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Relationship counsellor London

Relationship counsellor London

Relationship counsellor London

Relationship counsellor London. Relationships are an integral part of our lives. Close relationships bring many rewards but they are also challenging. Being intimate with another person requires vulnerability and getting your needs met while also meeting your partner’s needs is difficult.


Spending a lot of time with your partner means there is a lot of opportunity for conflict! All relationships face challenges. How we deal with these challenges is important and plays a significant role in how we experience close personal relationships and in how we resolve conflicts when they arise.


To find and to share meaningful, intimate relationships is not easy, it involves the ability to experience deep concern, responsibility, respect and understanding for another person, together with an intense desire for that person’s growth.


Relationship Counsellor London seeks to explore what it is that you search for from your intimate or close bonds and, if you are troubled by problems in current relationships, what lies beneath the issues or difficulties.


You may want to work on relationships with parents, other family members, friends, people you are dating, people you live with, or people you have intimate relationships with or are married or partnered with.


These relationships may all, in their way, legitimately be extremely important in our lives, because there is a fundamental human need to be loved in all the varieties and forms that take –  like wanting to be admired, noticed, valued, understood, appreciated or recognised by others.


When it comes to intimate relationships and to searching for a partner, people tend to think they need to identify and meet the ‘right person’ based on those criteria that they decide are important for them.


People rarely think that, first of all, they need to become the right person, to be ready to enter into a loving, intimate relationship and, above all, to be able to cultivate and sustain it over time.


Often people unconsciously persist in seeking the love they never fully received as a child from their father and/or mother, either in their adult relationships; in their careers or through their relationships with friends, co-workers or even their children.


Sometimes they very subtly sabotage relationships or they run at the first appearance of intimacy, being afraid to love or not feeling worthy of being loved.


Any difficulties you experience with relationships in the present day (including the difficulty of not having a relationship) will likely be heightened by behaviour patterns with deep roots in your history.


A therapeutic relationship – the relationship between an individual client and a relationship counsellor London – seeks to be an accepting, supportive, attuned, nurturing, caring, consistent relationship from which you will find that you draw sustenance, self-esteem and strength.


It can provide the encouragement, warmth and compassion needed to help you accept your past without destructive embitterment and to learn or re-learn to give real love to yourself and others now.

Is it worth going to relationship counselling

Is it worth going to relationship counselling

Is it worth going to relationship counselling? Couples counselling isn’t complex. Essentially, it’s a specialised kind of talking therapy where two people sit down with a counsellor to talk about the way they are relating. Typically, it’s for two people in a romantic relationship. However, it can also be used by any two people wanting to improve their relationships, such as two family members, or two business partners.


Relationship Counsellors London are there to help you see clearly what is currently happening in your relationship, to be clear about what you would like to be different and to enable you to bridge the gap.


It’s dynamically different to one-to-one counselling because there are three people in the room, but it shares the same values: confidentiality, a code of ethics, and a focus on you and your needs. What it’s not about is the opinions or preferred outcomes of the counsellor.


What does it do?


In couples counselling, you gain new perspectives about each other and the way you relate, and you also learn new ways of being together. Couples counselling includes “skills work” to help you do something different, as well as helping you explore your feelings and thoughts with your partner.

It has an appreciative focus as well as exploring difficulties, so be prepared to recall what you love and value about each other, and to look at your partner with kind eyes.


What it doesn’t do

Couples counselling isn’t a magic cure. It requires an investment of honesty, courage and humility. Often, couples come into counselling blaming one another for their difficulties. (It’s not unusual for couples to start arguing in front of the Relationship Counsellor London.)


Remember, couples counsellors are not passive. They will intervene to focus the session on insight and action. For you and your partner, this often involves letting go of fixed perspectives and stepping back to see the process of how you interact. Remember, couples counselling is not a place to avoid emotions; exploring your feelings and finding different perspectives helps you decide what you are able and willing to change.


Relationship Counsellors London may well provide you with coaching. For example, they may help you learn to communicate differently, but what they will not do is give advice about life issues, or solve your problems. They are also not there to take sides. Rather, they will help you both to be heard.


Is it worth going to couples counselling? Know this, couples counselling is not appropriate when a relationship is abusive. If an abuse dynamic is identified, your counsellor will help you with onward referrals to get the help you need, with safety as a priority.


The common problems

The most common issue is difficulties in communicating. As everybody knows, it’s easy over time to fall into unhelpful habits that mean we no longer hear what the other person is saying, and we become polarised in our view of the world. That said, communication challenges can be a contributing factor decider based on a reflection of several issues couples bring into the room. These include:

  • Affairs
  • Betrayal
  • Issues of trust
  • Jealousy
  • Financial issues
  • Differing values and goals
  • Differing parenting styles
  • Wider family conflicts
  • Life changes (empty nest, bereavement, illness, etc.)
  • Sexual issues
  • Emotional intimacy issues
  • Work-related difficulties
  • Gender role conflict
  • Religion or politics


The job of your relationship counsellor London is to help you get underneath and around these problems to work out what it is that’s happening for you both. Beyond the issue in hand, you are in a process of relating with each other, and it is in exploring and evolving the way you interact that you can bring a difference to the way you resolve that issue.


Your relationship counsellor London may help you explore different dimensions of your fit as a couple, looking at where you are similar, where you differ, and how you can come to play to strengths and appreciate your differences.


Examining your relationship


It may be useful to pay attention to different aspects of your relationship. For example, you can focus on:


  • How you view the level of commitment to each other
  • How you communicate
  • How you connect and play together
  • How you compromise
  • How you resolve disputes
  • How you nurture and care for yourselves and each other
  • How you grow together


The overall process of couples counselling can be described as one of expression, joint discovery, sense-making and action-planning. The ideal outcome from counselling would be that you are equipped to do this together for yourselves in the future.


Sometimes, however, as a result of couples counselling, clients come to a decision to end their relationship. Relationship Counsellor London can help fulfil a role in helping the couple to end well, and to take care of issues that are important to you (for example, caring for children) in a mutually respectful and beneficial way.


It’s not all about you


Sometimes we can pull the wool over our own eyes, not wanting to really acknowledge what is happening. In couples counselling, it’s hard to deceive yourself or the counsellor because not only is the way you relate there in the room being observed, but your partner may also say what they think and feel, shining a light into areas you find uncomfortable.


Couples counselling tends to progress more quickly than one-to-one work. It also tends to be more dynamic and challenging. My advice is, to begin with, the end in mind. If you have a good, strong reason for being in counselling then you are more likely to be open to exploring.


What happens in a couples counselling session?

In your first couples counselling session, your therapist is going to want to work with you to build an understanding of how you have arrived at this point.


This involves asking questions about your relationship including how it began, how it has developed, and how you experience it now. It will also involve asking briefly about your wider families, your history of relationships before this current one, and getting a sense of the context in which you both live


For example, the Relationship Counsellor London may ask about your support network, work, religion, age, education, culture and other factors. These may seem tangential issues, but they could be illuminating in understanding the differences between you and your partner, and in helping you understand the wider framework in which your difficulties sit.


Once you have shared your history, the key task of therapy is to agree on clear outcomes you both want to work towards. Your relationship counsellor London is there to help you agree on mutual goals, and their contract with you is to support you in achieving them.


Goals provide a focus and a way of recognising and measuring progress. Outcomes do evolve as therapy progresses, but having a sense of where you are going can help give a structure and a purpose to your work.


Depending on the issue, ongoing sessions are likely to involve:


  • What works in the relationship
  • The ways you appreciate each other
  • Having equal space to express your thoughts and feelings
  • How the past is impacting the present
  • Contextual factors (family, faith, lifestyle, culture, etc.)
  • What you’d like to commit to, not how you want your partner to change
  • Learning new ways to communicate and navigate conflict
  • Caring for yourself and each other


This is an ideal list. One size does not fit all, and the job of your counsellor is to make sure that your specific needs are recognised and met. Also, try to bear in mind that needs and wants are not always the same thing!


Sensitive subjects

Expect couples counselling sessions to be uncomfortable, and to go to places you may rather avoid. You are likely to be asked about sex because it’s one of the places in a relationship that wider difficulties tend to be starkly reflected. Your counsellor will be seeking to make sure there are no “no-go” areas, and that you can safely bring up whatever you need to.


Like any therapy, the real work of a Relationship Counsellor London happens outside the room. Your counsellor is likely to give you exercises to go away and do, together or individually, between sessions.


If you take time to reflect between sessions and come up with a view about how you can positively build on the progress made and overcome the challenges revealed so far, you are much more likely to move forward as a couple. Seeing the therapy itself as “the answer”, on the basis of an hour a week of work, is not likely to be successful.


Be mindful of what you think you want

When both you and your partner are still invested in the relationship, couples counselling can be very effective. However, be aware that it will have effects.


Having a third person observe and reflect back on the dynamic of your relating to your partner changes things, and you can’t unlearn the things that you learn about yourself, or each other.


Things can often get worse before they get better. This is particularly evident in the couple’s work. Be clear what it is you both want from couples counselling before you go, and focus on what matters most to you.


Communication breakdowns

Conflict is so often viewed as bad, and yet differences of opinions and emotions laid bare are the places where mutual understanding and growth can emerge.


Your Relationship Counsellor London is there to help you create a space where you can both speak freely, without being interrupted. What you say and what you hear may be challenging, but avoiding what is happening and what either of you feels will get you nowhere fast. Again, remember that communication difficulties are a very common part of a couple’s work.


It’s easy to judge ourselves by our intention, and others by their impact. When someone speaks, we process what they say through our own “filters” which have been constructed from our attitudes, beliefs, values and context.


We don’t hear what they mean, we hear what it means to us. Peeling back and exploring these aspects of ourselves is a key part of the couple’s work. Once you understand how you hear what you hear, you will be open to changing the way you listen.


Finally, it’s important to know that couples counselling is not able to solve deep individual issues that are impacting the relationship. Sometimes it is useful to pause or end the couples counselling to give one or both partners time to have individual support.


Above all, you must keep in mind that if your primary goal is to change your partner then couples counselling may not be for you. You will be encouraged to take responsibility for expressing your wants and needs, but that does not mean they will always be met.

The relationship counsellor London is there to help you both express yourselves openly and respectfully. They are not an arbitrator or mediator. Being open to changing yourself is key to a successful couple’s work.

How much does it cost to see a counsellor UK?

How much does it cost to see a counsellor

How much does it cost to see a counsellor UK?. At M.D.D, the packages determine how much you’ll pay to see a relationship counsellor. Since we have an encompassing range of services, you are in luck!. You may only have to speak with a consultant to know which of our relationship packages to take on. I’ll list some below to give you a clear view of what I’m talking about.




£ 300.00 / 7 DAYS


Just argued with your girlfriend or boyfriend wanting to sort it out? Need assistance? An M.D.D  date coach will call both of you once a day for 30minutes for one week and meditate on your behalf and do a session together at the end of the week to help you both see the other person’s point of view. (This package is only for couples who have a problem and both parties want to resolve the issue)




£ 350.00

  • Couples therapy
  • Discuss the future
  • Discuss needs
  • Marriage and communication discussion
  • Marriage prep consultation
  • 4 sessions
  • 1-hour x 4




£ 380.00

  • Establish why the relationship is not progressing
  • Talk through issues
  • Pinpoint why the relationship is not progressing
  • Ascertain areas needing improvement
  • Talk through emotional challenges
  • Relationship advice
  • Couples therapy
  • This package is for long-term relationships that have reached a standstill
  • Assessment with each partner
  • 3 x 1-hour couple sessions = 2 individual sessions




£ 400.00

  • Discuss the issues
  • Couples therapy
  • Rebuild the trust
  • Speak to both parties separately
  • 3 couples sessions together
  • Analyse the cheating issue
  • Implement the resolution and move forward
  • Relationship training programme
  • Communication exercise
  • Trust rebuild and transparency implementation for future issues
  • 1-hour x 3


How much does it cost to see a relationship counsellor UK. Like we’ll always say, happiness is priceless so if we have to pay hard currency to save our beautiful relationship we should be willing to do so.

Can you see a relationship counsellor on your own?

Can you see a relationship counsellor on your own

Can you see a relationship counsellor on your own? Relationship counselling (also known as couples counselling) is an effective form of talking therapy. Sessions take place in a safe space and look to improve communication and resolve issues within an intimate relationship.


In contrast to counselling for relationship problems, which can be undertaken solely through individual sessions, couples counselling is a term applied to talking therapy for two people within a relationship.


You can also see a relationship counsellor on your own for individual counselling but having your partner go through this process with you would be more effective because one of the most common issues in a relationship is communication and understanding which working on it all by yourself will not produce the desired result.


Two people must be committed to resolving an issue before it can happen. The relationship counsellor London is not a magician, and to avoid waste of time and resources I’ll advise you to go with your partner


Remember, a romantic relationship is one of the closest forms of relationship that we have. Choosing a partner and staying together through life’s ups and downs is rarely simple – if you choose to then get married, buy a home or start a family together, well, this only adds to the complexity.


Very few relationships exist conflict-free – whether it’s the odd disagreement, repeatedly arguing or you’ve lost the fun element in your relationship – it’s natural to start to question its longevity. When this (one of our most important relationships) begins to falter, our health and happiness can also suffer.


For many of us, our first instinct is to try and work through the problems alone, but it can be incredibly helpful to seek outside support, whether that be through friends and family, or even a professional.


Can you see a relationship counsellor on your own? If you’re single, the idea of going to Relationship Counselling might seem a bit inappropriate. You’re not alone. Lots of people think that relationship counselling is all about couples and isn’t relevant if you don’t have a partner.


Not true. At M.D.D we work with lots of individuals of all ages and gender. If you want to look at your relationship patterns to start making changes within yourself and look at the kind of people you choose to have relationships with, we can help.


There are lots of reasons why you might think about coming along to counselling if you’re single. Here are some of the most common.


After a breakup

At the end of a relationship – whether you’re the one who ended it or not – it can feel like you’re stuck in a pit of difficult emotions with no one to turn to.


You might be struggling to cope with feelings of sadness, loss, guilt or anger and they, in turn, can hurt your self-esteem and confidence.


Whether it’s a recent breakup or you’re having trouble getting over someone you broke up with a while ago, having someone you can talk to openly and confidentially can help.


relationship counsellor London is like your very own private support network. They’re there to help you process what you’re feeling, reflect on what happened and support you to move on.


Breaking negative patterns


If you feel that you keep dating the same sort of people over and over or somehow your relationships all seem to follow a similar unhealthy pattern, working with a Relate Counsellor can help you to become more aware of the choices you’re making.


By exploring your past relationships and looking into your family history, you can start to take control of your life and make better and more conscious choices for your future relationships.


Help ‘getting back out there

Working out what you’re looking for in a potential partner and what kind of relationship you feel comfortable with can feel overwhelming especially if you’ve been single for some time. Fear of rejection or judgement or issues surrounding self-confidence could be holding you back.


Spending some time working with a counsellor can help you figure out your values and ‘deal breakers’ so you can recognise who might be a good partner for you.


You also can look at if anything is holding you back in terms of the ‘stories you tell yourself. We often convince ourselves of certain things about relationships and what they mean. Counselling can help challenge any limiting beliefs you may be subconsciously holding onto.


Getting to know yourself

Working with a relationship counsellor London can help you develop a better relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you can have in life, first and foremost, is always going to be the one you have with yourself. If you don’t know how to be honest and kind to yourself, how can you expect to have a good relationship with someone else?


Learning to take responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and actions can be hard and counselling can help you to work on your boundaries. Becoming more aware of what you’re ok and not ok with, learning to be more assertive and being able to make choices that keep you in a space where you feel safe and happy are all important.


Doing these things means you’ll be better equipped to enter your next relationship as well as better able to appreciate and respect the differences between yourself and your partner.


How can M.D.D  help?

If you need help figuring out whether counselling is for you, we can help. Find out more about Relationship Counselling. Contact M.D.D Consultancy or visit our office closest to you.

What is the point of relationship counselling?

What is the point of relationship counselling

What is the point of relationship counselling? When we’ve been in a relationship or marriage for a long time, it can be easy to fall into a trap of not listening to the other person, or not communicating our needs.


Sometimes talking to someone objectively, with no connection to yourself or your partner, is all it takes for you to gain perspective. What couples counselling offers is the chance to speak to someone with no preconceived notions of who you are as a couple, with the expertise of skilled training behind them to guide you through your concerns.


What is the point of relationship counselling? The overall aim of couples counselling is to help you do the following:


  • Understand how external factors such as family values, religion, lifestyle and culture affect your relationship.
  • Reflect on the past and how it operates in the present.
  • Communicate more constructively.
  • Learn why arguments escalate.
  • Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible.


As your counselling sessions progress, you and your partner may find a way of overcoming your problems or decide it’s time to part ways. Either way, counselling will offer you the space to grow and ultimately, decide what you would like the future to hold for both of you.


There is an endless variety of situations that people bring to one-to-one relationship counselling. For example, people are helped:


  1. To get closer to a partner after many years of marriage or partnership, where the relationship has become stale or the surrounding circumstances of life are just very different from when the couple first met.
  2. To deal with difficulties and conflicts that arise as a relationship deepens or when children arrive.
  3. To maintain a ‘good enough’ relationship with an ex-partner where there are children in common who still need to be raised, looked after and co-parented.
  4. To form the confidence and clarity of mind needed to get into a first serious relationship at, say,  age 45.
  5. To have self-confidence and clarity to be able to leave a relationship.
  6. To re-establish a warm, affectionate relationship with a sibling, close relation or friend.

Best relationship counselling London

Best relationship counselling London

Best relationship counselling London. There are so many relationship counsellors in London who tackle relationship issues. But I’ll tell you the best relationship counsellors you can get in London and where to get them. Miss Date Doctor is a great dating consultancy that deals with a wide range of issues which includes; dating issues, relationship issues, mental health and life issues.


Your journey to finding happiness is paramount to us and in regards to that, we have professional relationship counsellors ready to proffer solutions to whatever relationship related issues you may have. This platform is dedicated to addressing the problems people face when searching for or trying to sustain or revive the love in their relationship.


Best relationship counselling London Working on your relationship with your partner in couples therapy with one of our proficient trained team members can help eliminate problem areas, improve communication and resolve repetitive conflict and family issues. Are you new to M.D.D? Or are you seeking to know what package to take on?


We offer a free couples therapy consultation today. Couples find regular therapy sessions help them maintain and enhance their healthy relationships. Together in couples therapy, they learn how to work through disagreements and other relationship issues, improve their emotional and physical intimacy, and understand one another on a deeper level


The M.D.D was awarded The best relationship advisory platform at the prestige awards 2020/2021 for the exemplary service provided by our representatives. The No1 Couples Therapist in London


There are special packages provided that will cater to whatever relationship issues you may be having. We offer dating coaching, relationship coaching and psychotherapy for men and women, offering 24-hour support daily.

Consultation free relationship counselling

Consultation free relationship counselling

Consultation free relationship counselling. Have you struggled with your relationships and wondered how you could improve them? Counselling is the best way to do so.


There are plenty of consultation free relationship counselling services available that you can consider. M.D.D. is considered among the top counselling brands where you will get 30 mins free consultation services, during which period our experts assess your needs and requirements. After which, you will be booked for counselling, and then the counselling process will start.


Book your free consultation today with one of our qualified accredited dating coaches, dating confidence coaches, top relationship coaches, life coaches or counsellors.

Relationship Counselling North London

Relationship counselling north London

Relationship counselling north London. Although often distressing, problems in intimate relationships are normal.


Most people start to feel anxious and fearful when they experience their partners as too distant, having lost connection, understanding and communication. Once problems are being discussed in a never-ending negative loop, we quickly and naturally become exhausted, defensive and agitated.


Here at M.D.D, Couples counselling or couples therapy can quickly diffuse tension and conflict, paving the way towards more positive and productive communication. Encouraging couples to listen differently and be open to learning something new builds confidence for closeness and connection.


Strengthening relationships and promoting the intimacy sought by so many.  We truly thrive when we feel a sense of loving attachment as well as a sense of individuality and freedom.


If we can view a repetitive problem differently, our success at resolving the issue increases dramatically, but often at times of stress, we can find ourselves ill-equipped to reflect on what has happened and find positive ways forward.


If, ultimately, couples choose to separate, time can be spent making sure that emotions are calmed and that certain practicalities, such as the welfare of children, can be thoughtfully dealt with.


It is important to know that I often meet one partner for some sessions before the other joins us. This proves positive for both as long as things are calm enough and both feel clear about the process.


As well as being a specialist in relationships and sex, I am also experienced more generally, offering a compassionate and thoughtful space to reflect on issues such as:


Anxiety, depression, intrusive thinking, social difficulties and dating, loneliness and loss.


With relationship counselling north London, I view a crisis or difficulty as an opportunity to take stock, gain clarity and invite change. Because our lives and relationships will change, it is how we meet these situations that becomes crucial to our long-term happiness.


Although this may seem daunting, even frightening, the reward for our courage will be an expanded understanding of ourselves and others.

Relationship Counselling UK

Relationship counselling UK

Relationship counselling UK. Couples Counselling seeks to untangle the cause of the problem and find the roots to both sides’ concerns, issues or dissatisfactions with the relationship and their position in it.


When clients come to couples counselling they are often thinking about ‘their side of the story’ and want someone to see ‘their’ issues within the relationship.


However, the couple’s counsellor will encourage both parties to see that it is the ‘relationship’ that is the ‘client’ and that you are all there to help it.

  • Are you struggling to get your needs met in your relationship?
  • Do you keep getting into the same arguments with your partner?
  • Are issues from past relationships causing difficulties in your present one?
  • Do you feel like you are speaking different languages and unable to communicate successfully?


When should you come to talk to a Relationship Counsellor London?

Couples often think that counselling is a last resort when things are so bad that it’s ‘make or break time’ in the relationship. However, there are many reasons to consider talking with a couples counsellor well before you reach crisis point:


Negotiating difficult situations that arise:

Many situations can arise during a relationship, some happen as a result of an unforeseen event, for example, an elderly relative needs caring for and the only option is for that care to be given by one or both of you perhaps in the family home.

This can create stress and resentment in the relationship and lead to tensions that would not have arisen otherwise. Or perhaps one of you has a life-changing event that then puts a strain on the relationship.


Difficulties in discussing sensitive subjects:

Those subjects can be anything, sex-related issues, fertility issues, differences in parenting styles etc.


Power struggles, controlling behaviour and insecurities:

Inevitably relationships can have friction and tensions that can arise from one or both parties trying to assert themselves. Sometimes it is just the perception that someone is trying to control or it could be that there is a form of manipulation going on.


Couples Counselling, how to find the right person to work with

Research shows again and again that the effectiveness of the therapy or counselling is affected by the relationship you have with your therapist or counsellor, this is especially important in couples counselling.


It is therefore important that you find someone with whom you both feel comfortable and with whom you can build a trusting relationship. To reduce your stress of searching for a relationship counsellor I recommend you visit our website, Miss Date Doctor to speak with a consultant.


But there’s also the option for couples to talk to a therapist without even leaving their home; sitting on their sofa and with their counsellor on a laptop screen in front of them.


The coronavirus pandemic has meant an increasing number of couples who are going through relationship or marriage counselling are now having relationship counselling UK online.


It may be that couples don’t have the support they normally have. They’re separated from the outside world, their friends and their family.


They’re having to work as a team and wear many hats: employee, partner, parent, lover. It can mean one partner doesn’t know what hat the other one is wearing. It’s a complicated situation and people are having to work out a new way of living. Some couples might need that extra bit of help.


The first place to look for a relationship counsellor is our Therapist directory, where you can search for registered counsellors who specialise in relationships or marriage counselling and who also work online.


But how does having online relationship counselling differ from face to face therapy?


Getting set up

Once you’ve found a counsellor, they’ll go through an assessment with you, says Armele, and you can decide if you want to go ahead. That’s the same as in face to face counselling.


But then you need to figure out where your sessions will take place. Where in your house is it comfortable and confidential to have these conversations?


You need to find somewhere where you can’t be overheard, which might be hard if you have children or other family members around the house.


Most people use their laptops to speak to their counsellor, but you can use most smartphones as well. It’s worth making sure you have a set-up you feel comfortable with, and that your microphone, camera and headphones or speakers work properly.


Think about the technology beforehand, Check you can hear and be heard OK. Sit in front of the webcam. You might want to prop it up, adjust where you sit, perhaps a bit further back. Find out what position works best for you.”


Before and after your session

If you’re not travelling to see your therapist, how do you make that distinction between your home life and your counselling appointment?


Think about the space you’re in – and the transitions between your everyday life and the therapy session.


I recommend going for a walk before or after your session, or making a point of moving into a different room to speak to your therapist. If you’re using a laptop, switch it off when you finish and put it away to define the end of your session.


These little physical actions can help the separation between therapy and home, just like people try to separate work from home and their family life.


In some ways, it can be great for couples to have their counselling in the very space where they are also having the problems they need to talk about.

Couples therapy London prices

Couples therapy London prices 1

Couples therapy London prices. Our therapy prices vary with the package which ranges from £ 50 to over £ 500. Some of them are listed below



£ 95.00


Discuss issues

Resolve the problem

One hour session

Talk to the coach

Gain guidance and meditate the discussion

Relationship advice




£ 555.00

  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Conflict analysation
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Introspection tests and history analysis
  • Recognise perceptions,values,core principles
  • Couples therapy exercises and training
  • Guidance, directional tasks and mediation process
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me




£ 300.00 / 7 DAYS

Just had an argument with your girlfriend or boyfriend wanting to sort it out? Need assistance?


An M.D.D  date coach will call both of you once a day for 30minutes for one week and meditate on your behalf and do a session together at the end of the week to help you both see the other person’s point of view. (This package is only for couples who have a problem and both parties want to resolve the issue)



£ 400.00

  • Discuss the issues
  • Couples therapy
  • Rebuild the trust
  • Speak to both parties separately
  • 3 couples sessions together
  • Analyse the cheating issue
  • Implement the resolution and move forward
  • Relationship training programme
  • Communication exercise
  • Trust rebuild and transparency implementation for future issues

1-hour x 3

You will find more couple therapy London prices on our website

Couples therapy London M.D.D services

Couples therapy London M.D.D services

Couples therapy London M.D.D services. Without contest, M.D.D is arguably one of the best dating/relationship consultancy in London.

Couples therapy London offers some of the most professional and helpful therapists lined up for couples who are in dire need of saving their commitment, improving communication and understanding it is imperative to create an environment where each partner feels free to express their needs.

Anyone can benefit from our professional relationship therapists who know how to provide for our clients and create a bespoke couples therapy package for each couple’s needs.

We offer services no relationship firm offers in the UK and our therapy sessions cover;

  • I.P.


There are also special couple’s therapy packages which include;



£ 240.00


  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Introspection of each partners viewpoint
  • Communication and understanding analysis
  • Meditation on pain points
  • Addressing core issues
  • The teaching of basic relationship principles
  • D.D couples therapy training
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • pandemic discount code applied SPECIAL OFFER

Normally £285



£ 555.00


  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Conflict analysation
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Introspection tests and history analysis
  • Recognize perceptions ,values,core principles
  • Couples therapy exercises and training
  • Guidance, directional tasks, and mediation process
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me




£ 735.00


  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Gottman method
  • Insight gaining therapy
  • Communication counselling
  • Positive psychology couples therapy
  • Couples therapy effective communication exercises
  • Homework and couples therapy implementation tasks
  • Attachment therapy
  • Resolve serious conflicts
  • Improve trust and honesty
  • Address core issues
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me


Some of the more common benefits of Couples Therapy M.D.D services include:

  • Improving communication skills between two people
  • Discovering the root causes of major points of conflicts
  • Creating better understanding
  • Encouraging better acceptance of one another
  • Providing the opportunity to increase shared support
  • Restoring emotional and physical intimacy
  • Decreasing emotional detachment or avoidance
  • Restoring emotional strength and building relationship resilience
  • Restoring lost trust between a couple
  • Providing a secure environment and opportunity to heal


A Relationship Counsellor London has the capacity to resolve new conflicts, as well as deep-rooted, long-standing ones.

Couples Therapy is considerably challenging for both the counsellor and the couple as it requires time and effort.

Relationship counsellor London conclusion

Relationship counsellor London conclusion

Relationship counsellor London conclusion. As a couple, we bring our individual experiences of childhood and our parents’ relationship to our intimate partnerships. Pressures of work, family, money and health can also take their toll.

In couples counselling, it can be helpful to talk to someone together about what is not working between the couple and it can be easier to hear each other in the presence of a witness.


Our Relationship Counsellor London will also help you find ways of communicating more effectively and resolving conflict.


It is unrealistic to think that, as a couple in a marriage or life partnership, you can avoid conflict altogether. This may involve renegotiating your relationship and helping you to build a more realistic and deeper partnership.


Relationship Counsellor London conclusion gives us insights on issues that are often worked through in couples counselling including affairs, separation, divorce, conflict, sex or lack of, money and self-esteem. Learning to manage and respect your differences is also an important part of a couple’s work.


It may be that you concluded that you can no longer be together. Couples counselling can help in creating a positive “ending” for the relationship.

M.D.D provides a platform

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