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Smile Dating Test

Smile Dating Test

Smile Dating Test

Smile Dating Test. For some people, it is safe to say that smiling has become an integral part of their lives so much that some people don’t even think much of it all. For most people, the expression comes almost voluntarily, especially when they are trying to be polite or even appear to be confident in certain situations. For other people, smiling comes as a natural response to certain situations, especially one of immense joy and happiness.

Thinking back, there must have been some instances in your life when you have just admired someone because of how beautiful you thought their smile was. It could also be that you simply wished to be closer to a person because their smile made them look very friendly and easy to talk to.

it could have also come from the perspective of you thinking that someone was unfriendly because of their inability to give off a friendly smile. But what if, just what if, smiling was actually a very underutilized expression? What if there was a way to make the whole dating process very easy by just analyzing the way that people smile?

It sounds like something you would read in a fantasy novel but just close your eyes and imagine all of the possibilities of the dating world as a whole if such a thing were possible in the first place. Close your eyes and imagine a world where it was possible to determine the dating personality of an individual by just analyzing the way they smile, a world where it were possible possible to gauge who your potential match could be just from the way they smile. Would be amazing, right? Well, imagine no more for it is very much reality. There is actually a way that this can be done and no it is not just fantasy or something that someone made up.

Have you ever heard of the smile dating test? Or it could be that you have heard about it but have not gotten to trying it for yourself and you have always wondered about it.

One thing for sure is that if you have a thing for watching online videos especially, watching TikTok videos, then no doubt that the chances that you would have come across the smile dating test are high. Well basically, the smile dating test comes in a quiz format and in short, the main aim of the smile dating test is for you to learn more about yourself and more about your dating style.

The next thing that may be running through your mind is whether the smile dating test can make sense for it to be highly subjective. In short, if you have been looking for a way to figure out what your exact dating personality and style is, then it may not be too bad of an idea to try out the smile dating test. That way, you can experience things for yourself and settle on your own thoughts about the test.

However, if you wish to know more in order to make your decision about the smile dating test, then keep reading because more information about the smile dating test will be talked about in the course of this article.

What is the Smile Dating Test?

What is the Smile Dating Test?

Now that you may now have some sort of understanding of what the smile dating test is all about, the next question that may be going through your mind is what is the smile dating test exactly? I hope you don’t hate quizzes. For in fact, the smile dating test is presented in a quiz format.

In short, the smile dating test is an online quiz that uses smileys to symbolize several MBTI lover personalities to help people identify their relationship type. Also, it has been established that there are 12 questions in the quiz, and each one has a smiling face corresponding to a different personality characteristic or action.

Incase you are wondering what the MBTI lover personalities are, basically in Korea, it stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is basically a type of personality indicator and it is very common among the young people in Korea as they use it as a means of figuring out more about other people and in turn, use the personality indicator to form new relationships.

At this point, it can be agreed upon that the section of the population that will be very much invested in the smile dating test contains the majority of the people that are in the dating world and hoping to build strong and healthy romantic relationships.

So, to summarize the question that you may have had, what is the smile dating test? Always look at it from this aspect. The smile dating test is a tool that functions to enable people to get an understanding of their dating preferences and style as well as suggestions for compatible personality types. The questionnaire intends to be a playful and enjoyable way to discover more about oneself and one’s dating philosophy.

Is the Smile Dating Test Accurate?

Is the Smile Dating Test Accurate?

Like it was mentioned earlier, using the smile dating test might be an entirely subjective experience and to be able to get the full experience from this test, it may be a good idea to test it out for yourself and come down with your own judgments.

However, at this point, the main bone of contention is, is the smile dating test accurate? And choosing to use the numerous reviews from past users of the test, it is safe to say that although the smile date test was sprung up from a TikTok trend, it is pretty accurate and gives one insights of what it is they actually want from a romantic relationship. It can also give a person insights as to how their own unique personality affects their experience in the dating world.

If you intend on using the smile dating test, then another important thing about the smile dating test is that it is a viral test that includes 16 colored smileys.

The colors of these smiley faces include:

  • rose red,
  • grey
  • khaki
  • beige

Basically, each of the colors represent a particular personality trait and this is only revealed to the test takers after they have submitted their answers to the various questions of the smile dating test. It is a romantic quiz that consists of  questions that aim to determine your personality type with smiley faces.

So, to question, is the smile dating test accurate?, then yes it is going by the numerous reviews online. However, like it was mentioned earlier, it might end up to be highly subjective so trying it out for yourself would give you the best answer to this question.

Smile Dating Test Ktestone

Smile Dating Test Ktestone

Basically, the smile saying test was developed by Ktestone and if by any chance, you wish to use this test, then all that you have to do is to go on their website and the test would be made available for you.

Smile dating test ktestone is a Korean website and they are responsible for the creation of the smile dating test which is now the new rave all over the internet. To be honest, if you are just hearing about it, then you are definitely very late to the party.

If you wish to take the test, here are the steps that you have to follow.

  • The first thing that you would need to do is to log on to the website page of Ktestone. It is here that you would be able to gain access to  the smile dating test.
  • Then the next thing that you would need to do is to click on the link that says “going to do a test”. You cannot miss it
  • After you have done that, you would then be directed to the quiz itself where to get the results of your dating type and your personality type, you would need to answer twenty questions about yourself.

Once you are done with the questions, then immediately your results would be loaded and made available for you by smile dating test ktestone. The only glitch with using this is that your results would be revealed to you in the Korean language. So if you do not know how to read and understand the language, the you would be needing to translate your results.

The process of translating your smile dating test result is not difficult at all and this can be done by using a browser.



The smile dating test is not the only personality quiz that the Korean based Ktestone has developed. Another test that they have released to the public is the ktestone personality test that aims to classify people into one of the possible sixteen personality types that there are and these personality types have been put together and are represented by a combination of four letters. If you wish to know more about this personality test then doing your research would be the best move for you to take.

However, for the course of this article, the main focus is going to be solely on the smile dating test by ktestone.

First, click on the ktestone website and the first place that you would be directed to is to select your preferred language from four options. These language options are:

  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese and,
  • Spanish

Unfortunately, English is not part of the language options. However, like it was explained earlier, changing the results that you get from Ktestone is not a complicated matter at all.

Basically, the website, although being based in Korea, is easy to understand and navigate. If you intend to join the internet rave and take the smile dating test for yourself, then no worries. You can be sure to expect the whole process to be a smooth one and one that is free of any frustration whatsoever.

Smile Dating Test Quiz

Smile Dating Test Quiz

First off, if you do have the intention of taking or you wish to find out more about the smile dating test quiz for yourself, then one thing that you should know about the test is that the questions that are being asked are not questions that have the ability to make you feel violated or uncomfortable in any way. Be rest assured they are fun and lightweight questions.

One thing is for sure. Ktestone really put in a lot of thought and effort  into developing this personality test as it does  it cater to just females or you just males. It is very fluid and relatable by both sex.

Taking the quiz itself, has been known to help couples to know whether or not they are right for one another. Here are some of the smiley expressions that describe the different personality characteristics of different people when taking the smile dating test quiz:

  • Orange smile: this basically means that the person is understanding and loving. They keep expressing themselves to the person they like. They are popular because they have outstanding humor. They have many friends of the opposite sex around them, but only faithful only to their lover. They are good at supporting and taking care of their lover. Whenever they take care of something, reactions and expressions of gratitude are essential. They are quick-witted, so when they sense something strange, they can often guess what’s going on. They only annoy their lovers when they are hurt by something rather than being direct. When their emotions get ups and downs, they tend to get hurt easily on small things. They get severely disappointed when they see their lovers misbehaving. When they break up, they are heartbreaking at the moment.
  • Khaki smile: This means that the person is a love analyst that learned love from the art of writing. They may seem a bit cold when you first meet them. They are attracted to people who share the same hobbies and values. It will take a long time to get to know each other, but later they will become very close. Unlike their cold image, they fall in love deeply. They like good listeners who listen to what they care about. If the conversation doesn’t go well in a conflict, they tend to avoid it. There are times when they talk straight to their lovers. They hate being swayed by emotions more than anyone else.
  • Brown smile: If this is the result then it means that the person is the stuffy true love type. They usually date the person who approaches them first. Because they have a lot of thoughts, it takes time to have a relationship. But once they make up their mind, the relationship goes deeper. They look for personality the most when dating. They expect a stable and long term relationship. They tend to calmly resolve conflicts without raising them too much. As long as the other person doesn’t cross the line, there’s no problem. They value trust and hate lies. No matter how much love is there, they break up once their value is not respected.
  • Navy smile: The navy smile means that the person is a sunflower and full of care. They are quick-witted, so they take care of their lover’s emotions. They want a calm, caring relationship. They want a planned date that doesn’t interfere with their personal life. They are very independent and don’t talk about their hard things to their lover. They think that sharing hard things makes things worse. They like to be recognized, so they get impressed when their lover compliments them a lot. They are not good at expressing themselves but are easily touched by small things. They think there are many unfair things when they argue. They are very disappointed when lovers do not keep their promises.

There are more and the fun part about it all is that you do not know what to expect as your result when you take the smile dating test quiz.

Love Character Test

love Character Test

The love character test is yet another character test that has been raving on social media as of late and yes, this one was also developed by ktestone. So, if you want to find out just what your love character is when it comes to the dating world, then taking this test is a fun yet good idea.

Here are the steps that you need to take if you wish to take the love character test:

  • Log unto the ktestone website
  • Go to live character test
  • Select your sex, whether you are a man or a woman
  • Answer the 12 questions that would be made available and after you have done that, then your result should be made available almost immediately.

Although the love character test is different from the smile dating test, the one thing that they both have in common is that they both aim at assessing just how individuals behave and what they wish to get out from indulging in the dating world.

Smile Dating Test Conclusion

Smile Dating Test

Smile Dating Test Conclusion. In conclusion, the people of the internet can agree that this is truly revolutionary as now, just by assessing your smile with the smile dating test and answering a few questions, a person would be able to know just who their perfect match ought to be. If this doesn’t make you want to take the test, then who knows what will.


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