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Dating in your 20’s

Dating in your 20’s

Dating in your 20's

Dating in your 20’s can be both fun and challenging. Before you start dating, you need to figure out what you are looking for, do you want a casual relationship or a serious one. Once you are clear about what you want, it will be easier to enjoy dating and have the best experience.

This article is all about dating in your 20’s; I will share some valuable tips with you. SO, let’s get started:

What are the hardest aspects about Dating in your 20’s?

what are the hardest aspects about dating in your 20's

Dating in your 20’s can be really hard because you are still young, just graduated, and confused about everything. You have a complicated love life don’t know what you want as you are still figuring out. What are the hardest aspects about Dating in your 20’s? let’s have a look at these:

Apps create a lot of confusion

Online dating is preferred these days, but it comes with a lot of confusion. It is very popular among those in the ’20s. But the problem with dating apps is that you see a lot of potential daters on your phone, and all you need to do is swipe right or left. You do not know if the individuals are really like this or just pretending. You don’t know if that person is looking for something serious or just a hookup. So, if you want to check this, you need to wait about a week of just texting or calling before you meet them in person. If they are just looking for a hookup, they won’t invest a week.

Ghosting is real

Although ghosting is common among people of every age, it is practiced more among people in their 20’s. It can affect you terribly. You might start thinking that you are not good enough. But you need to understand that it has nothing to do with you. The other person should be brave enough to use words to tell you that things are not working.

Stalking your ex

After a breakup, people try to stalk their ex, and social media has made this even easier. With just a click, you can check what is happening in your ex’s life and who is their new lover. It makes you sadder, and moving on becomes more difficult. Make sure to cut off any kind of connection with your partner.

There are unspoken rules.

Being “too demanding,” “showing too much interest,” or “too clingy” can scare off people. You want to see or meet someone every couple of days , and other person calls you clingy. You are supposed to act relaxed even if you are not feeling like it. All of this is wrong and messes up your peace of mind making it hard to date in your 20’s. If someone is not gentle with your heart, he or she certainly does not deserve it. Being intense or clingy is wrong but asking to spend  a reasonable amount of time together is reasonable.

You feel like you are their mom.

Everything is expensive these days, rents, school fees and if someone has just graduated and doesn’t have a job they prefer to stay with their parents. So, when you are dating someone like this, it feels like you are their mom. But that’s is not the case with everyone; you can’t assume that someone is immature just because they stay with their parents. Even Simon Cowell did this sometimes people need time to sort themselves out.

Dating for the first time in your 20’s

If you are ready to try dating in your 20’s, you might think that you are the only one doing this. No, you are not the only one. There is nothing wrong with starting dating a little late than average. The right time to start dating is when you feel ready. Dating for the first time in your 20’s might feel scary at first, but you will enjoy it if you are not dating for the sake of dating, not because of some pressure or some insecurities. So do not feel stressed and try the tips I am going to share with you in the next section.

How do you start Dating in your 20’s?

how do you start dating in your 20's

How do you start Dating in your 20’s? Here is some helpful advice for you:

You have had other relationships before

Just because it is your first time dating someone does not mean you know nothing about negotiating a relationship. You might have no dating experience you still have a relationship with your parents and your friends. Just keep in mind that the same rules apply. Treat others the way you want them to treat you, make good conversation, etc., etc. Make sure that you have interpersonal skills to make your dating experience better.

You should not settle.

People in their 20s start panicking about being 30. For some people, it means that it is the right time to settle down. It is good somehow as you do not play games and do it seriously with a purpose. But some people feel too much pressure to settle down that they try to force a relationship that is not meant to be. They might choose to stay in a mediocre relationship because they think it is time to get married which is wrong. You do not have to believe that the first person you meet is your only shot. Make sure that you connect with the person and want to be with him or her rather than just wanting to be in a relationship.

A lot of expectations will hurt.

In addition to not settling, it also means letting go of expectations. This does not include your priorities and deal breakers; those things are important, but the idea that your partner needs to look a certain way is not as valuable as it seems. It is a good thing if you expect your partner to be genuine, but if you want your partner to look tall, have a gym body, or have blue eyes, these are superficial things. These things do not define a person and do not tell you if they will be genuine with you or not.

You do not have to share everything.

Personally, I am not a fan of lying but what I believe is that you do not have to share everything on your first date. I would suggest you be upfront about your experience and try to own it. But if you feel awkward while telling them that you have never dated before, do not tell it right away. If you are honest with them about every other thing during the initial days, you do not have to lay it out.

You deserve all the fun.

Just because you have never been in casual relationships or hookups does not mean you should miss this out thinking you are late. Although these are not for everyone still, you can still experiment if you want. The key to enjoying such a relationship is to be upfront, tell them straight away that you do not want anything serious and just want something casual. Just be honest, and if you feel safe, you can have all the fun you want. This does not mean sleeping around but simply that you are not ready to commit do waste peoples time.

Take advice from friends.

It is normal to feel a little self-conscious and insecure when your friends around you keep on talking about sex and relationships. You might feel a little uncomfortable; keep in mind that they do not have any intention to do so; they just don’t know what you are going through. It is better to share your feelings with them and ask for their advice. Starting dating is not easy if you have a friend by your side who guides and helps you learn new things about the dating world. Do not shy away from the sex talk; take help from friends or from a professional counselor or sex therapist.DATING ADVICE FOR SINGLES CLICK HERE

Try to have fun

Dating comes with its ups and downs, but that does not mean you cannot have fun. Dating should be fun, so if it just feels scary and hard to you, work on what you can change. Maybe traditional dating is your thing, and online dating is not; maybe it is good to ask a friend to set you up with someone. Do not be afraid to find what works for you.

10 things you need to do when dating in 20’s

10 things you need to do when dating in your 20's

We all have a friend who has everything sorted and planned when they are going to marry, which career they want to pursue, how many kids they want. That is a good thing. But there should be an element of surprise in your life so that it does not become boring. Dating in the ’20s is full of surprises, including good and bad experiences. Here are 10 things you need to do when dating in 20’s:

Ready to meet someone wherever

Join online dating sites, ask your friends to set you up, smile at strangers while shopping, go on events. Additionally, invest your time in what you like; you like cooking, join a cooking club, love hiking, join a hiking club make friends there. Who knows, you might find someone there?

Your truth matters

Do you feel like something is wrong? Do you want to take it to the next level but not sure whether your date wants the same? You need to speak your truth. Do not be afraid that another person will judge you, or you might scare him/her away. Believe me; you have nothing to lose except someone who does not want the same thing or ignoring your feelings and feeling resentful that always turns badly.

Mutual liking is necessary.

When you date someone, you keep on worrying about whether your date likes you or not. That matters but do you like them? Your likeness for them is even more important. You have to decide if this person is right for you or not.

Boundaries are very important.

What are your boundaries? Think about them as it is very important. When you are in love, you do not think about these boundaries a lot. Does it feel right if they choose for you what you should do and what career you should choose when you go with friends? No, none of this is fine. So, you need to set healthy boundaries.

It will take some time.

If you are looking for something serious and believe in the concept of “the one,” dating can be a little exhausting for you as you are going to date a lot. Finding the right person will take some time. Especially if you are dating online, you have to be very patient.

Things will be less complicated without sex.

If you are already feeling awkward about this whole dating situation, I would recommend not have sex during the first few dates or months. Keep it off the table and try to know that person. When you are not exclusive and start having sex, things get complicated.

You attract what you put out there.

You attract people who are in the same vibration as you. If you think you are meeting people who are not the right match for you, it is time to check what you are putting out there. You might need some inner work.

Be yourself

It is one of the most important pieces of advice for everyone out there. When you go on a date, be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else because you can’t pretend your whole life. Be confident about who you are, and you will attract the best people.

Your past does not define you.

It is very important to understand that your past has nothing to do with your present. So do not let it ruin your present and future relationships. If your ex cheated on you or hurt you, that does not mean your next will be like this.

Be adventurous

Dating will be really fun if you are adventurous. Instead of going on dates at expensive restaurants, go hiking or camping, or try to explore new things in your city that you haven’t tried before. This way you can bond with your date and also have a fun time. This will help you in knowing more about your date.

What are the things not to do when Dating in your 20’s?

what are the things not to do when dating in your 20's

There are many things that you should do while dating, but there are few things that you need to avoid. What are the things not to do when Dating in your 20’s? let’s have a look:

Do not cut off your friends

The thing with dating is that when you connect with someone while on a date, the rest of the world gets blurred. You start meeting them often, keep chatting or calling on the phone. It is good. But you need to understand that this person is not the only important thing in your life. Try to keep up with your friends too and try fun things with them. This way, you are giving each other space to keep your relationship fresh.

Don’t lie

When you start dating, you try to impress another person and sometimes lie. This is not the right thing to do. You do not have to lie to get someone to like you because he/she will fall in love with your lie, not with the real you.

Don’t go for looks

Looks should not matter when we talk about a meaningful relationship. So, when you are dating, seek meaningful and deeper connections. What is the point of dating someone who has looks but is not emotionally available?

Don’t talk about past relationships.

Talking about your past relationship will give a message that you are someone who is not over your past relationship and that you are the kind of person who likes complaining. No one wants to hear anything about your ex, so talk about yourself; most importantly, let the other person talk.

Don’t spend time using phone.

Spending your time on the phone is wrong. You are on a date to know someone how will it be possible if you are not focusing on the person but your phone. So, keep your phone aside and engage in conversation with them.

How to handle rejection Dating in your 20’s?

how to handle rejection dating in your 20's

In your 20’s you have probably experienced rejection. It could be from a love interest, friendship, job, or a campus group. Whatever it was, it brought a lot of disappointment and shame. When dating in the ’20s, there is always a chance of rejection, but you can cope with it. How to handle rejection Dating in your 20’s? Let’s have a look at this:

  • When you face rejection, you feel bad, disappointed, shame; you need to process these emotions. What you think is frustrating and painful this is normal, but to get over it, you need some time to take a break from dating and spend some time with yourself, stay in pajamas watch your favorite show or movie.
  • After two to three days or a week, try to snap out of it. Meet friends, family members; even if you do not feeling like start dating again, it’s fine. You can start dating again when you are ready.
  • Talk to a friend if you can’t process your emotions on your own. You can also take help from a counselor so that he or she can guide you properly.
  • With every rejection, there comes an opportunity to take an honest look at your life. Try to figure out where things went wrong; it was something you did or did not contribute to rejection. But do not beat yourself as what is done; try not to make the same mistakes again.
  • Rejection does not define you; keep this in mind. Do not blame yourself; you are still worthy of love; even if you made a mistake, remember we all are human, and no one is perfect; we all make mistakes. You deserve all the happiness in life.

How to be confident Dating in your 20’s?

how to be confident dating in your 20's

How to be confident Dating in your 20’s? Here are some tips from dating users:

“Hmm, appear more confident or BE and FEEL more confident? Outside of pursuing therapy and doing some deep introspection to change your perspective of yourself and the world. I’d just throw out there that it’s okay to fail in dating and it’s okay to not be liked by a date. It is going to happen; it’s just part of the process. I don’t think you can stop yourself from feeling nervous or shy, but rather you’ll need to work through those feelings by addressing whatever is provoking them to begin with. They’re the symptom of another cause/anxiety. Just remember that your date is likely just as nervous as you are! Every relationship is different; no two relationships are the same that you will experience. What one person may shame you for, another may appreciate or understand.”

“You are good enough! The right person will see that. I, for one, hate self-absorbed cocky men and am drawn to softer, more vulnerable ones. Keep working on yourself FOR yourself, not for anyone else. As someone else suggested, therapy is a good place to unpack why you’re feeling the way you are and what happened in your relationship- healthy relationships shouldn’t make you feel worthless. Good luck on your date!”

“Just be yourself. As much as we want to have that sort of appeal to the guys we are meeting, if you are not feeling like your natural self at the end of the day, it’s not going to work, and you will feel even worse about yourself later. Try having more hobbies outside and meet guys with similar hobbies and start as friends. Then it won’t be as awkward as there is always something in common to talk about. Also, spend more time with people you feel good around. It could be friends or family. Since they care to spend time with you, there must be something they see in you and develop some self-love. I am very shy and can’t open up much too.”

“May seem cliche but really start working on how you talk to yourself. This can be worked on, of course, in therapy. But also with meditation, where you’re consciously harnessing your mind from wandering into self-loathing thoughts and just focusing on strengthening those mind muscles. Another cliche but the powerful act is affirmations. It complements meditation in that when you feel self-hating and deprecating thoughts coming on; you remind yourself that You Are Worthy. You Are Happy. You Are Confident. Even if you don’t feel these things. Sometimes you plant those seeds so they can sprout roots and buds and turn into a tree in a few months or years. You got this.”

“My first piece of advice. This is the first step, is very difficult, the time varies wildly, the easiest piece of advice to forget. \, STOP TALKING NEGATIVE TOWARDS N ABOUT YOURSELF// sorry for the caps, but I don’t like hearing ppl speak down bout themselves. Ur worth is so much more than u feel. Don’t put on a shell to hide urself, ok. Ur not worthless but to someone that’s not right for u, ull never be enough. Here is our second piece of advice. Learn who u r n Wut ur passion is n learn about it.”

“I mean this in a kind way, as someone who sees a therapist twice a week. Therapy will help. It’s hard to fake confidence. If your last relationship has left your self-esteem in shambles, you will have to do the work to build it back up.”

“I think you just need to be more comfortable in your own skin. Look in the mirror, remind yourself of the good things you’ve done and how far you’ve come.. remember that you’re a human being, and you are enough. Also, humor yourself and have a good laugh before your date. It’ll help you be comfortable with yourself.”


So, this was all about dating in your 20’s. Just be confident and put yourself out there; you will surely enjoy dating in your 20’s. DATING ADVICE FOR SINGLES CLICK HERE.

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