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9-10 St Andrew Square,

Edinburgh, EH2 2AF



Relationship Counselling Edinburgh 1

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh. Relationship Counselling is the process of counselling the parties having troublesome differences and stress in the relationship. Once the problem is known, an effort is made to recognise, and harmonise the situation so that it can be managed better.


The relationship involved may be between members of a family or a couple, employees or employers in a workplace, or between a professional and a client.


So your partner and you have finally decided to find a couples counsellor to assist with your relationship struggles. You have talked about it, researched Relationship Counselling Edinburgh services and your first appointment is just a few days away — now what?


Remember that there are no wrong reasons to seek relationship Counselling. Some couples start therapy as soon as they are married, even without obvious problems, to build a strong foundation and prevent serious problems from developing.


Relationship Counsellors can help you become better communicators, develop strong relationship skills, and improve your family’s happiness.


Through speaking with a professional relationship counsellor, you can learn more about yourself, your partner, your friends, or your relationship. You can gain a better understanding of each other’s needs while receiving support and guidance that can help enhance and even strengthen your relationship.


The first few sessions will focus on your history and the problems you are there to solve. Be prepared to answer questions about your relationship, your parents, your childhood, and your relationship experiences before your current one.


Your relationship counsellor will possibly want to spend some time talking to everyone together and to each member separately.


We are often asked by nervous couples during Relationship Counselling Edinburgh how they should prepare for their first relationship counselling appointment. This can be a challenging period for couples who don’t know what to expect. Below are some concerning questions couples ask about when looking to attend a session:


  • Will the counsellor understand my feelings?
  • Will I get blamed?
  • Is this even going to work?
  • Can counselling save a relationship?
  • Is relationship counselling worth it?


Relationship Counselling Edinburgh. Miss Date Doctor has been providing couples with counselling for a while now, especially People who come from a range of different circumstances. We understand that seeking help and attending a counselling session can be difficult.


Indeed, in the period leading up to the first appointment, it is normal to feel anxious, distressed and disconnected. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prepare for a counselling session. With a little effort and commitment, you can walk into a room ready to make the best out of your situation.


Below are some points to help you prepare for Relationship Counselling Edinburgh, and the approach we use when assisting couples of all types:


  1. Make sure you’re both committed


We often see cases where one partner suggests couples counselling and is enthusiastic about it while the other reluctantly agrees to come along. Relationships require two people to work, which means both you and your partner need to make the effort.


There are many reasons why someone may be opposed to couples counselling in the first place. By and large, there is still a societal stigma around going to therapy sessions.


If you’re having trouble convincing your significant other to seek help, the best thing to do is to listen and address their concerns. The more committed both of you are, the higher the chance is of counselling being a success for you both.


  1. Prepare to talk about your feelings

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh 2

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh. Self-examination is something that is often forgotten in our increasingly fast-paced world. However, this doesn’t mean it is not important. Take a few moments every day to think about how you’re feeling and let yourself feel the anger and frustration you’ve been bottling up.


It is important to make sure to not take this out on your partner, but simply reflect about what makes you feel this way and practice talking it out. Don’t worry if you struggle to do this at first, that’s what your counsellor is here for!


Just be prepared to share personal information about yourself, your family and your feelings and go into couples therapy with an open mind.


  1. Discuss your goals with your partner


Relationship Counselling Edinburgh. If you’ve chosen to undertake therapy to fix your relationship, it is likely there’s something about you and your partner that is making you unsatisfied. I have spoken to many couples throughout my career, so I understand that every relationship is different and has its own unique struggles.


For this reason, it is a good idea to sit down with your other significant half and talk about your problems and goals together. Again, it is crucial to avoid pointing fingers and blaming each other throughout this process.


What is it that you want from a relationship counsellor? Do you want to improve your conflict resolution as a couple? Do you need to listen to each other more? Or is it something else?


  1. Clear your schedule for your first session


Relationship Counselling Edinburgh. Taking a day off from work in order to get your relationship back on track is definitely allowed. You’ve committed to seeing a counsellor, so make sure to prioritise it by having clear schedules for and ideally after the session.


Remember, your partner’s time and your counsellor’s time are valuable, and if you want to show that you care about the relationship, there’s nothing worse than showing up late to your first appointment.


If you’re feeling particularly anxious, you may want to take the day off to practice self-care. Likewise, it is best if you have free time available after your appointment. For example, if your session is in the evening, having the rest of the night free can help you rest, reflect and recharge.


  1. Talk to friends and family


Relationship Counselling Edinburgh. Couples therapy at the start may feel lonely, but you’d be surprised at how many people actually use a counsellor to improve their relationships. While a stigma around counselling still remains, this is gradually getting better.


Who you choose to tell you’re seeing a relationship therapist is up to you, but it often helps to have a network of supporters who can help you emotionally recharge.


At the same time, your friends and family should respect your privacy and autonomy. Establish clear boundaries with whoever you tell, and remember to respect your partner’s privacy as well. Gossiping about your significant other to your friends will only hinder healing and recovery.




The more you and your partner are committed to the process, the more you will get out of it as a couple. Take the time and prepare to invest in your valued relationship.


Doing the counselling, beforehand will make the process more enjoyable and provide a much better outcome. To know exactly what you will gain in your relationship, our Relationship consultant is available to direct you and give you an outline of what you can achieve during Relationship Counselling Edinburgh.


What you need to know about relationship counselling will also be explained to you with clear insight leading up to your first session with us at Miss Date Doctor. Our consulting session lasts for 40 minutes tops.


It’s both normal and common to feel nervous about your first counselling session. After all, therapy is a new experience. If you’re looking for counselling in Edinburgh, get in touch today. We have designed our Counselling sessions to meet the unique needs and struggles of every relationship.



Relationship Counselling Edinburgh 3

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh Conclusion. When a relationship starts to deteriorate and both parties feel that there is no way out, it is time to consider seeing a specialist who can provide advice and guidance. Normally, one partner in the relationship raises the alarm, but the other partner must be willing to collaborate, otherwise, therapy will not be effective.


Keep in mind that a separation is always an option, but you can first visit a professional who will provide a series of guidelines to change the habits of the relationship and redirect it.


Relationship Counselling Edinburgh Conclusion. Reasons for going to relationship counselling:


The most frequent problem the specialist is consulted about is a breakdown in communication between parties. Recurrent and destructive arguments are another main cause of relationship deterioration, along with the habits, a frenetic pace of life and work overload.


Research has even suggested that our relationships can significantly impact our well-being, with proven links showing that relationships can lower our rates of anxiety and depression, make us more likely to experience higher self-esteem and greater empathy, and can even lead to us trusting more.


A strong, healthy relationship could even help you to live a longer life. However, fulfilling and supportive relationships don’t come automatically. They require good social skills and a great deal of work, time and energy to last and stay strong.


To book an appointment with one of our relationship counsellors at Edinburgh today, speak with our relationship consultant at M.D.D today.

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