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Regret Breaking Up With Her Months Later

Regret Breaking Up With Her Months Later

Regret breaking up with her months later

Regret breaking up with her months later. Common questions many relationship experts often hear are “Was breaking up a mistake?”, “Did I make a mistake breaking up with her?” If you have ever wondered if breaking up was a mistake or asked the question, “Was breaking up a mistake?” you are not the only one. You must understand that feeling guilty after a breakup is typical due to many reasons.


First, you experience sudden loneliness you have never felt before. Also, the fear of getting started with a new person and repeating the same dating processes, such as getting to know each other’s interests, dislikes, favorite items, and so on, can be overwhelming.


When you think of how seamless it was doing many things with your ex, you may be tempted to ring them up, and ask “Was breaking up a mistake?”.


Meanwhile, people break up but still love each other for reasons, including domestic violence, lack of connection, cheating, and other harmful behaviors. Regardless of the reasons (aside from violence and harmful behaviors), knowing if you are making the right decision can help you.


How Do You know if the breakup was a mistake?


Regret breaking up with her months later. The aftermath of any breakup has never been an easy procedure to deal with; talk more of a relationship. The end of long-term relationships is the hardest as you might have built your life around your partner, and it becomes challenging to detach from them.


Nonetheless, if you immediately regret this decision, there are some steps you can take to know if your breakup regret is normal or not.


Sometimes, when we break up but still love each other, it is a result of detachment that makes us ask, “Was breaking up a mistake?”


Check the following questions to ask after a breakup if you immediately regret it:


  • Does my ex bring out the best in me?
  • Does my ex want the best of me?
  • Does your partner want the same thing as you?
  • Do you love your ex, or do you love the idea of dating them?


The answers above will help you deal with your regretful breakup perfectly. If you still feel guilt over ending a relationship after answering the questions, you need to pay close attention to some signs that answer the question, “Was breaking up a mistake?”


Is It Normal To Feel Regret After Breaking Up?


Regret breaking up with her months later. It’s normal to have regrets after a break up which makes you ask, “Was breaking up a mistake?” Even if you know the breakup is the best decision, you feel bad and wish things had been better. Nonetheless, the feeling fades as time goes on.


It is best to recognise that what you feel is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean you made the wrong decision. Don’t dwell on the matter much. Instead, focus on moving on. If you find yourself constantly asking, “Was breaking up a mistake?” Look out for the following signs.


Regret breaking up with her months later: Is it too late?


It’s always hard to practice patience and let time play an active role in the situation. You, on the other hand, are in a very different situation. Months have passed since you and this person broke up, you have probably dated other people in the meantime, and now you’re realizing that you’re regretting the breakup years later.



Plenty of time has passed so you’ve been able to put things into perspective, you’ve probably evolved and grown, and you’re probably living a very different life than what you were experiencing a few years back, but this one special person is still on your mind. So, is it too late?


As I began saying, timing isn’t always a deterring factor from the odds of success you could have in getting this person back. Getting back together with someone isn’t so much about how much time has passed as it is about what you have to offer now. How different is the situation?


You see, breakups happen for a reason. Something wasn’t working and something needed to change. So now is the time to do some introspection and ask yourself what kind of changes you’ve made in your life. Have you identified what roadblocks your relationship was experiencing and do you feel confident that you can overcome those types of obstacles now?


My Ex Girlfriend Wants Space… What Do I Do?!


Regret breaking up with her months later. Think about issues with communication, monotony, and selfishness… Are you equipped to overcome these obstacles should they present themselves in the future in a relationship with this person? If the answer is yes, the odds are in your favor.

long break up with my ex


I know that right now you regret breaking up, but I don’t want you to think that there’s no way that you can get back together. Post-breakup regret is nothing to be ashamed of, and I want you to know that you can still turn things around.


I Broke Up With My Ex And I Regret It: What Do I Do?


Whether you realize it or not, you have an advantage: Time.


Regret breaking up with her months later. Time allows for proper evolution to happen in both your lives, it allows you to get to know yourself better, to become the best version of yourself. These are crucial elements of getting an ex back and believe me, they do not happen overnight.



If you can confidently say that you’ve done what you needed to do to become the best version of yourself, it’s time to start getting close to your ex again. If you’re unsure of what changes and improvements need to be made and how you can go about doing so after a breakup, I encourage you to read this article on bouncing back from a breakup.


Regret breaking up with her months later. As you get started, you must have the right mindset. Don’t go into it thinking of yourself as “The Ex.” You’re an entirely new person now, and you’re going to reset this thing!


When you are trying to rekindle with someone after so many years, you might have the tendency to keep bringing up the past and the fact that you two were together before. What I’m about to tell you might come as a surprise, but ideally, you shouldn’t think about the past too much.


I Regret Dumping Her Reddit

I regret dumping her reddit

I regret dumping her Reddit. There are many stories of guys ending a relationship with their girlfriends and regretting it instantly or months later. Not all of these stories make it to an enlightening platform like Reddit but here is one of many that did make it.


Broke up with my gf and have instant regret


Hello all,


TLDR; I dumped my(26m) gf(24f) of 1.5 years right before Christmas and the second I did that I fully regretted it.


Backstory, we met on a dating app in the summer of 2020. Had a relationship a month later and moved in together a month from that. She wanted to be an Au Pair for a long time so we always had that in the back of our minds.


Fast forward to July 2021, she went to the USA to be an Au Pair. We promised each other to survive this 1 year as an LDR couple. At first, I missed her so much but things became a bit easier. I booked a ticket for 11th Feb 2022 to go to the USA and see her for 2 weeks.


I regret dumping her Reddit. We had a couple of arguments on video calls and things blew up on the 23rd of December. I was not thinking straight and just cut it off saying I don’t want to continue and all kinds of mean things.


The video ended 5 seconds when I realized what a stupid stupid, bitter, angry, narcissistic guy I’ve become. Letting her go like that while loving her so much.


In the last few days, I wrote a letter and some text messages wanting to talk again. Send her strawberry chocolates but all she wants now is time to process because she is uncertain about us. And I just keep reading our texts of the past weeks telling myself how stupid I was making no effort to respond to her stories.


I regret dumping her Reddit. This is my first LDR and I acknowledge my weak, insecure behavior. I don’t even recognize this kind of behavior in myself. All I know now is I’ve messed it up and love her immensely.


Should I try to contact her again? I suppose waiting till the holidays are over because it’s hectic at this moment, maybe a better idea.


(Ps. I made a post on relationship_advice but would like all the input I can get.


Thank you


UPDATE: Want to thank everyone here for taking the time to comment. Just spoke to her and I’m pretty sure we’re done. Her relationship with ‘that part’ of me is over. Not sure what to make of that, but I’m willing to wait for her when she is ready. In the meantime the opportunity to fix whatever I’m struggling with.

Dumpers Regret Timeline Reddit

dumpers regret timeline reddit

Dumpers regret timeline Reddit. Have you ever wondered how your ex who broke up with you felt from that point to months or even a year later? Do you wonder why they reached out to you or didn’t reach out to you to make up? Well, just as relationships have timelines, breakups do too. Below is a timeline of how dumpers and dumpees react to breakups for a while compiled by a Reddit user.


Dumper vs Dumpee timeline

An extremely broad timeline that I have based on my experiences, being both the dumper and dumpee many times before.


  • Pre-breakup

Dumpee sees a future with the other person, they acknowledge that there are some problems but won’t even think about giving up.


Regret breaking up with her months later. Dumper sees no future with them and avoids acknowledging the good parts of the relationship while doubling down on the negatives. Doesn’t believe things will change and must end things for their survival.


(The dumper does mentally prepare for the breakup months before it, but it doesn’t nullify the loss they feel later on. You can’t grieve until you have lost control)








  • The breakup

Dumpee is in shock and denial and tries to negotiate, reason, and beg for them to stay.

Dumper has already made their decision and won’t listen, usually dumps blame onto the dumpee.


(There is often vilification of the dumpee on the dumper’s part. Though it’s not to be taken personally as they do it because they need to justify to themselves to go through the breakup. No one wants to think of themselves as a jerk who breaks someone’s soul for a petty reason, hence they’ll blow things out of proportion and act very immature and avoidant.)


  • Post-breakup, initial stage (0 – 3 months)

Dumpee may still be in denial that they’re gone, often checking to see if they have changed their minds. Intense feelings of anger, despair, sadness, regret, shame, pain, confusion, boredom, and worthlessness keep cycling in them. Loss of appetite, feeling as if life is over and will never be great again.


Dumpers regret timeline Reddit. Dumper feels some guilt but it’s quickly suppressed with relief and catharsis, they feel confident and their ego is well-groomed. They feel that they can do better, so they begin seeing other people. They believe life will only go uphill from here.


They feel no worries concerning the dumpee as they could always go back to them if for some reason if they change their mind. To the dumper, the dumpee is seen as something that will only regress them. They believe the relationship with the dumpee had to be dismantled for the future.


  • Post-breakup, intermediate stage (3- 6 months)

Dumpee’s feelings are usually less intense, not crying often as before, this coincides with them slowly starting to realize that they may never come back. Heartbreak morphs into a deep depression.


Regret breaking up with her months later. The dumper is still in relief, usually in a rebound to suppress all feelings relating to the dumpee and breakup from surfacing.


  • Post-breakup, the loss stage (6 – 8 months)

Dumpee has begun to process that the dumper is gone. It’s still painful and heartbreaking, but a level of acceptance is starting to form in the mind.


Dumper’s romantic life usually takes a nose dive, almost exclusively because other people aren’t able to match up to what they had with the dumpee. Doubt begins to creep in. They may now just notice that the dumpee hasn’t talked to them in a long time. At this point, the dumper begins to understand the gravity of the situation.


  • Post-breakup, the realization stage (8 – 12 months)

Dumpee begins to realize things will get better, they stop looking into the past as they heal and move forward. It still hurts but they accept that what happened, happened. A departure from depression takes place.


Dumpers regret timeline Reddit. Dumper begins to feel the semi-rejection from the dumpee who has by this point given up on them. Their false comfort of always having them on standby is gone.


They now begin to mirror the dumpee’s experience at the initial stage with denial rumination, regret, heartbreak, and more. Typically intense nostalgia ensues as they realize that the problems of the relationship were solvable, not that bad, or worth breaking up over.


  • Breakup-Aftermath (12 months – ????)

Dumpee stops thinking of the dumper, life isn’t so bad. Positive affirmations replace the prior negative, limiting ones. They have likely learned a great deal about themselves and have learned some lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their life.


Dumper reaches an emotional climax due to grief and must decide to handle it. This is usually the point at which the dumper attempts to rekindle with the dumpee. But just as often, they won’t reach out at all but not out of disinterest, they respect the dumpee.


Not feeling worthy enough and fearing that they will be rejected, they instead choose to suppress the pain and try moving on. The dumper feels immense regret for not only hurting the dumpee and themselves but for ultimately destroying a part of their own life and future.


(The dumper will eventually go through similar stages to the dumpee before reaching acceptance. But one thing dumpers will forever live with is the fact they gave it all up.


2 years, 5 years. even 20 years later, from time to time their hearts sting with a tiny melancholic nostalgia leading to episodes of “what if I didn’t do it”. Something dumpees usually let go off due to respecting the other’s choice.)

I Regret Not Committing To Her Reddit

I regret not committing to her reddit

I regret not committing to her Reddit. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always who gets dumped that feels pain. Those who dumped others tend to feel the pain of regret and remorse. Although it isn’t the case for all, we can’t deny that we’ve not at some point in our lives met or known someone who regrets pulling the plug on their relationship. Especially guys.


I [29/M] made the biggest mistake of my life leaving my ex-gf [28/F] of 6 years, need advice.

I’ve been lurking on here for a while looking at similar scenarios and I’m reaching out for some advice.


About 10 months ago I was at a very unhappy point in my life. I had a dead-end job that I hated and was dragging me down, my alcoholic father had been depending on me financially and I didn’t know how to cut him off, and I was feeling bored in my relationship of 6 years.


After wrangling with how to change the unhappiness in my life, I started getting rid of a lot of emotional baggage and tried to start over fresh. First, I cut off my dad which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Then, I ended things with my ex. Another really difficult thing was that at the time seemed to be the right idea and I felt food about it for a while.


I was feeling overwhelmed and I needed to start unloading. I loved my ex and I wasn’t necessarily unhappy with her, but (and I realize now) I was falling into the typical LTR living together for years patterns and didn’t have the motivation to put in the effort because of everything else bringing me down.


I thought for about a month about leaving her and I went back and forth a million times. We hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time together because of my family issues and working all the time. She asked one night if we could go out for a movie and dinner and I found myself snapping at her. I finally decided to do it, and I tried to make it as clean as possible.


She took it badly and said she had no idea I had been feeling this way. It’s true, I regret now not trying to talk to her about my feelings before and possibly trying to work through them, but hindsight is 20/20. You could see the shock on her face as I told her the news. But, I just couldn’t be in an LTR at the time. She had needs and I felt I couldn’t meet them.


I regret not committing to her Reddit. I packed up some things that night and went to stay with my cousin. The look on her face as I walked out is one of those things I can’t erase.


So, for some time I felt a sense of relief. I dumped the relationship, and dad issues, and I got another job making more money than I enjoyed. I dated other women and got to spend some more time with friends.


A few months ago, I started having some regrets about leaving my relationship. It wasn’t out of loneliness because there had been plenty of women and friends to keep me company. It wasn’t the comfort of an LTR either. I started missing her.


Not being in the dating scene for some time, I realized with every hook-up or fling that finding someone who truly loves you completely and supports you can be hard to come by. I could sit here and type out everything I missed but it would take all day. She has a way of providing me with comfort that no one else has. She is beautiful with a truly good heart and smart.


It’s corny, but I didn’t realize what I had until it was gone. Someone who supported me loved me and all my faults and was genuinely proud of me. I know I can find something again, but I don’t want it with anyone else.


I was at a time of my life when I was unhappy overall and had a lot of confusion. I regret my choice of leaving her, and I would love nothing more than to work things out. A mutual friend said she was single and has been since we broke up. She pretty much went no contact with me after I left, but did keep me as a Facebook friend.


I regret not committing to her Reddit. I am thinking of calling her and asking if she would like to meet up for coffee or a walk in our favorite park. I want to do this as respectfully as possible.


Those in similar situations, how did you reach out? I know there is a chance she won’t want to work things out with me, but I want to try.


EDIT: Some people have been mentioning that I didn’t say I love her. I do love her, very much. I was confused for some time about what was causing me unhappiness and what wasn’t. I was in a bad place, but I do love her.


EDIT 2: A lot of people are saying not to reach out. Even if she does not want to work things out with me, I AT LEAST owe her an apology for how I went about handling things. I wasn’t honest with her when I broke up with her and I am sorry for that.


tl;dr: Broke up with my gf of 6 years and have regrets. I felt unhappy in my life and wanted a change. I want to reach out to her but want to do it respectfully.

Breaking Up Saved Our Relationship Reddit

breaking up saved our relationship reddit

Breaking up saved our relationship Reddit. Who would have thought a breakup could save a relationship? Well, I knew. Sometimes that feeling of loss is what you need to realise how important your partner is to you. This means has saved a lot of relationships in the past and today.


This Reddit story is proof.


So I broke up with my partner because I wouldn’t see him for weeks, when I’d try to include him he’d say he was busy when I knew he didn’t have anything else going on, and I would try to call him to be like hey how’s it going? I haven’t seen u for three weeks and he snaps at me.


Pre breakup this wasn’t the majority of our relationship it slowly turned into this, and I remember during this time I was so incredibly conflicted cause I knew something had to change cause I was so unhappy but I was scared to admit that it wasn’t working anymore, I wanted it to so badly.


Breaking up saved our relationship Reddit. One night I called him cause I was having anxiety and he snapped again and said things that I knew he knew would hurt me. So I broke up with him on the spot. He said it took him a few hours to realize what exactly happened.


And he knew it was 100% his damn fault, and he regretted it. I had very little sympathy. But what sucked was I didn’t break up with him because I didn’t love him anymore, I broke up with him because I respected myself too much to let that shit behavior go on anymore and he needed to understand that I’m not just gonna be there no matter what.


We cooled down for a couple of days and he wanted to just talk. He poured his soul out, I listened, and we both cried. And essentially he said he wanted to be perfect for me 100% of the time, and if he couldn’t be that he didn’t want to see or be around me, and he thought he had to be and do all these things to be “perfect.”


I told him how unbelievably stupid that logic was and that The person ur dating should be the one person u don’t have to be that around. But the love just didn’t go away, and I was so mad that this stupid boy, who I had loved more than anyone ever, threw it all away because of something he thought he had to be.


Breaking up saved our relationship Reddit. But we saw each other again after the week and I said my truth and we decided to get back together. But part of my truth was I made it very clear that if that’s what our relationship turns into again then it’s over for real. I don’t do third chances. And I can honestly say he’s kept his end of the bargain.


We’ve been together three years since the breakup and because of the break up it almost feels like it broke the ice, and let our relationship grow in a way that it couldn’t before, we both feel more comfortable communicating with each other and realized that we both wanted it to work out.

Immediately Regret Breaking Up Reddit

immediately regret breaking up reddit

Immediately regret breaking up Reddit. Regrets are a major part of breakups. Either by one or both parties. Sometimes the effect is immediate, sometimes it takes a while. One instance it was immediate is with this Reddit user


I (25F) deeply regret breaking up with my (26M) boyfriend of five years.

I am sure that many people on this sub will resent me, given that I was the dumper in this scenario.


Immediately regret breaking up Reddit. I met my boyfriend in college when I was 19 years old. I had limited experience with men before the start of our relationship. He was the most caring, giving, and loyal person that I had ever met. He was like the boy version of me. He came to love me deeply, and I came to love him deeply as well.


I moved to a new city after college to be with him. We lived together throughout the pandemic. Issues arose and I found myself thinking of straying, as I had never had any other relationship before so I was full of the curiosity that may come with being on my own for a while and gaining more independence. Over the months, these feelings intensified and caused issues in our relationship.


Regret breaking up with her months later. On top of this, I was surrounded by family and friends who insinuated that I could do better than him and that I should not tie myself down so young. For whatever reason, these people were very adamant in trying to get me to break up with him.


As my feelings of confusion and a long for the unfamiliar intensified, these people were more persistent in telling me that I should break up with him. I lost my job one day, and, on somewhat of a whim, packed my things and drove home to my parents’ house in a different city.


I will never forget the look on his face when I left. He got on his knees and sobbed as I drove away. He had been planning to ask me to marry him in the coming months.


When I came home, I was very unemotional about the whole thing. I can’t explain why, I think that I was kind of in denial that I had left him and was starting a new life of my own. In the next 2-3 months, I occupied myself with a new job and friends and didn’t think often about the situation. I even visited him occasionally, and still was unemotional about the fact that I’d left.


Immediately regret breaking up Reddit. One day, it was like it hit me all like a brick. I started having nightmares and panic attacks. During my lunch break at work, I would go to my car just to cry (I still do this, every day). I reached out to him and apologized, crying and pleading.


He told me that he’d moved on – that he could never forgive me for leaving so suddenly. The adamant people that I leave him were not there for me when I started feeling like this.


I feel like I just made the worst decision of my life. Words can’t explain how much I loved this man, how much he completed me and made me a better person, and how guilty I feel for letting him down when he is the only person in my life who has never betrayed me in some way.


Every day, I am realizing how empty daily activities are when I am not sharing them with him. It’s almost as if since he was all I’d ever known, I needed his absence to realize how much he contributed to my happiness and well-being.


I just turned 25 and I have no desire to date. A lot of people around me are getting married. I know that I only have so much time to find someone, as I am a woman in the south. But I have no desire to date other people. I honestly never really did. I can’t even explain why I left, as I do not fully understand why I did.


I am hopeless, guilt-stricken, depressed, and sometimes have thoughts of ending it all. I don’t know what I’m asking for here, I just wanted to vent and let you all know that sometimes the dumper grieves just as much as the dumpee does in a break-up.

I Regret Dumping A Nice Guy Reddit

I regret dumping a nice guy reddit

I regret dumping a nice guy Reddit. I turned down a good guy because I was still hoping my ex would want me back.


TL;DR! I turned down a good guy because I thought my ex wanted to fix things with me. Now I feel stupid.


My ex (31m) and I(31f) broke up over a week ago. Initially, I was the dumper. I broke things off with him because we were becoming toxic. He had mental health issues (anxiety, emotional detachment) and he refuses to seek help. On top of that, he has a racist dad who was against me from the beginning because of my race.


I regret dumping a nice guy Reddit. A few days after the breakup, I found out through a friend that my ex was back on an online dating app. I thought maybe he just did not care about me at all and maybe I should start meeting new people too.


Last Saturday, I met this guy (31m). Let’s call him Richard. At first, he said that it wasn’t a date but just a hang-out. So I was like sure whatever. We spent lunch and dinner together. That’s how long our “hang out” was. We kissed. And I had a feeling Richard liked me.


Regret breaking up with her months later. Towards the end of the date, he asked if we could go out on a second date. He also said that he wanted to do more than hang out with me. Of course, I said yes. We planned to do it next week.


The next day after the date (Sunday), I received a text from my ex saying that hasn’t moved on bla bla bla. This gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe he is open to talking again. We exchanged a few messages. Nothing serious really, just us checking in on each other.


Today, when I woke up, I checked my phone. Not gonna lie, I was hoping I’d get a message from my ex. But I got a message from Richard instead. He was talking about his plans and I replied. We just had a friendly conversation. A few minutes later, I started to think about my ex again. Then I thought, maybe I shouldn’t lead Richard on because I’m not over my ex and it will be unfair to Richard.


I decided to text my ex to ask him if he wanted to meet and talk. But before I did that, I already decided to let Richard know what was going on inside my head no matter what my ex’s reply would be.


I regret dumping a nice guy Reddit. Richard took a while to reply because he was busy at work.


My ex replied quickly. He flat out said he did not want me back and there’s no chance of us getting back together. I was hurt. I felt stupid for thinking he was open to us talking again. This time, I felt I was getting dumped.


When Richard replied, I was already an emotional wreck. I gave him an idea of what was going on. I told him I’d need to cancel the second date. He was very I could not believe how he wasn’t mad at me.


He said I should contact him when I’m ready and he hoped I was okay. I felt sorry for him. If I had met him when I was ready, I would date him for real.


I hate myself for believing my ex wanted to talk again.


How do I get better? I want to be a better person and I wanna reach out to Richard when I’m better.

I Dumped My Ex And Want Her Back Reddit

I dumped my ex and want her back reddit

I dumped my ex and want her back Reddit. A lot of people wish their ex will regret breaking up with them. Well, let’s assume this is the case with this Reddit user below wanting his ex back. Maybe they will get cool again, maybe not.


I broke her heart but want her back


Hi all, new here, so sorry if I violate any rules with this post.


I’ll try to quickly summarize what happened:


We dated for 5 years but by the 5th year I made up my mind that I wanted to be single, so I pushed her away by being cold and emotionally neglectful. Monstrous, I know.


She finally decided to walk out on me and I was so thrilled. I partied for a month, but then I started spending time alone and all of these thoughts hit me like a bag of bricks, that I lost something great, and you know the rest…


I dumped my ex and want her back Reddit. She consistently texted me for that whole month begging me to reconsider, but of course, I was cold throughout.


So when I realized my loss I started changing my tune — we talked on the phone and I cried when she told me about her Tinder conversations and that she made out with an old fuck buddy. I’m suddenly filled with more feelings toward her than I ever imagined I would.


After lots of talking and texting, we decided that we should both take some time to work on ourselves, and if the time is right we can be together again, and I’m so committed to this. I want to love her the way she deserves, but when we’re both ready to try again.


My struggle is that I want to give her space to heal, but at the same time, I want her to know I love her and see a future together. We’ve been in this state of “pseudo involuntary no contact” for about a week now, but I already slipped up by sending her a song.


I’ve also written her a long letter which will arrive at her later this week. And I’ve put an order in for roses on Vday but I’m considering canceling them. I heard another great song today and I want to send it to her.


I don’t know what my question is but maybe it’s this: as the person who originally broke her heart but wants her back, should I be the one doing no contact or should this come from her end? She hasn’t responded to my latest text, which is fine. Is it okay for me to occasionally let her know that I’m thinking of her? Are the flowers too much?


I dumped my ex and want her back Reddit. I know I fucked up bad and deserve this pain. Whatever advice you have would be great.


Edit: Thank you to everyone who has offered advice. I’ve signed up for therapy to figure out why I overreacted and treated her so badly toward the end. I know that I should let her go but I can’t yet. I want to fight for our love, I know it’s still there.


I want to give her space to heal and at the same time, I’m still convinced we have a future together. One thing I forgot to mention is that I’m currently in a diff country where I’ll be for the next 2.5 months, so there’s no way we can be together right now anyway.


I’m using this time to work on myself. I’ve already initiated the handwritten letter and the roses for days so I’m just gonna let that happen. After that, I won’t reach out to her unless she wants to talk. Thanks again.

Dumpers Regret Reddit

dumpers regret reddit

Dumpers regret Reddit. Like I said earlier in this article, dumpers do have a bout of regret sometimes not always. But why not? You had a beautiful relationship and you chose to end it without thinking of what grief it will cost you seeing them move on.


We see and hear cases like this on daily bases on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and so on. And by now I expect romantic partners to try all possible means to save their relationships before calling it quits but time and time again, even with the awareness of relationship counselling, they choose to make this mistake again.


Shared below is the regretted experience of a dumper on Reddit


Is “waves” of regret normal for the dumper? (23m)

Hey all,


I recently broke up with my girlfriend (24f) for about a year. There was no definitive event that triggered the breakup, but I felt as if we wouldn’t be compatible in the long run, and I wanted to end it before we got more involved with each other.


While I was with her, in contact, etc.., I felt as if all the reasons why I wanted to end it were in focus. It might sound a little mean, but I felt as if I was the one who was walking us through the relationship.


She was a caring and sweet person, and she loved me (which I think is why this is so difficult). But at the same time, conversation-wise, I always felt like I was the one making her laugh, thinking of new things to do, places to go, things to do in the bedroom, etc.


Regret breaking up with her months later. I never gave her a reason to, but she sort of just assumed the role of the doormat in our relationship. She never challenged me, disagreed with me, or did anything in her perception that she thought I might not like.


It was great to get to know her, and we fell in love pretty quickly. But it seems like one morning I just woke up and thought, “Wait, what am I doing here?” It was like a switch. I started feeling like it was a burden to answer her calls/texts like I knew what she would say before she even said it.


I thought it might be a phase, so I stayed with her a little longer. I thought we were in a rut, and it would soon pass. But it didn’t. I no longer found her to be interesting. Physically, I was still attracted to her (still am), but the prospect of having a relationship with her was something that wasn’t appealing anymore.


Dumpers regret Reddit. Cue an emotionally wrenching breakup. She took it so hard. It was like I was taking a puppy and punting it off a bridge. I still cared about her, but I felt like being in a relationship with her wasn’t the thing I wanted. I started to wish we had been friends from the start and never went down the dating road.


She convinced me a couple of times to give it another shot, and I was confused as to my feelings at the time, so I did. But something in my gut always told me to get out, that it wasn’t what I wanted, etc. The decision was clear. So I finally told her I couldn’t speak with her anymore and we have been in no contact for coming up on 2 weeks.


I’m having a little bit of an issue though. Some days, I’m confident I made the right decision, and I’m ready to start putting things behind me and moving on with my life. On other days (like today), usually when I have a prolonged period of downtime at work, I start thinking about things we used to do, and how they made me feel at the time, and I start feeling what feels like regret for breaking up with her.


Dumpers regret Reddit. Not regret in the sense that I want to pick up my phone and fire off some texts, but the feeling that maybe I was too harsh and should have given things more time and more work. Problem is, when I ended it in the first place, I didn’t feel like there was much to work out.


Sometimes the pain is so sharp and acute that I can feel it in my whole body. It feels like sadness and anxiety wrapped up into one.


Is this normal? I don’t think she’s a bad person, and she never wronged me. But I feel like as the “dumper,” I should be jumping for joy so to speak, and the fact is I’m not. I’m pretty sad and lonely, to be honest. I’m terrified that I made a poor decision and I’m going to regret something big at a later date.


Does anyone have any experience with this?


Regret Breaking Up With Her Months Later Conclusion

Regret breaking up with her months later conclusion

Regret breaking up with her months later conclusion. As humans, we make mistakes that we can’t even explain. One of those mistakes is abruptly ending a good relationship over a few flaws. Remember that domestic violence, abuse, and events that affect your mental health are simply out of the options.


However, breaking up without tangible reasons can make you regret breaking up or developing feelings after a breakup.


But the fact that you want them back doesn’t mean they want you back too at this point. It’s a 50/50 chance that they still have feelings for you.


Regret breaking up with her months later conclusion. Meanwhile, you have to prepare your mind that they might have moved on. Pressuring them into coming back into your life may complicate matters.


As I said at the beginning, we are here to help. If you are still unsure about whether or not it’s possible to get your ex back or how you should go about doing it, just reach out. It would be our pleasure to help you navigate these waters and find ultimate happiness!

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