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Why Is Miss Date Doctor More Helpful Than Most Dating Advice Platforms?

Why Is Miss Date Doctor More Helpful Than Most Dating Advice Platforms?

Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 1

Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Founded in 2016, Miss Date Doctor is a company focused on dating, relationships, mental health, and everything life coaching.


Because it focuses exclusively on this crucial aspect of life, we have helped a good number of people out there to improve their lives, dating skills, relationships, and marriages.


Miss Date Doctor is also set up to make counselling for both singles and couples convenient and accessible for as many people as possible, offering multiple communication methods and flexible scheduling.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? With such a large team of qualified coaches, counsellors, and therapists, Miss Date Doctor makes it easy to find a therapist who meets your needs, which is helpful if you don’t live in a place that has a lot of therapists located nearby.


This made us realise how helpful it would be to bring help closer to home, now we have offices all over the UK for easy access.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Our online presence is just as impeccable and hassle-free. Our website is user-friendly and very easy to navigate.


Sign-up process


When you arrive at Miss Date Doctor’s website, you can’t help but notice how modern and sleek our page is, with an easy-to-navigate menu.


But before we talk of the thoughtful features, you automatically receive a notification to speak to our online consultant once you are logged in on our website which is so cool.


The menu button on the right side takes you to an extensive library of resources; articles, and blog posts. The “how it works” button gives deeper profound knowledge about us and our brand.


The FAQs tab also answers most questions you might have about Miss Date Doctor’s pricing, privacy measures, and therapist qualifications.


Once you decide to signup, the process is fairly simple.


Simply click “log in” which is at the upper right and supply your email and a password would be sent to you. Your email will also be verified during this process.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? To begin therapy, counselling, or coaching you will have 40 minutes of a free consultation with our consultant. You will answer a series of questions about yourself, your goals for therapy, and what issues you’re currently experiencing in your relationship or life.


There are questions about whether you want to focus on conflict resolution skills, infidelity recovery, improving communication, parenting, or even separation mediation.


You’ll also let Miss Date Doctor know whether you have any preferences for who your therapist is, such as whether you want to work with a man or a woman, a religious therapist, or a younger or older therapist.


Once your email is verified, you’ll pay for services and provide emergency contact information; then you’re able to log in to your account. This is where you’ll be able to message your coach, counsellor, or therapist going forward.


Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 2

What Subscription Plans Does Miss Date Doctor Offer?


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Unlike some of our competitors, we have a wide range of subscription available which ranges from £300 and above.


Our subscription plans are all-inclusive, however, which is also different from its competitors. With your plan, you can discuss your relationship issues individually with your therapist or invite your partner at any time, without the price changing.


You also have unlimited messaging with your therapist in a shared chat room, as well as the ability to schedule weekly live phone or video sessions for online users.


Are There Discounts Available?


There are special discounts available for different subscriptions which we let the general public know of just in case you wish to take advantage of such an opportunity.


Ease of Use


Miss Date Doctor is a very user-friendly platform. Once you’ve logged into your account online, you’ll have access to a private portal where you can communicate with your assigned therapist.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? You can easily book your live sessions through your private portal by selecting a time from the availability listed on the calendar.


While scheduling, you can indicate whether you want to talk via live video or phone call though you can always change your mind when you begin the session.


Your therapist will decide whether to book you for 30 minutes or 45 minutes when they confirm your appointment time, though you can let your therapist know through the messaging platform if you have a preference for one or the other. As long as our therapist has the available time, they will book based on your preference.


All you have to do to start your session is log online or in the app at the time, and your therapist will initiate the session. Our video quality for these live sessions is excellent. If you need to reschedule or cancel your session for any reason, you can easily do that on your online portal at any time.


Who /What We Tend To


We tend to different people and things like;




















This you will find on our service page you can choose your category.


Miss Date Doctor also specialises in different relationship therapy such as Cognitive behavioural therapy, and Gotham therapy amongst others.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Our therapist uses a slightly different therapeutic approach depending on the individual and the issues, so therapy could vary depending on who you’re matched with. Some of our therapists might use the Gottman method, for example, while others might utilize solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT).


Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 4

Benefits Of Working With Our Dating Coach


  1. We Help You Improve Your Confidence


Let’s face it, constant dating can be exhausting. And if you aren’t finding people that you connect with, your confidence might start to take a hit. It’s hard not to feel dejecting if you keep putting yourself out there and fail to find a good fit.


Using our dating coach can help you avoid these feelings of self-doubt, and can even improve your confidence!


  1. We Make You Think About Your Goals

It’s important that you and your partner are on the same page about what your future holds. While you will both have different goals, your goals must be compatible.


While you are dating around, it’s important to consider what your goals are, and ask new people that you meet what their goals are as well. Our coaches counsellors and therapist can help you think through your goals.


  1. We Keep You Focused And On Track


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? If you are trying to find a serious relationship, it’s important to consider what you are looking for in a potential partner.


When you are dating around, it can be easy to lose sight of what your goals are for the relationship, and what you imagine your ideal partner to be like.


Working with us will help you consider the goals of the relationship, stay on track, and avoid getting sidetracked by people who do not fit the bill.


  1. We Offer A New Perspective


It can be really easy to get into your head when you are serially dating. Trying to find lasting love is hard! Do you keep going for the same type of person and then find yourself surprised when things don’t work out?


Working with our dating coach can offer new perspectives and help you find (and break) bad patterns in your dating tendencies.


  1. We Point Out Blindspots


As we just said, it can be hard to notice patterns or potential blind spots in your dating habits if you are doing all the analysis by yourself. If you work with a dating coach, you can analyze your dating habits as a team and figure out what you are missing.


Maybe you self-sabotage good things? Or maybe you come on too strong in the beginning? Or maybe too aloof? Working with our coach or counsellor will help you realise these things about yourself and improve your dating abilities and outcomes.


  1. We Provide Support When Things Get Rough


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? A lot of people find dating fun, I know people that LOVE first dates. But dating to find a serious partner is often less fun than you initially think. It can feel tempting to give up if you fail to find a good match.


Working with our dating coach can help you push through these demotivated periods and find your soulmate!


  1. We Improved Dating Communication Skills


Communication is so important, but also so specific to different things. We talk to our coworkers differently than to our parents or friends or bosses, using specific communication skills for the relationship and situation.


Dating is no different! Working with a dating coach can teach you how to communicate effectively in the dating world.


Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 5

How Couples Counselling Improves Relationships


  1. It Helps Clarify And Define Feelings About Your Relationship.


Dating and marriage aren’t like the movies – there’s no script, and sometimes finding out what we like (or don’t) can be confusing, in addition to trying to figure out the desires of our partner.


Counselling provides a place for feelings and thoughts to be discussed, with the added guidance of someone that can help you reach the outcome that’s best for you both.


  1. It Resolves Marriage And Dating Issues Before They Become Major Problems.


Even in the healthiest relationship, there will be disagreements and arguments – and that’s okay, as long as they are respectful and able to be worked out.


But getting to the other side of some issues can prove very difficult, especially for people who may have trouble communicating their specific needs and wants.


Relationship counselling gives a forum to bring up these issues whether it’s family planning, bad behaviour, a lack of communication, or something else, and turn disagreements into opportunities for growth and understanding.


By overcoming problems together, relationships become stronger afterward.


  1. It Creates More Intimacy And Deeper Connections Between Couples.


What’s just as bad as feeling like your partner never listens? Feel like they never talk – or never make an effort to connect. When we’re dating and sparks are flying, it’s easy to feel the thrill, but as things progress to moving in and marriage, it may feel like the sparks are gone.


Simply putting in the time and dedication to coming to couples therapy can help rekindle that fire and passion, because it shows investment in and concern for the relationship. When you both feel like you’re on the same page, moving further in the book is much easier.


  1. Couples Counselling Can Promote Individual Growth And Awareness.


Even if your marriage or relationship is strong, couples counselling can help improve your self-image and personal growth, too.


Though you may enjoy biking the Bow River or hiking around the Glenmore Reservoir together, learning to enjoy a better sense of self – and bring the best version to your partner – is a win-win for any pair.


  1. Marriage Or Relationship Counselling Improves Trust And Confidence.


When you connect with your partner and know they have your best interests at heart, it’s much easier to trust them and feel confident and happy.

While those are intangible qualities, they are noticeable in our lifestyles, mannerisms, and overall behaviour – and they make fulfilling relationships that much easier to maintain and cherish.


Whether you’re still dating or have been married for a long time, counselling can help you focus that trust and turn it into a useful tool for long-term happiness.


What Are The Main Things I Need To Know About Dating?

Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 6

What are the main things I need to know about dating? Dating that is, scheduling time to spend with a person of the opposite sex to get to know them–can be a wonderful time in a person’s life.


It challenges us to grow as individuals and to learn more about others. It can also lead us to grow deeper in faith. Here are four basic points to keep in mind when dating.


  1. Know your intentions


What are the main things to know about dating? Are you looking at dating as only a means of finding a future spouse?


While it could potentially be the end to the means of dating, finding a future spouse should not be the main intention of dating. That puts too much pressure on each date and the person whom you date.


Dating is a time to learn more about yourself through a relationship with others. It is a time to see what qualities you need and like in others. When not limiting yourself to a certain type you will discover new and valuable aspects of each person.


Perhaps you have learned that in relationships you act a certain way that does not reflect who you are or who you want to be.


In this case, one can use dating as a way to become more genuine about the opposite sex. It will show what you need to “give” in the relationship and what you can “take” from the relationship, too!


  1. Stick to your boundaries


Communication is an important factor in any relationship but especially a dating one. One must be honest about one’s intentions. All relationships need boundaries.


A boundary for a practicing Catholic is chastity, refraining from sexual activity before marriage. Doing this helps build intimacy within the relationship without having sex.


Being upfront about one’s beliefs will weed out dates that are not worth your time from those that are. One must not only say things upfront but back them up with actions. Do not send mixed messages; be clear and concise in your actions.


Date in open public areas where there is no pressure to be physically intimate. If you are on a date where alcohol is served, drink in moderation to avoid temptation.


  1. Have fun


What are the main things to know about dating? Dating is fun if you enter into it with the mentality of enjoying the present moment. When you start to date someone, take the time to get to know them. Rushing into a serious relationship can add too much pressure.


Just enjoy the time you have with that person in the present moment; tomorrow will take care of itself. Some fun date ideas include museums, art galleries, bowling, mini-golfing, movies, dinner, and roller coaster parks.


  1. Stay true to yourself


When you have a crush on someone, your mind tends to go a little crazy sometimes and it’s okay because it is an exciting time in your life. Just remember not to lose yourself in the process and have your own life.


  1. Everything isn’t always exciting and romantic


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Don’t expect everything to be as amazing and exciting throughout the relationship as it was in the beginning. But keep in mind that happiness is in the little things and not just about white horses, big castles, and bouquets.


There will be a lot of boring days and that’s okay when you’re with the right person it will be worth it.


  1. Don’t feel pressured


When it comes to love, always remember there’s no timeline. There are no rules about when you two should start holding hands, kissing, or even saying “I love you”.


So don’t focus on what you should be doing according to society or your friends. You should be focusing on what feels right for you, now, at this moment.


  1. Always be good to each other


What are the main things to know about dating?  Fighting shouldn’t involve being mean. Learn to fight nicely; sure you guys will disagree on certain things, but every disagreement doesn’t need to turn into a screaming match. Arguments solve nothing and you can’t take back your words.


The main key here is communication – work at it.


  1. Make sure you are treated properly


You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness all the time. Don’t let anybody make you feel inferior to them. Carry yourself with grace and compromise when needed. Do not always make excuses for someone’s bad behaviour.


If they make you question why you are with them then they aren’t worth your time and love.


  1. Sometimes it’s not meant to be


Just because you want to be with someone doesn’t always make them the right one for you. It’s really hard to admit it, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how intense your feelings are some relationships just don’t work out, for whatever reason.


If things aren’t working or they’re too hard, you need to accept that and move on.


Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 7

Important Things For  Successful Relationship


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Have you ever wondered what the most important thing in a relationship is? Is it love, respect, or something else?


Most of the time, we think that when two people are in love, that is good enough to make the relationship work, but that is not the case.


With only love, the relationship will start to wither even with the smallest of troubles. A few other essential things are required in a relationship to work out successfully. To know more about these, look at our list of vital elements in a relationship that can make your relationship successful.


  1. Trust


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? If love is what makes a relationship exciting, trust is what keeps it going strong. When there is trust, peace prevails in the relationship.


But if the partners do not trust each other enough, they spend their whole life doubting the other’s every action. No one deserves a love that needs them to keep tabs or constantly worry about what the partner might be doing behind their back.


Trust cannot be gained overnight. It is a goal and will get better with time. When you have nothing to hide from your partner, your partner has no reason to doubt you whenever you are with others.


  1. Loyalty


When you and your partner have agreed on a monogamous relationship, then loyalty becomes a key aspect. But what is loyalty?


It is the resistance to unhealthy thoughts about a beautiful colleague; it is refusing to flirt back with an old flame. Love with loyalty is probably more important than just love. So when your partner cannot stay loyal but says ‘I love you,’ will you be able to believe those words?


Probably not. Love, combined with loyalty, is pure and long-lasting. Your partner may not be as attractive as your colleague, or as soft-spoken as your old flame, but you chose them each time.


And when you are loyal to the one you love, that is one thing you would not change for the rest of your life.


  1. Happiness


What are the main things to know about dating? You may not always be happy in a relationship, but when you look back, the happy times must outweigh the sad ones. Happiness is an essential ingredient for a lasting relationship, so how do you be happy?


Is it your partner’s job? No! Your happiness should be in your hands; you cannot expect your partner to be the keeper of your happiness.


The health of the relationship depends on both partners. If you are happy and content with yourself, you will be able to enjoy being in a relationship.


Also, you can bring positive vibes into the relationship. So, always make yourself a priority and do things that can make you happy. This will surely resonate in your relationship.


  1. Respect


Respect is as important as love in a relationship. When you truly love someone, you love them for who they are. And such love automatically brings respect to your partner. Also, a relationship is a bond between two adults with different opinions and views.


Respecting each other is the basic foundation you need for a healthy relationship.


Appreciating your partner for who they are, choosing words carefully, maintaining boundaries, and refraining from doing things that can hurt your partner is how you show respect.


  1. Emotional Support


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? A relationship can take you on a roller coaster of emotions. But what makes it worthy is having your partner right next to you, holding your hand, through all that. In a loving relationship, you’d want that.


When you hear happy news, you long to share it with your partner. And when you are feeling down and depressed, you’d want your partner to hold you and tell you that it’ll be okay.


Partners who are there for each other emotionally stick together as a team, dealing with whatever life throws at them.


They create a safe place in their relationship where one partner can be vulnerable without the fear of being judged by the other. And when necessary, they are always there to lend a shoulder to cry on for the partner.


Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 8

  1. Humor


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? Everyday life can get your relationship in a slump, so a little fun and excitement are vital to keeping things exciting. If you and your partner can laugh in the face of a problem, then dealing with it head-on is going to be less difficult.


Once in a while, ditch all your inhibitions, pack all your worries, and have fun like kids. Do something silly, watch a comedy movie, or go to a stand-up event.


Humor is a way to keep things light, and those who can laugh together can live together in happiness. Laughter is one thing that can bring you and your partner closer to each other.


  1. Compromise


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? When you love someone, you will not think twice before giving up something you like to make them happy. In a relationship, both the partners should give and take to keep the love alive. A healthy relationship is one where you do not mind letting go of some of your needs to accommodate those of your partner.


But it must be mutual. If only one partner ends up compromising all the time, negativity could brew in the relationship and drift you apart.


  1. Freedom/ Independence


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself. Individual freedom is essential for the relationship to thrive. A healthy relationship will help you become the best version of yourself. It gives you the needed space to think and express your thoughts and take your decisions in life.


Although you can include your partner in your decisions, you don’t have to let them take them for you. Life won’t be the same when you are in a relationship, but you do not have to change who you are for your partner. Retain your unique personality to keep the relationship exciting.


  1. Safety


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? No amount of love can quantify abuse! If you cannot feel safe in your relationship, then no matter how much love you have, the relationship will not work. The feeling of being safe in your partner’s arms is vital in a relationship, as a committed relationship works on vows to protect and love each other forever.


Love is not always enough to stop the abuse, especially if it is one partner’s way of expressing love towards the other. No one deserves to live in a relationship where they constantly fear harm.


  1. Friendship


This is probably the most underrated, yet one of the important things in a relationship. Blessed are those couples who can be partners as well as best friends. Friendship is said to be one of the characteristics of a happy and lasting marriage.


When you are friends with your partner, you will have shared interests that enhance your time together.


Friendship also helps in building an emotional connection between people, who then feel safe enough to be more open with each other. It also is a faster way to get to know each other. When you can see a friend in your spouse, you will be able to treat each other equally.


  1. Honesty


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? It feels good when your partner trusts you, right? Well then to establish trust in your relationship, all you have to do is be honest with your partner.


White lies and deception can fetch you short-term happiness, but if you are looking for a lasting and strong relationship, then try to be honest with your partner. The truth could hurt your partner for a while, but dishonesty could break their trust and your relationship too.


No matter how hard it may get, try to always be honest in your relationship. If you do mess up, sincerely accept your mistake and apologize. Your partner might get mad, but they may appreciate your honesty.


  1. Forgiveness


If you are in a relationship, then the first and foremost fact to understand is that no one is perfect. You could have a foot-long list of ideal partner qualities, but at the end of the day, we are all humans and make mistakes. You need to have the ability to forgive and forget (if the apology is sincere).


There could be unforgivable things (cheating) in a relationship, which you might not wish to forget. But there could be a few genuine mistakes that your partner regrets making, and needs you to forgive and forget.


  1. Communication


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? If there is one thing that can make all the above things possible in a relationship, it is communication. The ability to talk in a language that your partner understands is golden.


Be it happiness, anger, or grief, the right words can carry your intentions straight to your partner’s heart. Not being able to speak your heart or share your thoughts openly can be a killer in a relationship.


When communication goes wrong, everything tumbles because suppressing your desires, thoughts, and dreams can lead to regret and remorse that could eventually end the relationship.


  1. Quality Time


How does a couple move on from being strangers to being inseparable? Well, the answer is simple: they make their relationship a priority and spend quality time together. When you spend time with each other, you can know your partner better and understand who they are.


Quality time together will also improve your communication, thus helping in building trust and friendship between the couple. Be it going to a movie or walking in the park, spend some time with your significant other. It will do good for your relationship.


What Can You Learn From Miss Date Doctor Packages About Dating And Relationships?

Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 10

What can you learn from miss date doctor packages about dating and relationships? When you find yourself dating exclusively or in a long-term relationship, you soon realise so much of the anxiety, confusion, and questions you thought were in your past life of being single – have only just begun.


Perhaps you are finding yourself bouncing from relationship to relationship wondering is it me? Where am I going and who is going to go with me? Miss Date Doctor has packages that will help you gain understanding and insights into what you are going through.


What can you learn from miss date doctor packages about dating and relationships? It gives you the perfect opportunity to work on yourself and gain clarity on specific issues you may find yourself struggling through, get help in the small missteps that are leading to larger problems or allow us the opportunity to assist in creating healthy mind and lifestyle patterns.


Our packages are tailored for you today, not spread out over years of endless couch appointments. When it comes to dating and relationships, we believe that the parameters and approach change on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.


What can you learn from miss date doctor packages about dating and relationships? Our guidance is the result of thousands of personal experiences with our daters, their revelations, and their successes shared with us. We are their coaches, friends, shoulders, and champions. Let us show you why we are trusted by so many.


Here are a few of our packages or singles and couples from which you can choose from


For Singles




£ 270.00


  • In-depth analysis of relationship history
  • Personality test
  • Self-improvement
  • Dating advice for singles
  • Introspection
  • Understanding your core needs
  • Behavioural pattern exercises




£ 540.00


  • Dating advice for singles
  • Online dating tips
  • Confidence-building and reflection exercises
  • How to be a better dater tips
  • Understanding your core values
  • Dating education
  • D.D Contemporary CBT exercises




£ 720.00


  • Eliminating negative dating behaviour
  • Addressing stress and fear of dating
  • Online dating assistance
  • Help with past relationship emotional trauma
  • Dating advice for singles
  • Help with dating direction
  • Relationship guidance
  • Dating education and positive mindset training


What can you learn from miss date doctor packages about dating and relationships?

Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 11




  • Relationship coaching
  • Talk through emotions and needs
  • Address fears and emotions
  • Ascertain your fears and address them
  • Teaching better relationship strategies
  • Personal dating coaching for 2 months
  • 1 hour per week
  • Dating advice for singles


For Couples




£ 95.00


  • Discuss issues
  • Resolve the problem
  • One hour session
  • Talk to the coach
  • Gain guidance and mediate the discussion
  • Relationship advice




£ 555.00


  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Conflict analysation
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Introspection tests and history analysis
  • Recognise perceptions,values,core principles
  • Couples therapy exercises and training
  • Guidance, directional tasks and mediation process
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me




£ 735.00


  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Gottman method
  • Insight gaining therapy
  • Communication counselling
  • Positive psychology couples therapy
  • Couples therapy effective communication exercises
  • Homework and couples therapy implementation tasks
  • Attachment therapy
  • Resolve serious conflicts
  • Improve trust and honesty
  • Address core issues
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me


What can you learn from miss date doctor packages about dating and relationships?




£ 240.00


  • Couples therapy assessment calls
  • Introspection of each partners viewpoint
  • Communication and understanding analysis
  • Mediation on pain points
  • Addressing core issues
  • The teaching of basic relationship principles
  • D.D couples therapy training
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • pandemic discount code applied SPECIAL OFFER
  • Normally £285




£ 250.00


  • Talk issue through
  • Couples therapy
  • Address trust issues
  • Social habits training
  • Relationship boundary setting
  • Address arguments and conflict issues
  • Social media issues and tension issues addressed
  • 3 x 1 hour


Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 9



£ 350.00


  • Couples therapy
  • Discuss the future
  • Discuss needs
  • Marriage and communication discussion
  • Marriage prep consultation
  • 4 sessions
  • 1 hour x 4




£ 380.00


  • Establish why the relationship is not progressing
  • Talk through issues
  • Pinpoint why the relationship is not progressing
  • Ascertain areas needing improvement
  • Talk through emotional challenges
  • Relationship advice
  • Couples therapy
  • This package for long-term relationships that have reached a standstill
  • Assessment with each partner
  • 3 x 1-hour couple sessions = 2 individual sessions


Simply select the package that is right for you. Whether it is break up, cheating, self-improvement, or issues with an ex, we’ve got you covered.


Package, perfect for singles seeking dating profile optimization, for those interested in a guiding touch to get them to that next level of dating success, or our Relationship Package for those looking for curated, personal, and experienced advice to help with dating and relationship challenges, pitfalls, and goals.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? You will find our packages are guidelines to help you find the best avenue for your goals. We appreciate every situation and person is different and are accustomed to all types of dating and relationship problems, frustrations, and situations.


Your time with us is one in which you should feel free to be open, honest, and forthcoming. You will simply not find a more understanding, relatable, and caring ear. If you are unsure if your particular situation is one in which we can assist – please feel free to reach out to us before your purchase.


Will I be communicating with a licensed therapist?


While our team has varied advanced educational backgrounds, it is their first-hand experience with singles that sets us apart. What they don’t know about dating isn’t worth knowing.


With decades of cumulative experience in the dating industry, our staff work one-on-one with daters every day. Their empirical wisdom in serving thousands and thousands of daters is second to none.


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms? There is simply no substitute for experience and while we believe any form of self-help is invaluable, oftentimes such dating and relationship advice is given under the lack of experience needed to properly ascertain, assist and benefit daters properly.


How is it determined when I have my sessions?


Once you have registered for your desired package, our staff will be in touch with you to schedule your session/s. Together, we will work to find the best times that work for your schedule.


How Do I Contact A Miss Date Doctor Consultant?

Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most Dating Advice Platforms 15

How do I contact a miss date doctor consultant? Now you have decided to get help from miss date doctor, how do you go about it? If you are visiting any of our nearby offices, you can request to speak with our consultant in person.


They will guide you on what to do. If you are ready to book any of our coaches, counsellors, or therapist then we’ll fix you up for a free consultation which is usually 30 to 40 minutes.


How do I contact a miss date doctor consultant? If you want to speak to our online consultant, all you have to do is log onto our website and click on the “ speak to an M.D.D consultant” notification that pops up. You can 03333443853 and you will be answered by our consultant. You can also send an email to


How do I contact a miss date doctor consultant? After speaking to our consultant, you can proceed to get a free consultation. Here you would discuss your reasons for seeking help, what you want to achieve, how it would be achieved, the time for sessions, and how often.



Why Is Miss Date Doctor More Helpful Than Most Dating Advice Platforms Conclusion

Why is Miss Date Doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms 17

Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms conclusion Miss Date Doctor singles and couples counselling would be great for anyone that wants to improve their relationship, help prevent divorce, or attend couples counselling and like the flexibility that online therapy can provide.


Common issues explored in our counselling are how to:


  • Improve communication
  • Prevent separation and divorce
  • Understand each other better
  • Reduce tension and learn “good” ways to fight
  • Resolve conflicts and disagreements
  • Discuss issues around raising kids and parenting
  • Improve sex and intimacy
  • Win back your partner’s love or learn to love each other again


Improve Your Relationships And Help Prevent Divorce


Why is miss date doctor more helpful than most dating advice platforms conclusion. Miss Date Doctor can help you work towards a healthier relationship with your partner or spouse by teaching you better communication skills, showing you healthy ways to disagree, or focusing on improving your sex life.


Your therapist or counsellor could also be a helpful mediator with problems that may lead to divorce or separation. With therapy, you and your spouse or partner can learn how to love each other again and better support one another.

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