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I Want A Relationship But I Can’t Find Anyone

I Want A Relationship But I Can’t Find Anyone

I want a relationship but I cant find anyone 1

I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Love is a truly magical feeling that everyone wants to experience, and not finding it can be disheartening. It’s possible that the timing is not right. However, there might be other factors impeding your chances of finding that “perfect partner.” Read on to find some reasons you might be struggling to find the perfect one for yourself.


  1. You are still not over your past relationship


Before getting into any new relationship, it is essential to let go of your past. If you are still hung up over your ex, it will be difficult for new love to find its way to you. Reminiscing about your ex and comparing every potential date with them can ruin your chances of any new relationship.


Conversely, if your previous relationship ended on a sour note, it will take time to heal and get over the heartbreak and trauma. Jumping into something when you are still in pain may not be a good idea. Take some time to process your past and try moving on. You need to be mentally ready to find love. Focus on yourself, and then start afresh with a clean slate.


  1. You are seeking perfection


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. No human being or relationship is perfect. All the dreamy pictures you see online do not convey reality. In every relationship, issues and disagreements are common. You two may not see eye to eye on several matters.


The person you are dating will have some flaws, and you have them too. What you see in romantic movies is fiction, a glorified representation of relationships. If you keep comparing yourself to these ideals, then you are setting yourself for failure.


  1. You are chasing the wrong people

I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Do you go for people who are serial cheaters or committed to someone else? Are you attracted to an emotionally unavailable person? Do you usually get attached to people who are not interested in a committed relationship?


If getting involved with unsuitable partners is a pattern for you, it is time to look into yourself and figure out why you set yourself up for disappointment. Understanding yourself better will help in your personal growth.


  1. You are too dependent


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Whenever you get into a relationship, you completely lose yourself. You want to spend every waking minute with your partner, and time apart makes you feel low. As the relationship progresses, you start relying on them for every little thing. You often seek validation from them and fear that they might leave you.


Such neediness is a sign of low self-esteem and insecurity. It is toxic behavior that pushes away potential partners. Working on your self-worth and insecurities will increase your chances of finding love.


  1. Your happiness depends on finding love


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. A person can be happy only when they find happiness within themselves. Looking for love with the thought that it will make you happy is wrong. If you link your joy to any particular person, it will make you miserable in the long run.


Find your happiness internally. Eat well, pamper yourself, invest time in your hobbies, and focus on your mental health. You will automatically start feeling joyful and content. The positivity will reflect in your personality and might attract the right person for you.


What To Do When You Can’t Find Love

What to do when you can’t find love. So, the key is not to give up on looking for love but to give up on obsessing about it. You want to keep yourself open to the opportunity and put out positive energy for others to pick up on. But you also want to make sure that you understand your self-worth outside of being in a relationship.


What to do when you can’t find love. Here are some tips and healthy ways to look for love:


  • Know what you want to find. You’ll never know if you found love if you don’t know what you want in a partner. You might also be tempted to get into a relationship with the wrong person. Save yourself time and heartbreak by thinking through what you want in “the one.”
  • Take time for yourself. Focus on figuring out who you are and developing self-confidence before you go out and try to find love. If you need counseling to work through hurtful situations in your past, do it. This will help get you in the right frame of mind to find love.
  • Don’t be afraid to look online. You don’t have to meet someone face to face to find love. Online dating is one of the most popular ways for people to meet their future spouses. Be open to finding love where it is instead of trying to make it fit into the box and expectations that you had planned.

What to do when you can’t find love.

  • Meet up with groups with similar interests. There are tons of groups all over the country that help connect people who like similar hobbies. This could be going hiking, biking, paddle boarding, craft brewing, or anything else you can imagine. Choose to participate in groups like this to meet people that have similar interests as you. Then, be open to the possibility of meeting someone through one of these groups.
  • Don’t force a relationship. Start by making friends with people. You don’t have to jump right into a relationship. Work on making a real connection with someone first, and then see where it goes from there.


Why Can’t I Find Someone To Love?

I want a relationship but I cant find anyone 2

Why can’t I find someone to love. As women and men, we bring a series of beliefs that without realizing it, keep us from finding a partner.


The main reasons you do not find a partner in your life are:


  1. You don’t want to open your heart


Most of us have had our hearts hurt in our lives, and perhaps not just once, but several times. And then, we have related that loving is equal to suffering and that the other has the power to hurt us.


We get in a certain way “hatched” and then, you will get away from the possibility of getting hurt again.


Solution: The other has the power to hurt you because you give it to him. If you want to not be hurt, you need to increase your self-esteem, know that your happiness does not depend on the other, stop having codependent relationships and take control of your feelings.


  1. There is no space in your life


Why can’t I find someone to love. Sure, you want a partner, but you live it working and in your routine world in which on weekends you just want to watch TV, and when you go out, you go to the wrong places……


If there is no space in your time and in your life, on your agenda, to meet someone and dedicate time to them, that person simply will not arrive. It’s like when you give away clothes from your closet and magically the next day you get a new one.


You need to open the space so that it can be filled (the same happens with money but that is another matter).




I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Organize your schedule in such a way that you have free time, whether at the moment you use it to be with yourself, with your friends or family…


  1. You’re looking for her Or Him for the wrong reasons


If you are looking for a partner to give you a child, to save you from your suffering, so that you have an excuse to leave your parents’ house, so that you go along with your friends, to stop feeling bored, not to feel lonely or alone…


I have news for you, maybe people will come into your life but they will hardly stay, you will get hurt and you will lose your heart again.


Solution: I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Redefine what you want a partner for, change your belief about what it is to have a partner, and open yourself to new relationships from a freer and more open framework, without demands and without expectations of “what you have to give me”, but just be open to living the experience because you want to live the experience.


  1. You have beliefs in your mind that keep you from away love


Here comes the interesting part. Throughout your life, based on your experiences and what you observe around you, you have developed well-rooted, wrong beliefs you seek to verify repeatedly in your present.


Solution: Choose what you want to believe in, simply choose the beliefs that make you happy, if you want to believe that love hurts, it will continue to hurt…


If you want to believe that love enriches you, it will enrich you, if you want to believe that no one will listen to you, it will better believe that you have everything for others to notice you and so it will be.


  1. You’re sending and getting the wrong signals


Why can’t I find someone to love. Suppose you want a partner with whom to watch movies on Sunday and share your life and be happy, but you want to find her quickly, in a bar and with 6 tequilas on top.


Sometimes without realizing it, the signals you send show the opposite of what you want, and also, you look at people who do not have the same interest as you.


And this is because you misinterpret their signals because you get excited because they turn to look at you, well, of course, deep down you do not believe that you are attractive enough for anyone to look at you.


Solution: Once you have reviewed your beliefs, and that you will trust that love exists and that you deserve it in your life, then start changing the signals you send and allow yourself to meet other people for whom you are, beyond the signals they send.


Why Is It So Hard For Me To Find A Relationship?

I want a relationship but I cant find anyone 3

Why is it so hard for me to find a relationship? At the same time, most people don’t make it a goal to be single forever. Most of us want to love and have a partner to share our lives with, but we mistakenly go about trying to attain this thing we want so much in all the wrong ways.


We continue to live life in the same way and hope that it will somehow lead to different results. We know that this doesn’t really make any sense, and yet we continue to operate from our ingrained default setting.


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Being single isn’t a curse and being in a relationship isn’t a cure-all. No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s important to take a personal inventory—to look at the habits and choices that are helping you and the ones that are hurting you.


It’s not a matter of putting yourself out there more or of signing up for every dating site and side-swiping app—finding a truly amazing, healthy relationship is much more about being ready for such a relationship. It’s about identifying faulty patterns and thought processes that may be blocking you from getting what you want.


  1. You’re Too Needy


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. Neediness is a state of mind where you feel incomplete, or have an emotional void, and try to fill this empty space with a relationship or male validation. A lot of women confuse men’s aversion to neediness with men’s supposed aversion to commitment. But men aren’t commitment-phobes (at least, the majority are not).


A man will happily enter into a relationship with a woman who sees and appreciates him for exactly who he is.  Conversely, a man will run far away from a woman who sees him as an opportunity to feel good about herself or fill some void.


A guy wants to feel chosen by a woman he had to earn. He doesn’t want to feel like he’s just filling a spot that could have easily gone to any other man with a pulse.


Solution: Neediness usually stems from a lack of self-esteem or a sense of worth. You feel like something is missing within yourself or in your life and erroneously believe a relationship will be the cure. If you were unhappy before the relationship, you’ll be unhappy in it.


Instead of feeling sorry for yourself about being single, work on your relationship with yourself. Work on feeling your best and looking your best. When you are the best you that you can be, you won’t be able to keep men away!


  1. You’re Too Picky


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone. In this day and age, we’re saturated with unrealistic love sagas and have developed an idea of what love should be and not of what love is, as I discussed in chapter two. We’re told that love conquers all, but true love alone does not make for a good and healthy relationship.


We want to be swept off our feet and taken over by this all-consuming feeling of euphoria and harmony. If we’re not feeling the intensity on the first date, we’ll write the guy off and say there was no “spark.”


Solution: Make a list of three non-negotiable qualities you need in a man. This does not include things like how much money he makes or how far back his hairline is. Money won’t make for a happy marriage, and neither will a full head of hair, a chiseled jaw, or six-pack abs.


Obviously, you want to be attracted to your husband, but try not to get so caught up in the physical details. Also, jot down three deal-breakers. This will help you gain clarity and perspective and take you away from relying on the long dating checklist you may have formed in your mind.


  1. You Haven’t Worked on Yourself


Why is it so hard for me to find a relationship? The number one way to attract love is to make yourself into a vessel that can receive it.


A successful relationship comes down to two things: the right person at the right time. The first thing that’s important to remember when it comes to relationships is that in general, like attracts like. That is, what you are or think you are is what you will attract.


If you don’t value yourself, you will go for someone who doesn’t treat you well, and you will be OK with it because he’s just validating how you feel about yourself.


If you are emotionally unavailable, you will attract a guy who is emotionally unavailable.  Now, you can want to be in a relationship and at the same time be unavailable in your own way. If you’re afraid of getting hurt or feel like the guys you want always leave you, then you might subconsciously be putting up walls to protect yourself.


Why is it so hard for me to find a relationship? In order to attract a real relationship, you first need to make sure that you are in the right place emotionally. Make sure you want a relationship for the right reasons, not just to fill a void or make you feel better about yourself. You also need to develop a firm sense of who you are and learn how to be happy without a relationship.


Solution: If you want an emotionally healthy, confident, stable guy, then you need to make sure you mirror those qualities at the same level. I mean, why would a guy like that want to be with someone who is an insecure emotional mess? If you want that kind of guy, you need to be that kind of girl.


As soon as you’re in that place where you are your best self and you mirror the qualities you want, you’ll notice an instant change in your love life; you’ll find that you can easily get the kind of guy and the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted. This path with being different for everyone, but try as best you can to discover the best path for you.

I Want A Relationship But I Can’t Find Anyone Conclusion

I want a relationship but I cant find anyone 4

I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone conclusion. Finding love can be a complicated path that is full of heartbreak. Some seem to have an easy time finding the person that they want to spend their life with, but this is the exception and not the rule. There was a study that showed that the path to finding the right one looks a little like this:


  • It takes women seven relationships and men eight before they find “the one.”
  • People suffer two heartbreaks and are cheated on once.
  • There are, on average, five one-night stands.
  • Women will have seven sexual partners, and men will have ten.
  • Women will be stood up once, and men twice.
  • There will be four disaster dates.


These aren’t the stats you want to hear when you’re looking for a relationship. But they also show just how complicated it can be to find the right person.


Talking to a Therapist


I want a relationship but I can’t find anyone conclusion. If you are struggling with dating, talking to a therapist can help. Therapy can help you to identify exactly what you want to find in a partner. It can also aid you in establishing important boundaries, and avoiding potential heartbreak.


An experienced therapist can also help you recover from the hurt that you have experienced in your dating journey. This can be necessary for you to move forward healthily, and find true love.

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