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Glasgow, G2 1RW



Relationship Counselling Glasgow 1

Relationship Counselling Glasgow. Relationship counselling, also known as couples counselling or couples therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on helping people improve their romantic relationships. By working with a therapist, couples can explore issues in their relationship, work on their communication, improve interactions, and resolve conflicts.


While relationship counselling is often used to address problems, it can be helpful at any stage of a relationship. People in healthy, happy relationships can still benefit from counselling that strengthens their communication and connection.


Saying “relationships are hard” is so common that it’s a cliché now. But it’s also true. Even when people get along really well, stress and daily life can cause conflicts that seem difficult or even impossible to resolve.


We know that many couples feel stuck and dissatisfied in their relationship, wondering how it turned out this way, and where things went wrong. Couples usually attend relationship counselling with at least some idea of the problem that brought them there.


One or both of you might feel taken for granted, angry or resentful, and just don’t see any hope that things could be different. The additional pressures of everyday life can add a heavier burden, with financial worries, parenting concerns, or different life values sharpening the wedge between you.


At the same time, couples often lose sight of their initial goals and lose the spark that brought them together in the first place. There may be a cycle of things gradually getting worse, an argument, an attempt to do things differently where the relationship may be better for a while before the whole cycle starts again.


Relationship Counselling Glasgow. Sexual problems add to this stress as increasing responsibilities leave them exhausted and anxious. ​Or things may just feel stale and stagnant, with no real lows but no joy anymore, no sense that you are a priority in the other person’s life.


Having a conversation about personal desire seems difficult for many and often one or both members of the couple are left wondering if they can reinvigorate their relationship and build a sustaining and satisfying union.


Relationship Counselling Glasgow. ​Relationship counselling works because our counsellors at Miss Date Doctor take a neutral stance and assist the couple to communicate to each other what they want and how they are truly feeling.


Added to that, by the couple observing how they interact with each other, each individual learns more about how they are in their other relationships with family, friends, and work colleagues.


In order to begin successful counselling, we advise you to participate in our 40 minutes long free consultation to help us know what issues you are facing, identify pain points, and assess you to know how best we can get those issues resolved.


Purchasing our special relationship packages that are available to both couples and singles will facilitate your counselling progress.


During our sessions, we will help you:


  • Re-discover the things you like about each other, and build affection, caring, and friendship
  • Build a passionate and fulfilling sex life that has meaning for both of you
  • Strengthen the emotional connection, so you each feel like a priority in the other person’s life.
  • Rebuild trust and commitment (even after a sexual or emotional affair)
  • Find new ways of tackling perpetual problems (most couples have conflicts over and over again about the same topics)
  • Move beyond the resentments that keep creeping in from the past, and help with feelings of being taken for granted


A lot of times, we get complaints from clients about their partner not being interested in relationship counselling, so here is our piece of advice.


Relationship Counselling Glasgow 2



Relationship Counselling Glasgow. It is common for one partner to be more motivated to improve the relationship and take action while the other partner may not see the need for change. Relationship counselling for individuals helps you understand your role, effectively communicate your needs and explore how to respectfully influence the relationship.




  1. You’re experiencing difficulty speaking with one another


Relationship Counselling Glasgow. Bad relation is quite possibly the most well-known impediment that bothered couple face. At times, it nearly feels like you two are communicating in different dialects. What’s more, when partners are separated different issues will follow.


  1. Contentions are a steady piece of your daily practice as a team


intermittent contentions can ‘recalibrate’ the relationship, consistent contending incurs ceaseless harm to the relationship, frequently prompting scorn and stalling. Whenever warmed debates become a piece of your daily practice, maybe now is the ideal time to counsel a relationship instructor.


  1. One of you no longer trusts the other


We as a whole realize that trust is hard to acquire and simple to lose. What’s more, when you sell out your accomplice’s trust – or he/she double-crosses yours – winning it back can be very testing. If you have any desire to allow each other a subsequent opportunity, couple guiding is the best spot to begin.


  1. Similar issues will more often than not surface at whatever point one of you whines


Relationship Counselling Glasgow. Once in a while, returning your relationship to the target implies conflicting with the useless examples that have pushed you along around and around for quite a long time.


In such cases, a relationship advocate can assist both of you with investigating these ‘harmful’ personal conduct standards and supplant them with better ones.


  1. You never again feel associated with one another


A few couples find it hard to place the specific issue that is causing them trouble. At the end of the day, they feel lost and separated without knowing why.


Fortunately, the contribution of a relationship instructor can assist them with acquiring experiences into why their relationship doesn’t work as it used to.




Relationship Counselling Glasgow. Through the therapy process, the relationship counsellor will try to help both partners see the relationship in a more objective way. This includes learning to stop blaming each other for problems and viewing the problems in the relationship as something which involves both partners.


During counselling sessions, the therapist will watch how both partners interact with each other and will look at what factors might influence the way the couples interact.


  • Change dysfunctional behaviour


During relationship/couples therapy, the therapist will try to change the way in which both partners interact with each other. The therapist will also aim to ensure couples are not behaving in a way that may cause any type of harm to the relationship (e.g. psychological, physical or economic harm).


  • Decrease emotional avoidance


If couples avoid effectively expressing their feelings they may put themselves at greater risk of becoming emotionally distant and growing apart.


Relationship Counselling Glasgow. During relationship counselling, the relationship counsellor will try to help the couple express the emotions and thoughts that they may be afraid of showing to their partner. In doing this, the couple may be able to become closer again.


  • Improve communication


Communication is a vital part of a relationship and is especially important in the intimacy involved in relationships. Relationship counselling tries to improve the communication within the relationship while making sure that, when expressing their feelings, couples are not abusive in any way and do not ridicule each other.


  • Promoting strengths


Relationship Counselling Glasgow. As relationship counselling is nearing an end, the therapist will point out the strengths of the relationship. The majority of counselling sessions focus on the problem areas of the relationship, which makes it easy to forget about the areas of the relationship in which the couple functions well.


Promoting the strengths of the relationship can help the couple see the enjoyment in their relationship and therefore not solely focus on the negative aspects of the time they spend together.



Relationship Counselling Glasgow 3

Relationship Counselling Glasgow Conclusion. Love is a necessary factor for a strong and fulfilling relationship but not enough. So what is? Relationships require a concerted effort from both ends. They require listening, empathy, understanding, healthy boundaries, communication & consistency, to name a few.


Relationship counselling, whether in the context of a marriage or otherwise,  is a space for people in a relationship (two or more) to interact with the counsellor to explore and address inter-personal concerns including intimacy, communication, conflicts, etc.


Relationship Counselling Glasgow Conclusion. The counsellor’s focus is on the relationship between the two, and we maintain neutrality to both parties in the relationship and the status of the relationship itself.  We maintain the possibility of a positive experience whatever the outcome may be.


People generally experience relief and more positive outcomes in trying to work through life stage adjustment issues, and interpersonal issues.  Relationship counselling Glasgow has been shown to increase the relationship’s ability to bear the stress of changing demands in the family because of life-stage commitments (such as parenting, empty-nest, etc).


Where people might be choosing to separate, counselling can help reduce any pain, and also help each individual cope better with moving back into singlehood.

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