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Jeremy Vine Show

Jeremy Vine Show

Jeremy Vine Show

Jeremy Vine Show. The Jeremy Vine show is a British television chat and topical debate show aired on Channel 5 on weekday mornings from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm, hosted by the journalist of the same name and Storm Huntley


The Jeremy Vine show replaced its long-running predecessor The Wright Stuff, hosted by Matthew Wright for 18 years, who announced he would be leaving just before the summer of 2018.


The show has the same format, concept, theme music, and filming studio. This show first aired on 3 September 2018 and features celebrity panelists who debate the latest news, views, and headlines.


The Jeremy Vine show hosts a topical discussion show, replacing the long-running topical show The Wright Stuff (2000) on weekday mornings.


Vine and his panel of guests discuss the stories making the news before the debate is thrown open to the viewers.


A little Bio On The Host, Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine is best known as the host of his BBC Radio 2 lunchtime show which presents news, views, and interviews.


He also hosts a TV chat and topical debate show on Channel 5 on weekday mornings from 9.15 to 11.15 am.


The broadcaster and his guests discuss some of the biggest issues of the day, with co-host Storm Huntley joining him for phone-ins and reading out to viewers.


Vine’s career at the BBC included reading the news on the radio in Northern Ireland and working as a researcher on the BBC1 series Heart of the Matter.


The Jeremy Vine Show. In 1989, he became a regular reporter on the BBC Radio 4 programme Today, filing reports from across Europe.


While working for Today, he published two comic novels set amidst the modern Church of England.


Including Forget Heaven, Just Kiss Me (1992), and The Whole World in My Hands (1993). The novels were not successful and Vine now regards them as juvenilia.


In the mid-1990s, Vine became familiar to BBC TV viewers as a political reporter, which included reporting on the ascent of New Labour under Tony Blair. He later made his mark offering irreverent reports on the 1997 General Election.


After the 1997 election, Vine became the Africa Correspondent based in Johannesburg, traveling all over Africa.


The Jeremy Vine Show. Reporting assignments took him to the war front to report on the Eritrean–Ethiopian War, the Angolan Civil War, and the violence in Lesotho.


Vine was successful in gaining interviews with key leaders in various African nations. Two of these included Robert Mugabe, the then President of Zimbabwe; and the leader of the Islamist regime in Khartoum, Sudan.


Other areas of Africa from which he has reported include Mali, Zambia, Sierra Leone, and the Niger Delta, to report on the Nigerian villagers’ unrest over the work of the oil companies.


In April 1999, Vine presented an exclusive report on South African police brutality for BBC Two’s Newsnight. The film won the Silver Nymph at the Monte Carlo Television Festival and resulted in the suspension of 22 police officers.


In July 1999, the BBC announced that Vine was joining Newsnight full-time as a co-presenter, having stood in for Jeremy Paxman over the two previous summers.


Paxman was reported to have called Vine “mini-me”, a reference to the diminutive associate of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers film series.


The Jeremy Vine Show. Vine was one of the original presenters of Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4 and presented The Politics Show on BBC One from its launch in 2003 until Jon Sopel took over in 2005.


In May 2006, Vine was announced as Peter Snow’s replacement for presenting the BBC election graphics, including the famous Swingometer.


His performance on the night of the council elections in England and Wales on 30 April 2008 was widely criticised.


From 2007 until 2009, he co-presented the Teaching Awards with Kate Thornton (2007), Myleene Klass (2008), and Christine Lampard (2009).


Between 2007 and 2010, Vine was the presenter of the BBC’s flagship and the world’s oldest current affairs programme, Panorama, which coincided with the show’s move back to a Monday peak-time slot.


From 2008 to 2018, Vine presented Points of View, taking over from Sir Terry Wogan. On 6 October 2008, he started hosting the former BBC Two quiz show Eggheads while the spin-off show, Are You an Egghead?, was presented by the regular host, Dermot Murnaghan.


Once the spin-off show had finished, Vine continued to host the second half of each series, with Murnaghan hosting the first half.


In Series 16, it was announced that Vine had become the sole presenter. As of 2014, Vine also hosted the spin-off series Revenge of the Egghead.


The series ran for 6 weeks, between 24 February and 4 April 2014. On 12 March 2021, it was announced that after 18 years at the BBC, the programme would be moving to Channel 5, and Vine was to continue as host of the show. From 2016–17, Vine co-presented Crimewatch with Tina Daheley.


Jeremy Vine Channel 5

Jeremy Vine Channel

Jeremy Vine Channel 5. What is Jeremy Vine on? That is surely what everyone wants to know. If you could bottle the elixir that appears to give him limitless energy, it would not only be Donald Trump rushing to take it.


We talk just after he has finished the second of the two-hour programmes he does every day – the mid-morning show on Channel 5 and the lunchtime show on BBC Radio 2. Vine, 55, has been up and working since 5 am, yet he is still fresh and boundlessly enthusiastic.


Why on earth does he do two news-based programmes so close together and, at the moment at least, cover such similar ground? “Channel 5 is like playing squash and Radio 2 is like playing snooker,” he says.


“With a TV show, you have to have a big bang of you leaping out of the screen, whereas the joy of radio is the intimacy.


It’s a busy old morning and people say it must be stressful, but for a broadcaster, the stressful thing is not broadcasting. As long as the red light is on, we’re happy.”


The Jeremy Vine Show airs weekdays on Channel 5 from 9.15 am. You can catch up on previous episodes through the on-demand service My5.


Jeremy Vine has hosted the show on Channel 5  since it began on 3 September 2018, with his main stand-in Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije filling in for him when on holiday or ill.


The main feature returning from the former program The Wright Stuff is that there is a male or female co-host who sits in the audience area.


This role is currently performed by Storm Huntley, who previously worked on The Wright Stuff and was carried over to Jeremy Vine. Since 2020, the co-host has returned to the booth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


On 17 January 2022, it was announced that Vine’s morning show slot would be extended by an hour from 19 January 2022 by dropping the scheduled repeat of Nightmare Tenants


Slum Landlords at 12:15 pm and moving Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law by an hour. The extended part of the programme will be known as Jeremy Vine



Jeremy Vine Channel 5. With the hour hosted by Huntley, Vine has a radio show on BBC Radio 2 that starts at noon (though for the schedules of 19 January, Tina Daheley was sitting in for Vine on the radio). The first cover presenter, Tessa Chapman, hosted the show on 23 March.


Running for three hours from 9:15 am to 12:15 pm, Jeremy Vine Channel 5 topical debate show sees discussions on all the latest news, views, and opinions of that day.


The show replaced its long-running predecessor The Wright Stuff, hosted by Matthew Wright, in 2018 and has been a mainstay in Channel 5’s daytime viewing ever since.


However, the former Strictly contestant is perhaps best known for his work on radio. Vine has been the host of his BBC Radio 2 lunchtime programme since taking over from long-time host Sir Jimmy Young in 2003.


Jeremy Vine Storm Huntley

Jeremy Vine Storm Huntley

Jeremy Vine Storm Huntley Jeremy Vine and Co-host Storm Huntley, both announced recently that they have Covid, with the presenters absent from the Jeremy Vine Show at the moment as a result – though they issued messages to fans.


The presenter, 57, and his co-host, 35 of Jeremy Vine Show both announced on social media in recent days that they had the virus – with them absent from the most recent episodes of the show.


Channel 5 viewers however were given updates from the presenting duo earlier this morning, with them having both sent video messages from their respective homes.


And the show has stated that it isn’t just Jeremy and Storm who have got Covid at the moment, with “several members of the team” said to have caught the virus recently too.


Jeremy said in his video that he has been experiencing a sore throat, headache, cough, aches, and pains – with him looking worse for wear as he filmed the clip in bed.


He added: “Going by our shows, out of the presenters, 100% of our presenters have got it. That means there must be a lot of it about. Why isn’t the government mentioning it?”


Jeremy Vine Storm Huntley. Since 2015 Storm Huntley has been involved in three shows on British terrestrial television – the seasonal CBeebies show Down on the Farm and The Wright Stuff and its replacement Jeremy Vine.


On Channel 5’s daily live morning phone-in debate programme The Wright Stuff and its 2018 replacement Jeremy Vine, she is a co-host, screening and introducing callers to the hosts Matthew Wright and Jeremy Vine and reading out viewer correspondence.


The Channel 5 presenters announced that they have both been hit with the virus in the last week, alongside several other members of the Jeremy Vine television crew.


Channel 5 television presenters Jeremy Vine  Storm Huntley have both been hit with coronavirus – with Scottish host Storm less than a month away from giving birth.


The pair announced over social media that they are both suffering at home with the virus, alongside several members of their television crew. Writing on Twitter, the official Jeremy Vine On 5 account said: “Are we entering the fifth wave of Covid?


Viewers flocked to the comments of their posts to share their opinions on the pair being diagnosed with Covid. One Twitter user wrote: “Get well soon Jeremy and Storm.”


Another said: “I hope everyone is feeling better soon, especially Storm when expecting a baby.” A third wrote: “Get well soon everyone.”


Whilst Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are the ultimate ITV daytime duo, it’s Storm Huntley and Jeremy Vine who are flying the flag for Channel 5.


The pair have been co-hosting since 2018 and just last week Scottish star Storm sparked a frenzy of excitement from fans with baking-themed Instagram that seemed to hint at some wonderful family news.


Now she’s finally given us the answers we’ve all been waiting for during a memorable appearance on the Jeremy Vine show days after posting that sweet snap.


Why We Recommend You Watch The Jeremy Vine Show

Why we recommend you watch the Jeremy Vine Show

Why we recommend you watch the Jeremy Vine Show. Whether presenting on Channel 5, Radio 2, or Eggheads, the broadcaster is part of the national furniture. He reflects on impartiality, the public’s reaction to lockdown, and salary inequality


Jeremy Vine Show takes a liberal view that all opinions should be heard on his programmes and dislikes the idea of no-platforming people.


“But isn’t there a danger that he becomes a pawn in the growing culture war in the UK, especially on his feisty Channel 5 show?


Why we recommend that you watch the Jeremy Vine Show. The morning we spoke, the show had pitted the leftwing activist Ash Sarkar against the Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine as the commentators on the day’s news stories.


A rather polarised confrontation, I suggest. “I’m going to resist the word ‘clickbait’ because obviously, we want people to watch the show,”


Why we recommend you watch the Jeremy Vine Show. He says. “But the real answer to your question is that you engage people through argument. I LOVE arguments. You can have somebody very knowledgeable, but if they have no passion you don’t listen.”


Jeremy Vine Show Twitter

Jeremy Vine Show Twitter

Jeremy Vine Show Twitter. Radio 2 presenters Jeremy Vine has apologised after he unwittingly posted an expletive to his Twitter followers.


The DJ, who has amassed thousands of followers on the site, attempted to use the Twitter acronym #FF – standing for Follow Friday – to suggest people for users to follow.


However, the baffling broadcaster, 46, had to issue an apology after he posted #FFS. Some of Vine’s 43,000 followers alerted him to the mistake prompting him to post an apology.


Jeremy Vine Show Twitter. He Tweeted: ‘AN APOLOGY. Earlier I recommended people to follow, I now understand that FFS does not stand for ‘Follow Fridays’. Sorry for any offense’.


Vine, an avid user of the social networking site, shares his thoughts online regularly but he has faced problems with it in the past.


Last year he was allegedly stalked by a 45-year-old woman who sent him abusive messages.


In another embarrassing faux pas, Vine had to issue an apology last year after he mistakenly swore on air while reading a news item about it.


Jeremy Vine Show Twitter. Jeremy Vine received a message on Twitter; the user was not happy with the program and the discussion then deteriorated.


Mr. Vine tried to resolve the situation, but the image used on Twitter didn’t help- unfortunately, the title and image of the article weren’t suitable and Mr. Vine then received a lot of criticism.


Despite the criticisms, Mr. Vine realises that most of the community is happy with his support and recognises that he is a person who appreciates languages ​​and culture.


The Importance Of Keeping Up To Date With Current Affairs

The importance of keeping up to date with current Affairs

The importance of keeping up to date with current Affairs. Many people say they don’t like watching the news because it is depressing, and it kinda is. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep up with current events.


With all the resources and information for free on the internet, there is no reason you should not be informed and educated about the world we are living in.


We may be put off following current events for several reasons, many of us try to avoid the news because we believe that there are too many negative things happening and being reported.


However, it’s important to remember that it’s always better to be informed and there is also positive news out there if you look in the right place.


  • Current events affect you

The importance of keeping up to date with current Affairs. Current events affect you, whether you know it or not. This is particularly true when it comes to keeping up with the things happening in your local government.


The decisions of your elected officials in your city are very likely to have some effect on you and how you live your life.


For example, something everyone at this point has gone through is local government-mandated lockdowns.


All over the world, state governments have been implementing unique lockdown rules to slow the spread of COVID-19.


If you did not keep up with this news, you would not be in the know about how to follow the rules of the lockdowns.


Another example is the invasion of Ukraine by the Russians. Overall, you must stay informed about all the actions of every level of government, because they affect you even if you don’t realize it.


  • Current events affect those you care about

Even if current events and government actions are not personally affecting you at the moment, they are almost certainly affecting those you care about.


If certain political actions are hurting your loved ones and you are in a position to do something about it, it is the moral thing to speak up alongside them.


For example, the recent protests in opposition to police brutality against black people and the Black Lives Matter movement.


This movement calls upon non-black allies to speak up and use their voice alongside black protestors so that the message can travel faster.


White people may not be directly affected by police brutality, but it affects those that they care about, thus they speak up.


It is important to pay attention to all current events and keep this level of empathy for all political actions that don’t directly affect you. When everyone speaks up at once, change is made


  • Staying informed makes you a better citizen

The importance of keeping up to date with current Affairs. Staying informed will make you an overall better citizen. Being a citizen means doing things to help the community, which may not always be comfortable.


You must be open to uncomfortable information that challenges what you already believe.


This will make you more informed and better equipped to have meaningful conversations with those who don’t agree with you.


This will also make a better citizen because it makes a better voter. Voting is an essential civic duty that directly affects those in power.


By having reliable information, you are more likely to make an intelligent decision with your vote that will better the overall well-being of society.


Being a good citizen also means you speak up for those who aren’t being heard, and when presented with information that showcases the lack of representation of a group of people, you will know when and how to speak up for their cause kick-start real change.


Overall, staying informed is vital to being an overall good citizen. Being a good citizen will allow greater well-being for the total population and create a more harmonious society.


It is your responsibility to be informed and doing so not only betters you but also betters society.


  • It makes you cultured

Keeping up with current events lets you know what is going on around the world, and therefore lets you learn about different cultures.


News stories teach you what is acceptable in some cultures and what is not. They also teach you how different daily life in other cultures can be.


We can also learn a lot about other cultures by discovering what is going on in other countries around the world.


In this way, the news is not just an informative tool but also a learning tool that can give us important information and valuable insight into a huge range of culturally diverse issues.


Learning about different cultures can be very eye-opening and it can also impact the way we view our own lives and lifestyle choices



  • It is a good conversation starter

Hate awkward silences? Well, why don’t you bring up that interesting news story you read about a few days ago?


It will strike up an interesting conversation, and your friends are sure to be impressed with your knowledge of current events.


  • Stay On Top Of Your Industry And Earn Respect

You can develop more expertise in your industry and thus be able to earn the trust as well as the respect of a larger number of people around you.


Make sure you set alerts on RSS feeds so that you can keep in touch with the latest changes whenever you are on the go and you do not have any time to sit in front of a computer and search for news titles.


Look for the most effective sources of information you can use for your industry or profession;


use traditional and online sources altogether and choose the most appropriate sources such as mentors, online or face-to-face networking, trade organizations, social media networks, as well as blogs, and special Google alerts or forums.

How Debate And Knowledge Helps Your Life

How Debate and knowledge helps your life

How debate and knowledge help your life. Debating is, by no means, the same thing as engaging in a full-blown argument.


Instead, you will have to prepare a compelling, succinct argument, which will gain support and backing, rather than simply attacking your opponent blindly.


  • Improved Critical Thinking Skills

How debate and knowledge helps your life. While you may not engage in a debate every single day, you will likely get into differences of opinion and small disagreements on an almost-daily basis.


Debating, rather than arguing, can help you ease a situation that was otherwise rapidly escalating.


Instead of raising your voice, you should take a step or two back and carefully choose your words.


Debating will help you develop critical thinking skills that are essential in daily life. Critical thinking is the ability to make well-thought-out and reasoned arguments while also questioning the evidence behind a particular conclusion or stance.


It will help you become curious about new ideas while also maintaining skepticism, and building a healthy attitude to questioning.


It will even help you become more humble, you’re not going to be right all the time.


Most people tend to make arbitrary statements when in any disagreement, which results in an argument rather than a logical discussion.


This logical discussion is the debate. Debating requires thinking critically about the ideas of others as well as your point of view.


This includes questioning the arguments with the help of reliable facts and skepticism based on evidence.


The ability to think critically will help you make your own decisions in every aspect of your life and let you stand out from the crowd.


  • Improved Articulation

Have you ever experienced that feeling when you simply cannot get the words to leave your mouth, or you can’t get them out quickly enough? Debating can help you become a master at explaining several topics.


From your favorite book’s plotline to complex mathematical equations, debating will help you identify your audience and choose an appropriate tone.


If your tone is too formal, you’re going to distance yourself from your listeners, while being too relaxed will undermine any arguments you try to make.


Planning and articulating your thoughts is an essential skill that every debater must have to produce a sharp and well-planned argument.


No matter how good of a thinker you are and how much you know about a particular subject, none of it will be of any value if you can’t articulate your thoughts and convert them into meaningful words and express them with impressive presentational skills.


Debating requires you to do all these things and more, sometimes with former preparation while other times instantaneously.


A great debater must almost always be an articulate and eloquent speaker.


  • Improved Research Skills

The argument matters in any debate, even if you don’t personally agree with it based on principle.


The way you deliver your winning speech is another essential factor: maintaining eye contact and keeping calm have been proven to be effective techniques for debating.


Just as important is the method with which you construct your debate. Your arguments will need to be coherent, and they must make sense.


Good debaters will keep all of these things in mind and the core elements that they have accumulated through education, i.e., finding and reading sources, drafting and writing a speech, and being able to listen and confidently speak.


  • Quick-Thinking

How debate and knowledge helps your life. Challenge your opponent, think outside the box, and be prepared to identify any gaps in their counter-arguments.


Responding to comments and questions and thinking on your feet are essential debating skills, as hesitating could cost you precious time and points.


Thinking quickly could prepare you for just about any situation that life presents to you when time is crucial, and a decision must be made fast.


  • Resolution of Conflict

A skilled debater will be able to remain focused on their goal and not stray from the topic or issue discussed.


Like any orator worth their salt, you will need to remember who you want to keep on your side and present a personable argument. Doing so will make you appear immediately more likable and amenable.


Accepting a loss with grace and taking accountability for your failings are essential skills, both in your daily life and in debating.


They’ll also help you resolve any conflict before it can even begin, so be sure to accept any constructive criticism that comes your way.


Doing so will make you a far more proficient and polished speaker in the long term.


  • Greater Empathy

Successful speakers will always be empathetic while participating in any debate.

You may not agree with the argument that you have been assigned, but empathy is going to allow you to at least understand the beliefs of the people that do agree with your argument.


You are not being asked to agree with the argument of the opposition, but empathy is a critical life skill nonetheless, as it helps you improve your interpersonal relations on a professional and personal level.


  • Debates make you more knowledgeable

A person with a habit of healthy debating will always be a knowledgeable person with a grasp of ideas about varied subjects.


Debating requires you to take references and information from a range of different topics to back your argument.


With knowledge comes intellect and intellect is a highly valued and prized quality to have in the world we live in today.


Debates are a great way to both expand your knowledge base as well as to put your knowledge to good use.


  • Debates are means of idea extension

Since debates are normally performed in a public setting, they are prominent means of sharing your ideas with others.


Not only that, through debates, you get the chance to elaborate on your ideas and persuade your listeners toward your argument.


  • Debates make you time conscious

Most debates take place in a limited time frame. Even in informal debates, everyone has a certain and limited time to express themselves.


As a result, debates give you a better sense of time and prioritize your ideas and what you say. It helps you to develop the habit of talking about just what’s necessary, not too little or too much.


  • Debates help you construct meaning

Meaning is something that every mature person strives for in every situation of his/her life.


Debating will help you use your logical arguments to see things as they are and not how they seem to be.


Consequently, you will be able to construct meaning even from complex situations. The skills obtained from debates help you understand your mind and emotions better. Self-debate is not very different from regular debates.


  • Debates will broaden your view

Something that many people fail to understand about debates is that it is a two-way thing.


Debates are not just mere speeches where arguments are presented and counter-arguments are attached upon.


Debates are a means of understanding the different perspectives that others can have about the same topic and how those perspectives are made.


This helps to develop the capacity to view the same thing from varied perspectives and sometimes, a better perspective.


  • Debates accelerate your personal growth

Apart from the already mentioned benefits that a person can get from debates, debates are very helpful in your personal growth in many ways.


Debates are done in social settings, and hence, they are important to help build better communication skills and a perfect social circle.


When you are exposed to a mosaic of topics where you discuss, it also lets you decide on what interests you the most and it can even guide your career choices.


The Importance Of Multiperspectivity

The importance of Multiperspectivity

The importance of Multiperspectivity. It is important to look at topics from multiple perspectives so that we can see the whole picture.


This enables us to find the root cause of the problem and discover a solution that takes the needs and feelings of everyone involved into consideration.


Different people will interpret things like historical cause and effect differently. As to the last part of the question, no, we can’t change history and the past.


However, by studying it in more depth and detail we can gain much greater knowledge and apply that knowledge to similar present and future events.


Instead of just focusing on dominant groups and communities they recommend employing multiple perspectives.


One reason for this stems from increasing diversity and cultural pluralism since many groups including women, the poor ethnic minorities, etc. have been ignored in traditional historical narratives.


Once people can view the issue and situation both from their perspective and the other persons’ perspectives they can more easily find mutually beneficial solutions.


The importance of Multiperspectivity. Perspective-taking also communicates that one understands their thoughts, feelings, and needs.


Multiperspectivity is a significant tool for stimulating historical understanding and thinking and a necessary precondition for all citizens that live in a multicultural society.


Through interpretation, historians say what they believe the past means. They attempt to explain why and how things happened as they did and why particular elements in the past are important.


The Importance of Multiperspectivity. Seeing from another person’s perspective helps you to understand things in a different light and opens up the path for a whole lot more understanding and tolerance.


Sometimes things appear to be big but in the big picture, it is something small.

In a diverse workplace, employees are exposed to multiple perspectives and worldviews.


Combining these multiple perspectives ultimately results in innovative designs and opens doors for creativity and innovation within the organization.


It is important to look at topics from multiple perspectives so that we can see the whole picture, which better enables us to find the root cause of the problem and discover a solution that takes the needs and feelings of everyone involved into consideration.


Jeremy Vine Show Conclusion

Jeremy Vine Show Conclusion

Jeremy Vine Show Conclusion. The Jeremy Vine show keeps viewers up to speed e current happenings in the UK and the world at large.


The Jeremy Vine Show is an educational platform with interactive sessions. Hosting guests and allowing viewers to chip in questions and views.


Jeremy Vine Show Conclusion. The show encourages accountability of officers in position and seeks fairness. We encourage you to tune in and be informed.

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