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Relationship Counselling Essex 1

Relationship Counselling Essex. Relationships go through different phases over the course of their existence, with some of these phases bringing more challenges than others. At times relationships can feel fractured and conflicted, with arguments and distance replacing previous feelings of intimacy and support.


Some relationships will weather this storm and return to positive experiences; some will get stuck in this difficult space with the relationship remaining intact but feeling damaged; others will result in the breakdown and dissolution of the relationship.


Because intimacy involves and affects both (or more) partners, therapy yields the best results when both people in a relationship commit to taking part in the process. Each partner has a unique perspective on the problem and will be a valuable asset in finding a solution.


When you commit to working on your relationship together, therapy often creates better communication, greater intimacy, and brings you closer together


Relationship Counselling Essex. The causes of relationship difficulties can be wide-ranging, with factors that include stress regarding either (or both) partners’ families, work stress, disagreements regarding parenting, one or both partners not feeling valued or appreciated, infidelity, addiction, and mental health difficulties being among the most commonly seen.


The goal of relationship counselling is not to provide a referee or judge in arguments, nor is it to completely focus on doing everything possible to keep relationships together regardless of how much emotional upset that may occur as a result of this.


Instead, we focus on assisting each person in the partnership to recognise and work with their own communication style and emotional experience, so that when difficult situations occur within the relationship each person will be equipped to navigate these more effectively.


Relationship Counselling Essex. Here is a list of problems and ways for tackling your relationship problems-:


  1. Communication -: lack of communication is the primary cause of problems in any relationship. You can’t be talking with the other person and looking at the t.v or mobile phone. You can solve this problem by:


Try to make a fruitful conversation with your partner. Keep your mobile phones and kids to bed and talk properly to each other.


If you think you cannot talk without screaming at each other, then you might want to go out to a public place to avoid that.


Don’t use words like you never, you always.


Start discussing gently. Do not overwhelm each other.


  1. Stay calm: I know it is easier said than done. Staying calm in a volatile relationship is one of the hardest things you can do. But it would be best if you tried to remain as calm and positive as you can both mentally and physically.


Take your time out if the argument gets heated.


Give each other space and time to relax.


  1. Affairs and infidelity: well, this goes without saying that cheating and affairs can take a toll on your relationship no matter how strong it is. But knowing the underlying causes of the same can repair this.


Relationship Counselling Essex. Getting affected by the aftermath of an affair, the partner creating them should stop and have clear communication with the person they had cheated on. Identifying the cause of cheating initiates the exercise for rebuilding trust and healing.


  1. Intimacy issues -: sometimes, people who have been in a relationship do not feel close to each other after some time. It can happen due to a lack of intimacy which is crucial for our relationship. Lack of familiarity in the relationship may lead to losing emotional touch with your partner.


Talk to each other about each other’s desires.


You may try to go on a date or a vacation without the kids to rekindle the feelings that are somewhere lost.


Talking to a counsellor can help us rediscover each other again.


  1. Significant life events: life can throw many curve balls at you. Life-altering events can play a significant role in your life (good or bad), like losing a child or a loved one.


When your life takes steep turns, it can bring about rigorous changes in personal lives and relationships. It could also increase misunderstandings and lack of communication with each other.


Relationship Counselling Essex. Talk to a counsellor about each other’s misunderstandings.


Speaking out your feelings and emotions can help you trust each other again.


  1. Emotional distance: When we speak of needs, we must talk about humans and their emotional needs. And being emotionally present for your partner is the only way this can happen.


You don’t have to be present physically necessarily, but your partner should feel a sense of comfort, security, and understanding when he or she is with you.


Relationship Counselling Essex 2

Relationship Counselling Essex. If you are not feeling attached to your partner emotionally, you may start to feel alone or misunderstood.


Emotional focusing therapy can help you speak about your trust issues with each other.


Try to talk to your partner about each other’s emotional needs.


Counselling will give better directions, on when and how to apply your skills during relationship conflicts.




Relationship Counselling Essex. Counselling therapy can help you in many ways than others. Talking to a therapist about your feelings towards each other or any misunderstanding causing you both stress can be relieved.


I know it sounds easier said than done, but the only way you two can sort this out is by listening to each other and solving the conflicts together.


Working with relationship issues is a key component of providing effective relationships counselling services, having specific expertise in providing relationship counselling.


If relationship difficulties are something you and your partner have been struggling with, or if any of the above sound familiar to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you.


Relationship Counselling Essex. We offer a free consultation with our relationship counsellor, who by the end of the 40 minutes consultation will know how best to proffer solutions to your relationship problems. You will be receiving great suggestions and advice from our relationship counsellors because they are experienced and great at achieving results.




Relationship Counselling Essex can provide insight into what you or your partner may not have been able to recognize on your own, including unmet needs, unresolved conflicts, and unhealthy patterns of communication.


A couples counsellor will be able to help you to recognize these issues and to address the ways they are damaging your relationship, which can ensure the health and longevity of your partnership.


A counsellor will also be able to help you identify the reasoning behind your actions and how they may be affecting your partner. Understanding the consequences of your words and actions can be an enlightening experience, one that can help fortify your bond and facilitate necessary change.


Counselling will provide you with the tools to work through existing conflicts that may have been difficult to approach on your own. In addition to issues such as infidelity, sexual disparities and parental pressures, the stress in relationships can also be exacerbated by unseen conflicts in everyday conversation and in unspoken expectations.


These are just a few of the many benefits of relationship counselling, but there are many more! As more people have come to appreciate the positives of these sessions, this form of therapy has proven more popular for people dating or already married.


If you have any other questions about the process, or you’re interested in seeing how couples counselling can help you, reach out and let us know!




Relationship Counselling Essex. Relationships are as dynamic as individuals. It’s naive to believe that our own needs and wants, and those of our partners, will remain unchanged over time. This is why it can be important to renegotiate the terms of a relationship with the guidance of an experienced therapist.


When a marriage or relationship is worth investing in, it’s helpful to re-assess the terms of the agreement from time to time. It’s possible that you have new needs and requirements for yourself and your partner than you did when the relationship began.


Rather than separating immediately or keeping these needs quiet, working with a couple of counsellors to address the issues that are derailing your relationship satisfaction can help to evolve and mature your partnership.



Relationship Counselling Essex 3

Relationship Counselling Essex Conclusion. Couples counselling creates an environment that encourages open dialogue about what each partner needs in the relationship. It can be difficult to approximate this kind of conversation on your own when you’re experiencing conflict because habitual patterns of communicating often lead down the same unproductive path.


Relationship Counselling Essex Conclusion. Sometimes relationship counselling can be helpful as a preventative tool, by encouraging an open dialogue before resentment starts to build. It can also help the partnership evolve in step with the individuals involved.


Other times it can be an indispensable agent in overcoming conflict or addressing negative behavioural patterns that stress and erode a relationship. No matter the reason, a couple’s counsellor has the potential to strengthen your partnership, rebuild a foundation of trust and heal past conflict.

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