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Dating sites If you are looking to get a new going out with a site, you might want to consider reading some dating site reviews.


These kinds of reviews may help you decide which dating service is right for you. Before you register online for an internet dating site, consider the level of private information you would be relaxing giving other folks.


Some sites allow anyone to view your profile, whilst some only permit selected Eunice Hong information to be visible to other customers. It is important to give info that you are comfortable having other folks find.


One thing to remember is that online dating products will typically have promotional discounts and special discounts to keep their customers happy.


Purchasing long-term strategies are usually more cost-effective than rolling using a shorter registration. Check to see if the site gives a free trial, too.


You might be surprised by the range of account plans available. You can find a suitable dating service by reading reviews and comparing features and prices. In that case, you can evaluate if you want to join. One of the most well-known dating services on the internet is OkCupid. It enables users to browse profiles and mail messages to compatible individuals.


The site exists for both desktop PCs and mobile phones. Signing up can be free and users can choose between a mobile and a computer rendition.


The website requires extensive information about the user and matches persons based on their preferences. OkCupid is including the LGBTQ community and has improved its software to accommodate its users.


It has large numbers of users, although there have been a handful of reports of questionable sales messages.


This site offers detailed reviews of popular dating apps and dating sites. With our member and team reviews, you’ll discover how each service works, its features, and its approximate cost. Most apps and sites offer a free dating profile, searching, and matching, but to communicate with someone you will have to purchase a subscription or buy credits.


None of the popular dating sites and/or dating apps are completely free. strives to make it easy for you to find other singles online by including a variety of dating categories.


Whether you’re interested in finding a mature older companion, meeting someone from a similar faith, or just beginning to explore online dating, these categories below will allow you to see, at a glance, all of your options is a fast-growing digital company in the niche of intent marketing.


They thrive to create high-quality review sites that give consumers the necessary information about various services and products on the internet to help them to make well-informed choices.


This review site is designed to help singles to find an international dating site that suits their particular needs. cannot and does not provide information about every dating site available. Nevertheless, the team has selected some of the most popular dating sites, and reviewed those thoroughly for you.


So, after reading reviews on Dating sites, it is believed you can get a good feel for a particular site, its popularity, reputation, user base, user interface, sign-up procedure, available tools and features, and pricing policy.


They provide all our reviews for free because they are paid for by promoted brands that can be reviewed on the sites. receives advertising compensation in various forms from companies that provide reviewed services and products when you click links on the sites to visit their sites, sign up there, or make a purchase there.


Such advertising compensation influences the location and order in which the products or services are presented on the site. (Dating sites


At the same time, advertising compensation is not the only factor that impacts the content, topics, or posts on the site. 2

Their ratings and scores, opinions, and review findings are also based on analysis of various criteria that also include brand popularity, reputation, engagement, design, etc.


The reviews and analysis published on are original and the reviewers follow internal guidelines to ensure high-quality content, and accurate, helpful information.


The site requires reviewers to make their own independent and unbiased judgments. Reviewers and editors are separated from the marketing team and prepare materials upon their personal opinion foremost.


On,  reviewers spend some time using each reviewed site and write their reviews based on their personal experiences.


They give their feedback about such service features as interface and user-friendliness, ease of joining, site functions, pricing, support service, etc.


Editorial teams periodically review and proofread all the content posted on our site. The site makes its best efforts to publish accurate content, but there is always a chance some details may be left out, or new information becomes available after publication.


If new information is discovered, the correct review is published as soon as possible. Promoted brands may also reach them and request to actualize our content.


In any case,  readers can contact via email and express their feedback about our reviews and our content.


The Score for each reviewed dating site is the result of a collective assessment taking into consideration the factual information published on third-party analytical sites and review platforms, as well as the opinion of the team – reviewers and designers about the look & feel of each reviewed site.


The Score for each reviewed dating site is based on the reviewed site’s relative popularity, users’ engagement, reputation, and personal look & feel of the dating site that is gained after many hours of research.


Popularity: Popularity is a complex but accurate metric in methodology. It is calculated based on analytical data of unique users and users’ visits to each dating site. gets these numbers for calculations from trusted analytical platforms such as SimilarWeb. A higher popularity score means a larger user base and more visits to a particular dating site.


Engagement. Engagement tells how actively users use a particular dating site – if they use it a lot, can assume they like this site.


It takes into account user visits, frequency of visit duration, the average number of viewed pages per visit, and bounce rate.


This info is gotten from an advanced third-party analytical platform Similar Web. Higher frequency, larger visit duration, more pages viewed, and lower bounce rate give us reasons to grant a higher engagement score.


Reputation. For our reputation score, we take real users’ feedback about each reviewed site from independent customer reviews platforms such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot.


This score shall help our readers to choose dating sites with a better reputation. We understand that this approach is not accurate, because even on these sites scores can be manipulated, but there is a true voice of real users as well.


Criteria: defines it by taking into account multiple opinions of team members including reviewers who spend hours using and analysing each reviewed site.


They evaluate each site’s ease of use, site features and functionality, pricing, and design style in general.


Only when this holistic analysis is finished, can the relevant overall ranking of reviewed dating sites define final scores.


Eventually, the text reviews together with scores give a broad picture and valuable info about each reviewed site for readers. Relationship Relationships 1 Relationship The Site provides Relationship tips for consumers. One of such is to Write up on


Men who pose shirtless

A new study found that men who pose shirtless on dating apps give the impression that they engage in risky sexual behaviour, and are viewed as less competent by potential dates.


According to the study, shirtless pictures are a turnoff for women, because they assume these men are having more casual sex, which poses an increased risk for the women they date.


Women also tended to objectify the men in these photos and viewed them as less competent as a result.


According to PsyPost, researchers surveyed a relatively small sample – 567 undergraduate students in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 25.


Participants were shown one of eight mock Tinder profiles featuring an image of the same man, a white young male from the waist up, and asked their thoughts about attractiveness, social appeal, and competence.


The profiles were manipulated to emphasize differences – a muscular body vs non-muscular, shirtless vs wearing a shirt, and the person advertising in his profile that he’s looking for a relationship vs. casual sex.


Fifty-seven percent of participants were women and 43 percent were men. Interestingly, women judged the shirtless man across the board as less appealing.


Higher in risky sexual behaviour, lower in social appeal, and lower in competence. Male participants generally agreed with female participants but did not feel the shirtless man was less competent.


Dating sites Relationship. JoAnna Diekera, a clinical psychology postdoctoral fellow at the University of Colorado who authored the study, told PsyPost:


“A man with a sexy presentation on his online dating profile risks being viewed as less competent, less likable, and as a sexual risk-taker by others.


In practical terms, women respond negatively to men with a sexy dating profile and it’s contrary to what women like on a dating profile.”


PsyPost reported on the study and pointed out that scientists have mostly explored sexualized images of women and how people perceive them.


But this is one of a few studies focused on sexualized images of men. The research was published in Sex Roles: A Journal of Research.


Diekera also noted that the study focused on responses to a white man of “average attractiveness,” according to PsyPost, and participants were limited to a particular demographic of young graduate students.


“We can’t assume that these findings are relevant to men of other racial/ethnic backgrounds, and other sexual orientations,” Dieker noted.


“We still need to address whether older age (of both the profile owner and viewer), sexual orientation, the profile owner’s attractiveness, and race/ethnicity influence reactions to a man’s sexy dating profile.” Relationship. Other Relationship information include



Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social platforms, has frozen the hiring of new staff for some of its divisions, including Facebook Dating.


Meta’s stock price is down almost 43 percent this year, and the company has gotten serious about streamlining its business.


It has stopped hiring for certain engineering roles, but also for recruiters and low-level data scientists, according to The Verge. relationships 2

Facebook Dating has had disappointing results despite high expectations when it first launched. Relationship. Reviews show that many Facebook Dating users were having problems matching when they used the service and blamed the problem on fake profiles proliferating on the app.


Considering the number of dating apps that use Facebook’s authentication system to verify new profiles, it should be easier for the company to get rid of fake accounts to create a better experience for users.


The rise in fake profiles could be impacting the app’s ability to attract and retain new users, too.


There are currently about 300,000 people in New York who use Facebook Dating according to The Verge, compared with about 3 million who use Bumble.


The Verge reported that Meta employees are worried about layoffs happening over the next few months, considering the declining stock value and the hiring freezes.


The CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an all-employee meeting earlier this month that job cuts are not being planned.


“I can’t sit here and make a permanent ongoing promise that as things shift that we won’t have to reconsider that,” Zuckerberg said, according to a recording of the meeting obtained by The Verge.


“But what I can tell you is that as of where we sit today, our expectation is not that we’re going to have to do that.


And instead, basically what we’re doing is we’re dialing growth to the levels that we think are going to be manageable over time.”


The dating platform was expected to overtake the market when it launched in 2019, intending to compete directly with the most popular apps, such as Tinder. Relationship. Facebook Dating never took hold with online daters, however, even during the pandemic when dating app usage increased across the board.


Zuckerberg also sought to defend his decisions and relieve employees’ anxiety. He noted the company has been hurt by the popularity of TikTok.


The tech market in general and the weariness of investors who sold their tech stocks. Apple’s new ad tracking changes also cost Meta billions of dollars in ad revenue.


“Whenever we bring growth targets down, I think that you always hear a bunch of speculation…” he noted in the meeting.


“But I do want to be clear that we’re in a very strong position and have a very healthy business, and we’re still growing quickly.” online dating Online dating 1 online offers information on various online dating platforms such as these:


  • Google

Google has reached an agreement with app developers who sued over unfair Play Store practices, including charging a 30 percent commission on all in-app purchases.


Part of the settlement requires Google to pay developers $90 million in lost revenue over the years, including Match Group.


According to TechCrunch, in addition to the $90 million payouts, Google will be revising its Developer Distribution Agreement to allow developers to contact users outside of the app.


And to be more transparent with annual reports detailing app removals and account terminations, for example.


In addition, Google will add a new “Indie Apps Corner ” to its Play Store to highlight apps made by smaller startups and independent developers, who often get overlooked by the big players.


The settlement doesn’t resolve a larger problem of allowing developers to use third-party payment systems and cutting Google Play and Apple Stores out of these commissions.


This currently is not allowed in either store. Match Group and others have sued both Apple and Google for the right to have their in-app payment system without forcing users to go through the stores, and for having to pay a percentage of every purchase to the tech giants.


But things are changing slowly. Apple has reached an agreement with Dutch regulators on new terms going forward to allow third-party payment systems for dating apps in the Dutch App Store.


The Japanese Fair Trade Commission also reached a settlement to force Apple to allow third-party billing systems to go outside of its store, cutting off its commission for those transactions.


And in South Korea, Google allowed third-party payment systems in their Store after the country passed a new law requiring it.


Last year, Google lowered its fees from 30 percent of all in-app purchases to 15 percent for subscription services and 10 percent for certain media, like E-books and music, according to TechCrunch.


This was after three states sued the company for its Play Store practices. And Congress is now weighing legislation that would force tech companies like Apple and Google to change their software business models.


The settlement amount isn’t final, however, and more than 48,000 developers would be entitled to some portion of it.


Google announced the settlement had been reached in a blog post, noting that: “A vast majority of US developers who earned revenue through Google Play will be eligible to receive money from this fund if they choose.


If the Court approves the settlement, developers that qualify will be notified and allowed to receive a distribution from the fund.”


  • Hinge online dating. Hinge announced that it has launched a new feature called “Dating Intentions” to encourage users to be more honest and upfront about what kind of relationship they are looking for.


According to TechCrunch, the feature allows users to select a dating goal from a drop-down menu, which will be displayed in their profile.


Some options include “life partner,” “long-term,” “open to short-term,” “short term, open to long-term,” “short term,” and “figuring out my dating goals.” online dating. Online daters have grown increasingly frustrated with forming relationships that go nowhere, or that are layered in ambiguity.


Some find it difficult to ask their dates what they are looking for in a relationship in the early stages, which leads to a lot of misunderstanding and heartache down the line after they’ve invested emotionally in the relationship.


Hinge hopes the new feature will help alleviate that or at least help spark a conversation before the first date so both parties know what to expect.


Another bonus to the new feature is that it will allow users to add context to their profile via a new “Backstory” open-text option, according to TechCrunch.


This will let users explain their dating history, what they are looking for, and in general, be more transparent and direct about their goals.


“With more than a third (34%) of Hinge users having found themselves in a ‘situationship’ before, this new feature has been shown to help daters decide who to match with, with 65% of Hinge daters agreeing it helped their dating decisions,” the company said of the new feature. online dating. Recently, Hinge launched a Self-Care Prompts feature to allow users to strike up conversations about mental health and self-care practices, which have become an important topic of conversation among daters post-pandemic.


Like with Dating Intentions, these prompts also help users to communicate more deeply and effectively with each other, another important facet of Hinge’s mission to help users find and create lasting relationships.


As TechCrunch points out, Hinge has rolled out many features lately to help people communicate more effectively over the app, including an audio feature called “Voice First,”


This happened to go viral with users sharing the voice memos they received from other daters over TikTok. The move also proved that voice features can be an engaging part of the dating app experience, especially for younger daters.


Hinge hopes that its Dating Intentions and Self-Care features will also be an important part of its app and help create more engagement and connection for its users.


On a side note, Hinge did have a similar feature called just Intentions way back in 2015 that had fewer options to select. So this feature should be considered more of an update or relaunch. online dating 2

  • Apples in Netherland online dating. Regulators in The Netherlands have just rejected another rules revision from Apple regarding how it will manage third-party payment platforms for dating apps in its app store.


According to Apple Insider, The Authority for Consumers and Markets said that the changes Apple made in its latest rules submission in March were improved but still insufficient.


In that revision, Apple had allowed dating apps to use third-party payment systems, but developers had to choose between either the third-party payment system or Apple’s system, not both.


Apple also required that the apps would have to notify users that they would be using a system that Apple didn’t control.


What continues to be a sticking point for the tech giant as well as the commission it charges all developers who place apps in the app store.


Apple said that even if dating apps use a third-party payment system, they would still charge developers a 27 percent commission to be able to operate in the app store.


(Currently, Apple charges a 30 percent commission to developers and all in-app payments must go through its app store.)


The ACM said in a statement that Apple still “uses unreasonable conditions for dating app providers in the Netherlands.”


The ACM also says that it is still in talks with Apple and is working on new penalties and measures to force Apple’s hand to make changes.


The regulator acknowledged that the more than 50 million euros in fines it has leveled on Apple for not meeting requirements “did not have the desired result,” according to the statement and that it is preparing “a new order subject to a penalty,” according to Apple Insider.


The statement issued by the ACM didn’t go into detail as to what it expects from Apple, or what potentially harsher penalties it might enforce.


The 50 million euro fine was an accumulation of 5 million euro weekly fines for non-compliance ACM had ordered Apple to pay. It seems likely this will increase in the meantime.


Match Group, which brought the issue of third-party payments to the attention of the Dutch regulators, has now alerted the ACM to similar practices with the Google Play store.


According to TechCrunch, the regulator said in a press statement: “Dating-app providers allegedly are no longer able to use a payment system other than Google’s payment system.


In addition, dating apps claim they are no longer allowed to refer to other payment methods either.”


The regulator went on to say: “Dating-app provider [Match Group] has asked ACM to assess whether Google abuses its dominant position with these practices.


ACM will therefore conduct a preliminary investigation in response to this request.” services Services 1

Dating sites services. The Site offers a wide range of services, including introducing visitors to online dating platforms with relevant reviews. Some of these reviews



Pros And Cons Of OkCupid



These are the best parts of OkCupid.


  • It is free to use and users can send and receive messages to mutual likes. Paid options are available that include additional dating features Wide range of sexual orientation and gender options.


  • Fairly detailed profiles with a match of questions that do not take too long to fill out. Has the simplicity of Tinder and the matching prowess of eHarmony.


  • Easy to use with a clean interface



These are the parts of OkCupid that need improvement.


  • Advertising on the website and in the app.


  • No group chatting, only instant messaging.


  • No video uploading or audio/video chat.


  • Profile verification is limited to Facebook only. Newer methods using texts and photos are not used.


  • If you are looking for the unique experience of OkCupid circa 2015 or older, it is mostly gone. All the questions, tests, and quizzes that OkCupid and other members made back then have been replaced by just 15 match questions


Editors Bottom Line

“OkCupid” is all about who you are and not what you look like.


Their motto – Dating Deserves Better – means that they are matching on what matters to you and not the superficial traits other dating services may use. Following this mantra has given OkCupid many fans.


Rated 4 out of 5 Stars Services.



Positives of eHarmony

These are the best parts of eHarmony.


  • Very detailed matching model based on 32 key dimensions of compatibility, which include things like communication style, how you approach people, and how you see the world.


  • Ideal for those who are serious about marriage or a long-term relationship.


  • Well-designed and easy-to-use app and website with zero ads.


  • Video Date feature for live video chatting between matches


Negatives of eHarmony

These are the parts of eHarmony that need improvement.


  • More expensive than other dating services


  • Presents match based on the profile you create; you can’t perform your searches.


  • Free members can only see blurred photos and can only respond to a first message


Editors Bottom Line.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship, then “eHarmony” with its in-depth matching system is the ideal dating service. It goes beyond simple matching and takes your personality into account.


Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars. also gives the latest updates on dating sites. Services.

Bumble App

Shares of dating company Bumble Inc rose 11 percent after news of the company’s earnings were released, with revenue beating analyst expectations.


According to Reuters, the number of total paying users across Bumble properties increased by 7.2 percent to 3 million during the first quarter of this year


This increased to $211.2 million, surpassing analyst expectations of $208.30 million. Bumble apps include its signature apps, Badoo, and French dating app Fruitz among others.


Research firm Apptopia also found that Bumble downloads in the U.S. increased 20.6 percent during the first quarter, and monthly average users rose 13.7 percent compared to the same quarter last year.


Part of the reason for the jump is due to the recent surges of Covid, which has been lucrative for dating apps for attracting and retaining new users.


Bumble also noted that the ongoing war in Ukraine and the fact that the company stopped operations in Russia and Belarus have also had a negative impact.


Especially on revenue for dating app Badoo, a very popular app in Europe. Bumble lost 60,000 paying users between the fourth and first quarter in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus according to Reuters.


It expects an even steeper loss of almost 130,000 in these markets during the second quarter. services 2

Bumble expects revenue for the second quarter to take a hit because of the Ukraine war and come in below analyst expectations of $224.16 million.


The company expects revenue to fall between $218 and $221 million, according to Reuters.


Tech subscription revenue across industries has fallen over the past year, including for a giant like Netflix, which has driven stock prices down in the sector.


Over the past year, both Match Group and Bumble stock have fallen about 59 percent, as the notion of continuous growth meets a limit. Services. While Match Group has said there is more opportunity for its dating apps in Asian markets, Western markets have slowed as almost half of their targeted audience has tried a dating app, according to The Wall Street Journal.


But both Bumble and Match Group are focusing their efforts outside of dating to increase their user base and revenue.


Bumble announced that it will expand its BFF app, and launch virtual gifts for purchase later this year.


Match Group

Match Group has hired new CEO Bernard Kim, with a background at Zynga and Electronic Arts, as the company is focused on gamifying its platform and creating more virtual experiences that can be monetized.


Match Group has sued Alphabet Inc.’s Google to avoid being kicked out of its Play Store. The dating app conglomerate has refused to pay the required 30 percent commission of its in-app sales to the tech giant.


Match joined with other companies like Epic Games in fighting Google, citing its hold on app developers to prevent them from using third-party payment systems.


Google said they will block downloads of Match’s dating apps starting June 1st if they don’t comply with Google’s contract and payment system and share the revenue from in-app sales, according to Reuters.


Apple is fighting similar issues with Match Group in The Netherlands, where Dutch regulators have required Apple to allow third-party payment platforms for dating apps.


Apple has allowed third-party providers but so far has not compromised on their commission, charging app developers 27 percent even if they use a third-party payment platform and not Apple’s.


“These exorbitant ‘fees’ force developers to charge users more for their services and utilize resources they would otherwise invest in our employees, technologies, and user-requested features,” Match Group said when it announced its lawsuit.


“In addition, monopolizing the market for in-app payments will further cement Google’s near-total control of the Android ecosystem.”


Both Google and Apple have cited security concerns when it comes to allowing third-party payment systems to operate in their stores.


Google noted that Match Group has had two years to comply with their new app store rules and has faced regulatory scrutiny for various billing issues, including subscription fraud for automatic renewals.


“As a platform, we’re always looking to work in good faith with partners to grow and evolve the ecosystem, but we’ll stand firm against false attacks on our business, especially when it puts users at risk and endangers our ability to continue investing in and serving our developer community,” said Wilson White, Google’s VP of government affairs and public policy, in a blog post on behalf of the company.


Match’s lawsuit was filed in federal court in California and accused Google of violating federal and state antitrust laws.


According to Reuters, a majority of Tinder users (Match’s most popular app), prefer the app’s payment system which allows bank transfers and installment plans, something Google Play doesn’t provide.


“This lawsuit is a measure of last resort,” current Match CEO Shar Dubey said in the statement. She will be replaced at the beginning of June by Bernard Kim.


“We tried, in good faith, to resolve these concerns with Google, but their insistence and threats have left us no choice.”


  • Grindr Services. Dating app Grindr announced it will become a public company through a merger with Tiga Acquisition, and that the combined companies have been valued at $2.1 billion.


According to Bloomberg News, Tiga is a special acquisition company and isn’t offering any private investment in public equity (PIPE) deals.


This will provide Grindr with an estimated $384 million in cash proceeds, which includes $284 million of Tiga’s cash in trust plus up to $100 million in a forward purchase agreement.


The company will use the funds to pay down debt and invest in future growth. Grindr had several offers from other SPACs before merging with Tiga.


Grindr’s Chief Financial Officer Gary Hsueh said to Bloomberg: “From our perspective, we’re ready to be a public company.


The route through a SPAC rather than a traditional initial public offering “made more sense because it had certainty and that’s even more important today than it was a year ago when the market was different.”


Grindr has changed hands a few times, most notably when it was sold to the Chinese company Beijing Kunlun Tech, which took over operations at the West Hollywood headquarters of the app.


This caused concern among employees when Kunlun executives held separate, secret conversations in Chinese over WhatsApp.


U.S. government regulators eventually got involved with Kunlun’s ownership due to national security concerns, specifically the Chinese government’s potential access to the sensitive personal data of Grindr’s users.


Including HIV status and location, which could compromise military and government officials who use the app.


Regulators forced Kunlun to sell Grindr, which it eventually did for $600 million to San Vicente Acquisition Partners LLC in 2020.


Most recently, Grindr was removed from the app store in China after a new law was passed requiring that “data stored in applications that are transferred to other locations be approved by government officials,” according to The Hill.


It was also removed from the country’s other major app market service companies, Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co.


Grindr has 11 million monthly active users, with roughly 80 percent of its user base under 35 years old, according to Bloomberg, making it a very attractive contender in the dating app market.


It currently has 723,000 paying users. Revenue grew 30 percent from the previous year in 2021, totaling $147 million.


As a comparison Match Group’s dating apps (like Tinder, POF, Hinge, etc.) in total have around 100 million monthly active users and Bumble has 40 million.


Grindr CEO Jeff Bonforte said in a statement: “Grindr is well-positioned to be a public company and will continue to expand the ways it serves the LGBTQ+ community, from products, and services to the philanthropic and advocacy work done through Grindr 4 Equality,” Conclusion Conclusion 1 Conclusion. If you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of various Dating Apps, you should visit conclusion 2

Dating sites Conclusion. The site is up to date on recent news about Dating Platforms. They can link you up with new dating sites and give tips on how to set up your profile. Register at Dating sites

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