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Kino Escalation

Kino Escalation

Kino escalation

Kino Escalation. Kino escalation is probably the single most important aspect of the game. It is also one of the biggest sticking points aspiring PUAs trip over. Proper kino escalation begins with the very first stages of a set, and it – obviously – continues and builds slowly all through the set, culminating in sex and even post-coital behavior.


Touching a woman sends powerful signals. It says that you’re confident and comfortable with yourself. It says that you’re not worried about scaring her off. It says that physicality is a natural and normal part of your life. All that adds up to another benefit: it turns women on. Women like being touched calmly, and confidently, by men.


If you don’t smoothly and continually escalate kino, you will find yourself in the friend zone even with women who start out highly attracted to you.


Kino Escalation Basic Principles


  1. Confidence.


Kino must be done confidently and naturally. You should never appear uncertain or unclear about what you’re doing.


Whether you’re talking about your hand on her knee, giving her a hug or a kiss close, whatever you do should be deliberate, calm, and done as if the last thing on your mind is that she might reject your kino.


  1. Awareness.


Sometimes, a woman isn’t crazy about your kino. This is okay! Kino is so important that, when you’re learning, if you don’t occasionally go slightly too far, too fast then you’re almost certainly not escalating enough


However, you must be sensitive to the subtle signals that a woman sends which say, “You just went a little too far.” When this happens, you should deliberately back off.


Don’t flinch or jerk back like a spooked rabbit, but just be aware that her comfort level has changed. It’s okay: you can, and should, escalate again later. All she’s saying to you is “not yet.”


Two steps forward, one step back. It’s vitally important to build kino slowly and unevenly. If you’re touching her in a way that she likes, do it for a moment … then stop! Back up. A few minutes later, go forward again.


Starting this pattern early reduces last-minute resistance, but more importantly, it puts powerful thoughts in her head. If she likes your hand on her knee, and you take it away, she’s thinking, “I liked that. I want more of it.”


This makes her highly receptive to your next advance. You should always be the one to disengage kino during the attraction, comfort, and seduction phases of a set.


Keep your touch light and feathery. Don’t just plop your hand on her. Let it move, stroke likely. Touch, slide, release. Let go. Everything is light, fluid, fleeting, and comfortable.


  1. Early-Set Kino


When you first meet a girl, it’s important to establish that you’re comfortable touching her. Simple things like touching her arm with the back of your hand to emphasize a point in conversation send strong messages.


Be willing to let your bodies touch if you’re talking together in a crowded club. Rest your hand on the small of her back or her hip while you talk, or on her knee, if you’re seated next to each other.


Never pull back from physical contact – and whenever it’s natural to touch, touch. Routines like palm-reading work well here because they facilitate a lot of casual contact.


  1. Mid-set Kino and Kiss-Closing


As the set progresses, you must confidently escalate, and your touch should become more deliberate. Whereas early-set kino can feel casual and incidental, an element of deliberateness should enter your kino here.


Many aspiring PUAs get tripped up because they get nervous, but Hypnotica has a great mantra to keep in mind: “Your hesitation equals her reservation.” The more you wait, delay, or fail to strike when the opportunity presents itself, the less receptive she will be when you finally do escalate.


Good mid-game kino is hugging and stroking the arm or the knee. Pay attention to parts of her body that aren’t strictly sexual but that don’t get a lot of attention normally – the inside of her elbows, her neck, or any part of her that doesn’t see a lot of sun.


A few words on kisses. Think of a kiss as just another form of kino. Don’t trip up by thinking it’s something categorically different from anything else.


All the regular rules of kino apply. Although you can find lots of different routines online to help you kiss close, the most important thing to remember is that when you see the opportunity – take it in a calm, confident way. Remember two steps forward, one step back, and go for it!


If your kino is rejected, don’t panic. Just relax, back up a couple of steps, and, if she’s still providing the opportunity, escalate again in a few minutes. If she doesn’t want you to try again, she won’t keep giving you the opportunity.


Lastly, be aware that some PUAs have a lot of success with women by intentionally pushing women out of their comfort zone, and then backing off if they get some resistance.


This can be very powerful, and while it will put off some women, it will be effective with far more: the DHV you get from the confidence usually far outweighs any small amount of discomfort she feels. This requires some careful calibration and experience to get right, though.


  1. Seduction and Kino Escalation


Much of the seduction-phase kino is simply doing more of what you’ve been doing, bringing things to a more sexual level by moving closer to the overtly sexual parts of a woman’s body.


If you keep escalating with two steps forward, one step back, escalate confidently and are aware of her reactions, you’ll do fine.


One word of warning, however. As a rule of thumb, it’s often a bad idea to escalate to seduction-level kino (heavy making out and groping) unless you’re at a location where you can actually have sex.


This is because when things cool off, a woman will then know that if she gets into a seduction location with you, you’re likely to have sex. This destroys her plausible deniability and brings up her anti-slut defense, making it harder to get her to a seduction location.


But don’t get sidetracked by these small dangers. Escalate kino, confidently, at nearly every opportunity and your results will skyrocket!

Kino escalation ladder

Kino escalation ladder

Kino escalation ladder. An escalation ladder is basically where you begin with small touches, and increasingly get more physical until you kiss the girl.


After you initiate touching the girl, there are THREE types of physical moves you’ll want to make to create an escalation ladder.


Those three types of moves are normal escalation, pushing, and moving.


And to really create hard attraction in your escalation ladder, all three types of physical moves – escalation, pushing, and moving – will need to be there in the social interaction. So let me explain.


  1. Physical Escalation


We’ll start with the first type of physical movement, escalation.


As you talk to the girl in that bar and club, to create hard attraction you must escalate the physical touching.


Where you are always physically escalating up the ladder, shamelessly. A slow, steady, constant, physical escalation, where you push the boundaries.


This can be hugging the girl, giving her a high five, taking her by the hand and giving her a spin like a ballerina, massaging her fingers, playful thumb wrestling, putting your arm around her shoulder, playfully poking her, dancing with her where she’s standing, picking her up off the floor and spinning her once around.


All examples of physically escalating up the ladder.


  1. Pushing Her Away

The second type of touch on the kino escalation ladder is just the opposite of escalation, it’s pushing away.


And you want to push the girl away so that she has the opportunity to also game YOU. Because even if she’s slightly attracted to you, unless she’s chasing YOU, she’s not going to bed with you.


If you’re just touching her and touching her and touching her and you never relent, it will start to feel awkward.


Like if you took a girl by the hand as you met her, and you never let go. You just kept massaging her hand, kept massaging, kept massaging, it would start to feel weird after a while.


It would be far more effective to start massaging her hand and then playfully push her away, and then grab her and pull her back into you.


Or let’s say there was this cute girl that you really liked. And she came up to you and she put her hand on your butt and squeezed it as she told you that she thought you were cute. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?


But then, she just kept squeezing your butt. And she kept squeezing your butt more. And you told her it was feeling a bit weird now… but she kept squeezing your butt anyway. As much as you liked the girl, you’d want to push her away at some point.


Like it would be far more effective if she squeezed your butt and then pushed you away, and then escalated perhaps by taking your hand or doing something different.


So while you want to be escalating on the escalation ladder, shamelessly, steadily, with touch, touch, touch, and more touch, you also want to CREATE SPACE to give the girl the opportunity to game YOU.


So it’s not “I love you, I love you, I love you,” it’s more like “I love you, maybe not, I love you, maybe not, I love you, maybe not”. That just keeps her on her toes and guessing and trying to win you over.


So even if you’re doing 90% or 80% of the physical chasing, you have to give her those opportunities to chase you back


  1. Moving Her


The third and final type of physical movement is MOVING her.


Yes, you need to actually physically move the girl around the bar or club, or party. It doesn’t matter where. It could be moving her from the dance floor over to the bar or moving her just 3 feet over. It doesn’t matter where.


It’s just taking her by the hand and physically moving her a few feet away or across the room.


And you can lead the girl around ALL night, or as long as you keep up the social interaction with her.


Most guys aren’t aware of this, but moving a girl is huge for creating hard attraction. It’s because by moving her position, you’re dominating the interaction, leading her, and she is submitting to your direction.


Because moving her around a lot will send the girl’s state through the ROOF and make her want to chase you down.


And you need to move her at least once anyway because you’ve got to eventually get her separated, isolated away from her friends. Because she’s not going to want to make out with you or get intimate with you in front of them.


So you want to isolate the girl from her friends when the energy in the set is good and you want to isolate her sooner rather than later.


It’s simple, you can just casually say to the girl, “Hey come outside with me” or “Hey, walk me to the bathroom” or “Hey, I have something to show you”.


Or you can charm her friends to get them on your side. You just tell the girl, “Listen, tell your friends you’re walking with me to XYZ and we’ll be right back.” Or tell her friends, “I really like your friend here, I don’t know why, but I feel like we’re really on the same page with a lot of things.”


And after you say that, just take your girl’s hand and you begin walking. You don’t even have to look back, you just go. Move her, lead her. That’s masculine dominance.


So that’s isolating, getting her separated from her friends… but remember, you want to be physically moving the girl around more than that, you want to be moving her a lot. Not just to isolate her. It’s a continual process.


Even if you’re just moving her by 3 feet. You want to be moving her because it creates a huge, HARD attraction.


  1. The Kiss Move


Now to finish off your physical escalation ladder. Most guys will kiss the girl, make out with the girl’s tongue to tongue, but I don’t recommend this. Not at all.


Actually, don’t make out with your girl in a club or party if you’ve just met her.


Because the next day the girl will feel regretful about it, she’ll fear she’s been a bar slut who made out with a total stranger. And when you try to contact her for a second date, she will push you away or avoid you completely.

Instead, you want to smell and then kiss and bite the girl’s neck.


  • Think the neck, not the lips.


The human neck is loaded with bundles of nerves, just like the hands and face, so it’s a very sensual, intimate place for a woman to be touched. Normally the only person kissing a woman’s neck will be a lover. So as soon as you touch her neck, you are in the lover category.


And light neck kissing builds the sexual tension to screaming white-hot molten lava, without making her feel strange or slutty like a tongue-to-tongue make-out would.


She can leave the party that night and start thinking about how nice it would be to get that first kiss from you. It gets her equally hot and intimate and yet leaves more to her imagination for next time.


So it’s far more likely that she’ll be thinking about you over the night, wanting to chase you down for the first kiss, and far more likely that she’ll make herself available to meet you on that day 2 date.


So this is how you execute your finishing move. You lean in and you smell her hair first. You say, “Hmmm, you smell so nice.” Then you move down from her hair to her neck and smell her there.


Then you begin lightly, delicately, barely touching her skin with your lips, with teasingly light kissing and lightly biting her neck.


Then you push her away. The PUSH. Remember, you need to give her SPACE so that she has the chance to chase you as well. You say, “Oh my god girl, what are you doing to me girl… you are such an evil temptation. Oh my god stop it — you are dangerous for me.”


That sequence will drive a woman absolutely crazy with HARD attraction and get her chasing you across the Earth into the bed if that’s what it takes.


Kino escalation at work

Kino escalation at work

Kino escalation at work. Intimate relationships can stem from different places, even offices and corporate environments. Most times, the place where the attractions begin can be a hindrance to some men. One of the most important tip of kino escalation in such place is-




Seduction draws its power from the elusiveness and enigmatic nature of the mystery. Guys that have mastered the art of seduction know how to inspire mystery to create intense emotional and physical responses.


Most women experience last-minute withdrawal when this phase of the mystery method is not done skillfully.


The mystery method builds anticipation for a sexual encounter but delays it longer to force the woman to start moving towards you. Here are tips to seduce the woman you desire with the mystery method:


Flirting is the key.


Stimulating a woman’s mind before engaging her physically can make her crave for you. Flirting makes the woman feel special and triggers desirable emotions.


It communicates your sexual desires towards the woman, which will help you be on the same page in escalation. When you are flirting with a woman you are able to know how far she’s willing to go.


That gives you the power to trigger the process and take it to a point she needs you to complete it.


Kino escalation.


Kino escalation creates physical intimacy that is crucial for seduction. Women have different sensitive spots that can cause intense arousal. Kino escalation explores the woman’s physical triggers. You can use a woman’s physical triggers to create sexual tension that will make the woman want you




Kino escalation at work. It’s a sneaky way of seduction because it’s a shortcut to know a woman’s dark desires and fetishes. You can easily build strong sexual tension when you start exploring each other’s sexual fantasies.


Our sexual desires and fetishes give us a form of fulfillment when achieved. A woman will chase after you if she has attached you to her sexual desires and fantasies.

The power of seduction lies in balance which triggers the right mystery.


When you are too mysterious, a woman is likely to think that you are hiding something.

That will raise doubt and might block out the woman from you. The right balance of mystery is when you feel you have enough to go on with and realize you are not when you are sailing already.


Kino escalation book

Kino escalation book

Kino escalation book. Mysterious and suave Vin DiCarlo is one of the pickup artists that have an ineffable aura surrounding him.


He seems to be a true natural in the field, yet once you listen to what he has to teach, you see that there is a very concise, orderly, almost coded method behind his moves. DiCarlo puts a lot of focus on getting physical as quickly as possible by using what he calls the ‘sexual kino escalation ladder.


The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by-step formula, followed by a number of laws that govern its use for maximum effect. It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing no significant jumps that may cause a woman to object.


Kino escalation book. At the same time, the DEL contains no extraneous steps which are non-essential to the seduction process. This results in a FAST escalation sequence that is compatible with a variety of verbal structures and has been field-tested and perfected by Vincent DiCarlo, in hundreds of trials.


Kino escalation ladder pdf

Kino escalation ladder pdf

Kino escalation ladder pdf. After a few instances of incidental kino, you should notice that your target will become comfortable or even numb to it. Due to the comfort built with incidental kino, we are able to move to an instance of overt kino without fear of rejection.


Overt means that it is open to the view of knowledge. It’s a direct display of interest. It is not masked in any way.


This is the key to the DiCarlo Escalation Ladder.  Instances of incidental kino is used to build up to a level of comfort and familiarity where an instance of overt kino of the same class will be properly accepted.


Because the instance of overt attraction is, in turn, spiked. This is due to a backward rationalization that because she is comfortable with your overt escalation she MUST be attracted to you. This is why we can successfully create attraction without the use of verbal displays of value.

Kino escalation ladder pdf. Additionally, overt physical escalation is a direct display of interest and thus can be additionally used as a qualification/reward system. In this system when she acts in a positive way that is conducive to the seduction you may be rewarded with an overt physical escalation.


Alternatively, if she acts stubbornly or in a way that is detrimental to the interaction you may remove attention and the touch aspect of the interaction.


It is through the incidental to an overt pattern that we are able to simultaneously create attraction,

build a physical connection and implement a reward/punishment system.


Kino escalation Reddit

Kino escalation reddit

Kino escalation Reddit. To make a long story short, I met this girl at a club about a month ago. Built some attraction and comfort with her that night, got her number, and been texting her sparingly since.


I tried to arrange a meet-up a few times already, but we had conflicting schedules, and she lives about 30 minutes away. We finally found some time this weekend, and she is willing to take public transit to come to meet me.


I work at night and she knows that, so it will come late morning/noon, and we should have a few hours to hang out. I want to kino escalate to build the attraction, I know I have to basically start from scratch as it’s been so long since we’ve talked face to face, and she is basically coming down because she is curious about me/sees me as a fun guy.


If she had come to visit during the night time, I would know sex is a potential goal of the escalation, and it would happen much easier. But I have virtually no experience with kino escalation during the day.


Sure, I could include some shoulder touching, a hug obviously when we meet, but I am looking for more than that. How to initiate hand-holding? Any other forms of kino I can include? I want to be able to kiss so that this moves forward and so I can see her again and continue from there.


I want to let it be known that I don’t want to hear LJBF. How can I escalate towards that kiss, and possibly a make-out? I don’t want to do this when I see her off, perhaps in the middle, 2/3 of our time together.


Kino escalation Reddit. I forgot to mention, we will probably walk around for a bit, the weather should be nice, stop at this local frozen yogurt shop.. maybe go to a kid’s park and sit down at the playground real close.


Anything within walking distance of my place is an option, but my parents are home and I want to avoid an awkward situation, but I do entertain the possibility of showing her my room and watching some youtube videos or something.


I know that bringing her in during the day with parents home is not something that is potentially uncomfortable for her, as I am in no way hinting towards sex.


Anyways, feedback, suggestions, comments, everything is appreciated.


Kino escalation mystery

Kino escalation mystery

Kino escalation mystery. The human mind is curious and will always feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. It will try to come up with ways to make the situation familiar.

You hear people talking about the honeymoon phase in a relationship to be the most blissful because you start your suffering sentence.


The reason that the honeymoon phase is the most blissful and thereafter disaster is very simple.

During the honeymoon phase, you get to know each other and it’s always thrilling to experience new things.


However, the phase might end as soon as you know what to expect from each other. Before you know it. You fall into a routine and the fights start.


The element of surprise keeps the fire burning when you’ve been in a long-term relationship. It also triggers curiosity in a woman you just met which can make the woman interested in you.

That gives you the power to escalate and attract the woman more. It occurs in three phases which are an attraction, creating comfort, and seduction.


How can you use the mystery method to attract a woman? How can the mystery method inspire emotional connection? How can you use the mystery method to define your worth and let women chase you?


The possibilities that the power of mystery presents are limitless.

Women are attracted to how you make them feel. But it’s challenging to know a woman’s desires and get her to associate you with them. However, that’s not true if you’ve mastered the art of mystery.


Let’s explore the mystery method and how to use it to get the girls you desire.


Phase One: Attraction


You’ll have to create attraction with a woman you want if you want to avoid the friend zone. How you approach a woman and how you build up the conversation are crucial to getting a woman attracted to you.

The attraction phase works to get a woman sexually attracted to you.


Here are some tips on how to create a strong attraction using the mystery method:


  • Create an intriguing first impression


Kino escalation mystery. Beautiful women get approached frequently by guys every day. You need to have a distinctive feature that will make the woman remember you or want to spend more of her time with you.

Your first impression can hook a woman’s interest in you.


A woman will try to figure you out based on your physical appearance and how you’ve approached her. The finding she creates is where the magic lies.


A mystery is an elusive and enigmatic concept that lures people in. You become a quest for a woman to decipher. Creating a warm and confident body language makes you approachable.

You can use your storytelling skills to create a mystery that might contradict her initial judgment of you.

  • Build an interesting personality


Have you ever noticed that most movies look interesting when you watch the trailers? The movie appears very interesting because they have only highlighted the selling points of the movie.

It only focuses on intense emotional moments and then cuts short to trigger curiosity.


The mysterious nature of movie trailers is what makes them very interesting.

You can use the same concept when you approach a girl. Appealing to her emotions and using the element of mystery can make a woman crave for you. Different women will be attracted to different things in a man.


Know what the woman wants and highlight those moments in your life. The mystery surrounding your personality will make you have an appealing personality to a woman.


  • Make your presence felt


It’s challenging for a woman to ignore a guy with a strong personality. A strong personality dictates that even when you are silent you are still being heard. Making your presence felt will attract the woman’s attention to you.

You then decide the trips you’ll take her attention to and the things she’ll explore to make you irresistible to her.


Social proofing is one of the sneakiest ways of making your presence felt. A woman will notice a guy in a corner that everyone wants to associate with better than a guy on a podium making noise.


Build a rapport with people around the woman so that everyone seems to like you. She’ll be curious as to why you have the effect you have on people. She’ll be attracted to you to find out more about you which is still a win.


  • Show the woman you are attracted to her


It’s important to show the woman that you are attracted to her in the initial stage. When a woman knows you are attracted to them, it triggers a reaction. She’ll want to also know how she feels about you.

Her journey might open up new possibilities in the conversation and make you more attractive.


The mystery is inspired by the confidence you show a woman when you want her but you let her make her decision. There are different ways you can build attraction in a conversation.

The mystery will make a conversation with a woman you want multifaceted, which can be crucial to building a strong emotional bond with the woman.


Phase Two: Creating Comfort


Creating comfort is crucial when you want to escalate and get the woman you desire. A woman will adjust their boundaries and be more permissive to your escalation when they are comfortable.


Creating comfort is a phase you take things from casual to sexual. It’s a delicate phase but mystery can hook the woman you want throughout. Here are tips to create comfort with a woman you want:


  • Engage a woman in a deep conversation


Conversations provide a good environment to know more about the woman you are interested in. Engaging a woman in a deep conversation can trigger a wide range of emotions.

The idea is to connect with as many types of emotions that the woman experienced during the conversation.

She’ll be more comfortable exploring deeper emotions with you when you have an emotional bond.


You can open up about your vulnerability and insecurities to show the woman you can relate to. It creates a sense of trust which is crucial for a woman to become comfortable around you.

Deep conversation inspires intense feelings. It’s good to know how to balance the feelings because they can be overwhelming.


  • Build a strong emotional connection


One thing that will guarantee a woman is comfortable around you is a good emotional connection. But the critical question is how you use mystery to build a strong emotional connection?


Mystery inspires curiosity. If the woman is impressed with where her curiosity leads her, it builds up her interest in you. That can trigger a strong emotional connection.


Create mystery in areas that shed light on your strengths. When she’s doing her detective work to solve the mystery, let it lead to something she’ll want more of.


Sharing your experiences can be a good way to connect emotionally. Adding the mysterious sauce to experiences that later on she’ll find you have in common can build a strong emotional bond.


  • Break the touch barrier


Breaking the touch barrier can boost a woman’s comfort. When a woman is not comfortable with you, she’ll maintain some distance. However, when creating comfort, you reduce the distance between you and the woman to establish a physical connection and establish physical trust.


Touch can show a woman that you are interested in her more than your words are saying. Where you touch a woman, you can send a message of intent. The mystery that breaking the touch barrier inspires can draw a woman to you.


You can also use breaking the touch barrier as a test to know if the woman is ready for kino escalation. A woman that fidgets when you reach out is not ready for physical contact or any sexual escalation.


Kino escalation meaning

Kino escalation Meaning

King escalation meaning. To define kino escalation, we must first start by defining kino. Kino can be defined simply as touching a woman. Kino escalation then slowly builds the amount of touch between a man and a woman.


An example of this might be first touching a woman on the shoulder, then later brushing her body with your hand, then touching her hair, then touching her face etc. This escalation can happen over a short period of time or even in between days.


The point of escalating your touch with a woman is to ease her into becoming more and more physical with you. If you jump in for a kiss with a woman and you haven’t touched her prior to that, it will feel awkward and weird. If you use kino escalation, the kiss will feel much more natural.


To successfully Kino Escalate you have to do it skillfully. For example, when you go to touch her it has to be natural and can’t come off as weird. This is the reason most men use some sort of excuse before kino escalating. An example of this could be holding her hand (Kino) to look at her watch or jewelry (excuse).



Kino escalation may sound like a fancy name but the reality is it has been used by men for centuries.


The first example of kino escalation is the classic movie theater move. While a man and a woman are watching a movie the man pretends to yawn and lifts his arms up. Instead of putting his arm down by his side again, he wraps it around the woman.


This classic movie escalates the touch from nothing to intimacy quickly. Obviously this move is pretty overused and you probably shouldn’t seriously try it in real life but it serves as a good example.


Another more practical example of Kino Escalation might be asking a girl to a thumb wrestling match. This acts as a good excuse to touch hands with the girl in a friendly way without coming across as creepy.


There are also subtle examples of Kino Escalation you can use on a woman. If she says something you can’t hear, lean in and touch her shoulder and get her to repeat it. If she says something that’s supposed to be an insult you can gently push her.


If you want to tell her something you can tap her shoulder. These moves are subtle but they slowly build comfort between you and the woman.


Kino escalation meaning. As a final example I will use a historical story involving Casanova. Casanova was alone in a train carriage with a newly married woman going to see her husband. During the ride, a thunderstorm broke out.


Each time lightning struck, the woman would jump. Casanova started giving her reassuring words every time they heard a thunder clap. Casanova’s words soon turned into reassuring pats until he finally brought the woman onto his lap and began kissing her.


Kino escalation pua

Kino escalation pua

Kino escalation pua. Some men seriously don’t know how to touch women, without coming across as creepy and weird.


But once you understand how to touch a woman, you will be able to spark attraction, build ridiculous levels of sexual tension and basically have her ready to come back to your place.


Some are good and are at the point where they can take any interaction with a girl and turn it sexual within minutes, all by touching her in the right way.

Plus they do this without the women knowing what they are doing, because it’s… well… stealth I guess.


Here are the best types of kino touching.


Types of kino escalation touches


There are relatively 6 areas of touch. Ranging from unambiguous to very sexual, just so you’re clear on what touches women respond to the most.


  1. Touches acceptable with a friend


When you’re with a guy friend in a bar having a chat, you tend to touch him in a certain way. It’s a manly, matey non sexual way (obviously).


Now if you think about it, where do you usually touch him during conversation?

The 3 main areas are:

  • The shoulder (patting and firmly resting)
  • The arm (patting or punching)
  • The belly (usually a poke or tap)


These are all touches you don’t want to use with a woman you’re attracted to, because it will subconsciously communicate that you’re not interested.


  1. Touches that are more sexual


Let’s say you’re in a conversation with a girl and you want to introduce kino touching, so that she knows you’re not another guy she can just dump in the friend zone.


This is what you do: Have a reason to touch her. Simply bring up a topic about her appearance that will allow you to initiate touch.


I like your dress – Give her a compliment on her dress and touch it, saying something like “It’s nice material”. But you’re obviously touching her body at the same time.


I like your earrings – Another compliment can be her earrings. By touching her earrings, you’re near her face and neck which are quite intimate areas.


  1. Touches that you would never do with a man


Now you’ve introduced kino touching and she knows you’re not just another guy, you want to push even more by throwing in some touches that are designed to show her that you’re interested in some way.


Why does this communicate that you’re interested? Simple. Because you’d never do these on a guy.


Hands touching back to back – When you’re standing next to her talking, stand closely by her side (a less threatening approach) and lightly touch the back of her hand with your hand.


Back of the hand on her legs and hips – Take it one step further and graze her legs (whilst sitting down) and hips with the back of your hand.


The small of the back – Whenever you’re leading her, touch the lower part of her back, this is a very safe and secure area that women like men touching, which shows dominance and authority.


  1. Humorous touches


Kino escalation pua. Incorporating  humour into kino escalation is smart, because it’s a great way to get them laughing which as you know helps massively with attraction.


Here are some ways you can use touch and comedy:


  • Draw out a map on her leg (she’ll find it funny when she knows what you’re doing)
  • Stroke her, saying you like the material of her dress (playfully, not sleazy)
  • Warm her up by saying “are you cold” when you’re in a hot place
  • Say you’re so cute (make the kissing sound, mwah mwah mwah when kissing her on the head)


  1. Touches right before the kiss


Ok, things are really heating up now and we are heading for the kiss close. By this point she will be familiar with us touching her, comfortable and very relaxed… hopefully enjoying the interaction.


Here’s what you need to do:


Hands through the hair – Run your fingers through her hair, whilst looking into her eyes.


Touching the face – Then gently place your hands on her face in one movement, after touching her hair.


Talking whilst holding her hands – Standing closely, take both her hands and hold them. You can even stroke the back of her hands with your thumbs, which shows affection.


  1. Tender touching


Boom! Now we’re cooking! Let’s say you’ve kissed her (or maybe you haven’t yet) you want to continue the kino escalation so that you can lead that to sex later on.


The next type of kino touching is something called tender touching, which shows her that she’s your woman.

With your arms around the girl, touch her back and neck lightly (communicates that you like her). You can stroke with just the one finger, whilst talking to other people and no one else will notice.


Kino Escalation Conclusion

Kino escalation conclusion

Kino escalation conclusion. Cool, so you now know about kino escalation and how to really go about it. But you need to know if she’s really into you.


There are several tests you can do to see if she’s into you or not:


Relax your grip when holding her hand – If she lets go, she’s not interested… but if she holds tight then she is


Kino escalation conclusion. If she removes her hand or moves her body to signal the removal of your hand she’s not interested


If she’s cool with you touching her at every point, then it’s game on. The key is to keep pushing forward with the touching to see when she says no. Some girls won’t.

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