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Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles, Miss Date Doctor

Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles, Miss Date Doctor

Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles 1


Suite 1800,

5670 Wilshire Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90036, United States


Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles. Relationship counselling isn’t complex. Essentially, it’s a specialised kind of talking therapy where two people sit down with a counsellor to talk about the way they are relating.


Typically, it’s for two people in a romantic relationship. However, it can also be used by any two people wanting to improve their relationships, such as two family members, or two business partners.


Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles exists to help you see clearly what is currently happening in your relationship, to be clear about what you would like to be different and to enable you to bridge the gap.


It’s dynamically different to one-to-one counselling because there are three people in the room, but it shares the same values: confidentiality, a code of ethics, and a focus on you and your needs. What it’s not about is the opinions or preferred outcomes of the counsellor.


During Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles, you gain new perspectives about each other and the way you relate, and you also learn new ways of being together.


Relationship counselling includes “skills work” to help you do something different, as well as helping you explore your feelings and thoughts with your partner. It has an appreciative focus as well as exploring difficulties, so be prepared to recall what you love and value about each other, and to look at your partner with kind eyes.


Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles isn’t a magic cure. It requires an investment of honesty, courage and humility. Often, couples come into counselling blaming one another for their difficulties. But of course relationship counselling will have it resolved in no time.



Relationship counselling Los Angeles

Relationship counselling Los Angeles. Making relationships work isn’t easy. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about two different people, with different life stories, coming together to build one future.


In the beginning, each partner strives to bring out the best version of himself/herself, in an attempt to create a good impression – this creates mutual attraction.


Relationship counselling Los Angeles. Over time, the context in which the two began their relationship can change. Maybe one of them loses his/her job or perhaps a baby is on the way.


In other words, every couple goes through challenges and new experiences that can reshape their future.


And, as we all know, change can unveil both the best and worst aspects of our inner self. I’m talking about the unseen dangers that can turn the person we love into a person we no longer recognise.


Relationship counselling Los Angeles should be taken into consideration from the moment the first signs of trouble appear. Because however small some problems might seem in the beginning, the heated arguments, and occasional misunderstandings can ‘tear down’ your relationship piece by piece.


One of the reasons why couples don’t consult a counsellor as often as they should is that they don’t see relationship problems as ‘real’ problems. Consequently, they fail to see the point of relationship counselling.


Relationship counselling Los Angeles. Even though experts in relationship problems are making an effort to move towards a more clinical model as a result of the increasing number of distressed couples many of us continue to view relationship issues as something that should only concern the partners.


All and all, the sooner you and your partner seek professional help, the better the chances of keeping your relationship alive and healthy.


What signs show that you need Relationship counselling Los Angeles?


  1. You have communication problems


‘Bad’ communication is one of the most common obstacles that distressed couples face. Sometimes, it almost feels like the two of you are speaking different languages. And once communication ‘breaks down’ other problems will follow.


  1. Arguments are a constant part of your routine as a couple


While occasional arguments can ‘recalibrate’ the relationship, constant arguing inflicts continuous damage to the relationship, often leading to contempt and stonewalling. When heated disputes become part of your routine, perhaps it’s time to consult a relationship counsellor.


  1. One of you no longer trusts the other


We all know that trust is difficult to gain and easy to lose. And once you betray your partner’s trust – or he/she betrays yours – winning it back can be extremely challenging. If you want to give each other a second chance, Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles is the best place to start.


  1. The same problems tend to surface whenever one of you complains


Sometimes, putting your relationship back on track means going against the dysfunctional patterns that have kept you going in circles for years. In such cases, a relationship counsellor can help you two explore these ‘toxic’ behavioural patterns and replace them with healthier ones.


  1. You no longer feel connected to each other


Some couples find it difficult to put their finger on the exact problem that is causing them distress. In other words, they feel lost and disconnected without knowing why. Luckily, the input of a relationship counsellor can help them gain insights into why their relationship doesn’t work like it used to.


How Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles Miss Date Doctor Works

Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles 2

In the beginning, relationship counsellors will seek to understand the initial problems being encountered.


Our counsellors ask questions and work in partnership with those involved to help either enhance their relationship or overcome the obstacles they are facing. Some of the initial questions may include:


  • What issues have you been experiencing?
  • How long have these issues been a problem in your relationship?
  • How have you tried to resolve these issues so far?
  • What do you want for your future relationship?


Initially, both people within the relationship will generally attend the session together. Then, each person may choose to see the counsellor individually later on.


  1. Change the views of the relationship


Through the therapy process, the psychologist/couples therapist will try to help both partners see the relationship more objectively. This includes learning to stop blaming each other for problems and viewing the problems in the relationship as something which involves both partners.


During counselling sessions, our counsellor will watch how both partners interact with each other and will look at what factors might influence the way the couples interact.


  1. Change dysfunctional behaviour


During relationship counselling, the therapist will try to change how both partners interact with each other. The therapist will also aim to ensure couples are not behaving in a way which may cause any type of harm to the relationship (e.g. psychological, physical or economic harm).


  1. Decrease emotional avoidance


If couples avoid effectively expressing their feelings they may put themselves at greater risk of becoming emotionally distant and growing apart.


During Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles, our counsellor will try to help the couple express the emotions and thoughts that they may be afraid of showing to their partner. In doing this, the couple may be able to become closer again.


  1. Improve communication


Communication is a vital part of a relationship and is especially important in the intimacy involved in relationships.


Relationship counselling tries to improve the communication within the relationship while making sure that, when expressing their feelings, couples are not abusive in any way and do not ridicule each other.


  1. Promoting strengths


As Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles is nearing an end, the therapist will point out the strengths of the relationship. The majority of therapy sessions focus on the problem areas of the relationship, which makes it easy to forget about the areas of the relationship in which the couple functions well.


Promoting the strengths of the relationship can help the couple see the enjoyment in their relationship and therefore not solely focus on the negative aspects of the time they spend together.


Benefits Of Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles Miss Date Doctor For Couples and Singles.


  1. It can help you clarify your feelings about your relationship


Relationships are challenging for everyone. One of the aspects that makes them confusing is sorting out how we feel about our partners.


Some couples come in knowing that they want to stay together and work on issues, but others come in confused about whether they want to stay in the relationship.


Having a set time and space each week for you and your partner to express your thoughts and feelings can help paint the path towards the direction you want to take.


During Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles, our counsellor will act as a guide through this process by shining a light on aspects of your relationship that you may not be seeing and providing an objective outside perspective.


  1. It can help resolve relationship roadblocks before they become impasses


Arguing can be an experience that either strengthens or weakens your relationship with your partner. Often people come for Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles because they’re struggling to address topics that have come up as their relationship has matured.


Having a forum to tackle these topics in a confidential setting can help to accelerate the growth of your relationship by highlighting and understanding both points of view and discovering if your values are aligned.


  1. It can deepen intimacy and connection


Perhaps you’re coming to therapy not because you argue too much but because you don’t argue at all. Perhaps you hardly talk about anything other than what you’re having for dinner or who’s picking up the kids.


You haven’t had sex in months, and staying late at the office seems more appealing than going home to spend time with your partner. The spark has fizzled out and you’re not sure if you can get it back.


Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles will teach you to bring that spark and heat things back up!


  1. It can help promote self-awareness and personal growth


Although the focus of the counselling will be on your relationship, how you relate to your partner might correlate with how you relate to other people, such as friends and coworkers.


It’s not only your primary relationship that can reap the benefits of Relationship counselling; the other areas of your life can be transformed as well.


Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles Conclusion

Relationship Counselling In Los Angeles 3

Relationship counselling in Los Angeles conclusion. Relationship counselling is not a place to avoid emotions; exploring your feelings and finding different perspectives helps you decide what you are able and willing to change.


Relationship counselling in Los Angeles conclusion. Importantly, Relationship counselling is not appropriate where a relationship is abusive. If an abuse dynamic is identified, your counsellor will help you with onwards referrals to get the help you need, with safety as a priority.

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