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67 Albion Street, Leeds,

West Yorkshire LS1 5AA



Relationship Counselling Leeds 1

Relationship Counselling Leeds. Relationships as we all know are hard work and no relationship is without its unique issues. We have all heard these sayings when it comes to the struggles that couples face.


When two individuals from different backgrounds come together and enter a relationship there are times when it is not easy. In order for a relationship to thrive long term, it’s important to seek relationship counselling to address issues you have so that they do not lead into larger issues such as abuse or cheating. So, you might be asking yourself: can therapy save a relationship?


Many of the couples who come for relationship counselling have recognised that they may have not dedicated much time to each other and have been avoiding or ignoring the challenges and difficulties that daily life brings.


All relationships can struggle and go through difficult times, what makes the difference is how you manage those conflicts. In some cases, the way you handle those challenges can make the difference between staying together or splitting up.


Very often a couple is too close and knotted to the difficulties to see clearly and the couple counselling will offer a type of mirror to help the couple go forward and see their patterns of communication.


Some relationships may be so entangled and stuck that they may need support in gaining space to separate and eventually safely leave each other. Other couples may agree that something needs to change in order for them to go forward and build a stronger, more intimate relationship.


Relationship Counselling Leeds. Things relationship counselling deals with


  1. Exploring issues that play out in relationships


There are many different reasons why you may be seeking relationship counselling. Below is a list of some examples of experiences that may be causing you distress in your relationship.


  1. Past relational experiences


Our past experiences can influence the way we interact with our partners and the way we feel about ourselves.


We can develop expectations of behaviour based on our past relationship experiences. If we have had toxic relationships in the past, we may struggle to trust our partners, communicate effectively or maintain a healthy power balance.


We also develop relationship expectations from our early interactions with our parents. Our attachment styles can influence how we show affection, navigate conflict and respond to difficult emotions.


  1. Infidelity


Relationship Counselling Leeds. When a partner breaks our trust, by cheating either physically or emotionally, it can leave us feeling betrayed and emotionally exhausted.


You may not understand why your partner has cheated, and you may start doubting yourself and your relationship up to this point. These thoughts and feelings can feel overwhelming and can affect your self-worth.


If you have cheated on your partner, you may experience guilt and self-loathing. You may have underlying emotions that you feel unable to express to your partner and feel frustrated as a result.


Infidelity can affect both partners and may result in broken trust and pain, and can lead to both partners pushing each other away.


  1. Disconnection


Sometimes we can feel far away from our partners, and it can be difficult for us to connect with them emotionally, physically and sexually.


Relationship Counselling Leeds. You may feel disconnected from your partner, and feel unable to put energy into your relationship. You may feel disconnected for several reasons, including focusing on other commitments, or not feeling ‘present’ in the relationship.


You may also feel that something is just off,  and it is hard to pinpoint why you feel detached from your partner. You might be feeling numb or exhausted when you think about your relationship.


On the other hand, you may feel you are putting more emotional energy into the relationship than your partner and may feel frustrated that it is not reciprocated.


Disconnection can result in communication breakdown, feelings of confusion, doubt and resentment.


  1. Stress


Relationship Counselling Leeds. Stress in our lives can affect our ability to cope with our emotions and can affect the way we interact with our partners.


Situational factors, including work stress, worries about health and illness, and family conflict can cause us to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and intolerant of difficulties that may arise.


This can filter into our relationships, and we can end up having arguments about small things that can become bigger and bigger, which can end up causing rifts between us and our partners.


  1. Crisis


Relationship Counselling Leeds. You may feel that you want your relationship to end but may not know how to start the process.


Relationships can act like comfort blankets for us, and removing the comfort blanket can make us feel anxious, fearful and uncertain about what the future holds.


Breaking up may be the right choice for you and your partner, but you may feel stuck in a pattern of questioning yourself, avoiding difficult emotions, and feeling paralysed to take action.


Relationship Counselling Leeds 2



Relationship Counselling Leeds. Studies show that 75% of relationships are restored with effective therapy sessions. If both parties have made the decision to attend couples counselling to better their relationship then yes it can save the relationship.


In addition, When couples are ready to do and put the hard work into saving their relationship, couples counselling can support couples in overcoming almost any issue that exists within their relationship.


It can be helpful to have a registered counsellor identify gaps within the relationship. The counsellor can provide support to the couple to communicate more effectively and equip them with the tools they need to problem solve on their own outside of counselling.


Relationship Counselling Leeds. Counsellors can also offer a more empathetic lens for each person to better understand one another. This will lead couples to be more curious about each other and be more compassionate towards each other when dealing with problems or bringing up grievances with one another.




Couples at any stage of their relationship should consider counselling. Often people think you need to be married in order to seek counselling while Marriage


Counselling Works, you don’t have to be married. Moreover, something doesn’t necessarily have to be wrong for you as a couple to seek counselling. Think of it as if you’re going to a gym to maintain your level of fitness. The same work and effort need to be applied within the context of a relationship. But if issues have existed for some time, counselling can still be effective.


When you attend Relationship Counselling Leeds sessions here’s what you can expect:


At Miss Date Doctor, we understand that seeking relationship counselling can be a difficult decision. Our experienced therapists will support you through your therapy journey and help you face your difficult experiences.


Your therapist will help you explore patterns of behaviour, and ways of communicating that may be contributing to your current problems. Improving relationships involves learning skills and tools such as:


  • Connecting through eye contact, positive body language and open conversation
  • Understanding other people’s emotions
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Improving communication skills by identifying your own frustrations and separating them from what you think the other person is saying
  • Identifying needs in relationships and working towards acceptable compromises
  • Learning how to manage conflicts in a productive way


Relationship Counselling Leeds. It takes courage to acknowledge how you truly feel in a relationship. It may be painful sitting with the reality of your situation, but from here you can start to re-write what happens next, taking each step one at a time.


You will start with a free 40 minutes session, for you to see if you feel there is a good connection with your relationship counsellor, and to define your goals for therapy. If you are with your partner, you’ll both get 40 minutes of free consultation individually.



Relationship Counselling Leeds 3

Relationship Counselling Leeds Conclusion. Committing yourself to another human is one of the greatest sources of happiness for people. The fact that humans are ‘pack animals’ means that the comfort gained from having another human in the close company is paramount.


This is arguably why the topic of love and relationships has intrigued society for thousands of years, resulting in some of the most well-known works of art and literature.


While humans crave social contact, intimacy, and support from another person, relationships certainly come with an array of complications and problems. The challenges and struggles that face couples in a relationship, from social to financial, can be very tiresome.


From tensions to arguments and personality clashes that inevitably occur in relationships, there can often be the need for relationship counselling.


Relationship Counselling Leeds Conclusion. There are many reasons why couples counselling works. If both parties are willing to show up and do the work to save the relationship, counselling can be effective in repairing issues.


If you’re not too sure what the next steps are for your relationship or are ready to heal together, relationship counselling can support you in making the right choice for you, your partner, and any children involved. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation.

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