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Couples Therapy Reviews Miss Date Doctor

Couples Therapy Reviews Miss Date Doctor

Couples Therapy Reviews Miss Date Doctor

Couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor. When making the decision to go for couples therapy, you may have questions as to whether or not it will be helpful to your relationship as you do not want to waste your time and time resources on something that will not yield any results or help resolve the problems you may be having.

You may want an assurance that the time and resources that will be invested will be worth it and one great way to know if the process will be worthwhile is by going through reviews of your chosen therapist because this will go a long way in not only assuring you but also if they will be able to help with the issue you may be having with your relationship.

I would like us to take a look at couples therapy reviews Miss date Doctor, but first, let us get more insight into what couples therapy is about so you can understand how it can help you and your partner. Couples therapy is usually a process that can last several sessions and is designed to help couples identify, understand, and resolve conflicts that may be threatening their relationship.

It is also a form of psychotherapy that can help you improve your relationship, whether you are married or not. It can help you work through issues and help identify negative patterns and interpersonal conflicts which can be changed in order for you and your partner to have a healthier relationship, so why not take a look at couple therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor?

It is important to note that deciding to go through couples therapy is a good sign that you value your relationship and want things to be much better than they currently are as couples therapy can help to tackle a wide range of relationship issues that can range from communication issues to divorce, it is a good idea to talk to a therapist.

Looking at couple therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor, Stephen Castro says, “The relationship coaching at Miss Date Doctor is really good the couples therapy helped me to recognise a lot of things about my wife I never knew”. If communication is poor or you feel unheard in your relationship, then it may be time to see a therapist.

The main goal of couples therapy is to improve communication, intimacy, and trust and resolve any other issues that may be threatening your relationship so that both parties in the relationship can have a healthier and happier relationship. Before you give up on your relationship, let us read some more couple therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor.

Samantha Sunderland says, “I bought the relationship coaching for couples from the website 8 sessions and believe it or not we are now getting married!! Such a good and solid relationship education service”. Couples therapy can help your relationship, whether you are in the pre-marital stage or already married.

The couple therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor helps you see that going through couples therapy is actually worth it as it can help you and your partner dive deep into issues that may be threatening to sink your relationship and tackle the issues from their root cause. It is always advisable that before you give up on the relationship you should talk to a relationship expert.

Couples therapy can help you to explore the conflicts in your relationship and a therapist can walk you and your partner to healing and having the relationship of your dreams.

If you are having issues with communication in your relationship or you feel like you are not being heard or your partner does not understand you, read this review by Christopher Mathenge: “The most professional couples therapist I have come across the homework was very good. I and my wife talked about things we had avoided for years”.

Ruhamma says, “The couples therapy format used at MDD is very effective and transformational. The process was insightful and changed my marriage. We learned so much although we have been married for years there was a lot my husband did not understand about me. The therapist helped us to engage in a more constructive way than our previous combative style”.

Many times people may not be open to couples therapy because they feel that they are exposing themselves to someone they do not know or they consider an outsider. However, if you have an open mind and believe that your relationship is worth saving, you should give it a trial. Take a look at another one of the couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor.

Theresa Hudson says, If you are having relationship problems I recommend the M.D.D they have a large team of BACP and ICF accredited professionals offering modern therapy for singles and couples. My husband loved it when initially he did not want to do it. Very good service.

Going through couples therapy can help you see things that your partner tried to communicate to you without success or the root cause of the conflicts in your relationship. Benter Ogodo says, “The couples therapy near me was very good. It made my husband a lot calmer. I was not aware of just how bad he was feeling and the sessions really helped us”.

Another couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor is by Diana Pierce: “Great stuff M.D.D my husband now understands me after 10 years Lol! The couples therapy was great for us we were able to overcome some of the most painful situations in the marriage and finally move forward. We were taught communication skills, coping mechanisms, emotional intelligence and how to improve”.

Is Couples Counselling A Good Idea?

Is Couples Counselling A Good Idea?

Is couples counselling a good idea? Many people wonder if couples counselling is actually a good idea and our reviews answer that question. So many relationships have been saved after having couples counselling with our expert therapists who take time to walk with you on the journey to improving your relationship.

Is couples counselling a good idea? Indeed it is. However, you have to be sure that you are ready for it as this is a key ingredient in the success of your therapy sessions. As much as couples therapy can be beneficial to your relationship, the readiness and willingness to be open with your therapist will go a long way to determining the outcome of your sessions with them.

Sometimes, you may feel like you are falling out of love with your partner, may be due to some irreconcilable conflicts or your partner is exhibiting some unhealthy traits and you’re just in the bad patterns and you don’t know how to get back to the good days. Counselling can really help you get things back on track.

Mia Cohen says, “The Miss Date Doctor brand is very good. I have tried other companies before but I couldn’t really relate to the counsellor’s approach, The M.D.D is extremely professional but much more modern and educational I learned so much and my husband and I have not been arguing as much since we started 6 weeks in and the communication between us is better. It is not debatable this is a very good company with great coaches and counsellors”.

Our couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor can be really helpful to your relationship if you are having communication issues and you don’t know how to reach your partner and get them to understand the way they make you feel.

If you realise that things are not perfect and you want to work them out couples counselling can be really helpful and you should consider giving it a shot. You do not need to wait until things get out of hand and a break-up is staring you both in the face because you do not know how things degenerated so much or how to get things to be the way they used to be.

Is couples counselling a good idea? If the communication is strained, arguments are getting more frequent, you can’t go through a conversation without conflicts, then it may be a good idea to go for couples counselling as it can help you to actually listen to each other and see the other person’s perspective and build healthier communication.

Duncan Wallis says, “Me and my wife had Couples Therapy at Miss Date Doctor. I was a bit skeptical at first as I had never experienced therapy before but was pleasantly surprised. Nia Williams was great kind and empathetic but at the same time honest and solution-driven. She taught us about the importance of communication and gave us tasks and exercises to do as a couple. My wife opened up a lot and I now understand her better great service!!!”

Couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor is a great tool in helping with your decision to go for couples counselling. If you have never tried this and you are skeptical about it, then you should definitely see our reviews as they can help you rest assured that you are making the right decision and it will be a worthwhile journey.

Couples counselling can help you overcome problems threatening to sink your relationship and knowing the right time to seek counselling can be a game changer in your relationship. There are some signs for you to know when the time is right for you and your partner to speak with a counsellor and save your relationship.

Is couples counselling a good idea? If things feel off, couples counselling can help you learn ways to quickly resolve conflicts before they escalate and help you both to prevent future major issues that could end your relationship as it can help tackle relationship issues, from minor issues like disagreements to major issues like strained communication.

Couples counselling can be helpful if you feel that your partner cannot hear you or there is no more emotional or physical connection between you both. A counsellor can help your partner get a deeper understanding of your needs and how to fulfill them and also create a deeper intimacy on all levels in your relationship.

Is couples counselling a good idea? If you are looking for a way to save your relationship and build a stronger relationship bond between you and your partner, become more supportive of each other, and set goals as a couple that will eventually promote growth individually and as a couple, then couples counselling is good for you.

Couples counselling is a good idea if you are looking to rebuild trust in your relationship or heal old wounds that may have stemmed from infidelity. Whether you are looking at giving your relationship another shot or have decided to end your relationship, a counsellor can help you through the process until you have healed.

Another one of the couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor is how couples therapy helped Angela Martinez heal from the pain of the infidelity of her partner and how we were able to give her the help and support she required to rebuild trust in her relationship with her partner.

Angela Martinez says, “My partner was cheating on me and I found out about it. I literally crumbled and did not know what to do the M.D.D couples therapy package helped us a lot. I considered ending the marriage and was extremely distressed. We had 12 sessions in total 4 by myself and 8 with my husband and it really helped us. This service is quite modern and different to basic counselling services. I would recommend it to anyone. Well worth it and a very empathetic company. Impressive service. Sessions are one hour each but they give you extra time if you need it”.

Couples counselling can help you and your partner even in the pre-marital stage of your relationship. There are issues that may arise on the road to forever and a counsellor can help you and your partner go through, overcome them and go on to have a successful marriage.

Couples counselling does not just help only when it involves you and your partner, it can also help when there are issues with parenting or relationships with other people in your lives. A counsellor can help you walk through issues you may be having with managing other relationships.

Counselling can help you resolve parenting conflicts which could be disagreements about how the children should be raised, building a relationship with a partner that already has a child or dealing with issues that have to do with other family members or friends that may be affecting your relationship negatively.

Sex is a big deal in any romantic relationship. If you are having sexual issues that make you feel like you are incompatible or your partner is being insensitive to your sexual needs and your relationship is drowning because of this, you should consider seeing a counsellor, as they will be able to help you deal with this issue and advice you on ways to better deal with it.

What Is The Most Common Problem Addressed In Couples Therapy?

What Is The Most Common Problem Addressed In Couples Therapy?

What is the most common problem addressed in couples therapy?  There are many issues facing relationships today and many couples take to counselling to help them address these issues in the bid to try to save their relationship. There are several problems which are regularly addressed in couples therapy and we will touch on a few of them.

What is the most common problem addressed in couples therapy? Infidelity is one of the major problems addressed in couples therapy as this can break the trust in the relationship and when trust is broken, it could take a while to fix or rebuild and a counsellor can be very helpful in helping you find coping mechanisms for the pain and ways you can save your relationship.

Your counsellor can help you identify if the relationship is worth saving or if you are better off without your partner, especially in a situation where your partner is a serial cheater. You can look at couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor to see how we have helped relationships where trust was broken get back on track and the love became stronger.

Again you may ask, what is the most common problem addressed in couples therapy? Divorce or separation is a hot topic in couples therapy sessions. There is no perfect relationship and sometimes, the imperfection may be so overwhelming that you do not know how to live with the person despite loving them and you start to look towards divorce or separation.

Communication problems are also a very common topic addressed in couples therapy. If the communication in a relationship is strained then there will hardly be peace in such a relationship because if you cannot communicate with your partner, it will create room for constant conflicts which can lead to bigger problems in your relationship.

Poor communication in a relationship can lead to frequent arguments or one part of the relationship feeling unheard or neglected. The inability to communicate effectively can create unhealthy patterns, emotional distance or the feeling that you are growing apart because you cannot seem to get through to the other person which may frustrate you.

What is the most common problem addressed in couples therapy? Financial issues are usually one of the major problems addressed in couples therapy. If you and your partner cannot see eye-to-eye on how you manage your finances it can lead to very serious issues that may threaten to end your relationship if not addressed quickly.

Sexual issues are also another major problem when talking about: “what is the most common problem addressed in couples therapy?”. Sexual compatibility is very important in intimate relationships because it can lead to bigger issues that may eventually cause the relationship to come to an end.

A counsellor can help you and your partner address this issue, as it is a very important part of an intimate relationship and if it is causing constant issues, you should consider talking to a counsellor and taking a look at some couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor as that will go a long way to fixing things.

Disagreements on parenting patterns can put a strain on a loving relationship and if you find yourself having constant arguments about it, then you should consider talking to a counsellor to help you and your partner get through this phase in your relationship.

Which Form Of Couple Therapy Is The Best?

Which Form Of Couple Therapy Is The Best?

Which form of couple therapy is the best? When you want to begin couples therapy, you may want to know which is best suited for your relationship, because you want to get the best out of your sessions. There are several forms of couples therapy that we use to help couples achieve their therapy goals and set their relationship on the path to success.

Which form of couple therapy is the best? The best form of therapy depends on the specific need of the relationship and what the goal of the therapy is. It is also determined by the underlying issues in the relationship and what the couple’s goals are for the relationship; whether they want to save it or just walk away from it.

Which form of couple therapy is the best? More often, your therapist will determine the form of therapy that is best suited for your relationship needs and will help you achieve the result you desire as there are different forms of therapy that are used in couple therapy. Let us look at some of the forms of couple therapy available;

Which form of couple therapy is the best? Emotion Focused Therapy also called EFT is sometimes considered to be the best form of therapy. It is a short-term therapy that is used to improve attachments and build stronger bonds in relationships. This form of therapy is very effective in identifying issues and developing new ways to resolve the issues.

This form of therapy is not only used for couples, it is also used to help couples and their families develop their emotional bond. Many blended families often have issues with bonding and this form of therapy can help them build the bond needed to make them have a happier family. You can look at some of our couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor.

The EFT can help with emotion-related problems, make you become more aware of your partner’s needs and help family members build a stronger bond. Over time, this pattern becomes permanent and your relationship will become a safe place for you both you see how new interaction patterns have replaced the old and reduced conflicts drastically.

It helps couples become more emotionally available and empathetic towards their partner and strengthen the attachment bond and make their relationship a safe haven. it has helped a lot of couples thrive again despite hitting a low point. There are three stages of Emotion Focused Therapy that are very helpful for individuals, couples and families and we will look at them here;


This is the first stage when using Emotion Focused Therapy. It is very helpful in identifying the negative patterns that contribute to conflict in the relationship. Negative patterns can be very detrimental to any relationship because they can cause frequent conflicts and leave one or both parties in the relationship feeling hurt and undervalued.

The Emotion Focused Therapy is also helpful in identifying negative emotions related to attachment issues and reframing them so that you can have a healthier relationship devoid of frequent conflicts. This stage helps couples see how insecurities, fears or other negative emotions may be hurting their relationship and what they can do to change it.


This is the second stage in Emotion Focused Therapy that helps each partner learn to share their emotions and show acceptance and compassion for each other.  It helps each party in the relationship become more responsive to the needs of their partner. Restructuring is a very important step in rebuilding your relationship.

This stage focuses on creating a strong emotional bond which will in turn reduce conflicts in the relationship. It can help you and your partner become vulnerable without fear of being taken advantage of and share your deepest emotions and let them know your needs and how they can meet them and vice versa.


This is the final stage where the therapist helps you and your partner develop new communication strategies and better ways through which you can interact with each other without conflicts arising. This can help couples who have communication problems and constant conflicts.

Which form of couple therapy is the best? Another form of therapy is Reflective Listening Therapy. It is intentionally listening and paying attention to your partner in order to under their position and identify with their needs. It helps you show your partner that you want to connect with them on a deeper level.

Reflective Listening Therapy helps you show your partner that you are listening to them or that you are trying your best to do so which can prevent discussions from escalating into fighting or arguments. It is making effort to hear and understand your partner and letting them know you can hear them and you understand.

Narrative Therapy is also a form of therapy used in couples counselling that views problems as separate from the couple and helps them gain awareness of pain or hurt they have held onto because of past experiences and help them gain control and be able to rewrite the love story.

Solution Focused Therapy is a form of therapy that focuses on the solution. This form of therapy focuses on what the couple wants out of the relationship or the way they see as forward in the situation at hand. It focuses on the direction the couple will like to pursue, whether they are looking for solutions to improve or save their marriage or want to walk away.

It also advises them to do more of what is already working in the relationship and make it better if possible. You can see some couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor to give you more insight into how we have helped other people through this form of therapy.

Another form of couples therapy is The Gottam Method developed by Dr. John Gottam and Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottam, “which aims to disarm conflicting verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect, and affection, remove barriers that create a feeling of stagnancy, and create a heightened sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship”.

They developed 9 components of a healthy relationship, which are;

  • Build love maps by getting to know one another’s world
  • Share fondness and admiration by focusing on the level of respect and affection in the relationship
  • Turn towards instead of away by stating your needs and being aware of bids for connection and responding to them
  • The positive perspective focuses on a more positive approach in problem-solving
  • Manage conflicts because they are a part of relationships as there are usually two different people in relationships and it is important to reconcile the differences cordially
  • Make life dreams come true by creating an atmosphere where your partner can be vulnerable and share even their biggest dreams without fear of being crushed
  • Create shared meaning by placing as much value on the relationship as you want your partner to
  • Trust is a very vital part of a relationship and it is important to build it
  • Commitment is very key to the success of any relationship

Imago Relationship Therapy is a form of couple therapy that helps couples turn conflicts into stepping stones for growth and healing. An important aspect is the Imago Dialogue which helps remove negative and hurtful language from your communication and create a safe place where you can both be open without fear.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy that helps manage issues by changing the way you think and behave. Changing negative patterns in a relationship is essential for its success. This form of therapy is best for people going through substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, and infidelity as it gets to the root cause or influence of the behaviour.

Discernment Counselling is a form of couple’s therapy that helps when a couple is looking at divorce as the best option. In the therapy, your counsellor understands you may both be in different places emotionally and try to help you work your way back together.

Couples Therapy Reviews Miss Date Doctor Conclusion

Couples Therapy Reviews Miss Date Doctor Conclusion

Couples therapy reviews Miss Date Doctor conclusion Couples therapy is essential if things are not going the way they should and you feel like your relationship needs saving but neither you nor your partner knows what to do. A professional can help you explore your relationship to see when the issues are and walk you through healing and a happier, healthier relationship.

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