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Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 is back for its eighth series, which means a new batch of singletons have left the UK behind to chase love (and a huge cash prize) in a new villa in Mallorca.


Love Island 2022 is set to be full of even more hilarious challenges, dramatic recouplings, and plenty more shock dumpings, while Laura Whitmore is back in the hosting hot seat with her husband Iain Stirling providing the show’s hilarious voiceover once again.


We’re now nearing the end of Love Island’s second week,  and so much has happened. Liam Llewellyn saved the other islanders from the first dumping when he decided to walk away from the show, Afia Tonkmor became the first islander to be dumped from the villa and The Hideaway opened up for the first time this season. Plus, it seems like we’re due to see some break-ups before much longer, especially as there have been some harsh words exchanged between a few of the islanders currently in the villa!


The latest gossip from Love Island UK 2022


Thursday’s episode opened with several of the couples checking in and seeing where they were at, and some cracks were showing among a few of the couples.


Ekin-Su made a big move on Jay Younger following their flirty lunch date the day before. She pulled him for a chat, where they both made it clear that there was a spark between them and she invited him up on the terrace for a kiss away from the rest of the group!


The next day, Gemma opened up to Luca about wanting him not to put any pressure on their relationship just yet, and they seemed to be on the same page. Meanwhile, Remi continued to get to know both Indiyah and Amber; Dami interrupted a chat between him and Amber, where she revealed she felt they could well be incompatible.


That evening, Ekin-Su grabbed Jay and brought him up to the terrace for another secret meeting. Davide had already caught up with Jay to explain that he wasn’t taking it personally that he wanted to get to know Ekin-Su, but he didn’t take too kindly to Ekin-Su sneaking around with her new boy!


Love Island UK 2022. Once he realized where Ekin-Su was, Davide came over for a chat, and the two had it out before Ekin-Su stormed off. The preview for tonight’s episode made it look like their fight is far from over, though…


Last night saw the results of the recoupling, as new girl Danica Taylor stole Luca out of Gemma’s grasps, leaving her to re-couple with Davide. Luca made his feeling clear, sulking around the villa like a naughty child, declaring his love for Gemma (whose famous father STILL hasn’t been mentioned!) The results of the recoupling saw new boy Remi Lambert dumped from the villa.


Elsewhere, Ekin-Su coupled up with Jay following her screaming match with Davide the night before. Davide seems to be over the entire situation, telling Ekin-Su he no longer cares about her, and in turn, is now getting to know Danica.


Following Luca’s frosty reception around the firepit and a very awkward first date, Danica is also getting to know Jacques, who is currently coupled up with Paige.


The episode concluded with Indiyah watching Ikenna chat to Danica, questioning their relationship and whether something was missing. Will, they re-kindle, or find that missing spark, or are we heading towards another showdown on the balcony? Week three of Love Island looks set to be eventful.


Is there a trailer for Love Island UK 2022?


In early May, we were treated to two short promos for the upcoming season of Love Island, and we’ve since seen a full-length version that aired on ITV before Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday, May 14.


Featuring the iconic voice of Iain Sterling, the teaser sees ITV proclaiming “love is ours” and pokes fun at some of the many dating shows that have cropped up over the years.


Before the show returned to our screens, ITV also released the first look video that was also played at the start of the first episode to introduce this year’s islanders.


From a paramedic to a real estate agent, the video offers a glimpse into the singletons’ jobs, before leaving their everyday lives behind for the ultimate summer of love.


Who has left the villa?


Liam Llewellyn was the first islander to leave the villa

Two islanders have had their summer of love come to an abrupt end so far.


Liam Llewellyn decided to walk away from the show in the first week. He told the other islanders on Friday, June 10 that he hadn’t “been himself” since he first arrived, adding: “I don’t think I’ve been giving 100 percent Liam; I’m miles off that.


Love Island UK 2022. Trying to find someone you leave the villa with that you care about – obviously, that’s the goal, isn’t it? But when you‘re not feeling that, it makes it a hard sort of time to find that.”


On Monday, June 13, Afia Tonkmor became the second islander to head home after Jacques O’Neill was tasked with choosing between the two remaining single girls in the villa. He opted to couple with Paige, meaning Afia had to leave the villa that same evening.


Love Island UK 2022: current couples

Below you can find an up-to-date list of the current couples and which islanders are single:


  • Amber and Dami
  • Gemma and Luca
  • Indiyah and Ikenna
  • Tasha and Andrew
  • Davide and Ekin-Su
  • Paige and Jacques
  • Remi – Single
  • Jay – Single


Love Island UK 2022 contestant rumors


There were plenty of rumors circulating ahead of the official lineup announcement. Although the initial lineup threw some serious doubt on the likelihood of any of the rumors coming true.


Turkish actress and influencer Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu was rumored to be “lined up” for the show, and she’s now entered the villa as a bombshell, so there’s still a chance some of the other contestants could be heading into the villa later this year.


Brad McDermott is also in the mix as a possible islander. He’s the brother of former Love Island contestant, Zara McDermott, who took part in season 4 and was recently seen as the presenter of Love In The Flesh.


We’ve also heard rumors about Sophie Draper possibly joining the show. Sophie is a beauty salon owner from Nottingham, who had previously dated Aston Villa footballer, Matty Cash, for four years.


The show is also said to be looking to bring in Joshua Legrove. Joshua is a boxer and model. A TV insider told The Sun(opens in new tab) that Love Island bosses are “hoping he’ll follow in the footsteps of boxer Tommy Fury, who was a huge hit.”


The fifth potential islander is basketballer Jordan Spencer. Jordan has spent most of his professional career with the London Lions.


We could also see Newcastle-born model Kat Harrison heading into the villa. Kat counts Geordie Shore star Marty McKenna among her exes, and The Sun(opens in new tab) reported that the bosses consider her the “full package”.


After Jacques headed into the villa, there were also some rumblings that another one of Gemma’s ex-boyfriends could be joining the show.


Most recently, MailOnline reported that Greek singer Antigoni Buxton has been lined up as a bombshell for the new series. Antigoni already has a connection to the show, as she has previously dated 2018 islander, Jack Fowler.


Meanwhile, The Sun(opens in new tab) has reported that one bombshell pulled out of the show at the last minute. Male model Zach Hartman was due to arrive during week 2, but he dropped out after considering what he wanted out of his career.


Who’s hosting Love Island UK 2022?


Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore has returned to guide the islanders through the competition once again.


Talking about hosting the show and Love Island: Aftersun once more, Laura said: “It’s so exciting to be back. I feel like summer is here! I think we all need a little bit of Love Island in our life again.”


It’s also safe to say that Love Island also wouldn’t be the same without Laura’s husband Iain Sterling providing the show’s iconic voiceovers, so we’re glad he’s back on board, too.


Iain Sterling and Laura Whitmore


Iain Sterling and Laura Whitmore at ITV Palooza! in 2021. (Image credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)


Where is Love Island UK 2022 filmed?


Although we thought the previous villa on the outskirts of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar in Mallorca would be the location for the new series, we learned that the producers were searching for a brand new villa for Love Island 2022 earlier this year.


On Monday, Jan. 31, The Sun(opens in new tab) reported that the Love Island bosses were considering a variety of options around the island to revamp and improve the show—including a location change— although the iconic fire pit is meant to be back for even more drama.


Since then, it has been confirmed that Love Island 2022 has found its new home in the usual location of Mallorca, and apparently, ITV has not traveled far to find it as this year’s villa is just 10 minutes away from the last one (via The Independent(opens in new tab)).


How to watch Love Island UK 2022 online from anywhere in the world


Love Island began on June 6 at 9 pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub(opens in new tab), with new episodes airing every night.


If you’re away from home and can’t access your usual streaming services, there’s an easy way to catch up on Love Island no matter where you are — a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


A VPN lets you get around the usual frustrating digital barriers by changing your IP address, meaning you can watch your favorite TV shows even


Our favorite is ExpressVPN, which lets you change your IP address on whichever device you want to watch your new favorite show on. It’s straightforward to use, has great security and, best of all, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Love Island UK 2022 Cast

Love Island UK cast. Love Island – the nation’s favourite dating show – returned for its eighth series on Monday 6 June on ITV2 and ITV Hub.


Get ready for another summer of love with loads of singletons heading to Majorca in search of their perfect match.


Laura Whitmore returns as a presenter, Iain Stirling is back on commentary and there is a brand new villa, a luxury hang-out in which the 2022 cast can get to know each other intimately.


Paige Thorne Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Paige Thorne

Paige Thorne 24, Paramedic from Swansea. Paige is promising to bring her “positive energy” to the Love Island villa and added, “I am a good cook and I’m quite mumsy so I’ll look after anyone that needs looking after.


If I had to pick a signature dish, it would probably be a Sunday dinner. My roasties are up there, I think Gordon Ramsay would be impressed – I think he would be like ‘9/10 or 10/10.”


She is looking for love after coming out of a relationship and after focusing on herself she’s ready to mingle again!


Dami Hope Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Dami Hope

Dami Hope 26, Senior Microbiologist from Dublin. This singleton is hoping to get a new experience from Love Island and is looking forward to talking to different girls. He hopes to bring his authentic self to the villa, Dami said, “Just me – Dami Hope! Being me – funny and my personality.


I don’t know if I will cause trouble, I’ll try not to cause trouble but sometimes you don’t intentionally cause trouble – but it happens!”


As an Aries. Dami believes his star sign helps him be a great lover. He explained, “When I’m actually in a relationship, I think it’s a star sign thing, I’m an Aries but I’m very passionate – I always used to put that person first.


If they had something they wanted to do or something they were passionate about, I’d make sure that even if it’s something I’m not talented at I’d get talented at it just so it helps them. I’m good at being in a team and looking after each other.”


Indiyah Polack Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast indiyah Polack

Love Island UK cast. Indiyah Polack, 23, Hotel Waitress from London. Keen to date new people without the influence of social media, Indiyah is hoping that in the villa she can “get to know someone one-to-one and build a real connection”.


She has described her dating history as “random” and added, “Everyone I’ve dated has all been quite different. I don’t think I have ever been out with two guys who are quite the same.”


Liam Llewellyn Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Liam Llewellyn

Liam Llewellyn 22, Masters’s Student, from Newport, South Wales. This student is looking forward to meeting someone and spending the years ahead getting to know them. When it comes to what his friends and family think of him, he admitted, “If you ask my mum, probably a little s**t.


No, I’m a good kid, she knows that. They’d probably say quite generous, quite caring, happy, chatty, chirpy, bubbly. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I can’t hide how I feel about anyone. I’m probably quite emotional as well come to think about it.”


AWWW. And if he had a chance to impress someone, Liam revealed his go-to technique, “Pay them a compliment! The thing that girls quite like is that I’m not just like, “You’re mine.” I’m like, “Your eyes are piercing, I’m lost in your eyes.” Or I’ll say something like, “You’ve got nice feet” or something.”


We can’t wait to see what compliments he dishes out on the show!


Liam has since quit the show after just 36 hours in the villa.


Tasha Ghouri Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Tasha Ghouri

Love Island UK cast. Tasha Ghouri 23, model and dancer from Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The self-proclaimed “party animal” describes her dating life as “a shambles”. She is also the first deaf islander to appear on the show.


Speaking about her medical condition, she said, “I think [my friends and family] would say I’m inspirational because of my hearing and my cochlear implant. I inspire quite a lot of people because I’m open about it.”


Davide Sanclimenti Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Davide Sanclimenti

David Sanclimenti 27, Business Owner, from Rome (living in Manchester). Speaking about why he wanted to take part in this year’s show said, “I think Love Island is going to be so much fun. I’m going to be the Italian stallion in the Villa! With my Italian charm, I can also be a very romantic guy.


I’m good-looking and I’ve realised since I first arrived in Manchester, that a lot of English girls love me. They love to be around me and I love to be around them. It’s going to be fun, I’m looking forward to it. I want to find my soulmate, find my person so I can build something in the future, grow with them, be a family.”


But Davide isn’t looking for a fling, his biggest dream is to “find someone I can spend the rest of my life with”. Since appearing on the show viewers are wondering why is Love Island’s Davide wearing sunglasses at night?


Gemma Owen Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 cast Gemma Owen

Love Island UK cast. Gemma Owen 19, International Dressage Rider and Business Owner, from Chester. This horse riding business owner is the daughter of former footballer Michael Owen and she applied for the show after her last relationship fizzled out she has described herself as, “fun, flirty and fiery”.


Gemma added, “I think I’m good at giving advice, I’m a good person to talk to, and I’m very honest. If I want the same guy, I’d do it but in a nice respectful way.”


And while Gemma is competitive when it comes to sports – having competed for Great Britain in dressage since she was 11 years old, she won’t stand in the way of true love.


She explained, “Sport has always been a big thing for me and my family. My dad was a professional football player. I’ve competed for Great Britain in dressage since I was 11 years old. I’ve traveled all across Europe competing in the big arena in big competitions. I would say I’m very competitive.


[When it comes to relationships] I will always go for what I want. But at the same time, I’m not going to mess up something for someone who is in a proper relationship or get in the way of a couple if they have a genuine connection. I wouldn’t do anything to another girl that I wouldn’t be happy with them doing to me.

Ikenna Ekwonna Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Ikenna Ekwonna

Ikenna Ekwonna 23, Pharmaceutical Sales, from Nottingham. Having only been in one relationship before, Ikenna is looking for love once more. The spontaneous reality star admits he’s not shy and doesn’t care about what people think.


And one of his most memorable dating experiences was whisking his then-girlfriend away for her birthday. He recalled, “I took my ex on holiday for her birthday. We went to Barcelona for four nights and I was pretty young then, maybe like 19-20. It was for her birthday so she didn’t know about it. It was quite a lot of money to spend for that age.”

Andrew Le Page Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Andrew Le Page

Love Island UK cast. Andrew Le Page 27, estate agent, from Guernsey. Andrew admits he’s single “for once” so he’s looking for love once more and claims to be a “loyal” and “good boyfriend”. He said, “When I’m with someone I’m all for them.”


And he has a romantic side too, having admitted he surprised his ex during dinner when they were together. “I pretended that I got her absolutely nothing and she was kind of fuming. Then I whipped out, ‘We’re going to Paris tomorrow. She was very happy with that!”


Amber Beckford Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Amber Beckford

Amber Beckford 24, Nanny, from London. Amber hopes to bring the “fun” into the villa, after all, she’s great with kids but how will she fare with the Love Island lot? She admitted, “Hopefully fun! Have some chit-chat with the girls. I can be opinionated so I’m not sure how that’s going to go down. As I work with kids I have patience with kids but adults, they annoy me!”


But for those looking to impress her, they’d better avoid the following, “I don’t like guys that show off. I don’t like flashy, showy-offy guys – just have a personality and make me laugh. There was this one guy and he was trying to purposefully show off his car keys and we were literally in the middle of a restaurant!”


Luca Bish Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Luca Bish

Love Island UK cast. Luca Bish 23, Fishmonger, from Brighton. This singleton is looking for love four years after his last relationship. He explained, “I came out of a four-year relationship about a year ago. I was enjoying being in a relationship, there were just things I didn’t like and we drifted apart.”


He lifted the lid on his dating style and admitted he prefers to “meet girls out and about”. He added I think when you go looking for it, it’s not as easy though, it’s like you’re too desperate for it. If I think you’re the one or I like you, I’ll take you out on a date but other than that, if we talk and I don’t like where it’s going – then I won’t be throwing out dates.”


But that hasn’t stopped speculation over who else might be entering the villa over the coming weeks, and among those rumoured for 2022 is season four contestant Zara McDermott’s brother, Brad McDermott, 22-year-old beautician Sophie Draper and influencer Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.


Speaking about Brad, an insider has said, “Brad is a young, good-looking guy, and he has seen how appearing on Love Island has completely transformed Zara’s life. Though she didn’t find long-term love, it has served as a great platform for her. She also had a great time there, and he thinks it would be a great laugh.”


Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Ekin Su Culculoglu

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu is a 27-year-old actress from Essex. She was one of the contestants rumored to be in the running for the latest series, and she says she’s looking for intelligence and for a serious man to form a genuine relationship.


As for why she decided to head into the villa, she said: “I’m hoping for that real genuine spark and they just see me as me. I think the concept of the show brings back true and raw feelings.”


Jacques O’Neill Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Jacques ONeill

Jacques O’Neill is a 23-year-old professional rugby player from Cumbria. Jacques O’Neill is a professional rugby player, and he also just so happens to be Gemma Owen’s ex-boyfriend.


As for why he’s decided to enter Love Island this year, he said: “I had injury after injury with my hamstring last year. I had an operation and it was a bad time for me. I was saying to my mum the other day that I want a girl and to settle down. I’ve done all my bits. ”


Jay Younger Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Jay Younger

Love Island UK cast. Jay Younger is a 28-year-old investment analyst from Edinburgh. Jay Younger is one of the newest islanders and is set to make his debut on Tuesday, June 14 along with Remi Lambert. When asked why he decided to sign up for Love Island, he said:


“I think I am at the point in my life where it would be quite fun to find someone and have fun along the way. And doing it in Mallorca and the Villa would be a great opportunity, so why not?”


Remi Lambert Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Remi Lambert

Remi Lambert is a 22-year-old model from Manchester. Remi Lambert is the other new bombshell heading into the villa alongside Jay. It sounds like he’s got high hopes for finding love this summer; talking about why he signed up, he said:


“I am single AF! When I saw Molly[-May Hague] and Tommy [Fury] and saw how strong they are together, I thought, ‘I want a love like that.'”.


Danica Taylor Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Danica Taylor

Danica, 21, is a dancer from Leicester. She joined Love Island on day 12 and threatened to shake things up in the villa.


“I am going to go in there and step on a few toes and I am more than happy to go after what I want,” she said.


“My mum always says I am a bit of a princess, a bit dramatic, and always thinks I am right, which is very true. My friends would probably say I don’t hide from drama or arguments and I am a good friend.”


Afia Tonkmor Love Island UK 2022

Love Island UK 2022 Cast Afia Tonkmor

Afia is a 25-year-old lounge host from London.


She entered the Love Island villa on Day 3 of the 2022 series as one of two Bombshells.


“It just seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet someone, have an amazing summer, just have so much fun and have a bit of a summer romance as well,” said Afia, who also admitted that she has a tendency to fall in love too quickly.


“Two dates I am like, ‘OMG I am obsessed with this boy, he’s everything.” Afia’s stay in the villa lasted only 5 days: following Jacques’ decision to couple up with Paige, Afia was left single and dumped from the island.


When asked if she would do anything differently if she had her time in the villa again, Afia said: “I feel like I stayed true to myself so I’d do things the same.”


Where Can I Watch Love Island 2022 UK?

Where can I watch Love Island 2022 uk

Where can I watch love Island 2022 UK? Love Island has finally returned to our screens for the next eight weeks. Islanders entered the villa on June 6 with new episodes airing every day at 9 pm BST on ITV2. Saturday night episodes is a special ‘unseen bits’ episode from the villa from the past week.


ITV2 is 100% free-to-watch in the UK, with the option to also live stream Love Island on the ITV Hub. It will also be the place to watch episodes back on catch-up after they air.


Remember you can watch ITV Hub in several ways, including on desktop, via your smartphone or tablet with the app, as well as on most media streamers, including Fire Stick, Roku, and Apple TV, as well as on gaming consoles.


Not in the UK right now? No worries – just use a VPN to port yourself back home, then watch live as usual.


How to watch Love Island UK 2022 outside the UK

We’ve detailed how you can watch Love Island from the UK, but bear in mind that if you’re abroad at any point during this year’s summer of love, you won’t be able to watch Love Island UK from abroad or access ITV Hub.


Don’t get mugged off by geo-restrictions, which restrict certain services and content to specific parts of the world. You can get around geo-blocks by using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. It’s completely legal, very affordable, and easy to use – and it also encrypts your browsing, offering protection against cybercriminals and government snooping.


How to watch Love Island UK 2022 online in the US


Where can I watch love Island 2022 UK? New subscribers can make the most of a Hulu free trial for 30-days on its With-Ads or No-Ads plan. Thereafter the Hulu price starts from $6.99 a month.


That leaves those Stateside just a couple of weeks behind the action. Alternatively, for Brits abroad, you could get a VPN to watch ITV Hub from abroad.


How to watch Love Island UK online for Free in Australia


For those Down Under, Channel 9’s on-demand service, 9Now has confirmed it will once again host the UK iteration of Love Island, with new episodes dropping just a couple of days after its launch on June 8.


9Now is 100% free to watch – you simply need to make a Nine account to watch. Of course, this service is geo-restricted, so if you happen to be outside the country, simply sign up for a VPN to appear as if you’re in Australia when watching.


How to watch Love Island UK 2022 in New Zealand: stream season 8 online



Those in New Zealand can watch Love Island UK Season 8 on Neon with episodes concurrent with the UK broadcasts.


There is the choice of a monthly or annual plan. Monthly customers pay NZ$15.99 a month and can benefit from a free trial period. Or save 16% and commit to its annual plan for $159.99.


How to watch Love Island UK in Canada


Where can I watch love Island 2022 UK? In the past Love Island has been available via Hayu and CTV. However, last year there was no official broadcaster and we expect it to be the case for Love Island season 8, too.


Don’t want to miss out on the boys and girls coupling up, heads turning, and islander dumpings? The only way you’ll be able to watch Love Island is with a VPN(which opens in a new tab), which spoofs your device into thinking you’re browsing from elsewhere and bypassing geo-restricted content.

What channel is Love Island 2022 on?

What channel is Love Island 2022 on

What channel is love island 2022 on? Love Island airs at 9 pm on ITV2 every day other than Saturdays. Episodes are available to watch the following morning on BritBox. You can watch every episode of Love Island 2022 (including all seven previous seasons) for free because the show is available to watch on the free-to-air channel ITV.


What channel is love island 2022 on? If you’re abroad, you can simply use a good VPN service (like ExpressVPN) to watch Love Island from wherever you are.


What channel is love island 2022 on? You can watch a new episode of Love Island every evening from Sunday to Friday on ITV 2. On Saturdays, the contestants and crew get a break but you can tune in at the same time to watch “Unseen Bits”, a compilation of the funniest unaired moments from the week

How do I catch up on Love Island 2022 UK?

How do I catch up on Love island 2022 UK

How do I catch up on love Island 2022 UK? From the moment Love Island came crashing back into our lives, the drama just hasn’t stopped and fans have been glued to their screens.


The popular dating show airs nightly at 9 pm on ITV2 and streams live on the ITV Hub. However, instead of a new episode on Saturdays, viewers get treated to exclusive behind-the-scenes clips on Love Island: Unseen Bits.


There’s been no shortage of mayhem on the show, with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu having a secret fling with newbie Jay Younger, while coupled up with Davide Sanclimenti. Meanwhile, Luca Bish threw yet another strop after being coupled up with bombshell Danica Taylor.


If you’ve been missing out on the action and are wondering when you can catch up on Love Island on demand, we’ve got everything you need to know.


How do I catch up on love Island 2022 UK? The Italian Stallion may be out for the count, or will he fight to stay at the villa another day? An explosive showdown with Ekin-Su leaves Davide’s future on Love Island 2022 hanging by a thread,


but new girl Danica could bring him back from the brink. It’s recoupling time, so keep reading to find out how to watch Love Island 2022 online from anywhere, with new episodes airing every day of the week.


Davide was quick to let Danica know that he’s available, but the foxy dancer from Leicester, who says she’s not afraid to tread on anyone’s toes, might be looking to play the field before settling. With one boy looking set to pack his bags after the impending recoupling, Davide, Remi and poor, oblivious Luca will be sweating.


Finance bro Jay has only been there a couple of days, but he’s already tried to do a number on Jacques, Dami, Davide, and Andrew. Being from his line of work, he’s used to seeing things crash and burn while pocketing a juicy bonus in the process, and to rouse Davide’s passions, Ekin-Su has decided to sample some of Jay’s stock. Amber got a very different kind of rise out of Dami in the Sex Sea challenge,


How do I catch up on love Island 2022 UK? Airing on ITV2, viewers in the UK can live stream Love Island 2022 on ITV Hub. All the details on exact dates and times are below. Not going to be in the country? You can use a VPN from abroad to watch Love Island 2022 on ITV Hub for free(opens in a new tab) as if you were at home.


What time is Love Island available to stream on ITV Hub?


If you missed watching Love Island on ITV at its usual time of 9 pm, the show is uploaded to stream on the ITV Hub when the show has aired.


This will typically be at 10 pm – but some special episodes (including the launch and certain recouplings) will continue to 10.30 pm.


The ITV website reads: ‘We want you to be able to watch our shows when it suits you, so we aim to get them onto the ITV Hub as soon as possible. Many shows, such as the soaps, dramas, and documentaries will be available to watch just after they’ve finished on TV.’


If you have WiFi or mobile data, then you can watch it on your morning commute.


However, for those with a bad connection, you might want to consider upgrading to Hub+, which allows you to download the episode for offline streaming. The subscription also allows you to watch content ad-free.


ITV currently offers a seven-day free trial, costing £3.99 per month or £39.99 per year afterward. You can also watch episodes of Love Island on BritBox the next morning. The streaming service is currently offering 50% off subscriptions for three months.

Love Island UK 2022 Conclusion

Love Island UK 2022 Conclusion

Love Island UK 2022 Conclusion. After the fallout of Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti’s explosive break-up and the arrival of a new bombshell Danica Taylor – who had the first choice at a surprise recoupling – Sunday’s episode was always going to be a banger.


And we certainly weren’t left disappointed, as Danica chose to couple up with the most loved-up boy in the villa, Luca Bish, who acted as though she had kicked his dog.


Of course, we all wanted to see what Ekin-Su would do when it came to her choice – but it was never going to be Davide, was it?


No, she chose newcomer Jay Younger, who she kissed on the terrace and lied to Davide about, saying he made her feel like a ‘little girl on Christmas’.


Gemma Owen chose to save single lad Davide, because ‘the guy I was supposed to be coupling up with has been taken.


Interestingly, Gemma said she chose the lad who had recently ‘showed his funny side’ more – if by ‘funny side’ she meant Davide calling Ekin-Su a ‘liar, actress, go the f*** out’.


Unfortunately, the recoupling meant Remi Lambert was unceremoniously dumped from the villa and had to pack up and leave pretty much immediately.


Thus began a tremendously awkward one hour and five minutes, in which Luca – who previously said Danica was pretty but ‘she ain’t Gemma’ – acted like two-meter social distancing was still the law of the land every time he had to interact with her.


He instantly ran to Gemma, insisting Danica was ‘not in the picture… I want you and I don’t care.’


Luca has repeatedly made it clear he only has eyes for Gemma, and while she likes him, sure, it may be the case that he’s far more into her – judging by the long and awkward pause after he asked: ‘Are you gonna stick with me?’


Things were particularly awkward for Danica, as Luca couldn’t have made it more obvious he wasn’t interested, and Danica claimed ‘everyone doesn’t wanna f***ing talk to me.


She chose to go for a chat with Davide – who spent most of the time complaining about essentially his ex, Ekin-Su, though they managed to get some awkward flirting in there… sort of? Is that flirting? Who knows.


Ekin-Su is loving life despite everything, admitting she ‘feels like I’m in a relationship’ now she gets to sleep in a bed with a guy she likes, and Jay admits it feels ‘natural’ with her.


But the awkwardness was far from over for the villa’s newest sort-of couple, as Danica tried to plead her case with Luca, accusing him (rightly) of acting off when she chose him at the recoupling.


‘I honestly thought you were like, “F*** off, don’t speak to me, not happy with you”,’ she said, adding: ‘I’m a big girl so if you feel that way it’s fine.’


He told her outright he did not want to sleep in the same bed with her, saying what he had was Gemma was something he ‘hasn’t felt in many years, and later complained that Danica was ‘still laying it on.


Love Island UK 2022 Conclusion. And because the producers of Love Island know exactly what viewers want, they sent Danica a text announcing she and Luca were going on their first date – just as she was trying to awkwardly explain herself to Gemma.


The pair went on a would-be-romantic date on the beach, with Danica still awkwardly trying to make it a date while Luca (still social distancing) breezily announced he would be her wingman for another boy in the villa, and revealing how hopeful he was that the next time she went on a date she would get a kiss.


It wasn’t a total loss, though – Danica revealed she was also attracted to Jacques, who although being with Paige, admitted his head wasn’t ‘fully turning… yet’.


There were a few other highlights in the episode, particularly Ekin-Su trying (half-heartedly) to make it up with Davide, saying she lied because she was ‘confused’.


(And within minutes asking Davide what he thought of her new man, to which his response was, essentially, ‘Karma is a b***h.’)


It also seems there’s some new drama brewing, with Dami Hope admitting he has chemistry with Indiyah Polack but doesn’t want things with Amber to ‘explode’.


This, at the same time as Indiyah freely admits that there’s something ‘missing’ in her and Ikenna Ekwonna’s coupling (‘We’re here to find love and I don’t want to put up with something just for the sake of it.’)


The episode ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, as Dami admits he’s got feelings for Indiyah just as Amber walks over – and soaps actress Ekin-Su does the worst acting ever in attempting to change the subject.


Amber however is not convinced by Ekin-Su’s ‘remember I was telling you I had a headache, well I got paracetamol’ story, and the final scenes saw Amber repeatedly asking why everyone was acting so weird.


It is really going to be a long summer.

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