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Steven Bartlett Diary Of A CEO

Steven Bartlett Diary Of A CEO

Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo

Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. Steven is the founder and former CEO of The Social Chain, a social media marketing agency.


He started the agency in his bedroom in Manchester when he was just 22 years old. The agency went public when Steven was 27, and in May 2021, it had a market value of over £300million.


While he’s still the founder, Steven left as Social Chain’s CEO in December 2020 to pursue other ventures. He’s gone on to found Catena Capital, a private equity investment firm, as well as co-founding an app builder called Third Web and an investment platform called Flight Story.


He’s now 29 years old. In addition to his business savvy, Steven is also the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love, and Success.


Of course, given his background, Steven has quite a large following on social media. His Instagram account, @steven, has raked in more than 1.9 million followers.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. His YouTube channel, The Diary Of A CEO, has 226k subscribers and shows the recording of his podcast – which sees Steven chat with fellow entrepreneurs and CEOs.


It was his podcast that came under the spotlight earlier this year after comments made by Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague on the show sparked a huge backlash.


Molly was criticised for comments that many called ‘privileged’, saying on the broadcast that ‘everyone has the same 24 hours in the day’ and that she’s willing to go to ‘any lengths to achieve success.’


However, Steven later came to her defence over the comments, saying on Twitter: ‘Molly Mae interviewed on my podcast, yesterday a soundbite from that interview went viral, she trended No.1 on Twitter, every newspaper covered it and MP’s weighed in.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock caused a stir when he appeared on The Diary Of A CEO in February 2022 too.


Steven promised a no holds barred interview that would address the affair that led to Hancock’s resignation last summer – and on that promise, he certainly delivered.


The Podcast You Need To Listen To Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo

The podcast you need to listen to steven bartlett Diary of a Ceo

The podcast you need to listen to Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO. Who doesn’t love a podcast? The multitaskers dream, podcasts are an easy and accessible way for us to absorb new information whilst keeping up with our busy work/life schedules.


So whether you’re walking your dog, working on your latest project, or enduring the daily commute, there is always joy in the fact that you can always be learning.


The podcast you need to listen to Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO. Perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur or maybe looking to turn that side hustle into a flourishing full-time gig? Whatever your current circumstances, here are five cherry-picked business podcasts that you should be listening to right now


The Diary of a CEO is an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories of the people that have defined culture, achieved greatness, and created stories worth studying.


The podcast you need to listen to Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO is on Spotify, Amazon, and apple podcast.


Sitting down with some of the world’s most influential people, Steven creates the space for raw, honest, and emotional dialogue that unearths untold truths, unlearned lessons, and important insights, often encouraging his guests to share the things that most ‘interviews’ don’t provide.


Who is Steven Bartlett?

Who is Steven Bartlett

Who is Steven Bartlett? Bartlett was born in Botswana to a Nigerian mum and a British dad. His mum left school aged seven and can’t read or write, his dad was a structural engineer and “very, very smart”.


The family (he is the youngest of four siblings) moved to Plymouth, Devon, where they “struggled financially in a nice, white, middle-class area”, something he expands upon in his bestselling book, Happy Sexy Millionaire. That feeling of otherness, of not having “the nice things other people had”, drove him.


“I learned that if I was to have anything, it wasn’t going to be left for me under the Christmas tree, it was going to be a direct consequence of my actions.” he wrote in his book


Who is Steven Bartlett? He was an insecure boy who struggled in school, barely scraping through GCSEs and A-levels. His attention, he says, was focused elsewhere – from organising school trips to brokering deals with vending machine companies and taking a cut.


It was clear from a young age that his interest and talents lay in the world of entrepreneurship.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. So it wasn’t entirely surprising that he dropped out of his course in business management at Manchester Metropolitan University after just one lecture.


He says he looked around the room, full of hungover students and a lecturer handing out felt-tip pens, and “realised this wasn’t going to take me to where I needed to go”.


He has vociferous opinions of the education system, which he calls a “propped up scam” held together by several stakeholders, none of which are incentivised to help young people nurture their talents and work towards what they’re good at.


“You’ve got the employment world that requires a 2:2 for jobs. You’ve got the university who are getting paid to drag you in and keep costs low, and then you’ve got the schools, which are ranked by grades.


It’s an archaic system that hasn’t moved with the modern world fast enough. Information is almost redundant by the time universities publish their textbooks. There’s probably not that much written about blockchain, but we know it’s a pivotal part of our future.”


Who is Steven Bartlett? Bartlett’s first proper registered business at 18 years old – a marketing agency called Social Chain is now valued at £300


He talks much of the importance of following your internal voice and knowing your purpose, a thread that runs through the work of contemporary self-help gurus, including his most recent podcast guest, Jordan Peterson.


“I’m really bad at doing things I don’t want to do. If you’re fortunate and take the right steps, that culminates in a life where you’re doing a lot of things you do want to do.”


This explains why he left Social Chain in 2020 to pursue new projects, including Thirdweb, a company that creates blockchain-based applications, and Flight Story, a marketing platform.


In the latter part of last year, he was also listed as number six in the UK’s black power list alongside Marcus Rashford and Michaela Coel.


“Quitting has been demonised in our society. It’s associated with being weak. But it’s the incredibly important thing you have to do before you start the next thing.”


His key advice for creating a successful business is to be unromantic about your hypothesis. After all, Jeff Bezos originally looked to create an online bookstore.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. This, and other lessons about business life, were imparted through interviewing other entrepreneurs and business leaders. Though he imagined they’d be incredibly unique, he says he discovered that most of his guests are very similar.


“They’re all affected by the same anxieties. One thing that happened to them on the playground might steer the course of their life. Sometimes your curses become your blessings and vice versa. Most of the time, having a shitty childhood is the reason why my guests end up being remarkable people in their later life.”


Steven Bartlett Brands

Steven Bartlett Brands

Steven Bartlett Brands. Steven is a Botswana-born businessman who built one of the world’s most influential social media organisations from the comfort of his university bedroom at the age of 21, joined the BBC panel of esteemed investors on January 6.


Before his 23rd birthday, Steven’s marketing company The Social Chain went public and now has a current market valuation of over £300m.


Steven Bartlett brands. Since then, the young Plymouth-raised entrepreneur has toured the world as a speaker, investor, author, and content creator, hosting Europe’s most downloaded Business podcast, ‘The Diary of a CEO’.


His latest book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, which tells his story of success, is also a Sunday Times bestseller.


The entrepreneur, who co-founded Social Chain in Manchester with Dominic McGregor, left his role as chief executive in 2020 and has set his sights on investing in a wide variety of companies ever since.


His portfolio has also been transformed since he became the newest star of Dragons’ Den earlier this month.


BusinessLive has highlighted some of the companies which Mr. Bartlett has invested in or founded since departing Social Chain.


  1. Flight Story


Towards the end of 2021, Mr. Bartlett launched a new business venture with a former managing director of Social Chain.


Mr. Bartlett partnered with Oliver Yonchev to launch Flight Story which they have described as a “world-first in-house communication and talent platform”.


They added the new company provides public companies with the “people, process and technology they need to build a resilient retail investor community around their story”.


Mr. Bartlett, who co-founded Social Chain in Manchester with Dominic McGregor, said: “Hedge funds wouldn’t have imagined a world where 16-year-olds are giving investment advice to other 16-year-olds via TikTok.


“I feel like I had no choice but to launch Flight Story. Over the last two years, I’ve been peppered with phone calls at an alarming and increasing rate,


from pre-IPO and post-IPO companies that were starting to realise that if they didn’t have a social media and communications strategy in place, or the right talent in-house, there was an existential risk to their IPOs.


“It might sound crazy, but I had phone calls from family offices that were telling me they now believe a successful TikTok strategy could sway their market cap by billions.


“This is the world we’re living in, if you’re a public company and you don’t understand the opportunity and value of these social media platforms, and how they’re influencing – directly and indirectly,


the performance of your share price and your public opinion, then you need to turn the lights on because you’re driving in the dark, and sooner or later you’re going to crash.


“This shift presents huge opportunities for public companies to get the credit they deserve, but it also presents a whole range of new challenges,” he said during an interview


  1. Third web


A software start-up co-founded by new Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett secured a $5m investment in recent months.



Third web, which has offices in San Francisco and London, was established alongside Furqan Rydhan, who was the founding CTO of Bebo and AppLovin.


The company provides tools for developers to build, launch and manage Web3 projects without the need to write lines of code.


Steven Bartlett brands. The business secured a $5m investment from a group of high-profile business leaders including Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Cuban.


Mr. Vaynerchuk is a co-founder of the restaurant reservation software company Resy and Empathy Wines and is chairman of New York-based communications company VaynerX.


Mr. Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team of the NBA and co-owner of 2929 Entertainment.


He is also one of the main ‘shark’ investors on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.


  1. Atai Life Sciences


A company backed by new Dragons’ Den star and Social Chain co-founder Steven Bartlett listed on a US stock exchange in June 2021.


Atai Life Sciences, which is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, completed its Nasdaq IPO.


The company is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm aiming to transform the treatment of mental health disorders.


The IPO was expected to have raised proceeds of $225m.


In a series of tweets, Mr. Bartlett said: “Today, the most important company I’ve ever encountered, worked on, and invested in, goes public.


“Atai life sciences are using psychedelic & non-psychedelic treatments to heal mental health disorders so that everyone, everywhere, can live a more fulfilled life.


“I joined the company as a Series C investor and then became creative director shortly after.


“I can honestly say that if any company is to effectively tackle the global mental health crisis, it is Atai.


“Today is a monumental milestone on our journey towards a better future.”


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. Mr. Bartlett is soon to join Dragons Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, and Sara Davies for the 19th series of the BBC One programme.



  1. R. Agency


A marketing consultancy co-founded by Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett recently acquired a PR agency whose clients include dating apps Tinder and Hinge.


Flight Story, which launched towards the end of 2021 and was co-founded by Oliver Yonchev, snapped up London-based R. Agency for an undisclosed sum.


The firm was set up by Rebecca Ridge in 2013 and currently employs 25 members of staff.


The agency’s clients also include Joby, ClassPass, Calm, and What3Words.


Mr. Bartlett said: “I have first introduced to R. Agency seven years ago when looking for a communications agency at Social Chain.


“We brought Rebecca and the team on board and R. Agency became critically important to long-term partners as well as friends and we’ve subsequently worked together on multiple projects.


“After working with more than 10 PR agencies worldwide, I could not find a better partner than R Agency.


“They are the very best. PR and communications are a crucial part of the Flight Story offering and finding the right people with a shared vision were paramount.


“Rebecca and team bring that. We’re delighted to welcome R. Agency into the Flight Story family and look forward to achieving great things together.

Rebecca Ridge added: “We came into 2022 with ambitions for continued, accelerated growth, and being part of the Flight Story family will allow us to do that and more.


“I have known Steven personally and professionally for many years and we share not only our drive, energy, and values but our ambition to deliver work that stands out for the world’s most disruptive brands.


“This partnership will enable R. Agency to offer our clients unparalleled consultancy and results which deliver impact.”


Rebecca Ridge will remain as CEO of R. Agency and take up a role on the board at Flight Story. M Bartlett is to join the board of R. Agency.


  1. Agency recently brought on board Laura Jones, previously managing director of Frank Australia and director at Frank UK, in a newly-created role as managing director.


  1. Cheese geek


Steven Bartlett brands. Steven Bartlett made an artisan cheese retailer his first investment in Dragons’ Den.


The millionaire entrepreneur, who co-founded Social Chain in Manchester alongside Dominic McGregor, bought a 5% stake in London-based cheese geek for £150,000.


The investment was shown as part of the hit BBC One show’s first episode on Thursday, January 6.


The deal was subject to Mr. Bartlett’s money being returned within two years.


Edward Hancock, the founder of cheese geek, said: “We honestly couldn’t be more thrilled to have Steven on board at cheese geek, and are incredibly proud to be his first-ever investment on the Den.


“As soon as he was announced as the new Dragon, he was our absolute number one choice. Not only does he have incredible expertise in marketing and digital brand building, an area we can benefit from hugely, but he is also a perfect fit for us culturally.


“Steven’s involvement with the business can only be a huge boost for us in achieving our ambition of getting the world more excited and more knowledgeable about small-scale, artisan cheese.”


Mr. Bartlett will work with cheese geek to increase brand awareness, as well as bring his expertise, knowledge, and experience to its marketing.


  1. Piddle Patch


Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett invested £50,000 in a company that sells soil-free, real-grass toilets for dogs.


The entrepreneur secured a 20% stake in Piddle Patch after seeing off three rival bids from his fellow Dragons during the second episode of this year’s BBC One series.


The company was founded by Rebecca Sloan and is based in London.


Rebecca Sloan said: “The inspiration for Piddle Patch came during a visit to the park. The dogs were happy to be in their natural environment and the stress associated with toilet time melted away because the dogs knew instinctively where to do their business.


“When house training a dog, it makes sense to teach them to behave as they would in the outside world – and so Piddle Patch was born.


“Steven’s investment will allow us to fast track the growth of Piddle Patch, as well as launch several new products currently in development.


“Steven’s advice, guidance, social media, and marketing expertise will be invaluable and I am delighted to be working with him.”


  1. Catena Capital


In August 2020, Mr. Bartlett founded London-based Catena Capital.


The private equity investment vehicle specialises in venture capital deals and backs companies that “endeavour to make the future better for everyone, everywhere”.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. Its current investments include firms in consumer technology, AI, biotech, space, and social media.


  1. Huel


In December 2020, Mr. Bartlett became an investor and joined the board of food replacement company Huel.


At the start of 2021, the entrepreneur said: “I’ve been a Huel customer for the last four years and I fell in love with the brand, its mission, and Julian’s vision soon after.


“Huel isn’t just a category-leading company, it’s a rare, great British success story – one with mind-boggling potential.


“I’m bringing almost 10 years of experience in leading one of the world’s most advanced social media companies and working with many of the world’s biggest consumer brands to the board.”


Steven Bartlett University

Steven Bartlett University

Steven Bartlett University. Bartlett signed up to study business management at Manchester Metropolitan University, but dropped out after just one lecture.


He looked around the room of hungover students and “realised this wasn’t going to take me to where I needed to go”, he told The Guardian’s Khomami.


Steven Bartlet university. Instead, he founded Social Chain, a social media content and marketing firm aimed at millennials, which he built from his Manchester bedroom. By the age of 23, Bartlett was a millionaire.


Social Chain now has a market valuation of around $600m (£450m), and Bartlett is worth an estimated £50m.


Steven Bartlet university. Bartlett left the company in 2020 to pursue opportunities in blockchain and biotech and has since launched another two businesses:


Steven Bartlett university. a Web3 tech platform called the third web, and a marketing consultancy Flight Story, which recently acquired a PR agency whose clients include dating apps Tinder and Hinge.


Steven Bartlett net worth

Steven Bartlett net worth

Steven Bartlett net worth. Let’s get straight into it – Steven Bartlett’s quite frankly ridiculous net worth. His companies have a value of over £300million and alone he is worth around £50million. He’s only 29.


Steven Bartlett net worth. He’s the newest investor in the Dragon’s Den lineup, joining the other Dragons as their youngest ever. Sarah Clay, the BBC’s Commissioning Editor of Entertainment said:


“As well as being our youngest ever Dragon, Steven’s unique approach to business will bring a whole new dynamic to the Den. He brings a wealth of experience from the social media, technological, and brand-building worlds. I’m so excited to see him in the next series.”


The majority of Steven Bartlett’s money comes from being the founder of Social Chain, which now has a market valuation of over £300million. Social Chain is a media company, founded in 2014, which soon became Europe’s fastest-growing social media agency.


Steven Bartlett net worth. Steven Bartlett dropped out of university to start the company with his co-founder, Dom McGregor, and it grew to have a collective reach of over 200 million millennials across all platforms and global clients including Apple, McDonald’s, and the BBC.


Steven has since launched Flight Story, a communication and talent platform that provides public companies with the people, processes, and technology they need to build a retail investor community around their story.


“We build your retail investor strategy and give you the talent, tech, and processes to execute it,” the company website states. He’s also launched another company, called the third web.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. The website says it is a platform that provides a suite of tools for creators, artists, and entrepreneurs to easily build, launch and manage a Web3 project. the third web enables users to add features such as NFTs, marketplaces, and social tokens to their Web3 projects without writing a line of code.”


Steven Bartlett also now has a Sunday Times bestselling book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, and is the host of The Diary Of A CEO podcast. His podcast has currently had more interest than ever – it was his interview with Molly-Mae which caused all the backlash with her comments on making money and working hard.


He’s been featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list and has awards at the Black British Business Awards.


Steven Bartlett Wikipedia

Steven Bartlett Wikipedia

Steven Bartlett Wikipedia. Steven Cliff Bartlett (born August 1992) is a British businessman, entrepreneur, and television personality. He is the co-founder of Social Chain. In 2022, he began appearing as an investor on the BBC One show Dragons’ Den.


Bartlett was born in Botswana. He moved to Plymouth, England at the age of two, where he grew up, attending secondary school and a sixth form. He went to study at Manchester Metropolitan University but dropped out after one lecture.


In 2013, Bartlett founded Wallpark.


In 2014, Bartlett co-founded Social Chain, a social media marketing company based in Manchester, UK, with Dominic McGregor.


Steven Bartlett Wikipedia. In 2017, he created a podcast series called The Diary of a CEO, which has featured guests including Liam Payne and Tom Blomfield.


As of 2021, it is Europe’s most downloaded business podcast and has featured British entrepreneurs Ben Francis, Lee Chambers, and Grace Beverley, as well as other public figures including former Health Minister Matt Hancock and Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.


Steven Bartlett Wikipedia. In 2019, Social Chain and German online retailer Lumaland merged to become The Social Chain AG, listing on XETRA and the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange. The listing valued the business at over $200 million. In 2020, he exited the business.


Steven Bartlett Wikipedia. In 2019, he featured in the Channel 4 series The Secret Teacher, going undercover at a school near Liverpool as a teacher.


In May 2021, it was confirmed that Bartlett, aged 28, would be the youngest-ever investor on the long-running BBC show Dragons’ Den.


In 2021, Bartlett released his debut book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, which was a Sunday Times bestseller.


Bartlett got a shoutout on Coronation Street. In 2020, he was included in one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists.


Steven Bartlett age

Steven Bartlett age

Steven Bartlett age. Steven is the founder of the social media company The Social Chain. He built and grew the company into a global business making $220m annual revenue by the age of 27 as per his LinkedIn page.


Steven Bartlett age. Following the success of his own business, Steven has also invested in many more companies such as Huel, Catena Capital, Flight Story, and more.


Steven will 30 years old this year. He celebrates his birthday on August 26th, 1992.


Steven Bartlett age. He revealed during an interview that he was thinking about how to make money to buy his lunch at the age of 10. By 14 years old he was making deals with companies for his school to have vending machines.


Steven Bartlett age. His focus shifted from school to business as the years went on and he later dropped out of university after one lecture when he was 18 years old.


His company, The Social Chain, was founded in 2014 when he was 21 years old.


Steven Bartlett Dragons Den

Steven Bartlett Dragons Den

Steven Bartlett dragons den. Dragons’ Den is a British reality television business programme, presented by Evan Davis and based upon the original Japanese series.


The show allows several entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their varying business ideas to a panel of five wealthy investors, the “Dragons” of the show’s title, and pitch for financial investment while offering a stake in the company in return.


Steven Bartlett Dragons den. When he joined the BBC One entrepreneurial pitch show, Steven Bartlett was just 28 years old – making him the youngest ever Dragon.


But while he might have spent fewer years in boardrooms than his fellow Dragons, he’s certainly packed a lot of experience into the time.


He is the founder and former CEO of the social media marketing agency The Social Chain. He set up from a bedroom in Manchester, after dropping out of university at 22 and taking his company public at 27.


Steven Bartlett Dragons den. It was a savvy move, as it has a current market valuation of over £300m.


Bartlett said: “I’ve been watching Dragons’ Den since I was 12 years old – it was my first window into the real world of business and investing.


It’s a tremendous honour to join the Den, hopefully representing a new generation of entrepreneurs, inspiring young and specifically under-represented entrepreneurs to follow in my footsteps.”


Championing under-represented entrepreneurs is a cause close to his heart, having won the Entrepreneur Rising Star at the Black British Business Awards, and he has worked to inspire disadvantaged schools and communities.


Social Chain Steven Bartlett

Social Chain Steven Bartlett

Social chain Steven Bartlett. After stepping away from the incredibly successful marketing agency he created from his university bedroom, at just 22, the now-28-year-old has continued to find success as an investor, award-winning podcaster, and author.


Social Chain, founded in 2014 by Steven and fellow student Dom McGregor, quickly became Europe’s fastest-growing social media agency.


With clients including Apple, McDonald’s, BBC, and Boohoo, it’s no surprise that by 2016, it had an audience of over 200 million millennials.


Social chain Steven Bartlett. Steven insists that Social Chain’s unique approach to marketing is what has made it a stand-out, and that’s because they treat the Social Chain brand the same as they treat their clients.


A common downfall of agency marketing is that businesses are so focused on their client’s needs, that they neglect their brand.


Social chain Steven Bartlett. The proof is in the pudding. Within six months of putting Social Chain at the forefront of everything they did, it was on the front page of The Daily Mail and earned a place on The Gadget Show. The learnings here are:


Give your brand its personality. Create a tone of voice and decide what you want to be known for

Launch campaigns FOR your brand! If clients see what amazing branding you do for yourself, they’ll be intrigued by what you can do for them


Success is dependent on the people in your team. Don’t only hire people who are great at what they do, hire people who will be a great face for the brand too


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO tickets

Steven Bartlett diary of a ceo tickets

Steven Bartlett diary of CEO tickets. Following his debut sell-out performance at Manchester’s iconic Albert Hall last year, The Diary of a CEO Live now comes to London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Dublin, and Birmingham and will return to Manchester at the Palace Theatre.


The show was produced by New Frame Productions and directed by Stephen Whitson, whose Associate Director credits include West End productions Hamilton and Moulin Rouge.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO tickets. Accompanied by the breathtaking House Gospel Choir, Steven took fans on a journey of how self-belief can triumph over adversity. This mesmerising and immersive experience, featured new exclusive content and unexpected twists and turns set to the music and backdrop of Steven’s life, is guaranteed to entertain and inspire.


House Gospel Choir’s ​live sets then created a fusion of the biggest house, gospel remixes, and garage classics, making every performance an unforgettable and unique experience.


Having performed with the likes of Loyle Carner, Emilie Sande, Beverley Knight, Gregory Porter, Tom Jones, and Kylie Minogue at various TV, Radio, and award shows, House Gospel Choir has taken these seemingly disparate musical moments and shown us the connection.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO tickets. Steven acted as a speaker, investor, author, and content creator, he’s released a Sunday Times bestselling book ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’, and hosts a weekly no.1 Business podcast – The Diary of a CEO from his East London studios.


This year, Steven has made history as the BBC’s youngest Dragon in the 19th series of Dragon’s Den representing a new generation of entrepreneurs from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds.


VIP Meet & Greet Package


– Early Access & Meet and Greet with Steven before the show


– Bonus Goody Bag


– VIP seats in the theatre


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO podcast

Steven Bartlett diary of a ceo podcast

Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO podcast. Bartlett launched his interview-based podcast in 2017. Along with Hancock, his guests have included Rio Ferdinand, former One Direction band member Liam Payne, David Gandy, and Jimmy Carr.


Though “formulaic”, Bartlett’s podcast is a “stone-cold smash”, said The Telegraph, which reported that The Diary of a CEO brought in revenues estimated at £1.2m last year.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO podcast. The bulk of this income was widely reported to come from lucrative contracts with meal replacement company Huel (of which Bartlett is a non-executive director), freelancer platform Fiverr, and renewable energy product manufacturer Myenergi.


An episode with former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague, now one of Britain’s biggest social media influencers went viral in January.


Hague was criticised for “gross” and “tone deaf” comments on wealth inequality, The Independent reported after a YouTube clip of the interview was shared on Twitter.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO podcast. Former minister Hancock said he chose to tell his story to Bartlett because of his ability “to get people to be honest about themselves”.


Hancock added that he was “completely hooked” on The Diary of a CEO, which the Tory MP described as “one of the most self-aware podcasts that I’ve listened to”.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO tour

Steven Bartlett Diary of a ceo tour

Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO tour. Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett isn’t just a successful investor on the hit BBC show, he has also managed to sell out his new podcast tour.


His business podcast The Diary of a CEO is being brought to the stage for his ‘intimate confession’ following his debut sell-out performance at Manchester’s iconic Albert Hall.


The live show is set to come to London, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Birmingham, and three new dates have now been added which also include Dublin.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO tour. Dragons Den star Steven Bartlett opens up after relationship ‘fell apart due to ‘tunnel vision


The superstar entrepreneur tweeted: “BIG NEWS: We’re adding 3 more dates to my The Diary Of A CEO live tour!


“Manchester, Albert Hall (Sold Out)


“London Palladium (Sold Out)


“London Palladium Night 2 (Sold Out)


“Glasgow, Theatre Royal (Sold Out)


“Newcastle, Theatre Royal (Sold Out)


“Birmingham, Alexandra (Sold Out)”


He continued in another tweet: “NEW DATES ON SALE THIS WEDNESDAY 10 am:


“London, The Palladium (Night 3)


“Manchester, Palace Theatre


“Dublin, The Helix


Get the best stories about the things you love most curated by us and delivered to your inbox every day. Choose what you love here


“We’ll also release 30 more tickets for Glasgow & Newcastle. Anyone on the waiting list will be sent the link 5 minutes earlier.”


The newest investor for the BBC One show has found success in business, as, before his 23rd birthday, his marketing company The Social Chain went public and now has a current market valuation of over £300m.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO tour. Since then, the young Plymouth-raised entrepreneur has toured the world as a speaker, investor, author, and content creator, hosting Europe’s most downloaded Business podcast, ‘The Diary of a CEO’.


And his latest book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, which tells his story of success, is also a Sunday Times bestseller.


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo live

Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo live

Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO lives. After securing one of the most sought-after sold-out tickets to Steven Bartlett’s first night of the Diary of a CEO Live at the London Palladium, I don’t think anyone knew what to expect.


This was an evening for people loyal to his podcast and his journey, and I was one of those people.


If you aren’t aware of who Steven Bartlett is, he is a young British entrepreneur who runs The Diary of a CEO podcast, published his memoir/self-help book Happy Sexy Millionaire and has recently become a dragon on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, where he invests in entrepreneurs’ businesses.


It was very unclear what this event was about, yet it gained enough interest for it to sell out – was it a stage show? A story? A musical? A live podcast recording?




Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO live. This unique show was a collection of songs, storytime of his life, poetry, and podcast excerpts. I can see why some people might see it as self-indulgent, however, I saw it as a deep insight into how you can strive to make things happen that work for you, and ultimately make you feel:



Whilst the show was about his experience from quitting university at 18 to becoming a multi-millionaire 10 years later, Steven Bartlett spoke to the audience and said ‘this is about you’… and how damn RIGHT he was!


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO live. His performance spoke volumes to me in more ways than one, relating to me in so many ways and even squeezing a few tears out of me more than once. I’m sure others did – the show was for anyone and up to them on how much they related.


“I went on my own and am not even ashamed to admit that – I loved it! I got to enjoy that time for me. It was immersive. Raw. Honest. Inspiring. Compelling. Moving. Emotional. Spiritual. Beautiful.” a fan commented


Split into 2 parts (didn’t know there’d be an interval), the nearly 3-hour long show was a journey and experience of life and lessons we can all relate to, about becoming better and getting to where we truly want to be.


I won’t lie, I was a bit miffed the show got pushed back by 30 minutes, and when it started, he didn’t appear on stage for another 30! He had some great singers to introduce the show, including the INCREDIBLE House Gospel Choir – how have I not heard of them before?!


You could sense everyone around me becoming slightly agitated and confused; where’s Steven? We came here to see Steven!


But praise, he did come along.


The entire show was so immersive with some beautiful voices, along with words full of power and inspiration by Bartlett.


Part 1 focused on life and lessons we can all relate to, sharing his experience of being disowned by his mum for dropping out of university to start Wallpark, through to Social Chain and his co-founder’s relationship with alcohol, before getting onto the stock exchange and seeing his net worth, where he ultimately felt nothing – money isn’t everything.


And it takes a millionaire to say that after years of hard work. What goals are then left to strive for? What is your purpose?


After 5 to 10 minutes of storytime about his life and learnings, he featured podcast excerpts reiterating or supporting his point, followed by a powerful, relatable song by the House Gospel Choir which helped to tell his story even more.


This was the main structure throughout the night. There were some famous faces, past guests, and influencers in the audience, including my favourite author Elizabeth Day! How did I miss her?! There was also Jack Maynard, Alice Living, Rochelle, and Marvin Humes.


The music was so powerful, featuring independent artists and some solo performances from the choir, including a dude with a futuristic-looking violin, and a girl named Hamzaa who had an INSANE voice! They were full of soul, spirit,, and the power to move you to tears.


It was emotional. Even more so in part 2 which was more focused on love and relationships. It started to feel like an apology and confession, and then it made sense.


He explains the following a little in his podcast and his book, but here he shared his story of breaking up with his past girlfriend and he wasn’t prepared to compromise for things she needed, before flying back to Indonesia to repair things.


As he detailed his self-development of learning and becoming a better, understanding, more empathetic person, I did not expect to cry from the moment he revealed he and his beloved Melanie had reconciled!


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO live. Heart-shaped confetti dropped from the ceiling, he walked over to the side of the stage and reached up to hold her hand where she sat, she was wiping tears from her eyes – and so was I! And the girl next to me!


I did not expect it to get emotional AT ALL, nor I from the moment the Gospel Choir started singing a beautiful rendition of Latch (one of my favourite songs EVER, period.) Hell, I didn’t know it would affect me so much! It caught my breath and I had to recompose my lonesome as two couples sat on either side of me! Dammit.


Who knew a podcast could turn into a powerful show only a few years later?!


Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO book

Steven Bartlett Diary of a ceo book

Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO book. Success is defined differently for every individual. Hence, even if you read several books on how to achieve contentment in life and be blissfully happy, there are chances that you might not be able to implement all the principles correctly.


In a way, those are just suggestions that might or might not help you climb the ladder of peace. Therefore, Happy Sexy Millionaire is one such book loaded with anecdotes and personal experiences that act as alternative pathways which can lead to satisfaction and happiness.


Happy Sexy Millionaire has an interesting layout and lucid language. The author calls this book his intervention that helped him rise after he hit rock bottom. He busts several myths that are often a part of the unsolicited suggestions that society never fails to give.


Advocating the importance of following your gut and turning a blind eye to all the judgments and negative criticism, he encourages the readers to develop their strategy to combat failure.


Using a pragmatic approach, this book highlights the importance of maintaining a steady balance between work and life and managing personal affairs with strong decision-making power.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO book. Quoting several examples and using an ample number of diagrams and graphs, the author proves his point quite easily. But like I mentioned earlier, different people have different strokes.


It’s always good to read about how others cope with failure but to confuse ‘your admirations with your aspirations’ is foolishness!


Overall, Happy Sexy Millionaire stresses the importance of going back to the basics and adopting measures that were followed by people back then. Another great attempt that promises to be as interesting as the author claims! It is worth a try!


Lesson 1: When you start something new, do not question yourself


When you start something new, it is so easy to doubt yourself and think that this idea will not be successful in the long run.


I have always questioned whether it is a good idea that starts my own YouTube channel, but after reading this book, I have completely stopped having a lack of self-trust and now, I am enjoying how my YouTube journey.


Do not overthink, stress, or even doubt yourself when you start something new, especially when you do not see the positive results straight away.


Lesson 2: Success is 5% brain and 95% consistency


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. How many times have you started something new and because you failed to notice any progress in that idea, you stopped working towards it completely? This happens to all of us a lot in real life.


We are all so eager to start something new, but a week later, that excitement fades away completely and we start chasing after something.


If you want to see true, honest, and tangible results in anything or any new idea of yours, keep doing all the necessary actions consistently daily.


Lesson 3: The happiest people never overshare on social media


If you are truly, really, and authentically happy with yourself, you would never need to show it off on social media.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO book. When you are happy with yourself and that happiness comes from within, you no longer need validation from others, the likes, or the need/urge to overshare on social media.


When you are truly happy with yourself you stay less on social media and start living in the real world more.


Lesson 4: The grateful people know they are enough


When you are grateful, you instantly start believing that whatever you already have is enough, and when this is repeated daily, you start believing that you are enough. You do not always have to chase after new, trendy and materialistic things to be enough.


The feeling of self-fulfillment comes from within, and not from external factors, things, or objects. So, be grateful and you shall see that you will and see yourself as more than enough.


Lesson 5: Comparing yourself to others is a voluntary mental self-harm


Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo. Any form of self-harm is detrimental to your life, but mental self-harm is one of the easiest ways to feel low, moody, and self-sabotage yourself. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is your yesterday self.


Never compare yourself to anyone you see in the street, on social media, or even at work. You are you, and there is only one version of you on this Earth. The more you compare yourself to others, the more mentally ill you will become.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO youtube

Steven Bartlett diary of a ceo youtube

Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO YouTube. Bartlett has his story countless times to interviewers, live audiences and on his social media accounts. On his YouTube channel of over 200,000 subscribers he has repeatedly charted his life through multiple series about becoming a CEO, one called “Everyday Steve” and another called


“An Entrepreneur’s Journey”, where this story is the bulk of the narrative. Rarely are the mechanics of running a business elucidated. Bartlett has done two TEDx talks, one in 2013 on Wallpark and one in 2016 on Social Chain. In both he spends more time reciting his personal success story than explaining what he or his companies actually do.


Of course, we all only have one life and it’s fair enough to share it. But Bartlett’s self-mythologising is prolific, the kind you’d expect from someone with ten times his success and fame. Throughout all of his ventures, this eagerness to be treated more like a celebrity than a guiding voice in business shines through.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO YouTube. On his YouTube channel you can find what looks like an attempt at becoming a social media star, with numerous vlogs and clickbait-y business-themed videos with titles such as “REVEALED: HOW TO BE A MILLIONAIRE BEFORE YOU’RE 25” and


“THE SECRET TO MAKING IT BIG”. Even The Diary of a CEO began not as an interview show but, as the name indicates, a podcast of Bartlett’s own musings on his life, the world and social media.


When he does try to give business advice it falls flat, leaning on clichés and well-worn paradigms (despite Bartlett’s claim to be throwing out the conventional rulebook, which is a business convention in and of itself).


This is nowhere more apparent than in Happy Sexy Millionaire, which instead of offering valuable guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, resembles books by lifestyle influencers such as the Slumflower and Florence Given.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO YouTube. Bartlett seems to be experiencing the biggest boom of his career, solidifying himself as a millennial Robert Kiyosaki or a social media-savvy Alan Sugar. He’s not just successful, but famous for his expertise.


And yet, despite the accolades and his increasing public presence as a voice for modern business, he is, in reality, more of a bluffer than a prodigy — an influencer and motivational speaker masquerading as a marketing genius.


Despite making his name by constructing successful businesses, Bartlett’s actual business knowledge is tricky to locate. He spends little time speaking publicly about his methods or approach, and instead focuses almost all of his energy on sharing his inspiring backstory.


He was born in Botswana and moved as a child to south-west England, where he was mostly raised by his mother and lived in “relative poverty”. He was the only black student at his all-white school, where he ran several small money-making schemes (including charging kids to go to his birthday parties) before getting kicked out at 17 for poor attendance.


He got into university in Manchester (how this was achieved despite leaving school early is not clear) but dropped out after a single lecture, then lived on pennies and dumpster diving until he founded a student-focused online message board, Wallpark, which he left to create Social Chain.

Steven Bartlett Diary of a ceo extra info:

“Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO: Unveiling Entrepreneurial Insights and Success Strategies”

Dive into the captivating world of Steven Bartlett through the “Diary of a CEO” podcast. Discover the inspiring journey of this renowned entrepreneur, as he shares invaluable insights, success strategies, and personal stories. Explore the episodes of “Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO” to gain wisdom, motivation, and a fresh perspective on business and leadership. Unleash your potential and embark on your own entrepreneurial adventure with the guidance of Steven Bartlett.

Info on the following: Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO, entrepreneurial insights, success strategies, personal stories, business, leadership, wisdom, motivation, entrepreneurial adventure.


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of business and entrepreneurship, gaining wisdom and insights from successful leaders is crucial. One such luminary is Steven Bartlett, whose “Diary of a CEO” podcast provides a captivating window into his entrepreneurial journey. In this article, we will delve into the world of Steven Bartlett, exploring his renowned podcast, the “Diary of a CEO.” Discover the entrepreneurial insights, success strategies, and personal stories that make this podcast a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts.

Entrepreneurial insights

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Insights:

“Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO” serves as a treasure trove of entrepreneurial insights. With each episode, Steven Bartlett offers candid and thought-provoking discussions about various aspects of business, from building a brand to scaling a company. His firsthand experiences, coupled with guest interviews, provide a diverse range of perspectives and valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through the podcast, listeners gain access to the strategies, challenges, and triumphs faced by successful leaders, empowering them to navigate their own entrepreneurial ventures with confidence and clarity.

Success Strategies

Success Strategies for the Modern Entrepreneur:

One of the highlights of the “Diary of a CEO” podcast is the abundance of success strategies shared by Steven Bartlett. With a focus on practical advice and actionable steps, Steven offers valuable insights into effective leadership, strategic decision-making, and growth-oriented mindset. From overcoming obstacles to leveraging opportunities, the podcast covers a wide array of topics that resonate with the modern entrepreneur. By incorporating these success strategies into their own journeys, listeners can accelerate their personal and professional growth, gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic world of business.

Personal Stories

Personal Stories: A Glimpse into the Journey:

Beyond the strategies and insights, “Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO” captivates audiences with personal stories that provide a genuine connection to the man behind the success. Steven’s willingness to share his vulnerabilities, failures, and triumphs creates an authentic and relatable experience for listeners. These personal anecdotes serve as powerful reminders that the path to success is often paved with challenges and setbacks. Through these stories, aspiring entrepreneurs can find inspiration, resilience, and the motivation to persevere, knowing that even the most accomplished individuals have faced hurdles along their journey.

Unleash Your Potential:

The “Diary of a CEO” podcast is an invitation to unleash your entrepreneurial potential. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a business professional seeking growth, or a curious mind interested in the world of business, Steven Bartlett’s insights and experiences offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. By immersing yourself in the episodes of “Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO,” you gain access to a virtual mentorship that fuels your ambition, expands your horizons, and ignites your entrepreneurial spirit.


“Steven Bartlett Diary of a CEO” is more than just a podcast; it’s a gateway to unlocking your entrepreneurial potential. Through the entrepreneurial insights, success strategies, and personal stories shared by Steven Bartlett and his guests, listeners gain invaluable wisdom and inspiration. Embark on your own entrepreneurial adventure, armed


Steven Bartlett Diary Of A CEO Conclusion

Steven Bartlett Diary of a Ceo conclusion

Steven Bartlett Diary Of A CEO conclusion. Steven Bartlett has invested in a vast range of businesses over the years, from social media marketing firm Social Chain to food replacement company Huel. But what do these businesses tell us about the type of person that Steven Bartlett is, and are there any patterns forming?


Bartlett appears to invest mainly in businesses which aim to make the world a better place, securing a brighter future for generations to come. He also favours businesses operating in the technology sector, supporting the advancement of technology, the development of artificial intelligence and the digitalisation of modern life.


This gives us some idea of the types of businesses that Steven Bartlett is likely to favour during his time on Dragon’s Den, so we may be able to predict the type of company that he may invest in during the course of the series.


It’s clear that Social Chain was the making of Steven Bartlett, and the reason that he shot to fame and earned his place on Forbes 30 under 30 list. But how exactly did he go about setting up the company?


We’ve already discussed Bartlett’s first business venture, Wall Street. This was a social media like platform that aimed to connect students together.


It was during the process of growing Wall Street that Steven Bartlett met Dominic McGregor. McGregor was a student at Edinburgh University at the time, and ran a Twitter account that posted funny and relatable content which was aimed at students.


He had amassed a large following and was extremely popular amongst students. Bartlett liked what he saw, and contacted Dominic McGregor to share his vision for a new business.


Steven Bartlett diary of a CEO conclusion.

This business would take Dominic’s social media skills and intertwine them with a brand’s message to effectively promote the brand to potential customers on social media. McGregor was enamoured with the vision and soon left university himself to join forces with Bartlett and create Social Chain.


The company’s first client was the game Tippy Tap. Within weeks, the game was at the top of the app store, even making UK news headlines. This success led to brands such as Spotify, Just Eat, Amazon, Coca Cola, Microsoft and Puma approaching Social Chain to assist with their social media marketing.


Steven Bartlett has shown that he is not defined by conditions nor is he waiting to be employed by anyone. For his age and what he has achieved so far should be a motivation to youths to not limit themselves .


Steven doesn’t have a degree yet he is richer than most people who does, that is your cue to start out on your dreams!

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