having a relationship is like working very hard to get a job  and at the same working hard to keep the same job. If you do notice any of these signs in your relationship or feel like indeed your relationship may be nearing its end, then it is important that you act fast before your relationship is swallowed whole.

Evaluating relationship compatibility and dynamics

Evaluating relationship compatibility and dynamics

The one sure way to do this is by getting the help of a professional. Evaluating relationship compatibility and dynamics in all honesty may be a little daunting and even a little discouraging but to prevent problems down the line in your romantic relationship then it is a step that you have to seriously consider.

First thing first, as it was mentioned earlier in the course of this article, compatibility is something that must be found in a relationship for things to go smoothly in that same relationship. It is safe to say that it is the bedrock of trust, respect and every other virtue that is needed for a relationship to be able to thrive.

Sometimes it may even sound ironical, but to be able to achieve compatibility between you and your intended romantic partner, then there are times that you may need to go out of your comfort zone to make things work.

Compatibility involves having comparable values, passions, and understanding how to resolve disputes, handling one another’s stress, encouraging one another’s dreams, feeling comfortable around one another, and preparing for the future.

Having these makes you a match made in heaven. However, not every couple is fortunate enough to have ideal chemistry or to be compatible with one another.

This is why taking the initiative and evaluating relationship compatibility and dynamics is very important.

To do this as mentioned earlier, it is best to make use of the services of a qualified professional and yes, we at Miss Date Doctor are well equipped to handle this matter with you. It is better to face it head on so that at the end of the day, neither partner starts to feel like my relationship is not working. It is not only the best but the safest option for you and your relationship.

Seeking professional help for a struggling relationship

Seeking professional help for a struggling relationship

Seeking professional help for a struggling relationship should ideally be the next bone of contention once it has been established with no doubt that a relationship is failing. However, to do this, one thing that must be gotten out of the way is the fact that you as a person first have to come to terms with the fact that indeed your relationship might be in trouble and might be in need of some help.

It is only by you and your partner first admitting this painful truth that the process of Seeking professional help for a struggling relationship would be able to go down well.

The next thing that may be running through your mind is just how you and your partner would be able to benefit from choosing to employ the services of a professional and in this case, the professional that would be needed is a certified relationship coach. We do offer relationship coaching services here at Miss Date Doctor. Hence, take this as a cue to reach out to us or to give us a call once you are done with reading this article. You would be able to do this easily by just looking through our website.

Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from hiring a relationship coach and at the same time, preventing thoughts such as my relationship is not working from plaguing your mind:

  • Enhancing communication: Maintaining a healthy relationship can be challenging, but it can be especially challenging if one partner finds it difficult to communicate effectively. Making the decision to engage with a relationship coach would create the ideal environment for productive communication. In some circumstances, it could seem like the wisest course of action, but if one or both partners choose to keep things private rather than communicate with one another, no relationship can endure.
  • Conflict resolution: It is generally acknowledged that conflict is a key reason why many relationships end. The same applies to married couples as well. Without proper resolution, conflict has a wide mouth and could completely consume a partnership. a connection
  • Keeping an eye out for negative patterns: It’s possible that you’re finding it difficult to move on from former relationships, fully trust and accept your current partner, or even fully take advantage of the dating scene. Despite the fact that this is a common reaction to having your heart broken, it may also result in the development of dangerous behaviors. Another possibility is that your relationships are short-lived for some reason. It would be easier to recognize these patterns, address the underlying causes, and break free from them if you had a relationship coach.
  • Strengthening intimacy: When both parties in a relationship are unable to have intimate physical and emotional contact with one another, it is a cry for help. Choosing to get the services of a relationship coach especially for intimacy issues which is a clear cut sign of a failing relationship would avoid thoughts such as my relationship is not working in the long run.
  • Personal development: Choosing to use a relationship coach’s services would include a component of personal development in addition to helping you have a good connection. In essence, what kind of person are you when you’re not in a love relationship? A relationship coach can also help you pinpoint the areas where you might need to improve, which will enable you to reach your full potential. It is also important to figure out who you are outside of the relationship.

Exploring options for relationship repair or separation

Exploring options for relationship repair or separation

It may hurt to think even think about to be honest, there are times that this may be what it all comes down to. Of course, the first thing that would be tried is to tug and repair or mend the relationship

But it is also to look at it all from the aspect of that there is nothing that could be possibly done that would be able to make the relationship whole again. It will hurt no doubt especially when it is a relationship that you have invested so much in.

There will come a time that you would have to begin exploring options for relationship repair or separation for the benefits of your person and your mental health.

How can a relationship be repaired? You may be asking, but one thing that you should know that would be the sure best for you is to get professional help.

When it comes down to exploring options for relationship repair or separation, getting the assistance of a professional who is well versed in the field cannot be overemphasized in order to prevent more damage.

Finding clarity and making decisions about my relationship

Finding clarity and making decisions about my relationship

Finding clarity and making decisions about my relationship. Again and again, just as it was mentioned earlier in the course of this article, to be able to do this, then you would be needing advice and not just any advice but advice from a well trained professional that has the ability to be fluid and tailor it all down to what it is that your relationship needs. Of course at the end of the day, making the decisions will be up to you but you do not have to do it all alone.

Finding clarity and making decisions about my relationship would mean coming to terms with everything that has occurred in that relationship and allowing for things to take its own course. It is only then that you would be able to find clarity and make more informed decisions but this time, you have us right in your corner.

My relationship is not working conclusion

My Relationship is not Working

My relationship is not working conclusion. There is no point trying to either contain or change your feelings and your mind once you start to feel as if your relationship is not working. Instead of trying to do that, addressing the issues and trying to look for a solution would be the best bet for you, your partner and your relationship as a whole. However, you do not have to do it alone. Let us guide you down the right path and help you to make better informed decisions to prevent issues like my relationship is not working.


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