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Online Relationship Counselling UK

Online Relationship Counselling UK

Online Relationship Counselling UK 1

Online Relationship Counselling UK. What is relationship counselling online?

In online counselling, the therapist and couple share a space online to conduct therapy. Couples counselling is about the couple relationship and is not about the two individuals. In my view, this makes couples counselling better suited to online work.


I’m not discarding the usefulness of face-to-face work though; for example, when working face to face with couples, the couple could be invited to move the chairs so that they are facing each other, to communicate with each other directly.


Online relationship counselling UK differs from traditional couples counselling in that the therapist is not in the room with the couple, where this intervention becomes much more organic. The communication tool that provides this shared space in this instance is Zoom (though other secure platforms are available).




To answer this question, we will identify some benefits of online counselling in relation to traditional face to face counselling in a therapist’s office. Let’s get straight to it…




Couples counselling online makes it easier for you to set up therapy sessions and feel comfortable and open about the things you want to talk about.


When you and your partner are in an environment where you feel comfortable (like your home), you’re more likely to talk about the things that are bothering you that you may not mention during a meeting in a counsellor’s office.


This is called the ‘online disinhibition effect’, which we will talk about later in this article.


The online space allows some clients to feel less intimidated than they might be with a counsellor in a face to face environment.




Online relationship counselling UK makes it easier to schedule appointments, as both the clients and therapist can be more flexible in finding slots for therapy sessions. The client may have a disability, which might be limiting when accessing the right therapist.




Online relationship counselling UK can (in most cases) be offered slightly cheaper because of reduced overheads of the therapist (no room hire cost). Saying that this is not the case for all therapists, as some still charge the same fees. There is however the added benefit of no travel costs to the counsellor’s office.




Privacy can be a major issue for some when seeking couples counselling, as many people feel uncomfortable when others become aware of their relationship difficulties.


Much of the relationship counselling conducted in the UK is through Miss Date Doctor who has different offices all over the UK, although many therapists also offer this service in their private practice. This could mean that clients may be seen entering. Online therapy eliminates the chance of that happening.


There are also private therapists working in town centres, and just the fact the clients might be seen going into their place of work might deter them from seeking support.


Online Relationship Counselling UK 2


Couples in a relationship but temporarily apart


Online relationship counselling UK is ideal for couples who are physically separated by distance. This separation may be due to work commitments, recent conflict in the relationship, or other reasons. The counsellor, in this case, will arrange video conference calls where partners can speak to each other and conduct couples therapy.


The online disinhibition effect


The disinhibition effect online has been well documented and researched; its characteristics are the tendency of people to loosen their inhibitions online quicker than face-to-face. The anonymity offered by the internet seems to encourage this disinhibition effect, which has both positive and negative implications.


Some of the negative aspects of disinhibition are keyboard warriors, attacks on blog posts, and online bullying. The impact on victims can be devasting and in some cases lead to severe depression and even suicide.


For those who would like to know more about the workings of the online disinhibition effect, I highly recommend reading the article referenced at the end of this piece.


Online relationship counselling UK. Our counsellor can conduct sessions with individuals, couples and families online. We use the secure online platform zoom which allows us to see and hear multiple people in different locations.


For example, your partner may be at work, you may be at home and another person might be on holiday somewhere.  As long as everyone in the session has access to a phone or computer with internet connection, you have what you need to attend the session.


Taking part in virtual counselling sessions regularly can lead to the following long-term benefits for couples. (Keep in mind that the benefits of in-person therapy, online therapy, and virtual therapy are proven to be equally effective.)


  • Improved communication and new techniques for constructively handling conflict.
  • Experience a re-engagement in the relationship and a reminder of what attracted you to each other in the first place.
  • Help you and your partner develop a new foundation for your relationship to stand on.
  • Speaking openly and honestly about issues in your marriage leads to real solutions.


No couple is perfect, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for one fraught with conflict. Seeking the help of licensed therapists virtually can provide you with the help you need to work through issues with your spouse constructively.


Online relationship counselling UK. The most important consideration is that you need to be mindful that your room has privacy. Most people find that this is not difficult to manage. If you have children, make sure you have set them up in another room with things to keep them happy.


– When you are preparing for your couple’s session, make sure you sit side by side on a sofa or have your individual chairs set close together, then set up your computer screen so that both of you are visible on the screen at the same time.


– You will also need to set up Skype on your computer. This is a very easy process that only takes a minute or two.


– It can also be helpful to ask your counsellors for their phone number and also give them yours, at the beginning of the session, so on the very odd occasion that the connection drops out briefly, you have a way to stay in contact. This does not happen often, but it is best to be prepared.


Online relationship counselling Uk. Many people prefer to see us online or even have sessions over the phone. Some find it easier to talk about difficult subjects without the intensity of being in the room with the Therapist or with their loved ones. Some of our clients just like the comfort of being in their own space for therapy.


Family therapy online is an excellent option if you are struggling to find a specialist family therapist in your area, or you live outside of the UK. We can also arrange for other professionals to join the sessions – for example, school counsellors who may have something useful to contribute to a session about a child or adolescent.


Online relationship counselling UK includes:


Sessions via zoom (you need a computer and access to the internet)

Sessions via a telephone (you will just need access to a mobile phone or landline)

Online counselling in couple and family work is helpful for:


  • Working on communication issues between couples
  • Working on affairs
  • Helping couples learn ways to feel connected and close
  • Helping one person make decisions about their relationship
  • Helping a person understand if there is DV or other kinds of abuse going on in their relationship
  • Helping parents with parenting skills
  • Supporting parenting with strategies, advice and feedback
  • Working with teens and youths
  • Working with separated parents or families – particularly if they do not want to be in the same room as each other
  • Working with adult families who are living in different parts of Sydney or Australia
  • Working with other professionals like school counsellors, teachers and so on.



Online Relationship Counselling UK 3

Online Relationship Counselling UK Conclusion. With more people finding it necessary to self-isolate due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re anticipating an increase in online couples therapy. Spending an unprecedented amount of time at home with your partner and family, certain issues may become more evident than before.


You and your other half may experience difficulty communicating your needs. Stuck in a pattern of conflict, you may feel as though you talk in circles or consistently misunderstand one another. As a result, resentment builds, and you don’t know how to reconnect or problem-solve together.


Online relationship counselling UK Conclusion. Due to busy schedules and your demanding lifestyles, however, it may be difficult for the two of you to find time to talk through conflict. Maybe you have kids or significant work responsibilities that take up your time and energy. Without much flexibility, neither you nor your partner have space in your schedule to commit to therapy.


Even if you’ve considered therapy in the past, you may be skeptical that online marriage counseling will be effective. Unsure of if a therapist will be able to get through to you virtually or pick up on interpersonal cues, you may not trust that teletherapy is the best option for counseling.


At M.D.D, you can trust that our online relationship counselling UK services are a convenient and accessible way to work with a trained clinician who can help you improve communication and find deeper connection and fulfillment in your partnership.

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