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Relationship Counselling Newcastle 1

Relationship Counselling Newcastle. Relationship counselling is one of the most effective ways to improve your relationship. It’s not just for those on the brink of breakup or divorce either. Relationship counselling provides a unique way to examine your relationship and learn new and effective ways to communicate and build trust.


Yet as effective as relationship counselling is for couples, the truth is that every couple is made up of two individuals, and that means that each individual within that couple deserves their own private opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings.




Relationship Counselling Newcastle. It’s for those reasons that, in my practice, I try to make sure that I have an opportunity to meet with both couples individually at least once, if not more times. There are several advantages to this approach that can have a valuable effect on your relationship, including:


  • You Get The Chance to Share in Private


Maintaining open communication can be difficult at first, especially if you’ve lost some trust in sharing openly in front of your partner. But individually, people are much more willing to share what bothers them and discuss the issues that matter most.


This provides the relationship counsellor with the opportunity to really learn more about the person as an individual, and come up with strategies to communicate it to your partner.


  • Individual Mental Health Struggles


Similarly, individual problems that have nothing to do with the relationship can affect the relationship, and sometimes these deserve their own individual advice or counselling.


For example, if you are struggling with anxiety or under work stress, it may have nothing to do with your partner, but affects your happiness in a way that hurts your relationship. So meeting individually can help uncover these issues.




Relationship Counselling Newcastle. You and your partner need to communicate. But sometimes you’re not quite at the place where you feel comfortable talking yet, or you just don’t know-how. Meeting individually means that we can give you some guidance on how to communicate with your partner, and in some cases, we can even help lead conversation ourselves taking much of the pressure off of you.


Moving Forward with Relationship Counselling


Relationship Counselling Newcastle. These are only a few examples of the benefits of meeting individually during couples counselling, and when we work with clients you can tell that this makes a tremendous difference in terms of the quality and effectiveness of the counselling services.


Relationship counselling can be challenging, but meeting individually can help improve the likelihood of success and make your relationship stronger.


Sessions typically last for 90 minutes with our trained counsellor. The counsellor will ask some questions about you and your relationships and what you would like to achieve with counselling.

hands making a heart


Typically the counsellor will ask you questions about your experiences and how you are feeling. If you are not comfortable talking much it might take other forms like drawing or writing down your thoughts for example.

In all cases, you will find a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.


Relationship Counselling Newcastle. But before proceeding to normal counselling sessions, a foundation is laid upon which your relationship counsellor will build. In other words, a free consultation is done to assess and know the pain points of the individual or couple. Our free Consultation lasts for about 30-40 minutes.


If you haven’t experienced couples counselling for yourself, it’s understandable that you might have some preconceived ideas about it. Perhaps you’ve seen it on TV or in films, or you have heard anecdotes from friends and family.


As a result of this type of exposure, we often find that there are a few misconceptions. One of the biggest is the belief that couples therapy is designed for married couples or those who have been together for a long time.


Relationship Counselling Newcastle. But this isn’t necessarily the case – couples therapy is very powerful and can benefit relationships of all stages, including those in the very early days. Some may think that starting couples counselling early on is a bad omen, but we believe that this shows strength and a willingness to be open and grow together.


Whether you’ve recently become “Facebook official”, or you’re celebrating your silver wedding anniversary, there are lots of ways that relationship counselling can benefit your relationship.


Relationship Counselling Newcastle 2

Here are reasons to consider couples counselling when not married or early on.


  1. Build your skills to work through differences


Relationship Counselling Newcastle. Couples experience differences – this is inevitable. You might disagree on whose family to spend Christmas with, argue about finances, or clash over your political views. But what’s important is how you respond to these situations. This is all under your control.


Relationship therapy or couple workshops will give you the tools to handle these situations in a healthy and productive way. When you come to any bumps in the road, you’ll be prepared to communicate effectively so that any differences can be understood, learned from and used as a source of growth.


  1. Explore the influences of your childhood


Subconsciously, our childhood experiences have a tremendous influence over our relationships – both in terms of our choice of partner, our experience of them and our behaviour towards them.


Working with a relationship counsellor will help you to learn and understand what these are, how they manifest themselves, and how they might affect your relationship.


For example, perhaps you find yourself arguing with a partner about them not being there for you, but this could actually be rooted in the loneliness you experienced as a child.


Being mindful of these triggers will help you and your partner to respond in a mindful and rational way, avoid antagonising each other, and grow beyond your childhood adaptations. This, in turn, increases intimacy and connection.


  1. Understand the stages of your relationship


All relationships go through a spectrum of stages. This is one of the fundamental teachings of couple therapy training.


Relationships that end in marriage start with the honeymoon period, where everything feels joyful and perfect, and progress through a variety of others, including the “power struggle” and hopefully leading to the “conscious relationship”.


In M.D.D relationship counselling, we have stages of therapy that will yield positive results when employed. Many of these are related to creating and maintaining a sense of joyfulness and pleasure with each other.


By being aware of this, you’ll learn how to recognise each stage and how best to approach them together. You’ll be able to identify certain feelings and emotions to stay strong, whatever comes your way.


  1. Learn how to be there for each other


Relationship Counselling Newcastle. Relationship counselling will teach you how to be there for each other, how to experience a deep connection and how to bring your best self to all circumstances.


The process encourages safe and open conversations that allow you to communicate what you want from your relationship and to listen fully and nonjudgmentally to your partner. You’ll have the opportunity to learn what makes you both feel loved and appreciated and your relationship will bloom from there.


  1. Create a relationship vision


Relationship Counselling Newcastle. Finally, the beginning of a relationship is a great starting point to discuss your relationship visions. It’s an opportunity to learn about each other’s values and belief systems, and to work together to create a healthy and happy relationship.


When couples have a clear vision for their relationship, with a thoughtful strategy to achieve it, it is more likely they will live by it. Working with a Miss Date Doctor relationship counsellor will help you to develop a relationship that is in line with your values, intentions and vision.


Relationship Counselling Newcastle is a major option for you. Although it is not comparable to coaching is not comparable to counselling, it is an intensive and transformational experience that can elevate any couple’s relationship.



Relationship Counselling Newcastle 3

Relationship Counselling Newcastle Conclusion.

Getting individuals to understand not only their own attachment styles but also that of their partners is a constructive process; which helps both parties see that good relationship are ones that are engaged and emotionally responsive.


Additionally, by focusing on one’s upbringing, blame is shifted. Instead, warring parties see that their spouse is less of a “cause” and more of an “effect. This helps to instil empathy in both parties


Relationship Counselling Newcastle Conclusion. The primary purpose of a counsellor is to help the couple truly think through life-altering solutions. By effectively “slowing down” the marriage, they help each participant look at it from different angles. This included their own role in the challenges. You can’t divorce yourself.


If people end a marriage without looking at their own contributions to the problems, they are left with a big blind spot, mistakes they may repeat in a new relationship.  An important point when one considers that the divorce rate is higher in second marriages than in firsts.

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