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Facts About Sex

Facts About Sex

Facts About Sex

Facts about sex. Sex was coined from the Latin word Sexus, which means a state of being male or female. Sex is a very interesting topic that is discussed on a daily basis. It is an activity that is engaged in on a daily basis by both humans and animals for pleasure or reproduction. Despite being so popular and so talked about, many people still wonder what sex actually means.

We like to define sex as the act of being physically intimate with another person, who could be someone you are romantically involved with or one you are attracted to. The standard definition of sex is usually when a man’s penis penetrates a woman’s vagina which is also called sexual intercourse, but in reality, sex is so much more than that.

Sex is a pleasurable act that has so many benefits to those who indulge in it. Some say sex must involve two people, however, one of the facts about sex is that people can have sex by themselves which is called masturbation or being monosexual. Sex does not only involve penis-in-vagina (PIV), there are also other forms of sex that will be discussed in this article.

Before we discuss the facts about sex, let us talk a little about sexual activity. Sexual activity is engaging in activities that induce sexual arousal or the act of erotically stimulating another person. This can include kissing, fondling, and touching the genital areas or other parts of the body that can stimulate sexual arousal.

Sexual activity is different for the different people that engage in it. One of the facts about sex is that it can be heterosexual; involving two people of the opposite sex, homosexual; involving two people of the same sex, and monosexual; which is performed by one person and generally called masturbation, an act that involves pleasuring oneself.

Now that we have an understanding of what sexual activity is, let us look at what it means to be sexually active. Being sexually active means you engage in any sexual activity mentioned above. One thing to note when looking at facts about sex is that it involves engaging in any activity that involves contact with genitals or other parts of the body that can lead to arousal.

There are lots of myths about what it means to be sexually active, but in reality, the generally accepted criterion is physical contact. So if there is physical contact with another person during sexual activity, it is said that you are sexually active. Based on this, being sexually active means you engage in acts like kissing, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal intercourse, and mutual masturbation.

One of the facts about sex is that sex can be of three types which not only include penis-in-vagina, but also include oral sex; sex that involves stimulating the genitals and other sexual parts of the body, anal sex; also known as a penis-in-butt hole, and manual sex; which includes hand jobs and sex toys.

The oral sex that involves the stimulation of the clitoris or vulva is called cunnilingus. When it involves the penis it is called fellatio and when it involves the anus, it is called an anilingus. Being sexually active does not only mean you engage in penis-in-vagina or sexual intercourse, it means you also engage in other activities such as oral sex, anal sex, or manual sex.

One major fact when looking at facts about sex is that there is no manual for sexual activity, it is best to do what works for you and your partner. You can explore as much as you want, provided it works for you both and you are both in sync on your readiness to explore the sexual activity.

There is no perfect time to do it when it comes to sex, the time is perfect only when you both agree that it is. Spontaneity is a very great tool that makes the sex life of a couple super fun. There are various types of sexual activities you can engage in, such as; vaginal, oral, anal, hand job, dry humping, masturbation, and cybersex.

Sex is very important in romantic relationships, it can have both positive and negative side effects. Adequate sex in a healthy relationship can create a very strong bond and the lack of it can also cause a rift. In unhealthy relationships, sex may be a negative tool that can mask real problems as it may be used to fill in the gap for inadequacies in the relationship.

Before we dive fully into the facts about sex, I will like us to look at some of the reasons people have sex. People have various reasons for having sex, from curiosity to pleasure. Let us look at some reasons here;

For Pleasure

This is one of the main reasons most people have sex. Oxytocin, which is also called the feel-good hormone released during sexual activities can create a very pleasurable feeling that makes people want to keep coming back or want more of it. Sexual pleasure can promote healing in many aspects of life.

Show Affection

Sex can be used as a show of affection. One of the facts about sex is that most men see sex as a great way to show affection for their partners, even though that is not always the case for women. It is okay to use sex as a show of affection for your partner, but it can have a negative effect if sex is the only way you show your partner that you really care about them.

Express love

Sex can also be an expression of love. Sex can be more than sex when two people are really in love and share a very healthy, loving relationship. It can be a great way to let your partner know that you really love them.

Achieve Orgasm

One of the facts about sex is that there are five hormones that come to play when you reach orgasm and these hormones can make you keep wanting more of the feeling. The hormones released are oxytocin which triggers feelings of love and attachment and promotes bonding. Dopamine triggers feelings of intense pleasure and fulfillment.

There are also Endorphins released during orgasm which can trigger a sense of euphoria and reduce stress levels, Serotonin which induces sleep and boosts your mood and appetite and Prolactin which gives the feeling of satisfaction and promotes bonding after sex. These hormones released can be the reason why many people want or have sex.

Desire for Intimacy

This is another reason why people may want to have sex. Sex time is a very special time that may increase the intimacy level of a relationship. Having your partner all to yourself and away from all the worries or stress can be a good reason why people have sex. Intimacy in a relationship needs to be fostered and sex can help with that.

Strong Attraction

A strong attraction to a person can cause you to be sexually aroused, especially if they have the physical attributes that turn you on and you cannot resist their sexiness. A person may want to have sex because they are turned on and need to relieve the sexual arousal and feel good.

Adventure or Curiosity

Most young people that engage in sexual activities do so out of curiosity or the need to be adventurous. So many things are fascinating to young minds and sex is on that list, and satisfying that curiosity may be one of the reasons they have sex.

Explore New Sexual Opportunities

Some people have sex to try out a new sex position they probably saw on the internet or in a book, while others may want to explore their sexual abilities or try out something new with their partners.


This is one of the main reasons many couples have sex. Couples that want children often find reproduction or having children of their own as the motivation to engage in the act. This should not be the case, because sex is more than that, but it sure is a reason why people have sex.

Sex can be amazing, with the right person, at the right time, and in the right circumstance or ambience, but more than that, there are some awesome benefits that come with it that may be a good reason why you should consider or improve on it in your relationship. Now, let us look at 20 mind-blowing facts about sex you probably never knew.

  1. First-time sex does not always hurt or make you bleed
  2. The penis girth or width is more important than the length of the sex
  3. The penis and vagina account for less than 10% of erogenous zones
  4. You can break or fracture a penis
  5. Male orgasm lasts around 6 seconds while female orgasm lasts around 20 seconds
  6. 1 in 6 women has never had an orgasm
  7. More than 70% of women don’t orgasm during penis-in-vagina sex
  8. The clitoris can withdraw into the body if it is not receiving enough blood flow or stimulation or due to prolonged abstinence from sex
  9. Frequent sex protects men from prostate cancer
  10. Sex is not only good for your heart, but it can also reduce the risk of a heart attack
  11. Frequent orgasms can lower the risk of depression, cancer, stroke, and heart disease
  12. Sex can boost your mood and self-esteem
  13. Frequent sex can improve your performance in other aspects and make you more creative
  14. Sex can reduce stress, relieve pain and even cure a headache
  15. Sex can improve a man’s sperm quality and enhance fertility, making his sperm more viable
  16. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings while the glans of the penis has 4,000 nerve endings
  17. One round of 30-minute sex can burn up to 200 calories
  18. Lesbians have the most orgasms
  19. Men can also suffer from low libido
  20. Sex doesn’t have to include orgasm

These are some of the facts about sex that you probably never knew before now. This may give you more reasons why you should strengthen your sex life with your partner as the above-mentioned are just some of the facts available.

Why Do We Need Sex?

Why Do We Need Sex?

Why do we need sex? This is a question that young and even sexually active people often ask. You may be engaging in the act but have never stopped to think of why it is necessary or you may have asked a couple of times and have never gotten an answer, well, good to have you here, read on and you will see some of the amazing benefits of sex.

Why do we need sex? Sex can do wonders for your mind and body. One of the facts about sex mentioned earlier is its ability to reduce the risk of depression. Good sex makes you happier and leaves you feeling really good about yourself because of the hormones released especially during orgasm and this good feeling can spread to other aspects of your life.

So if you have ever asked or wondered: why do we need sex? This article is for you. Let us look at some of the reasons why we need sex and the benefits that can be derived from engaging in this beautiful act. We will look at why we need sex as individuals and in our relationships.

Improves sleep

Due to the serotonin released during orgasm, excellent and frequent sex can improve your sleep. The relaxing effect of this hormone is responsible for people falling asleep right after having sex.

Lowers blood pressure

Sex is a natural stress reliever that can also take care of your heart and keep your blood pressure levels in check. It can help relieve sexual tension.

Lessens pain

We need sex because it can relieve pain by releasing oxytocin, which is the feel-good hormone during sexual activity. Researchers have found that sex can help lessen menstrual cramps.

Boosts your self-esteem

Sex can help you explore and connect with your body in a pleasurable way which has the tendency to create a feeling of self-love which can in turn boost the levels of your self-esteem.

Boosts immune system

Having sex at least one to two times per week can boost your immune system according to research. This is due to an increase in Immunoglobin antibodies by 30%. Researchers also found that people who have sex regularly have fewer sick days.

Why do we need sex? Sex is not only beneficial to individuals, people in relationships such as marriages and other romantic relationships need it. Here are some of the benefits or reasons why sex is important in these relationships.


Sex is needed in relationships because it can promote intimacy and strengthen the bond between the parties in the relationship. Sex helps to keep the spark in your relationship alive as it strengthens the emotional bond and intimacy and preserves your marriage or relationship. A relationship where both people are sexually satisfied may be fortified against major problems.

Sex time is a great opportunity to bond with your partner and communicate on a deeper level, which can further enhance the quick resolution of problems when they arise. Sex can increase your bond with your partner because it is often seen as an expression of love and affection in the relationship.

Many people in relationships may desire to have children and sex is necessary if you want to become pregnant. As much as there are other means to achieve pregnancy, the most affordable and non-emotionally draining way to achieve it is by natural conception which involves having sex.

Why do we need sex? A common saying is that men need sex more than women do, so let us look at why men may need sex as much as they do.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Research shows that men that orgasm two to three times a week a less likely to develop prostate cancer or have enlarged prostates. Frequent ejaculation helps care for men’s prostate health.

Emotional balance

A sexually satisfied man is usually emotionally balanced and able to make rational and logical decisions. Frequent orgasms can go a long way to influence the mental fitness, body image, and self-esteem of a man. A sexually satisfied man may display more confidence than one who is not.

Reduced risk of heart attack

Research shows that men who orgasm frequently are at a much lower risk of a heart attack than those who do not. Orgasms have stress-relieving effects on men and improve their sleep.


Improve fertility

Frequent orgasms can improve the quality of a man’s sperm and make it more viable, thereby improving his fertility level.

What Is Interesting About Sex?

What Is Interesting About Sex?

What is interesting about sex? Sex is a very interesting topic. So interesting that people talk about it more than they actually do it. There are so many interesting things about sex that keeps people fascinated, especially seeing that it can serve as a potent medicine for your mind and body. Sex is as beneficial for your health as it is for your pleasure.

What is interesting about sex? There are some interesting things about sex that will be mentioned in this section of the article and many of them may be surprising to you as you have probably never heard of or viewed sex in that light before now. One of the facts about sex as a topic is that it is very interesting and fun to discuss.

Here are some interesting facts to consider when you ask about what is interesting about sex;

  1. Clitoris is the female version of a tiny penis and is solely for pleasure having 8,000 nerve endings that can make a woman orgasm multiple times
  2. Penises can be categorised into growers and showers with 26% of men being growers and 74% being showers
  3. Vibrators were introduced first as a medicine to cure hysteria in women in 1929
  4. You can reach orgasm while sleeping depending on your sleeping position
  5. Most women are not able to orgasm through penis-in-vagina sex

What is interesting about sex? There are so many interesting facts about sex that makes the activity worthwhile, especially when you have it with someone you are in love with as this gives it a deeper meaning than just physical contact of genitals. Let us look at five more interesting facts about sex below;

  1. Being sexually aroused or fresh out of an orgasm makes you less likely to feel irritated with anything or anyone
  2. Your body temperature can increase during sex and it is absolutely normal
  3. 30 minutes of sex can burn up to 200 calories
  4. Sex improves bladder control in women
  5. Frequent sex increases and improves the quality of a man’s sperm

What is interesting about sex? Sex is an interesting activity and the aim of this article is to enlighten you on the benefits associated with the activity so that as you engage in it, you do so bearing in mind the amazing benefits that come with it.

How Often Do Humans Need Sex?

How Often Do Humans Need Sex?

How often do humans need sex? Sex therapists say that the quality of your sex life and connection with your partner is more important than the number of times you have sex. Sex is great, and the pressure of how often it should be done can dampen the mood, especially when you both cannot meet the standards of the norm.

How often do humans need sex? The frequency of sex depends on what feels fulfilling for you and your partner. You can have sex every day if you so desire and if it works for you and your partner. However, it is good to mention that more sex does not always equal better and so it is advisable for you and your partner to set the sex standards for your own relationship.

How often do humans need sex? There is no manual for how often you should engage in sex. Men and women need sex as often as they consider necessary. So, there is no straight answer to the question, whatever feels suitable for you both is what should matter. However, there are some medical researches that advise men to ejaculate frequently for health reasons.

How often do humans need sex? Research shows that couples who have sex at least once a week are happier than those that have less, but it is also important to mention that this frequency may not work for everyone and that is why you should consider discussing it with your partner and setting the sex frequency that works for you both.

How often do humans need sex? Some couples have sex once a week and others can have as high as 12 to 14 times per week, this is why it is advisable not to pressure yourself with what the norm is, you should focus more on what the norm is for your relationship, bearing yours and your partner’s needs in mind.

Some couples are not balanced in the bedroom and this may lead to sexual problems, which is a very common problem in relationships. It is important to let your partner know how you feel and make them understand how not fulfilling your sexual desires may be making you feel.

If you are not getting or giving sex regularly or as much as you want, work with your partner to see what works for you both. Having sex once or twice a month may be sufficient for you, but it will become a problem if your partner does not feel the same way, meaning they want sex more often than you are able or willing to give.

One of the facts about sex is that sexual incompatibility is a real thing and can cause serious problems in your relationship. Sexual incompatibility occurs when you and your partner have differences in your understanding, needs, and wants when it comes to sex. You should consider seeing a therapist if this is the case in your relationship.

The frequency of sex can also be affected if one party has low libido or other health challenges that may be preventing them from wanting sex as much as you do. Some of the possible causes of low libido may include;

  • Hormonal problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Stress, anxiety, or fatigue
  • Depression
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Contraception
  • Chronic illness
  • Sleep problems

If you are not as interested in sex as your partner, you may want to look at the following symptoms of low libido to know if this could be the root cause of your lack of interest in getting under sheets with your partner.

  • Reduced or no sexual interest or desire
  • No sexual thoughts or fantasies
  • Difficulty getting pleasure from sex
  • No pleasurable sensation from genitals stimulation
  • No interest in initiating sex

If this is the case, you may want to know how you can boost your sex life so that you and your partner can be happy and have an amazing sex life, one that can strengthen the bond of your relationship. Here are some tips to boost your sex life;

  • Spice up the bedroom activities
  • Get quality sleep
  • Exercise and practice yoga to manage stress and anxiety
  • Improve the quality of your relationship by communicating your needs
  • Focus more on foreplay
  • Communicate your feelings
  • Learn what turns you on
  • Work on your mindset
  • Eat a nutritious diet

Many times, couples can overcome this and go on to have a happier sex life. If you are having sexual problems in your relationship, it is important to speak with a sex therapist who is an expert in helping couples get their groove on in the bedroom once again. You may also be able to overcome this phase through having open communication, patience, and compromise.

What Does Sex Do For A Girl?

What Does Sex Do For A Girl?

What does sex do for a girl? People say women are not as enthusiastic about sex as men are. However, there is a good percentage of women who prove this notion wrong. More women are open to sex, but women generally prefer oral sex as it explores their body over penetrative sex which is believed to be enjoyed more by men.

What does sex do for a girl? This is one question a lot of ladies ask, as they believe that sex mostly benefits the man which is why they are often the most enthusiastic about it. The reality is that sex has so many benefits for ladies, more than they even know and we will be looking at some of the benefits in this part of the article.

What does sex do for a girl? Sex has been shown to reduce pain including menstrual cramps which can be a bummer when you have one. The oxytocin released during sex is responsible for this reduction in pain and by this, it can simultaneously elevate your mood which is sour before and during your periods.

What does sex do for a girl? Sex can boost your libido. Yes, you read right. Researchers have found that frequent sex can improve your desire for it and increase your libido levels. Sex has also been shown to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

What does sex do for a girl? A lady who orgasms frequently tends to look much younger and feel better about herself and her body image, which can also boost her self-esteem and improve her creativity and performance in other areas of her life.

Sex can fight off colds and flu by releasing immunoglobin antibodies which are responsible for boosting your immune system. It can also lower your blood pressure and make you more relaxed and improve sleep. Studies have shown that frequent sex prevents some cancers and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

How Many Times Sex In A Day Is Healthy?

How Many Times Sex In A Day Is Healthy?

How many times sex in a day is healthy? A lot of people ask this question and this may be due to speculations or hearsays of the standard number of times you should have sex daily as it may reflect your stamina and how good you are in the act. When it comes to sex, whatever number of times you and your partner want to have it daily is entirely up to you.

How many times sex in a day is healthy? Some factors have influenced the pressure people to feel to have sex so many times in one day. Sex therapists say more sex does not equal good sex. Some couples can have one round of good sex in a day which beats six rounds of sex done by another couple.

How many times sex in a day is healthy? You and your partner should determine what number of times is best for you. Sometimes, focusing on the standard set by other people can be a bummer in enjoying your sex with your partner. If you both agree that multiples in a day are best for your relationship, then it is best, but do not let external factors determine it.

How many times sex in a day is healthy? It is perfectly okay to have sex as many times as you want in a day provided you both want to do it and there is no external pressure. You and your partner should determine the frequency of sex in your relationship, but note that, focusing on the number of times may ruin the chance of spontaneity which is a great tool for spicing things up.

How many times sex in a day is healthy? Having sex every day can be great for you and your relationship as it can go a long way in strengthening the bond in your relationship. Some couples have sex more than three times a day and it is perfectly normal and most importantly, it works for them.

Facts About Sex Conclusion

Facts About Sex Conclusion

Facts about sex conclusion. It is very important to not base the standards of your relationship on what is happening in other people’s relationships because you are very different people and your and your partner’s needs may not be the same as what they aim to get from their relationship. There is no manual for sex in a relationship, you and your partner should set the pace.

Facts about sex conclusion. There are so many benefits to this enjoyable act, so when you feel a little stressed and not up for it, you should remember that it is a great stress reliever, and keeping this in mind will make sex more enjoyable in your relationship.

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