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Dating Glossary

Dating Glossary

Dating Glossary

Dating Glossary. The definition of the glossary is a list of words and their meanings.

The alphabetical listing of difficult words in the back of a book is an example of a glossary.


The dating world is ever-evolving, especially in terms of the language used. Most of us are familiar with terms like catfishing, and friends with benefits, but there are always new terms being created.


Dating Glossary. It is good to keep up with all the new idioms, phrases, and words that can come up in modern dating. Here are 5 of the popular ones;


Dating Glossary examples:

  • Catfishing and Kitten Fishing

Both are similar, but while catfishing is more about wholly misrepresenting yourself, kitten fishing is a little less serious. Think of it as stretching the truth a little bit but not egregiously.


Catfishing is saying you’re 6 feet tall when, in actuality, you’re 5 feet, 9 inches. If you’re kitten fishing, you’d say you were 5 feet, 10 inches tall.


  • Benching

Dating Glossary. This word is more popular in the sports industry. In the dating world, benching is when you’re dating someone, and you’re not sure that it’s working out.


However, you’re also not sure that it’s not working out. You may think they have potential, but you’re not necessarily feeling it.


So you pull them out of your normal dating/texting rotation, sit them on the bench, and see what your other prospects are up to. You may decide to take them off the bench later, but you want to think about it.


  • Three and Out

Three and out is a football term that has worked its way into the dating world lexicon. It’s describing the time of a relationship three months in, you typically date someone before figuring out if you want to stay together.


After three months of dating, which is about enough time for the honeymoon period to wear off and people’s true colors to start shining through, people usually decide whether to continue or to break up.


Dating Glossary.

  • One and Done

One and done is based on the college basketball term for playing one year and then going to the pros.


Urban Dictionary defines the term one and done as the act of sleeping with someone once before ending the relationship.


Another definition of one and done is a competition that features a single-elimination: If the player or team loses just once, they are out of the tournament. So, in dating, you may do just one thing wrong and you’re done.


  • Batting Cleanup

In baseball, batting cleanup is when the fourth batter in the rotation comes up to bat, and he can drive the previous three players who made it on base to home plate, scoring runs.

What are the terms in dating?

What are the terms in dating

What are the terms in dating? The Acronym for dating is a Short form of slang that most likely appears in text messages and emails or even conversations.


Dating Acronyms are usually made up of the first letter of each word. Here are some dating Acronyms in a Dating Glossary.


  • Affair

The act in which a person in a committed relationship or marriage isn’t faithful to their partner. The person cheats on their partner without their knowledge by having sex with another person.


  • Algorithm

Used by dating services to determine which members when matched together will produce a loving, happy, healthy, and lasting relationship.


  • App

A way to access a dating service on your smartphone and tablet. More users now access online dating services via a dating app than a website.


  • Aromantic

A rare condition where someone does not experience the feelings of romantic love.


  • Asexual

Someone who doesn’t feel or experience sexual attraction.


What are the terms in dating? More dating terms include:


  • Bear

A term in the gay community for a big, chunky, hairy gay man who is much sought-after.


  • Beard

A slang term that refers to a woman who dates marries or in other words “linked” with a gay man to make him seem like he is in a heterosexual relationship.


  • Bedroom Eyes

Refers to heavy-lidded or half-shut eyes, reminiscent of a hazy, dreamy look shared during intimate moments.


  • Bisexual

Someone who is attracted to two genders.


  • Christian Mingle

Online dating service for singles of the Christian faith. See our Christian Mingle review for more information.


  • Cisgender

Dating Glossary. A term for people who aren’t transgender, or whose assigned gender lines up with their actual gender.


  • Cougar

An older woman (think 40s+) who specifically seeks out male sexual partners much younger (the 20s and 30s) than herself. Also referred to as a MILF


  • Coupling Season

Happens from October to the end of December when people actively looking for a partner. This is to avoid having to find someone in icky winter weather and to avoid those awkward questions from family and friends as to why you are alone over the holiday season.


  • Cuffing Season

A mutually beneficial arrangement regarding sex between two people (that are not each other’s first choice for a partner) that’s strictly seasonal.


It usually starts in the fall or winter and ends in the spring. Related to Freckling and Coupling Season.


  • Curve

Getting curved is being rejected by someone you like (about going on a date or something similar). It is subtler than a flat-out no.


  • Cushioning

The process of keeping a person or several people around to “cushion” the blow of your main relationship.


Dating Glossary: Terms associated with dating:


  • DM Slide

This refers to when you direct message (DM) someone you like on a social networking site using their private messaging feature.


Before direct messaging on a social network, you most likely would have to interact on the site publicly first.


  • Duck Face

Is a trending pose that is most commonly performed by young women for photos. It is very common to see these types of photos used for profile pictures.


Lips are pressed together as in an Sch-moll or pout and often with simultaneously sucked cheeks. This pose may be done to act both self-deprecating and sexy.


  • eHarmony

A popular online dating service that is known for its matchmaking algorithm and the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility.


Members cannot search for other members on this dating service. They are sent 1 or more matches every day by eHarmony.


  • Firedooring

Refers to a one-way door and is a metaphor for when someone makes you constantly feel frustrated and only rarely satisfied.


  • Freckling

When someone only seems interested in you during the warmer months of the year. They are not looking for anything permanent or serious (and like freckles disappear in the colder weather). Related to Cuffing Season.


  • Friends With Benefits

An agreement between two friends who are physically attracted to one another and share a non-committed sexual relationship.


  • Gaydar

The ability to tell whether someone is gay or not. Usually based on stereotypes.


  • Genderfluid

Dating Glossary. Refers to a person who feels that their gender isn’t fixed, but variable and can change from day to day. A genderfluid person might identify as a male one day and female the next day.


  • Geolocation

Refers to matching members based on location. Either by being nearby at the same time with other members or by crossing paths (visiting the same location but not necessarily at the same time i.e. restaurants, bars, gym, etc…).


  • Half-Night Stand

Meeting a sexually-attractive stranger and taking them home for sex which they then leave right afterward, and do not stay the night. Related to one-night stands.


  • Hook Up

Refers to using a dating service for the express purpose of meeting someone for sex. The people involved are not interested in dating or a long-term relationship. Related to a one-night stand.


  • Haunting

Refers to someone who after a bad date or relationship continues to hang around your social media and purposely continues to like photos or stories to remind you that they still are attracted to you and want a second chance. Related to ghosting.


  • Icing Out

To treat someone with a lack of affection or warmth. Also describes when someone uses Covid surges or infection as an excuse to end a relationship or disappear.


  • Incel

Involuntarily celibate men. A term popularized on Reddit to refer to men who cannot find a woman to have sex with.


  • Jilted

Refers to the feeling someone has toward a former partner who wronged them somehow. It is usually about a romantic relationship that ended on bad terms.


  • Kavorka

Dating Glossary. A man who has unusual animal magnetism with women, and who isn’t polished with his courtship rituals. This term was coined by the TV show Seinfeld.


  • Left on Reading

Similar to an email read receipt. A notification is visible in a chat window when a person has seen a message but has not responded.


  • Locking

When someone puts off contacting you and when you confront them about it they claim that they were busy studying.


  • Lothario

A man which has short-term sexual relationships with several women over the space of a short period (heterosexual male womanizer).


  • Love Bombing

The attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of extreme attention and affection. It can be used in different ways and can be used for either a positive or negative purpose.


  • Matchmaking

The process of matching two or more people together, to create a loving relationship. Can be performed by a computer algorithm or a person.


  • Micro Cheating

A form of infidelity that stops short of full-blown cheating by sleeping with someone.


A racial slur refers to white women who like to sleep with black men.


  • Mutual Match

When 2 people agree to be matched on a dating service. Depending on the restrictions of the dating service, after this point, they usually are allowed to send messages to each other.


  • Niche

A type or category of dating service that serves a specific client. This can range from more broad niches like Seniors to specific dating niches related to Religion, Location, Interests, etc.


  • One-Night Stand

Meeting a sexually-attractive stranger and taking them home for sex. The person then leaves in the morning. Related to a hook-up and a half-night stand.


  • Online Dating

The practice of searching for a romantic or sexual partner on the Internet, typically via a dedicated website or app.


  • Open Relationship

A committed and romantic relationship that contains a special arrangement where both parties can sleep with other people.


  • Orbiting

Someone who doesn’t communicate with you directly but continues to check your social media accounts. They make no attempts to interact with you.


What are the terms in dating? Further dating terms are:

  • Pansexual

Someone who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Includes not only men and women but trans-gendered, androgynous, and/or gender fluid.


  • Pash

A romantic partner.


  • Peacocking

Attracting the attention of potential partners through props and clothing.


  • Phubbing

Snubbing someone in favor of a mobile app.


  • Pie Hunting

Someone who deliberately looks to date people who are vulnerable and have a poor dating history believes these people are low maintenance and easy.


  • Polyamory

is the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships involving more than two people, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. An open sexual or romantic relationship.


  • Queer

Refers to someone who is not straight. Depending on how it is used it may have a negative tone.


  • Relationship

An emotional association between two people. It May or may not be sexual.


  • Coaching

When someone hides the fact from their partner that they’re dating around. When confronted about the fact the person will claim they had assumed that there was no implication of monogamy.


This refers to the adage of when you see one cockroach, there are many more you don’t see.


  • Salt Daddy / Salt Mommy

Someone who pretends to be a Sugar Daddy or Mommy but cannot afford to be one at all. See also Splenda Daddy.


  • Sapiosexuality

Someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potentially sexual relationship.


  • Selfie

Is a self-portrait photograph taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick? Can be done by pointing the camera at oneself or by standing in front of a mirror.


  • Sexting

Sending someone sexually explicit messages or photos using text messages on your phone.


  • Show Goggles

The psychological phenomenon resulted in a drastic change in perceived attractiveness based on taste in TV shows.


  • Situationship

It’s not a friendship or a relationship, but something in between.


  • Splenda Daddy / Splenda Mommy

Used to describe a person who wants to be a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy but cannot afford to be one all the time.


Sugar Babes in this type of relationship should not expect extra pampering. See also Salt Daddy.


  • Stashing

When you hide the fact that you have a partner from public view.


  • Stealthing

Refers to the guy removing a condom during the act of sex allowing them to finish without any protection, and without the other person’s knowledge.


  • Sugar Baby / Sugar Pup

A young adult (usually an attractive woman) who participates in a mutually beneficial relationship wherein they get financially compensated in return for offering companionship to a sugar daddy or mommy. A Sugar Pup refers only to a male sugar baby.


  • Sugar Bowl

Refers to the sugar lifestyle as a whole.


  • Sugar Daddy / Sugar Mommy

A financially well-off older person (usually a man) who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend.


  • Swipe

The term swiping was popularized by Tinder where members either swipe left or right to either reject or approve a match.


  • Swinger

A person who engages in group sex or the swapping of sexual partners.


  • Relationship

A relationship that is based almost solely on texting your romantic partner instead of communicating face-to-face or with your voice over the phone.


  • Tinder

A popular hookup dating app where members swipe left to reject or swipe right to approve matches.


  • Tinderella

Usually used by male Tinder users to describe the perfect match. A play of words on Cinderella.


  • Tindstagramming

The process of trying to contact someone through Instagram’s direct messaging feature after you have seen them on Tinder but did not become a match since the person swiped left on you instead of right. Tinder only allows matches to communicate.


  • Transgender

Refers to people whose actual gender is different from the one they were assigned by society norms.


  • Turbo Relationship

Refers to partnerships formed during the COVID-19 quarantine because of the level of intimacy that quickly occurs when you are isolated alone together with someone else for months.


  • Unfriend

A friend that is sort of but not a friend.


  • Virtual Dating

Refers to going on a date not in real life, but by using video conferencing. Became popular during the Covid Pandemic thanks to dating services adding video chat features to their apps. Other services are also used including Skype and Zoom. Also called Zoomancing.


  • Vulturing

Refers to when someone sensing that a relationship is on its last legs swoops in to take advantage of the situation to find a partner.


  • Wingman

A friend that helps you pick up people at a bar or club.


  • Zsa Zsa Zu

The butterflies you feel in your stomach towards a person you are attracted to.


  • Zombies

Refers to when someone who shows affection to another person or has been seeing the person, disappears without a trace to only reappear much later like nothing has happened to continue with the relationship.


  • Zoosk

A dating service that was first a popular Facebook app before it had a website and dating apps. For more information see our review of Zoosk.


What are the new dating terms?

What are the new dating terms

What are the new dating terms? There are a couple of new dating terms on the internet. A few of them are discussed below.


  • Sunday Night Fever

Sunday evening is said to be one of the busiest times of the week on dating apps. It’s unsurprising, as based on my research this is when you’re most likely to be alone in your room, dreading the coming week and desperately seeking some escape from the loneliness of single life.


Eg “Sorry for side barring you, but it’s Sunday Night Fever.”


2 Free Climbing

Free Climbing is what happens when you go on a dangerous fact-finding mission about someone you’ve matched with.


First, you Google their name, then scale the results without the safety net of an undo button to save you. Even if you, unlike their graduation photo from 10 years ago, they still get the notification.


What are the new dating terms? Here are some more Dating terms that just became popular:


  • Printing

What happens when your free climbing doesn’t go to plan. Genuinely horrifying. Possibly one of the worst (legal) things you can do online.


Printing is when you leave your dirty digital fingerprints on your match’s page. It comes in various forms. You may accidentally like one of their 2013 Instagram photos during a deep scroll.


Alternatively, you could forget to go incognito before going on their LinkedIn. If you’re logged in this means they’ll be alerted to the fact you’ve been examining their educational credentials.


Eg “I can’t believe it. I was just trying to go back on her Instagram and I ended up printing her story. She’s now ghosting me.”


  • Sexting the waters

This is when someone wants to sext you but they’re scared about being too direct and getting rebuffed.


Eg “It was pretty awkward last night, he spent about two hours sexting the waters, and then I fell asleep.”


  • Cryptomancer

It never takes long for cryptomancer to reveal themselves. They’re male, and after about three introductory questions, will say:

“I’ve been investing in a lot of bitcoin recently, as well as Ripple and Ethereum.”


Cryptomancers were known for urging women to invest (“it’s never too late”), but since the great cryptocurrency crash of January, many have taken their recommendations underground.


Eg “I went for dinner with a cryptomancer and he tried to pay for our meal in bitcoin.”


What are the new dating terms? Further New terms in the dating world include:


  • Lining

The lining is the most modern way to proposition someone, perhaps ever.


On the popular taxi app Lyft there is an option to split the ride with a stranger, called Lyft Line (on Uber it’s called Pool).


When you choose this option, the app asks you if it’s just you or if you’re bringing a friend. See where this is going?


If you want to invite someone you’ve been chatting up back to yours but are feeling shy, all you have to do is show them this option screen.


They can then tap on their choice with minimum awkwardness. What’s more, if they don’t want to get in your cab, you’ve saved a bit of money.


Eg “I got so excited when she Lined me I almost knocked the phone out of her hand.”


What Is SWT In Dating?

What is SWT in dating

What is SWT in dating? SWT is the shortened term for “Sweet”, often used in Internet slang and dating.


What is SWT in dating? Some examples of how SWT is used are

“Swt! A Party!”

“cuz he’s so swt!”

“My boyfriend is super Swt!”


What is SWT in dating? It is the most common definition for SWT on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.


What Does Roaching Mean in a Relationship?

What does Roaching mean in a relationship

What does Roaching mean in a relationship?

Roaching’ is another word for sleeping around with lots of people at once.


However, they are doing so in secret, and their partner is completely unaware of it.


What does Roaching mean in a relationship?

The term ‘roaching’ is based on an analogy that involves cockroaches.


When you see one cockroach, there are usually a lot more around that you don’t see.


Scientifically, this is because cockroaches produce a chemical that attracts them to each other, so they tend to be found aggregating together in groups.


The same thought process can be used with dating. Someone’s main partner, i.e. their girlfriend or boyfriend, is the cockroach that you do see, but there are often lots of hidden partners as well that they are cheating with.


What does Roaching mean in a relationship? When someone is confronted about the fact they have been ‘roaching’ or sleeping around with many people, they often make excuses for it.


The main excuse for ‘roaching’ is that the relationship wasn’t that serious in the first place. However, this is almost always a lie.


The implication that there was no monogamy, to begin with, is a way of shifting the blame to the other person to try and get away with it.


Dating terms 2021

Dating terms 2021

Dating terms 2021. Some of the popular dating terms in 2021 are:


  • The Ick

One of the most popular dating terms thrown around. You are probably familiar with this one, especially if you are a Love Island fan!


“The Ick” refers to the sudden cringe you get for someone you are in some form of a romantic relationship with. There is often no explaining the ick, you just suddenly become repulsed by the person.


  • Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs refer to the act of sending out flirtatious, non-committal signals to a person you like without putting in much effort. It is just like leaving breadcrumbs for the person.


  • Ghosting

If you are familiar with dating terms you have probably heard of ghosting.


Unfortunately, ghosting happens to the best of us. Instead of being straight with the person, people gravitate towards ghosting when they want to end anything from talking stages to situationships and relationships.


It is the act of ceasing all contact and communication with someone you are dating or a friend.


Usually, the ghosting comes out of nowhere. One day you are talking normally and the next they leave you on the scene, never to speak to you again.


More Dating terms 2021.

  • Soft Ghosting

A more gradual form of ghosting. It doesn’t make it any nicer, however! Soft ghosting refers to conversations that are gradually dropped. The person takes longer to respond, messages you first less often, and their contact with you overall becomes more spaced out.


  • Benching

Benching refers to being involved with someone romantically but not committing because you want to keep your options open.


In short, the person keeps you on a bench while they play out their other options. If you think you are involved with someone who is benching, it is best to move on, you are worth so much more than someone who treats you like an option when you are the whole package!


  • Woke-Fishing

When dating terms meet human rights movements. Woke-Fishing refers to a guy who pretends to be up to date and aware of human rights matters for example feminism and Black Lives Matter, without doing anything to assist the movement. They are only saying they are aware to impress you or because they are aware of your interest and involvement in these movements.


  • Pocketing

Pocketing is when the person you are dating is hesitant to introduce you to their friends and family in person or even on social media even if you have been going out for a while.


Essentially when someone pockets you they are hiding you away. If you are dating someone and  realise you are being pocketed, run a mile, it is a major red flag in a relationship and you deserve to be shown off, not hidden away!


  • DM Slide

Slang for someone directly messaging you on social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook. The person who sends you a direct message is doing so in an attempt to flirt with you or get involved with you romantically.


Another Dating term for 2021 is:

  • Haunting

Notice your ex is always lingering in the background liking your Instagram posts and occasionally messaging you? This is what haunting is. It is a dating term used to describe a past relationship that is for the most part void except for their sporadic presence on your social media pages. Their interaction isn’t constant but they make an effort to engage with you online from time to time.


Dating terms 2022

Dating terms 2022

Dating terms 2022, some of these terms include:


  • The Hey-ter

According to dating and relationship expert Tina Wilson, ‘the Hey-ter’ is when you ignore any conversation that starts with a “hey”.


“If you’ve tried online dating, you know there’s always that one match who begins your conversation with a “hey” and then disappears. Where is the witty humour?” says Wilson.


“The art of conversation is dead as soon as you begin with a ‘hey’ or a ‘hi’. Do better than ‘hey’.”


  • Coronesty

‘Corona meets honesty’ with this dating trend, as Wilson states that being upfront about your dating intentions has proved more popular because of the pandemic.


“For many months, singles were not able to meet up during quarantine and lockdowns so their patience for polite chit-chat came to an all-time low,” says Wilson. “The questions that daters ask each other are far more forward and to the point now.”


  • Slow fade

When the communication starts to slowly drop, this is referred to as the ‘slow fade’. “Have the calls, texts, and meeting plans become less frequent? It’s a sign your relationship is coming to a slow fade and potentially entering the ghosting phase,” warns Wilson.


If you’re someone who needs closure, spot the signs before communication stops completely and be ready to move on.”


Popular Dating terms 2022.

  • Wokefishing

Ever dated someone who you think pretends to act “woke”? Well, they may be wokefishing you. The term refers to those who cosplay as caring about the same sociopolitical issues as you in a bid to reel you in and date you when in reality it is all an act. Terrifying.


  • Negging

Emotional manipulation can come in many forms – and on dating apps, negging is apparent when someone insults you with a backhanded compliment to undermine your confidence.


  • Untyping

According to Badoo dating expert Sophie Mann, it’s officially time to ditch your usual type and embrace ‘untyping’. Research from the dating app found three-quarters of singletons are more open to dating outside their usual ‘type’ this year, with two-thirds claiming to date their ‘type’ hasn’t worked out in the past.


  • Oystering

As the antidote to cuffing season – oystering – a term coined by Badoo encourages people to celebrate their freedom and embrace being single post-break-up. Want a different date every night? Go for it. Looking to be wined and dined as you deserve? Make it happen.


  • Facilidating

If your relationship came out of friendship you may have been ‘facilidating’. “Many relationships are formed from friendships and in 2022, we’ll see more people swiping for people they already know in real life, making dating that much easier,” says Mann.


Another Dating term 2022:

  • Liberdating

We’re all for making dating fun – and ‘liberdating’ does just that.


  • The term created by Badoo means putting the fun back into dating after years of tentative dates and restricted romancing due to the pandemic.


Modern Dating terms

Modern Dating terms

Modern Dating terms, the dating terms in recent times are:


  • Fluffer

The unfortunate person who prepares people for actual relationships, but doesn’t end up in a relationship with him/herself.


  • Daterview

A date that feels more like a job interview


  • Zootie call

When someone hits you up late at night for a virtual hookup via zoom.


  • Turbo relationship

When your relationship is on overdrive due to the pandemic. Instead of casually dating for a while, you DTR (define the relationship), move in together or do any other relationship behavior that normally would develop over months or years.


Modern Dating terms:

  • Zumping

When you get dumped via zoom


  • Uber-radius

Determining someone’s desirability is based on the distance between where he/she lives and where you live.


  • Cushioning

When you’re in a relationship or seriously dating someone, also keep around several “cushions”—aka people you text, flirt with, or even date—to cushion the blow if your main  relationship doesn’t last.


Another modern Dating terms is

  • Text Black Hole

Entering into a never-ending texting conversation with someone you meet online and never actually meeting them in real life.


  • Sunday Test

Determining someone’s compatibility based on whether you would enjoy spending a Sunday with them doing absolutely nothing.


  • Sober First Kiss

The coveted first kiss where both people are completely sober. More common these days with socially distanced day dates.


Dating Terms Urban Dictionary

Dating terms urban dictionary

Dating terms urban dictionary. Dating is where two people who are attracted to each other spend time together to see if they also can stand to be around each other most of the time.


If this is successful they develop a relationship, although sometimes a relationship develops anyways if the people can’t find anybody else to date them.


Or if they are very lonely or one person is only attracted to the other and pretends to be in love with the second unfortunate person who has the misunderstanding that they have found love.


This occurs quite often and eventually leads to something called cheating.

” A guy I met at the mall asked me out, he seemed to like my personality! I hope it goes well, and we start dating.”


Some dating terms urban dictionary is


  • Soft launch

A photo preview of a talking stage before it becomes an official relationship on social media. ie) taking photos of their dinner plate and their hands, half their face, or their shoes as to allude there’s someone special in your life.


Eg Kayla: Oh are you guys official now?

Hannah: No, we’re doing a soft launch of our relationship in case it doesn’t work out

Kayla: Good idea!


  • Bonding: one of the dating terms Urban Dictionary It sometimes connotes something that didn’t happen. Something you don’t remember happening.


Eg “we had a bonding moment, I cradled you in my arms! ”

“Nope, don’t remember, didn’t happen”


Relationship slang urban dictionary

Relationship slang urban dictionary

Relationship slang urban dictionary

The belief is that in a relationship, you’ll never get 100% of what you want, so at most you get 80%.


But some other person may come along and have that missing 20% you don’t have. Some folks fall for the 20% just to realize they should’ve stayed for their original 80%.


Some of the Relationship Slang urban dictionary are


We’ve all been in, or at least witnessed, various kinds of relationships. What with online dating taking over our lives, it’s been a dating revolution altogether. So much so that the word relationship just doesn’t cover it anymore. Here are 11 relationship slang words to describe all the funny and slightly weird dating trends that have come into existence, courtesy of Urban Dictionary!


  • Textationship

A relationship, intimate or not, long or short, between two people who use texting as the primary form of conversation. Often because they cannot express their emotions well through any other source.


Example: I like being in a textationship, I don’t have to put in too much effort but I get the results!


  • Relationblip

Any relationship which spans between a couple of days to three months where both the partners don’t give any importance to each other and enter into the relationship just for the heck of it is known as a relationblip.


Relationblip means a very short relationship with little real importance to either member; usually lasting between one day and three months and entered into “for the hell of it”

Man Codey, your freshman year of high school was full of stupid two-month relationblips.


Yeah, I know, I dated five girls! What can I say, I was bored.


Another relationship slang urban dictionary is

  • Age rule

invented by wise men but which should also be adopted by wise women) which states that half your age plus seven is the youngest acceptable age of a potential romantic partner.


Example: “C’mon, man, she’s legal!”

“She’s 19; you’re 26. Just because she’s not jailbait anymore doesn’t mean you should date the girl. Don’t you know the Age Rule?”


Dating terms Meaning

Dating terms Meaning

Dating terms Meaning: Dating terms are words or phrases used in the course of dating. They are synonymous with the actions relating to Dating.


Some of them are positive, others, not so positive.

Dating terms Meaning:  Some dating terms used to describe dating actions or inactions are:


  • Serendipidating

This term combines the concepts of “if it’s meant to be” with “the grass is always greener.” So, serendipidating means you are putting off a date just in case someone better comes along.


  • Tuning

Flirting for the sake of flirting without any interest in anything further.


  • Slow Fade

A bit like ghosting, but in slo-mo. The slow fader first becomes less responsive to texts and calls, starts canceling plans, and eventually stops making new plans.


  • Marleying

Coined by the dating site eHarmony, Marleying (which is not in Urban Dictionary) is when you are zombied during the Christmas season, specifically.


The name comes from the character in A Christmas Carol, Jacob Marley, who haunted Scrooge. According to Mirror UK, the dating site’s survey found that one in 10 singles have been contacted by an ex during the holidays.


Dating terms Meaning.

  • Flexting

Flexting is defined both as the act of digital flirting (Urban Dictionary) as well as the act of “digital boasting.”


A study conducted by Plenty of Fish dating site suggests that 47 percent of single people have been on the receiving end of a flexter who has exaggerated about who they are, what they do, or how they look.


  • Mosting

Like love bombing but not as dangerous. The person may be toxic but only loves the thrill of the chase and the act of coming on strong.


The “moster” will likely end up ghosting you once he or she has expressed undying affection for you.


  • Devaluing and discarding

A process used by toxic and abusive people. It’s a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. The relationship is a roller-coaster of kindness followed by cruelty, abuse, and toxicity, followed by kindness again.


During the relationship, he or she breaks down the mate’s confidence, then discards the mate, leaving him/her depleted and confused, wondering where things went wrong. First, he devalues, then he discards.


Funny Dating Terms

Funny dating terms

Funny dating terms: Some of the funny dating terms are


  • Caspering

A politer version of ghosting (see G below), inspired by Casper the friendly ghost. Letting down someone gently before vanishing from their life completely. “He told me he wasn’t sure the spark was there and never called again, I got Caspered.”


  • Catch and release

A cycle that sees someone enjoy the thrill of the chase, lose interest as soon as they’ve ‘caught’ their target, and immediately embark upon a new search. “We finally slept together, but I don’t think I’ll see him again. I’m all about the catch and release.”


  • Dicksand, Draking & Doing Bits

Dicksand: Much like quicksand, dicksand is what you get caught in when you find a man incredibly attractive. Thrust into the limelight thanks to Olivia on last year’s Love Island. “He’s so hot I feel like I’m getting swallowed up in dicksand.”


Draking: Draking is one of the funny dating terms that means wallowing in sadness due to your love life, most typically because you miss your ex, much like the rapper Drake in his songs. “I can’t believe I called her last night. I was Draking so hard.”


Doing bits: verb Making sexual contact with someone, thus granting you membership into the Do Bits Society. Another concept we have Love Island to thank for. “I didn’t sleep with him… We did bits, though.”


  • Firedooring, Freckling & Fauxbaeing

Firedooring: verb Granting potential mates access to yourself solely on your terms and at your convenience.


Just like a fire door, which only opens one way, not two. “He calls and asks to meet when he’s free, but otherwise he ignores me. It’s so one-sided, I’m being firedoored.”


Freckling: verb Flirting or hooking up with someone, usually who you already know, over the summer months then vanishing once it’s over. Thus, appearing prominently in the sunshine and fading away in winter, just like freckles. “It wasn’t a summer fling, she was a freckler. I’m sure she’ll get in touch next year.”


Funny dating terms.

  • Shaveducking

Feeling a sense of lingering unease that you only find the man you’re dating attractive because of his facial hair.


It can also lead to repulsion when the bearded man in question goes clean-shaven. “I saw a photo of him from years ago before he’d grown a beard and now I can’t look at him in the same way. I’m shaveducking right now.”


Relationship Terms and Meanings

Relationship terms and meanings

Relationship terms and Meanings: These are a few of the Relationship terms and their meanings:


  • Cuffing season

This list of terms for relationships would be incomplete without this famous one! Ways to fight the cold: layer up, stay indoors, cuddle!


Cuffing season refers to the rather colder seasons of the year when you feel like all your problems would melt away with a good cuddling session.


It’s a great way to avoid a lack of intimacy in a relationship and it’s been scientifically proven that cuddles make you happier.


So, yes, they do solve all your problems. Until the clock hits 9 AM, of course. With all the types of modern relationships nowadays, we’re sure you can find a cuffing season partner with ease.


Relationship terms and their meanings.

  • Love bombing

one of the more serious romantic relationship terms. Love bombing is when someone you’re dating showers you with excessive love and positive reinforcement only to become manipulative and abusive once they’ve got you obsessing over them.


They may project an idealized version of themselves to win you over and barrage you with love, then turn on you and manipulate you into things you don’t want to do.


Of all the types of modern relationships, this one possibly hurts the most and is one of the more serious romantic relationship terms.


  • Negging

One of the newer relationship terms and meanings. A backhanded compliment designed to put you down and crave the approval of whoever it’s coming from.


Negging could even lead to a toxic relationship. “Your hair looks nice. I like how you changed up from your normal style”, implying that they normally don’t look as good.


Relationship terms and their meanings.

  • Simping

The most famous currently out of all the related terms and meanings is simping.


Simping is usually used to refer to men who will do anything to get the attention and affection of a woman they crave sexually/romantically.


Simps will drop anything they’re doing to have a shot at getting even the tiniest bit of attention from the woman, who often doesn’t care for them much. Simping could be a sign he wants more than a friendship.


Dating Glossary Conclusion

Dating Glossary Conclusion

Dating Glossary Conclusion: Dating Glossary is a compilation of words and phrases affiliated with dating. They could either be bound or verbs.


An example of a relationship term is

Bad Pancake:Used to describe the first person you date after a breakup, the bad pancake is someone you don’t see a future with whom you use to test the waters of dating again.


Dating Glossary Conclusion: Dating and Relationship terms have been listed and discussed in this Article. You must keep yourself updated.

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