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I Am Married But I Love Someone Else

I Am Married But I Love Someone Else

I am married but love someone else

I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. Love is such a fascinating emotion. You can never force it, but once it arrives and settles in, you need to actively preserve it if you don’t want it to go anywhere.


Otherwise, love comes and goes, changes, and takes us on a wild ride. Sometimes the ride is so wild that you wind up in the uncharted territory, with no idea how to proceed…


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. There is no doubt about it, this is a pretty sticky situation. When you got married to your husband or your wife, you thought that you were in it for the long haul and that the love that existed between you would never be threatened.


But fast forward to today and you’ve found yourself with very conflicting emotions.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. You are still married to your spouse, but somebody is coming into your life that has sparked very intense feelings of love.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. Some of you might be feeling like you are in love with two people at the same time, and others of you might feel that you don’t feel anything for your spouse anymore.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. This is a very uncomfortable and challenging situation, and it isn’t as uncommon as you might think.


The problem that we experience in our society is that we are not given proper education about love as we are growing up.


We are constantly being exposed to Hollywood and Disney movie culture, where it seems that everything is sunshine and rainbows for the rest of the couple’s life, no matter what.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. We aren’t taught about the fact that all relationships will encounter highs and lows, and love is not something that is magically preserved on its own.


Unfortunately, many people are met with the painful realization that the love between them and their significant other was allowed to fizzle away.


Like anything of value, the love between two people needs to be maintained and taken care of. This means that it needs to be nurtured to be kept alive.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. We are so extremely busy at this age with our jobs, our responsibilities, our social lives, etc., but it becomes dangerously easy to neglect our romantic relationships.


The result is that many people get taken for granted and when this goes on for too long, the bond between the two people begins to crumble.


For example, in many of the situations I see regularly in which two people in a relationship are struggling because there was infidelity, a recurring theme is neglect.


The flame and the complicity between the two people were not being nurtured so the person who sought comfort outside of the relationship felt like they needed something that they weren’t receiving inside the relationship.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. Many times, when there is a disconnect between the two people in a marriage, one of them will seek comfort and validation from another person. Interestingly enough, it often happens inadvertently.


The person isn’t necessarily actively searching for another person to fall in love with; it is just easier to fall for someone who offers them what they’ve been craving in their relationship.


That said and as I mentioned above, the fact that a person may develop serious feelings for someone other than their spouse does not automatically mean that they lose feelings for their spouse.


This is what puts them in a very confusing situation, and perhaps this is exactly what you are dealing with today. You can feel paralyzed by the prospect of having to choose one person.


On one hand, you have the history and the relationship that you’ve poured your time and energy into with your husband or wife, and on the other hand, do you have this new person making you feel alive again?


Can You Be In Love With Someone Else While Married?

can you be in Love With Someone Else while married

Can You Be In Love With Someone Else While Married? It is possible. Falling in love with someone else while being married is already a difficult situation to be in, add happily married to the equation and it becomes a recipe for disaster.


You are married, but could your mannerisms have led others to feel that you are single? You question yourself because you cannot comprehend what is happening.


You feel confused, you feel betrayed by your heart.  Why would someone who is happily married and living a content life, fall for someone else outside of the marriage?


Are you nuts to have feelings for someone else while married, you ask yourself zillions of questions and destroy your mental peace.


Can You Be In Love With Someone Else While Married? It does happen. Marriage is often deemed to be forever, but many circumstances make couples fall out of love, ditching the happily forever agreement.


Here are some Reasons Why People Fall In Love With Someone Outside The Marriage


We, humans, are sometimes as frail and imperfect as the marriage we are bound to. And having feelings for someone else while being married, is that a devilish sin?


No, it’s just human complexity. You keep falling in and out of love. Today you have feelings for someone else; tomorrow you start feeling guilty and once again fall back in love with your married partner.


Just like the ebb and flow of tides. You are married but in love with someone else and then you go back to being in love with your partner. Simple.


You must always remember that a marriage is a very strong bond that will be able to survive transgressions by you and your partner.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. Understand that being attracted to someone else is completely normal but what you choose to do with these feelings is on you.


  • You feel you are stuck with the wrong person

You were 25. You could have completed that degree and then opted for marriage. But you chose to fling yourself into the game called life because that was the only way you could have competed with your friends.


You were 25, what was the hurry? If only you had been strong enough to stand up for your interests, you wouldn’t have ended up in this marriage. personal


Sooner or later the ‘what if’ dawns upon you. And you start feeling like you are stuck with the wrong person because of a wrong decision.


And you start looking for the right one, outside your marriage. And now that you have found that someone, you are not sure what you should do.


A woman happily married for over 10 years began to feel resentful towards her husband because she was feeling unaccomplished in life.


Watching her husband thrive in a professional career while her days were filled with household and parenting chores made her feel extreme dissatisfaction.


However, remember it is never too late. This woman went on to get a degree in counselling and is practising with several regular clients. It is never too late to achieve your dreams.


  • You start feeling invisible

On one side there is your spouse, for whom, no matter how many surprises, confessions of love, special dishes, or small efforts to take care of their needs you pull up, they ‘never’ notice you.


And worst, they fail to appreciate you. Being taken for granted is one of the biggest issues in a long-term marriage and if this is the case in your relationship maybe you need to sit down and have that conversation with your husband.


  • Happiness leaves the marriage

One of the most common reasons why you start falling in love with someone else other than your partner is that marriage becomes more like a dull courtroom.


Years after being married, you realise that the ‘happiness’ has left your marriage gradually. There is no excitement when you are together, only an unending march of imparting duties and taking care of kids, family, and job.


Therefore, you start falling for someone who makes you feel alive. It might start as an innocent friendship but before you know it, things start spiraling into something deep and intimate and you are in love with someone outside your marriage.


What Do You Do When You Are Married But In Love With Someone Else?

what do you do when you are married but in love with someone else

What Do You Do When You Are Married But In Love With Someone Else? It’s not a situation that anyone aims to end up in, yet a lot of people find themselves married but in love with someone else.

It’ll be pretty clear to you if you feel this way (especially if you’re reading this now), but you might not have a clue what to do about it.

This is a very complex situation and one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we’re going to cover a lot of different options and outcomes so that you can do your best to figure out how you should move forward.

Here’s what to do if you are married but in love with someone else.


  • Talk to loved ones.

Speak to people you love and trust, and who won’t let anything slip to your partner.


If you’ve fallen in love with another man or woman who isn’t your spouse, you’re likely to be feeling quite confused (and potentially guilty) about those feelings, and you need to offload.


While it’s a difficult topic to discuss, you owe it to your well-being and sanity to get it off your chest and out of your mind.


You can choose how much detail you go into, but it might be worth seeking the advice, or simply ears, of someone close to you. There is always the option to seek professional counselling here too.


If you know why you’re looking elsewhere or falling for someone else, you should consider discussing that reason with your partner.


We’ll run through some reasons below, but, if you know that it’s because you feel taken for granted, for example, you can speak to your spouse about this.


Do it calmly, in a non-confrontational way, and let them know how it makes you feel. They may not realize they’re doing it and you might be surprised at how quickly they change their behaviour – and how quickly it makes you want to change yours too.


  • Set some boundaries and remove the temptation.

If you’re married and in love with someone else, you might want to give yourself some time to figure out what to do.


You can help this process by setting some boundaries with the other man or woman.


If you’re having an affair, stop seeing each other while you work out what you want to do. If they are worth your time and heart, they’ll understand and respect this.


What Do You Do When You Are Married But In Love With Someone Else? You could stop texting as often, stop going to the bar you know they’ll be at, or, if nothing has happened yet, stop yourself from interacting with them full stop.


The less the temptation, the more you can focus on what you want to do – attraction, lust, and confusing emotions aside.


Making an excuse is the easiest trap a person can fall into. When you ask them why they fell in love with someone else, they’ll often say something like ‘I don’t know!’ or ‘I was confused!’ or the infamous ‘Well, it’s not my fault!’


I’ll be blunt here — don’t do that.


The healthiest thing you can do for yourself in this situation is, to be honest. Do not put all the blame on your spouse or your lover, even if they might be partially responsible.


Always try to be objective and assess the situation in the coolest, most level-headed way you can.


There are probably several reasons for which it is worth making excuses. Perhaps you have spent too much time on dating sites or WhatsApp.


So your partner might be interested in how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp or a wife. If you have not communicated with your lover on WhatsApp, then you should say so.


  • Consequences

I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. All actions have consequences, and when it comes to falling in love while married, they can be so severe that they ruin lives.


You will need to think long and hard about this situation, and more importantly, you will have to be cool and level-headed about it.


Naturally, this is extremely hard since it’s a very emotional time for you. To make things easier, think about the consequences that your decisions will have on you, your partner, your lover, and the people around you.


Should I Tell My Husband I Love Someone Else?

should I Tell My Husband I Love Someone Else

Should I Tell My Husband I Love Someone Else? It all depends on you. But I recommend you do. Honesty and open communication in Marriage is vital.


But before you tell your husband, reflect on the following:


  • Decide How Serious You Feel AboutIt

I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. What do these feelings mean? Do you have a work crush that’s gotten out of hand? Is it worth breaking your relationship over? There are some things you need to work out in your head before you talk to your partner.


Should I Tell My Husband I Love Someone Else?  You should but before you do, think About What It Means For Your Marriage Now

Another thing you need to decide before you talk to your partner is what it means about the state of your relationship now.


If there is one area where honesty is of utmost importance, it’s how you feel about each other and the relationship.


Nothing is worse than being madly in love with a partner who’s lost that loving feeling.


Does it affect how much you love your partner? Is it because of something that’s lacking in your current relationship?


Try to wrap your head around how you got to this place and if it’s reflective of your partner or your relationship.


  • What Does It Mean About Your Relationship In The Future?

If these feelings are strong, it may mean that you want your current relationship to end— or maybe it means you’re just not sure.


But if you’re questioning your future, you need to be upfront about that. You should never lie about your outlook for the future.


A lot of times, one spouse will tell the other what they think they want to hear.” Your partner deserves better than that. You need to decide what you want.


Should I Tell My Husband I Love Someone Else? You should and when you do, be Honest

OK, so once you’ve worked everything out in your head, it’s time for the hard part: talking to your partner.


First things first: be upfront about everything you’ve thought about. It’s going to be hard and you won’t want to hurt their feelings, but it’s better in the long run.


Explain the nature of the feelings, where you think they came from, and what they may mean for your relationship.


Work Together

You have to take how you feel and how they feel on board. If you’ve decided that these feelings are because your relationship is too far gone — or they are feeling you want to act on— then it’s probably best to split.


But if it’s because you have problems that you both want to work on, then it’s going to take teamwork. Allow them to be upset, but try to be productive and move forward.


Is It OK To Love Someone After Marriage?

Is It OK To Love Someone After Marriage? It’s wrong. You don’t only cheat on your husband, but you are also given access to have an extramarital affair with someone else.


Is It OK To Love Someone After Marriage? It isn’t. You are ruining your life and someone’s life.


Marriage is a commitment, a promise you make to your partner to be there for him/her through thick and thin.


It’s also an emotional commitment to your partner. Love is when you care for somebody. You can love your parents, children, friends, family, or a dog.


There is no conflict in that. So to care for someone other than your partner is no conflict at all.


But what separates a couple’s relationship from other relationships is the physical intimacy and emotional intimacy that they share and it cannot be shared with others.


To do otherwise is to breach your partner’s trust. Don’t confuse physical attraction to love and use it as an excuse for infidelity.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. If you’re emotionally incompatible with your partner talk to your partner and if nothing works then walk out of the marriage. Never cheat.


Is It OK To Love Someone After Marriage? I discussed this topic with a friend and she believed that it is not wrong, but how you manage it, that’s the problem.


She further added that even if you fall for someone, what you want from the new relationship is what matters.


Is it Temporary or permanent? If temporary, doesn’t your husband deserve loyalty from you? If it is permanent, tell your husband, separate and move on with a new one.


Can You Be In Love With 2 People?

can you be in love with 2 People

Can You Be In Love With 2 People?  It is possible! While many people revel in the idea of a single soul mate, it’s possible to feel love for two people at the same time.


This can be confusing, especially if you are presently in a relationship. If you find you’re in love with two people, evaluate your feelings.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. Think about your love for each person and your personal feelings regarding monogamy. If you are in a relationship, figure out how to cope with feelings that verge on emotional infidelity.


After figuring out your needs and wants, look into how to move forward. If you’re in a relationship currently, you’ll want to set firm boundaries for the future.


Can You Be In Love With 2 People? Yes, you can! If you find yourself in love with two people, these people may be meeting different emotional needs.


Identifying the different reasons you love each person can help you figure out how to move forward.


What do you get from each person? Your current boyfriend or girlfriend may bring you stability, but your love for them may feel like friendship love.


You may have passion for another person that’s missing from your current relationship.


If you’re experiencing two different types of love, there are ways to navigate this. At the beginning of a relationship, you may be more passionate about someone.


Can You Be In Love With 2 People? Absolutely! If you’re feeling passion for someone new, you can limit your contact with that person to conversation, for example.


You can learn new things about someone and allow yourself to experience the emotional infatuation of a romance while staying physically faithful to your current partner.


However, be careful. You should be comfortable letting both parties know what is going on. If you’re hiding something from your partner, you may be having an emotional affair.


Think about your needs and wants. Our culture tends to value monogamy, both emotionally and physically.


However, you may want and need different things out of a relationship. Only you can define what you want and need from romantic relationships. You need to know what that is before you can move forward.


Do you feel you need to be emotionally invested in one person at a time? Some people only want to focus on one person at once. Many people find their capacity for love – romantic or otherwise – is not finite.


Think about how loving two people make you feel. Do you feel exhausted by it, or invigorated? Is it something you feel guilty about, or do you feel comfortable with the fact you love two different people?


Identify what you need. Do you need a relationship with only a single person, or are you open to loving two people at once?


Consider your take on emotional monogamy. For some people, love has to be monogamous to work. You may need to be loyal to one person on an emotional level as well as a physical one.


For others, emotional monogamy is not necessary. You can be physically faithful to one person but have feelings for people outside of your relationship.


Think about your feelings on the subject, and whether you’re okay being in love with two people.


For some, the ability to love one person at a time is vital to a happy relationship. Some people feel you cannot truly fall in love with two people, as love requires you to have an intimate connection with only a single person.


Not everyone shares this sentiment. If you are in love with two people, you may be able to have an intimate connection between two people that is equally deep and meaningful.


You may not believe love has a finite value. If this is the case, monogamy may not be in your best interest. Consider pursuing a relationship with both parties at the same time, keeping your expectations open.


Dating casually can allow you to explore your options. You may eventually settle on one person.


You may feel the need to justify your behaviour due to latent guilt. You may, for example, need to reassure yourself constantly that you and this person are “just friends” or think of justifications for spending time with this person.


You may also feel the need to cover your tracks. If you’re hiding something from your partner, you may be doing something wrong. You may, for example, delete text messages or lie to your partner about spending time with the other person.


Do you obsessively think or daydream about this person? Do you feel excitement when you know you get to see this person? If so, that’s a sign it’s emotional infidelity.


Evaluate whether your feelings for your partner are waning. If you’re in love with two different people, this may be a warning sign about your current relationship.


If you’re traditionally only able to love one person at a time, you may be falling out of love with your current partner.


How happy are you in your current relationship? If there have been problems for a while, your attachment to another person may be a warning sign.


Do you complain about your partner to this person? Do you share details about your relationship problems you would withhold from others?


Do you find yourself comparing this person to your partner? You may find this new person has qualities you feel your partner lacks. Is this person very different from your current partner?


If so, you may be latching onto someone completely different because your current relationship is not working.


Discuss your feelings with a therapist. If you’re struggling with feelings for someone else, a therapist can be helpful.


If your partner expects emotional fidelity, loving another person is a problem. A therapist can help you figure out how to sort through your feelings and proceed in your relationship.


If you’re not currently seeing a therapist, you can get a referral for one through your regular doctor.


You can also see what therapists are covered under your insurance network. If you’re a student, you may be entitled to free counseling through your school.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else. If you believe your relationship is in serious trouble due to outside feelings, consider seeing a couples counsellor with your partner to discuss these issues.


How Do I Stop Loving Someone?

how do I stop loving someone

How Do I Stop Loving Someone? At times, one may find himself in the middle of not wanting to love someone any longer.


This could be necessitated by occasions where someone loves another but that other person does not reciprocate the love.


The other person does not feel the same way. Such a situation can also result where continuing to love someone may pose a risk or threat of any kind to the person who they love.


As we all go through our lives, we will meet people with whom we could fall in love, whom we admire, and to whom we are or would be attracted.


Tips to Stop Loving Someone You Love


  • Ascertain your actual feeling and position:

The first thing to do is to ascertain what exactly it is that you feel. Do you love this person or are those mere infatuations? If this is answered in the affirmative, then proceed to determine your position.


  • Ascertain why you desire to stop loving the person:

Under this heading, you are to discover by yourself the various reasons why you have decided to stop loving the person.


There must have been a reason or reasons why one would not want an existing love setting to continue.


The reasons are always in your favour; so you should not be scared of discovering them. Find out those reasons and rub them in your face whenever a thought of that person comes up in your mind.


  • Focus on yourself:

For the fact that you have loved that person, it is ordinary to have focused on him. The thought of that person may become incessant.


You’d probably worry about getting rid of this love all the time. This takes back to the thoughts about that person.


How Do I Stop Loving Someone? To stop loving someone, you should spend more time focusing on yourself than you focus on any other. more


Spend ample time with yourself; worry about yourself instead. Since in a love relationship, the worry and thoughts are always about “us”.


You should detach yourself from that circle and normalize the thoughts about just you.


Give yourself the best possible treatment and try to acknowledge how well you are doing even without that person. Getting busy with your life will make you worry less about people.


  • Detach yourself from the person Online:

How Do I Stop Loving Someone? You should consider becoming less visible to that person online.


You should unfollow that person on all online platforms, after all when you unfollow people; they are not notified by the media system.


Remember this is someone whom it is difficult for you to stop loving. Removing traces of him online will give you peace and keep you far away from him.


  • Detach yourself physically:

This does not suggest that you should avoid occasions of having physical encounters with the person. Seeing the person frequently will reawaken the feeling of uncertainty in you.


You may become uncertain as to whether you wish to stop loving this person. Remember that you have passed this stage before which was the stage of ascertaining your actual feeling and position.


There is no point in going back there. The longer the physical distance is, the more opportunity it affords your feelings to stop loving the person.


  • Prioritize other relationships:

That person whom you so desire to stop loving is probably never the only close relationship you have made. You have your family and friends well surrounded.


You should focus on having the best of those relationships. By prioritizing your family and friends, it helps you to get over the person whom you so desire to stop loving. Then, you should channel the energy to your family and friends and see how much ease you get.


How Do You Know If You Still Love Someone?

how do you know if you still love someone

How Do You Know If You Still Love Someone? Relationships need constant love and care. When things start looking bleak and it seems your partner isn’t the person they were before, maybe they’re not.


But are you?


When you’re complacent in your relationship, you’re taking what you have for granted. You’re focusing time and attention on everything but the thing that matters most — each other.


And sometimes that may lead you to believe you’re not in love anymore. That you need to move on to find that euphoric feeling again.


But you fell in love with your partner for a reason, and chances are you can find those feelings once more, no matter how deep they’ve been buried. If this is you, look for these signs in yourself and your relationship.


Things are tough, and maybe you’re not that happy with yourself. Maybe you wish things were different in your life, and because it’s hard to admit the role you have in that, you blame it on your partner.


It’s easier to say they’re making your life miserable than it is to admit you need to make some changes, and looking for someone new seems enticing.


Why? Because it’s easy.


You start to believe that maybe if your circumstances were different, your life would be where you want it to be. And the biggest factor of your circumstances is who you’re with, isn’t it?


But the thing is, the joy you feel has little to do with the circumstances of your life. Think about it. Where is your focus? Chances are it’s not on the things you have to be grateful for, more likely it’s on the things that stress you out and make you feel unhappy.


If we choose to constantly focus on what makes us unhappy in life, then we’ll always be unhappy.


So choose. If you wish things were different — great. Now choose to make them different by changing your focus.


  • You hold on to things they’ve given you

Love notes. Small mementos and trinkets. That jacket you never gave back because it smelled like him and you felt so special wearing it.


Whether they’re buried in a box beneath your bed or scattered throughout the house, you can’t let them go. These things have meaning: they’re important to you.


So why would these things be important to you if the person who gave them to you no longer is?


In most cases, they’re not. You treasure things because of the feelings associated with them. If someone you feel nothing for gives you a gift, it’s easy to disregard it.


So if that little stuffed bear makes your eyes well up every time you see it, stop for a minute to examine why. Is it because you still love the person who gave it to you, even if things are hard right now?


Chances are, it is.


  • You care about who they’re spending their time with

Do you feel the urge to track your phone? To see who’s there when they go to hang out with a friend, or worry that maybe someone more interesting will catch their eye?


You tell them they can do what they want, but really, you want to know everything that’s going on in their lives. And why is that?


Maybe you want to be so involved because people that love each other are so involved with each other’s lives.


They aren’t unaware of how the other spends their day, because they communicate constantly.


They tell each other about who they’re around and talk to. They share stories from times during the day they weren’t together and are eager to talk to each other.


So if you want to know everything that’s going on with your partner, that doesn’t make you a stalker. That doesn’t make you clingy or possessive, that just makes you normal.


A normal person who loves another person.


  • Your body reacts physically to them

This doesn’t necessarily mean just in a romantic sense, you may get nervous or have a hard time thinking straight when they’re around.


How Do You Know If You Still Love Someone? They have power over you simply by being there — you can’t help but notice when they walk into a room — even if you don’t like the way your body tracks their every move.


If your partner is around and your body has no physical reaction, consider why. Whether your reaction is positive or negative, reacting means their presence affects you.


It may be subtle, but just being aware of another person is a sign they matter to you. You don’t tune out someone’s presence you care about, it just doesn’t happen.


You can’t help it.


  • You go through happy memories with them in your head, over and over.

That trip you took for your first anniversary, when everything was perfect and you were so in love, plays on repeat in your mind. You think of the way they looked at you, the way you felt everything was perfect.


You see pictures of moments where you both glow with happiness, and you can’t stop the flood of memories that come with them.


You think of the nights they spent by your side when you were sick, the times they dropped everything for you, making you feel like you were the most special person in the world.


You dream of those times. Long for them again.


You know how good you can be together. So if you’re remembering all the good times and moments that made life worth living, who’s to say it can’t be like that again?


  • Your fights affect you deeply

When you fight, it ruins your whole day. You are hurt — yes — but you also desperately want to fix it. You hate fighting, you wish it never happened.


Someone who truly doesn’t love their partner anymore becomes emotionally numb. When they fight they don’t care about the pain they’re causing, and they don’t feel pain themselves.


They don’t feel anything.


But if you can’t stand the way your fights make you feel, there’s hope.


  • You think of them first when something — anything — happens

Are they the first person that comes to mind when you have news you want to share? Do you think “Oh, ____ needs to hear this?”


Even if you’re not speaking and something share-worthy happens, it’s a good sign if they’re the first person to come to mind. It shows that you want things to work out, that you want them to be the person you go to.


Whether they are at the moment or not.


So check the next time something happens. Did they come into your head?


If they did, take note. You’re still in it.


  • You find yourself constantly analyzing your relationship

You catch yourself wondering if things could have gone differently the last time you fought. Maybe you could have been a bit more patient, maybe you took your frustrations out on him more than you should have.


You think of the things going on in your life. You wonder how they play a part in your relationship, and try to figure out what you can do to change them so you can find happiness again.


Maybe you need a change of scene. Maybe his job is making him unhappy. Maybe having kids would create more of a bond.


Maybe, maybe maybe.


The truth is, the majority of the time, changing jobs or having kids isn’t going to fix problems in your relationship.


The only way to do that is to look at the problems themselves and figure out what you can do to make it so they’re not problems anymore.


But are you trying to think of ways to make your relationship better? Good. It shows you care, that you want to make it work.


There are many articles out there right now telling you how to know when your relationships are over. How to end things, how to walk away and continue with your life.


Yes, relationships end. But do they always have to?


I believe that love, true love, is something worth fighting for. I believe that when you find someone you have that connection with, you should do everything in your power to keep it.


You’ll go through hard times: you may even be in one right now. But a rough patch does not mean you and your partner aren’t compatible, it just means that you’re going through a rough patch.


You could declare your relationship a failure and move on, but you know you’ve been great together.


And if you were great together once, chances are you can be great together again. That may not happen overnight, but with a little hard work, it can happen.


Sometimes all it needs is for you to create that first spark.


How Do You Detach From Someone You Love Deeply?

how do you Detach from someone you love deeply

How Do You Detach From Someone You Love Deeply?  When it comes to emotions and logic, they just don’t physiologically mix. Emotions can come out of nowhere and throw your sound thinking way off track.


And when it comes to getting a person out of your heart and mind, it certainly isn’t easy.


Here are a few expert pointers that will set you on your way to emotionally detach from that person you cared so deeply about.



Experts believe if you want other people to have love and respect for you then you must love yourself first. This means you are going to have to make changes that are going to make you smile inside-out for real.


Perhaps you need to start working out?


Maybe you need to find a new hobby and friends?


You need to restore your self-confidence if you want to find out who you are again after a breakup.


How Do You Detach From Someone You Love Deeply? Think about who you were before the relationship and find your way back to yourself. It’s not going to be easy but the quicker you accept the fact you need to do this, the better for you.


An excellent route to do this is to write down what you want, what makes you smile, and the take-action steps you need to get there.



Smothering is never a good thing in any relationship; whether you are together or just broken up. I can’t tell you how important it is to take a step back from your loved one even if your insecurities are telling you to run toward them.


Pay attention to the teeny-tiny voice inside your brain telling you that you need to step aside and find your way through this hurt and pain.


Accept the fact that if your relationship was real and mattered, then it’s going to hurt when you aren’t together.


It’s tough to do when you are emotionally vested in someone but you need to do it regardless.


Don’t think about this one please, just act like Nike and do it.



Chances are you threw your heart and soul into the relationship. Perhaps you were boyfriend and girlfriend for a year or maybe you were married for ten or more.


Right now, it doesn’t matter because you need to pry your mind open and think with your brain and gut, not your heart’s emotional vulnerability.


Ask yourself the tough questions.


*Would you be happy if your daughter or sister were in this type of relationship?


*Do you believe this person was the perfect one for you and there will never be another?


*Did your ex give you everything you wanted, needed, and deserved?


If you were going to turn back the clocks and do it all again, would you pick the same man?


Be honest here.


Each of these questions are going to help detach you from the emotional and push you towards the logical and practical, which of course you can take control of.


Use this line of thinking to push yourself away from this person that is not right for you.


Stand strong and shift forward honestly and positively and you will be just fine; no matter how much it hurts in the now.


This is a tough one but the best way for you to detach is to face the facts as to why you are still attached. It’s not right or wrong, it just is.


Think about why you are having trouble detaching and the unhealthy effect it presents to you.


Perhaps you are still dating this person you know you need to be finished with because of comfort reasons. Maybe you are managing to hang on because you just can’t stand the thought of being alone.


The first step in moving away from someone is pinpointing why you are still hooked up with them.


Are you happy with your partner right now, exactly as they are?


Are you selling yourself way short of staying with this person?


In all honesty, sometimes it’s not worth it to detach and throw in the towel. If this is the case, then you both need to agree to work on your relationships and get the help you need to work through your issues.


Every couple is going to run into relationship issues. Some you can work through and others just aren’t worth it.


Figure out the truth and you can create a plan of action to detach healthily and move forward positively in time.



If you open yourself to learning from others and listen to the relationship struggles they have battled, you can pick up on the subtle steps you need to take.


Something is comforting when you hear about people in the same boat as you.


When you can relate, you don’t feel so depressed and sad about your situation and more open to figuring out what you need to do to detach.


Something to think about.


Why Do We Fall In Love With Someone We Can’t Have?

why do we fall in love with someone we cant have

Why Do We Fall In Love With Someone We Can’t Have? Well, it’s just Human Nature! That’s how we think and act.


Usually when we realize we can’t have something we start feeling very anxious to get that something.


Yes, exactly like how small Children behave. Adults are just small Children with just bigger Toys.


Also when you realize you can’t have someone. You start to think about him/her more than usual during all your free time.


When your mind is empty we start making hypothetical Conversations and what Not, and this time we spend thinking about the person makes us more and more anxious to have him/her.


And the fact that we can’t Have him/her makes us Want to have him/her even more….!!


It’s a deadly Circle! The more you think about the person, the more you want to have the person, the more you want to have the person the more you think about him/her….


For this, I would recommend Move on! Keep your mind busy! And the best of all just until you find another person to replace his/her position in your heart moving on will be difficult!


Why Do We Fall In Love With Someone We Can’t Have? Usually, it stems from low self-esteem, producing a subconscious fear that anyone we could get involved with will end up losing interest and will dump us.


so our subconscious seeks to protect us from an anticipated rejection by only being attracted to people who we cannot start a relationship with.


Attraction is controlled by our subconscious, and especially by how we read the other person and how well their subtle signals seem familiar to us.


Often someone who is only attracted to those who are unavailable is someone who grew up without adequate nurturing and so they never acquired a healthy sense of self-esteem.


Not being accepted feels “normal” to them and that is what their subconscious looks for.


Why Do We Fall In Love With Someone We Can’t Have? You want what someone else has.

Your nature makes you believe that people who are pre-selected by other potential mates have better genes than those who haven’t been selected.


This is often called the “wedding ring effect,” which explains the idea that women tend to prefer men who’ve already been chosen by another woman.


Can I Love My Husband After Marriage?

can I love my husband after marriage

Can I Love My Husband After Marriage? Yes, you can! No one can ever be prepared for the experience called love—the synchronised heartbeats of two individuals, the joy of being together, and the uncontrollable emotions that defy understanding.


We spend a lot of time looking for love, searching for the perfect soulmate, and a lifetime of togetherness. Sometimes, love can happen after marriage.


Especially those who had an arranged marriage after failing to find their elusive share of ‘love’.


But that does not mean they could never be in love. Here’s what seven married people told us about how and when they fell in love with their spouse.


Can I Love My Husband After Marriage? Absolutely! Real love, in my opinion, happens when you have the full plethora of her qualities in front of you, and you’ve opened up all of yours.


Each of you then figures out which ones they love, which ones they are ok with, and which ones they dislike.


You then do the subconscious math of the net value and realize that the good far outweighs the bad.


There are just no surprises here, unlike in a love marriage, where you’ve spent years just putting the best foot forward and spend the post-marriage years discovering and/or displaying warts.


Love is not the passionate, fascinated obsession for the good portions; it’s the acceptance that irritating portions are far outweighed by the genuine good parts.


Can I Love My Husband After Marriage? Yes! Love after marriage requires newness at some point. The easiest way to add newness to a husband and wife’s love after marriage is by acting like you just met.


Remember that getting to know you phase in the relationship? Go back to that place.


Ask your spouse questions that you would ask someone you are dating, go on more dates, ask him what his favourite meal is, ask her what her favourite flowers are, and just have fun.


Over the years, people change and evolve so acting like you just met can provide new insight into your spouse. Humans are complex. There is always something new to learn.


Get touchy-feely

To fall in love after marriage, you need to enjoy the feeling of new love with your spouse again, so make sure you touch each other more often.


When you first fell for your partner, chances are you couldn’t keep your hands off him/her, right? Well, why stop now?


So if you are wondering how to love your wife again or how to fall in love again with your wife, start by holding hands, and giving your partner a back rub, a massage, or a kiss. Individuals need physical contact to feel loved and appreciated.


Address your partner’s needs

When two people first fall in love, they are very focused on one another. They do their best to make each other happy and tend to be very giving. As time goes by, this effort diminishes but it shouldn’t.


Of course work, kids, and other aspects of life may get in the way but to experience all the wonderful aspects of falling for your spouse once again, address his/her wants and needs.


To do that, make it a point to make your partner feel good, praise their accomplishments, and do what you can to make their day a little brighter.


This also translates into the bedroom. Remember, satisfied spouses are happy spouses!


Give your partner a special name

Rekindle the romance by calling your partner a special name like ‘honey’ or ‘sweets’. It will take you back to your dating days when you were all over each other. Don’t address your partner with a ‘hey’ or ‘listen’.


Be affectionate whenever you call out for your significant other. They are sure to take notice and will appreciate your gesture.


It might seem redundant or even embarrassing at times, but such superfluous actions convey the lengths that you can go to keep your partner happy.


Yes, they are only very small gestures, but many times it’s such little things that no one imagines anything off, that they do the things that no one can imagine.


Is It Normal To Have A Crush When Married?

Is It Normal To Have A Crush When Married? Yes, crushes are completely normal and very common among people in relationships.


One study by the University of Vermont revealed that 98% of men and 80% of women have fantasized about someone other than their current partner in the past two months.


Is It Normal To Have A Crush When Married? Yes! Crushes are particularly a dime a dozen in the workplace. In a recent study conducted by SimplyHired, 74% of full-time employees in committed relationships revealed they were attracted to an office colleague, so having a work crush even if you’re married is nothing out of the ordinary.


As for why your crush might feel so intoxicating, there’s a solid scientific reason. “Intense chemicals are at play when you first experience attraction: serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine.


This cascade of hormones can result in feeling a degree of obsession and idealization of a new partner.”


Is It Normal To Have A Crush When Married? It is!  If you feel yourself falling for someone, take a step back—it’ll help you protect your committed relationship and evaluate the crush logically.


Married people develop crushes for the same reasons as all the rest of us: They’ve been interacting with an attractive or interesting person that they vibe with.


Being married with a crush doesn’t say anything about the state of your marriage; people in very happy relationships will still occasionally find themselves getting those tingly butterflies around someone who isn’t their spouse. It’s all normal.


Feeling excited by or attracted to someone else doesn’t mean something is missing in your relationship.


One partner cannot possibly fulfill every single one of your needs—the practical to the sexual—so it’s common to look for other sources of excitement and fulfillment.”


Your attraction could reveal potential weaknesses in your current relationship—which is, again, not a bad thing. All relationships, even marriages, have room for improvement.


For instance, does your crush give you much-needed attention or romance, whereas you feel your partner does not? Do you have deep conversations with your crush but more surface interactions with your significant other?


If so, consider how you can infuse your current relationship with these absent elements. For instance, brainstorm ways your partner can provide you with more validating attention.


They’re about wanting to have a certain experience more than they are about the real another person.


What you fantasize about is a compass leading you to what’s important to you… So, you should ask yourself:


In my fantasy, how do I feel about myself? What experience does it provide for me? Then, see if there are other ways you can invite that experience into your life, especially with your current partner.”


Of course, it’s also possible that your crush doesn’t mean anything and is truly harmless. Instead, it might merely reveal what you find titillating—and “using unrealistic images, themes, and settings is part of what makes sexual fantasy so powerful,” says O’Reilly.


How do you get over a crush when you’re married?

Fantasizing about a crush is more in line with viewing pornography than actual infidelity or cheating.


In that case, consider your crush a fun diversion—as long as you are content to leave it in the realm of fantasy—not reality.


However, if you are fantasizing a lot about one person, you must examine what you are avoiding,


Avoidance is rarely a good long-term plan because the truth will eventually come out and usually in an uncontrolled way.


If you feel the urge to actualize the relationship with your crush, remind yourself that your conception of them is usually a fantasy.


There is no way your real-life partner, whom you know so well (warts and all) and have likely been with for some time, can compete with this idealized persona.


That’s because the initial newness and excitement of any relationship fade over time.


Is It Normal To Have Feelings For Someone Else While In A Relationship?

is it normal to have feelings for someone else while in a relationship

Is It Normal To Have Feelings For Someone Else While In A Relationship? Having a crush while in a relationship is usually innocuous. Research suggests that having a crush on someone other than your partner isn’t necessarily harmful to a relationship as long as you keep it in check.


Choosing to act on those feelings, however, could turn an innocent crush into an affair. Learn when being attracted to someone else while in a relationship has gone too far, as well as ways you can improve your current partnership for the long term.


Is It Normal To Have Feelings For Someone Else While In A Relationship? Finding someone else attractive while in a relationship is an entirely normal phenomenon many people experience.


While crushes are more likely to sprout up while you are going through a rough patch with your partner, they can strike at any time.


Perhaps you just started dating and have since been preoccupied with thoughts of a new person in your friend circle.


Or, maybe you’re in a long-term relationship but have feelings for someone else. You may bask in this new person’s attention for hours afterward and wonder if being with them would be better — or hotter — than staying with your current partner.


Is It Normal To Have Feelings For Someone Else While In A Relationship? While having a crush on someone other than your partner is completely normal, there are some indicators you have crossed the line.


Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your attraction to other people has gone too far:


  • Are you engaging in micro-cheating behaviours such as hiding your interactions with the other person or sexting?
  • Are you getting close to someone else just because you feel attracted to them?
  • Are you emotionally cheating or forming a deep emotional connection with the other person?
  • Are you dressing up to see the other person, affectionately touching them, engaging in exaggerated laughter, complimenting their appearance, or making sexual jokes?
  • Are you avoiding your relationship issues by focusing on others?
  • Are you becoming obsessed with the other person, and is this affecting your sexual life or behaviour toward your partner?


If you are serious about your existing relationship, it may help to address the issue. Deciding whether to tell your partner about your crush can be a tough decision.


If you think it’s necessary to help them understand what you’re going through, share how you feel with compassion and gentleness. However, be aware that your partner’s feelings could be badly hurt.


What you need to address with your partner depends on your situation, but you may consider how you’ve been taking each other for granted or if you spend as much time together as you did in the past.


Making changes in your relationship — if you want to continue it — usually takes determination and a willingness to work at things over time.


If you feel like you aren’t making progress on your own or would like some guidance in strengthening your relationship, counselling can help. Couples counselling is an excellent way of beginning the conversation or keeping yourself and your relationship on course.


Book us at Miss Date Doctor for a couples counselling session today.


Married But Constantly Thinking About Someone Else

Married but constantly thinking about someone else

Married But Constantly Thinking About Someone Else. Are you married and thinking about someone else other than your primary partner?


No need to beat yourself up over this as it can be quite common.


It’s better to recognize the extent of your thoughts and feelings for the person you’re constantly thinking about.


Then you can better know what to do about your attraction.


Married But Constantly Thinking About Someone Else. Common Reasons To Think About Someone Else

  • There are holes in your marriage – sexual, emotional, or otherwise, that need attention.
  • The person you are attracted to has certain qualities that your partner lacks.
  • The person you are attracted to has certain qualities that you lack.
  • Humans are sexual beings – it is natural for your eyes, mind, and heart to wander.
  • You are quite intuitive (or an empath) – are you picking up that someone is attracted to you?
  • This last reason is an interesting one. Say this person is a female colleague or someone in your social circle.


  • As she is nearby daily or has enough of a presence in your life, it could be that your feelings of attraction are hers towards you.


Perception Is Everything

Sensitive people tend to have more flexible boundaries.


So, this kind of entanglement may cause an adrenaline rush of feelings, particularly if your marriage has hit a stale spot or needs a bit of work to maintain the initial bonds of love.


The reasons behind constantly thinking of another person when married are varied and sometimes layered.


Take the time to ask yourself what is underneath your specific attraction problem.


Maybe you are holding a classic, “the grass is green greener” perception.


Remember the initial honeymoon period with your current partner? Those often idealized first months when your partner seemed to do, (or be) no wrong?


When The Negativity Piles Up

Perhaps you have been married for a while. Or it took the trip back on the plane from your honeymoon in the Maldives to realize how annoying your spouse’s snoring is.


Maybe you realized how annoying it is when your wife finishes your sentences in a way that makes you feel she hasn’t heard a single word you just said.


Or it could be that the person sitting on that lovely green lawn appears to be a great listener or the quietest sleeper in the world.


Of course, the reality could be that years down the line, he ends up snoring like a vacuum, and she doesn’t let you start a sentence!


Any problems in your marriage contributing to you focusing on someone else may be due to something much deeper than these “smaller” annoyances.


If that’s the case, you may need relationship coaching


Above all, be truthful about your feelings and the situation. Acknowledge what is going on in your inner world so that your outer one can be more clearly managed.


If you are wrestling with the thoughts of an innocent crush of attraction only, let the wave come, then go.


Sometimes that energized state can even help spark a refresh in your sexual life with your primary partner.


But if the crush becomes an unhealthy obsession that results in a full-blown affair, you place your relationship at severe risk of being torn apart.


Married But Constantly Thinking About Someone Else. If you’re a married person constantly thinking about someone else, then it’s your duty exclusively to keep those thoughts in check.


In sum, no one is accountable for your behavior other than you.


So be wise about your thoughts, and be wiser about your actions.


Unhappily Married And In Love With Someone Else Quotes

unhappily married and in love with someone else Quotes 1

Unhappily Married And In Love With Someone Else Quotes. In a flawless world, we love, date, get married, travel with our partners, and perhaps have children of our own. Perfect. But unfortunately, the current world is barely perfect.


This comprises the possibility that you may be married but in love with someone else besides your spouse.


Read these Unhappily Married And In Love With Someone Else Quotes


“Perhaps one day we will meet again as characters in a different story, maybe we’ll share a story then.” – Pavana.


” I just love jumping into someone else’s life. It is a relatively cheap way to experience things you would be too scared to contemplate in your own life.” – Dougray Scott.


“What is your intention as you begin dating? Are you hoping to enter another serious relationship right away? Exclusive or Open? Companion? Friend with benefits? You define this. Don’t let someone else define this for you.” – Staci Bartley.


“You cannot borrow half of who you are from someone else, yet people try to do it all the time, they just call it a relationship!” – Jennifer O’Neill.


“The television dramas we grew up on, stories of star-crossed lovers, stories of love overcoming all obstacles, well, they’re all fairy tales, obviously, like the television news; but the obvious is only obvious when it happens to someone else.” – Anthony Marra.


“That’s easy to say until the person you love is happy with someone else. Girls always choose men, and men always choose the wrong girls. It’s an endless cycle.” – Tarryn Fisher.


unhappily married and in love with someone else Quotes 2

Unhappily Married And In Love With Someone Else Quotes. “Rob?” she whispered, unsure if he would be easy to wake.

“Hmmm?” he answered sleepily, kissing her on top of her head as he pulled her naked body closer. “Were you expecting someone else?” – Samantha Chase.


“I realized someone else might tell you, you’re pretty. I’d do anything to keep you away from that person. “– Rae Hachton.


“Someone like you makes it hard to live without somebody else.” – Rod Stewart.


“It’s hard to love someone who loves someone else, but it’s harder to love someone who loves you and you can’t be together. ” – Unknown


Married But Not In Love

Married but not in love

Married But Not In Love. Partnerships aren’t cut and dry with a consistent romantic connection on both sides at all times.


To achieve this, each person needs to maintain that commitment, put in the effort and genuine hard work, and give the union sufficient time.


Signs you’re not in love anymore, or that romantic connection is waning are when you no longer have a desire to nurture the relationship or find yourself paying less attention than the union craves.


  • Lack of communication with no desire to try

When you feel no desire to discuss anything, or you’ve pretty much stopped having conversations with your mate, it’s apparent there are no more feelings.


Confirming you’re no longer in love would be having little interest when your significant other makes attempts to talk with you and you, in turn, block them out as they’re expressing how they feel.


While you may have the respect to respond to direct questions, there’s little else offered.


Avoidance or excuses combined with dread Married But Not In Love. You begin to wonder, “am I not in love anymore” when excitement to spend time with your mate turns to dread.


There used to be anticipation, initiation of plans, anxious conversations, calls to hang out merely, and an interest in what they were up to each day. Now there’s avoidance and excuses for why you can’t hang out.


  • Becoming a complainer or being critical is something new

It can seem as though everything your partner does at this point irritates you. The mate can do nothing right.


You find that you’re complaining all the time, which is something new for you but has been happening for some time.


Generally, you’re a laid-back, accessible person. Instead of continuing to be hard on your significant other, it’s essential to take a step back and look at yourself to determine “why am I not in love” because that’s basically what this behaviour should be saying to you.


  • Did you ever really love this person?

Married But Not In Love. You might have been in love with the notion of loving that person rather than indeed ever falling in love with the mate. That will be difficult for your partner to hear and needs handling delicately.


  • When you feel there’s a need for a break

Generally, when one person finds a need for a break away from the other person to have some “space” or to gain some time to “think about things,” one of those questions you’ll likely be considering is how to know if you’re not in love anymore.


Ultimately, taking this time apart is merely your way of gradually breaking away from the other person without officially calling it a breakup.


Once there’s “space,” you’ll invariably find reasons why you can’t see the other person again, leading to the end.


Signs Of A Married Woman In Love With Another Man

signs of a married woman in love with another man

Signs Of A Married Woman In Love With Another Man. Signs your wife loves someone else” is not something that a Macaroni Penguin has to watch out for because they are known to bond for life.


Once they find a mate, they mate with them and only with them for life. They even get excited when they see each other.


This cuteness of the Macaroni Penguins and their love life is what we expect our marriages to be like for the rest of our lives.


We expect to meet the right partner, settle with them, have kids (or not), and live happily ever after.


Sadly, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes spouses can meet someone else who makes them question why they even got into a marriage with their current spouses in the first place. Signs Of A Married Woman In Love With Another Man.


  • She is secretive and protective of her communication devices

If she becomes overprotective of her communication devices such as her phones and laptops by refusing you access, changing the passwords, or constantly holding onto them, this is a sign that she’s talking to someone else about not-so-neutral things and therefore has to hide it from you.


In the same vein as above, if it seems like your wife is always talking to someone else then she may have someone else.


For instance, if she is constantly making calls or texting on the phone 24/7 (and giggling for extra measure), she is most probably talking to another person who she had begun to fancy because communication flows easily when you first fall for someone else.


Your wife may tell you about her impending or ongoing affair indirectly by constantly talking about someone (aka the other person she loves) quite a lot.


We say impending affair because the reason she might feel free talking about them is that she hasn’t acted on her feelings and become an unfaithful wife yet so there is no guilt when she talks about them yet she feels the need to because she is so in love that she simply cannot help herself.


  • She lies about little things

If your wife loves someone else and acts on it, she will spend time with that person. To ensure that you don’t find out, she will sometimes have to lie.


If you begin to notice that she sometimes tells simple lies relating to her whereabouts around a certain time, this could mean that she is in love with someone else and was out spending time with them.


For instance, a friend of mine once posted on Facebook about how he knew that his ex-wife was lying about cheating when she said she was out with friends on two occasions yet he had bumped into those friends at those times and she was nowhere to be seen.


  • She is less patient with and disrespects you

If your wife falls for someone else you might find that she would begin to be more short-tempered with you.


This could be because she is in love with someone else and so begins to subconsciously act out against you, the person keeping her from being with the person she loves.


Married But In Love With Another Woman

Married but in love with another woman

Married But In Love With Another Woman.

During a lifetime, a person may go through one or more alterations in their sexual identity, temporary or permanent.


These may be experienced as surprising, unsettling, or exciting. However, a person may also experience a change that seems radically, fundamentally threatening, and presents impossible choices.


If there is a genuine and strong erotic connection between you two, it will probably play itself out anyway. And avoidance attempts only tend to increase the erotic charge.


But very often there are important nonsexual reasons for becoming strongly attracted to a “forbidden” partner.


Who a person newly experiences herself to be in the context of another person can be such a revelation and so powerful it can lead to radical relationship changes and destroy families.


Try to analyse the meaning of this new courtship.


Married But In Love With Another Woman. Ask: “How does the person I am in the context of her differ from who I am in the context of my husband?” The answer will help you.


Married But In Love With Another Woman.

There are many reasons a married man may fall in love with another woman. Often, he may feel that he and his wife have drifted apart.


Work, kids, and life, in general, can replace some of the original excitement and romance a couple of feet. With a new woman, a man may feel that passion is rekindled.


Sometimes it has nothing to do with the quality of his marriage. He may still be in love with his wife, but one person can’t fulfill all of our needs.


Therefore, many men may find what’s missing with another woman while still wanting to be with their wife.


In some cases, men are going through other problems, such as depression or a mid-life crisis, that aren’t necessarily related to their marriage. He may feel something is missing in himself, and a new love may seem to fill that void inside him.


I’m Married And Falling For Another Man

Im married and falling for another man

I’m Married And Falling For Another Man. Quite often, marriage starts great. Then suddenly, without ever being able to place a finger at when or where things began to change, you wake up one morning with a growing sadness about the state of your relationship.


Your partner isn’t necessarily terrible in any overt way yet he isn’t as focused on you as you had hoped.


I’m Married And Falling For Another Man. He may not necessarily be doing anything wrong, but somehow, you notice your heart is slowly drifting.


Suddenly, you start to yearn for what you once experienced, immense love for someone else. You’ve probably stared hard at your husband and had that ‘oh no, I’m in love with another man’ moment.


Under the ideology of romanticism, you should trust your feelings, but this can be frustrating as our emotions are constantly shifting and evading efforts of rational clarification.


It might help to have a set of questions to fall back on, some sort of checklist that you can dial up in your mind when you sit in despair before the sun rises.


Here are a few suggestions that can help you make a decision.


It can be devastating to watch your relationship fall apart, but what’s even worse is when you cannot point out why your marriage is failing, which is the trait of emotional disconnection.


When emotional detachment occurs, it starts from seemingly meaningless moments such as a refusal from your partner to help throw the trash or assist with dinner.


Failure to meet up with these requests can build little resentment within you until you discover a gaping hole in your heart that yearns to be filled with the love of someone new. Reconnecting with your partner will require patience and perseverance.


Have a discussion with him and ask about his concerns about your life together, ensure you air yours too, so your partner knows the little things he does that upset you.


By engaging in a conversation like this, you will discover that slowly, the whole within your heart starts to shrink, and you may find yourself


  • Look within yourself

Most times, we expect to be loved unconditionally and perfectly. When we do not receive this kind of love, we spend a significant amount of time wondering if our relationships are healthy.


What we fail to do is to look within and see how we are contributing to the discord.


Understand the role your core values play

Our values are the compasses in life that guide us towards what’s right or wrong.


These values set a standard for what we are willing and unwilling to do when faced with tough decisions. One reason a person in your situation would feel conflicted about what actions to take could be because of your core values.


  • Decide if divorce is an option

You need to decide if you want to leave your partner. Possibly, the affair is just a filler in your mind’s space and not something you want to pursue because following it through would mean considering the possibility of a divorce.


Women remain in marriages for different reasons like finances, societal pressure, and their children’s well-being.


Ultimately, the decision to leave or stay lies in your hands, but it is essential to understand what lies ahead for your life.


Can A Happily Married Man Fall In Love  With Someone Else?

can a Happily Married Man Fall In Love With Someone Else

Can A Happily Married Man Fall In Love  With Someone Else? I’m not sure whether a HAPPILY married man can fall in love with someone else, but assuming for the sake of discussion that he can, if he is an honest man, he never acts on his new feelings.


Instead, he honors the vows he took with his wife, and cuts off contact with the other woman.


Can A Happily Married Man Fall In Love  With Someone Else?  Anyone can fall in love or become infatuated with someone they meet. An honest man holds his distance from the woman he is attracted to. This may seem obvious, but it can be difficult, especially if it is a working relationship.


What an honest person–man, woman, or non-binary–does is either decide to put aside their feelings for their new love and remain within the vows of their monogamous marriage or tell their spouse about their new feelings and discuss options.


The couple may decide to open up their marriage, they may decide to do nothing. The spouse may decide to leave because of an unhealthy expectation that people can control and prevent emotions from forming.


A lot of things can happen. But it all starts with the man deciding to either ignore their feelings and continue with the marriage as it is, or speak honestly about their feelings and work with their spouse to find a new path.


Love is all around. It is always possible for any man, whether is happily married or not, to fall in love with someone else in the path of life.


Most of the time it doesn’t happen because of the caring partner but the future is always uncertain. Also, sometimes people are confused about love and lust. But again, the possibility is what we cannot deny.


Now, talking about honest men, they desist. They abstain from falling in love with other women and practice loving their wives truly. Some people, who cannot keep promises, slip from their path and begins to betray their very own wife. But, an honest man never falls into an extramarital affair.


Self-control is the greatest thing in life. All that is good and auspicious flow from self-control. All evil is dispelled by self-control.


No gain, no pleasure in this world or heaven is comparable to the delight of self-control. The delight one experiences in the presence of the self-controlled are incomparable. Thus, self-control is what honest men do.


Can A Happily Married Man Fall In Love  With Someone Else? It is very difficult to find a happily married man to fall in love with someone else. This is because both the couples play their responsibilities and roles.


If every person is doing perfectly, then the man can not be interested in the other women. I have never seen a happy man loving someone else apart from his wife.


Those men who love other women are those that have challenges in their marriages. The man sees loving another woman as the best solution because the woman has refused to play her role as a wife.


When it happens by a mistake, the man would tell the wife and they discuss it together as the head of the family. There is a solution to every problem.

In Love With Someone Who Is Married  Quotes

in love with someone who is Married Quotes 1

In Love With Someone Who Is Married  Quotes. If you’re in Love With Someone Married, here are some quotes that you can reflect on.


“The desire to love someone always exceeds the desire to be loved by someone & that’s exactly why we end up loving the person who doesn’t deserve that LOVE.” -Anirban Bose,


In Love With Someone Who Is Married  Quotes

“Being faithful and monogamous is not natural for human beings. It takes work. Deep down we all know that. We have all been tempted to stray at some point or another. Even when it was only a fleeting thought and we didn’t act on it.


Every time we acknowledge that someone of the opposite sex is “attractive” or “sexy” we are doing nothing other than pointing out that they would be a suitable mate.


Not acting on that natural impulse to want to mate with a viable mating partner requires a conscious decision.


It’s a constant struggle between what your body wants, and what the civilized part of your brain says you should do, to avoid the negative consequences of cheating on your spouse and ruining your long-term relationship.


That’s why affairs, and extra-marital sex, are often referred to as “a moment of weakness.” – Oliver Markus Mallo


“We were hooked when we woke.

We had arms for each other.

But I yearned to resume

My dreams of another.” -Roman Payne


“If you’re a married man, it’s not a matter of if, but when. You will eventually be discarded and ruined forever.”


” Keep your eye on the ball. If a married man gets involved with a single woman, he’ll lose his honour, self-respect, family, and probably anything else of value in his life.”


In Love With Someone Who Is Married  Quotes

in love with someone who is Married Quotes 2

” Quit waiting around for a man who already has a wife. You deserve to be with someone who’s going to love you back, not treat you like the second choice.”


” Dating a married man is as risky as it is thrilling. It can get you into big trouble.”


“You need to stop dating married men ’cause that’s a bad idea & stop telling the kids to call you daddy because that’s also a bad idea.”


” Don’t waste your life on a married man. He’ll break your heart, and you may never recover. There are many single men out there who want to be with you. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.”


” Dating a married man is like eating soup with your hands. You’ll get fed, but it’s messy, and you’ll never be full. Wise up, and stop dating married men.”


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else Conclusion.

I am married but I love someone else Conclusion

I Am Married But I Love Someone Else Conclusion. When the married bond begins to weaken, the relationship becomes vulnerable to outside factors that can damage it further.


I Am Married But I Love Someone Else Conclusion. Book us at Miss Date Doctor for Marriage counselling today.

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