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Dating Infographic 2022

Dating Infographic 2022 1 Dating Infographic 2022 2

Dating infographic

A dating infographic is a beautiful way to explain all kinds of things related to love and relationships in simplified, easy-to-understand ways. While it is virtually impossible to evaluate or even examine all the infographics available nowadays on this topic, we comprised some of the most appealing and useful infographics for you.


We believe they are all fantastic pieces of art with a high degree of information conveyed in a dating infographic form, and give a good idea of the wide variety of information that can be conveyed with the use of infographics on the topic of relationships and love.


Finding romance has changed over the generations. It seems like dating has almost died since the advent of social media and the rise of the millennials.


Is the dating trend really far from what it used to be?.

Your new relationship keeps you going in circles? You are confused about where you stand in this relationship, but you are reluctant to ask?


It’s still best to get the answer from the person in question, but if you just don’t have the guts, this hilarious infographic will help you analyze your current relationship status. Prepare some tissues.


Relationships can be quite tricky, especially in this modern day. People tend to seek relationship advice from family, friends, and relationship coaches. This dating infographic survey is meant to help you see people’s views on dating and relationships.


When asked about love, at first sight, 50% believed in love at first sight and 50% said they don’t. Having access to a dating infographic like this gives you a piece of people’s general view on relationships and helps you on how to proceed with dating.

86% believe in a special person for them while 14% don’t.

With a dating infographic, you get a quick response to certain questions about dating, relationships, and marriage. The survey we carried out showed that 65% think cheaters will cheat again and 35% believe otherwise. Here are the results of the dating infographic survey we took;


  • Do you have an ex you wish you had stayed with? 82% yes 18% no
  • Do you think most people cheat? 67% Yes 33% No
  • Do you think a destructive relationship can be changed? 14% Yes 86% No
  • Do you think it is true that a lack of self-respect and confidence stops people from leaving bad relationships? 90% Yes 10% No


A lot of people want other people’s views on certain things to consider before getting into a relationship.

Most people want to be married, at least someday. And the road to marriage paved with seasons of singleness and seasons of dating can be simultaneously exciting and treacherous. Like these dating infographics that are on marriage


  • Who should mention marriage first a woman or a man? Man 82% Woman 18%
  • Do you think finance plays a major role in a relationship heading for marriage?
  • 82% Yes 18%No
  • Do you think it is best to be married before 30 years old? 33% Yes 67% No
  • If your partner cheats on you, are you staying or going? Staying 40% Going 60%
  • Do you think finance plays a major role in choosing a partner? Yes, 78% No 22.%
  • If you can Does it matter who mentions marriage first? Yes 29% No 71%
  • Do you care about someone’s background? 61% Yes 39% No
  • I am looking for? Dating 38% Marriage 62%
  • If you can see your partner is ready for marriage but you have only been dating for a short time do you get married or wait? 50% married 50% wait
  • Are you ready for marriage? 75%Yes 25%No
  • Is it ok to break up with someone marry someone else and then decide you married the wrong person and comeback? 43%Yes 57%No


We live and date in a society of now. We can watch anything we want, anytime we want, anywhere we want. We can have any kind of food delivered to our front door in minutes. And we can “like,” flirt, and text from the safety and comfort of the crumb-filled couch in our bachelor pad.


The same selfishness and impatience are also the main ingredients in a tidal wave of premarital sex, leading more than half of us to give ourselves away before we even graduate high school.

Some things are unacceptable to us due to our morals but to some, they disagree.

For instance, a survey on first date sex had 43% admit that it is ok and 57% opposed also 42% said it is ok to invite a date back home on the first night and 58% said it wasn’t right.



There are also a good number of people in an abusive relationship who just can’t leave for some reason or another and some who date solely for financial support so they see money as something to have before you can date them.


First comes love, then comes marriage but where do credit and finances fit in? From the first few dates up to the exchange of rings and vows and beyond, your financial picture is a part of who you are and the kind of life you can offer others a role in. As a relationship progresses, finances start to become more of the discussion. Learn when more and more couples are starting to talk dollars, cents, and credit.


The language of love isn’t exclusively about finances, but finances do play an increasingly important role in how your future can look.  A dating infographic helps you feel less awkward in certain circumstance



  • What is more important in a relationship finances or attraction? 36% Finances 64%Attraction
  • Do you think a destructive relationship can be changed? 14%Yes No 86%
  • Do you think finance plays a major role in choosing a partner? Yes, 78% No 22.%
  • Have you dated a Narcissist before? 86%Yes 14% No
  • What is the worst trait to have in a woman cheater or gold digger? 60%Cheater 40%Gold Digger
  • Do you think it is true that a lack of self-respect and confidence stops people from leaving bad relationships? 90% Yes 10%No
  • When you date someone do you know when to walk away if it is not working? 46% Yes 54%No
  • Do you think money is an important factor in choosing a partner? 50% Yes 50%No
  • Have you ever felt threatened by an ex? 45% Yes 55%No


You should also know a hot date isn’t going to just fall into your lap if you don’t put yourself out there and get noticed first. With the dating infographic survey, questions that will help if you want to get into a relationship are answered based on the general public view


  • What is the best thing you can have in a relationship? 63%Trust 37%loyalty
  • Are you dating or in a relationship? 32% Yes 68% No
  • Do you think the reason some people are single is because of their bad behaviour? 57%Yes No 43%Do you believe people are not as serious about commitment these days as they were in the olden days? 100%
  • If you had to choose one of these qualities for your dream partner which would you choose?
  • Sense of humor or good looks? 100% Sense of humor
  • How quickly do you decide if someone is worth dating? 69% a week 31% 18 Months
  • Do you think if less women would tolerate cheating men would do it less? Yes 70% No 30%
  • Do you think that dating is getting more difficult in today’s modern society? 100% Yes
  • Do you think that dating is getting more difficult in today’s modern society? 100% Yes


The objective is to get you to meet great people with similar interests and if you are having cold feet about dating you should know it is not just you in this dilemma.


Every relationship requires work and you don’t want the romance to die. Our dating infographic relates the answer from our survey. It helps resolve certain issues quickly, especially those ones that don’t need the help of a coach just yet


The purpose of this question submission tool is to provide general education on credit reporting. If you have a question, others likely have the same question, too. By sharing your questions and our answers, we can help others as well.


If you’re just waiting for the perfect hire or the perfect companion, it’s likely you’re not going to get any results. This lovely dating infographic will help you get proactive and speedy when looking for “The One” on both fronts.


Taking a hint from speed dating, the infographic shows that you can improve your chances of finding “The One” for your position or for your heart by simply meeting more people in less time. This would be difficult for your hiring if you’re still using time-consuming phone screens.


Finally, whether you’re on a date or conducting an interview, you shouldn’t completely focus on the conversation. Nonverbal communication, making up 93% of all communication, is too important to ignore.


So turn to online video to get a complete first impression of your new date, one that includes both verbal and nonverbal communication. Check out the dating infographic below for more tips on finding “The One.

  • Dating and relationships can be tricky. With all of the dating app data out there, you would think we’d be able to find some dating stats to help us find our perfect match.
  • Do you think dating websites work? 27% Yes 73% No
  • What is more important in a relationship trust or love? 60% Trust 40% Love
  • Which type of characters do you prefer? chatty or quiet? 83%Chatty 17% Quiet
  • If someone is single for a long time do you think? 25% Why 75% No big deal
  • Would you like us to find you the right partner? 77% Yes 23%No
  • Do people love in different ways or do you believe if a person is not chasing and obsessed then it’s not love?
  • 80%Yes 20%No
  • Sex is a big part of the success of a relationship? Yes 94% No 6%
  • When you date someone do you know when to walk away if it is not working? 46% Yes 54%No
  • Relationships with too many arguments? Fails 24% are not Healthy 76%
  • Do you have an ex you wish you had stayed with? 82% Yes 18%No
  • Is it ok to be friends with an ex? 61% Yes 39% No
  • Do you think a lot of people understand no matter what happens you can always meet someone else? Yes 80% No 20%

Dating infographic conclusion

Some recent research may have just gotten us one step closer to hacking our way to love. At Miss Date Doctor we do this dating infographic to help you get speedy answers to questions you might have. How can we help you here is what matters to us. We asked some people certain questions and these were their answers

I set out to make a dating infographic that would help me see a few things:


  • What do you need more help with in your dating life advice or finding the right person? 42% Advice
  • 58%Person
  • What do you want from Miss Date Doctor? 46% Support 54%Partner
  • Do you think most people cheat? 67% Yes 33% No
  • Do you think people should be more vocal when dating and give a person a chance to amend bad behaviour? Yes 86% No 14%
  • Do you know when someone loves you? 60% Yes 40%No
  • Do you believe if you truly love someone you will forgive them for anything 58% Yes 42%No
  • Have you ever cheated on a partner before? 29% Yes 71% No
  • If you love someone you? Fight for it 80% It just works 20%

Relationships are about sacrifice and most times what our partners do keeps us asking if we should stay or go. Love sometimes is not enough to sustain a relationship, a level of understanding is needed to scale through ups and down in a relationship and I am glad this dating infographic survey is an eye-opener to what most people can and cannot take in a relationship.

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