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Book Couples Counselling

Book Couples Counselling

Book Couples Counselling

Book Couples Counselling. Couples counselling also known as couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship. If you have relationship difficulties, you can seek couples therapy to help rebuild your relationship.


Counselling offers the opportunity to explore feelings from a reflective position.  Often when a relationship is in conflict the energy is more active than reflective. There is no place to step back and take a closer look at what is working and what is failing to retain a healthy relationship.


Couples very often turn to counselling only after the situation has become intolerable for one or both parties.  Understandable really as it is often more comfortable to tolerate a parlous situation than admit real difficulties.


So one thing is certain, counsellors rarely hear the complaint “It’s too early for our relationship!” More often, it is: “We’ve tried everything – counselling is our last resort.”


Book Couples Counselling. Couples can leave the option of counselling late. By the time of their first appointment,  levels of bitterness and resentment have built up, and fear of being hurt can impact the chances of resolution.


Nonetheless opening, and then developing a dialogue, in a confidential and secure environment, whilst making a commitment to focus on some form of resolution, can lead to movement in the relationship.


Couples’ counselling sessions are likely to focus on considering:


  • the nature of the problems and what impact they’re having on you and your relationship
  • the history of how the problems arose and what changes you’d like to see
  • why there is a struggle with these problems and what may be preventing them from being overcome
  • looking at alternative methods of coping so that the relationship reflects the needs of the individuals, as well as the relationship, in a way that is constructive for all the ongoing well-being of any children in the relationship


Couples counselling or couples therapy at Miss Date Doctor makes use of certain methods to achieve successful results such as;


  1. Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT): Also referred to as cognitive-behavioural couples therapy (CBCT), this form of treatment involves identifying and changing thought patterns that negatively influence behaviour.


  1. Gottman method: This method involves addressing areas of conflict and equipping you and your partner with problem-solving skills. It aims to improve the quality of friendship and the level of intimacy between you and your partner.


  1. Emotionally focused therapy (EFT): EFT focuses on improving the attachment and bonding between you and your partner. The therapist helps you understand and change patterns that lead to feelings of disconnection.


Couples therapists often employ an integrated approach to treatment, borrowing techniques from different forms of therapy, depending on your needs.


Book Couples Counselling. These are some of the strategies a couples therapist might employ:


  • Getting to know you: The therapist creates a sense of safety by getting to know you and your partner. They work actively and collaboratively with you to help you understand yourself and your partner better.


  • Identifying feelings: The therapist helps you and your partner identify feelings and put them into words.


  • Exploring the past: Couples therapy can involve exploring your past since that can help you better understand your fears, motivations, and behaviours in a relationship. It can also help address unresolved conflicts that affect your present.


  • Focusing on solutions: Your therapist will work with you and your partner to resolve issues, correct negative behaviour patterns, and focus on positive aspects of the relationship.


  • Teaching skills: Couples therapy can help teach you and your partner anger management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. The aim is to equip you and your partner with tools to help you deal with issues as they crop up.


Book Couples Counselling. At Miss Date Doctor, we provide counselling services for couples, individuals and families.  We offer couples relationship therapy, intimacy training, discernment counselling, separation and divorce guidance and infidelity repair.


Our suite of services includes highly detailed, in-depth relationship profiling and analysis via multi-level assessment tools, encompassing key areas within your relationship. We boast an array of profiling tools, including the Gottman Method Couples Checkup, and our own Miss Date Doctor customised packages such as:




£ 105.00


  • Discuss issues
  • Resolve the problem
  • One hour session
  • Talk to the coach
  • Gain guidance and mediate the discussion
  • Relationship advice




£ 555.00


  • Couples’ therapy assessment calls
  • Conflict analysation
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Introspection tests and history analysis
  • Recognise perceptions,values,core principles
  • Couples therapy exercises and training
  • Guidance, directional tasks and mediation process
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me




£ 735.00


  • Couples’ therapy assessment calls
  • Gottman method
  • Insight gaining therapy
  • Communication counselling
  • Positive psychology couples therapy
  • Couples therapy effective communication exercises
  • Homework and couples therapy implementation tasks
  • Attachment therapy
  • Resolve serious conflicts
  • Improve trust and honesty
  • Address core issues
  • Dating advice and relationship advice
  • Couples therapy near me


Book Couples Counselling. We offer Initial free consultations and they are about discovering what has led you to your present relationship dynamic and how we may be able to equip you with the correct tools to enhance, repair or revitalise your relationship.


In most cases, it takes quite some time to reach a level of discontent where you seek out help and it is implausible to believe that years and years of disconnection will be resolved in one 60-minute session.


Couples counselling is a process of peeling back layers and breaking down walls to allow you to reconnect.  Most couples require an absolute minimum of 3 sessions and a maximum of over 6 sessions.


All sessions and programmes are designed to offer transformative solutions to areas where there may be unrest, confusion, resentment and long-term conflict.


Book Couples Counselling. After profiling, we can offer comprehensive take-home strategies and exercises to restrengthen and rebuild those areas in which you may be experiencing difficulties.


With our many years of experience, we understand that no one therapy is suited to all couples. Miss Date Doctor provides the most up-to-date and highly regarded therapies to ensure you receive a personalised therapy model, based on the unique challenges assessed during the various profiling tools.


As expert relationship therapists we are also able to offer our unique counselling sessions.  Our highly regarded therapy will see you working from Couple to Couple in no time.



What to Expect at Your First Couples Counseling Appointment

Book Couples Counselling. If you are considering couples counselling for the first time, you may be wondering what to expect from the first session.


You might think, “What will it be like?” or “Will I be antagonized by the therapist or my spouse?” You also may be sceptical of therapy even working for your relationship. A lot of fears and stigmas that stem from the idea of couples counselling are often put to rest after a couple attends their first therapy session.


We have offices all over the UK eliminating the first problem of locating a good coo[les counsellor. Walk into any of our offices closest to you to book. You can also do this online by visiting our Miss Date Doctor website to book.


You can email us Email: or call us in the UK: at 03333443853

USA: 213 212 6958. Which ever is suitable for you our lines and email are open.


For your free consultation, you and your partner are expected to meet our licensed counsellor


Book Couples Counselling. When you meet the counsellor for your consultation, you and your partner will meet the counsellor individually before moving on as a couple. Most of your sessions will be together, apart from one or two individual sessions.


The purpose of the individual session is for the therapist to receive some background and history on each of you separately and give the counsellor a chance to be more understanding of each of your specific needs.


After that initial session together, you may have one (maybe a second) individual session, and for the rest of your sessions, you and your partner will be working together on your relationship issues.

The first session will set the stage for what you can expect during future sessions and will prepare an environment where you and your partner can be encouraged to express your feelings and past experiences together.


Book Couples Counselling. Goal setting is very important to understand when it comes to counselling. As you attend your first session, you will set goals for the relationship. The goals you set will help you and your partner to experience more positive interactions and connectedness.


What if you don’t really know what your goals should be? It’s okay – it’s the first session. If you are unsure of where to start with goals, your therapist can help you to set your first goals.


Contrarily, if you know what goals you want to work on together, that can be a great start. Based on your relationship history, you and your partner can determine goals to propose to your therapist. Either way, your therapist will be there to guide you and your partner to a place of peace and connectivity.


Address History of Relationship Distress


Book Couples Counselling. During the first session, expect to discuss the history of your relationship distress. The therapist will want to know the main problems you are experiencing, and what causes most of your stress within the relationship.


Some aspects of relationship stress that may be discussed include parenting conflicts, intimacy issues, and communication issues (or other types of distress). It is essential to be open and honest about your relationship history with your therapist because it is the basis for setting goals in counselling.


Once the significant issues of your relationship are highlighted, you will all work together to find ways to improve those areas of distress within your relationship.


Is It Worth Going To Couples Counselling?

Is It Worth Going To Couples Counselling

Is It Worth Going To Couples Counselling? Couples counselling can look like a lot of different things. For some, couples counselling can mean seeking out relationship books to read and discuss together (think of a self-help book for couples!)


For others, it can mean using available resources like quizzes and chat groups on the internet to help them identify and deconstruct their problems. When most of us think about therapy of any kind, including couple’s therapy, we think about seeing a therapist in person to talk out our issues.


Is It Worth Going To Couples Counselling? In-person couples counselling is a great way for you and your partner to discuss the struggles you are having in your relationship, in a safe space, with a skilled facilitator that can help you find solutions to your problems.


In-person couples counselling can work well for lots of couples and is worth exploring if you find yourselves at that point in your relationship.


  1. It helps clarify and define feelings about your relationship.


Dating and marriage aren’t like the movies – there’s no script, and sometimes finding out what we like (or don’t) can be confusing, in addition to trying to figure out the desires of our partner. Counselling provides a place for feelings and thoughts to be discussed, with the added guidance of someone that can help you reach the outcome that’s best for you both.


  1. It resolves marriage and dating issues before they become major problems.


Even in the healthiest relationship, there will be disagreements and arguments – and that’s okay, as long as they are respectful and able to be worked out. But getting to the other side of some issues can prove very difficult, especially for people who may have trouble communicating their specific needs and wants.


Is It Worth Going To Couples Counselling? Relationship counselling gives a forum to bring up these issues – whether it’s family planning, bad behaviour, a lack of communication, or something else – and turn disagreements into opportunities for growth and understanding. By overcoming problems together, relationships become stronger afterwards.


  1. It creates more intimacy and deeper connections between couples.


What’s just as bad as feeling like your partner never listens? Feel like they never talk – or never make an effort to connect. When we’re dating and sparks are flying, it’s easy to feel the thrill, but as things progress to moving in and marriage, it may feel like the sparks are gone.


Simply putting in the time and dedication to coming to couples therapy can help rekindle that fire and passion, because it shows investment in and concern for the relationship. When you both feel like you’re on the same page, moving further in the book is much easier.


  1. Couples counselling can promote individual growth and awareness.


Even if your marriage or relationship is strong, couples counselling can help improve your self-image and personal growth, too. Though you may enjoy biking the Bow River or hiking around the Glenmore Reservoir together, learning to enjoy a better sense of self – and bring the best version to your partner – is a win-win for any pair.


  1. Marriage or relationship counselling improves trust and confidence.


When you connect with your partner and know they have your best interests at heart, it’s much easier to trust them and feel confident and happy. While those are intangible qualities, they are noticeable in our lifestyles, mannerisms, and overall behaviour – and they make fulfilling relationships that much easier to maintain and cherish.


Is It Worth Going To Couples Counselling? Whether you’re still dating or have been married for a long time, counselling can help you focus that trust and turn it into a useful tool for long-term happiness.


  1. It makes for a happier overall life!


Think about how you feel when it’s the middle of winter, and you escape Calgary for a sunny tropical island: relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face anything. When you and your partner are in sync after a great counselling session, you’ll have energy to face the world together and be that much stronger for it – and this will permeate the rest of your life, too.


You’ll feel more connected, more capable of dealing with new issues that arise, and less stressed out about your life, knowing that you’ve got a reliable and trusted person who’s got your back.

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own?

Can You Get Relationship Counselling On Your Own

Can You Get Counselling On Your Own? If you feel your relationship would benefit from couples therapy, discuss it with your partner and see if they’re open to it. If they’re resistant to it, explain why it’s important to you and how you think it might help your relationship.


The next step is to find a practitioner. Couples therapy is often provided by licensed therapists known as marriage and family therapists; however, other psychologists and psychiatrists may offer it as well. Friends or family might be able to suggest someone you can go to, or if you’re seeing a therapist for other reasons, they may be able to refer you to a specialist.


Can You Get Counselling On Your Own? Check with your partner what days and times work for them. Try to find a counsellor who is conveniently located, if you and your partner prefer in-person sessions.


When you start counselling, you and your partner will probably have to fill out forms detailing your medical history and insurance information. You may also have to fill out questionnaires to help your therapist better understand your relationship, the issues you’re facing, and what you hope to gain from therapy.


Can You Get Counselling On Your Own? Your counsellor will work with you and your partner to outline the goals for therapy. While couples therapy typically involves joint sessions, your therapist may also do individual sessions with you or your partner. They may also assign homework.

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK?

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost UK

How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost? In this day and age, we are so used to scanning the web for the best price, reviews, and whatnot, that you should inevitably ask this question on the internet before embarking on the road to a successful marriage.


The answer to this is a varied one because, at the end of the day, there are so many different people offering relationship counselling and marriage counselling, and now life coaches offer relationship coaching, too, and each of them works in different ways.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost? Some counsellors or therapists and coaches work online only, odd as it may seem.  Some work with clients purely over the telephone, a trend that has picked up in recent years.  Then there are the relationship counsellors and therapists and relationship coaches that work from home or their practice.


Those with fewer overheads either charge their clients less or pocket the greater profit themselves.  Then, of course, there is that factor that we can never get away from.  Namely, that you get what you pay for, to some extent.


So in answer to your question, you need to determine which method suits you best, phone, email, video chat or face-to-face relationship help, someone’s home office or their practice, and the qualities that they bring to the table.


How Much Does Couples Counselling Cost? Hiring a relationship counsellor at Miss Date Doctor will cost you anywhere from £100 and above.


Don’t let the price per session put you off because an amazing marriage counsellor or coach will help you to turn your marriage, and thus life, around, and there is no price you can put on the happiness and positive repercussions you will experience, once you have fixed your marriage and have a wonderful home life.


Investing in professional relationship counselling or coaching to fix your relationship is way cheaper than going through a separation and living a life where you now pay for your home and bills alone, but your health and happiness are more important than any amount of money.


So if marriage counselling or marriage coaching teaches you that you would be happier and healthier by ending this relationship (and this may be something you are already questioning) then those sessions will be worth it in that case too.

How Do I Find A Good Relationship Counsellor?

How Do I Find A Good Relationship Counsellor

How Do I Find A Good Relationship Counsellor? If you and your partner are having the same old arguments and can’t seem to get past them, couples therapy is in order.


If you are feeling distant from your partner, regularly misunderstood, angry and resentful, or like your partner is no longer interested in you or the relationship, couples therapy is more likely to help than individual work.


If your sex life has diminished and you long for more intimacy, that too is more responsive to couples’ work. If one of you has cheated but you want to save the relationship, couples therapy may be the answer.


How Do I Find A Good Relationship Counsellor? Couples counselling can help — provided your partner is at least willing to give it a try. A good couples therapist will help the two of you get on the same team to solve your problems instead of on different teams, fighting with each other. Good couples therapy can help you each learn how to support and heal the other. In the process, you may heal your relationship and send it in a more positive direction.


How Do I Find A Good Relationship Counsellor? It’s important to be aware that few graduate programmes in psychology, social work, or counselling are designed to provide the training and supervision necessary for being an effective couples therapist.


Most counsellors, therefore, learn how to work with couples by going to workshops and in-service training. This does not necessarily mean that the therapist is unqualified. It does mean it falls on you to look for a therapist who has specific credentials to do couples work.


Book Couples Counselling Conclusion

Book Couples Counselling Conclusion

Book Couples Counselling Conclusion. If you’re experiencing any of the following, now is the time to consider counselling:


  • When you talk to your partner, it feels as though you’re hitting a brick wall.
  • It’s easier to avoid your partner than discuss the issues; work or a pastime seem better options.
  • Your conversations just go round and round in never-ending circles.
  • After you’ve talked, you feel frustrated and confused.
  • You can’t talk for more than a few minutes without it turning into a shouting match.
  • You’re afraid that if you bring up a certain subject, things will get even worse.
  • There’s nothing left to say.


Book Couples Counselling Conclusion. Couples are strongly encouraged to come to counselling together: it’s hard to build a team if only half the players are there. Often, if one person decides to give counselling a try, the partner will decide to go too.


However, if your partner flatly refuses to join or continues to avoid making the commitment, counselling as an individual is still likely to prove a worthwhile choice. There may be changes you can make alone that will have a positive impact on your relationship.

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