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How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK?

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK?

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK 1

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK? Couples counselling therapy is a proven long-term solution to relationship difficulties and research into couples counselling has shown it to be highly effective.


Couples counselling therapy is where a couple or individual as part of a couple seeks a therapeutic environment facilitated by a trained counsellor. Counselling can happen either in person, in a session with parties being present or online.


At your first appointment, we will consider which of our counsellors or psychotherapists will be most helpful for you. You may have a preference for the type of therapist you see and this can be discussed at your first meeting. Our fee for your initial consultation is free and £100 and above for subsequent sessions.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK? We have a wide range of packages available, such as Anger Management and Confidence Building. Prices start from over £150.


Family and group therapy is available by arrangement. Please contact us for further information on couples and group session fees. All our prices are based on individual needs. We can also arrange home visits if necessary. ( This may incur an extra charge)


We can accommodate appointments from 9 am to 9 pm Monday – Friday


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK? It is not always convenient for some people to attend face-to-face meetings at our offices in London even with the large number of offices we have all over the UK. Counselling is available online using platforms like Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp.


If you would prefer to be counselled from your home or office, all of our therapists are experienced in providing online counselling and psychotherapy. We have offered online therapy, online couples counselling and other online mental health services for many years.


Most of our clients prefer face-to-face appointments at one of our central London practices. Some clients prefer online sessions or a combination of both face-to-face and online counselling.


Therapy can be short or longer-term. Some people come for a few sessions while others continue longer. You may end therapy at any time, simply by letting us know.


Discussions in counselling are confidential. We operate a policy of non-discrimination — we do not discriminate on any grounds. Your therapist will not judge your behaviour, personal choices or past experiences. In therapy, you may discuss anything that’s on your mind.


Counselling is a uniquely personal experience that evolves from the relationship between you and your therapist. Everyone experiences therapy differently. The first meeting with your counsellor or an online session with us can be arranged.


The Cost Implications Of Having Couples Counselling

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK 2

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK? There are financial and emotional implications of not having couples counselling as well.


You may end up spending more money on activities and holidays together in the hope that this will work in strengthening the relationship when if the real issues aren’t addressed it will mean that you are simply ignoring the problems.


If your relationship does break down then this could mean a change of housing, moving costs, and financial costs that come with that. Maintenance may need to be paid and child support. If a relationship does break down, couples counselling can still be used to amicably settle child maintenance issues and visiting rights.


Emotionally, a relationship breakdown or divorce can cause depression, anxiety and sleepless nights. It can affect your self-esteem and confidence and make you feel worthless and despondent. If children are involved, a relationship breakdown can emotionally affect the children too and the relationship they have with each parent.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK? When you look at the costs of not having coupes counselling then you can see investing money and time in this therapy can help and possibly save a relationship.  If you do go to couples counselling I wish you all the best and hope you can resolve your difficulties.


Relationships can become strained or break down completely for all sorts of reasons. When you are trying to work out your issues between you, it can be difficult to find some middle ground.


However, a relationship counsellor will act as a neutral party. They will help you to develop a way through your issues. Many people find that relationship counselling can strengthen their relationship long-term. Compared with splitting up, seeking the advice of a relationship counsellor can be of huge benefit, both on a personal level as well as how you function as a couple.


Invest in your partnership by finding a Relationship or Marriage Counsellor with Miss Date Doctor.


A counsellor is going to want to know what it is you want to achieve out of the sessions. For example, improved communication, better trust, or being ability to co-parent effectively.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK? Depending on your goals, this may impact the cost of counselling. However, if you are upfront from the start then your counsellor can tailor a plan which will be most effective for the time that you do have with them.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK Conclusion

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK 3

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK Conclusion? Accepting that you need help in the form of a counsellor is a brave and constructive step. However, as marriage or relationship counselling involves another party, they must be on board before you sign up.


Many counsellors will offer a free or reduced-price first session, which is a great opportunity to see if you are a great fit for each other, or not. Keep in mind that as counsellors vary in experience and approach, you may have to consider a few different practitioners before you find the right help for you.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK Conclusion? Even when you do find the right person, it’s also wise to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. Although a harmonious relationship is an overall goal, counselling can still feel confronting,  especially as you look to work through particular issues. It is going to take commitment and understanding from both sides to truly get a good resolve.

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