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East Road, Cambridge,

Cambridgeshire CB1 1BH



Relationship Counselling Cambridge 1

Relationship Counselling Cambridge. An intimate partnership can be both a powerful, resilient bond and also a fragile balancing act.


At M.D.D, we provide a supportive environment to help you establish an open, honest dialogue and help you find your way in navigating challenges, resolving conflict, collaborating on your shared life together, as well as create opportunities for learning and growing in relationship to self and others.


Most people have one or more long-term romantic relationships over the course of their lives, and often these partnerships can end up in marriage or a formal commitment. Sometimes they last forever and sometimes they don’t.


It is not uncommon for a couple to negotiate what their relationship means at the start of a marriage or formal commitment, and in fact, it is advisable to establish the terms of a partnership once it becomes serious.


As time progresses and situations change, however, the relationship can change as well, and it may require more care, thought, and attention if it is to thrive over the long term.


Relationship Counselling Cambridge. A couple’s relationship can face many challenges. Maybe you are experiencing financial pressures, have just started a family, or come from different religious or cultural backgrounds and are finding it hard to relate. Perhaps you or your partner have recently lost your job or been promoted, changing the dynamics within your relationship.


Maybe your relationship is affected by on-going issues with extended family and in-laws. Maybe you just don’t feel like you are being heard or seen any more, or are unhappy with your role within the relationship.


Sometimes couples need to learn how to be friends, to support each other or to share their inner thoughts and feelings. This is where couples counselling can help.


Each couple is unique, but there are core components to a healthy relationship. We will help to identify the strength of your relationship and to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from having a fulfilling and blissful relationship.




Relationship Counselling Cambridge is a unique experience for the couple involved, often form-fitted to the conflicts and daily routines that surround their relationship. Just like individual therapy or counselling, relationship counselling is available to help you and your partner understand the patterns behind your emotions and behaviours.


A relationship counsellor uses evidence-based treatments and tools to help each couple recognize what issues may be underlying their conflicts or dissatisfaction, and how to work through these issues in a way that promotes understanding and connectedness.


Relationship Counselling Cambridge. Relationship counselling provides a structure for you to nourish and build on what works in your relationship and have a safe place to work through issues.


When problems occur in a relationship, communication can shut down and with it, the best hope of finding a solution. It is important to work on your relationship, taking some time away from day-to-day routines, so you can achieve what you really want and deserve from your relationship.


With a compassionate, non-judgemental facilitator present, partners are often able to do this by discussing issues or problems that may have previously felt too difficult or unsafe. Our therapists can help support you with a wide range of issues.


Like many couples you might find yourselves getting stuck repeating the same arguments and patterns or it may be you want to have more intimacy or you wish to work through a break of trust.


It’s common these days to get tired, stressed, worn down through work commitments or looking after children which leaves little time to focus on your relationship and each other.  Sometimes busy-ness fills the gap to avoid looking at what is going on.


If you are in conflict it can be reassuring  to know that periods of

conflicts are normal and can be worked through. It’s how you deal with the conflict that counts.


Relationship Counselling Cambridge. Relationship counselling is a space where two or more people speak together with their counsellor to work through difficulties in their relationship. These might be big, make-or-break issues or smaller, more minor ruptures that have gone unresolved over years, or communication difficulties and misunderstandings.


Counselling helps those in the relationship work towards understanding the problems and predicaments that are making the relationship difficult.


Relationship Counselling Cambridge 2



When you’re in the thick of something difficult or painful in a relationship it can be hard to see how the ruptures can be repaired. And it can be difficult to understand how they happen and why they keep happening.


You can’t see the wood for the trees. Relationship Counselling Cambridge can help everyone in that relationship to understand each other better and, importantly, to understand themselves and their own impact on the relationship.




During Miss Date Doctor relationship counselling, we focus mainly on love relationships: marriage, cohabitation and dating. But the skills you learn in this arena will improve your relationships at work, in your friendship group, in your extended family and everywhere else.


The counselling process can help you achieve so much. By creating an atmosphere in which mutual growth and respect are honoured, it helps you to improve:


the emotional quality of your relationship so that each person’s daily happiness is enhanced


the financial basis of your relationship. Greater contentment equates to greater financial stability. It also saves the extreme expense of a divorce, separation or business dissolution


the physical quality of your relationship. This can mean a more satisfying sex life and also a greater level of fitness and lower incidence of illness;


the mentally stimulating quality of your relationship. The security of a sound relationship provides you with an environment in which creativity and innovative thinking can thrive




Relationship Counselling Cambridge. Relationship counselling seems still to be mostly understood as being ‘marriage counselling’, ‘couples counselling’ or ‘marriage guidance’ – something that married couples and intimate partners try when their relationship becomes stormy. And yes, that’s definitely one purpose of relationship counselling. But what about all the other relationships in your life? These can also be worked on in relationship counselling:


  1. Parent-child relationships


  1. Sibling relationships


  1. Friendships


  1. Work relationships


  1. Other family relationships





People come to relationship counselling for all sorts of reasons, and what we talk about will be driven by these issues. It’s very likely that you will want to tell your stories about what the issues are from your own perspective.


And we will explore each person’s thoughts and feelings about these issues and how they impact on the relationship. You may discover that everyone in the relationship wants different things, and counselling can create the space for everyone to have their opinions heard


Relationship Counselling Cambridge. When Does Couples Therapy Work?What chance couples counselling has to work depends on each spouse’s answer to these two questions:


Are you willing to focus on yourself? Are you willing to focus on yourself in the presence of your partner? If the answer to either question is “no,” the couple should not be in relationship therapy.


Instead, each spouse should be attending individual counselling. It is unrealistic for another person to optimally meet every single one of our needs – emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and creative.


As such we need to be responsible for cultivating intimate relationships that are protected and take responsibility for the areas where we need other input.


Relationship Counselling Cambridge. One of the wisest things I ever heard was a soon-to-be groom saying to his fiancé that she still needed to prioritise time with her girlfriends as he couldn’t take on the role that they filled in her world.


Couples therapy helps improve the communication between couples. It assists with getting each person to see the other’s perspective as well as the underlying narrative that often subconsciously shapes their interactions.


It also provides tools to work through current challenges as well as potential future difficulties.



Relationship Counselling Cambridge 3

Relationship Counselling Cambridge Conclusion. Relationships are a great challenge for most people. Some couples never dare to discuss how they really feel inside (they stay in the Maintenance Stage);


Others put up with conflict and hostility (they stay in Polarisation Stage) or believe the solution is to leave their relationship  (the denial of one’s own pattern to avoid working through issues in the Polarisation stage.)


Relationship Counselling Cambridge Conclusion. It’s just at the point when everything feels stuck and hopeless, and in crisis, that there is the motivation to face up to what is not working. A


Relationship counselling session weekly or once every other week is a powerful transformational process if you are stuck in conflicts and arguments that leave you emotionally disconnected from your partner.


Relationship Counselling Cambridge. Our experience is that most couples find getting help a relief, and those who are willing to take an honest look at what is going on, worthwhile.  Some couples want to work short term to get over an immediate crisis, other couples are ready to really look at what is going on and  see the value of working deeply on their relationship.

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