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Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own 1

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own? A simple answer to this question is YES. With proper research and sourcing for information at the right place, you are a step ahead in getting help.


Speaking of getting help in the right place, there is a place for counselling for everyone. For example, You can go to counsellor A for help and not be satisfied but counsellor B could help you in the way you want.


Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own? Now, this does not mean that counsellor A isn’t good at his/her job, but counsellor B probably approached the problem differently which, of course, will yield different results.


A counsellor at M.D.D can help you discuss emotive issues and will help couples that want to save their relationship. Counsellors are professionally trained, though some offer their services voluntarily.


They are trained to listen and to help you to work out your solutions to relationship problems. They don’t negotiate for you or tell you what to do.


Tackling problems early is important to save a relationship. The longer a problem is left unresolved, the harder it usually is to deal with it. So the sooner you ask the question “Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own?” the sooner you know you can.


Counselling can also help a family to accept what is happening to them and to deal with the emotional stress that separation or divorce can cause within a family. Attempting to work things out through counselling or mediation could lead to better family decisions and long-term relationships.


Getting your spouse to agree to marriage counseling is often the hardest part of counseling. Some studies prove it, particularly from Purdue University’s Couple & Family Therapy Center.


One of the ways to get the most out of counselling is to be prepared. Putting together a list of questions helps to keep the conversation on track. When you arrive in the counsellor’s office, there is often a sort of brain freeze. Especially if emotions begin to run high, you can forget what you wanted to talk about. So here are a few questions that should be asked during counselling:


  1. What Are Our Main Issues?

The things that matter the most to one spouse often seem insignificant to the other. When you’re in a relationship, couple counseling sessions can focus on these potential conflicts. Ask your spouse what he or she thinks are the main issues between the two of you and what can be done to remedy the situation.


For example, your spouse may think you do not spend enough time together, and you could remedy this by discovering ways you can enjoy time with one another more often. To find solutions, you must first know what the problems are.


  1. How Do You Truly Feel About the Relationship?

You may feel like the relationship is salvageable, but your spouse may feel it is too late to save it. If you’ve got your partner to counseling, chances are there is still something left to work with, but it’s important to know where your significant other stands concerning making things work.


  1. What Bothers You Most About Me?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own? In a marriage, some things about your partner will always get on your nerves. These things usually do not cause divorce, but big things like a lack of trust and honor can destroy intimacy.


By asking marriage counseling questions you can find out what things your spouse would like to change about you and you can work on those issues. Just don’t make promises that you don’t intend to keep.


Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own 2

  1. Do You Trust Me?

Trust is one of the most important factors in any relationship. If your significant other has a hard time trusting you, you will find it difficult to connect on any level. According to Psychology Today, regardless of how distrustful your relationship with your partner has become, it’s never too late to rebuild if both people are willing to work at it.


  1. How Can I Gain Your Trust Back?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own? One of the key elements in gaining trust is forgiveness. Recognize if your partner has learned to think negatively about you because of things you have done. Learn to talk about needs and feelings and share your reasons for what you did.


Ask for forgiveness and explain why you will never repeat your mistake. Give your spouse a chance to tell you what you need to do to regain trust.


  1. Are You Satisfied With Our Intimacy?

Nearly all couples experience a change in chemistry, but the most important question is how they feel about it. If the chemistry is dead, your partner may be prone to looking elsewhere. Try to find ways to rekindle the spark such as sharing fantasies or going on a marriage counseling retreat.


  1. What Are Your Expectations of Counselling?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own? Ask your partner what he or she expects from counselling. If your spouse goes into counseling with the same hopes of saving the marriage that you do, then there is a good chance you can work things out.


Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own Conclusion?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own 3

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Conclusion? The most important part of your side of counselling is to be willing to answer all of these counselling questions honestly. If you approach this as more of an Inquisition with your spouse being grilled with all of these questions, you might as well not waste your time.


Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own Conclusion? There are times when people show up for counseling and all they want to do is punish their spouse. They aren’t interested in getting anything resolved; they are looking for the counselor to choose sides and verify their perspective. A great counsellor won’t take sides but will remain neutral.

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