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Is Flowers On The First Date Still A Good Idea?

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Flowers on the first date have long been a romantic gesture for couples, with many men taking the opportunity to present bouquets of roses and other flowers to their date. But, is this still a good idea in today’s age?

Well, the answer to this question really depends on the couple, as well as the timing, the occasion, and other factors in between. Especially for the men out there, read on to determine whether or not you should bring flowers to your date on the first go.

Why It Pays To Consider

Flowers have been used for decades if not centuries as a way to express feelings. And as anyone would reckon, their sheer beauty, captivating fragrances, elegance, and fullness of color often make them more attractive to women compared to men.

This is why the masculine gender often uses them to help set the tone for a romantic date. Nonetheless, it pays to know when to and when not to approach your date with a bouquet of fresh, colorful blooms.

Reasons to Bring Flowers on the First Date

In many cases, first-date flowers can be a thoughtful and romantic gesture, one that can really make the woman feel special and appreciated. Some beneficial scenarios worth considering include:

If You Have a Killer Confidence

It is generally considered acceptable to give flowers on a first date as a gesture of goodwill and to show your interest in the person. If you are feeling super confident about the relationship, bringing flowers to your first date could help you make a good impression.

However, a single flower can be a safer way to show your care, affection, and thoughtfulness without being too overwhelming. It’s also probably best to wait until after the date before presenting your flowers.

When Certain She Loves Flowers

Some people may appreciate the thought and sentimental value of flowers. Especially women, some are actually fond of colorful petals. If you noticed her passion or interest in flowers from earlier conversations or encounters, showing up with a beautiful bouquet of her favorite blooms on your first date wouldn’t probably overwhelm her that much. Who knows, it could even help you guys take things to the next level!

During a Special Occasion, Like Valentine’s Day

Despite what they say about diamonds, flowers are indeed a girl’s best friend. Giving flowers to someone you care about on a special occasion can be a great way to get closer to her, be it on her birthday, graduation, or even on your first Valentine’s Day date.

The best part is that you can send Valentine’s Day flowers for delivery to her apartment or office, or even your date venue in case you feel awkward presenting the bouquet during your date.

You Know flower Meanings and Symbolism

White roses represent love, beauty, and passion; daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and loyalty. Tulips, on the other hand, communicate warmth and elegance. These can all be great choices of flowers for your first date compared to lilies, carnations, and chrysanthemums, which are often associated with funerals unless given during Easter

Reasons Not To Bring Flowers on the First Date

She Could Be Allergic

If you don’t know your lady too well to understand her passions and interests, approaching your first date with captivating flowers for her can be a huge risk. For all you know, she could be having some sort of pollen allergy!

You Could Come Out As Pushy or Desperate

In some cases, flowers on the first date can be seen as a bit old-fashioned. It can give the impression that the man is trying too hard. Honestly, the last thing you want is for your woman to mistake your romantic gesture for being desperate for a relationship or overly eager.

The bottom line is that first-date flowers may not be as popular as they used to be years ago, but they are still a thing. In addition to the above factors, it’s important to consider the other person’s feelings, and perhaps ask them what they would prefer where possible.

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