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Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 Miss Date Doctor

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 Miss Date Doctor


Relationship counselling in Barbican City London EC1 EC2 1

City Point

1 Ropemaker Street, London,


Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. When a couple is having trouble in their relationship, they can spend years trying to figure out what’s causing the problem, with no luck. Couples counselling can help to strengthen relationships when done appropriately. However, as our professional advisor cautions, be careful what you wish for.

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 for couples isn’t difficult. Essentially, it’s a type of talk therapy in which two people meet with a counsellor to discuss how they relate to one another.

It’s usually for two people who are in a romantic connection. However, any two people who wish to strengthen their relationship, such as two family members or two business partners, can use it.

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 exists to help you see clearly what is going on in your relationship right now, to be clear about what you want to change, and to help you bridge the gap.

Because there are three individuals in the room, it differs from one-on-one counselling in terms of dynamics, but it shares the same values: confidentiality, adherence to a code of ethics, and a focus on you and your needs. What it isn’t about are the counsellor’s opinions or intended results.

What does couple counselling entail?

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 allows you to get new insights into each other and your relationship, as well as learn new ways to be together. Couples counselling includes “skills training” to assist you do something different, as well as helping you and your partner analyse your feelings and thoughts. It has an appreciative focus as well as an exploration of challenges, so be ready to remember what you love and appreciate about your partner and to look at them with compassionate eyes.

What it isn’t capable of

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 for couples isn’t a cure-all. It necessitates a commitment to honesty, bravery, and humility. Couples frequently come to counselling blaming one another for their problems. (It’s not uncommon for couples to fight in front of the counsellor.)

Keep in mind that couple counsellors are not helpless. They’ll step in to keep the conversation focused on insight and action. This typically requires you and your spouse to let go of set perspectives and take a step back to observe the process of how you communicate.

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 is not a place to hide emotions; instead, it helps you decide what you are able and ready to change by exploring your feelings and finding new viewpoints.

Counsellors for couples may be able to help you. They may, for example, assist you in learning new ways to communicate, but they will not provide you with life advice or fix your problems. They aren’t there to take sides, either. Rather, they will assist you in being heard by both of you.

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 on the other hand, is not acceptable in abusive relationships. If an abuse dynamic is detected, your therapist will assist you in getting the care you need while keeping your safety in mind.

The most common issues

Communication problems are the most common problem. As everyone knows, it’s easy to fall into unproductive routines over time that cause us to lose track of what the other person is saying and become polarised in our own worldview.

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. Communication troubles, on the other hand, can be a contributing element or a reflection of a variety of concerns that couples bring into the room. These are some of them:



Concerns about trust


Concerns about money

Values and aims that differ

Various parenting approaches

Increased familial strife

Changes in your life (empty nest, grief, illness, etc.) Sexual problems

Issues with emotional closeness

having problems at work.

Gender roles that conflict

Politics or religion?

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. Your counsellor’s role is to assist you with going below and around these issues in order to figure out what’s going on for you both.

Beyond the issue at hand, you’re in the midst of a relationship-building process, and it’s only through investigating and expanding your interactions that you’ll be able to make a difference in how you resolve it.

Relationship counselling in Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. Your counsellor may be able to assist you in exploring different aspects of your compatibility as a couple, such as where you are similar and where you differ, and how you might come to appreciate and play to your strengths.

If you go to therapy on your own, you’ll learn a variety of things, including:

More effectively communicating your desires, needs, and difficulties

Recognize your partner’s emotions.

Dealing with negative feelings

Refraining from criticising or behaving violently toward your partner

Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. Individual consultation is often very beneficial, and the couple may be able to fix their problem after only a few sessions. If one partner in a relationship seeks treatment, it does not necessarily imply that they are the one with problems. Relationships are complex and dynamic. When one person changes, the other person’s behaviour may alter as well, which has the potential to establish meaningful partnerships.

The Miss Date Doctor, or MDD Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 tries to help couples improve their lives. They have several packages available, which you can learn more about at

Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. MDD offers a variety of services, ranging from coping with breakups to addressing financial troubles. MDD offers a programme for you, whether you’re married and constantly arguing with your partner or single and trying to get over your ex.

Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2. Some people don’t know what they’re going through and seek counselling; these people would benefit from the general packages, which range from one to eight sessions.

Relationship counselling in Barbican City London EC1 EC2 2

Others have identified their problem and only need assistance from their counsellor to solve it. Packages that address their specific problems will be beneficial to these people. Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 include:

Couples Trust Building and Communication Therapy Package

  • £400.00
  • Trust building
  • Pain point assessment
  • Relationship history analysation
  • Communication strengthening
  • Ascertain main problem areas
  • Closure on recurring arguments
  • Intervention and mediation
  • Emotional intelligence training
  • Love language assessment
  • Resolving fights
  • Private assessments with each individual
  • 3 couples therapy sessions

The lack of trust and communication in a relationship is addressed in this relationship counselling. The aforementioned bundle is a good choice for you if you have issues with trust or communication.

M.D.D is one of the fastest-growing relationship consulting organisations in London. To assist couples, they employ some of the most highly trained and experienced professionals in the area.

Richard Handerzon

The match with them was an excellent one. They were very much great people. They were very caring about my demands before the meeting. I was very pleased to work with them.

Hernaz Sirff
Highly recommended. Dating has been so tough in a pandemic world. I do feel safer using this service for dating.

Philippe Larfi
I’ve used them to meet single guys. It is really awesome and has matched me so far with one excellent person. Highly recommended.

Edith Morlec
I was finally decided to use them. They were very competent and courteous. They made the effort to solve my concerns. They also matched me with the great woman of my dreams.

Esther Attoun
They offer me everything. Then I decided to buy couples therapy for myself from here. They were lovely and very precious in analyzing issues.

Alexandre Sberna
They always listened and responded on time. They also improved every match. And finally, they matched me with what’s possibly my perfect match.

Kwabena Asare
Good value for time spent on the sessions which were really helpful. Learned new insights and was very engaging. Will recommend it to anyone in need of this.

marcus roper
We had 6 sessions and they really helped us a lot, sorted out a wealth of issues we had and we are now stronger than ever and communicate better

sam hancock
getting therapy with Nia was the best decision i’ve made in a long time — she is beyond caring and really helped me work through some issues.

Kivanc Elitok
fantastic service ive booked in 2 special packages with this company and i will definitely be booking my third

Josh Monteiro
Had Nia as a therapist, she was really helpful and was always there to help me, great service would recommend to anyone struggling

Nizam Shaikh
M.D.D Couples Therapy is excellent and very effective. They have a high standard of work and this honestly changed my wife and my relationship for the better.


Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 conclusion

Relationship counselling in Barbican City London EC1 EC2 3

Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 conclusion. We all bring a bag full of unspoken expectations into partnerships. Many of these expectations are so basic that they don’t need to be addressed up front, such as the desire not to be physically assaulted. In most circumstances, though, your expectations may be vastly different from those of your partner.

Our expectations are shaped by our individual experiences. For example, growing up in an abusive environment may lead you to assume that a high level of conflict is normal, yet this disagreement could be a deal-breaker for your spouse.

Many of us, too, are raised with gendered expectations. Many males are taught not to express their emotions, which is a harmful lesson that can lead to relationship failure. Women, on the other hand, may have had a vision of a chivalrous Prince Charming as a child, only to discover that a real relationship falls far short of their expectations.

Consultations function by assisting you in clarifying your goals. Your therapist will advise you to make a list of both your conscious and unconscious romantic wants.

You’ll then try to figure out which of these expectations are acceptable and which aren’t. For example, it is normal to expect your spouse to listen to your feelings, but it is unreasonable to require that your partner allow you to verbally chastise them.

You’ll start striving to help those expectations come true after you’ve clarified your expectations. For example, if you want your partner to have more sex with you, you may need to help them with family finances or duties. Your counsellor can help you develop ideas for meeting both of your needs in a healthy and mutually gratifying way, whether you work together or independently.

Relationship counselling Barbican, City, London, EC1, EC2 conclusion. Many couples mistakenly associate the term “intimacy” with sex, but the truth is that intimacy is a multifaceted phenomenon that necessitates proximity and transparency. It is critical to comprehend all forms of intimacy — physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, and even spiritual if you believe in a higher force — in order to have a good relationship.

Expectations play an equally vital role in intimacy. Every person has a distinct way of connecting with others. Others feel closest to their partner when they have lengthy, penetrating conversations or when they conduct everyday tasks together.

Your therapist will assist you in determining what you and your spouse require in order to improve intimacy and will then provide you with specific advice on how to move toward a model of intimacy that is beneficial to both of you.

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