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Tinder Swindler Netflix review

Tinder Swindler Netflix review

Tinder Swindler Netflix review

Tinder Swindler Netflix review. This riveting Netflix documentary about a jet-setting internet dating scammer is both amazing and compassionate toward his female victims.

Several individuals in Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler describe the astonishing events depicted in the documentary as if they were in a movie. One woman describes how she was seduced by a man she met on a dating app.

Simon Leviev was his given name. Their first date began in a five-star hotel and ended with an unexpected journey on a private plane. Further down the line, another woman (and there are a lot of them) says she feels like she’s in a “horror movie.”

Given the show’s title, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Leviev, who claimed to be the son of a millionaire diamond dealer, was actually a convicted con man named Shimon Hayut, not the wealthy, charming suitor he made himself out to be online.

From the podcast Sweet Bobby to the fascinating case of the “false heiress” Anna Delvey, audiences appreciate a good con. This fits right in with the pantheon. It’s a fast-paced, riveting feature-length film that meticulously lays everything out and shows plenty of compassion for the victims.

Tinder Swindler Netflix review. Cecilie, a serial dater who defines herself as “a bit of a Tinder specialist,” is our first guest. She is caught up in Simon’s tornado of activity. He sends her lavish rose bouquets, pays her a visit in Oslo, and invites her to live with him.

Then, one night, he sends her photographs and videos of himself and his bodyguard, bloodied, in difficulties, under attack from adversaries, and suddenly unable to access the vast financial reserves he claims to have.

Another option is Pernilla, a Swedish woman who appears to be a little more worldly than Cecilie. “I’m just thinking, oh my God, another diamond boy,” she drily says to the director about matching with him.”Another diamond guy?” the director says off-camera. Pernilla does not fall for Simon’s charms romantically, but the two become friends.

She spends a crazy summer with him and his then-girlfriend, a Russian model, traveling across the billionaire-friendly sections of Europe. Until, as a result of threats from his opponents, he is unable to access his funds and, well, you know the drill.

Tinder Swindler Netflix review. There are numerous fascinating aspects to this dreadful tale, the majority of which are described here. This is what happens when people live their lives on the internet. Cecilie claims she used a match to Google Simon since that’s what you’re supposed to do with a match. She discovered him to be the man he claimed to be out in public. His Instagram account appeared to verify his identity. We hear Simon’s voice messages, which were taken from women’s messaging archives, and we see romantic films he sent from private jets.

There are recordings showing Cecilie browsing through luxurious flats that Simon suggested she rent for the two of them to live in together.

This gives it a special intimacy. When the incident was ultimately made public, following an in-depth exposé by the Norwegian newspaper VG, the women had to deal with strangers calling them gold-diggers and worse on social media.

Tinder Swindler Netflix review. If this were fiction, it would be far too unbelievable to be believed; with each shocking twist, you’ll be left wondering how he got away with it. This goes to the heart of the terrible emotional and financial harm these ladies have suffered. It also helps to explain how he managed to fool so many of them.

The magnitude of Simon’s plans is simply stunning when the moving pieces come into focus.

Each layer of the story is picked away by the Tinder Swindler. It’s about online dating, internet scams, and the allure of con artists who say just the right thing. When the Norwegian press and later Interpol begin looking for Simon, the situation becomes tense.

Finally, it becomes a story of survival, even vengeance, as another of Simon’s victims begins to figure out how to reclaim at least part of their money and pride. It alluded to challenges with monitoring internet conduct that occurs across multiple countries, as well as “minor” offenses that have terrible consequences for the victims.

Tinder Swindler Netflix review. True-crime documentaries on Netflix can be a mixed bag. They’re usually sensationalist, long, and unsatisfying. Rather than scouring the barrel for every potential angle, the Tinder Swindler is fast and smart, leaving you wanting more.

It leaves a lot of unresolved questions, and it lacks the elegant finish that would have made for a flawless ending. But that is life, which does not turn out to be anything like the movies.

Is the Tinder Swindler real?

Is the Tinder Swindler real

Is the Tinder Swindler real? The Tinder Swindler, a true-crime documentary on Netflix, horrified audiences, but the narrative is still unfolding.

The video, which debuted on Netflix on Feb. 2, follows Shimon Hayut, a guy who allegedly pretended to be Simon Leviev and claimed to be the son of a diamond mogul on the popular dating app Tinder.

He would charm women and persuade them to lend him money under his false identity, swindling an estimated $10 million from people all over the world.

Maybe even more startling than all of his other deeds? He’s now free and pursuing a Hollywood career, but the women he defrauded are still owed money.

Listen to our daily podcast on PEOPLE Every Day for more on The Tinder Swindler.

He was convicted of fraud, theft, and forgery in December 2019 and sentenced to 15 months in prison, but he was freed five months early.

Here’s everything you need to know about Simon Leviev’s current whereabouts and activities since the Netflix documentary’s debut.

Sweet Magnolias and Inventing Anna are among the new Netflix movies and shows set to debut in February.

Is Simon Leviev on Tinder anymore?

Though Leviev was still using Tinder at the time of the documentary’s premiere, the dating service has subsequently banned him.

Tinder confirmed in a statement to Variety that “we have done internal checks and can confirm Simon Leviev is no longer active on Tinder under any of his known aliases.”

According to The Washington Post, Tinder published additional instructions titled “Romance Scams: How to Protect Yourself Online” the day before the documentary was broadcast, emphasizing that scammers use the app to prey on “weak” people “searching for love.”

Is Simon Leviev on Facebook or Twitter?

Despite the fact that Leviev is no longer allowed to use Tinder, he was still quite active on Instagram after the documentary’s publication. His Twitter handle, @simonLevievofficial, had over 200,000 followers.

According to The Tab, Leviev’s Instagram account was hacked and deleted shortly after the documentary’s publication, prompting him to create a new profile; he subsequently returned to the previous account and claimed everything was fine.

The Instagram account @simon_Leviev_official looks to be down again as of Feb. 16. A TikTok account claiming to be him existed earlier, but this has not been validated.

What is Simon Leviev’s profession?

He formerly had a website (which is now defunct) where he gave $300 in business counseling.

Now it appears that Leviev is aiming for the big screen. According to Entertainment Tonight, “he has signed up with a talent management company, Gina Rodriguez of Gitoni Inc., with hopes of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry,” according to the tabloid.’s also “considering a potential podcast, presenting a dating program, and/or authoring a book,” according to the tabloid.

Surprisingly, the news of Leviev signing with a talent manager came after Variety reported that Netflix is considering making the popular documentary into a full-fledged film. “The conversation is in its early stages,” sources tell the publication, “and the tone of a potential film is still being hammered out.”

It’s unknown whether Leviev, who declined to participate in the previous documentary, will be a part of the new one.

According to TMZ, Leviev has joined Cameo, a popular app that allows celebrities to deliver customised video greetings to fans. According to the magazine, he made $30K in his first three days on the app, “charging $200 per personal video and $2k for every business film.”

Is Simon Leviev facing legal action?

Is the Tinder Swindler real? About a month after the documentary’s premiere, Leviev was sued by the real Leviev diamond family, to which he allegedly pretended to belong.

According to court documents acquired by People, Israeli Russian diamond tycoon Lev Leviev and his family sued him for allegedly impersonating them and profiting unlawfully by adopting their last name.

Where is Tinder Swindler now?

Where is Tinder Swindler now

Where is Tinder Swindler now? Netflix has released a new documentary. Simon Leviev, a con artist, is exposed in The Tinder Swindler, although his age is not revealed. The Tinder Swindler debuted at number one on Netflix’s prized “Top 10” list on February 2, 2022, when fans tuned in to learn how Leviev defrauded beautiful young women out of millions of dollars using the dating app Tinder. However, several details concerning Leviev were left out of The Tinder Swindler, including the swindler’s age and when he began his deception.

The Tinder Swindler tells the stories of three women who met Simon Leviev on the dating app Tinder: Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte.

By uploading images of himself in private jets and luxurious hotels across the world, Simon was able to persuade the women (and many others) that he was the CEO of a diamond company and the son of “The Diamond King,” Lev Leviev. The truth was far different:

Simon used other women’s money to sustain the lifestyle that Cecilie, Pernilla, and Ayleen thought to be true, trapping them in his intricate Ponzi scam.

Simon Leviev, the Tinder Swindler, stole $430,000 from the women featured in the Netflix video, but he has stolen much more from many more individuals.

Leviev is suspected of stealing nearly $10 million between 2017 and 2019, but these are only a few of his most recent misdeeds. Simon Leviev, 31, was Shimon Hayut, a con artist whose crimes began when he was a teenager.

Before changing his name to appear as a member of the diamond lineage, he was Shimon Hayut, a con artist whose crimes began when he was a teenager.

Hayut, who was born in Israel in 1990, began his criminal career in 2005, when he was 15 years old and was accused of credit card fraud by family friends. Hayut continued his small-time offenses, such as taking employers’ checkbooks, throughout his adolescent years until he was charged with theft, forgery, and check fraud in 2011.

After being released on bond, Hayut fled the country. From 2015 through 2017, Shimon Hayut (not yet Simon Leviev, the Tinder Swindler) was arrested and imprisoned in Finland for defrauding three women in a similar manner to the Tinder Swindler.

Shimon Hayut assumed the name of Simon Leviev shortly after his release from prison in 2017 and began the complex operations revealed in The Tinder Swindler.

Where is Tinder Swindler now? According to the documentary, Leviev was detained in Greece in 2019 and sent back to his native country, where he was sentenced to 15 months in prison but only served five, according to the documentary. It appears that the legendary con artist has had a busy 31 years, since he has been at this game for quite some time.

What did the tinder swindler do?

What did the tinder swindler do

What did the tinder swindler do? What has been the worst date you’ve ever had? Is it true that you had boring talk and foul breath? Or was it a case of you being duped out of a quarter-million dollars? The Tinder Swindler’s ladies may have a little higher standard for a “poor date.”

The new Netflix documentary follows the story of a well-known conman who allegedly exploited the Tinder dating app to enjoy a lavish lifestyle while scamming women all over Europe.

So, who is the Tinder con artist? Shimon Hayut, the so-called “Tinder Swindler,” is a convicted fraudster from Israel. Hayut met many women on dating apps, then arranged lines of credit and loans in their names, leaving them with the bills.

How could he get away with it again since he had once been convicted of fraud? Hayut seems content to switch identities like a demonic Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can in order to keep his plot operating.

Under his birth name, he was convicted of fraud in Finland, but he carried out his Tinder con under the name Simon Leviev, claiming to be the son of billionaire diamond tycoon Lev Leviev. After his identity was disclosed in a VG exposé, he allegedly changed his name to David Sharon to avoid detection.

Was it some type of ruse? In his instance, Hayut appears to have followed a pattern: he would match with a lady on Tinder, take her on a costly and impressive first date (in Cecilie Schrder Fjellhy’s instance, a trip on a private aircraft), and gradually establish their relationship while secretly dating other women while flying around the world.

What did the tinder swindler do? Hayut’s accusers claim that at one point, he confided in them that he was afraid of a nebulous gathering of his “enemies” approaching. To add to the fear, he would eventually send a photo of his bleeding bodyguard, who was purportedly hurt by these opponents.

Once that foundation was established, he would hurriedly message each “girlfriend” to inform her that his credit card could not be used due to security concerns, and that she should open a new one in her name for him to use. He was off to the races after that.

How much money did he get away with? According to The Times of Israel, the cost is projected to be $10 million. Hayut would avoid paying his debtors by cajoling, threatening, and otherwise delaying them: He developed a practice of sending increasingly bizarre WhatsApp voice messages, including one to the filmmakers after he discovered The Tinder Swindler’s existence.

How did he end up being apprehended? When Ayleen Koeleman, one of Hayut’s long-term girlfriends, saw the VG piece, she turned the tables on him.

Hayut had to take a vacation from jet-setting and lay low after the story went viral. He sought assistance from Koeleman, the only lady who appeared to trust him, but she was well ahead of him. Koeleman eventually persuaded him that she could make money by selling his luxury clothes, and she retained the money by swindling the Tinder Swindler herself.

She deduced that Hayut was going to Greece after some rapid detective work and reported his flight information to the authorities. In Israel, he was caught in 2019 and sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud.

Is Tinder safe now that he’s in jail? Hayut was freed from prison after only five months, and Tinder has established that he does not have any active Tinder profiles or aliases. He has also been banned from the site indefinitely.

But, towards the end of the film, Hayut is still living the same affluent lifestyle he did before going to prison, complete with a new girlfriend — despite the fact that he’s never stopped swiping right.

The tinder swindler simon

The tinder swindler simon

The tinder swindler simon. Simon Leviev (Hebrew: ; born Shimon Yehuda Hayut, September 27, 1990) is an Israeli con artist who has been convicted of theft, forgery, and fraud. According to The Times of Israel, he allegedly stole an estimated $10 million from victims across Europe in a Ponzi scheme between 2017 and 2019.

With the publication of an article titled “The Tinder Swindler” by investigative journalists from the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang, with the help of Israeli journalist Uri Blau, and the subsequent release of the Netflix documentary of the same name in 2022, his criminal activity became widely known.

In Finland, Leviev was sentenced to two years in jail in 2015, while in Israel, he was sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2019. He is still wanted for fraud in multiple countries as of 2019.

Shimon Yehuda Hayut (Hebrew:) was born in Ramat Elchanan, Bnei Brak, Israel, in 1990.He moved to Brooklyn, New York, with his family’s friends when he was 15, and they later accused him of misusing their credit cards. According to Felicity Morris’ interviews, Leviev has been committing petty crimes such as check fraud since he was a teenager.

He eventually changed his legal name from Shimon Hayut to Simon Leviev, claiming to be connected to Israeli millionaire Lev Avnerovich Leviev, also known as “The King of Diamonds.”

Arrests and criminal activity

The tinder swindler simon. Hayut was charged with theft, forgery, and fraud in Israel in 2011 for cashing stolen cheques. According to reports, he allegedly stole a family’s checkbook while babysitting their child and another’s while working as a handyman at their home.

He never appeared in court and fled to Europe, crossing the border into Jordan with a forged passport in the name of Mordechai Nisim Tapiro. He was charged with theft and forgery of checks, as well as leaving a five-year-old he was babysitting unattended, by an Israeli court in 2012.

He was arrested and sentenced to three years in jail in Finland in 2015 for scamming multiple women. He claimed to be an Israeli male born in 1978 when he was caught in Finland, and he was discovered with two counterfeit Israeli passports, three forged Israeli driver’s licenses, two forged Israeli flying permits, and five forged American Express credit cards.

He returned to Israel in 2017 to be recharged and punished after completing his sentence early. According to The Times of Israel, he took on a new identity and fled the nation by changing his legal name to Simon Leviev.

Hayut pretended to be different people while traveling over Europe. Using the name Michael Bilton, he exploited multiple women in Germany. He also pretended to be the son of Russian-Israeli diamond tycoon Lev Leviev, posing as Leviev on the dating app Tinder and duping women into lending him money that he never repaid.

He would entice women with extravagant gifts and fly them to dinners on private jets using money he had stolen from other women he had defrauded.

Later, he would regularly send the same messages and photographs, claiming that his bodyguard had been attacked and pleading with his victims to support him financially; they would frequently take out bank loans and new credit cards to do so.

He’d then use the money he’d made from the lie to entice new victims, thus running a Ponzi scam. Later, he would submit fraudulent paperwork showing fake bank transfers to his victims, ostensibly repaying them.

Interpol apprehended him in Greece in 2019 after he used a false passport. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Israel later that year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was freed five months later.

He later offered “business advice” for a fee via a website, according to The Mirror. According to The Times of Israel, he pretended to be a medical professional in 2020 in order to receive the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of schedule.

Hayut is also wanted in Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom for various fraud and forgery offenses. In a CNN interview on February 21, 2022, Leviev denied deceiving the women in a CNN interview, claiming he was merely a “single person who wants to meet some girls on Tinder.”

He was sued by the Leviev family later that month for pretending to be a member of the family. The complaint was filed in Israel’s Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court.

In contemporary culture,

The Tinder Swindler, a Netflix video documentary about his story as told by some of his victims, was released in 2022. According to The Washington Post, Tinder removed Hayut from their app after the documentary’s debut. Other Match Group Inc. apps, such as, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid, have also blacklisted him.

In 2022, shortly after the documentary’s publication, Leviev signed with talent manager Gina Rodriguez of Gitoni Inc. in the hopes of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. He also has a Cameo account, charging $200 for bespoke videos and $2,000 for business videos.

Tinder Swindler documentary

Tinder Swindler documentary

Tinder Swindler documentary. Simon Leviev, who reportedly scammed three women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, has been the focus of the world’s attention since Netflix’s documentary “The Tinder Swindler” was aired.

In a brief televised interview with “Inside Edition,” Leviev appeared in a brief televised interview after occasionally going to his Instagram account, @simonlevievofficial, to reject any claims.

“I was just a single man who wanted to meet some girls on Tinder,” he stated.

“I was amazed at how many girls sought me and volunteered to go meet me without knowing who I was,” he claimed. “I’m not the monster that everyone has made me out to be.”

Tinder Swindler documentary. Leviev said that the ladies interviewed for the Netflix video were never threatened or tricked, and that he never pretended to be the son of a millionaire diamond magnate.

When questioned how he pays for his extravagant lifestyle, he said, “I’m a legitimate businessman.” “I bought bitcoin in 2011, when it was worthless; I don’t have to tell you how much it’s worth now.”

“I’m neither a phony nor a scam,” Leviev said on “Inside Edition.” Because people don’t know me, they can’t pass judgment on me. “I’m the world’s biggest gentleman.”

The conversation also included a brief appearance by Leviev’s current girlfriend, Israeli model Kate Konlin.

“My god, it’s amazing how someone can make such a phony story,” Konlin told Inside Edition. When she was asked if Leviev had borrowed any money from her, she said no.

According to their GoFundMe pages, Cecilie Fjellhy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte, who were robbed of 185,000, 103,000, and 25,000 pounds, respectively, are still in debt. They’ve gotten almost 8,000 donations so far.

Tinder Swindler netflix trailer

Tinder Swindler netflix trailer

Tinder Swindler netflix trailer. The Netflix documentary follows Shimon Hayut, a conman who pretended to be a rich playboy in order to cheat his dates out of large sums of money.

The Tinder Swindler premiered on Netflix just weeks after The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman debuted on the streaming service.

Shimon Hayut used the dating app Tinder to impersonate a billionaire called Simon Leviev and defraud women across Europe of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Victims of Hayut, who was caught in 2019 and spent time in prison, come together in the new documentary to relate their tales and seek retribution.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about The Tinder Swindler as it makes its Netflix debut, including Shimon’s current whereabouts.

The Tinder Swindler’s release date has been set.

The Tinder Swindler will be available on Netflix on February 2nd.

The Tinder Swindler is a one-off film with a running time of 113 minutes by the makers of The Imposter and Don’t F**k with Cats.

What is the story behind The Tinder Swindler?

Tinder Swindler Netflix review. The Tinder Swindler is a documentary about conman Shimon Hayut, who was jailed in 2019 for scamming women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by posing as a rich playboy on the dating app Tinder.

Cecilie Fjellhoy met Hayut on a dating service and desired retribution after being tricked by him, and the film chronicles the story of the prolific criminal and the ladies who set out to bring him down.

“Cecilie identifies his other targets, and once they band together, they’re no longer victims: the Tinder Swindler meets his match.”

Who is Shimon Hayut, the Tinder Swindler?

Shimon Hayut, the title Tinder Swindler in this film, is an Israeli scammer who pretended to be a wealthy Russian millionaire named Simon Leviev on the dating app and conned his dates out of large sums of money.

Hayut moved to Israel in 2017 to escape facing charges for a series of fraud-related offenses, and he spent the next two years posing as the son of diamond billionaire Lev Leviev, dating women on Tinder and duping them into lending him money.

While he would initially charm his dates in nations like Norway, Finland, and Sweden with lavish presents, private jet excursions, and luxurious hotel stays, he would then ask for a loan, claiming security concerns.

Hayut was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud and ordered to pay $43,289 in restitution in December 2019, but he only served five months.

Tinder Swindler netflix trailer

In January, Netflix released a trailer for The Tinder Swindler, showcasing interviews with some of the women Hayut had conned out of money ranging from $20,000 to $140,000 in one case.

Tinder swindler girlfriend

Tinder swindler girlfriend

Tinder swindler girlfriend. Everyone’s new Netflix true crime obsession is The Tinder Swindler, and we have a lot of questions. What happened to Simon Leviev? And how have his victims fared since the documentary’s release?

If you need a refresher, The Tinder Swindler is about a con artist named Simon Leviev (actual name: Shimon Hayut) who defrauded hundreds of thousands of pounds from women he met on the namesake dating app.

Simon Leviev is now a “free man” in Israel, according to the film’s conclusion, and is depicted maintaining his luxurious lifestyle with a new partner. But who is the rumored new girlfriend of the Tinder Swindler, and what do we know about her?

Tinder swindler girlfriend. Kate Konlin, The Tinder Swindler’s rumored former girlfriend, is who she claims to be.

Israeli model Kate Konlin is supposed to be Leviev’s rumored former girlfriend, albeit she has since purportedly announced that the two have broken up.

According to The Sun, Leviev previously tagged Konlin in one of his Instagram Stories, but his account has now been deactivated. Before his account went offline earlier this month, Konlin was said to be Leviev’s only follower.

Furthermore, in July 2021, Konlin spoke openly about her relationship with Leviev, telling Israeli magazine Mako, “He did not hide anything from me. It was vital to him that I know everything about him from the beginning.” [via The Sun].

Metropolitan Models represents Konlin professionally, and she presently has 106k Instagram followers. According to her Instagram account, Konlin is 24, and she turned 24 in December, with one photo from her party appearing to depict a painted portrait of her and Leviev together.

This is Instagram content that has been imported. You might be able to find the same information in a different format, or more information, on their website.

However, Radar reported conversing with Konlin through email “several months” after her July 2021 interview in February 2022. According to the publication, Konlin claimed that she and Simon were no longer romantically involved due to their busy work schedules, but that they remained friends.

Victims Cecilie Fjellhy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte have set up a GoFundMe to raise £600,000 between them since the documentary was released, stating, “All we want is our lives back.”

Before being deleted, an Instagram account with the handle @simonLeviev official posted a comment in response to the documentary (via NME):

Tinder Swindler go fund me

Tinder Swindler go fund me

Tinder Swindler go fund me. Since opening their GoFundMe page, the three victims in Netflix’s Tinder Swindler documentary have raised more than £100,000 in donations.

Simon Leviev, whose true name is Shimon Hayut, was the victim of romance fraud, and Cecilie Fjellhy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte spoke up about their experiences on the TV show.

They’ve all lost thousands of pounds to the phony playboy, who has swindled countless women to bankroll his lavish lifestyle with the help of his crew of skilled con artists.

The girls organized the fundraiser in order to reclaim their “lives.” In a post on the page, the trio said, “We three” (Ayleen, Pernilla, and Cecilie) have been absolutely stunned and floored by the rush of compassion and support from everyone. The outpouring of affection has surpassed our wildest expectations, and we are grateful to each and every one of you. ”

When Fjellhy, a Norwegian student living in London, encountered Hayut, she was swept off her feet by the con artist.

Charlotte met him on Tinder and ended up lending him £103,000, but it wasn’t until she saw a newspaper article calling him a conman who’seduced and swindled young ladies for millions’ that she realized who he was.

Sjoholm, who lives in Stockholm, had been on several excursions to see Hayut, who went by the moniker “Prince of Diamonds,” but after being contacted by VG journalists, she handed him in to the cops.

He spent two years in a Finnish prison for scamming many women before targeting the women in the video, and following his release in 2017, he returned to Israel before departing the nation for Europe to escape being prosecuted.

In 2019, he was apprehended in Greece for using a fake passport and extradited to Israel, where he was sentenced to fifteen months in jail for theft, fraud, and forgery of documents.

These were all charges brought against him in 2011, and they had nothing to do with the allegations made against him in the Netflix documentary.

After only five months of good behavior, Hayut was discharged.

The three women received an outpouring of support from viewers, as well as words of compassion and cash donations, in response to their bravery in revealing their tragedy.

Tinder Swindler go fund me has now raised £114,755 as of this writing.

“We understand there are a thousand other worthwhile charities to give to, and we will be eternally thankful if you choose to donate to this one,” the women wrote. All we want is to reclaim our lives. ”

Tinder Swindler real story

Tinder Swindler real story

Tinder Swindler real story. The Tinder Swindler, which was just published on Netflix, offered some light on Simon Leviev’s tactics as a conman who posed as the heir to the billion-dollar corporation LLD Diamonds, but one of the audience’s queries was whether the company actually exists.

The company and its creator, Lev Leviev, became embroiled in a severe case of internet fraud, which began in 2017 when an Israeli conman named Shimon Hayut changed his legal name to Simon Leviev while fleeing Israel to escape being jailed for fraud.

Despite his fame for his escapades while acting as Simon Leviev, Shimon has been charged with fraud and theft since his initial arrest in 2011.

The Tinder Swindler’s True Story Shimon Hayut’s story began with him traveling around Europe after fleeing Israel in 2017 and creating a new Tinder profile as Simon Leviev, the son and heir of Russian-Israeli tycoon Lev Leviev, commonly known as the “King of Diamonds.”

He was able to gain the trust of several ladies he met on Tinder thanks to this persona.He pampered these women with extravagant and expensive hotel visits for several months, using money allegedly earned via earlier frauds, soon before he began influencing them to transfer him money.

According to The Tinder Swindler, the plan worked mostly because he created a false sense of trust in the ladies that he would be able to repay them, as well as a false threat to his life that increased the need for them to transfer the money.

The women, including Cecilie Fjellhoy, have subsequently set up a GoFundMe campaign to help them pay off their debt.

Tinder Swindler real story. Despite the scam’s nature, Hayut exploited companies and people who really exist in the real world, such as LLD Diamonds and its creator, Lev Leviev. The firm, which has its headquarters in New York, is one of the most well-known names in the diamond manufacturing sector, and its name is now inextricably tied to the Tinder Swindler.

The company has been in operation for 26 years and is still the only diamond company in the world that controls every aspect of the diamond supply chain.

It is led by Lev Leviev, the “King of Diamonds,” who began his career as an apprentice at a diamond polishing company when his family immigrated to Israel in the 1970s. Hayut had opted to pose as his heir during the chronology of The Tinder Swindler, since his name and influence had risen significantly since then.

In terms of Leviev’s actual children, he is said to have nine, and despite the fact that the exact number is unknown, LLD Diamonds has confirmed that Shimon Hayut’s assertions are false. So far, Lev Leviev has been silent on the matter.

On the other hand, on February 2nd, a spokeswoman for LLD Diamonds verified that Shimon Hayut was unrelated to the company, while also expressing sympathy for the victims who had shared their stories on The Tinder Swindler.

Hayut’s activities had produced an “ongoing misunderstanding” about the company, but the corporation insisted that Hayut was a scammer who used the company’s name to defraud customers out of millions of dollars and that nothing he stated about LLD should be believed.

Despite Hayut’s promise to give his own version of events, the company has filed a case with the Israeli police and hopes that he will receive the justice he deserves for his crimes.

Regardless, “Simon Leviev” is a free man today, despite owing thousands of dollars to at least three of the ladies featured in The Tinder Swindler.

Despite being apprehended by Interpol and Israel Police in Greece, he only served five months of his fifteen-month sentence and now spends his days in Israel living a comfortable lifestyle with the estimated $10 million he defrauded from his victims.

Hayut was never required to compensate his victims for the losses they suffered as a result of his crimes, but they continue to make steady progress thanks to contributions to their GoFundMe page.

The Tinder Swindler imdb

The Tinder Swindler imdb

The Tinder Swindler imdb. The following review has been provided by an IMDB user.

The Con Is On (Your Credit Card)…  9/10

Lejink14 February 2022

Exposés of high-living con artists are all the rage just now with this new Netflix documentary adding another to the pile.


Enter Simon Leviev, an Israeli-born super-scammer, who’s already been in jail there but who now targets pretty young European women in a fantastical Ponzi scheme to furnish his luxurious life style, one that seemingly includes his very own entourage of a personal manager hulking bodyguard and even an acknowledged former girlfriend and baby daughter.


His victims pick him out on the Tinder dating app and why wouldn’t they? Claiming to be the son of a billionaire diamond-corporation owner, he looks young, handsome and filthy rich in his designer clothes amid all the trappings of a super-luxurious lifestyle.


Tinder Swindler Netflix review. The film links together the stories of three girls all wined, dined and good-timed into believing he was either their forever boy-friend or just best friend. He meets them at exclusive five-star hotels, eats at the very best restaurants and even flies around in a private chartered jet.


Once the hook is far enough down their throats of course he then tugs by feigning an assassination attempt on his life by his so-called “enemies” who seemingly have the power to close down his personal banking facilities and send him on the run.


Only then does he ask for the girls’ financial help, urging them to apply for credit cards and quick loans for astronomical amounts, conveniently faking pay-slips from his “dad’s” company to justify the sums to the only too-easily fooled lenders.


The first of his victims we encounter feeds him over $250,000 alone with estimates that he’s conned her and others for over $10,000,000 in his fast life.


The Tinder Swindler imdb. Karma, if unfortunately not of the instant variety, catches up with him as a combination of the girls featured here and a pair of investigative journalists on a leading Danish newspaper track down his origins to a low-rent flat in Israel where they encounter the mother who disowned him many years and many intervening aliases ago.


They get the satisfaction of seeing him finally exposed and sent to jail for earlier crimes committed in Israel but in a bitter epilogue, we’re told that he’s back out again and apparently up to his old tricks, with recent video footage showing him choosing between a new Bentley or Ferrari with a beautiful young model on his arm.


My wife and I were completely rapt by this outrageous fraudster’s gilded spider’s-web of deceit. There’s a temptation to mock the gullibility of these unsuspecting women but clearly this guy has mastered the dark arts of deception in this modern age as he manipulates social media for his own ends.


Tinder Swindler Netflix review. Very slickly told with animated social media comms, actual video footage and audio recordings of Leviev in action all linking the stories of the dupes (presumably there are many more in the background too), we were hooked by this incredible story, excitingly told.


In the end you have to wonder about the culpability of Tinder and all the various loan and credit card companies whose application processes seem to be all too easily pregnible to a determined charlatan like this.


As for his young victims, I enjoyed the sight of at least one of them sticking this particular spider on a pin by reverse-conning him out of all his designer gear even as I was a little saddened to see his first victim freely admit that she still uses Tinder in her search for love.

What is it they say, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…

Tinder Swindler online

Tinder Swindler online

Tinder Swindler online


Shimon Yehuda Hayut

Self (archival footage)

Kristoffer Kumar


Pernilla Sjöholm


Erlend Ofte Arntsen


Cecilie Fjellhøy


Ayleen Charlotte


Natalie Remøe Hansen




Posing as a wealthy, jet-setting diamond mogul, an Israeli conman wooed women online then conned them out of millions of dollars. Now some victims plan for payback.



Currently you are able to watch “The Tinder Swindler” streaming on Netflix.

The tinder swindler wiki

The tinder swindler wiki

The tinder swindler wiki. Felicity Morris directed The Tinder Swindler, a British true crime documentary film that premiered on Netflix on February 2, 2022.

The film chronicles the narrative of Israeli conman Simon Leviev (born Shimon Hayut), who used the dating app Tinder to connect with people whom he then emotionally deceived into financially supporting his opulent lifestyle under the guise of needing the money to flee his “enemies.”

Background and plot

Shimon Hayut, an Israeli man, traveled around Europe posing as the son of Russian-Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev.

He posed as Simon Leviev on the dating app Tinder and duped women into lending him money, which he never repaid.

He would entice women with extravagant gifts and fly them to dinners on private jets with money he had stolen from other women he had defrauded. Later, he would pretend that he was being pursued by his “enemies,” sending the same messages and photographs to each woman, claiming that he had been attacked with a knife and that his bodyguard had protected him but was injured.

He then urged his victims to assist him financially as a result of the breach of “security,” which reportedly prevented him from using his credit cards and bank accounts; the women would frequently take out bank loans and new credit cards to assist him.

He’d then use the money he’d made from the lie to entice new victims, thus running a Ponzi scam.  He would then pretend to compensate his victims by mailing falsified paperwork claiming to show fake bank transfers before cutting off communication with them. He is thought to have defrauded $10 million from people all around the world.

A critical reaction

The tinder swindler wiki. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 96 percent approval rating based on 24 reviews with an average rating of 7.50/10.

The prospect of online dating following The Tinder Swindler would seem quite stupid indeed, “Kevin Maher of The New York Times commented, describing the film as “the Jaws of internet dating documentaries.” Rebecca Nicholson of The Guardian wrote:

“The Tinder Swindler is fast and sharp and leaves you wanting more, rather than scraping the barrel for every potential angle.” Despite the incredible story at its heart, “[the film] frequently slides into the self-indulgence typical of so many current documentaries, with lengthy gloomy reconstructions and heart-tugging music,” wrote The Independent’s Ed Cumming.

“Combining the attributes of a Lifetime movie with a catchy title, the marketing elements scarcely conceal the fact that the plot is actually sort of a snooze,” CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote.

The film received 45.8 million hours of global viewing between the 31st of January and the 6th of February, and it debuted in the top ten on Netflix in 92 countries.

Other reactions

According to the epilogue seen before the end credits, Leviev is still active on Tinder. Tinder, on the other hand, permanently barred Leviev from its platform after the film’s premiere. Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, has also barred Leviev from using its other dating apps, including Hinge,, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid.

According to Variety on February 4, 2022, Netflix was preparing to adapt the documentary into a dramatized film.

Netflix also published a three-part podcast companion that details the documentary’s production and delves deeper into Leviev’s life and tactics.

The three victims started a GoFundMe donation campaign to pay off their debts on February 5, 2022.

Piotr Kaluski, who was introduced to the ladies and portrayed as Leviev’s bodyguard in the film, sued Netflix for $5.6 million on February 22, 2022, saying he was inaccurately portrayed.

In late February 2022, Leviev released an NFT collection and products with images and quotes from the film.

Tinder Swindler Cecile

Tinder Swindler Cecile

Tinder Swindler Cecile. A conman defrauded countless victims, including Cecilie Fjellhoy, out of $10 million in “The Tinder Swindler.” Cecilie has been through a lot since then.

The Tinder Swindler, a conman who has defrauded over $10 million from unsuspecting victims, is the subject of Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler, which follows Cecilie Fjellhoy, Pernilla Sjoholm, and Ayleen Charlotte.

These women all met Simon on the Tinder dating app, where he pretended to be the son of a millionaire, Lev Leviev, before steadily seeking increasingly large sums of money that he never intended to repay. Cecilie Fjellhoy took out additional loans to fund his requests, accumulating a debt of over $250,000.

Tinder Swindler Cecile, fell in love with the person she thought Simon was, and was taken aback when she discovered it was all a fake. Simon had been using her money to fund his outings with other women, and they had been using his money to fund his adventures with Cecilie.

Despite the fact that her efforts to tell her story to journalists led to Simon’s arrest, he was never charged with anything for what he put them through in the Netflix documentary. While Simon is now living in Israel as a free man, Cecilie is still dealing with the consequences of her actions.

Cecilie is now working to guarantee that no one else goes through what she did in The Tinder Swindler. Her experiences were emotionally and mentally traumatic, prompting her to check herself into a psychiatric facility for a short period of time because she had grown suicidal, but neither the police nor the banks appeared to mind.

Cecilie bemoaned in an interview with GQ that “there’s so much wrong” with the way society treats fraud victims. She has now created Action: Reaction, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting those who have been victims of fraud.

Cecilie and Pernilla hope that by spreading the word about what they went through, laws will be enacted to safeguard future victims in similar situations.

The lack of assistance from authorities and banks has been the most distressing element for Cecilie in the aftermath of the Tinder Swindler’s deception. She told ELLE that she is the only victim who has appeared in court as a defendant.

Four banks have taken her to court, and her dread of creditors in Norway has prevented her from returning home: “You get true anxiety and panic attacks from reading your emails and letters because you never wanted to be [in this situation] and are afraid of debt collectors.”

However, one of the banks with which she had taken out a loan has proven to be an exception to this rule and has completely forgiven her debt. A bank employee also testified as a witness in one of her court battles, subsequently expressing his perplexity as to why other institutions refused to forgive her. “Banks have insurance for these kinds of scenarios,” he stated.

Cecilie has remained on the Tinder app, according to Netflix’s The Tinder Swindler. Despite everything that has happened to her, she has not given up hope of meeting her true love and finding happiness, and she has kept a close friendship with Pernilla.

They appear on one another’s social media pages on a daily basis, and they’re working together to prevent what they’ve gone through from occurring to anyone else.

Tinder Swindler Cecile Fjellhoy

Tinder Swindler cecile fjellhoy

Tinder Swindler Cecile Fjellhoy. Since the release of the true-crime documentary The Tinder Swindler on Netflix, viewers have been wondering what has happened to Simon Leviev’s past girlfriends, notably victim Cecilie Fjellhoy, since the series’ production.

According to the series’ synopsis, “a group of women who were victims of a dating app-based swindler join together in an attempt to track him down and recover the millions of dollars that were stolen from them.”

Shimon Hayut, born in Bnei Brak, Israel, goes by the alias Leviev. Hayut duped women into thinking he was Leviev, a well-heeled jetsetter and the son of Israeli tycoon Lev Leviev, the “King of Diamonds.”

He used the dating service to deceive women all throughout Europe, living a high-end lifestyle with the money he took from them. The con artist promised his victims that he would reimburse them for their charity, but instead duped them with bogus designer watches, invalid checks, and bounced bank transfers. What happened to Cecilie Fjellhoy?

What happened to Tinder Swindler Cecile Fjellhoy?

Cecilie Fjellhoy has been living and working in London as a senior UX designer at Sopra Steria, a software development business, since the filming of The Tinder Swindler.

The 33-year-old also started and managed action: reaction, an organization that assists fraud victims.

Fjellhoy, who lost $200,000 as a result of Simon Leviv’s deception, is still repaying her obligations.

Pernilla Sjöholm, another of the fraudster’s victims, looks to be one of her closest pals.

Tinder Swindler cecile debt

Tinder Swindler cecile debt

Tinder Swindler cecile debt. Because of the Tinder Swindler’s emotional manipulation and deceit, his victims are now in massive debt. How much did he take from them exactly?

Simon Leviev, an experienced con artist who successfully conned large sums of money from unsuspecting women, is the subject of the Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindler. Leviev would trawl the dating app, pretending to be the son of a diamond tycoon, looking for ladies to steal from.

He had a tried-and-true method of whisking women away to a five-star hotel to assure them of his wealth, and then fabricating intricate stories about frozen accounts and enemy threats to justify “borrowing” money from the women. His long list of con jobs, detailed in The Tinder Swindler, left his victims in serious financial trouble, with debts in the thousands.

The Tinder Swindler depicts Leviev approaching Cecilie Fjellhy on Tinder, developing an intimate relationship with her to the point where Cecilie was looking for an apartment for the two of them, and then seeking money from her a month after meeting her.

Pernilla Sjoholm met Leviev on the dating app and treated her to an expensive supper before deciding to keep in touch. It was discovered near the end of the program that Leviev had a long-term girlfriend named Ayleen Charlotte, with whom he had been dating for 14 months. At the same time, Leviev was defrauding all three women of thousands of dollars.

Cecilie explains the loans she acquired from up to nine different creditors in order to provide Leviev with the money he demanded in the Tinder Swindler documentary, totaling $250,000. Leviev stated that the sum would be Cecilie explains how she obtained loans from up to nine different creditors in order to provide Leviev with the funds he required, totaling $250,000.

The money was repaid, but it never arrived in her bank account. Once she becomes adamant about getting her money back, Leviev appears to move on to a new target. He asks Pernilla for $30,000, which she had set aside to help her mother move out of her mother’s house, and she agrees to lend it to him.

He asks for $10,000 more, and she agrees once more.

Meanwhile, Ayleen, his long-term partner at the time (Leviev has since found a new girlfriend), admits that she had been lending him money up to $140,000, totaling $430,000 in stolen funds from the three women. Leviev, according to Netflix, took roughly $10 million from several victims around the world over the course of two years, from 2017 to 2019.

Following the popularity of The Tinder Swindler on Netflix, Pernilla, Cecilie, and Ayleen decided to establish a Gofundme campaign with the aim of raising £600,000 (about $800,000). In an update, the women explained how the money would be split among them to make up for what they had lost to the Tinder Swindler LLD Diamonds fraudster.

Tinder Swindler cecile debt is set at £280,000 (about $379,000), which comprises the money she lost, plus interest and legal fees from the loans she took out. Pernilla’s claim is for £100,000 (almost $135,000), which covers her personal loss, credit card costs, and legal fees.

Finally, Ayleen’s is set at £220,000 (nearly $298,000), which would pay interest on her debts, credit card expenses, and a lawyer for bank and loan company lawsuits.

According to Netflix, the Tinder Swindler himself, Simon Leviev, has returned to the dating app, but the dating app has confirmed it has searched for any aliases he might be using and has discovered no sign of him.

Leviev is out of jail and traveling the world as a free man, but Pernilla, Cecilie, and Ayleen are still dealing with the financial and mental consequences of his actions. The documentary’s credits disclose that he has started a new business, but it’s unclear whether he is still capable of telling his old lies.

Tinder Swindler Cecile Instagram

Tinder Swindler Cecile instagram

Tinder Swindler Cecile Instagram. The internet has gone crazy since Netflix’s new true crime documentary, The Tinder Swindler, was released last month.

From learning that Shimon Hayut, aka Simon Leviev, is on TikTok to learning that he’s been banned from dating apps and is no longer in prison, it’s left many people wondering what happened to the three women who bravely shared their stories for the docu-film, Cecilie Fjellhy, Pernilla Sjöholm, and Ayleen Koeleman. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately.

Cecilie Fjellhy, a Norwegian native, is currently residing in London. After admitting she was completely smitten when she initially met Leviev on Tinder, she was quickly swept off her feet as he lavished her with five-star vacations and private jet rides.

But she didn’t find out what Leviev’s genuine goals were until she’d maxed out her credit cards and had to take out personal loans to protect him. Cecilie claims that after learning the truth, she admitted herself into a psychiatric facility to preserve her mental health.

She’s since published the documentary on her personal Instagram after it aired, but she’s still in a lot of debt. She’s put up a GoFundMe campaign with some of Leviev’s other victims to try to recoup some of the money she lost.

Tinder Swindler Cecile Instagram handle is @cecile. She and fellow tinder swindler victim Pernilla Sjöholm are pals and frequently feature on each other’s Instagrams, including one where they went on vacation together to decompress after their disastrous adventure with the tinder swindler.

She is a Swedish native who lives in Stockholm and appears to run her own company. Sjöholm said in the documentary that she never loved Leviev or had a romantic relationship with him. She stated that the two were simply good friends who had traveled together on several occasions.

She did, however, lose roughly £33,000 ($45,000) because she later discovered he was using her money to fund the posh clubs and restaurants he was taking her to. He “refused” to let her pay for anything during this time.

After defrauding her of her money, it was discovered that he had threatened her if she reported his crimes to the authorities.

She has subsequently teamed up with some of the other victims in an attempt to collect her funds. As a result of her efforts, Cecilie has become good friends.

Tinder Swindler Cecile Age

Tinder Swindler cecile age

Tinder Swindler Cecile Age. Cecilie is a 33-year-old Norwegian user experience designer.

Sopra Steria, a software development business, employs her as a senior UX designer.

Cecile also started and still oversees the action: reaction charity, which assists fraud victims.

Her Instagram account shows she is still in touch with Pernilla Sjöholm, another of Leviev’s victims.

What was the relationship between Cecilie Fjellhy and Simon Leviev like?

Tinder Swindler Cecile Age. In January 2018, Cecile matched with Leviev on Tinder for the first time.

She had only recently relocated to London when she found herself on a date with a globe-trotting billionaire businessman.

Despite hundreds of red roses and a lot of ostensible love and attention, Leviev defrauded her of £185,000 in the 13 weeks after their first date.

She told her experience to the Norwegian newspaper VG in 2018 and then to Netflix for the documentary The Tinder Swindler.

What has Cecilie Fjellhy said about the Tinder swindler?

“I didn’t have a broad friendship group and he gave me the attention I needed,” Cecile said of meeting Leviev in The Tinder Swindler.

She recounted feeling suicidal after discovering his scheme and nearly crashing her car.

She stated in the documentary that she was unmarried and still using the app to find love.

Fjelljy is now based in London and works as a Senior UX Designer for Sopra Steria, a consultancy, digital services, and software development firm based in Paris. She’s also the founder of action: reaction, a non-profit dedicated to “supporting and speaking on fraud concerns.”

According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, its mission is to “promote change in legislation and assist victims in receiving the right assistance.” Both mentally and legally. ”

Fjelljy also keeps in touch with Pernilla Sjoholm, another victim of Hayut’s fraud. The couple even vacationed together in Greece in the summer of 2021, and photos of their romance can be found on their individual Instagram pages.

Tinder Swindler Netflix review conclusion

The tinder swindler review conclusion

Tinder Swindler Netflix review conclusion. A cinematic look at the distressing story of a determined conman focuses on the high stakes that come with smaller con jobs.

“This is an emotional con,” says Natalie Reme Hansen, a journalist whose article in the Norwegian daily VG inspired the documentary. Simon Leviev, or “The Tinder Swindler,” is the subject of Netflix’s latest documentary.

As the troubled “prince of diamonds,” Leviev utilizes the dating app Tinder to first emotionally draw women into his life as the son of an Israeli diamond billionaire. With each fresh “threat” to his life, he makes them financially rescue him from his grave enemies, digging his teeth deeper into the woman’s personal cash.

Of course, there is no threat because Simon Leviev does not exist. The phony heir utilizes money taken from one woman to fund his lavish lifestyle, which he flaunts in front of his next potential victim, weaving a web of deception across various European cities.

However, director Felicity Morris’ documentary is about the duped, not the conman.

She takes a risk by telling a narrative with low stakes. This isn’t a tale of a large-scale public fraud; rather, it’s about extremely personal losses. So, what’s the secret to its success?

The solution lies in Morris’ decision to center the film on the stories of three women who were duped by Leviev: Cecilie Fjellhy, Pernilla Sjöholm, and Ayleen Charlotte.

Unlike most conman documentaries, The Tinder Swindler does not attempt to glorify the conman in any way. The film does not extol Leviev’s “genius” or “artistry,” nor does it launch into a visual spiel about the ideal crime.

Instead, we observe these women’s entire financial collapse as they strive to not only pay off their obligations, but also to heal emotionally so that they can confront Leviev in the second half of the film.

Cecilie and Pernilla band together to expose Leviev’s entire schtick in one of Norway’s largest newspapers, the VG, and the “emotional con” is eventually resolved in the film by harsh candour. As a result, Leviev’s favorite weapon, vulnerability, is used against him as both women reveal their whole journey into being duped.

This act has a quiet daring to it, since Cecilie and Pernilla go into it fully aware of the dangers of exposing themselves.

Tinder Swindler Netflix review conclusion

Cecilie begins her interview with VG by saying, “I don’t really want to share this story.” As the film depicts the savage social media reaction to the piece, public mockery becomes a part of the bargaining.

The women are said to be “gold diggers” who have earned their fate. All I did was try to assist the folks. As Pernilla explains in the documentary, “I didn’t want anyone else to get wounded.”

Whereas most true-crime documentaries attempt to strike the perfect balance between entertainment and relaying a tragic story, The Tinder Swindler gets it right by emphasizing sensitivity.

It’s also a joy to watch from a stylistic standpoint. The documentary begins with Cecilie’s interview, which took place at a separate restaurant from the other two women. We spend over 21 minutes with her, listening to her experience, and the film feels engrossing, even intimate, as if you’re listening to a friend tell her story.

The soothing lighting in these moments also serves as a welcome break from the social media postings and screenshots that are strewn around the VoiceOver.

As the video progresses, it gives the idea that we are speeding towards victory; that the conman has finally been cornered. However, as compared to the buildup, the vindication is insignificant.

Cecilie, Pernilla, and Ayleen express excitement at Leviev’s arrest at the end of the film, but a montage at the end reveals that he has only spent one-third of his sentence and is now a free man.

Because the crime was “in their world… a tiny fraud,” Erlend Ofte Arnsten, an investigative journalist with VG, says there was not enough motive for the police to spend significant resources investigating Leviev. According to the Times of Israel, he was released in 2020 as part of a plan to reduce the jail population in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Following Leviev’s release in 2020, several articles in local Israeli publications have included the reactions of Leviev’s victims, including Pernilla, who have expressed their sadness. This is something that the documentary also overlooks.

However, Leviev’s and his victims’ narratives do not end here. As a result of the film’s success, NBC News claimed that Leviev has been banned from not only Tinder, but also and OkCupid.

At its core, the documentary feels like Cecilie, Pernilla, and Ayleen’s continuing act of vulnerable bravery. A story that grabbed headlines in Norway and Israel is now trending throughout the world. The three women, who still owe money, have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help them pay off their bills.

They say, “All we want is our life back.”

Netflix is currently showing The Tinder Swindler.

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